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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 22, 2013 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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twitter. i know you are at jer on fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to you for watching. merry christmas. see you right here next week. little over 24 hours to go before a critical obamacare enrollment deadline. hello. glad you're with us. welcome to america's news headquarters. whether you are using or all those navigators out there to help you enroll, tomorrow night is the cutoff to sign up if you don't want a big gap in your health insurance coverage and insure that you are covered under the new health law come january 1st. doug mcle way is traveling with the president on vacation and joins us from honolulu, hawai'i. doug, is the president still planning on signing up for
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obamacare himself? >> well, greg, the word from the white house is that he will sign up for obamacare, but like any other american if he wants to have coverage by january 1st january 1st he has to sign up by the deadline, which is tomorrow. the white house keeping a pretty low key schedule here, and we expected the press office to issue a statement about the death of john eisenhower, and the president got another update on the situation in south sudan where 300 americans have been safely evacuated. other than that the only president the situation the president has been solved in is a round of golf. he got home after dusk last night. it may be a badly needed break for the president, given what is going on in washington. even his loyalists are saying that 2013 was a very, very tough year for the president. >> no doubt. i would say this is the worse year of the presidency does beat out 2011, but -- well,
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especially given where he started, the fact that the first year of his second term is historically the most productive of the second terms. >> and 2014 may be just as tough a year for the president as republicans hammer away at these various tweaks to obama kansas he has been making. tweaks that many of them say are unlawful. >> i get the buzz word that the democrats keep using is that we can't make these changes because it's the law of theland, and yet we continually see the president making all kinds of arbitrary changes to obamacare because the law of the lap is beating and taking from people. >> many runs are still calling for outright appeal of obamacare, something they could never chief without veto proof majorities in both houses of congress. chuck schumer said repeal is not what americans want. >> i think what most americans want us to do is not repeal obamacare, which is what our
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republican colleagues have focused on, but fix it. >> the tweaks are not part of the legislative language in obamacare and may face several court challenges. >> if the president is going to sign up himself, he may have a long wait. ironically, the entire system crashed on friday just before he gave his year-end news conference. >> that's right. >> look, doug, i understand you're some distance from where the president's vacation spot is located, but have you had a chance to kind of look around that area? >> we did. yesterday afternoon, after we finish out work load, we drove there it's 45 minute drive. you have to drive through the mountains, beautiful mountains here on oahu to get to that part of the island where the president is staying. it's easy to understand why he has visit thread six years running. it's an absolutely beautiful beach. one of the most beautiful i've ever been on.
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very quiet, very little commercial interest there. just nice houses. they're really nice houses, not extravagant, but nice. it's becoming more and more expensive, we hear from neighbors, some complain about the president's visit there because of the inconveniences they're obviously experiencing, more concerned about the rising prices because in any case where a president vacations, there's great demand and it's worldwide demand, being in a place here that is frequented by japanese tourists, chinese tourists, american tourist, you name it. property values are going up. >> it's a beautiful place indeed. doug, thank you very much. the relationship between the united states and our closest ally in the middle east being tested yet again after a report the nsa was intercepting e-mails from the offices of israel's top former leaders, the practice the latest revelation by admitted nsa leaker edward snowden and now israel is demanding the united states put an end to the spying. conner paul is in jerusalem with
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more. >> the list of allies that the nsa has spied on continues to grow, and so does the anger here in israel as they find out they're just the latest country. now, according to edward snowden, beginning in 2008, under the bush administration, and continuing under the obama administration, the nsa targeted senior israeli officials, according to snowden -- now, again, this is according to his documents -- u.s. and great britain intercepted e-mails belonging to the offices of then prime olmert and the defense minister. there's real anger here since the u.s. and israel have a close working relationship but the secret is both sides have long spied on each other. israel and american officials have operated under the assumption they're being monitored by the other. the former head of israely intelligence said today he wasn't surprised at all by this spying.
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>> every empire makes decisions in order to in a way buy or get information, even on the friendly states. i hope that they didn't find too much. >> if anything this latest revelation has renewed calls in israel to release jonathan pollard, former navy intelligence official. sentenced to life in america for spying for israel and suspected of passing information to other countries as well this. latest revelation is unlikely to force america to release pollard so it's unlikely to change the relationship between israel and america. a deep religiousship, and given the history, this is not a big deal, although it's an embar'sing story-do embarrassing store for several days. >> thank you very much. a fox extreme weather alert,
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powerful winter storm is sweeping across the united states inch texas, look at this, snow, at least 20 accidents reported across north texas. the weather system al -- also spawning towards, two deaths in mississippi blamed on the heavy rain and winds and thousands of homes remain without any power. janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center. >> the storm is wrapping up, which is good news, and we still have the powerful cold front. it's 25 in kansas city. 50 in memphis, and set a record here in new york of 70 degrees. the fox news extreme weird weather center right now. let's take a look at it. so, we still have mainly rain as the system moves through. we're not looking at the possibility for tornadoes but we could see some hail or damaging winds along the front as it enter acts with the warm, moist air. then we're looking at the freezing rain and/or ice line here, right at the canadian border where we can see some
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accumulation on the trees and power lines and see more power outages unfortunately. so we have another wave of moisture making its way to d.c. and new york and boston, right around the rush our so just be aware. the temperatures are so warm it's going to remain rain and except northern maine, and then the good news is we remain quiet for the rest of the week. but the cold front is going to give us a realities check across the northeast. so 58 tomorrow. 37 on tuesday, back to reality. and your christmas day forecast, the good news, i'm so happy to present that we don't have any major systems, so no sleigh delays for santa on christmas eve. >> that's good news. i'm in close contact with norad, they keep me informed all times where the sleigh is. good day for santa. >> i've been a good girl, santa.
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>> some would debate that. yeah. another time. it's the height of the christmas shopping season but shoppers are on alert after credit and debit card information was stolen from target stores all over the nation, and now we're being told much of the data from the 40 million credit cards is for sale on black markets around the world. the credit card thieves and debit card thieves using the information to make phony copies of the stolen cards so how can we protect ourselves from all this identity theft? brian is in our new york news room with more. >> the holiday shopping season may be winding down but the recent target breach has reminded shoppers identity theft is a threat all year round you how can you not be concerned about that? it's your identity. >> i think you don't think it can happen to you and you don't really worry about it, and when it does, it's a big hassle.
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>> i have this false sent of security that when i'm doing it in person i have more control, but careerly that's not the clays -- clearly that's not the case. >> access to a stolen credit card number can trigger a chain reaction. thieves can valley your identity, apply for credit and wrack up huge debt. >> might use the credit card numbers over then phone, or clone the cards. meaning burn the information on to blank credit cards and go ahead and use them at brick and mortar stores or atms. aalso resell this data to others. there's so much information here. >> some safety tips. keep a close eye on your store. card skimmers take the information on the magnetic stripe, safeguard your personal information on your computer, make sure you have antivirus. be caution of fraudulent links
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and e-mails and bogus can bees and don't carry credit cards you don't need and regularly check your statement and credit reports. >> i don't see any end in sight to the amount of data breeches occurring, both from criminal hackers on the outside or mistakes being made on the inside of certain organizations. >> now, if you are a victim, make sure to report losses or suspicious charges. if your bank account has been compromised, the best thing to do is to close the account and open a new one. greg? >> brian, thank you very much. >> there's the new report that says the cia helped stop rebels doing harm in their own country, and using the nsa 0 -- to do it. we'll have a live reporting on that.
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. . welcome back. the cia has been helping colombia in its fight against
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rebel groups for years. that's according to a new report from the "washington post." it found that covert programs helped colombian forces kill at least two dozen rebel leaders. the program was aided by eaves drop -- eavesdropping from our embattled spy program. steve? >> there are two major components to the operation. first the nsa is helping with real-time intelligence to locate those rebels. then once they're identified the cia is reported by supplying colombia with a special weapon to take them out. a guidance system that turns a regular gravity bomb into a smart bomb that can strike a precise target under the jungle canopy. when the colombian president, who paid a recent visit to washington, president obama praised his intensified efforts to combat the rebels and mentioned u.s. support in very general terms. >> i congratulated the president
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on his bold and brave effort to bring about a lasting and just peace inside of colombia and his negotiations with the farc. and the united states is supportive of those efforts. >> now there are peace talks underway in havana between farc rebels and the colombian gut but there's to cease fire and the rebels are targeted. >> steve, thank you very much. >> growing fallout over obamacare with a little more than 24 hours until the deadline for americans to sign up for health care insurance, including the president. now some in the president's party say they are afraid the healthcare law could force a power struggle in congress. it could implode. we have brand new reaction next. just by talking to a helmet.
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>> cracker barrel says its putting "duck dynasty" products back on the originally pulled the items saying they wanted to avoid offending guests but ended up doing just that. in the meantime, louisiana lieutenant governor jay darmin said he is ready to help with new producers. he made remarks credit of homosexuals and african-americans. as the deadline for obamacare is looming, the president's own party is not holding back on the rollout. now some democrats are pointing the finger, including west virginia senator joe manchin who
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said today obamacare could have a meltdown that could make it hard for democrats to keep control of the senate. this year was the worst year of the obama presidency. the lowest numbers of any president in poll history. the sunday talk shows were brutal in offering a range of reasons, inexperience, incompeten incompetence. you name it. can president obama recover? what do you make of this? >> it's been a very difficult year for president obama. robert gibbs is right. this is by far his worst year in the white house. there's so much focus coming off the 2012 election, when he was going to get gun control passed, immigration. really he didn't get any of his
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key items through. the rollout was such a disaster. unless obama can turn things around. the odds are tough for the president. democrats who are running for reelection in many red states, they're going to put some distance between themselves and the president. >> bob, i want to show you a series of new polls. one of them finds almost half of americans do not think the president is honest and trust worthy and dropped nearly 30 points from when he took office. a majority think he knowingly lied about the promise you'll get to keep your health plan. 61% said his administration knew ahead of time not everyone would be able to keep their doctors. are the deceptions, bob, over obamacare the real season that most people just don't trust him
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anymore? >> yeah. that's a big change. the president on friday at his press conference said his numbers have gone up and down. but the trust worthiness and the lack thereof is a new phenomenon in 2013. it has a little bit to do with the nsa controversy, and the drip, drip, drip news of that. but without a doubt that is the biggest drop for president obama is that a majority of not trusting them in the passing of obamacare. they keep saying it is going to be a net positive. well, the rollout was rough, but come november it will be a net positive. still, we have seen the polls consistently. this law has never been popular. >> the president has scrapped the individual mandate for millions of people who had srr policies canceled. he suspended the employer mandate. you weigh the waivers,
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exceptions, et cetera, that he has granted and you could fill a thick volume. one reporter at the friday news conference remarked you might as well delay the entire mandate. what is left of obama care really? >> it's a good question. it is one that is probably going to be answered in the first few months of 2014 when the implementation is really taking hold. that's the problem for the president. democrats are saying, well, we're not -- like charles schumer. we don't want to repeal it. we want to fix it. it's hard to get anything through congress, much less on obamacare. there is something here that's the number one accomplishment of this president. and it's broken. and they are trying to still fix it. and the delays, whether it's individual mandate, employer manda mandate, they just keep adding up. >> large numbers of americans think they failed on the economy, job creation.
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those are abyss mal numbers. look at this foreign policy. 68% think the president is not tuff 'n uff on iran. and of course even senate were democrats on thursday vowed to defy and undermine the president's handling of iran. that's his own party in the u.s. senate. bottom line here, as we end this conversation, does any future obama agenda over the next three years stand a chance? >> well, i think he's got to -- if the unemployment rate keeps going down, that's what he will be trumpeting up. iran is a tough issue for him. his own party, as you mentioned, is going at him with a new iran sanction bill that the white house threatened to veto. they want to move it. the house passed a bill 400-20 on iran sanctions. i think this is a sleeper issue really in 2014, whether this iran deal holds and what congress does about it. >> yeah. and on the economy, you still
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have a peoplic growth of 2.5% annualized. it should be 5% and 6% by now. nothing to brag about there. you have to consider a number of people who stopped looking. they have given up. >> right. >> so he has his work cut out for him. bob, thank you so much for being with us. happy sunday to you. happy holidays coming up. thanks a lot. thanks for joining us. a healthy you and carol alt is coming up next. hope you have a great weekend, everyone. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate,
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