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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 3, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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over north dakota. but folks heading out to get a look may want to bundle up. the temperatures in grand fork tuesday dropping to as low as 20 degrees below zero. >> it's cold near new york, too. >> thank you for watching. harris faulkner is up next. >> i'm in today for shepard smith on the fox news deck. the deadly winter storm is just about over but right now in some places, it is cold enough to kill. we'll have more on the bitter temperatures in just a moment. first, the huge storm that blasted the northeast with heavy snow and stretched as far south as d.c. parts of massachusetts saw nearly two feet of snow. along with blinding blizzard conditions, and here in new york city, we saw about a half foot. still enough to make a mess for traffic and close could schoolsd businesses in jersey, more than that. officials closed major stretches
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of highways for hours and warned people to stay off the roads. officials are blaming the storm for at least nine deaths. one an alzheimer's patient who froze to death after wandering away from home. another was a road worker. a pile another salt buried him alive. the storm delayed flights, canceled 2,000. we saw that yesterday. and here now are some of the pictures from around the region. we'll look at the ribbon've my head. pictures showing the flooded streets of massachusetts freezing over. these areas were hard hit by sanity. this is just punctuating the walls they have been able to build up. in new york city, shoppers left shelves empty. the thermometer shows how close
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it got south of scranton, pa, and in d.c., the snow was blackdrop for snow men and it's going to be a while before the melt. it will be colder in these places than in years, in new york city the wind chill will make it feel like 19 below in boston, negative 25. and this isn't just in the northeast. in the dakotas it was cold enough for boiling water to turn instantly to ice. i love it when the local forecasters up there are able to show us just how cold it is. look at that. how, i haven't seen this since i lived there. the northern lights, temperatures plunging to 30 degrees below zero. >> we have live team coverage. we'll begin with laura ingalls on long island. laura? >> reporter: we're in rockville center. just when you thought you remembered what a cold snap felt like, a storm like this reminds
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you how brutal mother nature can be. and this is a labor of love on park avenue, businesses struggling all day long. it's really been quit a mess. store owners shoveling out after being closed most of the day, trying to get back in action for tonight. the roads have been treacherous through the northeast. new york governor andrew cuomo sitting through 2013 major highways overnight and into the morning to keep people safe. they're open now in new york city, where we can give you a beautiful live shot and a look from our roving camera in central park, saw six inches of snow, which kept sanitation workers busy all day long but have now turn into a winter wonderland type scene for sledders and joggers. folks have to bundle up because of the cold. the snow was light and fluffy, piled up quickly at area airports, which led to thousands of cancellations and delays
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combined. jfk shut down for part of the morning but has since re-opened a couple of runways. scores of passengers still trying to get on flights. the port authority has been utilizing heavy equipment, including giant melters that can liquefy 500 tons of snow an hour, and the new york mayor has asked residents to stay indoors if you can, don't go out. people are taking it slow. the temperatures are going to plummet. the wind gusts continue and it's going to be dangerous. we need people to stay inside of you don't have to be out. >> massachusetts also saw some of the worth of the blizzard. molly is live in quincy, just south of boston. >> reporter: the wind and the sun are not helping to cut this biting cold. finally we have a little sunshine, see the beautiful winter wonderland, but the
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temperatures are in the teens and expected to drop tonight, as low others negative one. one good thing about this very cold temperature is actually helping people dig out. he snow, because of the cold, just really fluffy. this is not the kind of stuff that makes an easy snowball. it's like this all over. and the danger with that is it drifts easily and that can be tough for road crews to handle. they have to keep moving the snow. another thing that made the storm impactful is the coastal flooding, something authorities were keeping an eye on at midnight and noon today, and the water did come up over the low-lying coastal roads, and that stuff is tough to clean up. even though the flooding was relatively minor, the salty ice clings to the roads and can be a pain for those communities who dealt with the issue, despite sea walls. one other note. a little good news at this hour. logan airport is up and running, flights are coming in and going out. they initially cancelled all of
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the flights as of 8:30 haas last night but now travelers can finally get to where they want to go. >> the freezing temperatures are not slowing down the start of the nfl playoff games. today people were busy clearing snow off the stands of the eagle stadium in pa, and these are not the work crews but eagle fans themselves getting ready and in green bay, forecasters forecast the sunday temperature will be five below zero. living thousand stadium's nickname, the frozen tundra. i think they call the entire region that. if okay didn't, vikings country, anyway. janice dean is in the fox extreme weather center. janice, this cold will be brutal and dangerous. >> this next batch is going to be colder than what we have seen thus far. if you can believe it. we're probably going to set some records. this could be historic cold, this next arctic air mass.
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let's look at the forecast wind chills for the upper midwest. there's green bay, and we'll get a bump of a warmup and then, boom, right back into the deep freeze. wind chill ex-minus 27, fargo, minus 30, and international falls, the ice box of the country. there's green bay, a warmup on saturday but look at sunday, monday, minus 14. that's the high. that's your low. that's not wind chills. so, very, very cold. dangerously cold. and look at chicago. this could be historic for them. minus 10 is the daytime high on monday. minus 17 -- those are not wind chills. those are air temperatures and all of this is going to shift east and we'll feel it towards the northeast. >> you're already watching now the next storm. it is definitely winter and it is coming. >> yeah. unfortunately once we clear third one out of the way, we have a new storm system, blizzard warnings in effect for dakotas and minnesota.
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so here we are, blizzard for the northern plains, arctic blast, colder than what we have seen this season. dangerous wind chill values. so we could see snow as far south as the mississippi river valley. that's how far south this cold is going to go. then it's going to move east. we'll get some warm air ahead of it. so we'll be in the 30s and 40s across the northeast. mainly a rain event but snow right along the ohio river valley towards the great lakes. so that's our big next weathermaker, and you can see several inches of snow in and around the chicago area, upwards of a foot, and 75 days to go until spring, harris. >> who is counting? you are. thank good. in janice, thank you very much. for those who don't plan to venture out into the cold to watch football, the packers report they will not have to face a local television blackout of their playoff game on sunday. this after representatives say the team has sold out of tickets finally. they had until 4:00 eastern to do that. not very much longer than now.
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the nfl requires home teams to sell all their general admission tickets to avoid this tv blackouts. reps for the indianapolis colts said they also sold out their local seats at lucas oiled stadium for tomorrow, and a business bought the last 1200 tickets and it's donating them to military families. one of my favorite stories of the day was hearing that. the cincinnati bengals have not yet sold all the tickets to their game on sunday. the deadline now less than one hour away for them to too that. they're close to selling out and a business bought a large bundle of tickets and is giving them to military families. >> a man has just come forward now, speaking of money -- to claim half of last month's $648 million lottery jackpot. and he says the reason it took him so long was he didn't even realize he had won. the lottery commission says he is not really talking to reporters, but here's what we know.
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he is steve tran. lives in northern california, delivery driver. he says he tossed the wing ticket in a pile of others he bought in different towns and he didn't even think to go check them until a few days ago. he says one of the first things he tide was to call his expose say, quote, i don't think i'm going to come in today. tomorrow, or ever. if he takes his winnings as a lump sum, it's more than $130 million after taxes. a woman from georgia claimed the other half of the jackpot. >> al qaeda too -- could be making a comeback. fighters tied to the group are make searingous advances. police are making a break in the case of a priest who somebody killed inside a church. detectives have their eyes on the suspect just before the murder occurred. take a look. olive garden's signature favorites now just ten dolrs weeknights are for favorites.
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fighters with tie0s al qaeda are on the verge of taking over two key cities in iraq. this iraq forces say they're now fighting to regain control of fallujah and ram mad di. you can see how close they are to the capital, baghdad. the militants set fire to police stations, released prisoners from jail cells and occupied mosques. the u.s. state department has condemnedded the attacks. the former u.s. ambassador to
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iraq says, it's a perfect storm that's been brewing from a long time. katherine herridge is live. >> the violence came to a head last week after a prominent sunni was arrested, leading to claims the government was targeting its political rivals. the defense ministry releasing this new video to underscore baghdad's efforts to push the al qaeda linked militants into the key towns which was the focus of the u.s. surge in 2007. the violence is a regional issue with the attacks in iraq being carried out under the same banner as hardline gee -- jihadists in syria. the obama administration created an opening for the affiliates. >> the problem ills the u.s. didn't move quickly enough in the syrian rebellion to support the opposition. they allowed extremesses and al qaeda types to take over and did so over a course of a couple of years. >> underscoring the gravity of
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the situation on the ground in iraq, there's a new u.n. report that finds 8,000 civilians were killed in iraq last year and that's the highest death counts in recent memory. >> what is coming out of the obama administration on this? >> only one public briefing today and that the state department spokeswoman was press bid fox newses and the ap on the deteriorating conditions in iraq, offering a boilerplate response. >> our overall point is to encourage moderates on all sides and isolated extremists on all sides to force the government in the fight against al qaeda, we share and help them learn from the lessones we learn from fighting this. we know the situation is serious. no update on that but it's something we're concerned about. >> striking an agreement in iraq, refused to go there. >> thank you very much. investigators are finally releasing their report on what really killed "fast & furious"
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star paul walker. the horrific crash and the movie stars final moments, next. >> do you like to send private messages on facebook? do you think they're actually private? what do we agree to when we click that box that we all agree to but don't read the little part? we'll tell you about the law that claims facebook has scanned private messages and used them to make money. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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we now have the full autopsy results for actor paul walker. the report shows the "fast & furious" star did not have drugs or alcohol in his system when he died in a fiery crash in november. neither did the driver, and a lot of details that are hard to
12:20 pm
even read about today that we're learning. lea has more. >> officials are ruling their deaths an accident. in a report investigators say the car was going more than 100 miles-per-hour when someone lost control. the report says that officials found both bodies were completely charred from the fire. walker had fractures throughout his body and he died from a combination of the crash and the fire. but the driver's autopsy says he died quickly from injuries to his chest, his neck, and his head, including a fractured skull. now, officials say they found the bodies in defensive position, and it's a position that was described as kind of similar to a boxer's position. now, a medical expert i spoke with said that this position they were found in, is something that is often described when someone's bid has been completely burned, regardless of whether or not they were actually dead before they were burned. so it's unclear whether either of them were bracing for impact.
12:21 pm
>> what made such a huge impact on me as i was reading it, howl they suffered almost every bone in their bodies were just crushed. >> that's right. and some of those fractures were caused by the expire some by impact. >> lea gabrielle with the latest. facebook is reading its users' private messages to help the company make money. that's according to a new lawsuit filed in a federal court in california. two people who use facebook have issued a complaint on behalf of all the users in the united states who have sent or received private messages which included a url or web address. the lawsuit claims facebook scanned those links to share the information with advertisers and marketers, and the suit alleges facebook violated federal and state privacy laws. joining us now for more on this, former assistant u.s. attorney, alex little. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> do these two guys in
12:22 pm
california have a case? >> they do. there's some pretty complicated legal structures going on here. but they have a case, and it comes down to the fact they're accusing facebook of looking at private messages when facebook promised not to. there's some federal laws involved, state laws involved. what it champs down to is when facebook tells you something is private, how private is it? >> well, couldn't just anybody threaten to sue everytime they feel their privacy is violated on social media? >> sure. i think the difference here -- this is not a fly by night lawsuit. some law firms were also involved in lawsuits against google and its street view applications, and this is not a small somebody going to the course and filing somebody. it was a 38 page federal complaint they think they have aquas. >> what makes is class action status? >> the class action status just means that the harm done to these two individuals is the same harm done to everybody who has been on facebook and sent a private message.
12:23 pm
what they're talking about if you ever sent a private message to anyone that includes a web link, the accusation is that facebook is reading through the messages, mechanically or somehow, and taking the web links and visiting them find out what you're looking at, and the reason that might have a privacy implication, if you are married and were trying to cob seive a child and you sent your spouse a link that says these are the ten things we have to do because we are pregnant, that would say something you may not want to post publicly. >> it would open you up to all sorts of advertisers wanting to reach out and sell you car seats and everything else. let's get facebook's statement on the screen, because they say they will defend themselves vigorously. what is their defense? >> well, i think -- they haven't said what their defense is. i think their defense will be, we told you we were doing this. >> did they tell us? where did they tell us? >> well, you have to look hard. in the payments pages and pagese
12:24 pm
terms of the agreement and data use, they say they'll access you dat to provide you advertisement. the lawsuit is specific that facebook relied on the affirmation that what you want to share privately you can share privately, at the same time they accessed the messages, and they sued under the california law on unfair trade access. >> we just click agree to get to the part we like. i wonder if it's in there alex, you said this is an important and a different type of could case. can they win? >> they absolute absolutely can win. they're alleging they're reading through your messagings without telling you. that's privacy violation of the utmost. and i think people are going to get upset and could be a case that has legs. >> they're seeking $10,000 per
12:25 pm
user. >> that's in the statutes. a billion users who access facebook on a monthly basis. it's those folks sending private messagings and sharing links that can add up and that's part of the reason this case is different because there are statutory penalties built into this accusation. >> be interesting. others have been accused of this, links-inin, google. >> well, we have some word now on the ship that helped rescue those passengers in antarctica. that ship may actually need rescuing now. the chinas icebreaker, snow dragger, sent the helicopter that lifted the 52 passengers off a russian researchship yesterday. those passengers are now comfortable, but officials told that ship's crew to hold off heading home because the snow dragon is having trouble getting through the ice. we'll let you know what happens.
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developments and word of a new agreement now in the case of a little girl declared brain dead after doctors removed her tonsils. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nhts. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can s, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours.
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a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. 2013 was the best year for the big they automakers in six years. ford, chrysler, and general motors all reporting that sales jumped at least 7% for the year but weakened slightly in december. minneapolis firefighters say crews found a second body inside a burn-ed out apartment building after an explosion on wednesday. more than a dozen other people reported hurt. investigators say a natural gas leak may have triggered the glass. >> and fans gather out outside the hospital where michael schumacher is in a medically induced coma. it's his 45th birth day today. he had two brain surgeries a
12:29 pm
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now. why wait? he obama administration called on a supreme court justice to reinstate part of president obama's healthcare overhaul. a rule centered around religious groups health insurance plans which provide contraception coverage. remember, a group of nuns in denver has challenged the rule. on tuesday, justice sonia sotomayor temporarily blocked it, and today the justice department issued its formal response arguing that religious organizations can opt out of the mandate to provide birth control coverage by signing a waiver and they had until today to do that. so they had to respond bid the deadline today. insurance companies wouldsive provide the coverage so the nuns average that stick violates their religious beliefs.
12:32 pm
wendell is traveling with the president in honolulu. explain the government's argument on this. >> reporter: the government came up with an arrangement in july for nonprofit religious groups to object to paying for contraceptive coverage for employees who are not members of the faith. they can exempt themselves and lets the insurance company pay for the coverage, or when insurance is provided, the government plays. the solicitor general said, with the stroke of their own pen, applicants can secure for themselves the relief they seek from the court, an exemption from the requirements of the contraceptive coverage provision and family members will not receive contraceptive coverage through the plan's third party administrator. churches and other religious groups from within the faith have to provide contraception coverage. the administration's goal is to
12:33 pm
accommodate when tired by religious groups without regard to their faith. >> what about the nuns? what has their argument been? >> reporter: they argue that even by waiving the contraception coverage righter they're enabling a violation of their religious beliefs and the sisters say it doesn't matter whether they're technically paying for it. excuse me. daniel bloomberg is an attorney and says the waiver amounts to a permission slip to -- for others to do what the sisters object. >> we're nuns. we can't turn around and start disrespecting life at its earliest phases by paying for and participating in the provision of drugs and devices that can take innocent human life. >> a justice sonia sotomayor and the full court must now decide whether to issue an injunction
12:34 pm
while the case moves within the lower courts. the sister's attorney filed a brief asking hem to do that. i. >> fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is live. this is a fluid situation. you heard wendell just say there's been one last plea now from the nuns to the high court. what does it say? >> well, exactly as wendell said. basically says, let's take this to the full court. that it still is a violation of the nuns' religious freedom, and that this opting out, this certificate, we won't pay for it, but our insurance company should pay for it, that is still, they say, complicity in the whole issue of contraception, which goes against the teachings of the catholic church. >> what does it fell you they would make this plea before sotomayor even said anything about this again? we're still waiting to see the next step in all of this. >> well, look. there's no point not giving it your best shot, and obviously
12:35 pm
they first got the stay on new year's eve from sotomayor, interestingly enough someone who was appointed by president obama to the court, and then she had given a deadline of 10:00 today for the government to answer. so they're now rebutting the government's answer. i don't think it means anything except nor fact they want to make all the arguments they possibly can make and now they're appealing to her to extend it to the full court. >> you know, chris, for anyone watching this, they're hearing and seeing the legal yeast but this has been emotional and political fight, and you can tell that from these words from a member of the beckett fund for religious liberty. calling what happened here unfortunately the federal government started the new year the same way it ended the old one. trying to bully nuns. that's mark with that group. into violating their religious beliefs. you know, when you look at this and look at the back and forth, this really has put religion to the forefront with what we're now learning about obamacare,
12:36 pm
and sotomayor has done that. why is that important? >> well, i mean, there are two sides to it. obviously the nuns and their lawyers and all the other religiously affiliated nonprofits that are suing, including notre dame university, that say they don't want to have to provide birth control options for their employees, either, they say this is a question of religious liberty. on the other hand, women's groups say, it's a question of women's health, and that just because you work -- you may not be catholic or have this problem, just because you work for a religious organization, doesn't mean that you should have to abide by their teachings. so, on the one hand the nuns are saying the government is trying to bully the nuns. oregon, the government is saying, it's the nuns and their lawyer who are trying to bully their employees and say, they can't have access to this women's health. it's an issue that has been ripe for more than a year from now
12:37 pm
when this came out and the obama administration said they were going to exempt churches, but that religious affiliated groups like hospitals or universities or, in this case, the little sisters of the poor, which is a pretty good defendant to have -- plaintiff to have in this case, that they would be violating their rights even if they opt out. that is in a sense violating their religious beliefs. >> quickly before i let you go. we heard wendell talking about this. the solicitor general's response to, saying that nothing in the law makes nuns pay for birth controlful does this create a slippery slope with the affordable care act. if this goes against the white house you can see other parts being undone? i'm sure people are curious to know developments this have stickiness? >> well, it does only in the sense of religious objections. i don't think that's going to affect the vast majority of people, but it certainly would affect not just the little sisters of the poor, it well run homes for the elderly in
12:38 pm
colorado. it could affect any hospital that has a religious affiliation, any university with a religious affiliation and can say the birth control mandate violates it, and then you get to the other question, and there's going to be a supreme court hearing in mentioner for-profit organizations, that say, yes, we have no formal religious affiliation, but we're a company that has religious beliefs and the corporation is a person and we -- it would violate our freedom of religion if wore forced to give birth control coverage to our employees. so, it has that amount of stickiness. >> chris wallace, go to see you. for those who just can't get enough, i'm going to tell them what they can do. catch chris this weekend on fox news sunday. we'll talk with former massachusetts governor mitt romney about obamacare and the upcoming winter prime ministerrics. governor romney helped take char of the winter games in salt lake
12:39 pm
city after money trouble and a bribery scandal. this sunday on your local fox station. check your tv listings for the time. >> relatives of the 13-year-old girl on life support in oakland, california, are a step closer to being able to move her to another medical facility and keep her alive. that's according to the family attorney following a state court hearing today. the child's name, jahi mcmath, last month doctors say they removed her tonsils, and other tissue from the back of her throat. relative say shortly after the surgery blood began pouring from her nose and mouth. she had a heart attack. days later, doctors declared her brain dead. many of them. from different areas, and from the court. those doctors have said mcmath will never wake up. a state judge ruled they can remove her ventilator next tuesday. the family members say they are not giving up and have the been pushing to take her to another facility. attorneys for both sides have also been meeting with a federal
12:40 pm
judge today. adam houseley is live in oakland. adam? >> reporter: the federal hearing is going on right now. both sides are in the courthouse. earlier today was state hearing where a judge had both sides claiming legal victory. the judge ruled that the body of jahi can be moved. the hospital will tell you they believe that the body can be moved all along, but if someone wants to move a deceased person. they call her a deceased person. the family claims she is still alive and has the chance to recover. the judge ruled the body can be moved. however the judge also ruled the hospital would not be forced to have to do a trach, insert a feeding tube, and would not be forced to allow another doctor in here. meantime a death certificate has been issued from the hospital. the coroner says it will not release it to the media, and as the hearing goes on, the same argument is being made in front of a federal judge. the family wants to have a doctor come in here, perform the
12:41 pm
procedure if the hospital will not do it. the hospital insists it does not do any type of that type of procedure on a deceased individual. so she family me a try to do this at a nearby facility. they will not give us the name of the facility or issue in the name of the facility due to the delicate nature of the story, but we are expected to hear more from the federal judge here. you mentioned the deadline, 5:00 tuesday night here local. meantime, jahi remains on a ventilator here at children's hospital in oakland, the same position she has been in since december 12th. the family says she needs nutrition. the family also says they have raised more than $44,000 for a move but we have been told by a number of medical specialists they say the move could cost as much as $200,000 if she was to be moved to a facility in new york, which some suggested may be the case. we have a bert chance to get more of the plan as the courter hearing goes on and we'll keep you updated. >> ing this is one that is alive among the social media today and
12:42 pm
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getting a divorce can be a long and expensive ordeal, but in france, government officials say they are working on a plan to make it quick and easy. a new proposal would allow adults who both agree to a divorce to get to one without a judge, just to have a court clerk sign off on it. a french government official says that simplifying the process is a good thing adding, quote, one couple in two will divorce do we have to make it more difficult? end quote. the critic says the pros is already too easy and could further weaken the institution of marriage. attorneyattorney general fer brs
12:46 pm
us. what does this law say? >> well, what it says is that if you have an agreement, a mutual consent divorce, you want have to appear before a judge for the formality of getting a divorce. instead you go in front of a county clerk and the clerk will issue the divorce. that's what happens here in the u.s. in many states, including the state i practice in, pennsylvania, where parties don't have to go into a courtroom and they can get their divorce on paperwork alone if they have agreement. it saves a ton of money for both the parties themselves and also for -- cuts down on the judicial -- use of judicial resources. >> you make it sound very for forensic. flip side, if it's too easy, people will just fly to paris and do this quick. >> i don't agree at all. you can't get a divorce in france unless you live there or
12:47 pm
have property or children there. so people won't be coming in by the masses to get a divorce, an easy, quick divorce in france and let's face it. if marriages don't work out, people are going to get divorced, and whether they appear before a county clerk or in front of a judge, that's not going to make a difference whether they divorce or not. it's whether they have a happy marriage. that's going to make the difference. so doing this is not going to increase the amount of divorces. it just cuts down on expenses which makes sense. >> jennifer do you see this thing coming to the u.s.? >> well, like i said, it already is in the u.s. and many states you never have to appear in front of a judge. if you have an agreement with your spouse and can work out the financial and custody issues and support issues, then in many states, including pennsylvania, you don't have to appear before a judge ever. some other state, such as new jersey, they require you to come into court just to finalize the divorce. sort of like what they were doing in france.
12:48 pm
so it's state-by-state, and not a national issue as to whether you appear or not. but most -- a lot of divorces are more complex than that, and people do fight about certain issues, and that's where they do have to litigate. so there's really no choice in that. and they will have to appear in front of a judge, and judges will still be needed to settle these cases. doing this and allowing people that have an agreement to get a quick and easy divorce, without seeing a judge, allows the judges and courts to focus on the more complex cases that need their attention. >> involve a lot of property -- >> administrative -- children -- right. right. exactly. >> people are really feeling like, gosh, you're taking a stab at marriage, and i hear your argument against that. then you have the wedding industry which in 2011 saw d states. i imagine that industry is chomping at the bit, hoping this won't catch on like fire. jennifer, thank you very much. >> i still think people will get
12:49 pm
married, no matter what. >> and spend money on the big day. all right. >> exactly. take care. thank you. >> a u.s. navy veteran ereunited with the man who helped rescue him from sierra. we -- syria. the will tell you which american rescued the vet and show you the reunion.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
an emotional reunion today between the reverend jesse jackson and the american service member he helped free from syria 30 years ago. reverend jackson went to syria against the advice of the reagan administration to rescue u.s. naval lieutenant robert goodman, jr. goodman was an aviator navigator on a plane that forced -- forces had shot down over lebanon.
12:53 pm
in damascus jackson met with officials and the president, and he successfully negotiated goodman's release. the next day president reagan greeted jackson and goodman at the white house, and reverend jackson is at our chicago bureau where he spoke with goodman. here's more. >> it's been 30 years since the two men have seen each other since the visit at the white house, and shay saw each other for the first timement -- time. lots of laughs and smiles and more somber moments. goodman recalled all of the injuries he incurred when his plane crashed, when he ejected from the plane. he described it as jumping into a tornado at 450 miles an hour. when he was taken prisoner by syrian forces, the husband and father of two said he didn't know if he would ever return home again. in a fox exclusive, reverend jackson told the former navy
12:54 pm
lieutenant exactly what was going on behind the scenes that led to his release. >> i said, mr. assad, if had to get one lawyer in damascus, it will be you. will you argue the case? he said i'll consider it. within 20 minutes he called us back and said you're released. that was a big deal for us. >> it was very, very quick. and from the room where i was being held to the hotel in 20 minutes and it was all over. so it was quite the whirlwind. >> at the white house president reagan praised reverend jackson for his efforts and called goodman an american hero, description that the humble man says he still isn't comfortable with. goodman went on to become a lieutenant commander in the navy before retiring and starting his own business. >> incredible story. thank you very much. this just in. i'm looking down at the state wires on this one. a an update on a story we
12:55 pm
brought you earlier. the cincinnati bengals have just announced that local fans will in fact be able to watch their home playoff game on sunday. we mentioned the nfl requires home teams to sell all their tickets to avoid a tv blackout, and here is part of the tweet from the bengals. touchdown! procter and gamble and it's brands, push game to sellout. procter & gamble is based in cincinnati, where the bengals were facing a deadline. ticket sales for the playoff games in green bay and indianapolis also went down to the wire but now people in those communities will be able to watch their loved teams play. we'll be right back. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪
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>> german police say a bomb left over from world war ii exploded at a construction site and skilled one person, eight others hurt. witnesses say they heard the explosion from as far away as
12:59 pm
16 miles. nearby wind doughs were blown out. even a garage door dented. thousands of bombs landed in this area in 1944 and it's common to find some still undetonated. experts are usually able to dediffuse them. >> on the days in 1987 aretha franklin was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. she signed her first music deal at 18 years. her debut album kick-started a career filled with hit songs that would pave her path to the hall of fame. the supremes supremes and etta s would follow suit but the queen of soul earned rockin' role respect. tweeted this. the tau is -- dow is getting respect.
1:00 pm
it's picking up 25 on the day so far right now. i'm harris faulkner in today for shepard smith. see you for fox report weekend saturday and sunday, 7:00 p.m. eastern. in seven seconds "your world" with neil cavuto. >> snowed in. folks in the northeast tigging out from up 20 two feet of snow as frigid temperatures sink in, and for air travelers stranded by the winter blast, it's anything but a blast. >> can i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." 24.3 inches. that's how much snow fell on boxford, massachusetts. minus 52, that's the wind chill in fort kent, maine. and 15 minutes. that's how long it takes for your skin to freeze in this kind of weather. even if you are not caught in it, well, you're feeling the effects of it and we are all over it. we have