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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 5, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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here because we are looking out for you. new questions tonight about who in washington signed off on the early releas who in washington signed off on the early release of a convicted terror supporter. >> tonight, eric holder and the full weight of the justice department come down on the little sisters of the poor. >> we don't get a salary. we don't have enough income, so we go begging. >> see why the administration is determined to win its fight against these nuns. >> if she can't pass the fitness test -- >> for females to get the test. >> is a woman tough enough to be a marine? the fight over that question is getting fierce. and you'll see how. plus --
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♪ we are hungry >> see how the lunch room complaints of thousands of students finally made a difference. tonight, on "the kelly file." >> and developing tonight in an exclusive kelly file investigation. >> how do you feel? >> beyond joy. beyond joy. >> radical, now disbarred attorney, convicted of aiding one of the world's worst terrorists, is freed from prison early and treated to a hero's welcome in new york city on new year's day. tonight, we'll tell you who in the obama administration is responsible for cutting her sentence in half. as you were celebrating the holiday. i'm megyn kelly. welcome. we have new details in the story we first brought you yesterday about attorney lynn stewart. in 2010, she was sentenced to ten years in prison for
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conspiring to actively support this man, omar abdul rock ma. the blaind sheik. he's the spiritual leader of a group responsible for thousands around the world. he's the person that gave the fatwa that led to 9/11. he's behind the conspiracy of the 1993 world trade bombing. that killed six people, including a pregnant woman and a child. thousands more were injured. two years later, he was convicted for plotting to blow up new york city landmarks including the u.n. and the george washington bridge, which would have potentially killed thousands. then, even from behind bars, he found ways to spread his evil beyond his prison cell. in 1997, his terror group slaughtered nearly 60 people at an egyptian tourist attraction. attackers hacking people to death with machetes and leaving
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a flyer demanding the sheik's release inside one victim's body. that terror he unleashed in egypt, because it's going to become relevant in a minute. b bin laden justified the sheik for starting the attacks. that's where his lawyer, lynn stewart, came in. she was his attorney, and she was caught carrying messages from the shaek to the outside world. she was convicted on federal charges in 2005, sentenced to ten years in 2010 after a lengthy appeals fight. but today, she is free. after serving less than four years. how did that happen, and who signed off on this? jay is chief legal counsel for the american center for law and justice. how does it happen that someone as controversial as this, conspiracy to confraud the united states, convicted. convicted on providing material
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support to terrorists. how does she get a pass out of prison early. >> she gets a pass because the bureau of prisons had a policy that changed under eric holder about six months ago, which changed the criteria upon the compassionate release. she's sick, ill can cancer. they changed the policy and she fits within the policy, and the national lawyers guild, which is a far left lawyers organization, petitioned eric holder twice for her release. the director of bureau prisons who reports directly to the deputy attorney general of the united states, signed off on the release, and she walks out of prison, water sign, executed, she's out december 31st. as you said, meg n, four counts of felonies. she gave information from the blind sheik to islamic jihadist groups. she knew she was doing it, she did it intentionally, she even
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tried to garble the messaging being taped. she made a mockery of the court when she was sentenced to 20 months and said i could do that standing on my head, and thousands of people are dead around the world because of this sheik, this terrorists, and his lawyer stopped being the lawyer and started being the activist. if she's an officer of the court -- >> but i want to clarify this, because the blind sheikh, among his many other evil deeds is unleashing hell at the time in egypt. people are slaughtering each other based on his edict. then he goes to prison, but a cease-fire took part in the battle. she came out with this message from him to those people in egypt saying the cease-fire, it shows definitivety he wanted the cease-fire to stop, he wanted the violence to resume. and lynn stewart, an american attorney, representing him here, decided to be his messenger on
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that. without his say-so. he's like their god. they would not have resumed. she wanted to make sure they knew he wanted the murder to continue. >> and she was already aware she was not allowed to have those communications. communicating with a terror is a felony, but she stopped being the lawyer, in a sense, when she became the activist for the sheikh's position. what she was punished for was not her advocacy of the defendant. she was punished for violating four counts, four felonies, and they could have charged her a lot more. aiding and abetting terrorist said, conspiring with terrori terrorists, and she became the mouth piece of the leader of the terrorists. she's giving the information out, and you have groups like the national lawyers guild petitioning for her release, and she gets released. they're going to say it's compassionate. how about the people who got killed? not too much compassion on them, including the world trade center the first time. >> i want to ask you
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specifically about who gave the order, who pushed for this. first, i want to show you lynn stewart as she got released from prison talking about just how horrible prison turned out to be. >> letter you wrote talking about prison being a loveless place. maybe if i write a letter and put down just how terrible a place it is, it might move him. i don't know that it moved him, but i tell you, he got the application at about 10:00 in the morning and at 2:00 in the afternoon, it was signed and back at the prison. >> yeah, as it turns out, prison is a loveless place, and it's not an enjoyable place. that's why we sent convicted criminals there, to hopefully learn a lesson and to send a message to society. she has a lot of supporters. they were chanting, we love lynne. when she got off the plane. i realize she's an old woman, 74. i realize she has stage 4 cancers and doctors say she has
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18 months to live, and i'm sorry she has this diagnosis, but the purpose for putting people in prison is many fold. and one of them is to send a message to other wrong doers about where they will wind up. now who, who specifically, made this happen? >> you know, megyn, two things, one had to come from the director of bureau prison. the director of the bureau prisons reports to the deputy attorney general of the united states. the national lawyers guild, which she was a member of, championing her cause, cheering for her. prison is a lousy place, she said? eric holder modified the policies on the releases about eight months ago. she then falled under the criteria for release, and you know, she's -- no contriction on her end. with her statements, has she said what she did was wrong? communicating and conveying messages from a terrorist to violate a cease-fire?
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no, but the director of the bureau of prisons. >> charles samuels jr. >> reports to the deputy attorney general, reports directly to eric holder. that's the way it works. >> no way she got out without eric holder knowing. >> the bureau of prisons working with eric holder's doj to try to get this woman, who is a convicted supporter of a convicted terrorist, one of the worst convicted terrorists we have in the country, to get her out early, based on compassion, because she's ill. >> yeah, and by the way, megyn, it says in the order and the motions that the united states attorney, the department of justice, consense to this motion. they can't argue they didn't know about it. they brought the motion. they brought the motion on behalf of the bureau of prisons, they report to the taeattorney general. the deputy attorney general in charge of this, james cole, in 2002, criticized in the legal times and other pure oddicals, the bush administration's approach on the war on terror.
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are we shocked they're releasing the terrorists and their accomplices? >> her new mission is to work on behalf of political prisoners and radicals. she can't practice law, but she's going to try to the extent she can, while she is -- they say, dying of cancer. now that she's been free. i have to run. but it's unbelievable. >> exactly. at the end of the day, eric holder is responsible, the department of justice is responsible. they signed the order. >> i got it. we asked for a statement from the bureau of prisons. they said none would be forthcoming. jay, thank you. >> what a shock. new debate raging tonight. if a woman can't pass the military fitness test, is she fit enough to be a marine? plus, while has the full weight of the justice department come down on the little sisters of the poor? the answers next. >> we're feeding them by assisting them in any way,
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listening to them. all those are opportunities. and we need christ, really, living in them. and then we bring christ to them and ourselves. it's the most beautiful moment, and when it finally got into the hand of god, you know they're there.
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developing tonight, a legal battle pitting the u.s. government against nuns who have
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devoted their lives to caring for the elderly, poor, and dying. the obama administration today dug in with a new filing at the supreme court, pushing against this relidgess order known as little sisters of the poor. the nuns say they're being asked to sane a form that amounts to a permission slip for employees to administer abortion drugs and birth control. it's basically no big deal, opting out of the rules for obamacare. so who are the nuns and how did they get here? here's a video from them, explaining. >> we're here to live for him, and him and the elderly. that's our life. when the people you care for look up at you, they want to see
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christ's face. when you look down at them, you have to find christ's face. the elderly are at risk if they are on their own, knowing this is for them, no one to stand up and express to the world and show the world that these people are still valuable. they're god's creation. and whether they're catholic or any other faith, persuasion, you know, they have a home here. >> in this home, nobody dies alone. we will hold your hand, there will be singing, and they will make you -- they will make you really feel somebody's there with you until the last breath. >> i'll be 95 in november.
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>> part of our role is collecting because we don't get a salary, we don't have an income, so we go begging. instead of begging, we call it collecting. >> but you know in every encounter when you're feeding them, you're helping them into a chair, listening to them, all of those are opportunities of christ really living in them, and then we bring christ to them in ourselves. it's the most beautiful moment and when they have finally gone to the hand of god, you know they're there. you have a moment.
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>> well, mark is senior counsel with the beckett fund, the name you saw on the video for religious liberty. he's lead counsel for little sisters of the poor, and obtained a stay on forcing these nuns into complying with obamacare this week. now, let me ask you, mark, congratulations on your victory. >> thank you. >> but talk about being on the side of the angels. however, however, the doj is fighting you tooth and nail on this. they say all your clients need to do, they ask for an exception to the requirement of obamacare that they provide contraception coverage, the obama administration gave it to them, sign the form, you're accepted. go on with your lives. what's the problem? >> well, the problem, megyn, is that that form is actually a permission slip. that form under federal law authorized and directs other people to provide contraceptive,
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sterilization, and abortion induszing drugs. >> they say, okay, but not in this case, because the insurer for the group of nuns is a group of christian brothers so they won't do it, either. >> one, what the law says. the law says they would have to do it if you give them the form, and the nuns in the video, they're not willing to sign a form to tell anyone to give out abortion-inducing drugs. the pitch is go ahead, sign the form, the form doesn't mean anything. don't worry about it. if that were really true, you have to ask, why is the justice department fighting the nuns all the way to the supreme court just to make them sign the form? if it didn't mean anything, the government wnt be fighting at the supreme court against a group of nuns. >> you watch the video and see the good work the sisters are providing and it's moving. you think this is a difficult position for the obama administration to be in, to have eric holder going up against these nuns. then you read some of the
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commentary in line, and i quote in particular,, that talks about the spentical of the plaintiffs, and i quote, your clients the nuns, trying to weasel out of nothing more onerous than signing a piece of paper. look at those sisters, the weasels, according to >> those sisters do the best and most important work or some of the best and most important good work of anybody in society. they take care of the needy, elderly of our society. and they care for them with dignity and love until they die. they're not weasels and they're not trying to weasel out of anything. they're catholic nuns. they have religious beliefs they live by, and there are certainly things they can't do. if the piece of paper is really a meaningless piece of paper, why on earth is the government threatping them with huge fines if they don't sign it? it's a key to the government's system to get people contraceptives and abortion drugs and get reimbursement payments made for the drugs.
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if they want to get them some other way and leave the sisters alone, they can do that, but they said, sister, you need to sign the form and be a part of it. if you won't do it, we'll crush the beautiful ministry everyone learned about with fines. >> we'll see how the case plays out at the u.s. supreme court. thanks for being here. >> thank you. take care. we're now getting reports that roughly half of the new female marines have been unable to complete part of the basic fitness test at the end of boot camp. they need to do three pull-ups. and more than half are not able. so should they be disqualified? are we now getting ready to lower the starntdz for the women? that debate is next. wait until you hear this. jesse jane is here along with pete. >> and remember, pajama boy, obamacare's poster boy for holiday health care talk. one writer said images like that are one part of what's wrong with today's society.
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our power panel reacts. ♪ where have all the cowboys gone ♪
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> a new debate after the u.s. marine corps delays a physical fitness mandate for female marines. it was supposed to start january 1st. it required all females in the corps to do a minimum of three pull-ups. it was delayed after they realized more than half of the recruits were unable to do it by the end of camp. >> for them to get a maximum score, execute eight pull-ups.
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>> joining me now, two people who work together, gunnery sergeant jesse jane duff, she suffer served 20 years in the army corps. and pete, who was a veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars. they do not see eye to eye on this issue. jesse, you say the dest itself is unfair. why? because a lot of people are thinking, i'm not one of them, three pull-ups, should be able to do that. >> what makes is unfair is that the marine corps set this abstract standard without any research. they set it out there. when you have a year passing and not any -- 50% of the females graduating from recruit training without successfully doing this, what have you done wrong? it's like studying for a math exam, and then 50% of your students fail. what happened? they were unsuccessful at setting up a strategy for these women to be successful.
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don't set out standards without backing it up and making sure you females are capable and able before it bekcomes an embaf embafrsment. >> what do you expect? they didn't pick the three out of the air. they picked it because it was the minimum standard for men. if you're demanding equality, you're going to go to the male standard, the minimum standard was three pull-ups. if you want men and women to be treated the same way, which is what our military, our pentagon, our marine corps are demanding, you're going to go to the minimum standard for men, three pull-ups. now we're reaping what we sew. 50% of women are not passing. if you want to treat men and women the same, that's great, but you can do it in more combat units carrying some of the more direct burden on the battlefield as opposed to across the board when men and women have always had some different level of standard when it comes into the initial entry into the marine
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corps. >> some talk about women are not developed to raise their upper body strength. they have activities they push men into to build their upper body. there may be some delay as women realize what they need to do in order to hold the combat rules. >> women have 20% less upper body strength. that's a reality right there. i'm not going to say that women can't do three pull-ups. what i have a problem with, is if you're going to set the goal, and you don't have the proper training in place, and you have recruits go to boot camp that aren't receiving the training, what are you doing? these are females going on active duty. they should go through first phase, second phase, and third phase of recruit training. 12 weeks. by the time they complete the training, they should be able to knock out the three pull-ups. if it's an abstract goal, they didn't evaluate the stamina of every female. >> it's not about training.
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it's about literal, physical differences. i have an immense amount of respect for women like jesse jane who served the nation, and they add an immense amount of value to what our nation does, but at the end of the day, i want a guy or a person who is capable of crawling over the wall, of dragging that heavy guy off the battlefield. i don't care about equality. i want standards, i want excellence, i want combat effectiveness. trying to pursue equality in the pursuit of making everyone feel good, in this case, big surprise, it's cutting women out of capable roles in the marine corps because we're setting arbitrary standards. it's us falling over ourselves for equality as opposed to caring for the best fighting force. >> why are you saying yes? what is the solution if you agree with what he said? >> the reality is it's a fitness test. when you're going to grade fitness, you have to consider gender and stamina and age. they're not doing that. they're making us all equal,
9:29 pm
which is making an irrelevant course. >> it's equivalent to combat. >> three pull-ups are a lot harder than they look, that's for darn sure. i didn't want to show anybody up. >> come on, megyn. >> it's been a long time since i have seen the gym. thank you both so much. great to see you. >> thank you. >> in my head, i'm capable of doing it. coming up, charles on what he has identified as the most effective way to derail obama care. and why he says this one will work. plus, leonardo decap rowo's new movie breaks an unusual record. we'll show you why it's not one they're likely to brag about. >> is all this legal? >> absolutely not. >> we're making more money than we knew what to do with. >> we don't work for you. >> you have my money taped to you. technically you do. (dad) put it in cond, put it in second. (dad) slow it down. put the clutch in, break it, break it.
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charles kraut hammer is out with what he has identified as the most effective way to derail obamacare. he says this one kcould work. he's a fox news contributor and author of things that matter. on the "new york times" best-seller list for eight weeks on a row. this is fascinating to me. i have been talking to david cutler, who wants this plan to succeed, and he told me as soon as the president engage ed in a so-called fix, the canceled people could maybe stay on their plans, this could be the beginning of the death spiral, meaning the end of the law. you see it, too. explain it in terms people can understand. >> well, the whole plan depends on the insurance companies acting as the middle men. and here's the problem. for the insurance companies to make it through all this financially alive, they need to
9:34 pm
have a certain number of enrollees. most important, they have a ratio of young and healthies who pay the premiums. i mean, the premiums and derive the least amount of medical cost to subsidize the older and the sicker. so you have to have a lot of young people paying in, because the older ones are going to be draining the treasury of the insurance companies. now, when we look at the rollout, what a disaster it is, the low numbers and the fact that it looks to be unbalanced, and what you talked about just a little earlier, all the fixes the administration has unilaterally imposed on the insurers, all of them are in one direction. it lets off the hook the young and the healthy, has allowed them to stay out of the plan. there's no employer mandate, so it leaves out of these exchanges a lot of people who would be able to pay the premiums. so what they're doing with every one of these steps is to
9:35 pm
undermine the financial structure of the insurers. and that's why after the last tweak, which was done last week, the insurance company spokesman said, this is introducing instability into the market, which is a way of saying, we can go under if this continues. and that, but here's the one thing that would save the insurers. there's a provision in the law that allows the administration, the government, your tax money and mine, to bail them out. >> right. >> to cover the losses. and here's why the gop has to act. you act now, you pass a law that says no bail-out of these giant insurers who are in on the construction of this whole obamacare scheme. and that, i think, is the fatal flaw. if you don't allow the bailout, i'm not sure the insurers will be able to get through this, and without the insurers, there's no obamacare. >> if we don't bail them out, then what may very well happen
9:36 pm
is the premiums are going to sky rocket in year two of the program, such that it may implode on its own. so either we bail them out or the thing may very well collapse. now, this is why even if congress reads charles krauthammer, and says, oh, that's a good idea, and even if the senate democrats are shamed into signing this, we still have barack obama in the white house, who is not going to sign a repeal of the of his law. >> first of all, you might get overwhelming majorities in the two houses. you've got democrats up for re-election. and you're going to then vote for a bail-out of these fat cat insurers. i'm not sure any of them are going to support that. you're going to get huge majorities in the house. and i'm not sure obama can withstand this. this is going to be a huge issue for him. in the end, if you don't do the bail-out, and as you say, the
9:37 pm
premiums sky rocket, what that means is with high premiums, the young and the healthy will drop out even more. that's why it's called the death spiral. i'm not sure there's any way this can be stopped, but even if it's not, imagine what a campaign issue this will be, and how much it will hurt the democrats. because if obama exercises the veto now, what's he going to do next year after he's lost the senate? >> charles, great to see you. >> pleasure. thank you. up next, a bitter winter blast hitting much of the country. we'll detail the frigid temperatures making it newt only very cold, but very dangerous. >> plus, see how the lunch room complaints of thousands of students may have forced the administration to make a big change in the menu. does the first lady know about this? next. ♪ tonight we are hungry
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well, now we've got new details that you already know. it's cold. how cold? >> i should have brought my snow goggles to see you better. >> the car said the temperature out here, 5 degrees. >> i just went to the hardware store, bought these goggles. >> how many times did mike say
9:42 pm
dress in layers. i my thought today, i really don't want to get out of bed. let me bring as much work with me as possible, and this is working because i'm not worried much about the snow. i'm worried about the dangerous windchills. >> our panel joins us now. lisa neal, christopher hahn, former aide to chuck schumer, and allison barber. we put it in tonight because this is the thing everyone is talking about, is it not? everywhere you go. i love the guy in the comforter out there. that's how we all want to be when we leave our houses right now. it is cold. >> how about the old-fashioned idea, looking outside your window, or opening your door to see how cold it is or warm or if it's raining or snowing? >> you're from atlanta, aren't you? i'm from syracuse and albany. we know about the snow, we know about the cold. i wusss
9:43 pm
complaining about six inches in central park. >> we had four snow plows in atlanta and they go to the airport. this is probably the most snow i have seen in years. >> when you see these stories, aren't you thanking god you don't do local news. >> i enjoyed it. i would be out there. >> doing snow angels in the snow with the road crew in your blanket. >> i have to admit, i don't watch my local news all the time, but when there's a major storm, i'm glued to the local news. >> there's something about -- first, snowfall is beautiful and there's something dramatic about it, and there's an inherent danger, but do we overreact. we get messages saying would you toughen up, you wusses on the east coast? they're talking about 32 degrees below in minnesota. >> you're long island for the first time since the 1980s. >> did you hear what megyn said?
9:44 pm
>> how is it such a big news story? >> i spent four years in albany where it was zero all the time, and i used to go out drinking when it was 0ee. >> when i went to syracuse university, they never canceled classes because of school. they brought out rope toews. >> i did one year at buffalo state. they had a rope that you had to hold on while you crossed the campus. >> and the people who want credit for showing up at work when i practiced law, we got a memo saying we know it's inclement weather, you're expected to have snow shoes and snow shoe your way into the office. >> i dpeel like it was an achievement making it out. >> to your credit, they did send a tank. >> if we hadn't, you should have snow shoed in. >> one woman's opinion. let's move on. speaking of butter cups. the school children have gotten
9:45 pm
back their big unhealthy lunches. after protests like the one we have been showing and the teases. they comout, michelle obama has been pushing for healthier lunches. she wants the kids to eat better, be less obese. they complied. the federal government made the lunches smaller, nutritious, and healthier, and the students came out with this. talk about how hungry they are. however, the study showed kids throughout roughly 3.8 million dollars worth of uneaten fruj and vegetables every year. 70% goes to waste. they didn't want it. >> and there was a black market in a lot of schools. i'm not even kidding. they could sneak ho-hos. >> some of the kids should do well, buy a salad. you know what i'm saying. we have an obesity problem in america. if you're going to eat the fatty foods, run a lap after lunch. >> but they're not. they're obese. >> they're sitting around playing video games. >> regulations weren't the
9:46 pm
solution. since 1966, you had the child nutrition act. if it was government regulations putting this massive plan, it would have prevented the obesity crisis. >> what works for me might not work for someone else. >> the kids are saying hungry. >> 650 calories for kinder gu e garden to fifth graders, these are little machines. >> i call my daughter the bottomless pit. she won't eat anything healthy, but she runs like a maniac all the time. >> 650 calories for a meal for a kid is not that much. >> kids eat quarter pounders with cheese all the time. you have that 16-year-old metabolism. it's only that it catches up with you that you say, moment on the list. as long as the kids are running around, see, i think that's the issue. not so much the calorie counting, but the running around
9:47 pm
they're doing. they're not now. you know what they're doing? this. this. >> exactly. they got to run. >> they got to run, got to move. they have to walk up the stairs. we used to have the six-minute run, 12-minute run. >> 6-minute run? whoa. >> i managed to do a 12-minute run in 6 minutes. i was not fast. thank you, stand by. we have much more with our panel, including what it means to be a man in the 21st century. >> i know something about that. >> our power panel is back. and hannity at the top of the hour. >> if you have a cell phone in america and you're unhap aabout the government looking at your data, your records, or even possibly your content, go to my facebook page and sign up because we would love for you to be a part of this class action lawsuit. i was going to the library to do my homework.
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it took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. for some low-income families, having broadband internet is a faraway dream. so we created internet essentials, america's largest low-cost internet adoption program. having the internet at home means she has to go no further than the kitchen table to do her homework. now, more than one million americans have been connected at home. it makes it so much better to do homework, when you're at home. welcome to what's next. comcastnbcuniversal. we're hearing.
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>> reporter: >> we're hearing fresh arguments in the wusification of america. getting attention for an essay arguing there's no room for anything manly in today's society. she's not happy about it. our panel is back to weigh in. she's a feminist but a different strain of feminist. and she's ticked off, saying preschool, primary school, education is a crock. it's oppressive to boys. anyone with physical inagy. no strong male masculine role models and we're wusifying our boys. >> i was at a 7-year-old's birthday party, and they didn't seem like wusses to me. they were chasing me down for hours. what are you saying, megyn? >> if you look around the room -- >> hey, i'm the one guy here who knows what it means to be a man in the 21st century. >> and it is luke.
9:52 pm
look at him. i think this is absolutely ridiculous. i have a son, he's 21 years old. he plays varsity sports since he could barely pick up a baseball bat and started beating people up. he was making guns out of sticks and all of that stuff. >> that's because his mother is a former federal prosecutor. >> so what. >> you got paid to kick butt and take names. >> i think camille is trying to get attention, like she has done her entire career. >> this series, is it time? right, because another writer, hana rosen, came out with a piece beforehand that said men are obsolete because they're failing in the work place, because the traditional household is vanishing, and because they now are obsessed with their body hair the same way women are. >> want me to open my shirt? >> weever got the full picture up here. >> i think she makes some very good points and she made really good points in the wall street journal about what the woman's movement is in america today and maybe they should focus on more serious issues.
9:53 pm
it's contraception rights, and people in india facing systemic misogyny, and that's really a real war on women. >> she's talking about what we do to little boys, they have physical energy and they need to run. we're like, sit down and go to math camp. >> i played football in college a high school, and if we were 0-6, we had 500 people, but the women's field hockey never had anyone go to the games except parents. >> why is that the case? >> what's the point? >> men are celebrated in this society for their achievements. far more than women are. as a father of daughters, i want to see my daughters celebrated as much. >> she's making the points that boys can't say anything. like, the boy who kissed the girl on the hand, that's sexual harassment, we're boxing these children in, these boys, into thinking i can't say anything, can't do anything. >> i have to move on. apparently, these guys are not
9:54 pm
wusses, but leonardo dicaprio's new movie, wolf of wall street, dropped the most movie f-bombs of any movie -- any movie, 506 times. every 60 seconds of the 180-minute film. here's a peek. an okay one. >> $22 million. >> the new question is this, was all this legal? >> absolutely not. >> so this movie is getting all sorts of buzz for this.profan l glorifying a bad guy. i don't want to give away the story, but for allegedly glorifying a bad man, and in the end it's what, free pub lisly? because we're talking about it, absolutely. all these f-bombs, nobody is
9:55 pm
paying attention to them because the other stuff is more crazy. debauchery. >> the new scorsese. >> a friend said if you take your wife to see it, she's going to leave you. >> that's scary. that sounds uncomfortable. >> it's like a soft-core porn. >> oh, no. >> so i don't know who i'm going to see it with. i'll watch it on hb orc. >> we were trying to case it out in iowa, and some of the junior lawyers and i went to see the movie "unfaithful" together with diane lane and richard gere. i was sitting in the middle, and two guys were flanking me, and some of the scenes -- >> you could not make eye contact. you did not touch your popcorn. you just pretended nobody else was in that room. >> it's like glenn close in fatal attraction. nervous. >> i don't know. surprising. >> it is a lot of cuss words. i'm a huge rap fan, which you
9:56 pm
can obviously tell by looking at me. and lil wayne using at least 23 a minute, but i fithink if you were listening to that and heard a cuss word every moninute for o hours. >> if you would like to see how wall street really works and you don't want f-bombs, look at this. >> who wrote that? >> it was a "new york times" best seller as well. so we'll talk more about that on the other side of the break. thanks. >> thank you. >> you got it.
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