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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 11, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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this is a fox urgent. day three of living and a nightmare in west vurj virj. word that federal investigators are deploying to the scene of the major chemical spill in charleston and throw hundred thousand people are going without clean water not to drink or bath or touch. a leak contained to clean coal hospitalized people. four in the hospital tonight and many more are falling ill. the basic truth it is hard to live without touching the water. people are sick with symptoms with nausea and vomiting. officials say it could be many more days before the water there
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is safe to use. our fox news journalist will join us from west virginia where you look at that scene where they deal with this. also on the fox report the death of former prime minister ariel sharon who was 85 years old. ariel sharon, fought in all of israel's wars and made tough controversial decisions he thought were in the best interest of israelis and was a major player in defining events. tonight, the world remembers the man known as the bulldozer. and also, first it was target, and now a high end retailer hit by cyber thieves. they knew about it weeks ago but they didn't tell the public about it until now. this one is so serious, the secret service is getting involved. and general motors warning
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customers. if your check engine light comes on and stays on, something dangerous could happen quickly. two popular vehicles being recalled. >> now are action from the americans and heads of states from a round the globe, a man who once led our strongest ally in the middle east ariel sharon head died. he was involved in every israel war in uniform or civilian leader. he was 85 and passed away after being in a coma eight years following a stroke in 2006. it happen in the height of his power much having made a major about-face, sharon ordered the removal of all of the settle ams in the gaza strip. it was a move to keep the cultures from fighting. years before insuron was nicknamed the bulldozer and a national war hero to many.
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and from the war of 2347dz that established the israel. 1973 sharon led the crossing of the suez canal and helping to end the yom kippur war. it helped to pave the way for peace with egypt. >> he was an outstandingly man and a exceptional commando who moved his people and loved them. and the people loved him. >> president obama said in a statement today on behalf of the american people. michelle and i send condolences to the family to former prime freedom sharon. president george bush who was in office the same time sharon said today. i was honored to know the man of courage and he was a warrior for
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the ages and a partner in seeking security for the holy land and a better peaceful middle east. conner powell is live in jersz lem. how is ariel sharon remembered tonight? >> reporter: harris ariel sharon has a complicated history. he was loved and hated by many. he was a war hero and others viewed him as a war criminal. no doubt his importance in israel. he was considered one of the last israel leaders and somebody willing to make tough decisions when tough decisions are required. but his actions helped to spark the second infatadda and he push pass security and entered the mosque. and he later as prime minister did an about-face and left and moderate right here and total disengagement from gaza.
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sharon concluded that israel needed to make its own choices and not have the world force the choices on them. no doubt in his importance. >> i was reading about the burial arrangements, what details are you learning. >> reporter: he is a former prime minister and he is eligible to be buried where the political leaders are buried. but he and his family chose to be buried down in his farm in southern israel. after his body and the casket lay in state in the knesset building, he will be moved down to the farm and there will be a funeral service on monday. we understand vice-president biden will lead the american delegation. his farm is only a short distance from gaza the area he led the disengagement.
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regularly fires rockets from gaza. and security harris, will be tight with all of the world leaders for the funeral down there. >> conner powell from jerusalem tonight. we'll turn to the miserable conditions in west virginia visualing. people could not use tap water to bath, drink or cook or wash their clothes because of a foaming agent used to clean coal seeped in the main river that supplies drinking water to all of those people. one- fifth of the population of west virginia is affected tonight. and doug, yesterday as you were arriving, we were on the air together and you were starting to smell that faint odorof licorice. >> reporter: we are in the 16 distribution sites for drenching water. this is set up in the high
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school and others in fire staugzs. this particular one you have to bring your own container. thoerms and milk jug. and others have access to bottled water. it is busy all day long. and first time of the day i have not seen anybody here. it is very orderly and very calm. that is a bit of a contrast to the way it was when the water alert was first acknowledged with a reverse 911 phone call. listen up. >> a lot of people rushed the big bag store asks convenience stores to get water and people who got it first. and then it caused some civil disturbances and we had to get law enforcement involved. >> reporter: last night 75 fema trucks carrying water a ratified. and local authorities took over
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for the distribution route. we have heard no major problems with the distribution. harris, you have to wonder how frustration will grow some it continue for the next few days. a woman who bought one of those pesticide pumper in a local walmart store and filled it up with drinking water and took a bath and i brushed my teeth with heiniken beer. >> and talk about the water quality. that was number one testing the quality of the water to see how much contamination is happening right now? >> reporter: this is a big problem here. this is a big water system. it extends in nine different counties, the distribution does, and so it is not a simple process. you can't just test the water in the plant. you have to check it in various points along the distribution length. it is time intensive and labor intensive and not just that, the
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biggest problem epa requires that the chemical be one part to a mill one parts water and it has to be checked that way throughout the distribution repeatedly. listen up to the president of the water company. >> even when the water produced by the plant meets acceptable levels extensive testing must be conducted in the distribution system before the do not use order is lifted. >> reporter: so harris, it could be a few more days, but that is speculation on my part. authorities will not say how much longer it will be. >> jeff mcentire, is he the person to make the apology today? >> reporter: no, the guy who made the apology was the president of the chemical company. he came out to reporters just outside of the gates where the accident happen and apologized to the people in the nine county area around here. his life may get difficult in the weeks to come. you mentioned that the u.s.
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chemical safety board that is an independent federal agency designed to investigate chemical leaks in the country and has been dispatched to charleston and we know that the u.s. attorney began his own investigation and if there is criminal cupability and there could be criminal charges filed down the road. and given the inconvenience to the economy and all of the businesses that are hut down. restaurants that are not able to open because they can't provide sanitary conditions and hotels that are not able to provide hot shower water, we are perhaps looking at lawsuits down the road. six different lawsuits were filed on friday on one day. >> throw hundred thousand people and the human element living without the basics. update us when you can, doug, thank you. >> you bet. first it was target sxet now a lux row department store chain
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hit. neiman marcus about a security breach. we are learning from the company that it discovered the cyber attack in dissem in the middle of the shopping season. they only went public with all of this last night. right now, it is unclear how many people were affected and the timing is worrisome for shoppers. millions of people were scooped up in the data grab in target stores. and target announced its own in- house investigation revealed a wider crime than initially reported. dom nick has more on this. >> reporter: hey, there, harris. neim an marcus discovered in middecember. and a top forepzic firm to investigate that and they found evidence of a criminal cyber activity intrusion is how the company is striebing it. considering that target came out
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and said it had problem with 40 million customers credit cards, it seems strange that neim an marcus waited until after the holiday season to tell the public. bigs the question of why they are telling us now. this is how security experts reacted to the news. take a listen. >> this is enormous. 70 million and that is with target and now neimman marcus has different shoppers and apparently theirs was breached as well. this seems to be a systemic problem. >> reporter: now neimman marcus has began to contain the entrugz and doesn't mean that they have contained it. people worry if it will affect the credit cards. target, it is names and e-mail addresses and phone numbers and not all of the details were got together for each individual
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that is affected. in a statement it fox news. these are two distinct groups referring to the 40 million. it may be an overlap between the two groups, we don't know to what extent it is at this time. customers are finding this incredduous and shocked. listen. >> 70 million. i don't know how they can go through that information. i am sure i was part. >> i did have to receive a new credit card for the account. >> i would imagine condition is susceptible to this now. that makes me uncomfortable. >> reporter: advice people are given. check your bafshg statements and notify target and change all of your pass words and make sure they are different than the retail and banking sites. >> what if you shopped in both
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stores? >> reporter: it is interesting how many it would be. and interesting when neim an marcus comes out. >> thank you, very much. right now, a big change coming for the affordable care act/obama care. the white house is splitting from the company that built the glitched plagued health health website. how much it is going to cost. it comes with a big price tag and the president is touting the loss savings. stay close. yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart.
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bugs. multiple back end issues still remain. and so when you sign up, you don't know if you hit send or whatever if you have paid for anything. all of this as the president touts economic positives for obama care. elizabeth has the latest from washington, elizabeth. >> reporter: hi, harris, the white house dumping cgi federal, the main contractor responsible for building after the contract expires last month. one of the world's largest firms will take over the task. the price tag 90 million for a one year deal this why the administration touts increasing enrollee numbers. and the president claimedap improving piece of economy. >> thanks to the reforms in the
4:19 pm
affordable careability health care costs east up less of our economy. and costs have grown in the lowest rate on record>> reporter: critics say it is fundmentally flawed. >> the law is not living up to the questions bite supporters and questionable if it will significantly expand health insurance coverage. 5 million americans have been kicked out of the health plans they liked and promised they could keep. >> reporter: the administration is required to notify americans if personal information was compromised on the new health insurance exchanges. back to you. thank you. the scandal with the busiest bridge in america with governor christie is not ending. a state law maker will request that governor christie and his staff hand over more documents
4:20 pm
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and shift through all eight speeds of a transmission connected to more standard horsepower than its german competitors. and that is the moment that driving the lexus gs will shift your perception. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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general motors is recalling
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more than throw hundred thousand trucks to repair a software problem that could cause the vehicle to orphheat and maybe catch on fire. the problem affects 2014 chevy silver ados and sierras. the repair should only take 20 minutes. this note for you though, in case you can't get to the dealership now. don't leave your chuck edling unattended. eight fires have been reported. >> cities are getting safer, new york, chicago, los angeles and philadelphia are seeing a lower number of murders in levels not seen since the 1960s. what is wroshging? >> reporter: quite simply police want departments are data driven and concentrate resources in areas of violence and going
4:25 pm
after specific targets and the numbers prove it is making a difference. new york city had 334 homicides in 2013. that is down 20 percent from 2012. los angeles saw a drop it two pop. and chicago 18 percent down to 415 that is the lowest since 1965. and in philadelphia, homicides fell 26 percent to 247. experts a police departments are better utilizing data and technology. >> hot spots are where crime is concentrated, and they are now moving in an interesting area. hot individuals. repeat offender ands people likely to commit violent crime in the future. the police have real- time data, by beat, and shift and time of day that allows them to focus their energies where the crime is.
4:26 pm
jiefshgs big cities are learning strategy. in houston squads go out and serve warrants and in philadelphia, police have a foot patrol presence. and in los angeles, la pd cut the murder rate through the gang fighting strategies. >>y we have learned that it is not just policing. you have to have wrap around strategies that keep kids from going in gangs and address the ones that are, in a none punitive matter and keeping the peace and reducing the violence. >> reporter: the name of the game is prevention. discouraging crime before it starts, harris? >> brian, thank you. 67 people died in the upscale shopping mall by terrorist in kenia. new details came out about whether any of the attackers are on the loose. on the white house on the defensive by a new book by
4:27 pm
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i am harris faulkner and this is the fox report. it is the bottom of the hour and this is what is happening. people around the world mourning the death of former prime
4:31 pm
minister ariel sharon. he passed away today and he was 85. he was in a coma eight years after suffering a stroke. vice-president boyd boyd will lead the u.s. delegation for the memorial service set for monday. and terry mccowla sworn in as virginia's governor. and former defense secretary robert gates set to give his first interview since the details of the memior that slams the obama's administration foreign policy. many new criticisms focus on vice-president bide boyd. he said action undermined u.s. strategy in afghanistan. molly, gates tells one story about the president's relationship with his military leaders, what did he say? >> reporter: harris, gates described the meeting with military leaders in late 2009
4:32 pm
just before president obama announced he would go ahead with the surge of 30,000 troops. then came an exchange that is searred in my memory. bide boyd said he was ready to move forward but the military should consider it as an order. obama was giving an order. i was shocked, i never heard a president frame a stition as a order. with the u.s. military it is unnecessary. as secretary of defense i never issued an order to get something done nor heard a commander to do so. obama's order and biden's urges demonstrated the unfamiliarity of both men when the american military culture. and gates called vice-president biden a valuable colleague he knocked biden's grasp of international relationed and said biden has been wrong on every foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.
4:33 pm
>> molly, what is the white house saying? >> reporter: the obama administration said of course there were debates about the policy in afghanistan. >> that process led to a stronger and better policy for our troops and for our national security because it was focused on what the original purpose of going to afghanistan was about. which was holding responsible those who attacked the united states and killed americans on september 11th, 2001, and assisting the new afghan government and afghan security forces. >> reporter: as for vice-president boyd boyd. he is a key advisor to the president and the president greatly values the counsel he provides harris? >> good to see you. thank you. world leaders will gather to remember former prime minister ariel sharon who died today. he died after eight years in
4:34 pm
a coma. sharon was asked in a interview in 2003 how he hoped to be remembered. he said one thing i would like to do, bring security and peace to the jewish people. rabby joseph pa ta smi k is the on the board of rabbies and he is here. glad to have you. >> thank you for dedicating a segment to ariel sharon. >> absolute le. it is my understanding that the loss is personal for many people in the jewish community, why? >> ariel sharon taught us as jews to be proud. we often remember. holocaust remember ares to be victims. but he said you have to be proud of victrows. we have hal caust memorial and israel independent day. and he was a great architect of the victories over the years. >> i don't know if you caught
4:35 pm
it. i quote some of what he said in a interview. part of that interview, too, rabby, he talked about so much work to do for the jewish people. what is there left to do? >> there is a peace process that hopefully will bring peace and security to the jewish people. for too long we have known war. sharon fought in the war. no soldier wants to fight in a war again. he hoped that there would come a day when the result of diplomacy after the wars we would have a peace partner that would sit and timely resolve the issues. >> you know in some of our coverage, because we have journalist in jerusalem. conner powell joins us this hour. we pointed on the the counterbalance inside of israel. not everybody loved ariel shorron. he was at times a dividing political figure. but there is a legacy most people agree he has. what is it? >> firstly that no one receives
4:36 pm
the opinion in the jewish world. but he stood up for jewish pride. he saw himself freedom prime of the state of israel and jewish people. he was a representative that said stand up and don't be defensive and ashamed of who you are. the world will not respect you for cameo flaging your idea. >> he had a deep concern if israel didn't survive or stand, life would not be free for jews all over the world. >> we in the diaspora can hold our highs because we have a state of israel and we speak freely of jews. i am a child of survivors, i wish there had been a state of israel in that horrific period so my family would have survived. israel gives us the back bone that is important. >> when you look at history and the decision he made to take the
4:37 pm
israel settlements out of gaza. he was working toward, before he went in the coma to doing the same thing in the west bank. do you see that happening in the road, separating two cultures, the palestinians and the israelis. >> one can hope. ine after the separation from gaza, we see the attacks on the state of israel. that change will only come about when palestinians recognize they have to live with a jewish state. it is not a one- way process. sharon was hopeful by separation there would be a beginning of the process. we have not seep the transform augz. >> he was honest in the country. it is not just palestinians, but the israelis had to recognize and he was a former hard liner. he understood that per spective! s he was able to change position. he said what was cannot be and therefore, people, they praised him for being
4:38 pm
a practicingmatist. he saw the difference in the policy and he seized the moment. he department care about being politically popular or reelected. but right thing for his country as a leader. >> at one point his decision cost lives as a prime minister he resigned and came back in his political life. >> that was an ugly store store. he sued time magazine for libel and won the case but couldn't prove there was malice there. they claimed he was responsible for the deaths of those in the camps. the commission in israel said it was indirect responsibility and he had to therefore resign. i think people recognize he was not the one at fault for killing those in the camps. it was the falage gist that did it and he was blamed. >> he took that blame and turned it into a responsibility and he
4:39 pm
knew there was a course down the road. how do you think he would look on the peace process. secretary of state john kerry has been to the region 10 or 11 times to get a deal. what would sharon say about the process. >> it is hard to be prophetic. he said peace is going to come when parties recognize that they must live in two separate states, respecting the right of the others to live in peace. we in israel, we jewish people long, long have been waiting for that day. we just hope the palestinians will recognize that the time has come to sign the accord. >> rabbi, thank you for coming in and sharing your history and perspective and well wishes to the jewish community tonight. >> thank you, harris. >> we'll move on and talk about what is happening in russia, ahead of the winter olympics and changes they are trying to make because of terrorist situations there.
4:40 pm
againades and ammunition found with suspects. and now as russia tries to catch the bad guys ahead of the olympics and vowing to get it all out of the way and they have a warning for americans going to the russia games in sochi. >> and caught on cam remarks a man armed with a knife breaks in the house and homeowner of the sleeping from the camera that was capturing him doing his dirty work. vin...still eatingk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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a teror puft in russia less than a month before the start of the winter olympics in sochi. authorities took five people in custody saying they had grenade and explosive device on them. the united states issued a travel warning to americans planning to takened the winter games set to begin february 7th.
4:44 pm
and the fbi is sending a time for security. and the attack came 400 miles away from sochi. first a bombing in the train station and then a bus explosion. 30 people were killed and no one claiming responsibility officially yet. but russia is working to uproot potential terrorist threats to the olympics. new information on a deadly attack in a mall. the gun men likely died in the attack. it lasted for several days. 67 people were killed and torteured in the mall. mititants claimed responsibilities for that. a report had initially raised the possibility that the gunman escaped and there is no evidence
4:45 pm
that any of them got out. >> a man trained to protect americans accused of making bombs. the national guard and intelligence analyst could face years in prison after a traffic stop turned out to be anything but routine. it is our top story as we go across america. ohio, is there anything in the car. >> no comment from the suspect as he headed to court on weapon's charges. he was pulled over for speeding on new years day. he had 48 bombs and detonator in the vehicle and held on $1 million bond. >> also in ohio, about 80 firefighters can only watch as a multimillion dollar mansion burned to the ground. confusion about the location delayed their arrival. it was too unsafe to enter.
4:46 pm
>> and florida, a persistent burglar caught on surveillance video. he tries to steal a pressure cleaner and it is tied down. he walks away and throwing his hands up in defeat and cuts the cloner free and helps himself to a bic sickle. and the homeowner said the video is unnerving. >> no one wants to be in that position. the burglar is still on the loose. >> new jersey, ♪ happy birthday. >> a woman believed to be the oldest working teacher in america, celebrating her 100th birthday. sun dance school honoring granny with a musical performance. she is a full- time home economic's teacher. >> i don't know how i got this old. i don't feel it. >> that's the fox watch across america. >> they are called man's best friend. should dogs be able to go
4:47 pm
anywhere? it is it a law for service dogs and new concerns that more and more people are taking advantage of the system and causing trouble for those who need help. claudia cowan has more. >> it is people who love animals and a growing trend has thousands of dog owners accusing americans with disability act. >> he's with me every day, morning and noon and night. >> she takes prince to many places. and with a she could get the dogs with the full protection. they need a service animal vest and claim a disability. anything from anxiety to depression counts and no proof needed. merchants can only ask is that a service animal and what law does it perform. it is vahhing. and most merchants look the other way to avoid a lawsuit.
4:48 pm
but trained service dogs know not to bite or eat. those who do the training are calling for government oversight to look out for cheaters. >> you have to be qualified to be on the highway. i think there is analogy. >> wallace replies on kas pien. >> people tried to feed me out on the patio in the rain because they are concerned that my dog is not going to behave as an assistant dog should dow to the previous experiences with the fake assistance dogs. >> a number of dog trainers and activist are trying to work with the justice department that enforces a d a laws and national restaurant association to fight the dog fraud that is impacting tens of thousands of disabled americans who rely on legitimate
4:49 pm
service animals. >> that was claudia cowan reporting from san francisco. a former teenage heart throb is in trouble with the law and it is not the first time. and walmart may be able to do something that obama care has not or can't. deliver cheaper and better health care benefits. how is that possible? . [ male announcer ] aples has everything you nee to launch your big idea. adding thousands of products online every day. from hard hatsnd goggles. toools and cleaning procts... to state of thart computers, to coffee to keep you fueled. from the sign over the door to the boxes to get it t the door. yes, staples has everything you need to unch your big idea. except your big idea. so when you get an idea, wre ready with everything else. staples. make more happen.
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'cent it is david cassuddy is chashlged with drunk driving for the third time since 2010. he was wovent poster guys with shirley jones who played his mom. he was a recording artist. last night he was pulled over. and he was making a legal turn
4:53 pm
on a red light and looked in the car he smelled alcohol in the resident at car. the test shed he had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. >> in case you missed it. the washington examiner is pitting obama care against employee health insurance offered by retail giant walmart. walmart's insurance is cheaper and offers better benefits than the obama care counterpart. shannon bream looks at it from washington. >> reporter: the fact is that walmart subsiddizes health coverage for employees and their families. >> reporter: it is a fortedable than obama care. that conclusion comes for calls and unionization in walmart and amid the accusation that they give inconsiderably benefits and
4:54 pm
health care plans that are too expensive. and the examiner was comparing the options and this is what they found. 30-year-old woman could pay 205 for nonsubsidized obama care. the same woman would play 40 for a similar walmart plan. and a spokesperson for health and human services. the market gives americans a chance to epiroll in quality affordable coverage. in the new marketplace they can compare to find one that meets their needs. critics of obama care said health care plan ands access to obama care are two different things. the walmart plans doctors and hospital networks far superior to those offered in the obama care exchanges. >> those exchange plans don't give you access to the center of excellence like mayo clinic and cleveland clinic and medical
4:55 pm
centers where if you are seriously ill that may be the only place to help you. >> reporter: an independent insurance agent in the president's hometown said the difference in chicago is essential. 1948 doctors in obama care compared to 25,000 through walmart plans. the data could be more relevant given the fact by the administration's own estimate. 80 million on employer sponsored plans could lose that coverage when the man date kicks in. in washington shannon bream, fox news. >> reporter: a final word in from the saints versus the seattle sehawks game. that's next. stay with us. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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on big fox. new orleans saints eliminated by seattle. they will not be headed to the super bowl. sea hawks are a step closer.
4:59 pm
23- 15. and the weather was a mess and not a lot of offense in this one. next seattle will play for the championship for when they take on the winter of the game tomorrow. later tonight in the a fc action. new england patriots. our producer is from boston and doing a dance i don't know if her mother would claim. the pats have the advantage over the indianapolis colts. >> and on this day in neap 64, the tobacco industry changed forever. 50 years ago. the surgeon general released the ground breaking report on the dangers of smoke and urged the government to do something about it. since then cigarette commercials are based and taxes are raised and restrictions on where people can smoke. that's the fox report. got to stop writing 2013 on
5:00 pm
everything i sign. 11 days in. get over it harris falker. thanks for watching. in ten seconds, huckabee. have a great night. tonight on huckabee. republicans attacking members of their own party. >> don't focus on the people in office. focus on those you would like to replace. and then the war in iraq is over. and al-qaeda flags are fly nothing fallujah and soldiers that lost brothers in iraq and tell us how they felt to see the iraqi cities back in the hands of the extremist. >> plus if good guys have guns, the bad guys will stay away. detroit police chief james craig tonight.


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