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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  March 15, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> wtr? >> i think that's going to be good. >> water the new oil? >> yeah, it's working with waste water, too. i like it, buy it. >> that's it for "forbes on fox." thanks for watching. the number one business clock continues with "cashin' in." stay tuned. parts of the world on fire and obamacare is flat lining here at home. where is president obama? >> do you send ambassador rodman on your behalf? >> mr. president, the stuff is hitting the fan. should you be yub yuking it up with comedians or working? plus are young celebrities like this bad role model for kids? you're acting like a spoiled brat, your buddy lindsey is a loon and miley is a mess.
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maybe our kids should stop looking up the people like this and start looking for a job instead. then the malaysian airline story captivating the world over and "cashin' in" may have a way to make sure this never happens again. the number one weekend cable show starts right now. hi, welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week, wayne rogers, michelle fields and juan williams. welcome, everybody. is the left out of touch or out of their minds? >> it's time to end their obsession with destroying the affordable care act. >> nancy, maybe the gop is obsessed because millions of americans are losing their health care coverage and millions more are paying higher premiums because of obamacare and the president is obsessed with the law, too. he thinks it's okay to joke around about it. >> it's fair to say i wouldn't be with you here today if i didn't have something to plug. have you heard of the affordable care act? >> i heard about that. that's the thing that doesn't
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work? >> i get it. the goal of the funny or die video is to get young people to sign up for obamacare. but michelle, young people aren't dumb enough to sign up for something so expensive because president obama thinks it's funny? >> this is desperation. people don't want to sign up for obamacare because it's a bad deal for them. what the president should be focused on right now is dealing with the high unemployment that young people are suffering from. he needs to creates jobs. instead he's acting like a salesman when she should be acting like a statesman. he's trying to sell us one big fat lemon. he should be trying to lead this country instead of being an insurance sailesman. >> they're trying to get young people on board because they need the young people to make the thing fiscally work out. >> but he's not a pitchman. the president is not joe is zu zu.
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he's supposed to be a leader. it's disturbing that he doesn't get that. people have lost their insurance, lost their jobs, lost hours at work, and obama thinks ats hilarious. he's accelerating the march towards tyranny. what he's promoting is statism. that's all this is about, statism over the health care and the country at large. >> juan, do you think it's working? do you think all these ads that they're rolling, they're literally trying to cater to young people with these hipster videos. is it working? >> there's no doubt about it. that video got a tremendous response all link tuesday directly to the health care website. they got a huge push out of it and it's amusing to me to hear you guys trying to discourage young people from participating in the system. you have 48 million without insurance in this country. you have an opportunity to breakthrough, do something good for our society, and you guys are nay sayers.
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there's no question it's working. >> wait a minute. you said there's no question it's working. what metric are you using? >> the number of people who watched the video and then went to the website. >> how many people actually watched it and signed up for obamacare? >> maybe juan's right. maybe a lot of people did see a side of president obama that they didn't know. wayne, is that what we need though? do we need a commander in chief with parts of the world on fire tackling the big issues or yuking it up with a comedian? >> i don't know. you have a choice, you can watch him on the golf course. he's pretty go there, too. i think that this -- the problem here is the fact that, yes, you had a number of people who watched the video. how many of them signed up? and then the real key question is of the ones who signed up, how many of those are going to pay the premium? they don't have any idea. they don't know. >> wayne, you made a perfect transition. listen to this and weigh in on
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kathleen sebelius's claim right afterwards. >> how many of those that have signed up, that have enrolled in obamacare have paid their premium? >> i can't tell you that, sir, because i don't know that. >> so wayne, pretty scary when the secretary of health and human services doesn't even know. >> eric, she's only charged with the responsibility to know those facts. you've got idiots running this thing. that's one of the problems. she doesn't actually know how many people have paid in, but they talk about it in great detail about all of these people have signed up. it's idiotic. >> i have to think that if i'm apple or i'm google, i know exactly how many people are signing up for stuff. amazon can tell you their inventory at a moment's notice, yet something so important and they have no idea. >> we're confusing political and economic force. apple appeals through trade. the government is force, eric.
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the point isn't that the president is liked. he's not a talk show host. he's supposed to be respected and feared. i don't care how many people signed up. he demeans the office and all of us he's supposed to represent. >> show me the number of young people who are enrolling. that's the total. they were looking for 7 million. so far they have 4.2. looks like they'll never meet their projection. give me the young people. 18 to 35-year-olds, only 25% of these people have enrolled. juan, this is far short of what president obama was looking for and the hhs. they were looking for 40%. that tells us that fewer young people -- their numbers, not ours. their numbers -- >> they were looking to sign up -- >> it's going to cost ah holot e to hold up the system. >> you need young people because you need healthy folks to pay into the system. if they can get somewhere near 30%, the insurance companies will be happy. to the first point, the insurance company has the data. they're the ones that are
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getting paid. that's the structure that was set up as on accomodation to republicans so this health care system would not take that business away from insurance companies. they're the ones that have the numbers. they're the ones that know if someone promised to pay has paid. just wait a second, you guys are so quick to put it down. one final point, you know what, i remember, was it richard nixon on "laugh in." george w. bush on "deal or no deal". >> wait a minute -- >> you guys were making the point that this was wrong for the president -- >> it is wrong -- >> that she's somehow demeaning the oval office. >> it's wrong to advocate for statism. >> you said doing a humor show demeans the office. i'm telling you you're demeaning this show. >> that's what he's doing, shows no respect for the office or the people he's supposed to represent. >> what did george bush do on "deal or no deal"?
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>> that's not fair. that's not a fair assessment. >> you guys are fair. >> george bush didn't appear until after he was done. michelle, if only 25% of the people enrolling are young people, not the 40% that they project, all these numbers are going to sky rocket on costs for obamacare. >> yeah, and if young people don't sign up, that leads to the death spiral. there has to be young people in order to subsidize the older and sicker people. to juan's point, every day it seems like we wake up and obamacare has been changed. there have been at least 25 changes toor delays to this law. if this is so great and amazing, why is the president single handedly destroying central parts of the law. we found out that he killed the individual mandate? >> it's about control from the start. >> i got to get wayne in here before we go.
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>> i think what everybody is saying here, when you compile all of this, the law doesn't work. they've got to start over. they've got to abandon it. they've got to cancel the law and start all over. this is not working. we know it's not statistically it's not working. the people in charge of it don't understand it. it isn't working. cancel it, start over. >> and the people don't like it. the majority of the people either want it fixed. we'll have to leave it right there. continue the conversation on twitter. twending on twitter 7 weeks in a row. obamacare is not a messaging program. some pigs are too ugly for lipstick. also hard line says, the middle class is suffering, caught between barack obama and a hard place. even gop presidential front runners are watching eric
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check this out. justin bieber being bratty during a video taped deposition. lindsay lohan in a video about her life and miley cyrus trerking on her tour, maybe it's a coincidence that so many of our youth aren't working and are at the lowest level in four
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decades. at the lowest since jimmy carter no less. >> people try to put us down! this has always existed. this is nothing new. miley and just din and lindsey reflect the culture. i don't think they're the cause of it. what are kids today told by their parents, schools, politicians that america is not exceptional, that their lives don't mean anything, that they should make their lives and sacrifice and if they accomplish anything they didn't build that. i see them as victims of our culture, not causes of it. >> i think i've read some of the stuff you've written. you disagree on this? >> i strongly disagree, especially in the minority community. you look at some of these folks, beyonce is in the target right now with this sex in the back of a limo video that she's done. you look at people like snoop dog, 50 cents, these folks
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glorify bad behavior and say they reflect the reality of the streets. they're saying it's okay to go to jail, commit a crime, do drugs, this is a dysfunctional broken message to young people. i think that it's true that the recession has made it harder for young people to get jobs, but there's no excuse for telling them that failure is acceptable. >> wayne, where do you stand on this one? >> i'm kind of with juan on this one. i believe the same thing. the real problem here, eric, is the fact that the media glorifies it. you think of the number of magazines devoted to exploiting the private lives of celebrities as opposed to talking about the positive lives of people who are educators or people who are scientists. so it's partially our fault, the media's fault, because we don't support this. we exploit it. it's bad. >> michelle, are you influenced by stars like justin bieber or
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lindsay lohan or miley cyrus and can we pin a low participation rate on those celebrities? >> no. i mean, i'm not affected but i think a lot of teens are effected. these are their role models. they're seeing people like justin bieber who is a punk. he's doing reckless things, takes absolutely no responsibility for that. it's a shame. i agree with juan on this one, that we're glorifying these people when we should be glorifying our men and women in uniform standing up for our country, fighting for freedom and instead glorifying these idiots. >> first, let's clarify, michelle. it's liberal tear yan juan. >> you could have said the same thing about james dean, rebel without a cause, drew barrymore in the '80s when she was involved with this stuff. kids tend to grow out of this.
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today's culture they're encouraged to stay kids, continuing to depend on the government for every element. they don't have to take responsibilities for themselves. that's what is wrong with culture today. this rebellion has always existed. >> now people are becoming celebrities and famous for doing nothing at all, so many celebrities that are famous for sex tapes, that's it. >> go ahead, wayne. >> the reason they are celebrities is because the media makes them celebrities. they're not celebrities just because they do that. they're doing that all the time. >> they're telling them you can be famous for nothing. >> but if it's not covered by the media and you don't have news magazines and articles exploiting it, it wouldn't matter. coming up, how to prevent another malaysian airline flight 370 from ever happening again. i bought a car, over and tells you, and you're like. a good deal or not. looking at there's no buyer's remorse.
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how to prevent another plane from ever missing again, plus the battle between
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hello, everybody. it's a mystery that continues to raise troubling questions. what happened to the malaysia airlines flight with 239 people onboard which disappeared one week ago? ma laplaysian authorities are sg this was no accident, the plane's communications systems were deliberately disabled. the search now focusing on two possible paths the jetliner may have flown that night. aboard the u.s.s. blue ridge in the south china sea, we'll speak with commander william marks who will be filling us in on the sea search. and that's not all. . the investigation sharply focused on the passengers and crew, we'll be talking to two
8:52 am
men who can provide us with interesting insight. the former assistant director e of the fbi who's headed the investigation into the air tragedy of twa flight 800. former tsa director. and the federal government handing over control over the internet. critics say it's another leadership failure by president obama. we'll talk to conservative pat buchanan. could be the best way to prevent losing track of another airplane we equipping them with realtime black boxes so planes keep feeding key data in realtime instead of storing it in the cockpit. the technology already exists but it's not cheap. you like this idea. >> isn't it nuts that the black box which has the most information in the case of an airline crash, we can't get it, because guess what's, it's feet under the ocean, hidden in a jungle. that makes no sense whatsoever in the modern age. we have a situation, if you're a passenger on an airliner, you
8:53 am
can get wi-fi. why can't they feed back the information? we endured this mystery of what was going on with the malaysian flight. we could have solved it a lot earlier if we had that information. >> it costs about $2 billion to make sure all these flights, every single flight in the world, is tracked via satellite. 3 billion travelers per year, commercial travelers. comes out to 60 cents per occupied seat. your thought. is it worth it. >> eric, you have to weigh that against what we've spent so far trying to find this plane all over -- you've got six or seven nations involved in the search for the plane and all that. that's an enormous amount of money. weigh that against the cost of just doing it. by the way, that will come down over a period of time, the electronic way to do this. if it's done by satellite, it's not so expensive. >> so the nsa can track literally billions upon billions of data points for americans who are innocent. yet they have a hard time
8:54 am
tracking, you know, a plane that leaves a terrorist country. your thoughts? >> well, eric, air travel is the safest form of travel there is. it's safer than liking, it's safer than automobiles, it's safer than trains. i don't think we should require airlines to put this type of technology on it. government's role is not to tinker with regulation. they should be deregulating aviation and focus on addressing our enemies. government, keeping us safe, protecting individual rights, destroying our enemies, not dictating how speak should use the skies. that's for the private market. >> i'm saying 60 cents per occupied seat. i'm simplifying it. it comes down to that. as wayne points out, as time goes, those costs will drop as well. it may be worth it to give the globe, everyone peace of mind, right? >> the amount of bandwidth that would take in order to transmit that data is just incredible. it's not just the data and bandwidth and cost. there's a concern about that data being intercepted by
8:55 am
perhaps a terrorist. and like jonathan said, this is the safest mode of transportation. and the government shouldn't be trying to mandate this. the government doesn't know how to protect your private property better than you and better than a pacompany. >> and your information. privacy concerns with this as well. thank you very much, chairman. thanks, michelle fields and ron williams for joining us this week. coming up, we school stuart and the "daily show" host isn't happy about it. bu but we do agree on one thing. find out what. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah.
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time for what do i need to know for next week? wayne, you're up first. >> well, i've been feeling a lot of technology stocks, as i said, even in an iffy market, this is a good one. cable technology that this company operates in, arris is the name of the company. very good. >> john, a lot of hash tag, #wheretheheckisjonathan last week. what's your pick this week?
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>> the ukraine situation pushed up commodity prices like gold, like wheat and like nickel. i own nini. this is an exchange-traded fund that tracks the price of nickel. i own it at i think it goes highers fr erer here. >> i love those commodity picks, those that have been hot. wayne, you've been hot as well. that's it for the cost of freedom block. thanks for joining us. before we go, last week we schooled jon stewart for bashing fox for exposing waste, fraud and abuse in entitlement programs. stewart shot back thursday night. here's the thing. the funny man agrees america has a problem. john, we have a kumbaya moment here. we should be fighting all waste and abuse in addition to food stamp fraud, right? let's take it a step further like the nearly $20 billion in medicaid, waste and fraud. $60 billion in medicare. $7 billion in social security. bottom line, waste, fraud and abuse is rampant in a bloated government set on handing out other people's money. that's my food for thought. by the way, johnny boy, we'll
9:00 am
give you an e. for effort. see you on the 5. have a great weekend, everybody. hello, everybody. this fox unews alert. it's one a week since the world learned malaysian airline 777, with people onboard. its last signal was 7 1/2 hours after takeoff. the focus is shifting to the flight crew and passengers with investigators now indicating this airliner may have been hijacked. we have the very latest on the search for answers into a deepening mystery. also at this hour, a developing story as we learn that the u.s. is giving up its controls over internet administration. givi


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