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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  March 22, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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play the water hype. eventually adam will be right. >> i lost a bundle on water. i put it all into chocolate. i don't know what i was thinking. this is the place to go to do business, for making money. this continues now on fox. a fox news alert, brand new satellite pictures of an object in the ocean where officials hope to find the malaysian airlines plane that's been missing for more than two weeks. this is a picture just released by malaysian defense minister showing what a chinese satellite has spotted in the southern indian ocean. hello, everybody, i'm jamie colby. >> we'll assume our regularly scheduled programming, forb"for on fox" but first we want to bring you the latest in the malaysian flight. this latest piece of debris was
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spotted 75 miles from where the last piece of debris was spotted. now they're trying to find the object. could it be a piece of the plane or, sadly, more debris in the ocean. david piper streaming life from bangkok with the latest developments. david? >> reporter: hi, eric. the possible break-through with china announcing it has spotted a large object in the southern indian ocean. it's about 70 foot by 40 foot. the photos were taken though on tuesday but released today. the malaysian authorities are leading the investigation and say china is sending ships to that area now. the object sighted is around 75 miles from where two large objects were sighted by a satellite last sunday. that's nearly 2,000 miles southwest of perth, australia. meanwhile, they have widened the area in the ocean. none of the search planes
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reported seeing the objects. the u.s. navy's poe siden couldn't fly today because it needed maintaienance. the u.s. did send out a p-3 orion. five chinese warships an an ice breaker is also joining the search very soon. the weather was reported to be relatively good today over the search zone, but this is one of the wildest and remotest areas in the world and the forecast doesn't look good for the week and a cyclone looks like it could be moving toward the area. they're still searching the northern arc as well in case the plane went north instead of south. >> david, it's just after 11:00 p.m. on saturday night in that area. with bad weather coming in especially all this week, how long can they continue this
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search and what happens if they can't continue perhaps later on this week? >> reporter: well, it's going to be very difficult for the planes if the weather deteriorates. the australia navy ship could probably take the harder weather, also the chinese ships but it's very difficult if you don't get those eyes in the sky to look really to find where the object is now because it's such a large area, eric. >> sadly, they were not able to complete identify or find the other objects. the search continues. david piper live in bangkok. thank you, dave. jamie? >> for all those families waiting for news about those loved ones, that weather could definitely slow down the process and the search for the missing jetliner. they're seeing wave swells and cloud cover and when all would hamper the search for the object that's now been spotted by satellite in the southern indian ocean. we're keeping on eye on the conditions. rick, a lot of people can't figure out, once they see the
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image, why does it take so long for them to get to it and tell exactly what it is? >> a few things, one of which is that you've got a flight that's about 1700 miles from perth, australia to get to that spot. they also don't get the image immediately. these satellite images are taken, it takes them some time to analyze it and to see it. by the way, satellites aren't always recording all spots. satellites are orbiting around the earth so you have to wait for it to pass around the earth and you have to get enough of these satellites focused on that spot which is what we couldn't have at first. i wanted to mention the cyclone in that area. we kind of associate that with a hurricane. it's not what it is. it's a storm which is what we call it in this part of the world. the last two search days have been fine, but on these last couple of images you can see
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this is the next storm approaching and right there is getting close to where this new debris potential spot that they saw is located there, very close, around 75 miles from each other. in my mind, that would be encouraging. i want to look at the future forecast here. the white indicates clouds. the green indicates precipitation. this is model driven so this is what we think it's going to look like and go forward into the night hours tonight and we see the next storm pull in. that's when they would be flying tonight -- or flying in their next cycle. they are 12 hours away from us in perth. we're 12 hours away and they would be flying when this next storm is coming, i'm sure. got to tell you we get a slight little break behind it and another storm moves in and then a little bit of a break and the next storm begins to move in. the area, jamie, obviously is very stormy kind of all the time but now we do have the next cycle that they're going to be able to fly in i think is going to be a lot with a lot of clouds, rain and wind which makes the waves come up and a little more difficult to see as
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well. >> we know from many of those involved in the search they're the best in the business, they're used to these sorts of conditions. the satellite images that you are seeing going forward, what kind of conditions will they present and will the debris field shift as a result? >> the debris field is always shifting some. it's very interesting because the condition ocean current in the indian ocean basin moves in this counter clockwise direction and that would make you think that that debris would flow toward australia, not away from it. this new debris was found to the southwest of it. so opposite the direction that the general shift of that ocean current goes. but what happens because of all the strong winds there and a large amount of storms, it creates all these eddies on the surface. the surface circulation of the water isn't in this general motion and so stuff can get caught in one of those and move away from where you might think that's going to go. i wanted -- if we look at these two satellite images that we've
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seen, the first one that came out that is now six days old, that image, it was very difficult to make out what those two things are, especially that image on the right of your screen, you can see a lot of white stuff. that's possibly clouds, it could be wave tops if the sea is more stormy. the new image that you are seeing on the left-hand side of your screen, less interruption from clouds. they think the satellite image probably had clearer skies and also in my opinion it looks like it's a higher resolution satellite image so possibly a different satellite. in fact i think it was a different satellite that is trained that has a higher resolution picture. the fact that those two pieces of whatever it is out there are two things that are in approximately the same location certainly would be encouraging, i would assume, especially as we hadn't seen anything other than that image that had been six days old. you get another image there and that reinvigorates the efforts. >> fascinating description of how the satellites work and every lead should be checked out
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for sure. thank you, rick, so much. eric? >> as we've been saying it's a race against time to find the missing jet's black box. flight data recorders have about 30 days of battery life. they transmit the signal once they are submerged under water. so far now we're 14 days gone. 14 days have passed since that plane could have hit the water. that means there's a little over two weeks remaining before the black box which you see there, they're actually orange before it totally goes silent. when it dies, recovery efforts as you know in the investigation of how this plane may have gone done could be more difficult. it could two years to find the black box of the air atlantic flight that crashed in 2009. flight 370, in some spots is more than two miles deep, so investigators certainly have
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some amazing obstacles ahead of them. >> they say one of the most difficult areas to search. malaysia is asking for more help in this search to help them cover hundreds of thousands of miles of water. the u.s. has already diverted two navy destroyers. remember, there were americans on that flight but that dollar amount is more than half of the dollars allotted for that mission. hundreds of peace keepers are heading to the ukraine. you might remember that earlier this month armed pro-russian troops actually barred those same peace keepers from entering crimea. >> the monitoring mission is not expected to go into that area. as we follow other news around the globe, north korea reportedly launching 30
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short-range rockets into the sea after off the east coast, according to the news sources. the protest about the south korean military drive there. short range launches are usually considered routine but they say the uptick appears to coincide with war drills. they were scheduled to start their landingsi on thursday. fox investigators piecing the moments before a deadly news helicopter crashed happened in seattle. they have a preliminary report and the ntsb says surveillance video shows the chopper began rotating during takeoff, before pitching forward and slamming to the sound on tuesday killing both aboard. trageic tragic. that's going to do it for us. >> stay with us.
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what if i told you we could wipe out putin's energy grip on
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our allies in europe or diminish it and put more americans to work at the same time? tap and export more of america's oil and particularly natural gas maybe export it over there and that's what could happen. more folks, including some democrats calling for it, but green protestors like these telling the white house not to do it for the climate's sake. who should the president listen to? sabrina, particularly in light of what the ukrainians are going through, this could really help them? >> right. energy is a powerful political tool. we've seen putin in the past try to limit natural gas to the ukraine people. he's threatened to do it in mall dove va as well. this gives us a strength in terms of foreign policy. why i support this in terms of a free market perspective, it's not a silver bullet. there are things standing in the way from the jones act, to the
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keystones. there are other things we can be doing as well. >> rick, it's not going to happen overnight. we're not going to cure everything by immediately lifting export bans, et cetera. but the energy department now has 25 applications pending for liquefied natural gas export terminals. shouldn't they be green lit? >> yes, david. i'm really glad that you raised the point about the terminals. something that's confusing people and we need to straighten out, where the government can do something, and i agree with you that they should, is fast track these terminals to move these out to other countries. what the government can't do though, we have to always remember -- we all think the government stops the oil companies from drilling. right now over 50% of the leases that are granted are not being developed over 75% off shore not being developed. they make the call, not the government. terminals, i'm with you. >> as to the permit, you often hear that from people opposed to more drilling.
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they say, well, they already have the leases. a lease is one thing, a drilling permit is another. yes, the leases are out there, but the energy department and the obamacare administration in general is holding back on drilling permits. >> that's true. oil and gas in this country largely remains in the protective custody -- i'm being facetious -- it obamacare administration. when you drive down the cost of energy worldwide you get rid of these dictators like putin. you have arab springs breaking out. whoever controls energy controls power of a government. what is happening now is i think you mentioned at the break, david, 25 export terminals are in the pipeline for lng, but they're being held up. if we fast track them, wow, you could see a total ripple effect around the world of who's in power. >> particularly, bill, when you look at a map of ukraine and you see it just criss-cross with all these gas pipe lines, europe is
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far more advanced in terms of these gas pipe lines than we are in the united states. this could really change the deal tremendously. >> i'm all in favor of helping the european friends and hurting putin, but i think there's a big problem. you think that any kind of export terminal is going to be developed in the next couple of years, even during putin's lifetime, we're talking about a nimby problem. not in my back yard. if the neighbors don't want one of these big ugly terminals, it doesn't happen. >> i have to admit, bill has a point here. the fact is that these terminals may be a little risky. natural gas does have a tendency to explode. >> a little problem. >> there is that. >> none of us want that to happen unless it explodes by the time it gets to moscow. maybe back it up the other way on the pipes. >> careful. >> look, the key player in all
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of this is angela merkel in germany. she's by far and away the strongest leader in europe and they depend on russian gas right now and that means as germany goes so goes the whole continent and we've got to help lessen the dependance on russian gas. >> john, you look at unemployment in the united states, the state that has more jobs than it knows what to do with is dakotas, because they have all the natural gas there. >> i hate to do this but i'm going to have to be the rick unger of this segment. >> rick unger is the rick unger of this segment. >> the idea that there's such a thing as an oil or gas weapon is a myth. the notion that russia can keep its oil and gas from reaching other countries in europe defies basic economics. the only closed economy is the world economy. if russia 'em bar goes every single european state they'll
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still consume russian oil and gas but they'll buy it from the russians who don't 'em bar go. this will not push putin out of power. >> with respect, i listened to the europeans, the length wayne yans. we got to leave it at that. we talked about how russia is trampling its neighbors so why is it planning to give it and china more control over the internet? is free speech online on the line? announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions,
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should the white house hand over control to the global community? critics saying that's going to empower little regard for freedom. >> it's about the management of phone book addresses, meaning people get to set up their own accounts. there's already bad sensorship going on with north korea, iran. and yesterday turkey stopping twitter. this means worse sensorship. this is a bad move. >> the december dents in these countries won't be able to get the message out. >> they already can't. that's why i'm not quite sure this is so important. we control it now and they're still blocking twitters and messing with dissidents.
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we don't own the internet. it should have been overseen by a world organization, not a government affiliated one. >> we invented it. >> no. al gore did. >> the defense department did. >> these organizations that rick she's should be in charge of this haven't been a good job. you look at what the u.n. has been doing around the world. >> the internet is under american control. it's become more important in the future. i would rather have america continue to control it than have some untested organization we don't even know about yet. >> rich carlguard, you're in silicon valley. you know about these things. the "wall street journal" had a piece this week, the lead headline is america's internet surrendered. did you agree? >> it's probably a short sign for google and the rest which i would argue are overvalued anyway. the obamacare administration is not making itself clear here.
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i think this is an overblown issue. britain gave away hong kong. the world didn't collapse. i want to hear the obamacare's administration's explanation and we're not getting it. >> i think it's another idiotic move by the obamacare administration. >> what do you really think? >> the technology that allows people to hook up to the internet from their devices. >> bill? >> i'm not worried that the wrong governments are going to control the internet but i don't think any government has controlled the internet. >> they've stopped people -- >> some new google software stops people from getting on. >> rick, anything that could silence the voice of those brave people putting their lives on the line, anything, i'm not convinced that it absolutely will but shouldn't be investigate more carefully before we give it away? >> i don't disagree with you, david, but they can already do
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it. i don't know why that's being lost in this. >> let's be happy with that. >> that's got to be the last word sglfrnl word. it seems like many in the media are reporting more speculation than facts when it comes to the malaysian airline story. "cashin' in" reports you decide. first, are markets holding steady in the faces of very serious worries. get the no-fear stocks leading the way. [ chilen yelling ] [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edwa jones. this is shirley eaking. how may i help you? oh hey, neill, how areou? how was the trip? [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... [ shirle] he's right here. hold on one sec. [ malennouncer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪
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♪ ♪ abe! get in! punch it! [ male announcer ] let quicken loans help you save your money with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze. thanks, "g." have no fear, our informers have the no-fear stocks heading up. >> wall street analysts are telling me they like this etf that's international companies doing buy backs. >> impressive performance but an awful lot of that is nothing but leverage in a rising market. >> you only have to look at my tie to get an idea of what you are in favor of. gold core? >> this is a company that produces money and it's more
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solid than janet yellen of the fed produces. >> they're having trouble producing money. i kind of like it though. >> kind of. that's not a full endorsement. that's it for "forbes on fox." keep it right here, the number one business show continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." america the super power becoming america the pushover? >> we do not need to trigger an actual war with russia. >> none of what we're saying is meant as a threat. it's not meant in a personal way. >> fell lows, it is personal because while putin is redrawing the world map, president obama is drawing basketball brackets and laughing with comedians. mr. president, time to quit playing around around start powering up america. plus, time is running out on obamacare. looks like 7 million enrollees goal is going up in smoke. that might explain why they're spending


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