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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 28, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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it is friday march 28th. president obama hours away from meeting with the king of saudi arabia. >> are you in danger behind the wheel? the surprising safety report about some of the most popular vehicles on the road. >> one of the most well-known stories in the bible under fire for refusing to use the word god. we will find out what the stars of noah the movie think. "fox & friends first" starts
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right now. ♪ >> good morning. happy friday. you made it to the weekend. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you so much for starting this day with us. fresh off his first meeting with the pope president obama is on his way to saudi arabia for dinner with king abdel-llah. >> we are live with washington with what both sides are saying this morning. >> this long trip through europe to the milled east as president obama meets with saudi king abdullah. he will bring up issues like human rights at the same time he has to reassure the saudis while the long talks with iran continues. we got a glimpse yesterday at
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how delicate some of these international meetings can be. the president sitting down with pope frances. what did they talk about? the president said they talked about income and equality and didn't talk about social issues including implementation of obamacare and contraceptive requirement which angered many catholic groups. >> we didn't talk a whole lot about the social skichl schisms in my conversations with his holiness. >> compared that with what the vatican talked about exercise rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection. >> the president wanted a shoring up of his image. i also should mention there was no doubt a discussion of syria and i am sure of ukraine and so there was two political concerns and a desire in the end to have
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some kind of a compromise and not a war of the words. >> these meetings are largely about image. world image. in 2009 where the president appeared to be bowing before the king. something the white house is keenly aware of and will try not to repeat. >> battling rain and exhaustion in the desperate search for survivors in the mud slide in washington state. they are sifting through mounds and mounds of mud and debris often with their bare hands. 17 people now confirmed dead. mine more bodies have been located but not yet found.
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planes are flying over a new area of the indian ocean as they look for pieces of missing flight 370. overnight australian officials announcing the search area shifted 700 miles to the northeast after new data suggested the plane flu faster than originally thought and ran out of fuel sooner. also the fbi finding clues on the pilot's flight simulator. they were trying to recover the files he deleted days before the jet vanished. the civilians who killed a navy sailor on board the uss may han at the largest navy base has been identified. jeffery tyrone savage is a convicted felon in virginia. he was shot and killed by security forces after he took a gun from a petty officer and used it to shoot petty officer mary mayo. the motive still unknown. new concerns this morning
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that russia may invade eastern ukraine. ukraine says there are 100,000 troops along the border with armored vehicles helicopters and planes. mike turner calling on the president to take action. >> it is predicting war with russia. the administration is basically ignoring it they are continuing their false narrative. they can use soft power to discuss russia instead of actually pulling together where we have security agreements and working with the ukraine to give it military advice. >> the forces are there to carry out a spring exercise but pentagon officials say there are no signs of any drill underway. new jersey's governor chris christie cleared of wrong doing in the scandal on the traffic
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jams on the george washington bridge. >> there is not a sled hred of evidence that governor krits tee knew about this before it happened. >> the report does blame former port authority officials david wild steen and former deputy chief of staff bridget ann kelly. despite a lack of evidence christie is being asked whether his rough and tumble style might have inspired his staff. >> i spent weeks what did i do if anything to contribute to this. i am disappointd in myself that i wasn't able to pick up these traits in these people. >> you don't think there's a single possibility they thought in your rough and tumble style in jersey politics style that
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they thought this would please you? >> no. >> federal authorities and state lawmakers are stale investigating. >> march 31st enrollment deadline for obamacare. the administration saying 6 million people have enrolled. that is still short of the goal of 7 million. they have no idea how many people paid. 50 percent of registered voters feel 24e6they have a good understanding of the new law. 56 percent of voters oppose the law. 65 percent say making health insurance more expensive, 24 percent say less. >> new evidence harry reid used even more campaign money to help his granddaughter. the senate majority leader used 31,000 dollars to buy donor gifts from his granddaughter's jewelry business. he refused to answer questions
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about it. >> was that an acknowledgment it was wrong to use your granddaughter -- >> no. in fact it wasn't. we played with all of the rules i just wanted to avoid to write the check. everything was complied with. read my statement. >> reid might have violated campaign finance laws even if he paid back the fun p. that brings us to our look who is talking. john ralston the reporter who broke the story appeared on "hannity" last night. >> 17,000 was just in the last report that was filed with the federal election commission. there was almost as much money for 2012. the name for his granddaughter ryan elizabeth reid. hard to find out it was his granddaughter the company doesn't have her last name.
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reid's office was disingenuous about me. there will have been questions raised about his associations with close friends and his children four are directly or tangentially involved in politics. >> the federal elections commission is investigating. >> a win for pro-lifers in texas. the federal appeals court says they will not put women's health in jeopardy. it, has aed protests across the country and state capital as well. they are the toughest restrictions in the country. 20 clinics around texas have been closed. governor rick perry praised the decision saying it is good news for women and the unborn. >> a major cheating ring is uncovered inside the air force. now nine air force commanders have been fired and 79 nuclear
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launch officers have been disciplined. the cheating probe last fall during a drug use investigation involving jr. air force operators. that's when they found photos and text messages on officer's cell phones revealing information on nuclear missile proficiency tests. >> two nasa astronauts are at the international space station after getting a ride on the russian. they will be there in september along with two russian cosmonauts. >> warming up for the weekend. we will get warmer weather as well. >> the higher temperatures won't be bringing sunny skies. maria nol lena is tracking possible storms. >> that is right. good morning. good to see you. we have a storm system producing severe weather across portions
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of the plains. it produced storms in missouri and we will see more severe weather across texas, austin, houston, parts of louisiana and ssissippi and western alabama. we do have the possibility pe see more damaging winds. it will be moving eastward and along parts of the east coast over the weekend it will be producing areas of heavy rain across the atlantic. heavy rain across parts of ohio moving into cincinnati and that will be impacting the new york city area as well temperatures very mild ahead of that system. 85 in the city of houston. let's head over to you.
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more than 100,000 sedans being recalled because of faulty air bags. lauren simonetti joins us with that story. >> toyota is recalling 19,000 avalon sedans they are older from the 2003, 2004 model bags. the problem is with the air bag control module that can be damaged if it is exposed to interference to other electrical components. it could cause the see belts to suddenly tighten. a few small suv's scored high marks on a crash test from the insurance institute for highway safety. the subaru forrester, the mitsubishi out lander mazda and nissan rouge. cars must show when they hit another car or a pole or a train
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the driver's these four scored higher than popular ones out there honda toyota as well as ford. >> the diet kwoek frozen cherry slurpe has been pulled because it didn't freeze properly. even though it took coke executives to get the frozen formula right. the cork slurpe off the market before the start of summer. bad timing there. >> thank you very much, lauren simonetti joining us. the new movie "noah" is under fire for leaving out the word god. >> you have a bunch of people already infected by that stupidity. >> i hit the red carpet premiere to get to the controversy. >> miley cyrus invading your college class am radios and it is costing you 40,000 a year.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first" a newlywed sentenced to 30 years of prison for pushing her husband of 8 days off a cliff in montana. jordan graham lured him to a cliff at glacier national park. she says they were arguing about her second thoughts of marriage and pushed him when he grabbed her by the arm. graham fled the scene and then she told investigators he went missing after leaving their house with unknown friends. she is not expected to file an appeal. >> baltimore ravens running back ray wright facing serious prison time. shocking video shows him dragging his unconscious fiancee
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out of an elevator. they indicted the star on aggravated assault what aring charges. he faces up to five years in prison. charges against his fiancee have been dropped. >> the new movie noah is stirring up controversy. >> he speaks to you. you must trust he speaks to you in a way you must understand. >> critics of the film which chronicles the story noah from the bible says it's a universal story arguing it turns the bible on its head. in light of the controversy i hit the red carpet for the premiere to see what the writers and actors had to say. >> there was controversy about the film. >> what's your reaction? >> i think it's foolish. they haven't even sign the film. >> is it true to the bible? >> there isn't much about noah in the bible. >> it was going to provoke some
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amount of controversy. they took liberties with the text and filled in the text. >> the word god wasn't used creator was used. >> we take a half step act with having it be a specifically christian story or jewish or muslim story and it becomes a universal story. >> won't seen accept it, today is today. in order to put it on screen you have to pick a cue. >> they replaced god with the word creator. >> yeah, believe it or not there are actually bibles that exist now that have done the same thing. >> you were talking about the critics of this show you said stupid to be critical of this. i wanted to get your take on that? >> it is kind of strange that people are willing to put their stamp and their name to a grand statement about something they
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haven't seen. the unfortunate thing is you have a bunch of people who have already been infected by that stupidity and they seem to somehow think this is a bad thing. >> well that brings us to our brew on this today. are you offended by creator being used instead of the word god? send us your comments on facebook, twitter or an e-mail at fox friend it was a trip of a lifetime still they got home and found that on their bag. look who is behind that nasty note. after a 31,000 deposit is put into his bank account. there's a big problem why the bank now wants that money back. ♪
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>> listen to this. it is a major bust at lax airport. six people have been arrested and more might be made after a sophisticated theft ring was found operating out of that airport. police say more arrests might be made. the airport is still trying to determine how long the ring was operating. later this morning on fox and friends we will have tips on how you can keep your luggage safe when flying. insulting message left on a couple's luggagluggage. now american airlines is apologizing. james low and angela huckabee's vacation cause everything they
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wanted it to be until the airline lost their lug sandaling. on the baggage receipt instructions it said please text deaf and dumb. they are hearing impaired. they demanded an apology. we apologize to mr. mole and miss huckabee it was a poor choice of words. there was no ill will we will be looking at it further. james' mother says it isn't enough. >> it is outrageous and cruel and unnecessary. that person needs to be fired. the dumb one is the one who wrote the note. >> the couple vows never to fly the airline again. >> call it twerking 101. >> miley cyrus now the subject of a new class. >> skid more college is offering a class called the sociology of
2:26 am
miley cyrus. if you show up on time and you do all of your homework you fail. ♪ >> that college course starts this summer. it focuses on the sing he esing transformation from a disney queen to a twerking machine. >> according to the class description he has had a quote a profound impact on global culture. >> puff daddy, p-diddy. i didn't know which to say. the time now is 26 after the top of the hour. coming up harry reid said this about american's obamacare horror stories. >> lies.
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>> maybe he thinks he suffers from short term memory loss. what he is saying about his own lies. you might be shelling out 10's of thousands of dollars for your child's education but you better be sure your child is earning one of the most worthless degrees in america like taking a miley class. >> yeah, twerking.
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>> president obama hours away from meeting with the king of saudi arabia. will another moment like this do more damage here at home? >> it was designed to help people lose weight. but now the at kin's diet could also help tackle another swied spread health problem. >> and caught on camera. wait until you see the pay back this guy got for flipping off another driver. "fox & friends first" starts right now. [musicorn ♪ >> good morning to you and your family. you made it. it's friday march 28th. welcome back to "fox and friends first. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers.
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it is half past the top of the hour. >> the president is heading to saudi arabia navigating a diplomatic minefield meeting with the pope. >> doug luzader looks at some of the challenges he faces on the rest of his trip. the saudis are concerned the course the president has taken dealing with iran and the nuclear am gigsambitions. we know how awkward some of the meetings can get as the president met with pope francis. it was a cordial meeting. but will he bring up obamacare and the mandates to provide contraceptive coverage. did it come up? not really according to the
2:33 am
president. >> we didn't talk a lot about social skichls in my conversation with the his holiness. >> look at the statement the vatican put out saying the two talked about the quote exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection. >> the president wanted a shoring up of his image. there is no doubt on the discussion of syria and i am sure of the ukraine. there were geopolitical concerns and a desire in the end to have some kind of a compromise and not have a world of war. >> and the diplomatic awkwardness one thing the white house will make sure a lag time president obama met with the audi king he was bowing to the king. the white house disputed that characterization. ner theless you can image it he
2:34 am
is going to spend it very up right today. >> standing vat. live for us have a great weekend. >> thank you, doug. former presidential candidate and devout roman catholic rick santorum says president obama was hoping to piggyback off the pope's popularity and spin things in his favor. >> that's clearly what the president and the report about what the meeting is about is trying to do solidarity between the president and the pope on these important issues, what in fact the vatican is saying something quite different. i have to believe that the president knew that the pope was going to mention religious liberty, he was going to mention the issues that are very important. life and marriage to the pope. he was hoping he could use his spin machine in america to dominate the airwaves.
2:35 am
>> search crews are battling rain and waving through the waters to find more victims after a devastating mud slide. >> we are still in rescue mode. we are still in rescue mode. i haven't lost hope yet. there's a lot of people up there that haven't lost hope yet. >> the debt tole is expected to go up dramatically today. 90 people are still missing. a drunk driving crash takes another life. de andre tatum is the fourth person to by after a drunk driver plowed into the crowd. rashad owens is now charged with capital murder. >> at this hour planes are flying over the area of indian ocean as they look for pieces of
2:36 am
missing flight 370. they announced the search area shifted 700 miles to the northeast after new data suggests the plane flew faster than originally thought and ran out of fuel sooner. also the fbi finding new clues on the pilot's flight simulator. they were trying to recover the files he deleted days before the jets vanished. >> the channel now reopened after a massive oil spill. the channel one of the nation's busiest sea ports was shut down for five days after they raced to clean up the mess. 170,000 gallons of oil spilled into the waterway south of houston when a ship punctured an oil barge. >> chris christie cleared of any wrong doing in the scandal of traffic jams over the bridge. former poet art authority david willed steen and bridget ann kelly carried it all out.
2:37 am
but the source of that judgment has critics howling now because it was paid for by the governor himself. >> why should the taxpayers be paying for this report? >> these are not my lawyers. they have their own personal reputation. they are not going to watch anything for me. they make a decision on 2016 a year from now wants anything to do with what happens the past ten weeks. what happened in the past ten weeks i think will ultimately make me a better leader whether it's governor of new jersey or in any other job i might take in the public or private sector. >> federal authorities as well as state lawmakers are investigating this scandal. >> 6 million people have enrolled for healthcare it is short of the goal of 7 million.
2:38 am
we don't know how many paid into the system. according to a fox news poll 40 percent of registered voters polled said they are confident enough they will sign up to make the healthcare exchange ses successful. 50 percent of the people surveyed say it would be easier to go back to the old system. >> they believe 27-year-old wayne maciarela killed courtney cash after getting into an argument with her and her boyfriend. her body was found in a wooden box. her boyfriend suffered stab wounds from the assault. a motive has not been released. >> zach efron was attacked in skid row an area notorious for drugs and gangs.
2:39 am
they report the 26-year-old waudz punched in the mouth by a homeless man. why he was in the area efron and his body guard claim they ran out of gas on the way to the restaurant. he did two stints of rehab last year. >> what would you do if tens of thousands of dollars showed up in your bank account. there's a problem here, he spent it. it wasn't his money to spend. they deposited 31,000 dollars of someone else's money into his account because they share the same name. when he was confronted he told the bank the money was from an inheritance. he could face money if it tdurig during charges if the money isn't returned. >> extreme weather mixing through the country. >> several funnel clouds were reported. >> good morning. hello. we have the state of missouri that received reports.
2:40 am
in missouri you can clearly see the funnel clouds. there are reports of homes damaged foyer lines that came down and crews are going to be serving missouri and possibly confirming these tornadoes. we have seen more tornadic activities in the same system that has shifted further off toward the south and east. anywhere in parts of eastern texas and western parts of alabama and florida panhandle you can be looking at severe weather. make sure you have a way to get to those warnings. it heads east and over the weekend parts of the east coast will be having to deal with areas of heavy rain at times. heather and ainsley those temperatures feeling more like spring upper 50's for us today in new york city 60s across the southeast and 80s widespread across texas. head over to you. >> thank you maria. >> we haven't seen that kind of
2:41 am
change in a while. 20 minutes to the top of the hour. postal workers caught using 30,000 dollars of your hard earned money for their special delivery. >> you always want to have a permanent reminder of mcdonalds on your arm. >> wait until you hear the ridiculous reason a teen tattooed his receipt on his arm.
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a a
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>> a man der withdraws 50,000 cash from her credit card to gamble. an employee who hasn't traveled in years used his card for
2:45 am
17,000 for food and personal hotel stays. >> talk about another tax payer money handing out 700,000 to a theater company to make a musical about global warming. >> only 75,000 people are expected to see it when it opens in new york city next month. >> senate majority leader harry reid having a case of forgetfulne forgetfulness. he claims he never accused republicans of lying about horror story. >> i have never come to the floor to my recollection and said anything about republicans and lying about obamacare. >> that's not what he said a p month ago. roll the tape.
2:46 am
>> we heard about the evils of obamacare, about the lives it has ruined. republican stump speeches and ads paid for by oil magnets, the koch brothers. in those tales turned out to be just that, tales, stories made up from whole cloth, lies, disto distorted by republicans to grab headlines from a political ad advertisements. >> reid claims that someone else confused the comments about the brothers with his comments about obamacare. >> is college really worth the cash? it depends on the degree apparently. laurie rothman is here with the least valuable degrees. what's on the list? >> good morning, ainsley. when it comes to getting the most bank for a tuition buck a
2:47 am
shocking survey finds there are many colleges students may be better off not attending. a study by a firm which studies compensation looked at the 20-year net return on college investment it found many schools and areas of study lead to a financial loss even when financial aid is included. among the least valuable college degrees look at the list. education degree from virginia commonwealth university sets you back 169,000 dollars according to the survey. arts degree from eastern michigan university will leave you with a debt of 187,000. florida international university humanities and english degrees cost you 192,000. thes degree from murray state university. you could still be nearly 200,000 in debt 20-years later. as for colleges with the worst return these are whole colleges not just areas of study. worst return bloomfield college will leave you with a lost of 65,000.
2:48 am
out of state fayetteville state and the worst is shaw university 121,000 dollars it will set you back. jaw dropping figures. >> lots offer money there. >> thanks so much, laurie. >> 12 minutes until the top of the hour. coming up forbidden fruit outraged after a diabetic man is kicked out of the movie theater for eating strawberries. >> detention getting down right dirty for one 11-year-old boy. you are not going to believe what he was forced to do. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends" we are taking you to a sports clinic helping wounded warriors back into the game and literally back into life. what happens to your luggage when you check it at the airport? we the key to keeping your stuff safe. who is looking at it when it's in there somewhere?
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geraldo rivera is here. chris wallace. it is friday that means best of "fox & friends" all kicks off 11 minutes from right now on the fox news channel. stay with us. the girls will be right back. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with less energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations,
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and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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welcome back to "fox & friends first" . when an elementary school student gets detention what does he or she do with the time? one maryland mom said her sonata spent it scrubbing desks and cleaning toilets. an 11-year-old got punish ment after he got into an argument at school. >> i had to clean desks.
2:53 am
>> mom said it is even worse -- his mother says detention should be confined to academics. as for detention at the school, there was no mention of cleaning as punishment in the county handbook. a man hauled out of the movies by police for eating strawberries? michael caste, he has diabetes and he wanted the berries to keep his insulin level in check during the film at a brooklyn, new york, theater. midway through previews the manager and two police escorted him out. the theater not commenting. >> celebrities like jennifer aniston swear by it. keep off the unwanted weight but an atkins-style diet might do more than make you lose weight. it can also boost your mood. researchers in australia are findingç low-carb, high protein meals have been known to help with
2:54 am
parkinson's, a harriet miers and even cancer. >> the apartment where actor philip seymour hoffman lived and died is now up for rent, but it's going for a steep price. it is going to cost $10,500 a month for his two-bedroom, two-bath new york city apartment. hoffman lived in that building called the pick wick house since last fall before he was found dead from a drug overdose last month. >> a viral video that you have to see. >> can your grandmother do this? ♪ ♪ >> kickin' off the shoes and getting down. the grooving granny busting out the moves to vanilla ice. she is cooking dinner and dancing at the same time.
2:55 am
this video going viral. it's cute. >> you see her grandson's reaction and it is as you would expect it would be. >> coming up, the amazing thing that brought a woman to tears. >> it is just hitting tears today but noah is under fire for leaving out god. we askedç you to weigh in on this. your e-mails and your tweets are next. ♪ ♪
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a minute and a half until the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. president obama just hours away from meeting with saudi arabia's king abdullah. lawmakers are urging him to bring up human and religious freedoms on that trip. the search for the missing malaysian jet is shifting 700 miles to the northeast, this after new
2:59 am
data suggests the plane was traveling faster than originally thought and ran out of fuel sooner. new troves of documents from former president bill clinton's administr@dion set to be released this afternoon. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. the moment a deaf woman hears for the first time. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> the 40-year-old who was born deaf had cochlear implants put in last month. the bad. instant karma in florida. reporting an angry driver tailgating her car, watched what happens next. ç >> that's what you get! you're on video, buddy. >> finally the ugly.
3:00 am
he's loving it forever, his mcdonald's receipt on his arm after his friends dare him to do it. >> time for your brew on this responses. noah opens to a storm of criticism over the word god being left out. we asked you if you were offended about that. >> patrick says if you're going to make a story from a book of the word of god, you should use the word "god." >> here is what eddie has to say. it's just a movie. >> thanks for watching. have a great weekend. >> bye. good morning to you. it is finally friday, the 28th of march, 2014. i'm anna kooimanç in for elisabeth hasselbeck. obamacare signups hit a new high but wait until you hear how the white house hit that number. did the administration target illegals? >> that would be illegal, wouldn't it? meanwhile, how did the president's face-to-face with the pope go? >> we actually didn't talk a whole lot


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