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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 2, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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join us. >> and we've got the latest from the rocky point cheerleading squad. ladies, give yourselves a round of applause! >> congratulations. >> stick around for the after the show show. and the cheerleaders, can they mix? there has been another deadly attack in benghazi. armed militants opening fire in a libyan security headquarters killing at least six. that violence comes as to republicans call for john kerry to testify on the attack that left four americans dead. martha: there is a new fire store today o -- anew firestorme house reaction to military commanders in what a former
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commander says was a terror attack from the get-go. an attack and violence in benghazi again that looks much like it did two years ago. gregg palkot with more on this morning's attack there. what happened? >> reporter: benghazi is a dangerous place. when that attack happened on the u.s. consulate in 2012 when we were there and right now. we are talking to our contact in the city. he says there was a lot of fighting triggered by islamists. the numbers we are getting are varied. many, many more wound. this follows a car bomb attack at an army camp early in the week in the outskirts of that eastern libyan city. increasingly the car bombs are the choice of islamists including the ansar al-sharia group said to be involved in the
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u.s. consulate back in 2012. in the 18 months since that attack the attacks have increased on foreign targets. also assassinations and kidnappings of diplomats. rival militia groups, rebels, clans, with a big, big lucrative oil city that has been see you n stymied. martha: gregg, thank you very much. bill: there is new fallout after these revelations. >> according to the emails the cia circulates new talking points after they removed the mention of al qaeda. then at 6:21 the white house, you, add a line to the
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administration warning of september 10 of social media reports calling for demonstrations. true? >> i believe so. >> reporter: did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the the talking points? >> maybe, i don't really remember. think is like two years ago. we are talking about a monday process. >> we are talking about the editing of talking points. you edited scripts multiple times. bill: that's from yesterday. chris stirewalt, you have a lot to write about pennsylvania about this morning. what did you think about the give and take, the reaction. >> reporter: gregg gave us context for the back and forth. the government in libya is an islamist government that was put in place because of military intervention by the united states. it's under attack by the mill'
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and the islamist who are the same folks who brought the attack against the up s. compound 2 years ago. i believe what was said to bret baier last night will become the bumper sticker that finally encapsulate and crystallizes what has made americans uneasy about this administration and this incident which is they treated it with what people deem to be insufficient seriousness. bill: now, you move through today and speaker boehner wants john kerry to testify about the emails. what were they before? if the white house won't can explain it secretary kerry should come to the capital, explain why he defied an official congressional subpoena. compare that with darrell issa who suggested that might be criminal. repor>> the speaker is under pre
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to step things up. this will intensify. but i will point out this illustrates how failed the administration's policy of trying to diminish this has been. they got past the election. the president won reelect. that was what they wanted. but this will not go away because they failed to make a clean breast before things at the beginning and john kerry will find himself having to answer for things that happened long before he started on the job. bill: there is a lot more for this coming up throughout the show. five minutes past the hour. we move on now. martha: we have some jobs numbers that just came out. we'll get those for the move april. the unemployment rate dropped to 6.3%. that's the lowest number we have seen in five years.
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it's part of the story, it's not the whole story. the real unemployment number, that is more like 12.3%. stuart varney is host of varney and company. good morning to you. what do you make of this report? >> two headlines create a mixed picture and jobs. 288,000 new jobs were created last month. that's a positive number. the trend is up in job creation. second headline. 800,000 people dropped out of the work force. that's why the unemployment rate dropped and that's why the participation rate of the labor force is 62.8%. another generation aloe. next picture, martha. martha: you want to have in your mind how many people are actually work and how many people are participating in the labor force. and those numbers have been at
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decade lows. in this last report they dropped a smidge lower. >> reporter: the% is the -- 21.8% is the participation rate. welcome to the new normal. well paid jobs are scarce. america is not work the way it wants to work, and we are not where we are -- not where we were in the recovery from previous recessions. this is the new normal. martha: i don't think i like the. i think a lot of people don't. bill: a murder plot has been foiled. minnesota police uncovering a teenager's alleged scheme to kill his family and bomb local schools. investigators say he told them he wanted to kill as many as possible. an arrest sending shock waves
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through a small town. >> blow up schools and all that other stuff. i'm like speechless hearing about it. bill: mike tobin is live in area. >> reporter: john deluck first planned to kill his family. then start a fire distracting first responders. then head off to the school. set off pressure cooker bombs filled with shrapnel. anyone not killed by the bombs would be killed with the gun. it all came because a neighbor saw the teenager looking suspicious around a storage unit.
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>> by doing the right thing, unimaginable tragedies were prevented. >> reporter: according to the complaint he gave the police the key to the gun safe at home. 7 weapons were found in the house along with 3 completed bombs. ladue. police knew something was happening but they didn't know where to point to until they got the tip. no one saw this coming. the superintendent of schools said he was a good kid. he was an honorable student. he didn't hang with the popular kids but he was not anou an -- s not an out cast.
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>> he's real smart and has a lot of things going for him. unfortunately he just took the wrong papt i guess. >> reporter: the plans show he planned to carry out the attack april 20, the anniversary of the columbine massacre. but that was foiled because april 0 fell o -- april 20 fella sunday. martha: a whole street collapses. watch this. it's dissolving away. a massive sinkhole putting drivers on the edge. we'll show you more of that incredible video. bill: a prominent christian leader drawing attention at a national day of prayer event. dr. james dobson's message on abortion in america and the
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president. martha: is the administration taking the bengazi issue seriously? >> we are investigating. avo: wherever your journey takes you the expedia app helps you save with mobile-exclusive deals download the expedia app text expedia to 75309 expedia, find yours
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martha: new information on that fiery train derailment in virginia. investigators say the cars are dangerous are you fraud. 13 tanker cars derailed wednesday. look at that smoke including three that plunged into the james river. it sparked an intense fire. bill: a christian leader with a strong statement about the president in a national day of prayer breakfast. >> president obama before he was elected made it very clear that he wanted to be the abortion
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president. he didn't make any bones about it, that this is something that he really was going to promote and support. and he has done that. and in a sense he is the abortion president. bill: there has been a lot of reaction since that time. billa lot of this has to do wite contraception mandate that's included in obamacare. tony, you have a problem with what he said? >> i don't have a problem with the message. you can criticize him for making them during a bipartisan unifying events. but you don't have to criticize him for the fact that he said
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this man has made his life pro meeting abortion. it made it into the mandate that private companies have to provide abortion services and contraception through these mandates. the hobby lobby and others are suing over this. whether it was right to make it at that time at that event is another problem. >> i think it's completely inappropriate time. as tony said, they are already a part of a lawsuit on the case that's happening. this is the national prayer breakfast. this is something we have had since the eisenhower administration. it's a time when our political
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leaders in come together and they find common ground, they seek spiritual inspiration from leaders across the country. it's what's wrong with washington in general. when you can't even have a moment that's supposed to be a bipartisan moment. where you can invoke the good and the love that people share. bill: dawson appeared with megyn and what he said in part is it's difficult for people on the sanctity of life movement to understand how they feel. he said people of faith and people of conscience are going to have to go along with it and be a part of it. what he's saying is the wythe house is saying it doesn't matter what your position is you will have to live with it. >> sit down and shut up is what
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we hear on a lot of things. and also we see it on the issue of life. gallup has seen a lot of change on the issue of abortion. again, that is not necessarily to say that this was the appropriate time to discuss it. but this is a man who made it his life's mission to cuss it. the fact that we are acting shocked this is a moment he has taken to make his case i think is -- how, i will point out, president obama in the past has disrespected this event. the end of the tradition of having it at the white house, he doesn't even send these events. he sends a proclamation. bill: dobson is saying this take it or leave it attitude, is that the type of thing that gets the
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grassroots movement fired up? >> this has been an on going argument we have had for decades. it's been settled by the court. there are people who are pro-choice like lie self. there are people who are pro life. there are people who say get out of the way of people making their own health decisions. that will be an on going argument. i disagree a majority of the country is pro life. this is not a time or the place to make this sort of into a bully pulpit. it's totally inappropriate. bill: what dobson concluded come and get me me i won't yield to your regulations. martha: may day protests getting out of control. the economic protests straight
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out of europe happening right here at home. we'll show you.
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bill: dozens of high school students led away in handcuffs after a senior class prank got out of hand. 62 different kids facing charges. >> it was just a stupid mistake. >> in the end, people make mistakes. bill: mistake? there was a little more to it than that. the school says the mess was cleaned up before morning class began. martha: today was supposed to be a peaceful may day protest ended
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in violent clashes. riot police firing pepper spray and they arrested 6 people hours after these marches had ended. the demonstrators had been showing their support for immigration fan boosting the minimum wage. >> reporter: dancing, singing and cake are typically part of any may day celebration unless you are in seattle where may day means pepper spray and broken windows. police arrested 10 late in the hoping vandalized busses and cars and yelled phrases like "anarchy lives." >> it was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration showing people where we stand. a handful of idiots make the
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look bad. >> it's not way it's about at all. bill: last year's protesters pelted cops with rocks and bottles. martha: is there a common theme they are protesting. >> reporter: may day is supposed to mark the anniversary of worker rights. this was mostly about immigration. native american dancers joined activists from people who talked about getting pricinged out of their neighborhoods by tech startups. the estimated crowd size in seattle. 50. >> 1,000 in lax and oakland. in l.a. where there were no arrests reported, the l.a. rally almost exclusively about illegal
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immigration and stopping deportations. bill: wisconsin lost a court battle on its voter i.d. law. but the state' attorney general is vowing to fight back. martha: the benghazi memos brought back memories for some of watergate. >> to might many the equivalent of what was discovered with the nixon tapes. the republicans have done aot terrible job in building the case. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger. captain: that's unsettling. man: you think? captain: all the time. except when i sleep. which i would not do here. would have mentioned the finger.
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martha: new questions about how seriously the white house is taking the criticism over the firestorm about the emails. jay carney says the emails have nothing to do with benghazi. but reporters pushed back. >> whether it was released monday or a week ago, it doesn't change the fundamental facts about the so-called talking points which despite great efforts by your news organization and others have been proven not to be a conspiracy. martha: steve hayes is a writer for "the weekly standard." it appears they are going back to a play book.
6:31 am
keep walk there is nothing going on here. but this time it doesn't seem to be working. >> reporter: it's a problem for the administration for a couple reasons. you have reporters who sit in the white house briefing room every single day. they may not be paying attention of the details of all the reporting on benghazi taking place here at fox and elsewhere. they may not know all twists and turns of the story. but they know when they are being misled. and what jay carney said about the ben rhodes email not being about benghazi was absurd. it was a reference to individual who harm americans. of course it was about benghazi. i think that has woken up the white house press corps in a way none of these other kerfuffles has when it comes to been gosy. here is what charm -- here is wt
6:32 am
charles krauthammer said. >> it's the equivalent of what was discovered with the nixon tapes. republicans have done a terrible job of building the case. the questioning was disjoinltsd. it was not organized. if they had appointed a special committee a long time ago the way it was done in watergate, you would have had answers on this and the country would be fired. >> i agree this make it a much bigger deal. the revelations we had this week he elucidate couple of things. one it was produced by the intelligence community that was edited with heavy input from the white house, the state department and others, and ultimately it was produced for capitol hill. on the other hand you have the second celt of talking points produced by the white house for
6:33 am
susan rice that placed heavy emphasis on the video. that's where you see an emerging split between the white house and others and the intelligence committee. you mad mike morell -- you had mike morell say the intelligence community didn't give the video theory. that was the white house. martha: judicial watch got their hands on unredacted versions. that's what has blown this whole thing open. what can we expect from john boehner in terms of wanting to hear from john kerry. >> i think john boehner was very strong when he said the white house concealed these documents. that's a strong allegation, a well founded allegation. you can see john boehner ratcheting up the pressure and
6:34 am
becoming increasingly frustrated by what has clearly been an effort by the white house, the administration, to with hold document from congress. the house oversight reform committee which originally subpoenaed these documents received in the past month 3,200 pages of new documents. so for people who want to say benghazi is an old story and we know everything there, it's simply not true. when i hear people say that i think they just don't know what they are talking about. martha: the house oversight committee wanted seen a power for a long time. but they didn't get support from john boehner on that. does the game change now? >> i think it does. this is one of the president's top aide. ben rhodes had the president's ear. he spent time with the president. he briefed on the president's
6:35 am
behalf. he has been a key player for barack obama. to have them offering this document when the white house went to great lengths not just in the fall of 2012, but again last may when the talking points were first revealed and exposed, it really suggests that the white house was in fact manipulating this story. was trying to shape the story despite the protests from jay carney and others. hillary clinton testified the intelligence community had been the principle decider on everything the administration put out there. now you have mike morell saying we didn't emphasized the video stormy, you emphasized the video story. martha: she went on the sunday programs. lots more to talk about on this throughout the morning. steve hayes, thank you so much.
6:36 am
bill: a federal judge striking down wisconsin's voter i.d. law. stating that showing a voter i.d. is discrimination and unconstitutional. the attorney general plans to appeal that decision. you will appeal based on what grounds? >> he clearly made a ruling that's contradictory to the law. the u.s. supreme court held that voter i.d. in some forms can be constitutional. it is in 20 states. this judge has said it can't be constitutional period because it makes it harder for latinos and african-americans to get a photo i am d. and therefore to vote. that's not what the law is. >> reporter: the u.s. district judge lynn adelman is the gentleman you are refer to. what does it take to get a photo i.d.? >> it's relatively simple. most all of us have them
6:37 am
already. others can obtain them by declaring a birth certificate or going to. you need a photo i.d. to rent a video or do so many things. to protect the rights of people to vote i think is almost a no-brainer. bill: is it 2 bucks, 15 bucks? >> i heard in some places it costs $20 to get a birth certificate. bill: has the state thought about make some provision available. >> the legislature and the governor have shown a willingness to amenld the law to -- to amend the law to make it easier to get an i am d. he says if the state amends this law come back to me because i'll strike it down again. >> it's tremendously important
6:38 am
we we go to the polls to know our vote is going to count and somebody can't come to the polls and pretend to be someone else. right now wisconsin's voting laws are so loose almost anybody can show up and vote. bill: a lot of democrats would argue. this is no big deal. you can't prove to me people are voting in a phoney way. >> i don't believe they really think that. in wisconsin it's almost impossible for us to prove somebody voted illegally because it's so easy for them to walk through the door and do it. if you are not going to card kids at a nightclub and three months made iter you are going to prove there are underaged kids in the knight club how are you going to do it. bill: the judge said blacks and
6:39 am
latinos are less likely to have he i.d.s, is that true? >> it generally is true. i city statistics and demographics will bear it they may be more i am poferrished than other people in our society. but the law, the constitution doesn't question whether it's difficult to obtain one or whether it's going to cost money. it's whether they are going to be prevented from voting. i'm extraordinarily confident. i have every reason to believe we'll win. judge adelman who has gone completely against the verbiage in the voting rights act. i'm extremely confident he will prevail. bill: when do you think you will get a decision on that? >> we have important elections coming up in wisconsin. bill: is that weeks or months away? >> probably somewhere in the
6:40 am
middle. bill: thank you for coming in today. martha: the white house touted the success of obamacare with 8 million people who signed up. the big question kiss who are those people? do they fit into the categories they will need them in and will their age pell doom for this new law. we'll show what you we plerned on that. bill: severe weather causing an entire street to collapse. watch this. that was a whole block of cars swallowed by the earth. more on that incredible video and where that happened. there are two kinds of walls.
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martha: this incredible new video captured a massive
6:44 am
sinkhole in baltimore. it's unbelievable. it's like a horror movie. everyone is screaming as they watch one of their streets disappear. the gave waive. it plunged cars and debris. try to explain that to your insurance guy. you have got the video. bill: the obama administration revealing a big piece of the ebb rollment puzzle. the white house says 8 million signups for obamacare. only 2.2 million between the ages of 18-34. that's the sweet spot that comes out to 28%. from the fox business network,
6:45 am
melissa francis and scott payne. nice to see you. the white house is saying $8 million, 28%. a house committee sedley republicans said 7% of enrollees have paid their premium. of the 67 per they say 18 -- of the 67%, 18-34 is just 28%. >> of those people 18-24, only 25% have paid for their policy. those are folks who sign up and put it in the basket. then people say they have to pay for it. they say wait a second. i didn't know i had to pay for this. you can't exaggerate the rub are hits the road.
6:46 am
the numbers there are better in terms of who paid. blue cross, blue shield says 80% have paid. well point says 90% paid. but those are big companies. bill: give us the abcs. >> reporter: 18-34 have to be over 40 per for the numbers to work. right then and there it's skewed. it's completely flawed from the beginning. up to 400% above poverty. we know this, we saw the first quarter gdp numbers. the thing that spiked the most, healthcare costs. the biggest spike in history. premiums are going up. it skewed to implode on itself.
6:47 am
it's a ticking time bomb and we can see it. we have the chance to fix it if we have the will. bill: he said the analysts will say you need that number. we are along way from that right now. >> a very long way from that. below 24%. if you try to factor in how many have paid versus signed up, it's a low number and they are essential to making this system work and they don't seem to be coming to the table. that's why you see such a big push with celebrities. on twitter and facebook to try and get young people to sign up. but so far it isn't working. >> if we want to move away, some people have said this is not about economics, it's about doing quote-unquote the right thing. it was sold to us as a heartless nation. bill: originally it was 30
6:48 am
million. >> reporter: when these numbers are finally revealed to us it will be less than a million people previously uninsured. we took insurance from millions of people. lost in the fofg all this, there was a humanitarian argument, where is the line. why don't i see $30 million people in line. where is that. bill: melissa i saying some of the insurance companies say 80%, 90% have paid. when they came out with an announcement we didn't get a number as to who had paid. if it were at 85%, if it were at 75%, i think they would have put that number out. >> absolutely. without question. when you look inside the insurance company's numbers, their estimates on how many young people have signed up are even lower. we'll never know how many of
6:49 am
those young people have signed up. we were supposed to finding out through the census report. and they changed the way the census was collected to object . bill: we'll see you at 2:00. charles, we'll see you when? >> reporter: i'm all over the place. martha: the killing of usama bin laden by u.s. navy seals nearly 3 years ago sparking celebrations pack america. remember this moment? so much jubilation in the streets. but three years later a disturbing new report that al qaeda certainly is not dead. bill: former president obama joining our wounded warriors on a grueling bike trip. our dr. siegel is with the president. >> no issues from the post
6:50 am
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martha: they are taking place in a 100k bike ride. our dr. marc siegel got to go. he joins us from waco, texas. >> we are here at the president's ranch in waco, texas. they are chosen, 16 of them
6:54 am
because of their sacrifice and resilience. i spoke to president bush yesterday. let's harper we had to say. >> the va system is full of people who care about our vets. but it's a large bureaucracy. and sometimes large bureaucracies are hard to create efficiencies. so i understand the frustrations people have with the va. but there is a group of private sector ngos helping to fill the void. >> reporter: the bush institute, the military service they have now is focusing on post traumatic stress. that's their focus this year. i have with me general peter chiorelli. general, thanks for joining me today. i want to ask you about how it
6:55 am
is we approach the stigma of post traumatic stress and how we get rid of the significant that. >> i appreciate the role president bush has taken in dropping the "d" off the stigma. what is it you said about women and the stigma of pts? >> of women are sexually assaulted develop post traumatic stress. are you going to go up to a woman who haas violently sexually assaulted and has a problem with male relationships and tell her she has a problem with males? we need to sun the biology of it. that's key.
6:56 am
finding blood bio markers and other ways t ways to dying wayse it. >> reporter: president bush uses abraham lincoln as an example. can i get you out on the bike today? martha: you can teach me when you come back. dr. siegel, thank you so much. president bush seems to be enjoying this period of his life. he's painting and bike an spending time with wounded warriors. bill: and he wants his brother to be president. new developments surrounding a veterans hospital. congress looking for an explanation of patients who allegedly died while waiting for basic primary care. martha: a top official telling law makers he knew early on it was never about a video. >> none of them think it's a video. none of them.
6:57 am
the military, the cia, the cia station cleave, the state department, the facts at the time, mr. chairman, the facts do not point to a video. that only comes from the white house. s "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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>> we start with this fox news alert because there was another deadly attack in benghazi. government stormed a center and brutal firefight measured by heavy casualties coming as the obama administration continues to stonewall the response of benghazi which left these four men dead. we're very glad to have you with us. bill: good morning. response to the texans and were 2012. it was when hillary clinton famously declared as what point does it make.
7:01 am
now if for a white house official involved in creating a changing the benghazi talking points is trying to do the same thing. >> according to the e-mails and timelines the cia circulates new talking points at removing the talking points of al qaeda and 6:21, the white house, you add a line about the morning of september 10 of social media reports calling for demonstrations, true? >> i believe so. >> did you change a taxi demonstrations? >> may become i don't remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, it was two years ago. changing talking points, that is what eurocrats do all the time. martha: wow. what an exchange. bret baier joins me now.
7:02 am
i am curious, what was your reaction? when he says "dude, that was two years ago." >> it was interesting. i felt like i had to come back with a "dude." i credit him with coming on an answering questions. there were many questions that have yet to be answered. the spokesman for the national security council was in the white house firm on 9/11, 2012. he pressed susan rice. if anybody knows what was going on, he should have. it was an interesting exchange and i think we learned a couple of things. there was some editing of the cia talking points at some level as you could hear in that example. the president was not in the room.
7:03 am
two things that are incremental. martha: i thought it was fascinating. he had a hand in the talking points, in the situation room that night. in my mind that sat with me as the most significant moment in this interesting interview with when he said the president was not in the room. that question has been asked since day one. where was the president when all of this was laying out. he did not speak to the president after 4:00 p.m. that evening, right? >> yes. we should point out presidents tend to handle crises in white house, but in this situation the attack is ongoing. the terrorists have taken over the compound in benghazi and it
7:04 am
is ongoing. most times people in the white house go into the situation room, i have been there. it is not a big plays. that is why the question is interesting. it is important to remember as this is going on they are getting up the chain from all the different elements on the ground that this is a terrorist attack well organized. martha: i agree with you he can be anywhere in the building and kept up to what is going on. when the ambassador is missing, i would think you'd come down and sit down at the table and say what do we got? let me know what is going on. i think a lot of people might find that to be unusual.
7:05 am
>> the administration says he was kept abreast of everything through the night. hillary clinton calls president obama wherever he is in the white house and they have a conversation. soon after that the state department puts out a release from sector clinton at mentions the video in regards to benghazi not apologizing, but says the u.s. stands for religious freedom, does not put up with anything like this video. martha: very interesting, thank you for being with us today. we will watch it tonight on "special report." has a white house cover been revealed?
7:06 am
a special he will do this weekend or tonight airing again on saturday at 10:00 p.m. and once again sunday, so three chances not to miss that. bill: calling them evidence of a cover-up. >> the reason they did not want you, me, or anybody else to know about this e-mail, because it is the smoking gun that shows people at the white house level, people who work at the white house administration were very intent on shaping the story about benghazi away from what they knew to be the truth. martha: military intelligence director in charge of the region when the embassy attacked was going down. telling lawmakers he knew terrorism from the beginning,
7:07 am
his lieutenant colonel on o'reilly last night. >> what every man and woman who ever wore a u.s. mosier uniform nenew is you do everything he cn to rescue a in america under fi. martha: what was done, what should have been done. he will join us at the bottom of the hour. don't miss that. bill: white house press secretary jay carney had a heated exchange with the number of people yesterday. watch here. >> got an e-mail making judgments. this was inspired by a video. we don't know, we are investigating. the only thing in that e-mail is a cut and paste which much to your disappointment and your
7:08 am
bosses disappointment planned out to be produced by the cia. bill: you said people call benghazi a fox story. is it your sense more are in the briefing room or even your casual conversations, are they more dialed in on this story now or not? >> i think they are more dialed in. some say that is a fox question. i don't care what you label it, if there are lingering questions about what really happened that night and how the white house talks to the american people about what really happened, you don't have to push anything politically, just ask fair and tough questions. when he says you're disappointed, attacked me, look at the string of correspondence who have been asking about this.
7:09 am
listen. >> does the white house have a firm understanding of what happened? and then you said it has nothing to do with benghazi. imagine somebody being legitimately confused about those sequence of events? >> the white house and the state department only changed one word. wwe've known for some time that is not true. >> the e-mail is not just about benghazi. it was also talking with the broader situation, there was violence throughout the muslim world, the bottom line is it will be an interesting test in the next hour about 11:40 a.m. eastern time.
7:10 am
two questions from the german side, it has been a hot issue to debate and who is called on. while they ask the president about this information. bill: i am not looking for gossip, but in your casual conversations with your colleagues, are they dialed in to benghazi or not? >> there are a lot of issues you and i cover. they are important. it is not like every reporter dialed in on every last detail, but i'm not sure there are many who follow this that closely, some people are frankly moved on. bill: appreciate that. i think you make a great point. we will see what happens. see you then.
7:11 am
martha: new video showing pro-russian separatists at a line in eastern ukraine. ukrainian right police were quickly overpowered. many officers were injured. others were allowed to surrender and leave peacefully. in the tower this happened with what he just saw. has moment, really shifted? >> not really. an office here in town, and this morning they launched a military offensive against the separatist stronghold. it seems to be ending with a whimper.
7:12 am
they were not able to really take any of the area inside best town, occupy it and control it from the pro-russian. they tried this before, it didn't work, and then the pro-russian able to take off more and more buildings out of the control of the ukrainian as a white a note their foothold. martha: thank you so much. bill: three years since navy seals rated a compound and took out the world's most wanted man. why are al qaeda groups growing dramatically? martha: a dramatic rescue caught on tape as they rushed to save a woman in the middle of very cold water. bill: the details emerging,
7:13 am
congress trying to get to the bottom of a secret list in a massive backlog of patients as more victims speak out. >> i cannot afford to have tony died on me, i just can't. i want to be sure they take care of them. download the expedia app text expedia to 75309 expedia, find yours
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7:16 am
martha: new fallout from the veterans administration. they are being threatened with a congressional subpoena if it cannot explain a secret list of patients allegedly used to cover up delays and care that may have resulted in the death of dozens of veterans who are patients there. he has placed three executives on administrative leave after officials denied that list existed. the general former chief of staff of the army and fox news military analyst. good to have you here.
7:17 am
what is your personal reaction? it must beat you up when you hear these stories. >> anytime our veterans are being treated hundreds of thousands on the waiting list for claims or hear what they are not receiving appropriate health care of a timely fashion, sometimes catastrophic, you don't have to be a veteran the outraged by that. that is simply unacceptable. we have to get to the bottom of this thing. yowho may have enough evidence f the bureaucracy our veterans by the long wait list. is it really working right? martha: there are some inexcusable things going on here. destroying the document the wanted them to turnover.
7:18 am
before we even heard about these there were another sad list of 23 people who died, they acknowledge that. my question is where is the accountability. the now finally some would say suspended these three individuals, doesn't he need to be more outfront on this? >> it seems to me we need major reform. they are something they did admit last month. they were not properly tested for it. the how big is the problem? 150 hospitals, 820 clinics with almost 9 million veterans in this system, one of the largest health enterprises in the world and i am thinking let them get after the problem in phoenix but
7:19 am
put together a presidential commission and see if it is really the capacity and resources they have, are the meeting the demand? it clearly indicates it is not and we may need to overhaul the whole system or tweak it, but something is fundamentally wrong here. martha: the money is not being spent sufficiently. i would think they would be outraged by this and want to rip it open and find out what is going on and fix it. >> money is not the issue. if congress will give whatever they want, that is the truth of it. iable support them 100%. martha: we will see you next time. bill: a paralyzed veteran walks again partially because of you. how viewers helped him take his
7:20 am
very first step in his incredible journey of recovery. plus the death of the world's most wanted man sending crowds in the streets like this. martha: it has now been three years since that jubilant night, so why are al qaeda groups growing? >> it is a celebration of thousands of people at the white house and all around the world probably. honestly, i'm pouring everything i have into this place. that's why i got a new windows 2 in 1. it has exactly what i need for half of what i thought i'd pay. and i don't need to be online for it to work. it runs office, so i can do schedules and budgets and even menu changes. but it's fun, too -- with touch, and tons of great apps for stuff like music, 'cause a good playlist is good for business.
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7:23 am
>> i can report the american people and the world the united states is conducting operation that killed usama
7:24 am
bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. the terrorists possible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. bill: it has been three years since usama bin laden was taken out by navy seals. thousands pouring into times square in front of the white house and it all seemed like that. a stunning report that says despite his death three years later al qaeda is on the rise just about everywhere. why is that? former president of a global intelligence and securities firm. good morning to you. why is that? >> it was symbolically very important. we had to close that l it really had little to almost no impact on al qaeda.
7:25 am
what has been taking place over the past handful of years is directly related to the instability of the middle east. al qaeda jihadist thrive in chaos. he will find them there. parted with a turnover in libya obviously what is going on in syria, our lack of presence in iraq allow for this breeding ground. like building another lane of traffic, they move in like cockroaches. bill: this report identifies 43% increase from 2012, 2013? >> syria has been a big part of that. the problems we are experiencing now is that is very, very good success taking note key leadership. you think about caliban and
7:26 am
afghanistan, but what that does taking with the leadership, this has been going on for a decade or so, the organization flattening out the coming more localized. as before 9/11 you had this top-down structure. now because you're getting these franchises, they are not doing the big picture operations, but they are becoming more aggressive, violent, so you are getting more regionalized local attacks. bill: leon panetta wrote this yesterday, three years later the world is dangerous, even more so, while the mood of withdrawal is spreading in both medical parties. recent reports suggest they may have to address the crisis around the world that threaten our national security, or military must be prepared to respond if necessary.
7:27 am
>> he is absolutely correct. i have a lot of respect for leon panetta. washington is so dysfunctional. the way they are approaching the military budget cuts this not make sense. you cannot create a military based on what you hope to see and have to hope to fight down the road. because it takes a long time to turn that ship around. we are fatigued after iraq, fatigue after afghanistan. that does not mean you do a half job, willy-nilly cut a budget because you hope you don't have to fight another war down the world. bill: the point. this group in nigeria frankly has seen very little media attention is downright brutal. thank you for your time. >> thank you. martha: bill o'reilly going up the media for what he says mostly ignoring the benghazi scandal. >> a scandal, that is proof the
7:28 am
american press is dishonest. martha: coming up we will be base that. bill: and saying u.s. forces should have gotten th benghazi o save the lives of four americans who died that night. colonel ralph peters on that. >> even if you do not think there is one chance in hell you connect to those americans you try, you go after them. our military is put on a short leash.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
martha: we have some breaking news for you. the house oversight committee chairman darrell issa has issued a subpoena for john kerry to testify before congress about the ins and outs of the benghazi documents, 40 some of which have had some light shed on them this weekend brought a whole lot of attention back to this benghazi story. requiring john kerry to appear before the committee to answer the question at a public hearing on may 21. the state department's response the congressional investigation of the benghazi attacks has shown a disturbing disregard the department's legal obligations with a subpoena for these documents is not a game because they are failing to meet the legal obligations commission a new subpoena you to come before the committee to answer those questions about your agencies space bar the investigation of
7:33 am
the benghazi attacks. strong words from darrell issa. bill: now you start to see this momentum. sir, good morning to you. they want to know why these e-mails are only being made public now. suggesting this is a criminal act. how much will he have to do with this now? >> he really wasn't part of the problem at benghazi itself. having testify is good, one more guy on the record but the key people you have to bring back, hillary clinton, get her under oath. what does it matter, and general david patraeus, they haven't really gone hard on him and asked him what his experience was the relation of the talking points.
7:34 am
bill: he was secretary of state when the subpoena went out for the records. >> it is right to subpoena them, i got that because you do anything you can to try this administration open. so brilliant how this administration lied and state to the lies and stonewalls you observed, the media is often complicit with. sometimes you have to step back. when i step back and look at the myriad of problems with things done, not done, should have been redone, the bottom line here is what we have on the night of the presidential administration, all of the presidents men and women
7:35 am
were he did not of how to save those on the ground in benghazi to save the presidents campaign for reelection and then it is incredibly shameful. i don't know anything like that has happened in american history. bill: listen to this, i want to ask you a very specific question. >> he should have tried, always moved to the sound of the guns. we didn't know how long this would last start we clearly understand what we had in front of us. >> they were issuing press releases. >> first time in a 33 years he could not do with the military always does. >> yes, sir. bill: one thing he said was we did not know how long it would last. he also went on to say, which he did not see, the two navy seals did not die until early that
7:36 am
morning, which leads you to believe that attack happened several hours. lot to make from a military moved to get something moving like that, i get it. what are we left to conclude after this? >> there is one thing, those reaction forces on september 11. the military did make some effort to get the force in europe and the united states, but the white house wasn't really behind it. the president wasn't interested in saving american lives, did not want too much rice the situation. the white house made political calls, not strategic calls, my bottom line is this, when americans are under attack, i don't care if it is attacking american merry-go-round.
7:37 am
if you are stationed in italy playing as an unloader with fuel and everything, you do every single thing you can rescue to e those americans and you don't say we don't know. we failed. the administration failed, first of all this is part of a pattern for president obama. he has no courage, it is whether it is benghazi or syria, put in. for the first time in our history we've had great presidents, terrible presidents, this is the first time we have had president who is an outright coward. bill: thank you for your time
7:38 am
there. we will see the president about an hour from now and see whether or not, taking two questions the u.s. media and overseas media to see whether or not it goes one way or the other today. martha: while you were talking to peters, we got breaking news on john boehner's office suggesting he was leaning in this direction yesterday, now house speaker john boehner's office is saying he is seriously considering a select committee to investigate the attacks on the u.s. diplomatic post in benghazi, libya. he is drawing a line directly from these e-mails released this week after they put forward a freedom of information request that was fulfilled, and the reasons for appointing a committee now are straightforward. the developments. when we will see that connected, we will let you know.
7:39 am
major ground in the benghazi story. bill o'reilly is slamming them over this very hot issue. >> the obama administration was derelict and dishonest in the aftermath. the national press doesn't give a damn? martha: we take a look at why it is just now gaining more attention. bill: "frozen" is taken the world by storm. let's hear it for the u.s. marines, shall we? >> ♪ let it go ♪ let it go close ♪
7:40 am
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7:42 am
martha: bill o'reilly blasts in the media ignoring and overlooking the benghazi scandal taking on over the last couple of months on the "o'reilly factor."
7:43 am
o'reilly: the obama administration was completely derelict in the attack and was dishonest in the aftermath. national press doesn't give a damn? disgraceful. that failure to tell the american people the truth about benghazi is for one reason and one reason only. to protect president barack obama. martha: for more on this, we go with ke comments. happy friday. is bill right? >> is he trying to protect president obama? i think you can make that certain argument. they don't seem to care about international news particularly two years old. that is not to say that is right. we see that more and more by the stories you see people covering.
7:44 am
hundreds of thousands of people. this is to be some sort of apathy. the problem is you have jay carney who goes after fox specifically in almost every daily briefing. the problem is there are more and more messengers now. all asking the same questions. you can't shoot the messenger anymore because so many other folks are getting on board. it is becoming a bigger story. martha: take a look at nancy pelosi in this soundbite. >> what are we talking about? what i know of what i have read in the press about it was very consistent with what was put out there. i don't think there is anything new there.
7:45 am
martha: they have said it. you bring up the central point, this is no longer with some have called a fox story. this merits attention and you are hearing it from every significant news outlet out there. >> like this is two years ago, where we talking about it. >> i think my god, if you were one of those for families, for those people, two years is like five minutes. the fact we still have nothing on the investigation, the president promised the american people we would find the people who brutally murdered the u.s. ambassador, where is that investigation and is the media on that question? bill: "new york times" able to find one of those killed in that
7:46 am
attack at a cafe. we seem to be growing and bombing everybody. that is a very interesting point you make. they care about elections. hillary clinton is a big magnets. she used to say whenever a story came out at least in one instance the term fast right wing story. she will get pushed back asked tough questions. when that happens during the presidential election. martha: i wonder if it will have any impact and if she decides to run because that famous quote, the hands in the air, what difference does it make is going to be seen again and again and again. >> great story she is about 50/50 why she will run.
7:47 am
why she won't, she hates the media too much. she made at that point i don't feel like answering these kind of questions anymore, been in the public spotlight 20, 25 years, don't want to deal with this. it could end up being a reason why she decides not to. happy weekend. martha: you too. bill: violent eruption the streets trying to figure out what to do next there. also, it is time before the horse hits the track, a behind the scenes look at america's biggest and most historical. vo: once upon a time
7:48 am
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martha: the road to recovery for the wounded warriors is often long and difficult journey as you well know. today one veteran is able to walk again made possible by you, our viewer. helping wounded veterans donate anan associate to the hospital earlier this weekend, a big ceremony. helping men and women paralyzing combat in afghanistan get back out of the wheelchair. look at this amazing video as he takes these steps which are truly life-changing. you know that moment is absolutely incredible. the chairman joined us back in december telling us of the viewers gave $20 each they could literally buy one of these suits for someone.
7:52 am
this happened. >> within five minutes the website crashed because everybody went to it. from that over the course of the next two weeks we raise $130,000. the fox viewers with the issue. martha: let's do it again, let's help another paralyzed veteran walk and we will introduce the marine whose life you helped to change. get more information, such a great story and i am so proud of everybody who helped make that happen. bill: logon and get ready because your website is going to crash. 77-year-old trainer reaping the
7:53 am
victory of the kentucky derby. how good is this worse? >> it is a good horse. always one of those great stories. this year's heartwarming story comes from here in the golden state. the become the first california bred horse to win since 1962 and it could be the oldest trainer to win in the 140 year history. >> once in a while you get the mix that clicks, it is hard to come by. >> 77 years young sherman has spent nearly all of his life at the racetrack. now they are a day away from horseracing's biggest event, the kentucky derby. >> he is doing great, looks good. reporter: so good that he is the morning line favorite.
7:54 am
>> it was awesome, really. reporter: sherman has never train a horse in the kentucky derby. and he never even road in a race. but as a teenager learning his way around the stables he was hired to share a train car from california to louisville with a hall of fame thoroughbred before his big win in the derby. sherman is still chasing the dream. >> i call myself the poor man's trainer. it is great. i don't have high expectations of winning the big races and stuff, i just like to win my share, have fun and i have to wait 77 years, so it has been a long time coming.
7:55 am
>> he says his only concern or his biggest concern is the california bill could get in the first term, it will be tough to beat. we're pulling for him here on the west coast. >> they had the opportunity. they drew a big spot. adam, thank you. martha: i always pick by the name. bill: off we go. martha: a teenager charged in the fatal stabbing of a classmate reported because she turned him down at the prom has made the first public court appearance today. the day we rescued riley,
7:56 am
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7:59 am
>> people love that song. it is cutest video of the day, the marines melting house with their ren discs let it go. singing along to the song from "frozen." oscar-winning film attracted fans all over the world. even america's toughest and bravest. my boys are not that little and sings that song. bill: these marines will try out like -- >> tell the folks what happened. website was going to crash. we wean wrong. it has crashed. keep on trying. keep it coming. throughout the day or over the weekend. get a note to get pack to it next week -- >> have a great weekend. >> have a great friday.
8:00 am
right on. "happening now" starts right now. jon: we begin this friday morning with a fox news alert and deadly new violence in benghazi, highlighting fragile security situation in libya nearly two years after attacks that claimed lives of four americans. good morning i'm jon scott. >> jon, i'm arthel neville in for jenna lee today. the attack happened earlier this morning. at least six people were killed when militants stormed libyan security headquarters. government troops later retaking the building after a long firefight. now this as fierce reaction pours in after a top military intelligence official testified that u.s. commanders knew early on that the 2012 benghazi attack was a hostile action, not a protest that got out of hand, contradicting the initial white house narrative. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herrid f


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