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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 2, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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you'll never miss a night. start your day with fox and friends at 5:00 a.m . thanks for joining us. hope you have a great weekend we'll see you back here next week. o'reilly factor." good night from washington, d.c. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> diversion subterfuge. benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. whyerant we talking about something else? >> benghazi is a corpse. they tried to rouse it today, and it fell right back down. >> so the democratic excuse making begins, as evidence pointed to a white house benghazi cover-up mounts, will the main stream media help the left downplay the story? we'll tell you. >> i hope jeb runs. i think he would be a great president. >> does likely presidential contender jeb bush have what it takes to topple democratic darling hillary clinton in 2016?
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>> i'm confident he can reach out to people who may at this point feel like the republican party doesn't listen to him. >> a new report says he's gaining momentum. we'll take a look. >> his organization gave more money to the minority community than others. >> the leader of the l.a. naacp resigned under fire after planning to honor clippers owner donald sterling. does the civil rights organization really serve the folks? caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm laura ingram, in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. benghazi and americans' distrust of the government. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as speaker john boehner finally announces a select committee to investigate benghazi.
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a recent fox poll shows 61% of americans think the administration has been in cover-up mode on the issue. it's pathetic handling of the attack that killed four americans, has bred more distrust and more cynicism in a pu public that needs good news. a new poll released this week shows half of the americans think the american dream is dying or is dead all together. we know rages are not keeping up with the cost of living incre e increases. we know good paying jobs are being replaced with low paying ones in the retail or service industry, and health care premiums and out of pocket costs are soaring for many americans. it shouldn't surprise anyone that the same poll shows 47% of americans think we should be less active in global affairs. the economist has a new piece out today titled what would america act for.
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it's bemoaning their reluctance to act in foreign policy. as long as moe americans don't see their lives getting better, they will have nor appetite for making the lives of syrians better. it means china will grow more powerful, russia will be emboldened, russia will continue its reign of terror. but persuading americans we should be more active around the world requires showing them how their lives will be improving and soon at home. in other words, we need to rebuild american confidence. that means we need politicians who focus more on what is good for america, our people, our economy, our future, and less on what helps their own re-election. and that's the memo. and now on to the top story. >> the latest efforts to get
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some answers finally on benghazi. as we said earlier, speaker john boehner announced the house will vote to establish a select committee to investigate what has happened and they have subpoenas secretary of state john kerry to testify about the benghazi terror attack at a hearing later this month. here's how the state department responded. >> i am confident that what the republicans allege, that there was some attempt by this administration to cover up or spin what happened, is 100% false. >> joining me now, just a mile and a half away from here, chief white house correspondent, ed henry. a lot of news for a friday. boehner gives in on the select committee. the e-mail pushed him over the top, right? >> i think so, the ben rhodes e-mail that came out because of the lawsuit by judicial watch, the conservative group, showed boehner that after months and
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month of resisting pressure to form a committee, because boehner believed regular committees could investigate this, he's realizing, look, darrell issa had a subpoena for the ben rhodes information and it was never turned over. now it comes out in the lawsuit, and it makes boehner realize maybe there's more information. in large part due to conservative pressure in the caucus, he's decided to move forward. >> the president appearing with angela merkel, the german chancellor. anything raised on benghazi giving the big news? >> no. throughout the week, there were various tv networks and newspapers and others pushing jay carney, pretty aggressively, about the new information on benghazi, and then just minutes before the news conference in the rose garden, you had this news by john boehner. partisan because it's a
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republican speaker saying i'm going to investigate it more, but getting pressure from the president of the united states. and two german reporters asked. american reporters asked about ukraine, a big deal, but the second question was about the death penalty and the botched execution in oklahoma. again, important issue, but with all of the news bubbling up this week, it's surprising it wasn't asked. >> yet again another attack today in syria on a compound there. americans not involved, but it reminds us no one has been brought to justice or arrested and it seems like over there, it's going to hell in a hand basket. >> it is. and nine libyan soldiers killed by islamists. and john boehner referenced that in trying to justify why they're movi
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moving forward. he said, you heard tommyvener saying this happened two years ago, basically, this happened a long time ago. it should be investigated. john boehner said after 20 months, we don't know a lot of questions, like what the president was doing on the night of the terror attack, and after all this time, the americanerize not brought to justice. that's a key reason why he's moving forward. >> you is sense what hillary clinton might do if she runs for the president. you remember what the democrats did with the white water investigation. he said americans are obsessed with this. we want to put together job programs. this is a do-nothing congress. that's yesterday's news. you got a hint of that from tommy vitor yesterday.
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they're going to say asked and answered, you're obsessed with scandal. >> this becomes a way to turn this around on republicans. voters care about economy. health care has been a divisive subject, but that's out there, but what republicans want to do is create a spelths committee, and i think they're going to say this is an obsession of the gop and we should move on. other the other hand, you can see republicans like john boehner trying to fire up their conservative base because there's a lot of people who think maybe the administration is hiding something. republicans are thinking politically this will help them here. >> i have to get your take on the vitor q & a. that was an interesting choice to send out? they sent out susan rice. now they send him out. god bless him, but he looks like he's 12 years old. he was in the situation room
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that night, right? we know one person was. >> right, and that's what was difficult for the administration. tommy was there for a long time, and he made husband point. on the other hand, when you have a young spokesman handling the media component, saying he was in situation room, but acknowledging the president wasn't. you have john mccabe and lindsay graum saying where were you? why weren't you in the situation room? i bet that's something boehner will investigate. >> they released a photo, but we don't have photos from the other night, september 11th, 2012. and next on the run-down, the left making excuses for the latest benghazi revelations. >> and is jeb bush the gop's best choice for victory in 2016. a new report says some republican bigwigs
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in the impact segment tonight, excuse making on the left. despite early evidence that in the 2012 attack in benghazi, libya, it was well planned and organized, the obama administration initially blamed it on an anti-muslim video and called it a spontaneous event. this week, new documents reveal ben rhodes tried to re-enforce the video angle with talking points for administration officials that would, quote, underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video, and not a broader failure of policy. and even with this latest speculation, jay carney is downplaying questions by calling them conspiracy theories and others on the left are piling on. >> diversion subterfuge.
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benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. why aren't we talking about anything else? what i know of what i have read in the press about those e-mails, were fairly consistent with what was put out there before. i don't think there's anything new there. >> you have to fill the space with something. i have to tell you, benghazi has filled the space way beyond its life. benghazi is a corpse. they tried to arouse it today, and it fell right back down. >> joining us now from new york, jean zano, a political analyst and a professor at iona college. you heard the montage, the democrats saying this is nothing new, we have heard it before. you're obsessed with scandal, but to listen to what eleanor holmes norton said, it's a korms, they're trying to -- any problem with that language? if i were a family member of one of the fallen, the victims on
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that night, i wouldn't much like that cavalier language she used. >> yeah, the language choice was really unfortunate. what i would rather see both her and the, you know, nancy pelosi saying, is the truth. that this wouldn't be an issue if the white house had been honest from the beginning and released the documents earlier. you know it's a storo now because they withhealth the documents. i'm not sure it tells us much new. so the idea that lindsey graham has talked ability, that it's a smoking gun, i sort of take issue with. what is questionable is why they withheld it. they're shooting themselves in the foot on this because they're not being forthcoming. you mentioned what jay carney has been saying, to suggest this has nothing to do with benghazi, after you released it, is the height of incredulity. how could we take this
8:16 pm
seriously. >> it wasn't released because it contradicted in a very, i think, flagrant way, what they were trying to claim early on. oh, there were no double sets of talking points. the white house had very little involvement in the talking point. maybe one word, but here we have an e-mail that is cleary a set of bullet points being used in reference to susan's prep call. prep call for what? she's going on four sunday shows, and the aftermath of our ambassador, his body being dragged through the streets. and something -- we haven seen something like this since the iranian hostage crisis. and we're prepping her using political talking points. that, i think s a scandal here, along with the fact we had an ambassador and three others brutally murders on september 11th when we should have known better. >> i would agree with you to
8:17 pm
that extent, but i would say it's not just the obama administration who has put politics or policy. you're absolutely right. we have a communications team in the white house that is deckitating policy. you can't have that. as a result, you have people losing trust in the president. his credibility being questioned. so you're absolutely right. my broader point would be this is not just about the obama administration. it's a focus on campaigning. >> i would say, though, doctor, after the valerie plame scandal, you remember scooter libby outing a cia agent. there was never such an even-handed analysis of that scandal that turned out to be wrong-headed in how they went after scooter. it was corruption, we have to get after it. but now it's both sides do it, we have to get away from the
8:18 pm
news cycle. this is four americans getting brutally murdered going to politics before people. >> it's a scandal, and you're right, they have to get to the bottom and ask real questions and boehner is right to call for this committee. you're right, they need to get to the bottom of it. my point is this is nothing new in american politics. it's unfortunate we have a white house that hasn't learned this lesson. >> hope can change. >> i'm not confident in 2016 we'll see anything different. >> directly ahead, we'll get giraldo's take on this as well as the escalation today of violence in the ukraine. later, the naacp is caught in the crosshairs of the don sterling controversy, and critics now saying the group cashed in on its cozy relationship with the clippers owner. owner. the factor is cometh
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in the friday's with giraldo segment, let's bring in the fox news star who is in new york to get his reaction to the benghazi revelations this week. and giraldo, i have to say, all the e-mail from ben rhodes and then tommy vitor appearance with bret baier, i think i watched that three times. i found it fascinating. >> come on, what do you mean? >> i thought it was like valley girl speak. wait a second, i'm sure he is a nice guy, but he was in the situation room that night? the president was somewhere, but what did you make of their sending him out. he's a spokesperson, kind of a media guy. a former, senting him out to speak with bret baier. how effective was that?
8:23 pm
>> they made a mistake. they were sending him out to discuss marijuana legalization, but he went to the wrong news room. here's what i think, and i'll be very, very blunt about this. one thing that was hardly mentioned in the last several days is it's the third anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. osama bin laden's death was the foundation of president obama's re-election campaign in 2012. bin laden is dead. general motors is arrive. he was soaring to the re-election, and a year and a half after the death of the terror mastermind, which we all applauded. i thank god i was on the air live when the announcement came down. a year and a half later, we had this terror attack in benghazi. it was a situation there that interviewed with the triumphant narrative. he had to spin it, and what is revealed now, and very clearly, and almost without argument, is that the white house and the
8:24 pm
obama administration closed ranks to maintain the narrative and ubstour what really happened. i think there was clearly a cover-up, or maybe that's too harsh. there was a twisting and spinning of an event to suit the president's re-election campaign. >> i remember the left's attack on bush in iraq was bush lied. people tdied. here, people died, and obama's people lied. they lied about what was at the core of what happened that night. it turns out that the state department knew pretty much that night it was not an attack, no protests. it was a well-organized gathering on the compound. yet they didn't get to them for weeks after that. >> i agree and disagree. here's where you and i will part philosophical company, laura. i think that what happened after
8:25 pm
the quadruple murder of our people in benghazi was absolutely a cover-up that deserves, you know, these people to be reamed and criticized and uncovered. but what the right did wrong was to focus on the mythical possibility that the united states military could have din something. that president obama could have done something to save our people once the attacks began. that is absolutely false. and by -- >> geraldo, do you think our compound should be secured? >> i agree with you also. that's a hillary clinton must answer the question, why so light a security footprint in a country if they only watched my reporting from benghazi, they would have known was extremely volatile and dangerous. that's a. hillary clinton bears responsibility for the lack of security in that facility. then you jump over to the post
8:26 pm
after the fact, and the cover-up is clear. the political sunangons. >> it's political. >> when we let down our team was to pretend that obama was insensitive, he could have saved our victims. >> i'm not talking about that. >> we have talked about it. >> i'm focused -- >> let me make this. when we talk about benghazi exhaustion, we have contributed with a false narrative of what happen eed that night. >> you're going to my point. >> it's during that night -- >> this is a good segue into the point i was making in talking points, which is there are people in this country who want to get to the bottom of this, select mitty, who was responsibility, where was hillary the entire night, where was ollama the entire night, but there are a lot of people saying
8:27 pm
libya was a mess, we shouldn't have been here. they want to pull back from the world stage. vast middle class is flat lining, and as a result, they want us to pull back from the world stage. and as you know from all your work and foreign reporting, that means the world is going to grow more chaotic and unstable. we need to get the homefront shored up. >> quick point, i preferred gadhafi to the current leadership of libya. that's why i oppose the bombing of assad in syria because i prefer assad to the rebels who would replace them. we cannot medal in the east. it's never going to happen, not in this era of modern history. and look what is happening in egypt, what do we do about ukraine?
8:28 pm
egypt will settle more or less. it's better than it was a year ago under the muslim brotherhood. in ukraine, you have a situation where putin has bit off a big hunk of ukraine. now let him dijust it. he will not be able to do. he has gotten himself a new chechnya. the comak will shrink. >> i don't think so. >> what we do is protect our side, nato, that's our >> to be continued. thank you so much, and plenty more ahead as the factor moves along. the leader of the los angeles naacp resigns in the wake of the donald sterling controversy. donald sterling controversy. >> and will it be clinton versus [ female announcer ] this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather? a mouth breather! [ whimpers ] how do you sleep like that? well, put on a breathe right strip
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"i think you have shingles." i could feel the shock in my back and it was like "wowts got to get better than is or i'm in big trouble." in the personal story segment, continued fallout from the l.a. clippers controversy. yesterday, the leader of the los angeles naacp resigned after the group came under fire for its plan to present a lifetime achievement award to donald sterling. here's how mr. jenkins explained his chapter's decision to honor mr. sterling. >> mr. sterling's organization has on a consistent basis brought in numerous minorities and inner city kids to games. almost every game, there's a
8:33 pm
section where there are young people there. he also has over the years we looked at, contributed to a lot of minority charities, including the naacp. so we looked at comparing that with all of the other l.a. franchises. his organization gave more money to the community, to the minority community than others. >> the naacp rescinded the honor after a recording surfaces of sterling making racist comments, but the group is still dealing with some backlash, especially since sterling has a long history of racisracism. with me now are professors from georgetown university. okay, guys, great to see you both. richard, let's start with you. sterling gave, donated some money. by some account, $45,000. naacp causes, and is that really why he got the award? was it a money deal? or he wasn't a racist then but
8:34 pm
he is now? what's going on? >> there was never clear proof he was a racist, clearly, where there was smoke there was fire. we see he's a racist individual. that doesn't take away from the fact the clippers organization, the players who have given to charity, and the fact they gave tickets to young people is a meritable thing. >> i would say, i can't believe the naacp. i wouldn't even do the preface. i would say, you have to be kidding me. he was well known to be kind of a racist, insensitive on racial issue. just because he brings some black kids to an event, could that be a cover. >> at the end of the day, this guy is clearly a racist. it doesn't matter how much money you give to. if it looks and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. and he's a race. >> for the naacp, it doesn't
8:35 pm
look good. i would say it looks like money talks here. >> so here's the thing. the thing for me is i'm not sure, usually, i think of a lifetime award as being given once in a lifetime. now it's two times? >> remarkable. >> the first time he was given an award, that was during the time he was involved in the litigation relative to blacks and latinos. >> housing discrimination, 206,6 federal case. >> they were aware of that. >> they were absolutely aware of that. the biggest problem for me with the naacp it continues to be what it has been, which is it is pay for play. >> i would like to differ on that. we're talking about one chapter of the naacp. >> it's a pretty important chapter. >> it is a big city chapter, but the naacp has stood up for the rights of folks to vote, for
8:36 pm
education, ending gun violence. they stand up for the rights of everyday average people. >> they do stand up for the rights of everyday average people. they also honor people with lifetime achievement awards. >> let's not mix apples and oran oranges. >> i'm not. i'm very clear. the national organization continues to be a pay for play organization. >> the organization is very distinct from what is happening in the local eyes. >> let me get to another point. one thing that has happened in some of the advocacy groups. the naacp was started as an organization to help black people, without regard to political party, right? it really has turned out in so many ways to be a purely partisan organization. i'm raising this not because i'm bashing obama, but factually, how have blacked done under the obama administration economically? how have they done, and how does
8:37 pm
it reflect on barack obama? >> there's definitely room for improvement. >> let me make it clear for you. 11.9% unemployment, the lowest participation rate in the work force, rock bottom lowest ever recorded, may 2nd, 2014. wouldn't the naacp be out in the streets if this were a republican president presiding over this type of economy, including the black americans harbdest hit. but obama gets a pass. >> i don't know that he gets a pass. we have seen this organization come out against him many times. >> when? >> for not having diverse employees. >> how is that affecting the government. black people, the only thing they care about is how money is distributed. >> nay have also taken on a number of issues when it comes
8:38 pm
to the president. eric holder -- >> when it comes to voter protection, for school discipline policies, we have seen the naacp over and over again, stand up for the rights of colored people. and not only colored people -- >> i go back to the point if this were a republican president and to your point that you made earlier about them standing up for the rights of ordinary people, it would not be acceptable to have this area of such low black unemployment. >> the naacp complained about unemployment every day. >> they complain, but they don't take action. >> look, i'm not trying to pile on, but america is really hurting across the board, but especially hard hit, luteatino community, black community, hardest hit, singlemotors, hardest hit. all i'm saying is if you're heading up a national chapter,
8:39 pm
local chapter, the party in power, still the democrats, at some point, you have to say, this didn't work. all these promises didn't come to fruition, and our lives aren't getting better. sterling, we know who he is. the larger problem is what works for the country. that's why i hop we can come together and make some assessments. both parties have screwed up the economy. isn't that a great way to go to the weekend? thank you. when we come back, george w. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel, biotene can provide soothing relief, and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. remember, while your medication is doing you good,
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thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingram, in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow-up segment tonight, the gop presidential field, a number of high profile republicans are still dancing around the question of whether or not they'll run in 2016. former florida governor jeb bush said he'll make a decision by the end of the year. but his brother and former president george w. has already weighed in. >> i hope he runs. he's been an effective chief executive of a big state.
8:44 pm
he's -- confident he can reach out to people who that may at this point feel like the republican party doesn't listen to them. >> some big-time republican donors seem to agree. according to a "new york times" story, a number of them are considering supporting jeb over new jersey governor chris christie should the two run. joining me now mercedes. a former spokesperson for president bush w., so great to see you. i had heard this from some friends who are in the fund-raising community, that a lot of the big money waiting on the sidelines to wait to see what jeb does. i don't believe he's down for the count, but isn't this all kind of frozen until jeb decides? >> absolutely. christie was the flavor of the month for some time, but where think with jeb kind of dancing around, going to make a decision by the end of the year, it
8:45 pm
presents an opportunity for donors to step back and see what's going to happen. they do mev he's one of the stronger general election candidates. the question will be, can he unify the republican base, the tea partiers along with the republican establishment. that will be a critical component. >> i think what is happening i sense this from listening to people, and rr not uniform, but i belief they think they flopped. in the second bush term, they spent too much money. there's a huge war futeaatigfat which ushered in barack obama. the establishment fails time and again. the establishment of the democratic party fails as well, but they wonder, and i think you know 15%, only 15%, the new economist poll, want jeb bush to run at all. my listeners the most part are,
8:46 pm
nothing personal, wonderful family. >> then there was the post/abc poll saying 72% of conservatives had a favorable view of the bush family. >> it's not personal. >> but with jub, here's the thing. it's too early in the process. we've got to let him voice his -- >> why is he waiting? he gets a free ride right now. he's waiting because he gets a free ride. a free ride on imigation amnesty, on common core. both flashpoint issues for the republican party. >> i would want to see more of a front coming up. it's scary attacking ourselves instead of enemy number one. >> i think a lot of folks believe the establishment is the enemy. >> that's the unfortunate part. >> it's not the unfortunate part. it's the truth. the reason we have barack obama is because we had a failed second bush term. again, i love george w. bush, i
8:47 pm
love him as a person. >> and you had two weak -- >> who wasn't a establishment candidate. romney, a establishment candidate. >> where will you find someone who has a broad appeal? >> did we have it last time? >> absolutely not. >> you think they're going to be magically energized with the brother. >> i think he should have a voice. >> if he wants to run, who says he shouldn't have a voice. i'll tell you what is going to happen. this is what i predict will happen. he will come into ohio, he'll lose iowa. somebody like huckabee will win. he could win in south carolina, but it's say he loses in south carolina. he goes into florida. they poured all this money into jeb. he'll win in florida, and then it's over.
8:48 pm
>> hillary, we cannot -- >> i'm glad you brought that up. he loses by eight point. who is the only person to ever beat hillary in a head to head? >> in the head to head, it was christie at one point. you put him in the midwest and the south, and he will not play we well. >> he was elected as a teaperty kfrative and he's more moderate than jeb bush. but he's luging to hillary in every poll. >> tharler all luzing, it might be out of the box. jeb bush, let him be part of the deba debate. >> he's got the money and that's a huge advantage to him. and do not forget, bill and dennis miller will be bringing their boulder fresher tour to honolulu a week from saturday. tickets are still available.
8:49 pm
also killing jesus kill be number three on the "new york times" best seller list this weekend after 32 weeks on the list. unbelievable. straight ahead, the culture war in america. we're going to talk to a man on the front lines. the attack on traditional values. what he has discovered will shock you. that report just moments away. what is performance? 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? how a car performs in a quarter-mile?
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in the back of the book segment, the factor prides itself on fighting the good fight when it comes to the culture war. we often cover stories you'll not hear about in the main stream media. helping us with that is radio host todd starns. he's the author of the new book
8:53 pm
"god less america." real stories from the front lines on the attack on traditional values. he joins us now from new york. todd, it's great to see you. man, i can tell you from my own radio listeners, people really do feel like christians and -- especially christian conservatives, that's the last bastion that you can really attack and discriminate against with impunity, that they're looked at as uncool and not up to date, they're a bunch of trogladites. you found this is being born out. let's start with the military. >> what's happening is very disturbing. under this president over the past five years, i've documented a number of instances where christianity has come under attack. i've had high ranking officers in the military have been told to hide their faith. it was just last year that i
8:54 pm
reported, and i write about this in the book, that soldiers were given training sessions and seminars where they were told that evangelical christianity and roman catholicism were examples of religious extremism, that groups like american family association were domestic hate groups. it went so far as to tell other officer information one unit they should be on the lookout for soldiers that might be giving money or getting materials from this organizations. this is what's happening here in president obama's military. >> todd, first of all, that's a scandal. can you imagine if a military officer were telling a soldier or a marine, you can't give money to g.l.a.d. or is a group that is suspicious or controversial, can you imagine what would be done to that high ranking official? he would be drummed out and he would be on the next plane out. >> i tell the story in the book
8:55 pm
of one individual who was called in by his lesbian commander and ordered to reveal, disclose his personal held position on gay marriage. when he refused to do so, he had to suffer the consequences of that. so there's an all-out assault in the military. here's the reason why. i believe that under this president, they have turned the military into a social engineering petrie dish. if they're able to implement this attack on christianity, and let's be very clear, it's a war on religious liberty, if they're able to come after christians in the military, they're certainly going to do that in the general population. >> and doing it in the public schools very briefly, give us the highlight. >> i grew up in the south and my book is flavored with southern sensibilities. to be honest, these days i feel like a duck dynasty guy living in a miley cyrus world. folks are just genuinely
8:56 pm
confused and in the public school system, we have seen young christian students come under fierce attack, a guy by the name of roy, who had his graduation speech censored by his school. >> and todd, your book is terrific. a must read. thank you so much. on deck, former president bush biking for a very good cause. he'll tell us about it, after these messages. stay with us. .yea dulcolax tablets can cause cramps but not phillips. it has magnesium and works more naturally than stimulant laxatives. for gentle cramp free relief of occasional constipation that works! mmm mmm live the regular life.
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8:59 pm
and wants to ease the challenges they face when returning home from war. >> we're helping redefine our ptsd to pts, post traumatic stress is an injury, it's not a disorder, meaning that it can be treated. that's important, because we want to help eliminate stigma. two, we want to encourage employers when they look at hiring a vet that they not be put off by somebody with pts. if it's called a disorder, somebody is likely to say i don't want to hire somebody with a disorder. every vet here has overcome difficult circumstances and are riding difficult trails. you know, you can succeed, and people ask me all the time about being with the vets. my answer universalry is, i'm inspired. >> well said. this is it for us tonight. be sure to check out my website, listen to my radio show and sign
9:00 pm
up to become a member and follow me on twitter or facebook. the kelly file is up next. i'm laura ingram in for bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here because we're always looking out for you. al qaeda is on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. >> less than a week later, four americans lay dead in benghazi. an attack all the more shocking because it came on 9/11. the administration immediately blamed a youtube video for the murders. >> these protests were in reaction to a video. we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. >> that assertion was soon challenged by those in a position to know. as a former general who monitored the