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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 3, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kimberly it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five". >> did the administration> deliberately deceive americans about the benghazi attack? today house speaker john boehner announced a special committee ie being formed to investigate. the move comes days after newly released e-mails revealed a white house aide advisor, susan rice, to tell the world that protests due to a video led them to attack americans that night. >> benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. why aren't we talking aboutrdin something else? >> what difference at this point does it make?
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>> dude, this is like two years ago. we're still talk being -- >> dude, it's the thing that everybody is talking about. >> and president obama is part of that chorus. >> your detractors believe you did not tell the world it was a terrorist attack because your campaign didn't want that out. that's what they believe. >> and they believe it because folks like you are tell ming them that. >> once again, finger pointing o at someone else, not accepting the responsibility, eric. >> dude, let me tell you something. i'm going to try and start every sentence with dude. so dude, it was two years ago. yeah, it was. can you imagine the parents and the families of the fourr people who died, the four great americans who died at benghazi?o it's disgusting that that kid did that. but it's culture.'s look at jay carney, nancy pelosi, look at the national security spokesperson, they have this attitude like why are you bothering us? why are you annoying us with these silly questions? benghazi is over. at this point, what differencea does it make? it matters not so much because
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anything is going to it matters because they lied about it and covered up about it and if they were willing to do it for benghazi, they're willinl to do it for the irs and mightt be willing too do it for something else next. >> communications nightmare is not even doing this justice. >> if it was a screen play for the show "veep," which i really like, you would think that it would make perfect sense. one of the things about this mak part where he says, dude, that was two years ago, is thatsa knowledge of the time line is i absolutesly critical becauseime that actually is the story. the questionon is, who at theory beginning pushed the video? that is what everybody has been trying to gets to the bottom ofd the white house for some reasont decided to redact the document that has been in question thisce week. redacted it many months ago when they gave did to the committee. that waso in defiance of the subpoena and i think that's whya speaker boehner, who had said to everybody, if there is somethind specific that would lead to a
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success successful conclusion of a con select committee, then that's when i will do it. i think that's been fairly methodical and cautious and i think -- the white house would probable low be better off just letting it all out there all at once because i think that this will just continue because if that document was redacted, my gut tells me there is probable will he many more that were also. >> i think that's a safe bet to say your gut tells you there isf probably more that's redacted. t why do you have to have judicial watch go on this hunt to findjui the truth?? this is america.n we're not supposed to be playino games. this is supposed to be the government that was going toe change the white house and change the way thingsno were dop in d.c we're going to be transparents. oh, little do they know, transparents as cement. >> exactly. what are you going to say? there is one word that sums upi this administration. it will alwayss be dude. 'cause it's not a white house. it's a frat house. low points in our culture, we have a poster boy for
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ambivalence data males who are raised on a diet of identity politics and organic kale. a shrinky has more backbone. you have these white house hacks that are basically covering more tracks than the long island whi railroad and they're using this as a strategy. but bahasically what they're saying is it's uncool to ask questions. take a chill pill. that is the only defense they have. you knowil what he says? he defended himself. he said that he went demeaning what happened two years ago. he was saying that if you aske anybody about what they wrote two years ago in e-mails, like, dude, that was two years ago issues how would i remember? y before he went on bret baier, hm tweeted, we're talking about something -- is this throwback thursday? we're talking about something that's b two years ago. so he lied again. he actually was making fun of the idea and that was precontinueding that he didn't. if they did a movie about benghazi, it would be dude r is my president?d
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>> bob? >> let me shake this up here. >> thank you.h >> let's begin with the obviousw here. obv did somebody somewhere decide that it would be in the best interest of the presidentiale campaign to not have this thingn out the way it was and that the talking poent?g yes. i agree with that. originally with this kid in the white house,e, maybe, maybe not. maybe with somebody else. didso they change the talking points? maybe, maybe not.king in the end, there are 225 women missing in nigeria, little girls. there are endless numbers of friendly fire -- we haven't -- wait a second, leten me finish! let me finish my say with what i think. me >> sure. >> hillary clinton says, we know they killed these people what, difference does did make anymore? >> because they covered it up, bob! >> so what!if
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>> every administration covers things up! >> should they be able toatio because it makes the president look good? >> who cares! they're not saying, gee, i wonderer what happened in benghazi. >> if it happened with a republican president and he w lied -- you would lose your mind. >> go after the f.b.i., go after all the other things you're talking about.go but this is, we've overkilled this. the republicans are using this purely for political reasons. not that they don't care about i four people being dead. and do you think they had this committee -- >> bob, wow. >> if you you were you admitting this was used to win ant election, then that didn't win an election. >> it was a piece of winning anw election. >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean to cut that. it was part ofie w them winning. >> the flour in the batter.r >> if you look at incumbent whiteok houses, they're going to go out of their way to avoid controversy. >> you know what else dude said last night that no one had ever said in 20 months? he said president obama was not
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in the situation room. wondering, was he in the situation room, talking to leon panetta? and it turns out -- >> i want to play it. >> was the president in the situation room?nt >> no. >> where was the i president? >> in the white house. >> he wasn't in the situation i room? >> at what point in theua evenin >> any point in the evening? >> it's well-known that when the attack was first briefed to him, it was in the oval office and he was updated constantly. >> when hillary clinton talks tw him by phone at 10:00 p.m., he'w where? >> i don't know. i don't have a tracking device on him. >> but you were in the situation room and he wasn't there?? >> yes, and he wasn't there. >> and the president was not in there? >> not in the boy i was in. >> how many times does the president or other people go in the situation room in the white house? about every day people go in there. >> bigger than a terrorist
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attack -- biggerthere anything than a terrorist p attack? >> i want to get dana in here. why does the messaging seem tomt be going all over the place.. it's like the twister thing. why? >> i think it's partly because they redacted the information and then it came out through a different means. so they look like they wereecau covering up a cover-up, which if you agree that they made up the story about the video in order to protect their politics in the situation, i think president obama was going to win the election anyway, regardless of this. but let's just say they were worried enough that they came up with this story. so they used politics to cover up a policy failure, which they said was the goal, to make sure there was not a cover-up. it gets to that large question of character and judgment, systemiccally misleading the american people, and then the question being, the largerr not about-- is necessarily the talking points, because i think to me, it's clear. we know that the white house pushed it and somebody was at the very top doing it.
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then the question becomes, whyit has no one been arrested, no one has been droned? there has been no counter attack from the united states on this attack. that becomes the larger issue that if everybody wants to get to that, that's what the select can try to get to the bottom of. >> whether you think the -- what do youat think the policy failue was? >> they were more worried about the policy failure.>> >> yeah, they were. i don't understand why they were so worried about it. >> then why don't we find out?re >> the policy failure was sayint the threat didn't exist when it existed. >> and possibly not sendingd troops. >> what about aa response? what about bringing the people to justice where they know where they are?resp >> they're not doing that because they don't want to do that? >> where are they, bob? >> why do you think they're not doing it? >> because i think they're in denial about the whole situation. >> oh, come on. >> the bigger policy failure also is after the removal of gadhafi in libya, what was the follow-up? in addition to that on egypt, i'm not making that up. it's in the document that they
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provide to susan rice to prepare her for the sunday shows. >> there it is. here is the problem, hillary clinton was the one who was supposed to a, testify, and go on the talk shows. what's the reason for the terrorist attack? she was the one who had to have said, well, it was the video that caused the attack. they knew she couldn't do that because she was going to run in 2016 and they could not throw her under the bus at that pointt so she hits her head. cou she has to spend two weeks out of commission, can't testify, can't go on the talk shows and they send susan rice to do her dirty work. >> to take bullets. >> she had said that after that. that the video. she's already said that. >> because then that's the point, bob, that they were>> s already too far gone. then they had to get the cover-up and it begs the question of who pushed thegs cover-up. >> who cares? >> i care.e >> if you think russia or china is quaking in their boots whenus they see this collection ofis ferris buellers running the
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country, the adults are on a carnival cruise and the house is being trashed, it's time to come home from the vacation in 2016. let the adults become in and clean house. >> leon panetta was not a child. a lot of these people were very senior and very good people and to blanketly indict the administration and call him names and say that's the whole administration is frankly bull. >> you know who cares?admi the people, whoever runs againso hillary clinton for president in 2016. you know why? >> it's pure politics! they used it! >> you can use benghazi as politics. >> if you're a electricity. >> the press helps you bury the tragedy and you can do that. >> just admit it's politics.n do i admit it was. >> so you're saying because we think it's bad, that's also politics? >> i'm saying with this special committee, select committee is pure politics.po i've said the other, it was
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politics. none of you are willing to say that? >> if it's under the guise it'st politics, you can do anything? you canu cover up murders, hide the truth, you can say it's the video when we know it'shide terrorism? >> you think -- >> as long as you cover up -- >> bill maher and them hiding behind comedy. >> by the way, we knew all this two years ago, but they didn't want to be forth coming with the truth of the details. they knew it was an act of terrorism. they knew it wasn't a video. they knew it was the work of ansar al al-shariah and instead they let us spin around like r buffoons. but your team did it. >> we've been leading this and sticking with it and i'm telling you, the american people could l give a damn about it. a >> i think the american people do care. >> show me some data. >> does the press need to get. tougher on the administration?? yes. one former white house pressy corps veteran thinks so.
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available on any device. this week jay carney tried his hardest to explain away the new e-mailin evidence on benghae but the national journal found his excuse, quote, embarrassing. >> i think when you get caught spinning like this, caught beint incredible with information given to the public, that's aa big g thing. that's why she's into other issues. as someone who admired andpu worked with jay and wants my white house to succeed, it was painful yesterday to watch that briefing and get baghdad bob flashbacks. >> hee thinks it's time for the press corps to get tougher on carney and others on theime administration. not just on benghazi, but lots of things. he's got five recommendations. he says don't let the white house set the ground rules. don't worry about personal relationships with administration officials.hite don't go to the briefings. interesting. cover the administration from
2:18 pm
the outside in and go to the correspondents dinner, which is tomorrow night, to gather information the public should know. which i thought was against the spirit of the white house correspondents dinner. at least what it used to be. it used to be a place where you go and shoot the breeze with the press and have a fun night. >> the spirit of the dinner is an incestous thing. -- expecting the president to act -- press to act against president obama is like asking a teenage girl to insult one direction. the press doesn't reflect people. the press reflects obama. he is their mirror. you don't argue with a mirror because you look crazy. the only time the press is going to change their tune and start acting tough questions is when oakey's pet funeral home & crematory leaves office. when there is a republican in there, they'll go, where were you the night of benghazi?
2:19 pm
>> we demand to know. >> president >> i'm saddened by this because when i was growing up andadde watching the news, which i loved, i thought the white house correspondent would be the pinnacle of a journalist's career.ntem but a recent poll taken, or survey, said that the white house beat is kind of boring ant not what they want to do. what do you think of that?at >> i don't know.u guess what? 'cause you can't really do your job when you're there. that's the situation now because if you do, you're going to be ross is that advertised and demonized by everyone. you can't ask honest questions, you can't do a fair investigation, because if youed do, you're a bad guy. the roles have reversed in some bizarre broad kay play. now if you want to doe ro responsible journalism, you have to have some distance. >> that's one of the things that
2:20 pm
ron fornier was suggesting. instead of taking what the press secretary is giving to you that day, you cover it from the outside in. bob, as i recall, those werewere some of the toughest stories you had to deal with, people who't didn't have a personal relationship. maybe ron has a point. >> we've been in those briefings and they sit around and they are meat that they have to deal with is what you hear from the press secretary. and a lot of them don't do as much follow-up. but is disagree about how tough this, quote, mainstream media is. if the people who were really tough on this were nbc, abc and fox, now, i mean, and a lot of other people. this was not something isolated to the supposedly the is conservative media. >> two years later, bob. >> what? no. they were on this from the beginning. >> you're talking about benghazi? the >> yeah. >> oh, god no. we t were the only ones covering it. >> i think fox did drive theit
2:21 pm
coverage and others did follow behind sheryl atkisson. >> look what happened t to her. >> that's my point.sson >> cbs wouldn't publish any of her stories. they wouldn't bring her on the evening news. jonathon karl is the only one standing up, that's the mainries stream media, asking the tough questions, and not taking the first answer out of jay carney's mouth, which is usually smokeng and mears. he's digging deep. let's see what happens to him. >> you two are going to the dinner tomorrow night. are you going for fun or dig for info? >> if you're going tore fun -- >> i bumped into jay carney last year and he said, you want to talk toy me?. i said yeah, i can't talk to you on camera. >> then remember what happened when you went up to eric holderh too? >> that was the biggest mistake. >> and then remember when youo? and greg got accused of doingber like a selfy -- >> remember that? >> oh, yeah. >> we'll be waiting on monday to hear all about it. >> next on "the five," steve
2:22 pm
wynn sets the record straight about his spat with george clooney and whether he called president obama a very bad word that you caused clooney to storm off. stay tuned. ♪ ooney to storm off. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ ♪ welcome back to the fastest seven minutes. if you hear the back and forth between las vegas billionaire steve wynn and george clooney, apparently clooney accused of ls him of calling president obama an a-hole. here is steve wynn's account. >> they're molly coddled. we're talking about successfulg.
2:27 pm
artists like george or barbra streisand. they live in a relatively small world. the people around them are very solicitous and caring for them. they have a world view that is therefore everything should be given to everybody 'cause everything has been given toore them. george clooney is fun to be i with. as i said earlier, you havefu to watch your timing. i didn't call the president a (bleep) george didn't collinear (bleep). he was a little into the tequila , but he is fun to be with. he's a good story teller. >> can't we all just get along? >> i agree with them. he's fun to be with and he's great company. >> is he really?be >> yeah. i like him a lot. i don't think he's hysterical in his politics like others are that are alienating and he feels the same way. he doesn't like when people are too polarizing. you have to listen to othe r opinions.
2:28 pm
come to the table to disagree i a good way. >> greg, i think what it was, t george clooney claimed that steve wynn called president obama an a-hole over a drink or something and then -- >> they were talking about a obamacare, because steve wynn a businessman and george is an actor. running a business is harder than running your mouth. and an actor, all he has to do is worry about himself. he gets a big paycheck. he doesn't have to worry abouthe caterers or stunt men or contracts. he only has to worry about the money he makes. business owners have to work under compassion. actors operator under phony compassion because that's when they do for a living. ph they manufacture their compassion, which makes it easy to give away other people'seopl money. on steve wynn hit it on the head. >> i find it strange that lot of news lately has been based on private conversations and reports or tapes of those
2:29 pm
conversations that i think these two people are mature people, they both obviously were at avio dinner together, so they at least have something in common. i think that hopefully clooney saw the spirit of which i thinkk wynn was trying to smooth thing over. >> you think we'll hear fromoin clooney?r >> good way to describe it. >> i don't know if the guy'she picture up there is the same guy. >> it is. >> my, my. must have had a tough week. wynn is a heavy republican contributor, loan gentlemen a heavy democratic contributor. when they took a shot about the tequila, i thought that was a bit much. so what? >> next up, "house of cards" at the center of senator underwood who will stop at nothing to become the next president of the united states, including murder. some say the clark is too extreme. here is the show's creator explaining why he's allowing th underwood character to kill for the job.
2:30 pm
>> every local mission who gets to the highest offices of power is a murderer. they have to be willing to be a murderer. whether it's killing someone in a garage or sending 100,000 troops off to war. s you are making decisions that are life and death and the result of the decision is that some people may die. >> what do you say, bobby? >> i say that boy spends too much time out of washington. do i think the character went too far? >> yeah, a little bit. there was a lot of truth to it. do i think politicians kill? no. do i think listening to that could kill me? yes. >> you have to have some sort of ice in your blood to be a top level politician. >> i don't know. not necessarily. do i think that somebody like paul ryan doesn't have ice in his blood. but one of the things aboutk s "house of cards" that makes itkw watchable is that it's drama, in it's fiction. it's not supposed to be realitya when frank underwood actually
2:31 pm
kills the congressman, that was a parta, where i thought, it jut didn't fit. i didn't think it was necessary. they could have even left that a little vague because i think that wouldn't have happened. now, he might have had somebody else do it for him, but to do it himself, i thought that was a step too >> too much? >> this guy reveals how adolescents and puny many creative minds are. making decisions of life and death now makes awe murderer. relativisme.d of that actually drains the value of the word murder. if you say that oh, everybody murders, we are all murderers then, then an actual murderer on death row isn't really a murderer. he's operating on the he intelligence of a freshman high school student who just bought naked lunch and is spouting garbage in the cafeteria. >> so is "scandal." in that the vice president killed her husband and everyone seemed to enjoy that episode.
2:32 pm
>> and they were at the white, house. >> boy, we're like spoiler central here. >> that already aired, though. l >> netflix hasn't yet. technically it hasn't. how about this? the naacp, los angeles chapter is getting a ton of heat from the african-american community and the media over their lifetime achievement award they planned on honoring donaldac sterling with later this months. for sterling's 2009 award,late listen to their long-time, l president, low onjenkins. >> is the los angeles naacp make request for him to return -- this is not like the heisman trophy. weigh gave out an award. he has it. we're not going to ask him to return an award he had gottentor years ago. >> absurd, right?ght jenkins resigned yesterday saying he was doing so to,ye quote, separate the los angeles naacp and naacp electric the negative exposure i have caused, close that quote. any thoughts?that >> i think it's great that he>> resigned, but having his
2:33 pm
replacement and picking donald sterling, that's a bad choice. >> dana, if jenkins came out on monday, the day -- the first media day after this broke and said, you know, we're christian, maybe we'll forgive and forget. but is it about money? >> i don't know if it was about money. when i listened to the secondt part, the clip you just showed,n to me, i thought that was a, to little about -- that was more sincere than the previous comments and that it was nice tao to see somebody stand up and say i'll walk away from this because if it will help the cause and for me to leave, thenu that's kind of a standup thing to do. >> do you think he should have? it was y warranted? >> i don't know, because i don't really call for people's resignation very much.l fo i think he was taking some personal responsibilities and stepping up andio maybe that hes everybody getpe past it. >> let me expand this more. if you apply that same -- if dana is right and this is asa standup thing to do, should donald sterling sell the team
2:34 pm
and make everyone happy? >> absolutely he the fact that theyg got out before sterling did, that tells you something. he said it right, the naacp was taking a hit for giving this guy an award. he was the president. he got out. separated naacp out from him. i think it was the right thing. sterling might want to take a little listen to ha press conference and take it upon himself to get out. next, this one will be interesting. should you let your pets sleep in bed with you? we all have dogs, greg and bob don't. but i know they have a lot to say about this one. stick around if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula
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america has gone to the dogs, a new poll found 83% ofs pet owners let them sleep in o their beds. makes sense, pets are like a hot
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water bottle with a heart.ts a they aren't exactly hygienic when it comes to their orifices. in america, outside dogs are few, which is good for us in a world where billions of people lack safe heat, water or food. it means a dog's life here beata has poor soul elsewhere. think about that when the international community mocks our values. how many dopes buy organic cable for their pampered pet, which can only happen here as they from the time about america's impact on the world. your dog wears booties notice rain. how did that happen in america? other cultures must laugh at the affection ton what they call dinner for a months. for all the cries about income inequality, our wealth provideso awesome advances and comfort that never existed before. in america, you could be broke, have two televisions, a car, x box and a fat dog. nigeria, that makes you king. even compared to the 1960s
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america, it makes you rich. unlike horrible socialist hells where only the leaders live it up and its citizens are let's t inhale the stench of burns dung, our markets let people spend and create as expanding wealth, ushers in better living conditions for all, which is why a did you go can sleep in your bed and the rest of the world would kill for that and they have. >> all right. we'll go to the expert. is there a down side to lying with the dogs?e. >> i don't think health wise. i take your point maybe theirt pause aren't cleanest. >> in new york city -- >> yes, i know. >> it's tramp urine. in >> i know. it haspa crossed my mind. cr actually, having dogs in the house and around kids, that'sd actually healthy. >> right. >> i think there are otherat reasons to not -- especially if you're married, maybe not want-- to have the dog, dogus interruptus. >> is that what it's called?dog >> yeah.
2:41 pm
>> oh, my god. did you think you and peter andt then jasper -- wow. i'm not swapping with you anymore. >> wait a minute! >> go ahead. >> how did this happen, eric? we're talk being swinging with canines. >> i will tells you, freedom sleeps in the bed right in the middle, over the covers but on a pillow. >> but what about your dog? >> that's drinks a lot of water.s, o there he is. good boy, look at him right there. look, i'm all for it.m knock onal wood, never woke up with a flea or anything, or ticks. i think ticks are the real problem. >> yeah. >> that president, does he still need the $5,000 i e-mailed? >> yeah, the e-mails keep coming. bob, you don't have a pet in bed because you are the animal. >> i would no more have a pet -- think about this pet.
2:42 pm
during the day they walk around central park, step in crap. when they're going around, they get fleas and crap all over them. then you don't clean them up before you put them to bed. p up in the bed. just think, if they happened to be in heat that day. >> bob! i can't take h it. it's so gross! >> if they were in heat that day, that means that they --hat other things going on. bob?u know what, >> i think it's disgusting. i really do. i i think it's horrible thate people bring these things into bed. >> where is the picture of my little doggy. that's note my dog. there she is. oh, my goodness! >> that's not a dog. that's a lamp shade! >> that's the same picture you showed over and over. >> so cute! >> this is a new picture. look at her jumping. she's alive! ove she's real! >> how big is that dog? >> she's like six pounds. she wants to sleep with me.o sl
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>> i sent kimberly secret picture every day. >> yeah, she does. >> who doesn't? >> there is one of them here. >> that was jasper's reaction t when he heard greg was doingthat this segment. i don't want to know.wh please don't tell me. >> exactly. i'm so traumatized by bob, i th can't take it. >> i've learned nothing here. w >> it's aan health hazard. >> no, it's not. >> if you keep your dogs clean. >> he's clean. she's not running around central park. >> is she carried around central park? >> yeah, of course! ask barbara, your dog walker, about my dog. i look, and barbara is walking across the street holding her. a >> she's supposed toro walk. >> no one cares with this. a still they'd, we know jeb bush's mother doesn't want him to run for the white house. but does his big brother? you will hear from 43 himself next. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't miss a step...
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bush 43. can we be poised for bush 45? 2016 contenders falter or don't really get in the race, jeb bush's potential candidacy picked up steam. there are reports thathe republican donors are lining up behind him and so is the former president who just so happens to be his brother. >> i hope jeb runs.nd i think i would be a great president. i have no clue core. >> i wonder if he's had that conversation with his mother or not. i thought an interesting poll was in florida, although hillary clinton beats jeb bush in florida, but it's not by much.
2:49 pm
only about five points among hispanics. >> hanging chads again. >> i think he probably doesn't know. remember when barbara bush, she said do we really need another bush to run? i know a lot of people feel that way. looking at the field, he is the most qualified. jeb bush dances to the beat of his own drum. that's an awkward position for 43 to be in. do you think your brother should run? >> mother's day is coming up. he doesn't want to make it awkward. >> do you think the bush name helps him or hurts him? >> two things. there's a bush hangover. remember, hillary had to wait 16 years after the bim bow bug lamp
2:50 pm
left the office. democrats love big government. the democrats love obama. anybody who runs is going to be an bureaucrat. so instinctively you all hate everybody. that's my problem. i hate everybody. i hate myself. >> what do you think the bush? >> i play a bush power ball. i like it. i'm ready to put on some 45 stocks -- socks and rock them out for jeb bush. i don't think he owes anybody anything. i don't think he should be disqualified by virtue of his last night. we should care about who is the most qualified and who has the heart in the right place to do what's best for the country. >> eric, what do you think? you are not necessarily in bush's corner because he's a
2:51 pm
little more progressive than you like, i take it. >> let me qualify. i agree he's probably very qualified. he's probably very smart. >> and a good guy. >> and probably a very good guy. my issue with the bush type of candidate is it is a little too down the middle for me. it's a little too far left for me. the comment on immigration being an ak of love, the base hated that and the hate hated his stance on common core. those are some things he's going to have to work around to get the republican nomination. >> i don't know how you do that. >> that's the problem with the republican party. to get pass the primary, you have to appeal to the base and then to get to the presidency, you have to appeal to the center. >> guess what? that's why they don't win. >> they have been shut out of the house for eight years. there tends to be an inclination
2:52 pm
to go with a winner than with a base problem. >> you think that was true with mccain though? >> with who? >> mccain. >> no, i'm saying after eight years, there's a fatigue that sets in in any political party and i would love to go with this guy because he's more down my line, and i think he can win a general election. >> they like huckabee in iowiow. >> you go iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. wow, my guess that's a tough first three for him. >> it is. it's always been tough for a more moderate candidate, but remember romney got through it all right. one more thing is up next. now you can have it all with red lobster's new seafood trios! choose one option from the wood-fire grill, one signature shrimp dish, and a pasta. all on one plate. three delicious choices. all for $15.99 for a limited time only!
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>>oneoreing. >> we begin with mr. polling. >> tomorrow morning, "cashin' in," 11:30 a.m. saturday show. i sat down with bill o'reilly with a wide ranging interview. we talked about race in america, tesla moving to china and colbert and stewarts and this. >> you're doing a nice job, you and your little friends on "theb five." >> and "cashin' in." >> yeah, yeah, or whatever show else you have on.t. every time i turn around you're on the air. >> don't miss 11:30 tomorrow morning. >> your little friends? >> my little friends. that was for you, bob.
2:57 pm
>> here we go. another war going toer start. >> last night on "red eye," fhm picked their hot 100 and dana wasn't on the list. the rugged man, rapper, wasn't happy about it.t but he was not happy about this. >> i think dana perino, last time i seen her, on twitterab after that. maybe some sexy pictures of her dog. sexy girl, it's a picture of her dog. is this what conservative women tweet? >> oh, my god. >> there you go. >> i'll worken that. keep following. >> you made other lists. so there you go. >> right. >> i want to be on the list of best looking dog -- i mean, not me. that is for my dog to be on the list. the liberals will make that
2:58 pm
happen. okay. i'm next, right? >> yeah. >> this happened last week.s ha kennedy had a special last week called the 420 series. and this happened. >> recreational marijuana store located on the 16th streetpene mall in denver, colorado. >> we reallyha kicked into high gear to get a place here. >> i have ten employees right now and we'll probably hiring three to five within the nextic month because we're so busy. >> guess who that was?uess jamie perino. that's my cousin and apparently she's a great entrepreneur. she has a pot store, i guess that's what you call it. it's recreational marijuana store in thell 16th street mall in denver and nobody on the hannity team said huh, that's n weird? blond, blue eyed girl from colorado named perino. congratulations. my dad went down to see the store. said it was per effectsly lovely. >> you're part of a-- pot dynas? >> i could be part of a pot
2:59 pm
dynasty. congratulations, jamie. i thought it was great. >> did you have a backgroundlati check? >> that blew me away.. >> i thought bob was blown away by that. >> i am. >> so i was wondering last nighs , where the inspiration for dude, that was two years ago, listen. >> dude, this was like two yearw ago. >> i know that, dude. >> i'm the dude. call me. what you >> dude, where's my car? where is your car, dude? where is my car? >> don't you hate when that happens, bob? >> allall right. the u.s. economy a 288,000 jobs. the unemployment rate is at 6.3%. the obama recovery is robust, working and 280,000 jobs makes eric polling gag.
3:00 pm
>> the 800,000 people who have to work for it. the lowest labor participation in 45 years. >> yeah, yeah. >> "special report" is maybe not next. have a great weekend. it is next. i'm eric shaun. welcome. >> i'm arthel neville. topping the news this hour, pro-russian militants releasing foreign observers, but dead levi less than continues in eastern ukraine. the latest on the crisis in ukraine coming up. and have you heard about the nation's unemployment rate? it's fallen to the lowest level since the beginning of the financial crisis. great news, right? well, there happens to be a little more to that story and just ahead, we'll explain. plus, in the face of student protests, former secreta


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