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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 5, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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if you need a job, tomorrow cheryl casone has got five companies hiring right now. you're going to want to see that. >> laura ingraham had a big brawl yesterday on national television on the network. we'll get the inside story here. >> that's right. country music's greatest foods. we've got them. don't miss it. >> see you tomorrow. bill: good morning, everybody, a fox news alert. the white house under the microscope. we might learn this morning who will lead a special panel to investigate benghazi. the announcement on the committee could come early as today. as we await on that. democrats are balking, threatening to boycott all of this. whoa. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. what happens if that takes place. how are you doing? martha: i'm doing well. bill: have a good weekend? martha: very well. how about you? bill: solid. martha: sources are telling fox this morning, that the job leading that committee will go to none other than trey gowdy, the representative from south carolina a. frequent guest on "america's newsroom." the democratic congressman adam
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schiff says this whole thing is a colossal waste of time. >> i think it is just a tremendous red herring and a waste of taxpayer resources. i hope the speaker will reconsider but looks like he has bowed again to those from the fartherrest right of his conference. bill: much to discuss on that. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler leads coverage on the north lawn. good morning to you. it is congressman gowdy's job to lose, is that what we understand? >> reporter: that's what we hear. gowdy is a former u.s. attorney and member of the house oversight committee which has held a number of hearings on the benghazi attacks and the aftermath and the affordable care act of course. south carolina republican is in his second term. the vote on the committee is likely to be along party lines but republican congressman jason chaffetz says the obama administration simply hasn't answered all the questions about what happened the night of the attack, and in the days and weeks after. >> we have got four dead
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americans. i'm proud of what the speaker is doing. we very to get to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. the select committee is appropriate and it is timely and high time we find the answers what really happened. >> reporter: chaffetz is one of those pushing for congressman gowdy to chair the committee, bill. bill: what about these democrats threatening a boycott, wendell. how is that shaking down? >> reporter: california congressman adam schiff says it is all about politics. democrats maybe should not appoint moment members to the committee to avoid the committee having any credibility. there are a couple things the republican conference agrees on. they don't like obamacare and they want to talk benghazi. they have had 50 votes to repeal obamacare and four investigations of what happened the night of the attack and in the daze after but republicans say if democrats do not appoint committee members the public will conclude they have something to hide, bill? bill: wend dell, thank you. leading coverage at the white house.
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beautiful day in your city, wendell. enjoy that. here's martha with more. you bet. martha: congressman gowdy is no stranger to questioning the white house over issue of benghazi. listen to what he has said on this over the past year-and-a-half. >> so fast forward, mr. hicks, to the sunday talk shows and ambassador susan rice. she blamed this attack on a video. in fact she did it five different times. what was your reaction to that? >> i was stunned. my jaw dropped. and, i was embarrassed. >> this is what i want. i want to know everything that happened in benghazi. i want to know why the security wasn't in place. i want to know whether there were assets on the way to benghazi when the siege ended. i'm tired of hearing politicians guess at what happened or people theorize. i want to talk to eyewitnesses. eight months from an administration said they are going to move heavy and earth to get to the bottom of benghazi. we still have huge gaps.
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how this administration could ignore what the intelligence community was telling them, what the state department was telling them and blame it on a video. susan rice was apparently the last person in country to know a video was not responsible. if the military have any evidence supporting the video narrative? >> no, sir, there was not. martha: also has resume' too get this job. worked as a federal prosecutor six years before being elected for congress. trials he worked on include narcotics trafficking rings and child pornography cases and murder of a federal witness. he had major roles in the "fast & furious" investigations. we'll see if trey gowdy gets the spot. bill: a lot of reaction. peter king urging democrats not to go way of boycott. telling fox news there are still holes in the administration story that must be filled. >> there is a very basic question where was the president that night? this was an attack on americans.
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americans are being killed. almost two years later we still don't know where the president is. we know the next day he flew off to las vegas. to me if you're the commander-in-chief and americans are underfire, your obligation to be there and know what is happening and see what action is being taken. bill: more from congressman peter king when he joins us live next hour, 10:30 a.m. eastern time. we want to know what you think at home or at the office on your mobile device. will a select committee get answers engraces gauze or do we already have the answers now? send us a tweet @billhemmer and@martha maccallum. we'll share your thoughts. martha: fox news alittle. it was supposed to be a fun day at the circus in rhode island when an aerial stunt went horribly wrong. ♪
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martha: acrobats performing a hair-hanging stunt at ringling brothers surface when the platform collapsed. 11 people were hospitalized. it took moments for horrified spectators to realize something actually happened. >> they were hanging by their hair. all the girls hanging by their hair. a big metal thing above them hits on top of them. >> i screamed. that is not right. sometimes you're surprised and it is part of the show but this clearly wasn't. martha: whoa, david lee miller live in the new york city newsroom. what is the latest on injuries, david lee? >> reporter: martha, the latest from the hospital that two of the circus performers are in critical condition. three others described as being in serious condition. this act was just beginning when a metal frame collapsed. eight woman hanging by their hair forming a human chandelier as it is described, fell about 35 feet. they landed on top of a 9th person who was also injured. according to the providence
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public safety commissioner, service em-- circus employees were responsible for making rigging was safe. 3900 adults and children watched tragedy take place. reaction was confusion and then horror. >> some guy ran offstage with a bloody head. i'm thinking something hit him in the head. and two girls were in neck braces and three girls were passed out and one girl was in a body cast. >> ambulances came in and they helped people and they brought like 10 or 12 people out on stretchers. what they seemed to all be fine. >> reporter: the federal occupational health and safety administration is now investigating the incident. this morning's performance of the circus by the way, canceled. officials have yet to decide about the shows that are slated to take place later today. martha? martha: what do we know about this act in particular? >> reporter: the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey website said these performers
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were members of the hair hang act. the eight female performers according to website came from the around the world, u.s., brazil, bulgaria and ukraine. the website says that audience, quoting now will see the weight of three barrels held aloft bit locks of only one of these tangled beauties of the site also mentions what it describes as attention to every detail, even welding three different rigs that the girls hang from to keep performers again, quoting, safe and sound. also posted on that website a new message, this one from circus management. it says that everyone's thoughts and prayers are for our performers. martha. martha: that's for sure. thank you, david lee. much more on this when the vice president of ringling brothers joins us with his reaction and a little bit more explanation about that particular trick and that is coming up. bill: also massive data breach at target now costing the ceo of that company his job of the company announcing that gregg
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steinhafel is resigning effectively immediately. over christmas holidays hackers stole credit and debit information of tens of millions of customers at target. since the breach was disclosed target sales have suffered and analysts say the company needed to start with a clean slate. apparently they will do that. martha: also today there is growing chaos in ukraine. pro-russian demonstrators taking control of another government building this is a prosecutors office. we've seen some of the deadliest violence in ukraine over last weekend t was really a boiling point there. it include ad ferocious battle in the southern city of odessa. 42 people were killed. we're getting word of gun battles breaking out between ukrainian troops and pro-russia militia in a eastern city. president obama says he could put more sanctions on russia if it doesn't stop meddling. a whole lot more on this. this is really a powder keg. we'll talk about that with kt
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coming up. bill: meantime protests erupting at rutgers university over condoleezza rice speaking at graduation there. [shouting] now the former secretary of state has made a decision and she is backing out. is that the right move? we'll debate that, fair and balanced. martha: what was supposed to be a controlled burn is now anything but. the wildfire that is raging in oklahoma at this hour. bill: also an airshow stunt going terribly wrong. another tragic accident at an airshow from this weekend. >> getting closer and closer. >> oh. >> all right, everybody stand still. stay right where you are. do not move. do not move. we have had an incident. we are aware of that.
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martha: fast-moving wildfire threatening homes in oklahoma. firefighters stay a 56-year-old man was found dead after the fire spread in logan county which is north of oklahoma city yesterday. at least a thousand people have been forced out of their homes. several homes have been destroyed in that area. many are fearing their home could be next. >> don't freak out. just stay on the news. if we decide we'll do any kind of evacuations i will get with you guys and we'll get it out there quickly. be mindful. sleep with one eye open for lack after better term. >> for a few nights. >> just for tonight. we'll get this thing corralled tonight or in the morning for sure but we may have hot spots throughout the week. martha: they're working hard. firefighters say the wildfire broke out after a controlled burn got out of control. we're told the fire is about 75% contained. red cross setting up a shelter for people forced out of their homes in that area. keep an eye on that one.
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>> this has been politicized like we've never seen before. i think what is happening, richard nixon talked about a silent majority in 1968. there is lewd delusional minority driving politics in control of republican party. there is no conspiracy here at all. bill: former with white house advisor david plouffe on the decision to dig deeper into benghazi. steve hayes, from wisconsin, comes to us live from milwaukee. a very loud, delusional minority that is driving our politics. that is what david plouffe says. that is what he believes. what do you think? >> well, i think his math is wrong. if you look at latest "fox news poll," 61% of the americans, or 61% of those surveyed wanted congress to continue to investigate this and also believe there was some kind of a white house cover-up of the benghazi attack and that poll took place before the latest revelations about the emails from ben rhodes at the white house that were withheld from congress.
6:16 am
so david plouffe just doesn't have his facts right on that. i think it is important to continue to investigate this because we have so many unanswered questions, i think the american people want answers to those questions. bill: if plouffe will discredit republicans, the whole phrase, loud, delusional, minority driving our politics in america. this is what republicans are going to argue. senator lindsey graham, south carolina, listen. >> i would say to anybody who believes that the this is just about politics, go tell that to the family members. go explain to the family members how it is okay for the white house to withhold information from the congress and the american people and thank god for an independent. >> i dishry. go tell the family members it is okay for susan rice to get on national tv five days after the attack and claim that the facility where their people died, where their loved ones died was strongly secured when it was a deathtrap. bill: when you have that to come back to with every response, it is a strong argument. you have four people dead and we have no answers, and we have no
6:17 am
one who has been held accountable. >> right, i think that last point is a key point. here we are 16 months beyond the attack and you look who has been held accountable overseas. we haven't brought to justice the people who we heard would be brought to justice in these attacks. nobody has been fired from the obama administration. the reviews that have been done in any official capacity, the administrative review board from the state department didn't interview hillary clinton, didn't interview many senior military officers who had some leadership authority that day. they reported arb, this supposedly authoritative report, went to hillary clinton's chief of staff and others and gave them a head's up what was coming out in that report. at every stage the questions that have been asked and answers have been provided think have been compromised and it is time to finally get with one comprehensive investigation real answers to those questions. bill: a lot of democrats will
6:18 am
argue look at the arb, there you get your answers and that report speaks for itself. republicans would say, as you just have argued here, that you did not even go to the top levels of the secretary of state or state department to get answers you're looking for. on the media, where are they on this and are they, are they drafting off of this story or are they dismissing it like david plouffe just did, steve? >> well, it has been very interesting. i think there is a split in the media. you have some media, including some in the mainstream media who have been following and reporting on this and doing a very good job. what we saw over the weekend after announcement of the select committee a mainstream media by and large skeptical of this. what was so interesting to me immediately if the read coverage on saturday morning in the "new york times" and elsewhere, everything was pointing towards election year politics. this was all attributed to republicans wanting to do well in the 2014 midterms. ironic to me this same media
6:19 am
that didn't believe anything was happening politically when president obama and his team fed a false narrative to the countries six weeks before the defend 12 election, suddenly six months before the 2014 election when john boehner announces an investigation into that false narrative sees politics everywhere. there is huge double-standard there. bill: one more point here, steve, just in the 30 seconds we have left. what changes with the select committee? what will the public see or maybe even more important, what will the public not see when that begins. >> well i think this is going to be a very, this will be a select committee that has been given lots of power by speaker boehner to investigate deeply into what actually happens. they will have access to classified information that some of the other committees haven't had access to. that can really push, this is perillous for democrats to sit this out, they won't have same information available to them that republicans on the committee have available to them. bill: thank you, steve hayes,
6:20 am
milwaukee, wisconsin. you got it. 20 minutes past. here is martha. martha: a colorado woman is found alive after being trapped inside her wrecked car for four days. the incredible details of her rescue. bill: he also says he took a wrong turn, ended up south of the border. now lawmakers are calling for the release of this u.s. marine stuck in a brutal mexican prison. why his family fears for his safety. >> this is harder than the two us tours when he got blown up by an ied. he had a concussion, two tours in afghanistan. this is by far the hardest mainly because fear ofof the unknown. to a goal of under 100. way to go, crestor! yh! tting to goal is a big deal, especially if you have high cholesterol plus any of these risk factors. because you could be at increased risk for plaque buildup in your arteries over time. so, when diet a exercise aren't engh
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bill: woman in colorado reported missing for four days, found alive inside of her wrecked car. police say her car veered off the road, then crashed about 140 feet down a cliff.
6:24 am
some hikers alerted authorities after finding the woman trapped inside and woman was airlifted to a hospital and she is said to be in critical condition but she is alive. martha: hot on the heels of the irs and other government agencies now under fire for handing out bonuses to employees the epa inspector general found nearly $500,000 in unauthorized bonuses were paid out to epa employees over the course of several years. why would that be? we have stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. what do we know about these extra bonus incentives these workers received? >> 11 people got $481,000 worth of unauthorized bonuses over a period of years. 10 of them had not had this bonus reviewed, not any work review. one person got $77,000, spread over a period of years even though the money was supposed to be paid in one year to keep that person in the, in the epa.
6:25 am
there is not a great deal of money involved here, martha. what is involved is the anger at taxpayers on another bonus scandal and the principle that is involved. after all, right now americans are paying more in tax than at any point in the entire history of the country. and the president is trying to expand the powers of the these bureaucrats who receive a great deal of money, far more money than if they were working private sector. look at this. in the private sector, the average salary in 2012 was 49,000 bucks. in the federal government sector, $73,000 in that same year, a huge difference in pay, benefits are much better and basically they have got a job for life because it is very hard to fire someone. this is all adding up to extremely bad public relations, for a government workforce which the president wants to expand and give more power to. martha: so the inspector general took a look at this, tried to figure out, 17 trilliondollars
6:26 am
in debt, right? where we look in the government for places to save some of this money. he found there was lack of internal controls that led to dibbing out of additional money to people undocumented and unsubstantiated. he said there was failure by managers to follow the flow of money and attribute it correctly. were people fired? is there accountability for these mistakes that have been admitted? >> to my knowledge there was not. it is extremely difficult to get money back from a federal government workers when paid several years ago. you can't dip into the paycheck now and get it back. that is something almost impossible to do. it is extremely bad pr especially comes on the heels of what you were talking about, martha, the irs scandal when 2800 people got $2.8 million even though got disciplinary problems themselves and some hadn't even paid their own stacks taxes and they work at the irs. bad pr and a breach of principle, very different obviously working for the
6:27 am
federal government and working in the private sector. martha: absolutely. thank you very much, stuart. we'll see you later. >> sure thing. bill: it was supposed to be an afternoon of fun but people at a california airshow were stunned as they watched a vintage plane slam into the runway and burst into flames. martha: terrible story. fox news getting its hands on even more documents that could spell trouble for the white house in the aftermath of the benghazi terror attack. we'll talk to brit hume about that plus his debate on those benghazi talking points over the weekend. >> there wasn't a conspiracy. >> how did it happen? how did it happen. >> i think that people made, at the time, their best guess at the facts -- >> where did the idea that the video had anything to do with benghazi come from? >> where did it come from? >> yes. new car!
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bill: want to get to the aftermath of this tragedy at an airshow when a vintage plane crashing while performing a stunt. watch. >> he is goes -- >> oh. >> oh, man. >> all right, everybody stand still. stay right where you are. do not move. bill: some stunned spectators in northern california watching moments later that plane bursting into flames. the pilot was 77 years old. he was killed. no one else was injured.
6:32 am
will carr live on this in southern california. the latest there and do we know how this happened, will? >> reporter: bill, investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. what we do know this pilot was performing a manuever, called, cutting the ribbon. that means he was flying upside down just a couple feet from the ground when something went terribly wrong, he crashed, skidded across the runway. white smoke started pouring out, the white smoke quickly urn turned to black smoke that it was on fire. it took five minutes to for responders to get to the plane and the at some point eddie andrini died. >> we don't know from a coroner's report whether it was medical issue or whether there was a problem with the airplane mechanically or whether it was pilot error. >> reporter: the ntsb is now investigating the crash and what happened. we can say that nobody else was hurt but the crash did end the
6:33 am
airshow and sent about 100,000 people packing home, bill. bill: what do we know about this pilot, age 77? he flew his entire life, did he not, will? >> reporter: we know he is a very experienced pilot. apparently started flying when he was about 16. he had more than 6,000 hours of flight time. he had been flying airshows like this for the past 25 years. he was flying a steerman biplane, a world war ii airplane built in 1944. it had been restored and fly in these airshows. according to his website he flown this plane 950 times. friends say he had been performing the manuever, cutting the ribbon, for years, bill but something obviously tragically went wrong this time. bill: will carr from los angeles with that story. thank you. >> overseas now and the violence in ukraine exploded over the weekend as pro-russian forces apparently are digging in there for the long haul.
6:34 am
there are bipartisan calls for president obama to take more aggressive action against vladmir putin. here is senator kelly ayote speaking on "fox news sunday." >> we already see the playbook of what happened in crimea happening in eastern ukraine and it's a time to impose tougher sector sanctions to provide support for the ukrainian military and if we, at this point, russia's not getting the message. they're violating so-called geneva agreement. and you have russian agents in ukraine fomenting unrest and causing all the violence. martha: kt mcfarland is our fox news national security analyst. kt, you could feel this was about to explode over the course of this weekend. what now? >> well you know what are we going to do to stop putin? anything? does anybody care to do things that would stop him? they have been very mild and ineffective sanctions. we could ramp up sanctions but the president will not likely do it because the european won't
6:35 am
join him. what we could to do stop him, it is not just crimea, not just ukraine, i think putin is aiming at heart of nato and emasculate nato to show he could re-establish the greater russia. how do we put the brakes on him? go to the energy sector, the place that really hurts him. if we were to build the keystone pipeline. if we allow american energy companies, oil and natural natural gas companies to develop american energy? what would that do? drive the price of oil down. most analysts feel if russia had to deal with oil under $100 a barrel, under $80 a barrel, they would be bankrupt because that's where all their revenues come from. what we should do? try to dry down the price of oil. the second thing we should do get the europeans off the blackmail of europeans having to depend on russian natural gas. we could help deliver u.s. natural gas to them. again we seem to lack political will to do it. martha: as you said before, there are two-ways we can empower these nations that are
6:36 am
on his border that he wants to embrace into the former mother russia. you could help them with their own creation of energy, right? >> absolutely. martha: including keystone pipeline and other energy independence issues you discuss and give them more nato power, right? >> right. martha: it appears to be clear that the president is very happy that with the status quo, doesn't want to ruffle feathers on this issue it appears. >> we, it is not just about ukraine. that is the thing you got to understand. putin wants to re-establish greater russia. putin wants to show that the russian model works not the european model, not the american model. so he is going to keep going. this is very popular for him at home. unless the united states gets up and we'll do serious things to stop you that are not going to include boots on the ground, but we're going to right to the heart of your energy sector, right to the heart of your economy. you may do this but it is going to cost you a lot in the long run. what we're doing is putting up firewalls, firebreaks so he
6:37 am
doesn't keep doing this to the baltic states and nato members. martha: we said that with crimea initially was this huge infraction. within 24 hours, it was i guess crimea is gone. now we moved on to ukraine. are we going to watch this as it continues to domino? >> yeah. martha: dot american people not care enough? does the president not care enough? why thud she care? >> here is why we should care. we don't care enough to put boots on the ground this is not vital national security interest of the united states and president obama knows that. if you don't like what i'm doing i guess you want boots on the ground or we don't want another war. nobody is talking about use wanting another war. we want to use american energy resources to make things difficult for the destruction of nato ultimately. why do we care about nato and nato fall apart? because it is pattern around the world. united states influence in europe declining. united states influence in the middle east declining. united states influence with china declining.
6:38 am
everybody is pushing america around the perception of america is great weakness. not because we are weak but because of policies we've been pursuing i think for the last 15 years, america is now perceived as being a declining empire. we're not. but that is the perception. martha: feels like we're in every man for himself world in terms of allies. is that true. >> well our allies no longer counts on us and trust us. you saw president obama's trip to asia last week where the japanese weren't going along with what he wanted to do. our allies in asia are not. we're seeing our adversaries have no problem pushing us around, whether it is china being more aggressive. whether iran deciding whether it will pursue nuclear program. whether russia and putin deciding he will grab other parts of the word he feels rightfully are his. martha: majority of the people think to is the most powerful nation in the world? china, right? >> americans will wake up and
6:39 am
say where did it all go. martha: thank you, kt. bill: passenger train derails, killing 19. rescue officials using chainsaws to cut people from the wreckage. we'll tell you where this happened. martha: plus condoleezza rice pulling out of a speech at rutgers university after students and faculty stage ad sit-in on campus. is free speech under assault at our nation's colleges? [shouting] >> condi rice ve copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay.
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>> passenger train in india jumps the tracks killing at least 19 people, leaving more than 100 people injured. those numbers are expected to rise. rescue crews bringing in gas cutters to reach stranded passengers inside these turned-over cars and using cranes to try to get in there and pull the debris out. tough situation. bill: condoleezza rice will not speak at commencement at rutgers
6:43 am
university in new jersey. this after several students protested the decision to bring her to campus, calling her, a quote, war criminal. here are some of those demonstrations. check it out. [shouting] >> condi rice has got to go! bill: so after that bit of an uproar an a few members of faculty got on board as well, rice will not speak in the end after all. what about this? marianne marsh, democratic strategist and former advisor to john kerry. katie pavlich, sorry, from, fox news contributor. you're not former anything. you're not old enough, are you? >> right. bill: so condoleezza rice said in a statement, i understand and embrace the purpose of the commencement ceremony and i am simply unwilling to detract from it in any way. she runs stanford university. she knows how much of a treasure this day is in the lives of some young men and women.
6:44 am
so joe con chin writing at, he reports, 50, out of 45,000 undergraduate students were leading this protest but when the faculty members, some of them got on board, katy, that is apparently when things went to new level. whether it is free speech, whether it is the first amendment, condoleezza rice has made her decision and she will not be there. what do you think of that? >> well i applaud her decision because you look at why she is not going to go. because she doesn't want to be a distraction to this day these students worked for for so long. that day is supposed to be about them but unfortunately 50 of these far left free speech police intolerant liberals are protesting condoleezza rice on the basis that they think that she's a war criminal. they didn't protest hillary clinton in 2007 when she
6:45 am
came to speak at rutgers even though she also was a supporter of the iraq war. so, it is unto the gnat that they got her into this position where she had to say i don't want to be the focus of commencement ceremony, has to be on students. here we are once again, with a university that, supposed to be the most tolerant place on, in our country and across the country and yet we see nothing short of censorship when it comes to the tolerance of other people's ideas. bill: mary ann, do you have a problem what katy said there. >> i do. first of all, i wish condi rice was speaking at rutgers. i wish she would go and defend the decision she made when she served in the bush administration, but my point to katy and rest of the right, if this were susan rice speaking at rutgers would they defend her instead of condi rice. the answer is no. bill: listen, hang on, hang on. we don't know that. susan rice wasn't invited and there aren't protests and she
6:46 am
denied, that is total hypothetical. >> right. >> do you want to talk about diversity and hypocrisy. >> kate at this, hold on, i'm willing to bet if this susan rice speaking at rutgers comment there would be uproar on the right just about jon kerry speaking at boston college. a pox on everybody's house. bill: susan rice isn't speaking at rutgers. hang on, katy, i will give you a opportunity. address this, mary anne, a couple dozen students are ticked off about it. a couple faculty members say they're right. what about accomplish accomplishments of a woman, an african-american woman which she has given to america her life story, my gosh, that should be celebrated. >> i a, bill i agree and there is not two things i agree with condi rice on anything. i wish she had used this opportunity to go to rutgers and defend her position in the decision she made going into irrake and afghanistan, unlike
6:47 am
many of other democrats including hillary clinton all whom said had we known then we know now we would have voted differently. huge difference there. she has every right to speech, speak and i wish she hadn't pulled out. >> mary anne, that is exactly the problem. you say go there make it about her and her decisions. she pulled out specifically because she doesn't want the commencement to be about her. this minority of students and faculty made it all about that, celebrating what students have worked for. on issue of hypocrisy, college campuses are supposed to be diverse and tolerant. here we have them running off an african-american woman who served as secretary of state, did phenomenal now also in the university system, saying we don't want you here and goes to show it wasn't the students. this was a faculty-led protests that eventually led to her leaving. and this is not, this is not an isolated case. we see this all over the country. we see censorship of other
6:48 am
ideas, that the institutional left on our college campuses doesn't agree with. they're constantly censoring and running people they disagree with out of town. bill: watching your reaction, mary anne, go. >> look, conde rice didn't do a great job. the fact we ended up in two wars we should have never been in but she has every right to speak and i wish she would, on whatever topic, reality is the reason she is so well-known because of role she played in the bush administration. one would think if going to college campus and speaking at commencement and illuminate with graduates what it is right to make wrong decisions in life and how you do things differently. she has no regrets. that speaks volumes. she decided not to speak, she claims that it is because she didn't want to disrupt the come mainsment. it doesn't help her personally when she is serving at stanford to be seen as this controversial on a college campus. it is certainly down helper when she is serving on corporate boards and other places. i wish she had spoken. bill: editor-in-chief in the
6:49 am
newspaper, apparently said over the weekend everything blowing up when facultity council released opposition. katy, once the teachers got involved, it was dead in the water. >> again, this is not about con rice being controversial on campus widespread way. you ask the students, they're upset and embarrassed of the behavior of a couple of students and faculty that backed them. again, it goes to show how closed-minded our university professors are and very small minority of students who follow their lead. if you want diversity, don't look for it on our college campuses because it isn't there. bill: apparently earlier today, a group of students are writing to condoleezza rice to get her to reverse her decision. perhaps in the end maybe this is not done. concha,, received $32,000 to speak at rutgers two years ago. snooki. mary anne, get the last word. >> well, look, big difference there. was she worth $32,000, no.
6:50 am
nobody had to go see her. everybody wants to go to commencement. i hope condoleezza rice reconsiders. i hope she goes. i hope she speaks and i hope she address some of those issues. bill: mary anne, appreciate the debate. katie, you're not a former anything yet. but there is time. see you later. >> hopefully not. see ya. bill: good point. the student group says free ideas and diversity of opinions are encouraged at rutgers. that is going on. martha: people are very fired up about that around rutgers campus and you know, you point out, snook kirks uncontroversial apparently got to speak there and al gore speaking at princeton university there. some people are unhappy about that but apparently their voices are silenced. not hearing anything about that. bill: like miss new jersey are, you are, you are miss new jersey. martha: she is not miss new jersey. i don't think she is from new jersey. but we digress. coming up next on this program, an american war veteran sitting
6:51 am
in a mexican jail for what his mother says was a simple mistake. how he got there, what the u.s. is doing and how to get this marine home. bill: a scandal spreading. another veteran hospital now accused of cooking the books book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less we'll match it and give you fifty dollars back that's the expedia guarantee pcentury link provides reliable yit services like multi-layered security solution to keep your information safe & secure. century link. your link with what's next.
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martha: all right. we're back. there are new efforts to bring home a decorated u.s. marine who is stuck in a prison in mexico. his name is andrew tahmooressi, and was arrested after he missed an exit at the border. adam housley is with the story. what really happened, adam. >> reporter: he served two tours in afghanistan. this could be the biggest battle he has to face. he sits in a jail, a very notorious jail in tijuana. it is l.a. mesa penitentiary.
6:55 am
there are stories about how brutal the conditions are. this marine has two tours of duty in afghanistan. he was honorably discharged. he is 25 years old. he came to california moving recently from florida to start a new life. if you have driven the strip from mexico, once you pass the last exit there is no turning around. unfortunately he passed last exit. was on cell phone lost track there. was no turning around. he ended up in mexico with three guns in his car. his mother says this is been extremely difficult for the family. >> this is harder than the two tours when he got blown up by an ied. he had a concussion. two tours in afghanistan, this is by far the hardest manely because it is fear of unknown. >> reporter: mexican authorities say they're holding he had three weapons in the car even though he declared them once they pulled him over. he has no bail.
6:56 am
if convicted he could face 21 years in a mexican jail. martha? martha: what is being done to help him? >> reporter: well the state department won't comment on it. they don't comment until the family agrees for that to happen. we have heard from his mother as you know. we heard from duncan hunter the re from there in his area come out with a letter trying to get hill released. in fact we have a statement in part coming from duncan hunter saying absolutely andrew is released as soon as possible. he served his country faithfully as a u.s. marine and owned the same commitment by the u.s. government in return. this is duncan hunter on may 2nd. we'll follow the story as it all unfolds as this marine sits in jail in mexico. martha: we need to get him home. adam, thank you. bill: fox news getting its hands on explosive new documents that could be more evidence of a cover in benghazi. our own catherine herridge has breaking details on all of that right after the break. >> they were trying to protect the president's re-election. they saw benghazi, i think,
6:57 am
bonn, as a threat to his re-election. it was not a fog of war problem they had. they create admit call smokesscreenyo. s? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at!
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7:00 am
>> brand new evidence that the white house tries to block the congressional investigation into benghazi why hiding what was in state emails. i am martha maccallum. >> i am bill hemmer. we are waiting on hearing about the new committee to investigate bengha benghazi. we are finding that documents released to congress were more blocked out than what was released previously.
7:01 am
>> these documents show there are significant differences from the documents released from the house oversight committee. they are part of the e-mail chain in advance of rice's sunday appearance where she linked the benghazi attack to a video. you can see the e-mail party chain recipients are identified and the documents on the right were released to the government oversight committee and you can see the name and e-mail addressess have been redacted. this was unclassified that was retroactively classified. >> what is the administration's response? >> when asked about the differences the white house
7:02 am
insisted they have been more forthcoming. >> we are provided documents that normally white houses haven't or wouldn't provide because they were being m mischaracterized. >> they insisted there was no trying to slow it down. >> we have produced thousands of documents, nine hearings, 46 briefings and everything is underscoring the same set of facts about what happened in benghazi and since. >> both sets of e-mails were released in mid-april. what is suggested by capital hill is those released to them were forced in their release because what was going to be made available to the watch o h after the lawsuit. the timing will be interesting.
7:03 am
>> and more documents. ma martha has more. and whose idea was it to talk about the video? jane harman who sat on the intelligence committee appeared on fox news sunday insisting there is no benghazi cover-up. >> it wasn't a conspiracy and there are not aliens in area 51. it is time to move on. >> you are right. there wasn't a conspiracy in the united states to mount the benghazi attack. the question is in the aftermath of the attack, when the u.n.ambassador went out and explained things falsely there
7:04 am
wasn't support for the talking points she used on that, which were misleading, and have since been shown to be false and based on no intelligence of any consequence we know of. >> and my answer is there wasn't a conspiracy. i think people made, at the time, their best guess at the facts. >> where did the idea that the video had anything to do with benghazi come from? >> i think it came from people who were not sure about it. >> can you identify anybody? >> i would not say it was falsely incerted. >> where did it come from remains a question. brett hume is here. that is the heart of the matter. we were told initially this was what the cia found. go talk about it on the morning
7:05 am
talk show. but the interesting thing about the redaction story is when you cross out the e-mails of who they are from and two you are crossing out the communication. >> we don't know who raised the question of the video in connection benghazi. no one in the intelligence command, or military command or on the ground from the state department that thought the talking points or video had anything to do with triggering the benghazi attack. the only conceivable way you could reason with that is to say well it had something to do with attacks in other places which may have triggered as a response the attack in benghazi. but no body is arguing that and hasn't been from the beginning. so the question arises, how did
7:06 am
this idea get started and how did it end up with this figure with access to intelligence on five sunday shows that day? the problem from the administration's view is that it dub tails with the president's political needs at the time to blame this on a video and not an intelligence or security failure that it is too convenient to believe there wasn't political influence on her. >> that is the heart of the matter. it was tied up in a neat bow. they said we need to focus on the video and not broader failure. but susan rice could have said we don't know. we are figuring this out.
7:07 am
the was a video that was infl inflammatory. >> she had disclaimers sprinkled throughout the shows. but she made the point what we know or believe was the video triggered but they didn't believe that. no one in intelligence and no one in the state department in libya believed that. so the idea is where did it come from? and jane harmon was given the benefit of the doubt to people she likes and knows but she could not answer the question and neither has the administration. and one more thing, the president and his defenders pipe up and say on the monday after the attack, that was before the sunday show appearance by rice, the president was saying that it
7:08 am
was terrorism. you can argue that statement in the rose garden. but if he did mean that, if he thought it was a terrorist attack why was his u.n.ambassador saying something else? >> today we think we will hear about the selection of a formation committee and see where it goes from there. >> what do you think? will a select committee get the answers or do we know the answers already. talk to us on twitter at bill hemmer. or martha maccallum. >> will the democrats participate? will trey gowdy me the leader? that is the idea.
7:09 am
eight minutes past the hour. cdc confirming the first case of mers in america. an american man who flew from saudi arabia to chicago is being treated in independent. >> he is a health care working who works in saudi arabia and was travelling back from there and came to medical attention. he diagnosed by lab result in the indiana state lab that it was a mers. >> derrick kenny is live. how is the patient doing? -- garret -- >> the man is in good condition and has been improving over the last week but we are expecting an update on that. the man's condition is good news because of just how little it we know about this virus. where it comes from, how it spreads and how to treat it.
7:10 am
the middle east respritory includes fever, shortness of breath and spreads to people in close contact but the cdc says this is the only confirmed case in the u.s. we went from london to the united states and chicago and then got on a bus to indiana. the cdc is in the process of contacting passengers to see who may have been in contact with him. it takes 14 days for symptoms to appear. >> garret, thank you. new developments in the
7:11 am
scanned scandal of delays medical care have veterans. now happening in another state. >> and a collapse at a circus. we are learning new details about what caused the accident. >> and air passenger heading for the sunshine state got a bumpy ride. >> you could see it was cracked. >> you could see it was cracked. when you sat down to dinner with anticipation, not hesitation.
7:12 am
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7:14 am
may 5th, cinco de mayo. new york city is voting they th
7:15 am
didn't violate any laws saying a prayer before their meeting. 5-4 decision. and shannon breens is on the steps of the supreme court and we will talk to her in moments. there is a new investigation showing lawn long delays in medical treatment for veterans maybe more common than you thought. the stories keep coming. a veteran's affairs investigation reveals a similar practice in fort collins, c colerado -- colorado -- we have a guest here to talk about this. we know the va admitted to 23 cases in phoenix that were
7:16 am
related to the wait times. now we are getting word in colorado similar things are happening. what is your reaction? >> my reaction is we know all along it wasn't just phoenix. this isn't just phoenix or fort collins. this is systemic to the culture at the veterans of affairs. you have clerks told here you will falsify the records so it looks like they are waiting less than two weeks but they are waiting many months. otherwise you will be an a bad boy list. all of the incentives are so they can keep their jobs and managers look better but veterans are waiting and waiting. this is va-wide. >> these are from the colorado
7:17 am
facility. this is the wait time 2013. new patients seen within 14 days -- only 41% seen within 14 days. and mental health appointments have a similar picture. 66%. so it is documented that huge numbers of people are not getting in and are sitting out there suffering. >> think about that. 59% of veterans are waiting for more than two weeks for an appointment and this is based on the va data. and we know they are falsifying wait times so i promise that 48% is lower. less than 41% of veterans are getting severed within two
7:18 am
weeks. and mental health -- 66%? that can be life and death for a veteran who needs to be seen and provided but they are seen quickly and given medication. you are seeing the suicide problems. it is a serious problem coming from a lack over of oversight. >> out of one side of everyone's mouth is thank you for the service and we honor the vets. you look at the reality and this needs to be screamed from the top or nothing is going to change. >> everyone wants to help veterans. including congress. so they allocate more funds and think they are talking care of them. the problem isn't dollars. it is oversight and accountability. when you cannot fire managers that are not performing or the v
7:19 am
va just covers up. and the government send money. someone should be fired in phoenix. they have been put on leave -- that is not a punishment. the problem is no one can be fired. a bill will give the tools to the secretary to fire bad managers. >> like any other organization when there is failure you have to fire someone who is running the organization. pete, thank you very much. we mentioned the supreme court issuing a big decision on public prayer. live on that with details and what it could mean for you. >> and a high school students is under arrest for a high tech version of an old scam. cheating in school in the 21st century. wait till you see this. we didn't have these tactics.
7:20 am
>> never! >> never!
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plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> the supreme court ruled that the town of greece, new york didn'tiolate the constitution when they allowed prayers before their meeting. what was the decision? >> this started in 1999 when the town of greece started letting people come in and do the prayer beforehand. you didn't have the contribute
7:24 am
but they it went on. they went through a guide of clergry members and went through and called names until someone did the prayer. they were predominantly christian most were of that faith. but they said anyone is welcome. they had someone from the jewish faith and a wican that came. and so people sued saying they don't like hearing this. the supreme court heard it last fall. and we got the decision today. the bottom line is the prayers and having them at the meeting is not constitutional. there were those that argue if
7:25 am
you want to have a moment of silence it can't say the name jesus or any dety and the justice said it would force the people to act like they have to censor and provide rules and there was a lot about this during the oral arguments should they be censored beforehand. and the justice not it would involve the government mob to say you can get in there and say those words. justice kennedy stews is constitutional. >> kennedy gave the 5-4 ruling with the go ahead. >> as he often does.
7:26 am
>> was the descenting voice suggesting prayer shouldn't be there at all? >> i will be honest, i am not through this. but there were numerous descents and they feel like this is intrusion involving the government and if you have prayers it appears to endorse any religion that uses a specific diety. >> getting to the bottom of the benghazi attack and forming a panel to do so. some democrats say there is nothing more to learn and they are threatening to boycott the select committee. pete king is joining us live with his reaction. >> and sean white crashed a high school party. he has been crashing on a skate board and snow board. look how happy she is.
7:27 am
>> that woman was surprised heavy prom. >> everyone was like you are not serious and i was like i am dead serious. download the expedia app text expedia to 75309 expedia, find yours
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7:30 am
some democrats are calling for a boycot of the select committee that is selected to investigate benghazi. details of that are not out yet. the house speaker wants a bipartisan panel to crack down and figure what happened in the
7:31 am
conflict that left four americans dead. but adam shift said he doesn't think it makes sense to participate. >> we have had four bipartisan investigations already. the republican conference is so fractu fractured. two things only that they agree own. they don't like obamacare and they like talking about benghazi. >> peter king is here. congressman king, good to have you here >> thank you, martha. >> when you see your response to congressman shift? >> i have a great regard for shift. but he is, i believe, entirely wrong. we need a full investigation of benghazi and a select committee because we need a committee that can bring all of the pieces together. each investigation raises new
7:32 am
issues. there is no such out there they are not telling the truth on. this is essential and if the democrats boycott it, it shows they having something to hide. it shouldn't be a bipartisan issue. four americans were killed. that is the issue here. >> what is the word on the hill? is it going to happen? >> it is going to happen. once boehner saw this reached the white house, once that came out, boehner realized there was no choice, it was the right way to go and he decided it is going to happen. we will vote on it. it will pass rather the democrats take part or not. i think they are still trying to
7:33 am
decide that among themselves but i think they will make a great mistake. the country deserves to have someone look into this and have the democratic opinions. >> who do you see being forced to testify in the hearings? >> secretary clinton would have to testify certainly to me and some other secretary officials. and i think general patries should be questioned. you saw he had nothing to do with the talking points and was presented with them at the end.
7:34 am
he said this isn't what the committee want but signed off on them anyway. how come michael moral took it over? this whole relationship of everyone working together while the general was excluded. there was that scandal hanging over the general's head in afghanistan. is that why he was taken out? what he knew and why he was taken out of the talking points, i think, is very important. >> sounds like it. thank you very much, congressman. we will see you next time. performance from the circus are recovering after this: -- performers -- it looked beautiful before that moment. a support frame collapsing while the performers were hanging like
7:35 am
a chand leer using their hair and when they fall and collapse the lights go dark. the parent company leader is here, stephen king, and thank you for your time. we are trying to figure area out what happened and why as i am sure you are. two in critical condition, three in serious condition, how are they doing? >> the information that we have is eight performers are still hospitalized. they were serious, but none were life threatening. one of the performers have been discharged. our thoughts and prayers are with the performers as they recover and their families as well because this was traumatic. we look forward to continuing the investigation so we can find out what happened so it never happens again. >> let me get to the cause and
7:36 am
why in a moment. what injuries did they suffer? >> i cannot go into great details on specific injuries. consistent with falling 30 feet which is the distance they fell. >> head, neck and back? >> leg injuries, a variety of injuries. we are not releasing specific information on what those are but we are thankful none of life-threatening and they will all make a recovery. >> let's pray for that. what happened? how much can you say? >> we really don't know what happened. we are working with local authorities and the safety and health administration to find out what happened. we are conducting research on the current equipment and all equipment on all three of the units to make sure all of the equipment is safe and we don't
7:37 am
have another accident like this ever again. >> this was an act that just came together in january which would have been about four months ago. is that your knowledge? >> this launched in january from tampa. though this development of this act is new, all of the performers are trained and experienced in the circus arts. they are skill and that skill and physical fitness is one of the reasons the injuries are not as bad as they can be. >> are they hanging from their ha hair? >> they are. they are attached to the apparatus and they are hanging from their air. it is a beautiful act. we are hoping they will be able to get well and return to the greatest show on earth.
7:38 am
>> i understand there was an individual on the ground as well. there is a metal frame apparatus from which the performers hang and that game through from a metal trust it was connected. is that the responsibility of the local venue or the something you travel with? >> everything you see in the footage of the accident, the trust above the rigging, all of those materials travel with us and all of them are inspected before they are installed when we move into a new venue. >> the circus sets it up? >> yes, we have a crew that does this day in and day out throughout the here. >> thank you for your time. steven pain from los angeles.
7:39 am
thank you. jeb bush getting a big boost amid growing talks about his plans for 2016. >> well i would hope he would run. he is a wonderful man. but he is not telling me his plans. he will make up his mind on his own time table and i cannot accelerate it. >> all right. straight ahead, how the mid-term elections could help jeb bush for 2016. >> you don't think the brothers are talking? a kid is facing felony charges after helping kids change their grades. how he did it. >> it is like cheating on a test. when people look at your grades it is like you are smart but in reality you are not.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
for hacking into computer system to change grades. the 18-year-old took money from the students to boost the marks. students say it is unfair. >> we put ap and regular and honor classess amazing kids. so if this is what happened we are all disappointed. >> he is charged with four counts of offenses against property and computer users. fox news channel is america's election head quarters. we are six months away from the mid-term elections and it appears that republicans seem to have the edge so far. a new pole suggest 47% of americans would vote republican if the election was held today. that is the biggest gop lead in
7:44 am
that number in 20 years. ed rolllins, campaign manager for reagan and joe trippi campaign manager as well. i want to take a look at another number and get your thoughts on the poles. this is your congressional vote and president obama. is your vote, when you go in six months against obama? 26% said yes. for said 16%. not a factor was 56%. put these together and tell us what you think. >> it is bad for democrats. if the numbers hold they are bigger than they were for republicans in 1994 and in 2010. both big huge banner years for the republican party. in 2010, even with those numbers
7:45 am
they squandered their shot at the senate. if these numbers hold, it confirms what a lot of people, including myself, this mid-term election is going to be a lot of republicans get on your surf board because things are going your way. the question is can it last six months. that is the only thing going for democrats is there is still time. >> and we know people don't get focused on what is going on in until it is getting closer. ed, if you are a democrat, you will work hard to convince people the economy is turning around. >> joe is right. and he has run lots of campaigns as i. the bottom line is nothing is going to get better in the next six months. the economy is going slow, we are not creating jobs and loosing more than creating.
7:46 am
and health care was a mess before and everybody going to get services is going to find it is difficult to find doctors and get the proper care and around is going to blame it on obamacare. so my sense is it is going to be a big issue. people blame democrats and equally important in the off-year election. there is 40-50 million voters in the off year. and the president can't help. he can only hurt in that 10% gap where you vote against him or not is significant. >> it appears the intensity and excitement is on the republican side in terms of being fired up. let's look at this sound byte from former president george w. bush. >> well, i would hope he would run. he is a wonderful man.
7:47 am
he is not telling me his plans. he is going to make up his mind on his own time table. and i cannot accelerate it. and neither can our mother. he knows what it is like to run for president in that he has seen his father and brother run. he has no stronger supporter than me. >> pretty relaxed former president thinking about his brother entering the fray. what do you think? >> i am one of the democrats -- i have seen him. i went in thinking one more bush. and was discouraged thinking about it. but i was really impressed. the only question i have is i am not sure we can get the
7:48 am
nomination. the party has moved beyond the bushes thinking they are too liberal or something. if i was a democrat, i would be worried about him. >> let's ask our republican. ed? >> if jeb wants to run he is going to be viable and could get the nominee. he was a great governor and probably the most talented. but there is that bush organization and can you get operatives across the country and raise a lot of money? jeb can do both of those. he is being encouraged to run. chris christie's dissolving with the bridge gate created the need for an alternative. he is not going to chase anybody out of the race at the end of
7:49 am
the day being a former governor of florida makes him the favor there and we cannot win without florida. >> fascinating. it will be interesting. jon scott is standing by. hope the weekend was grand. >> it was fantastic. new polls showing the gop holding their biggest lead. but they have seen this before and self-destrucked. our man in the courtroom tells us how oscar pistorius case is trying to shore up the case. and a new study on reversing aging system. can younger blood help out to
7:50 am
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"24" follows jack bower after four years in hiding and he is nabbed by the cia in this installment in london and it will run for 12 episodes. get ready! > sky net hasn't gone live but a terminator like liquid metal might be coming to restore nerves. experiments with frogs showing it might be used. how are you? you look like you have jack bower as well. a lot of people suffer nerve
7:55 am
issues? >> the body doesn't regrow nerves very well. they need help. sometimes you can fix with surgery. sometimes you cannot. you end up with loss of muscle control. >> there is a need as you have seen over the years. what is the new idea? >> one of the problems is the body, like i said, nerves regrow slowly. during the time they are severed you lose the nerve connection and the ability for the body to heal and kick in. the idea is you inject liquid metal into the gap with it was severed and it allows the body time to put the body back together. it keeps the electricity flowing. >> they did it in bull frogs and
7:56 am
found it could work. >> it does conduct the electrical signal. you can inject with in and out without surgery. you see where the liquid metal and on an x-ray and take it out once it is regenerated. >> great concept. >> we have to prove it in humans now. >> did you believe as a scientist this could be applied in human beings? >> the paper out is convincing crossing over between physics a and biology. you need to make sure the metals don't leak out and they can stay there long enough.
7:57 am
but the idea you keep it going and give the body a chance to heal. it is pretty cool. >> we will be right back. dot
7:58 am
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bill: the last time we saw jack bauer he was in a world of hurt. martha: looking forward to him being back. bill: we'll catch you tomorrow. martha: bye, everybody. see you tomorrow. jenna: all eyes on capitol hill this monday morning as we soon learn will head up a special congressional committee investigating benghazi. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee, welcome to "happening now." jon: i'm jon scott. the announcement could come at any moment. the select committee expected to expand into the 2012 terror attack that left four americans dead. also dig deeper into an alleged cover-up by the white house. meantime some democrats and republicans clashing over the need for another probe into the attack. >> i think it is a colossal waste of time.


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