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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 6, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> so we got a very busy tomorrow planned. thank you very much for joining us. we're going to do the after the show show right now. so if you log on to our web site, you can watch us live on the internet, unfiltered, baby! to happen then. morning, everybody, fox news alert. the white house set to unveil a dire new warming but with multiple scandals swirling around the administration is it to distract americans? that is one of the questions as we say good morning and welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning, bill hemmer, good morning. i'm martha maccallum. oklahoma senator jim inhofe said he is not buying it. this is part of the game the president is playing to distract americans from his unchecked regulatory adenda costing middle class jobs and economic opportunity and energy independent he says. bill: republicans will push back. top obama advisor john podesta
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says they have zero chance stopping stopping what the white house wants to do here. peter doocy with our live coverage from the white house. >> reporter: the new report is regional break down of bad stuff that will keep coming as the climate keeps changing. coastal flood negotiate northeast. decreased water availability in the southeast and drought in the midwest, just to list a few. as you said the white house counsel running point for the president's climate change action plan, john podesta, there is really nothing anyone in congress can do to derail their agenda, that includes new regulations on power plants. >> the question of whether they, you know, they will find various ways, particularly in the house to try to stop us from using the authority we have under the, under the clean air act. all i would say is that those have zero percent chance of working. we're committed to moving forward with those rules.
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report this new white house report also says they want big cities across the country to start incorporating climate change concerns into their daily operations, bill. bill: so podesta republicans can't stop it. how are they responding to the new regulations the white house wants? >> reporter: they're worried bill. there is a lot of concern on the right that these new federal regulations would make energy more expensive and less reliable. so senator jim inhofe, the republican from oklahoma, saying blackouts and brownouts will become common across the country if power plants are regulated the way the obama administration wants to regulate them. another senator, john barasso, republican from wyoming, says this, if the administration wants to protect the environment they will get out of the way and watch local leaders solve the important issues. it is clear that americans that live and work on these lands are in the best position to continue managing them for people in their states. there will be a handful of meteorologists across the
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country here at the white house today. president obama is offering himself up for interviews to sound a new alarm about his new climate change concerns. bill: could be a political message for the base as well. peter doocy, from the white house. martha? martha: there are developments on two of the big scandals facing the white house. first the irs targeting scandal. house republicans are getting ready to make good on the threat to charge low wisconsin lerner with contempt of congress. the rules committee will meet this afternoon. they will lay out procedures for big vote that comes up this week. that is when the entire house will decide whether to charge the former is official for reus fusing to answer questions and repeatedly pleading the fifth. they will also consider asking attorney general eric holder to appoint a special counsel to investigate this scandal. bill: then on the benghazi, republican trey gowdy officially named to lead the investigation to investigate the alleged cover-up by the white house, telling fox news he will review
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any and all documents, uncover the truth about the attack that left four americans dead and get to the facts once and for all. >> you can't draw conclusions if you don't have all the facts and what this committee is going to do, once and for all lay out all the facts. then your jury can draw whatever inferences and conclusions they want to jo congressman gowdy will join us here in "america's newsroom" later this hour. we'll go into all what this will look like, who might be asked to testify in front of that panel. congressman trey gowdy joining us about 25 minutes from now. bill: if you have a question for congressman, @marthamaccallum, or @billhemmer. it is twitter time. talk to us all morning online. martha: this is a developing story out of nigeria getting a lot of attention now in the united states. leaders of an extremist group are threatening to sell more than 200 schoolgirls, calling them slaves. the group of abducted these victims from their school three
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weeks ago and now the fbi is standing ready to head over to that country to find those girls. here is the leader of broke co. >> translator: ladies, don't get married. i will capture them in the market. there is a market for selling people. god has commanded me to sell. martha: amy kellogg live in london with this. why has it taken so long to get action to help the schoolgirls, amy. >> reporter: awfully long time. three weeks for these girls. important to let you know eight more girls have just been kidnapped in northern nigeria. we don't have any details where they were taken from but eight more girls as we speak. now, part of the reason that it has been so difficult to get to these girls is that the northern part of nigeria is to a certain extent quite lawless. the government does not have reach there.
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also, the government itself has not been asking for any outside help, only finally just a few days ago has the government asked specifically for the u.s., france, china and the u.k. to help out but the bottom line is nothing has happened. people are very fed up. there's a rising wave of anger. some parents even gone looking for their daughters by themselves. the u.s. has offered assistance. eric holder says we stand by ready but not clear what form that assistance is going to take. undersecretary of state, martha, is on her way over next week. this is going to be an incredibly complicated rescue operation. these girls have not even been located. there are 276 still missing. 56 managed to escape but this group is so violent, any attempt to rescue them to end up very, very badly, martha. martha: certainly could. amy, thank you. we'll have more on this later with john bolton. we'll explain who this group is and how all of this came to be. broke coha ram, has -- boko
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haram existed. their nickname is western education is forbidden. that tells you about the particular kidnapping taken place over the last few weeks. the soldiers are drawn from largely impoverished, religiously, uneducated youth and the u.s. declared it a terrorist organization. bill: primary day for several voters in states but the race getting a lot of attention especially this one here. republican primary for senate in the state of north carolina. there are eight candidates, but these two gentlemen a lot of attention, money focuses on them. republican tom tillis, tea party candidate, greg brand nan. kay hagan is under major fire. many republicans think hagan could be a pick off victim come november. house speaker john boehner
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facing two conservative challengers in the home district in the 8th district of southwestern ohio. all the polling suggesting that boehner will win this one. martha: pretty good shape. bill: the one in north carolina is open question. jeb bush weighed in on that. martha: we'll be watching. bill: we have elections. martha: all right. take you now to this fox news alert. the retail chain, office depot announcing that they plan to close at least 400 stores nationwide. they say it is as a result of recent merger with former rival officemax. all the closures are expected to be finished by the end of 2016. office depot not releasing details which stores are closed or how many jobs will be lost in the process. bill: the wildfires in oklahoma that killed a man and destroyed 10 homes are about 90% contained. that fire spread quickly, quiffing homeowners almost no time to get out. officials still investigating how it started. forecasters warning conditions are ripe for fires yet again
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today. high temperatures, strong winds expected across oklahoma and surrounding states. we'll keep an eye on that for you. martha: a plane landing gone terribly wrong. a pilot crashing right into a house. we're being told what was wrong with that plane and we'll tell you what happened on the ground there as well, plus this. >> conde rice must go! bill: some of these protests led condoleeza rice to back out of a commencement speech at rutgers university. there is growing outrage from a different group of students ho want -- who want her to speak. we'll tell you about that. >> nation's largest veterans group demanding major changes at the va in the wake of the patient scare scandal we've been bringing to you over the course of the last several weeks. a former va secretary is here. he will talk about something like this could even happen to these veterans. >> we have over 90 requests in, some dating back two years and i don't see any transparency. i don't see the presidenting his
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promise. he will say anything to get elected, reelected and stay elected. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: whatever you can imagine, all in one place
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martha: so the u.s. may soon target russia using the is. after russia's takeover the crimea and ongoing operations on the border with ukraine, u.s. treasury officials are planning to use a tax evasion law. under the law u.s. banks are required to levy a 30% tax on certain payments to countries that don't have an information-sharing agreement with the united states. this would be a big problem for russian president vladmir putin. the penalties could prove to be more damaging to the russian economy than sanctions. interesting attempt there. bill: martha, 13 minutes past. new fallout in the va scandal with a major veterans group calling on agency leadership group to step down. head of american legion, as national commander of the nation's largest veterans service organization it is great sadness that i call for
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resignations shinseki and undersecretary of benefits allison hickey. he served as president of the va under president george w. bush. good morning to you. if anyone deserves a fair shake, this group of men and women. would think you would disagree with that. story in fort collins, colorado, exploded last 24 hours, show they're manipulating records showing veterans were treated within 14 days when actually waiting months for service and treatment that follows what we watched last week in phoenix, arizona, we still don't know what is going out there. is it time for someone to take the fall for this. >> i think we have to find out if the allegations are true. i think the inspector general will do that and hopefully report to the secretary and to the president within a short period of time because they're very serious and very troubling. and leadership need to be held accountable if in fact the allegations are proven true.
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bill: you're holding your fire just yet, in terms of calling for somebody to resign? you're not going there. >> i believe there is indications of failed leadership within the veterans health administration and again, if the allegations are true, people need to be disciplined and step aside. bill: here is jeff miller, florida congressman. we heard from him a moment ago. he has got, he has got big concerns. have a listen here. >> if in fact what we suspect is true i think the secretary will have no other option but to step down. right now we know for a fact there have been 23 preventable deaths within the united states, the department of veterans affairs and we suspect there's more. we know there has been manipulation of numbers both at phoenix and now fort collins, colorado. we do not trust the numbers that va gives us in any way, shape or form. bill: should we trust the numbers that we're getting? >> i think we can trust the numbers. you know, again, it is hard to
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say. the va is a good health care system. has been undermined and tainted by these allegations. and we have to get to the bottom of it and we have to be decisive. i learned an important lesson about leadership as young naval officer. the captain of the ship is responsible for the safety and well-being and of the crew. the same has to apply to public officials, whether it was myself as secretary or any secretary of any department. we need to hold people accountable, if in fact there is poor failed, leadership and poor oversight. bill: why is this happening? why don't we hear the good side of the va? >> well that's an excellent question. we need to hear the good side of the va. because millions of veterans are cared with dedication and compassion. unfortunately it's a public, large health care system and the allegations of poor care, poor quality, just -- bill: you know there are people
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who care within the organization. >> absolutely. bill: but is it public health care that is the issue? is that what you're suggesting? >> no, i don't think it is public health care. just that the va is very large and visible health care, it is largest health care system in the world, caring for over six million veterans and a group, allegedly exercised morally reprehensible conduct, allegations, have tainted the whole system. and the only way to restore confidence in the system is to, is to take decisive action against that leadership. bill: but maybe it is phoenix this week. make it is for the collins next week. go back to walter reed in washington deand expert who is come on our program, you know what they will tell us? they say we care about these veterans so much. the issue is not money. >> no, it is not. bill: they have got plenty of money apparently. nobody ever come on tv said, you know what, they're not getting
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funds they need. what is the issue nationwide? >> issue is it's leadership to do the right thing and to hold people accountable when allegations are proven to be correct. it is all about leadership. it is not about money. the va has plenty of money, every $150 billion budget. it is not about politics. it is clearly about leadership and accountability. they both go hand in hand. you can't have responsibility without the other. bill: on leadership from the white house the president remains confident in secretary shinseki's ability to lead the department and take appropriate action based on the ig's findings. can you tell the veterans of america watching you talk today, that you will or someone will, get this statenned out? >> oh, i'm government, i'm confident the ig. will get this straightened out. the decision whether secretary shinseki stays or goes and he has a distinguished 40-year
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career is president obama's. not mine. not the american legion. the president has the responsibility to do what's right for the veterans of the country and those that come to the va in their weakest moments. that is the bottom line. it is about leadership. bill: we owe them that. appreciate your time. >> thank you. bill: martha, what's next? martha: another state's health care system is now in owe laps. why -- collapse. why massachusetts may shift the website to the fall back position. which means they have to start sending people to the federal website. we'll tell you about that. bill: congress determined to get answers on benghazi. the man who will lead the brand new select committee, congressman trey gowdy is our guest. he will talk to us live in a few minutes. >> i want to see every, single, solitary, relevant material document. in fact i want to see everything for which there can be any argument that it is relevant and then we can judge whether it's material. big meeting.
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bill: here's a live look at a traffic nightmare in southern california. part of an interstate overpass that construction crews have been building for months came down in a the mare of minutes. a fire that crews say was started by a blowtorch, destroyed the wooden support beams that held up still unfinished bridge. interstate 15 which links l.a. to las vegas closed for hours. whoa. going to need google map for that one to get around that. drivers are pretty heated. i would be too. >> cars driving crazy. that is why i pulled over. because i can't take it. >> we're pretty upset about it. we're getting really excited because it looked like it was couple months from being done and now it has to be done all over again. >> it is horrible right now. we've been in it for the past three hours. it is real horrible. >> drivers are rerouted around that exit while the inspectors
6:24 am
check out the highway. no word how long it will take to repair that bridge. find another commute. martha: telecommute. after a rocky rollout, massachusetts now essentially scrapping their obama care exchange. the state will buy software from colorado and kentucky. they will also use the federal exchange as a backup while they try to figure out this mess that is going on in massachusetts. they now join maryland and the state of oregon, two others that spent millions in taxpayer dollars on their own failed obamacare exchanges. so those people are out of money, in those states. joining us is stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart, what went wrong here and what does it tell us about the big picture? >> let me try to run through the sequence of events here and what massachusetts is trying to do. they have a state-run health exchange. it's failed. it's not working. they're abandoning it. they're going to a private enterprise system, literally buying software off the shelf from the private sector to run
6:25 am
their health exchange in the meantime. by november the 15th they want to revamp the original state-run system and turn it over to the federal-run system. okay. that is by november 15th when enrollment for 2015 starts. follow the trail here. state-run to private enterprise, to federal run. clearly massachusetts is not abandoning its belief that bureaucracy, government bureaucracy, can and will run its health exchanges. not abandoned that. they're not going to private enterprise. they're staying with government-run health exchanges. i don't think that works. martha: if they got to the private option and it worked, you know if that were to work i'm not sure why they would feel it necessary to jump off of that around throw their lot in the federal system which certainly had its own glitches along the way as well. you know, we mentioned in the introduction here the cost to taxpayers, when you think about the fact that all of this was designed to save people money and lower their health care
6:26 am
costs, it cost taxpayers a boatload in massachusetts already. >> let me explain something here. massachusetts is asking the federal government for $50 million in order to pay the consultant which told massachusetts its state-run system had failed. they want 50 million, from the federal taxpayer. >> wow. >> involved in that original state-run system was cgi, who were involved in the mess h up of maryland spent, what, $130 million before abandoning its health exchange. oregon spent 248 million before abandoning its own state-run exchange. a lot of money involved. taxpayer on the hook. martha: health care consulting business is looking pretty good. >> on the right side of the fence. martha: exactly. stuart, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: well, the website, huh? martha: that's right. bill: you and i got to start writing code. we can make a lot of money. martha: i'm good at that. my sideline. little-known fact.
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bill: maccallam. not what you could call a good landing a plan crashing right into the roof of a home. was anyone inside? we'll tell you about that. martha: plus will there finally be answers on benghazi? and the accusations of a white house cover-up months before an election back in 2012? congressman trey gowdy has now been named to lead the special house committee. he will join us live right after this break. >> washington is its own echo system. they wouldn't like it if i cured malaria tonight because i'm a republican. so of course they're going to be critical.
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bill: we were just talking about some of these veteran issues. fox news alert now because some of the military's top brass set to answers question in a moment. that's a senate committee holding a hearing on pay raises and housing allowances for members of the military. martin dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff set to testify. we'll see what comes with that. martha: growing number of democrats calling on members to boycott this newly-formed special committee on the benghazi terror attack. after congressman trey gowdy is officially chosen to lead this investigation. meanwhile the white house is still maintaining that republicans will not find anything new here. >> this is a conspiracy theory in search of a conspiracy and it is, has clearly been that for so
6:32 am
long now that i, that i have lost track of the number of conspiracies that have fallen flat. martha: south carolina congressman trey gowdy joins us now. good morning, congressman. good to have you here today. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. martha: well, it was expected that you would be asked to take on this role. now that you have been given this job what are your central questions that you want to learn from it? >> same three questions, martha, that i had 20 months ago. why was our security profile so low on benghazi on anniversary of 9/11? why were our assets not positioned across the globe in such a way we could respond to northern africa in time? thirdly, and in some people's estimation, most importantly, can we trust government and their explanation of the aftermath? so there are three separate components but you got to keep in mind, martha, four of our fellow citizens were murdered. and -- martha: we just lost his signal
6:33 am
momentarily. we'll work on getting that back. these are obviously pictures of the four who were killed that night as this investigation getting underway. trey gowdy is now back with us. you were just talking about what questions you want to answer and i guess my next question to you, congressman, would be who specifically do you want to subpoena? who do you think has the actual answers to those questions? >> well, martha, you don't know who has the answer. that's why you tell the jury to wait until the all the evidence is in before they make up their mind. i want to talk to everyone who has first-hand knowledge of what happened that night. i want access to every document because you never know which document, it could be the last one you receive answers your question. so if you want 100% of the truth, then you're boeing to want 100% of the access of witness in the documents. >> we were told that the documents had been turned over. as an example we know that they weren't. 9 ben rhodes email surfaced as a result of judicial watch document request. so that is where we learned
6:34 am
there was an effort to make it, focus on internet video and not underlying policy. gy es my question, how effective do you think these companies will be? how confident that what you ask for you're actually going to get. >> depend on how we do it. around what i would recommend is asking an i.t. person to come and certify under penalty of congress they ran this search of their computer system and it kicked out these doubts. i'm not interested asking politicians who can can parse sentences. i'm asking i.t. folks, did you run searches with these parameters and do we have every single document under penalty of perjury? martha: when you look at, some. people, we asked folks at home, what do you expect from this process? let me put up some of the pictures people would like to hear from. hillary clinton is one who people say needs to come back and be asked questions on this. ben rode, in the middle who
6:35 am
wrote the white house email. there is lot of questions about who may have directed ben rhodes to write that email. one of the names that keep popping up, tom donelon. will you call tom donilon to testify as part of the select committee? >> all of the above have evidence, martha. the manner in which that evidence is produced to congress, whether it be a deposition or witness interview or a congressional hearing is subject to debate and that is something the committee will discuss but i am not interested, nor did i sign up for a committee that will not get to the bottom of it. that's what the speaker told me, get to the bottom of benghazi. he placed no strict -- one of my criticisms of the arb was that it did not even bother to talk to the secretary of state. how can you run an investigation without talking to the person in charge? so the manner in which we talk to her, i can't tell you this morning. i can tell you this. anyone who has evidence or information is going to be talked to.
6:36 am
martha: all right. so talk to me a little it about the makeup of this committee because nancy pelosi just said moments ago, to our chad pergram. he reported that she wants this to be an evenly divided select committee, an even number of democrats and republicans. you know, that up to, that statement there have been a lot of calls for democrats to completely boycott this committee. there will be very little credibility if it is full of republicans many would say. >> well, i certainly hope the democrats participate. i, martha, continue to think that some things transcend politics like the murder of four of our fellow citizens and whether or not you can trust government. that is not a red or bluish issue. that is an american issue. as for whether or not they boycott, i hope they don't. i can tell you this, it is not going to be evenly constituted and when she was speaker pelosi, she certainly showed no interests in having an equal number of republicans and democrats. we're in the majority. that may or may not be the case after november but we're in the majority right now and we're in
6:37 am
the majority for a reason and i just find it interesting that people's ability to do math changes when they go from being the speaker to the minority leader. martha: so what, tell me what composition you see on this select committee? what would you like it to be? >> well, that, the speaker is going to decide that. something in the 10-7 range or like what we have with other committees now. every committee of congress is constituted with more republicans than democrats because there are more republicans than democrats i hasten to add, every committee in the senate is constituted with more democrats than republicans. i mean there are consequences to elections. martha: how is the process going to look? will there be a televised hearings as a part of this committee? >> i'm sure if we have hearings, someone with a camera will come. but i've also been a critic five minutes is not long enough to unlock the mysteries of the world. if you really want to get information from someone, in my
6:38 am
judgment that is best done with a deposition. it is tedious and it is long but five minutes is not really that long to unlock some of these very important issues. so it is going to be all of the above. some of the stuff you will find to be interesting theater and some of the stuff you will find to be pretty tedious and boring but it is all important. martha: sound like you believe that the first step is to talk to i.t. investigators who can go through the systems and find every email, every document and under oath, testify that nobody has interfered with their ability to get every single document that is out there. is that right? >> well, martha, i think the very first step is to find out who is going to be on the committee. i told the speaker when i was prosecutor my goal was always to be the dumbest one in the room. he assured me that should not be much of a challenge. i want to know who else will be on the committee. i want to hear from her or him what questions they have remaining. you know i started over the
6:39 am
weekend charting who do we need to talk to that we have not talked to? what issues remain and how do we resolve those issues? to me it is like an investigation i did at u.s. attorney's office or solicitor's office. it is not a criminal investigation but you get at truth in exactly the same way and you know, sitting around expressing opinions is not the way for this committee to get at the truth. we need to interview witnesses. the order which we do it obviously i would rely heavily on the other members who constitute the committee including democrats if they would, participate. martha: all we know, it was a bipartisan select committee that investigated watergate and many other issues that have come up in the united states government and we'll be watching obviously as this committee is formed and covering the whole thing. congressman trey gowdy, thank you very much. we look forward to talking to you again soon. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. bill: quick check of the markets right now, we've got headwind, america. dow opening lower off 72 points
6:40 am
at the open. investors also watching earnings season. the dow closing up 17 points yesterday. we'll keep an eye on the markets throughout the show and throughout the day today. very interesting with gowdy there, martha, and those first three questions he started off his interview with. we'll chart those and see where it goes. martha: we certainly will. bill: first responder, governor of oregon saw a woman in trouble, he swung into action. that man, why his past life got him ready for the moment. nice. also some students at the same college that allowed snooki to speak outraged when condoleeza rice was invited. why karl rove says this is pc out of control at rutgers university. >> shame on the little totalitarians of the left and their faculty agent who perpetuated this. 0
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the faa says data from a u2 spy-plane's flight plan ended up confusing software that helps track and route aircraft. hundreds of planes across the country were grounded because of that mishap. the spy-plane flies at 60,000 feet. they're taking steps to prevent that from happening again. oops. bill: the backlash growing by the day after students protests against former secretary of state condoleeza rice to cancel her commencement speech at rutgers. other students on that campus fighting back against the ant of it-rice protesters who called her a war criminal. demanding that the invitation be withdrawn. she will not speak. here is karl rove on that. >> what was rutgers doing inviting hillary clinton to speak on campus? she voted for the iraq war. in fact she said, saddam hussein had wmd. as did her husband bill clinton. will they never invite bill clinton to campus. will they not invite john kerry to campus who voted for the iraq
6:45 am
war and said the saddam hussein hat wmd. this was politically motivated, politically aim and idealogically driven and stupid. they didn't have the facts right. bill: let's bring in david webb, fox news contributor as well. emily tish sussman, center for american progress action fund. good morning to both of you. nice to have you back here first. david, so what rove is saying that this is all just hypocrisy at rutgers. how do you see it? >> it absolutely is, bill. excuse me. here we have college, and college is supposed to be incubators of diverse thought and opinions and professor robert boykus, who is the professor leader of this and a bunch of students who decided that they will not tolerate a woman who is a unique figure in american history. forget politics. she grew up in the civil rights era poor. she became the first black woman secretary of state. and their objections are based on being misinformed as carl
6:46 am
points out because hillary clinton did vote for the iraq war. they gave $30,000 to snooki. what is their meter for this? this is strictly the institutional leftist led by a leftist professor who does have a history of doing this. bill: snooki is just jersey strong, emily. that is why that happened. >> snooki is all jersey. bill: look, there she is. fascinating. rove's point about hypocrisy, they invited hillary clinton he is saying. she voted for iraq war and on and on. >> look, i mean, there is a difference between the roles here but to be clear on the facts, the university invited condoleeza rice. they continued invite her. they kept the open. they saw one of the largest protests of students on campus they ever had on any issue and she with drew her invitation so not to cause a distraction. >> this was not a large a protest. someone only been to the campus of rutgers, lived in new jersey
6:47 am
i have seen a lot larger. put it in context. bill: the numbers i have are 45,000 undergrads and 50 students -- >> 50 protesters, emily, that strike you as large? >> but they're saying the school sort aring this is one of the largest protests they have had. semiengaged student body, back to the point rove is making emily, address this though, are they being hypocritical? >> there is time and place for open discussion on college campuses. every point of view should be brought in absolutely. graduations are a funny time. if you're giving an honorary degree, student body, parent body, people want to feel like that reflection of values. we're seeing iraq war is live issue for young people and millenials. young people graduating, who were 10, 11, 12 whether when iraq war started this formed ideology of a generation. >> wow. >> still very live issue for them. >> could you answer the question?
6:48 am
is this hypocritical or not, yes it is. hillary clinton on the record supporting, calling on the wmds that they do exist. and, she voted for it. the question is -- >> but has -- >> by the way, this is the timeline of the kids. if you're in college, you should learn all side, tolerate all discussions as i did in college. this is intolerance and frankly as americans, let me turn to the parents. do you want your kids growing up with this kind of mentality because they go out into the world into a corporation and if everything didn't go their way, they're going to lead a protest and want to ceo to change his point? come on. it -- >> i do think we can agree -- bill: i will give you a chance. >> sorry, bill. bill: it doesn't just appear just students. like faculty members. >> very important point. bill: chairman of the new jersey college republicans, donald coughlin, overwhelming number of students were disappointed condoleeza rice no longer being commencement speaker after small
6:49 am
minority of student body, intolerant facultity members at rutgers university protested over last month. looks like teachers emily. go. >> yes it was. people should be encouraged to be involved in the process and invite her back. they should invite her back to speak at another time and everybody should get involved panned go to that. i do think it is important to note that the speaker they announced to replace condoleeza rice was chair of 9/11 commission, is a republican. former governor of new jersey. not like this was entirely politically motivated of i do think it is specific to her role. it is not something students and faculty wanted their university to be wholeheartedly endorsing. >> what a life story, condoleeza rice has. >> yes. bill: i mean, wow. >> i totally agree. bill: so much from what she has gone through and what she has become. >> i would recommend, bill, that the students go out and read her two books. learn about her life story. the point about governor gains, someone who i also know. he is a good man.
6:50 am
i know the family, yes, there are also many governors out there. condoleeza rice is a unique figure in american history, regardless of politics, this is someone with a story that she can translate to students of hope, of potential, of what you can do with your life. bill: all right. otherwise, just left with snooki. i don't think either one of you are accepting of that. >> year after year. bill: thank you, emily. thank you, david. >> thank you so much. she can tell what you you -- martha: she can tell you what you can do with her life. she has other ideas. the governor of oregon swinging into action, performing cpr on a woman in trouble. why the governor knew exactly what he was doing and navy saved this woman's life. bill: this not what the pilot had in mine. >> he tipped and kind of did a u-turn. >> sounded like rocks hitting a wood fence but extremely loud. >> and then the flames. avo: with expedia
6:51 am
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6:54 am
bill: this small plane was towing one of those advertising banners t was set to do a flyover at a colorado rockies game. it had a mechanical problem and that happened. the pilot tried to land in a nearby field. he missed the mark and amazing got up and walked away. pilot's okay! here is the neighbor who watched all of it. >> went immediately to the front door. there were flames coming out of the roof. there was a gentleman inside of the house on the stairway. i was amazed he was alive. he had cuts on his face. >> he looked a little shaken up. bill: fortunately no one was inside of the home. on top of all that the pilot used to own the house? martha: no way. bill: come on! martha: when does that happen. bill: was it a target? martha: that raises a whole bunch of different issues. more on that. in the meantime oregon's governor is being credited with
6:55 am
helping save the life of an unconscious woman. dr. john kits saber wag driving through downtown portland and saw a woman on the ground and sprang into action. william la jeunesse has more. what was wrong with the woman. >> reporter: she was suffering a drug overdose when the oregon governor was on his way to dinner. you saw the woman unconscious. had his driver pull over. she was not breathing. he immediately began cpr. medics took over when they arrived. >> governor was able to assist the ventilations. i'm not sure if he carries his own medical equipment but there was medical equipment he was there being able to use. it was great work by the governor. i was proud to see, see him do his work and be able to take over for him. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital and she survived. martha? martha: wow, good end to that story. first time that he sort of been called on to use his doctors skills on the job? >> reporter: no. he is in his 12th year in
6:56 am
office. he is responded to medical emergencies in the state capitol several times before according to the local press reports. he once actually stop ad debate to help someone having a seizure. that person went to the hospital and survived. kitzhaber currently wearing jeans. is running for re-election. if he wins he will be the nation's second-longest serving governor. if he loses we know he will not be unemployed. saving someone's life doesn't hurt your poll numbers. failure of cover oregon, killing his campaign. he is deadlocked with his republican opponent. back to you. martha: interesting. helpful to have a governor that has outside skills that come in handy. william, thanks a lot. bill: the pilot used to own the home? martha: we'll look into this and give you more information. bill: snooki is apparently not from new jersey, we get it. martha: i told you that. clearly not a jersey girl. bill: correct. house lawmakers set for a huge
6:57 am
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7:00 am
the irs targeting scandal reaching a new high today with the talks of holding lois lerner in contempt. welcome to hour you of "america's newsroom" i am martha maccallum. >> and i will bill hemmer. lois lerner was accused of attempt for refusing to answer questions after opening up with a statement that declareded her innocen innocence. >> steve is here. what do you make of this
7:01 am
development? it has been talked about a long time. >> it has. i don't think it is that controversial to have this meeting. she suspended her fifth amendment right after she herself made an argument in her own defense. she hasn't been cooperating and i think they are right to hold the vote and i think she will be held in contempt. >> then what happens? >> it will likely go to the a court that has to make a determination if she waved her fifth amendment rights by making an argument on her own behalf. and i don't have any idea what the court says. depends on where the case ends up. >> what about the coverage of this issue and the evolution of that, steve? >> this is what i find
7:02 am
fascinating about the irs issue. if you go back to the beginning you have lois lerner and colleagues con spiring to leak this in a way that was deceptive. and then you hav an apology from the president who said he is outraged about this because of the targeting of the groups and then story goes away and not notch follow-up. we are looking at the tone of the coverage is one that seems to be chiding republicans for taking this serious saying republicans are being political. but when the democrats investigated republicans back in
7:03 am
the bush administration it was because they were corrupt. >> the president was very passion saying he wanted to get to the bottom of this and talked about the importance of the irs and how to has to be beyond rebut the white house is convinced and they don't need any further investigation. >> right. you had the president saying he was outraged to saying there isn't corruption involved and i don't think we have that information and that why the investigation has to continue. i do think the republicans are going too far about what they know or think they know. there is no question this is a big issue for democrats who are trying to codify in law what the
7:04 am
irs was doing behind the scenes back during the 2012 run-up collection. but that doesn't mean on the evidence you can point to president obama and saying he led a conspiracy. we are not there yet. >> don't have enough information. thank you, steve. we are learning details about one of the emails released in the thousands on the investigation in benghazi. one circulated the white house to come up with a media strategy to combat the coverage of the scandal here at the fox news. judicial watch is suing for the e-ma e-mail. the president's national security advisor, the deputy director of the cia and presidential aid were on the
7:05 am
list of the e-mail recipients. and here we have words blaming hilary clinton for bengha benghazi. >> big mistakes were made under hilary clinton's watch. i think in the middle of the civil war they should never have had the embassy under state department command. i would have had in under military demand. so many times someone asked hilary clinton for more security and she turned it down. >> senator paul claims the cia age agents there were sent off around the world to prevent them from giving testimony. >> back to president obama's climate agenda. making the case that global warming is a growing threat to
7:06 am
america as the president holds events to push for climate change. michael is here. good morning to you. what new regulations does the white house want if they get their way? >> quite a few regulations most having to do with capping carbon outputs by various people producing energy, kohl -- coal -- and that sort of thing. it is rife with suggestions. and someone i know who follows this says the original report was so big your computer alerted you when you clicked on it to download it this is a huge file. it is a lot and wide and a lot of things coming from executive branch and nothing from the legislative branch. >> here is talk from yesterday: >> i think particular if you are
7:07 am
want to try to side with the polluters and argue to the american public that climate change isn't happening today, tomorrow, and certainly in the future that is going to be a loosing argument. >> and he said republicans have zero percentage chance of stopping this. do they? >> of course they have a 0% chance because they are doing this all through regulatory efforts and the executive branch. there is no political coalition for president obama on this. he is not going to get any republicans because as it was said they will not take any unnecessarily writers like trying to take the republicans who get the keystone pipeline built. that clears everybody from congress from the deck that will support it.
7:08 am
and they will not get support from energy state producing democrats. so there is no political coalition. >> on that point, michael, you have mid-terms in november, some would argue this is a move to change the topics and others say it is a move to shore up the base. do you believe it is a, b or neither? >> or d both. harry reid said they were going to distract people or change the subject from their most vulnerable point which is obamacare. that is why people talk about equal pay for women and now they are shifting to this. you have a lot of donors who the issues of climate change is important. so you have these various interest groups pings and this is a perfect example of that. >> michael warren, thank you for
7:09 am
your time. new reports that the fbi is joining a handful of government agencies looking into high profile failure at oregon's health care system and allegations there may have been a cover-up. you might remember this ad -- cover oregon. check it out. >> free to be healthy. but unfortunately the state is being accused of hiding the trouble on the website to bring in $303 million in taxpayer money. >> that is a colorful ad there. democrats threatening to boycott the benghazi investigation. >> i think any democrats who showed up ought to be taken the
7:10 am
democratic registration away from them. >> beckle is live to defend that next. >> and a mother's plea to save her son. a marine thrown into the a mexican prison after supposedly taking the wrong turn in mexico. >> this is harded than the tours where he was blown up by an ied and this is because it is the fear of the unknown. fear of the unknown. yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. new at&t mobile share value plans. our best value plans ever for business.
7:11 am
andrew tahmooress tunneliijuana mesa
7:12 am
7:13 am
>> we are learning more about neal moore who opened fire at the dayton, ohio va center. police say he was arrested after stoppi stopping treatment. he worked at the hospital for 27 years before retiring.
7:14 am
we don't know what triggered this. new calls for democrats to boycott a special committee that is being assigned to investigate the benghazi attack. and bob beckle claims that republicans are using the four americans killed that night as political pawns. >> what the republicans have done is turned four dead bodies into a political act. and i think any democrat who shows up at this committee ought to loose this democratic registration. it is a sham and a shame that the republicans use these people for political points. >> bob beckle is here. good morning to you. how can you say that? >> i was going to say -- i will tell you why i said that. i was the first one at fox the
7:15 am
day this thing happened to say it was a terrorist attack. and i said it was used to keep it from the president and the campaign trail. i accepted all of that. and the communication with the cia was probably organized by someone in the white house. >> why don't you want to know the answer to that question? >> we had 21 hearings. >> 21 hearings and last week a me memo surfaces that shows you don't focus on the internet video. they turned over documents, but they redacted to the point where the information in them was so sparse as to not be revealing at all. why don't you want to know the answer? >> i got the answer.
7:16 am
the director of communication said we are going to put it together. what is -- they are going to run this through the election, the republicans that is, because it provides an opportunity to get at obama over benghazi and second getting after hilary clinton. they is going to say rode said this and did obama invite him into bedroom and say i want you to say this? there is no breaking the law. why do we have to keep going? we have the memo. they call it the smoking gun memo, but the idea of having a select committee. >> you really think ben rhodes decided this is the way we are going. and wouldn't you like to hear with the president was that
7:17 am
evening? what i don't understand but during watergate there were republicans and democrats on the select committee. what are democrats afraid of? why not go through the process and then they can say look trey gowdy you wanted this and now look there is none >> tom is on old friend and i talked to him about this. he said he wasn't in that day or there that night >> he is the national security advisor? >> they are not on job 24 hours a light. you realize in the eight years before obama was there there were 19 embassy people killed around the world? >> not united states ambassadors. had not happened in over 20
7:18 am
years. >> what do you need to find out? what you are suggesting to me is we need to find out who got in rhode's head and said write that. let's assume it was tom or someone off the campaign -- what difference was it make? there is nothing we could do to bring these four people back. could they have been saved that night? probably not. but long beach -- leaving that aside -- was this political? yes, of course. as the democrats played on politics during this and the republicans are doing this now because there is more we have going to find out unless it is that obama told rhodes to do this.
7:19 am
>> you are the head of the national security advisor, you are the president of the united states, you are the secretary of state. and those three people were not in the room? they were not consulted? you think this is something that happens at embassies so it is no big deal? >> without falling back on their explanation about other places in the middle east, it was 9/11 and there were a lot of demonstrations going on around the world. the benghazi thing was a piece of it. but the full extent wasn't known until a day or two after it was over. i have been in the situation work. often times the president isn't in the room. and so the question is what did obama know and when did he know it? my guess is he knew it when hilary clinton called and said
7:20 am
we lost an ambassador in benghazi. she has been called to testify and i assume she has been asked. they will bring her back again? how much do we need to go through? >> i guess we could say if they would give us the documents. >> if she was lying under oath that is breaking the law and if they want to go that route get her indicted. now the fbi could be on this case. the leader of an islamic terrorist group is threatening to sell hundreds of girls into slavery. ambassador james bolton says they must be stop for good. >> and new video of daredevils jumping off the world trade center and today they face a judge.
7:21 am
vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: whatever you can imagine, all in one place
7:22 am
expedia, find yours
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7:24 am
a man was trapped under a crane after it collapsed and then it struck a transformer and started a fire. dozens of firefighters responded helping free the man and put out the fire. >> you want to make sure others don't get hurt. we had a fire and other things that could have injured people so we had to keep them out of harm's way and help take care of the person in the crane >> it was being used to lift heavy cargo on to a ship when the collapsed. the caution of the collapse is under investigation. new video surfacing of a brace jumpers daring leap from
7:25 am
the top of the world trade center. >> you got this, man. >> three, two, one. >> i would be breathing heavy, too. right, martha? >> yes! >> that video showing up two hours before the daredevil and the dare jumpers face a judge. video and court date on the same day? >> this is a calculated legal plan some are saying. you might say the release of the video is a leap of faith. they hoped all of the attention gets him leanient in court. they have pled not guilty and released two other vehicles from the stunt.
7:26 am
this third recording comes from a helmet camp worn by the 27-year-o 27-year-old. his lawyer is saying there is no question on what happened that night. the lawyers says charges should be reduced because this clients did worthwhile deed by revealing poor security. he suggested community service as a sentence and helping to do repairs because they are iron workers and carpenters. any money from the videos will be donated to family members involved in 911. >> what do we know about them? >> they have extensive history in jumping. one of the jumpers has 6,000
7:27 am
jumps and brady who spent five years helping build the building is describing it as amazing but says they would not do to again. they are facing seven years in prison and asking for help with legal fees. their stunt is called an alleged jump and we will see if they have the same fearless attitude when back in court and if it goes to trial. well the u.s. marine being held in mexico prison and the family is desperate to get him back. we talk the his mother coming up >> i want to let the mexico people know if they don't know and the mexican government to know there is a decorated marine
7:28 am
in their jail since april 1st. in their jail since april 1st. the united states postal service will get it there on time with priority mail flat rate shipping. our priority has always been saving the day. lambs lamislamic terrorist extremist boko haram andrew
7:29 am
tahmooress standotahmooress
7:30 am
7:31 am
nooigeria >> new developments on the united states marine being held in mexico. new calls for the state department to get involved. andrew tahmooress was arrested near the border for carrying guns legal in the united states but illegal in mexico.
7:32 am
a letter written that it is critical andrew's release be as soon as possible. he served the country as a marine and has the same commitment. his mother is live from her home state of florida in miami. good morning to you. >> thank you for having me on. >> we want to keep this story out there. i know you have been distraught about this. but you spoke to your son yesterday. how is he doing? >> he is encouraged because i told him about the media coverage and how the people in america are rallying behind him and signing the petition and he is encouraged by that and the letters from representative hunter and i am pleased representative peter wrote a letter as well. >> you need a 100,000
7:33 am
signatures? >> we are at 7,000. i am pleading for that. >> you spoke to him yesterday and i think over the weekend you were talking and he had been in a four point restraint because he tried to escape. it has been changed. what now? >> he was chained down after escapping death. this life was threatened. but friday they took off both. yesterday when i spoke to him he said he was a little confused because they put one leg back on. he is happy to have only one leg constrained verus all four. >> how did he sound? >> hopefully after i told him the efforts.
7:34 am
he has been abandoned for 30 days and we have not heard of any due process other than a delayed border statement that planned for may 28th. 60 days after the accidental entry. that is all that is on the books to happen for andrew's case. >> duncan hunter and democratic senator bill nelson in florida. are they helping here? >> i know i received messages they are in contact with the tijuana's la mesa officer there. >> you are helping for more? >> absolutely. i would like -- >> the question becomes rather or not that pressure gets the mexican government to give your son and his case more attention. >> that is our strategy
7:35 am
absolutely. >> jill, a couple things. your son went to san diego and after two hours in afghanistan he was treated for ptsd. is he receiving the health and medical attention he needs for that condition? >> it had just been dig diagnos diagnosed. that was why he was there out there at the request of a friend who was searching for treatment out there as well. he started his treatment plan, but as you know, you don't get cured in one session. so what one thing the state department is doing through the service in they are providing the judge presiding over the case with the va and they can
7:36 am
help the authorities understand they are not equipped to support a veteran marine who fought in a foreign war and has ptsd. and they are not equipped to take care of prison like this. how do you get lost along the border? >> i am a floridian. when we see port of entry we think we are going to a cruise ship. when i went at 10:00, i turned wrong twice within a football field of the border and there was graffiti on the one sign i saw that said to mexico. i think it is important the border signs are not proper and i will advocate for responsible border signs once he is free. >> let's bring him home. we will stay in touch with you. >> thank you. thank you.
7:37 am
sign the dot gov petition. >> will do. we have breaking news. hollywood now where we are watching a building on fire in santa monica boulevard. it has been burning for 20-25 minutes. as we get more information we will keep an eye on it. but amazing picture from hollywood this morning. more on that at we get it. meanwhile, in new jersey, new testimony on the bridge gate controversy. a former staffer for governor chris christie is appearing under oath. christina renna worked for the deputy of staff who is refusing to testify. tell us more about the woman
7:38 am
testifying. >> she is the first former official to take the oath and testify since david wildstein took the fifth. she said she had no knowledge or involvement in the bridge lane that caused the scandal. she was the former head of the intergovernmental affairs office for chris christie and her boss was chris christie's staff who fired off the e-mail time for traffic problems in fort lee. we expect she will detail what was going on inside the office especially contact and dealings with mr. kelly and whether the governor may have known or been involved in this. the governor said he first heard about the closing when he read about it.
7:39 am
he expect her to be testifying for the first three hours and later on in the afternoon >> going to be a long day for her. what evidence to they think she may have specifically? >> they will be boring in on emails that were sent in the office when the bridge lanes were closed the mayor called com plaining about the traffic problems and this e-mail was fired off: the mayor is upset about the reduction of toll lanes from 3-1. first responders are having a terrible time because of the backup being severe. there is a feeling in town this is government ret -- ret tribution. later kelly asked her to do that
7:40 am
e-mail and she didn't. when kelly was fired on january 9th before the governor's big press conference about this that kelly called her saying you cannot trust anyone quote. martha, back to you. >> eric, thank you so much. go out in the yard and toss the ball by yourself. and so he did. texas high school football player gary hains showing off his moves. watch here. >> hail mary full of grace! >> that is very impressive. >> he is a corner back and going to graduate in 2015. got the offer from university of houston. is that video legit? we have been spooked before. >> there is a moment where it cuts from going up in the air and across. >> the ball leaves the frame of
7:41 am
the camera. >> yes, it does. >> however briefly. but i am going to say it is legit and he fired it 50 up in the air and ran underneath and caught it. and that is how you get the attention of the scouts. well done, gary. nice. >> all right. this story for you now. a judge releasing a man who was sent to prison years late. >> what has been the hardest thing about this? >> my wife doing everything on her own. my family being in the public light. >> we have his incredible story and why he was free after so many years. >> demanding action from the islamic terrorist extremist who are threatening to tell women who were kid napped from school and dragged away.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
islamic terrorist extremiislami terrorist
7:45 am
a simple clerical error gives a man a new lease on live and 13 years later it is turned upside down. man convicted of robbery and no one told him when to go to prison. he got married, started a business and had four children. when the state realized the mistake last summer it was off to the slammer but the judge decided to release him because keeping him in prison does no purpose. he is joining jenna lee and jon scott on "happening now" next hour so stay tuned. a radical group is suspected of kidnapping eight more girls today after boko haram threatens to sell more than 200 girls
7:46 am
>> ladies, get married and liege the western education. i captured your girls and i will sell them in the market. god has commanded me to sell. >> boko haram in english means western education is forbidden. the families of the more than 200 girls are begging the world to bring our daughters back. it is all over social media and they are trying everything they can to get attention. militants stormed the school a month ago and dragged hundreds of them out of the bed and into the forest. >> they are not doing anything. they have been promising us the girls would be found. but they -- nothing has been done. so military security personal has gone to look for the girls
7:47 am
as i am talking now. >> john bolton is here. you feel that woman's pain. they are desperate. no one is helping them. >> this is a tragic example of the fanatics like boko haram and other militants along the africa. this is the most violent and biggest example of what they have done. but it is built on a history over the past several years of this kind of terrorism. the government of nigeria hasn't been able to deal with this. >> this part of northern nigeria is lawless and similar to the way parts of afghanistan and pakistan are lawless. is it too difficult for the nigerian government to do anything on their own? >> this is an example of how a
7:48 am
government like nigeria can come apart. this is a country of about 175-180 million people, 2/3rds of the united states, 25% of all africans are nigeria so if there is instability there the risk of the north becoming a haven for terrorist groups is serious. >> eric holder talked about fbi involvement. is that something that could help? >> i'm sure the fbi can provide forensic capabilities but there isn't much evidence gathered needed to be done. i think it might reflect the terrorism is a law enforcement problem. these people are conducting terr terrorist attack and there is a terrorism problem in north africa. we have seen it in libya
7:49 am
obviously and now that we have an african command at the pentagon we need an anti-terror strategy in north africa. we don't have one. >> how would you recommend about building that? >> you start with the governments involved nearby. a lot of the people that worked in the gaddafi regime went to malia and nearly took over. the administration or the country isn't paying enough attention. it is a base of operation below europe and closer to the united states than the mountains of afghanistan. >> frightening and chilling
7:50 am
situation. >> that is wone brutal group. some websites are cashing in on your mug shot. >> they are putting it out there for economic gain. and that is the only reason they are doing that. are doing that. and know that i got a good deal. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit you always get the lowest price book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less we'll match it and give you fifty dollars back that's the expedia guarantee
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right?
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well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> coming up on "happening now," new investigation on the benghazi reports. and the story of mike anderson. convicted of a crime but a clerical error kept him out of prison until last year. police came calling 13 years after his sentence. he is free and joining us live. >> websites are posting
7:54 am
embarrassing mug shots online with your personal information forcing people to pay money to take it down. critics call it extortion but it is legal in most states. will car is live. what impact can they have on your life? >> it only takes 60 seconds to take the photo but they can ruin your chance down the road. even if you are not convicted. we found people that were never convicted even and her photo popped up there and she had to pay a fee to have it removed. >> i bought into the paying websites to remove your picture. so i actually did pay one website to remove the picture but to find out months later it showed up on another site. >> a lot of people have experienced the same thing.
7:55 am
lardy feels like it is blackmail but the attorneys say it isn't extortion. this is a company using its first amendment rights. >> it may very well be the person's worst day of their life. it doesn't make it slander or libel. >> slander maybe not. but for people like lardy they say at the least it is sleazy. >> what can people do to fight it? >> it is such a new issue. seven states so far have taken strong legal requirements here. they banned mug shot websites all together if they are making a profit. other states will post mug shots online as part of the public record and once it is online it is impossible to take off. if you live in one of those states the honest answer is
7:56 am
there is not much you can do. >> thank you. >> there is new questions being raised about the white house response to benghazi. was it all managing the media? lindy gram is minutes away on that.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
martha: big traffic jam on a busy california freeway, can you imagine that? this time thanks to the goats. that's all they need in california on the freeway. 50 goats used to clear brush alongside of the highway wandered on to the road. they will do that. it took half an hour for the goats to get off the road. chpsa highway patrol officers. jon: eric estrada that, didn't he? martha: he came to the rescue. bill: we've gone to the goats. you ready to end this two-hour ride? martha: i think we will. suddenly i'm speechless if you can imagine. thanks for being here everybody.
8:00 am
we'll see you back here tomorrow. no stops before then. we'll be back here tomorrow. bye, everybody. have a great day. jon: fox news alert and brand new information on the benghazi investigation, raising some serious questions about the white house response to that terror attack that claimed the lives of four brave americans. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. great to see you today. fox news is learning about a seven-page white house. mail circulated at highest levels of the administration, apparently to craft a media strategy in response to a fox news report, alleging that the u.s. fishes knew the attack on the consulate was terrorism within the first 24 hours. this email is being held by the state department, citing executive privilege. all this as republican congressman trey gowdy is laying out how he will lead a house select committee, tasked to getting to the bottom of what the white house knew and when among other things. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in


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