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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 6, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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watch me or listen to me whenever you want. follow me on twitter and facebook. "the kelly file" up next. remember, the spin sto we're always looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly live in new york, and tonight -- new calls to draft attorney andrew mccarthy to make the case before congress on benghazi but will he take the job? mccarthy is here. and then -- >> to have all of that on the internet for the entire world to read was -- it was pretty violating and embarrassing. >> monica lewinsky says it's time to come clean about everything in her affair with president clinton. is this helpful to hillary? kir steen powers on the interview getting attention from millions. plus, what is the administration doing to help free a u.s. marine jailed for
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more than a month now in a dangerous mexican prison. >> this is by far the hardest mainly because it's the fear of the unknown. >> congressman duncan hunter is here with a message for the white house on a busy night for "the kelly file." breaking tonight, results now coming in on the first big primary day of the 2014 election season. and in at least one key senate race, the results so far are not what democrats were hoping for. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. the big race to watch tonight in north carolina where one of the most vulnerable democratic incumbents is fighting for her political life. but senator kay hagan's primary is not what she has to worry about. instead, political analysts say her future is tied to what happens on the republican primary side tonight, and she knows it. she even spent money to defeat one particular republican who
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was vying to run against her, and it appears to be a very good night for that republican tonight. chris is our fox news digital ed por. there were all these republicans trying to get the nod so they could run against kay hagan. the one she didn't want, tell us who he is and tell us what we know about him and the results tonight. >> well, what we know so far is tom tillis, he's the speaker of the house, he's from down in the charlotte metropolitan area, and he is well ahead of where the rest of the republicans would like to see him at this point as the vote comes in, and he's certainly well ahead of where kay hagan would like to see him because the name of the game for democrats is to see if they could force republicans into a runoff election that would take them into july. it would be expensive. it would be divisive, and it would damage their chances to unseat the woman i say is probably the most vulnerable incumbent democrat in the country because if this primary is over tonight, you can watch kay hagan's seat start to fall off the table for democrats.
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she'll struggle to raise money, struggle to get help if tom tillis is the nominee tonight. >> why though? so you're saying national democrats are likely to walk away from kay hagan, not spent money on her race, thereby more control, possible seizure, but why? why would they abandon her based on what wins on the gop primary side? >> tillis is a more moderate kind of republican. he has a high name identification in the state already, but the most important thing in this race is probably the weakness of kay hagan as a candidate. she's a freshman. she got elected in a weird moment in north carolina when barack obama won the state narrowly, but won it in 2008. those circumstances have changed dramatically, so without the advantage of having either a weak republican nominee or a long fight, it doesn't look like she has a very good shot. >> how is it going? what do we know about tillis' results this evening? >> put it this way. he's doing better than he needs
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to in the places where we didn't think he'd do well at all. >> we're going to go back to chris as we get updates on that news. chris, thank you. >> you bet. also breaking tonight, new details on the select committee investigating how the white house and the administration handled the ben za give terror attack. we just learned moments ago this committee will be made up of seven republicans and five democrats if the democrats decide to participate, which they have been making noise about but are believed to be prepared to do. they would have authorization to conduct a full investigation finding out what contributed to this attack that killed four americans, including our ambassador. with specific focus, we're told, on, quote, executive branch communications about the attacks. some are suggesting the committee should recruit a hard-charging attorney to pursue the case, and my next guest has been mentioned as a top contender for the job. andrew mccarthy is a former federal prosecutor and national review contributing editor. the select committee will have a
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staff counsel who basically prepares trey gowdy and pushes this investigation along. your name is coming up in many, many circles. are you the man for the job? >> they're trying to demote me, and i'm not going to have it. >> why not? >> in all seriousness, i would be from an ethical stand point, i think it would be wrong for me to even consider it if somebody thought to offer it to me because the one thing you don't want to have in any situation is somebody who is out doing commentary and who has made conclusive statements about what he thinks has gone on here run an investigation, the point of which is to dig -- to get what the actual -- >> because you would appear to have biased. >> and, look, we know from prior investigation that is this is what they do. they attack the person doing the investigation in the hope of sort of obfuscating what the facts are. picking somebody like me would give them good ammunition to do that because i would, i think,
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credibly be accused of being biased in the sense of having already drawn some conclusions. >> you do think that there's fire where we've found some smoke. who do you think is an appropriate candidate for this role, which is very important to help prepare trey gowdy and push this thing? >> there are a lot of very fine former assistant u.s. attorneys. i think it's very important you get somebody who has actually done investigations rather than somebody whose specialty is appellate argument and that sort of thing. >> got to be an in the trenches attorney. >> a guy like george terwilliger, smart, very experienced. you can think of a ton of guys, miguel estrada is one of the rare guys who can do great work and build a case. >> he was kept off the federal bench by democrats a long, long time. he never did take the bench. >> but has a lot of credibility. >> how important is it that the person they select have an understanding and a knowledge of islamic extremism?
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>> i think it's crucially important because in my mind to understand this transaction, you have to go a couple years back from september 11th, 2012, to the actual intervention, the war that we really instigated against the regime that at that point in time the american people were told was an important american counterterrorism ally. >> and nonetheless barack obama bombed libya without the approval of the u.s. congress. >> and foreseeably that empowered jihadists, particularly in eastern libya and they turn out to be the same jihadists who were involved in the twakt. >> you think that establishes the political motive to down play the situation in benghazi, make it look like everything was secure, make it look like it wasn't a terror, just about a video, not to worry. >> i don't think it's just my speculation about that even if it's informed speculation. the e-mail says that. the ben rhodes e-mail says let's show that this was instigated by an internet video, not a broader
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failure of policy. >> it will be important who this staff counsel turns out to be. it will not be andy mccarthy. good to see you. >> nice to see you. breaking just a short time ago, new developments in a rape case generating outrage across the country. you may have heard them discuss this on "the factor" but a man admits to raping a 14-year-old girl. a judge gives him only 45 days in jail, 5 years probation, and community service at a rape crisis center. hello, hello. we just got done speaking with that rape crisis center, and trace gallagher has this. this is incredible, trace. >> reporter: and that rape crisis center tells us they would never allow this rapist anywhere near their rape victims. listen to part of this. >> the most common question we're asked is, why don't people report? why don't people go through the criminal justice system? this is the prime example of what victims fear every day of
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their lives, of being judged and blamed for their own victimization. >> in fact, even the victim in this case now wishes that she had never come forward and here is why. the rapist, a man named sir young, admits the 14-year-old told him no and told him to stop but that he raped her anyway in the band room of their high school. yet unlike other sex offenders, he doesn't have to stay away from children, seek counseling, or refrain from pornography. judge janine howard explained her slap on the wrist sentence by saying, the girl's not the victim she claims to be going on to say, the girl had texted young asking him to spend time with her. the girl had agreed to have sex with him but just didn't want to at school and medical records show the girl had had three sexual partners and had given birth to a baby. the girl says she never had a baby and that she was a virgin at the time. listen now to the dallas district attorney.
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>> as a judge, you have to have good judgment, and, unfortunately in this case, this judge just had bad judgment. >> reporter: the judge has now recused herself from the case but says, and i'm quoting here, there are rape cases that deserve life. there are rape cases that deserve 20 years. every now and then you have one of those that deserves probation. this is one of those, and i stand by it, and if the rapist stays clean during his probation for the next five years, this does not go on his permanent record. >> unbelievable. i mean, it's unbelievable. trace, thank you. reminder, we are expecting the actual results any moment now on that big senate race in north carolina which could potentially lead to a gop controlled senate. could be part of it. plus -- >> when hugh was in afghanistan,
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he was a brave, committed warrior to the cause, to the american cause. now he's defeated, demoralized, hopeless. >> a u.s. marine jailed in mexico over what officials say was a simple mistake. so why is he not free after weeks in prison? where is our state department? congressman duncan hunter next with a message for the administration. then a father shows up to a school board to complain about what he calls a pornographic book being assigned to his 14-year-old. see how that got him arrested. plus, why did "vanity fair" just give huge play to a new feature on monica lewinsky and her affair with the president? and how does this affect a hillary run? the answers ahead. >> i didn't choose it. i didn't choose to become a public person. the way i came into the public spotlight was pretty tragic for me and for my family and my friends.
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the volkswagen passat. recipient of the j.d. power appeal award, two years in a row. i said i have three guns, and i showed them where the guns were, and they check out the guns, and i say i didn't even mean to be in mexico. it was a mistake for me to be here. can i just go back to the border? five minutes later i was surrounded by like 20 military officials and police officers with guns watching me. >> well, that was marine corps sergeant andrew tamaressi describing what happened after he missed an exit while driving
9:15 pm
south in california. in a nightmare chain of events that landed him in mexico and n then in a notorious mexican jail for weeks. one lawmaker writing secretary of state john kerry directly demanding the united states do whatever it takes to bring this sergeant home. that lawmaker is congressman duncan hunter, himself a veteran. congressman, good to see you. so this sergeant was suffering from recently diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder. he had three guns in his car which are banned in mexico, and he entered mexico saying he got lost trying to reach a different destination in california. how confident are you that this was genuinely an innocent mistake? >> i am very confident. for those people that don't live down by the border, they're doing a lot of construction work down there. it's actually very easy to get turned around, and what happens is if you miss the last turnoff and you're just kind of driving and you're zoned out thinking about something, you can then cross the border and then you're in mexico, and then guess what?
9:16 pm
you have no power. you're not covered by the constitution anymore and the police can put you in jail. >> he's been held in a prison built for 2600 prisoners but it has more than 7,000. his mother claims hit men were threatening to beat, rape, and kill him. he's reportedly stabbed himself in the neck after experiencing some trauma there. >> yeah. they have him in solitary confinement, then he's fine. if he's not, his life is in danger. it's mexico. there's more murders in mexico than we've had deaths in afghanistan since we've been there in 2001 in one year. it's a really dangerous place. what this shows me mostly is the impotence and ineptitude of john kerry and the state department. you don't have middle east peace, you can't stop putin into crossing borders into free countries and you can't get a former marine out of a mexican
9:17 pm
jail. this administration frankly i don't think cares about this marine and i don't think kerry has the power to do anything about it. this is going to take the american people caring and, frankly, the american -- or the mexican attorney general probably has the best -- he's in the best seat here to take care of this. so we're going to be appealing -- forget kerry. we're going to be appealing to the mexican attorney general to expedite the case so he doesn't have to wait until i think it's may 25th until the next hearing -- >> how do you know the state department is not doing anything? because they've refused to comment. >> because they have a really, really bad track record. when my dad was in congress in the '90s, he went down to mexico to literally free a marine out of tijuana jail because the state department continue do anything. this happened again about four or five years ago. state department couldn't do anything. if the state department does do something and they actually can notch one success under their
9:18 pm
belt with this administration, then god bless them. i just don't think they have the ability to do it. that's why we're going to go straight to the mexican attorney general. >> meantime, a couple of months ago some mexican border guards came across the u.s. border, drew their weapons in arizona in a standoff with u.s. border patrol agents, and we allowed them to turn around and we did nothing. we chalked the incident up as unfortunate but unintentional. that's how we behave when someone makes a mistake on our territory. in the so much our friends down south of the border. congressman, good to see you. >> thank you. coming up, a father shows up to a school board meeting to complain about what he called a pornographic novel assigned to his 14-year-old daughter and guess what happened next. >> what are you charging me with? >> you're under arrest for disorderly conduct. >> disorderly conduct. >> wow. that's right after this break, and you will not believe how this all played out and what was in that book. plus, monica lewinsky just penned a big story about her affair with president clinton saying, quote, it is time to
9:19 pm
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they just change boots.. that's why we made the all-new jeep cherokee. with an exclusive 9-speed transmission and 31 miles per gallon highway. so you can keep going. from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. local fight between a father and a school board getting national attention after the father complain about what he called a pornographic homework assignment and police decided the father went too far. trace gallagher has the details. trace? >> reporter: the book is called "19 minutes" about a student who
9:23 pm
is bullied and goes on a shooting rampage. on page 313 there's a very graphic sex scene. i'm going to read you part of it, quoting here, relax, matt murmured, and then he sank his teeth into her shoulder and pinned her hands over her head. even if we blacked out every third word, it would be highly inappropriate. the high school has assigned this book before but always with parental permission but this year the parents weren't notified. william says his daughter had the book for a week before he asked his daughter what was in it. he asked the school board if they would read it out loud. they refused. >> -- regarding this book i'm sure you know about, "19 minutes." i have a little problem with the book. there was no notice given. i discussed this this afternoon, no notice was given out. >> that was -- we have one more
9:24 pm
to play you. he did go over his two minute allotment but as he spoke to another parent who supported the book, the board threatened to arrest him. listen now to the part right before they make good on their threat. play this. >> what are you charging me with? what are you charging me with? >> you're under arrest for disorderly conduct. >> disorderly conduct. >> my arm is messed up. so disorderly conduct. >> yeah, you heard there he was booked on disorderly conduct. the school board made an about face saying the district will take immediate action to revise these policies to include notification that requires parents to accept controversial material rather than opt out. furthermore, the notification will detail more specifically the controversial material, and the author has weighed in on the controversy saying she read this book to her kids and she urges
9:25 pm
parents to do the same. i would advise you to read page 313 and doubt highly that you will read this to your children. >> that is incredible. a parent trying to raise his objections arrested for going over the two-minute mark. we're going to follow this up tomorrow when that father joins us live. we'll hear from him directly. trace, thank you. this is incredible. first protesters for condi rice to bail, then we're told the school pulled an invitation to a paralyzed football player. >> tonight, the latest twist from the campus where they cannot seem to decide who has the right to speak. plus, monica lewinsky says it's, quote, time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. up next, a look at her new confessi confession. >> there's a big part of me that's so incredibly offended by the way he described what happened.
9:26 pm
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with esurance, 7 1/2 minutes could save you on car insurance. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. breaking tonight, the results just coming in from north carolina, and chris has them. he's our fox news digital politics editor. what happened? >> what happened is tom tillis will win the republican primary and you can mark it that if the republicans take control of the united states senate in this year's elections, the process starts in earnest tonight because if republicans can continue to pick the right candidates whether those are more establishment, more tea party, whatever, but the right candidates for the right races in at least six states given the terrible political environment for democrats, especially for somebody as vulnerable as kay hagan in north carolina, the republicans will get the six seats they need. if this trend continues for the
9:30 pm
gop, that senate majority gets very close for them. >> the one she spent money to defeat has won and will, in fact, challenge here. chris, thank you. >> you bet. having to give testimony on every intimate detail and aspect of the relationship. it wasn't even just my fear of my own self whose privacy was violated. i mean, it was my family's and my friends' and my best friend's, they subpoenaed her hard drive, her e-mails were published. people asked me that, why did you tell so much? and the reason why there were so many details and that you all know so much about the intimate actions that took place behind closed doors or whatnot was because i had to testify about them. obviously the independent counsel felt in order to prove
9:31 pm
their case, that the president was not telling the truth, they needed to have this detail so that it would be believed. >> that was monica lewinsky back in 2002 as part of a special hbo documentary in which she addressed the fallout from her sex scandal with president bill clinton. today "vanity fair" magazine releasing excerpts from a new article that will be coming out from miss lewinsky. kirsten powers served in the clinton administration from 1993 to 1998. kirsten, you know, why now? she comes out and says i am determined to have a different ending to my story, to give a purpose to my past. >> uh-huh. well, you know, i don't know whether it's being, you know, somehow timed because we have, you know, she thinks somehow hillary clinton is in the news. a lot of people are saying that but that doesn't quite seem right to me. i think if she was going to do that she would wait until closer to the election.
9:32 pm
so, you know, maybe the opportunity presented itself, and she says she wants to help people who are bullied online. i think we can just sort of take her at face value personally. i don't know what else to make of it. >> hillary clinton came out and she -- the blair papers came out of hillary's closest friend and she had donated those papers. in them hillary is documented as calling monica a narcissistic loony tune and won has to wonder whether she felt the need to respond to that. hillary also acknowledges that she may have a had a role in her husband's cheating, perhaps driving him to it in some fashion, and monica responds to that saying, i get that she wanted it on record, she was lashing out at her husband's mysterimi mistre mistress. she may have faulted him for being inappropriate but i find her impulse to blame the woman, not only me, but herself, troubling. what do you think of that? >> i think it's a good point, and i think monica lewinsky is actually raising an important issue that doesn't really get discussed very often, which is why are the women treated so
9:33 pm
badly in these situations? why are they shamed? why are they destroyed frankly usually, and in this situation you have monica lewinsky, who she made a big mistakes, so did the president, and, you know, one person had their life destroyed and the other person went on to become one of the most respected people in the world. so, you know, there's a real dichotomy of what happens in this situation to the woman versus what happens to the man, and so, you know, i think that if that conversation could come out of this, that would be a positive thing. >> does this help hillary clinton or hurt hillary clinton because, you know, she talks about how she's really -- the suffering she endured, her mother sleeping with her in her bed night after night because she was suicidal at the time and how she felt she was abused in the aftermath when she was said she was made a scapegoat in order to protect his power. >> i don't think -- anytime monica lewinsky is in the news,
9:34 pm
it doesn't help either of the clintons. it brings back bad memories of the president's bad behavior and it raises -- even more so in this situation frankly because monica is being so honest about what she was going through, that she was suicidal and that she really feels that she was, and i think it's correct when she says that she was really scapegoated and attacked, you know, by people -- >> and then if you have more attacks by hillary clinton calling her a narcissistic loony tune, it may not help. listen to what lynne cheney, our former second lady, said on "the factor." >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clintons' part to get that story out of the way. would "vanity fair" publish anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton didn't want in "vanity fair"? >> what do you think of that? t >> the idea that the kts aclint are behind this seems like a real stretch.
9:35 pm
not that i don't think they're capable of it, but i don't think monica lewinsky would ever do anything to please them. she was treated so badly by them, i don't know why she would want to help hillary clinton get elected. it doesn't make any sense. >> and this is the first she's spoken out in years. she talks about how she hasn't been able to get a job all this time because she's been so tarred with this scandal and you raise a very interesting point about the contrast to what's happened to him, although as a society we seem to have written her off even though she wasn't the one who was married or president. kirsten, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. developing tonight, we are gotting our first look at the protests from rutgers university students that helped lead to our former secretary of state condoleezza rice canceling her commencement speech at the school. during that protest students stormed into the president's office of the university demanding to voice their concern over miss rice being named the speaker. after condoleezza rice canceled,
9:36 pm
rutgers then called former rutgers football player eric legrand and offered him the speaking gig. this man is legender there. he became a paraplegic while playing for the school. then we heard the school called him the next morning and said, oh, we're going another way. tonight after that controversy broke, we're told he's back in the ceremony along with the former new jersey governor. what a mess. isaac woodward is the president of the -- well, we did put it in here, isaac, at rutgers university. he wanted miss rice to speak. thank you both for being here. me start with you on this, isaac. what a hot mess they've turned the commencement into. >> we just think this is the latest example in a chronicle of liberal intolerance. basically where when you get to campus, you realize there's a certain set of political beliefs which are okay to espouse and which are not. we received e-mails from faculty members encouraging teach-ins
9:37 pm
with represent one side of the issue. it's a real tragedy for those of us looking forward to hearing an accomplished woman. >> why couldn't she just get up there and talk about overcoming all the odds against her as a young black girl turned into woman and rising to the highest levels of government and offering advice on how other students can do that? >> well, first of all, our campaign was never about her free speech or her political views. that's the thing. what we had a problem with was honoring her with an honorary law degree. we believe she tried to circumvent the law. it wasn't about her free speech or her being a conservative or a liberal or whatever. we welcome all sides of the debate in our university. >> she was at stanford university for 30 years. she was provost at stanford university. are there standards so much lower than rutgers that she's acceptable at stanford but not rutgers. >> we never pretend to put out any statement like that. >> you are in effect condemning
9:38 pm
the stanford students and their judgment and the professors there. >> not at all. maybe there are some stanford students that are not in favor of her teaching. we just voiced our concern and it happened to end up in that she canceled her appearance at our university. >> if i can interject here, i think this is actually a good way of summarizing the issue. it's that some students agree, some students disagree. it's not that people at stanford are evil or in favor of horrible things. it's that there's a realm of civil discourse and we think condoleezza rice as secretary of state, as a prominent figure who has accomplished much, she has controversial views as every politician does, but we think if we are a society that values the ability to exchange ideas and to have college students end their experience with hearing a position -- hearing a statement from a person who espouses approximati positions they may disagree with, that is good for the university community and we think it's very sad that some people's political views have denied the rest of us the ability to hear her. >> with all due respect to
9:39 pm
rutgers, stanford is number five, it's ranked number five, rutgers, 69. they have pretty good start. she bowed out in a classy way. do you wish you had handled it in a more classy way rather than that's protests where people got hurt and calling for her head, saying she lied. >> we tried to do this through the channels that are established and it wasn't -- we couldn't get meetings with our president, couldn't get meetings with the vice chand lor, and that was where the problem started. we needed to do some action to be heard. we just wanted a meeting to discuss this. again, it's not about her speech or her ideas. it's about her actions during her tenure as a public servant. >> you knowbrought up on war cr. some of the bush administration was. she was not. you realize that, correct? >> that's the problem. we think these -- >> she's guilty in your head. that's what you object to. >> no, i'm just saying it should be investigated further db. >> she was never charged, never tried. she's just guilty in your head. that's the offense. >> no, no. she's not just guilty in my
9:40 pm
head. that's not how to works. we don't even put out a list of who we agree with and who we don't agree with. it's about looking into someone who was clearly related and closely related to these actions putting forth the idea that iraq had wmd and now 11 years later clearly they're not there. >> i have to go. quick last word. >> we think that there are issues which are hotly contested which involve the loss of life, pro-life debate is one example. this is a situation where people differ, people have sincere opinions, but this is not something that should be allowed to silence the views and to deny us the ability to hear. >> you're group wouldn't shut down a pro-choice speaker even though they believe -- >> i don't go out there and protest. >> thank you both for being here. >> thank you for having us. the white house had to mount a new defense as we heard more calls for accountability over reports that a veterans hospital hid the details surrounding the deaths of dozens of veterans. plus, the u.s. is now offering to send a team to
9:41 pm
nigeria to rescue hundreds of young school girls kidnapped by a terror group. see why our next guest says the world is missing a larger message here. ♪ [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. ♪ that's keeping you apart from the healthcare you deserve. ♪ but if healthcare changes... ♪ ...if it becomes simpler... the gap begins to close. ♪ when frustration and paperwork decrease... when doctors are better connected... when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... ♪ ...the gap closes even more. ♪ and you begin to live a healthier, happier life. ♪
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9:45 pm
veterans hospital and allegations of vets dying because they could not get the care they needed. listen to some of what we heard about events at the phoenix va. >> he started a secret waiting list, it was a paper list. when you would come in for an apartment, they'd tap your information into the computer and then rather than hit save, they would print it and then there was actually no record that you had ever been there. >> i cried my eyes out, and it only confirms what they did to pop, horrible care. they didn't give him any respect. >> they're flat out lying. that's why dr. foot came out, that's why i'm here to support dr. foot because i know firsthand, i have seen it, i have done it, i have used it. we did it every day. >> they contributed to it and they let him die and they deserve to pay the price just as if somebody had taken a gun and shot him. >> there was a move made by administration to bring in eligibility staff to essentially go into the computer and electronically erase that list.
9:46 pm
>> the president remains confident in secretary shinseki's ability to lead the department and to take appropriate action. >> ceo of concerned veterans for america and a fox news contributor, and so the white house so far standing by shinseki even as some veterans groups like the american legion call for his resignation. you're thoughts? >> if this administration is good at anything, they're good at closing ranks, whether it's holder or sebelius, they're going to stand by their guy. this is a game-changer. this is different than those departments for one key reason. the american legion is the largest veterans organization in america. if they call for him to step down, that's in effect a vote of no confidence. >> first time they have done that in 30 years. >> the last cabinet secretary they called for, 1941, the labor secretary. they don't do -- >> more than 30. >> yeah. as far as a cabinet level secretary. so what they've done is effectively in a sense broken a partnership. these vso, vfw and legion work closely with the va to help veterans. for the legion to step up and
9:47 pm
say we have no more confidence in the secretary sends a clear signal that the white house cannot ignore it. they're too big, no influential, to involved in the lives of veterans for them to stand by and say, well, we're going to stand by our man. they have to say that today. i think there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes. >> the vfw i think it was did not go that far. does that give the administration not cover but the permission to reject these calls right now? >> maybe a little bit. i think -- and all the other organizations that said we're going to wait to see what the ig finds in phoenix. we have allegations that have been collaborated from multiple sources. >> it's not just phoenix. >> no, it's not just phoenix. that's what everyone needs to know. phoenix is an example of a much larger problem. legion got it and courageously stepped out. it's a courageous move for them to do what they did. we hope the vfw and other groups will do what they need to do. >> why do you hold shinseki responsible. i realize he's the man at the top, but this was happening at a couple of different vas.
9:48 pm
wouldn't there be somebody lower than shinseki who was supposed to be managing this and have his or her hands dirty on this? >> absolutely. that's why they didn't just -- the legion didn't just call for shinseki. they called for the head of the benefits administration and the health administration as well, the number two and three of va. >> but shinseki is a veteran himself. the thought he would have known this was happening and wouldn't have done anything, is it just a negligence thing, he's the man responsible so he's got to go? >> it's a big part of it. but you have to have overall accountability. it's calcified, overly bureaucratic. it's a top down approach that isn't working. shinseki is indicative of that problem. >> so far so bad on this. pete, thank you. >> thanks. tonight the united states is offering to send a team to nigh ye jeer ya to help rescue almost 300 school girls kidnapped by a terror group. see why our next guest thinks there is a larger and more troubling message here and why she was not allowed or invited
9:49 pm
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developing tonight, developing tonight, the united states preparing to send a team to nigeria to help rescue close to 300 girls who were abducted from their school a few weeks ago. the leader of that known terrorist group, which opposed sending girls to school, has claimed responsibility and is now threatening to sell these girls. my next guest says this is honor abuse and that it's not just happening overseas. joy brighten is the author of a book. the battle to control women. thank you for being here. >> it's not just happening there.
9:53 pm
there are at lease a thousand girls every year in the united states, we know it's happening across 47 states that are being forced into marriage. there was a study a couple of years ago and after a two-year span, it was discovered that 3,000 girls were facing forced marriages. >> muslim girls? >> muslim girls, but also girls whose maybe mother converted to islam and now that family is under control of a husband or father that is all about sharism. >> you have not -- you're a liberal. you're an open liberal. >> i am. >> and you say you're surprised that you haven't been invited to discuss your point on cnn or msnbc because you're drawing attention to the religious aspect of this but you make an important distinction. tell us. >> no one knows how to talk about this. words haven't worked. so a way to talk about this is this way. we have religion over here, islam is religion, freedom of
9:54 pm
religion which we care deeply about. then we have sharism. here we have a political movement of control. these are men who bully women as we're seeing, and then controlling lots of other things like free speech. >> and you say there are too many people in our own country who don't want to talk about this or slap the label that these are islamic militants because they fear an accusation that we are somehow condemning islam? >> exactly. this has nothing to do with islam and this has nothing to do with religion. there's lots of laws and if you're following the law of washing your hands and praying however you're supposed to pray, you're a muslim following the faith of islam. and if you're someone out to control women and free speech, who wants your way of life to be someone else's way of life, that's control, you're under the umbrella of sharia-ism.
9:55 pm
that's what we're seeing over in nigeria and over here. >> you say that even american women who marry into some factions of islam, those that believe in sharia-ism need to be more aware. i guess under your theory that these women are not aware of what they're getting themselves into? >> yes. this is a very big problem. there's a lack of education among all of us. so we have last year about half of the americans who converted to islam were women, which is fine. they're converting to islam obviously, the faith and religion. they're not converting to sharia-ism. we do know that thousands of girls are forced into marriage, generally sent overseas. we do know that 300,000 girls -- that is ten--year-old data point -- were genitally
9:56 pm
mutilated. there's a correlation between those girls, umbrella generally of sharia-ism. and now we see almost 300 little girls taken and the threat is that they will be sold for $12 each and forced into marriages. we will see if the united states steps in and says we will stand up for them. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. coming up on hannity at the top of the hour. >> the bridge gate story with chris christie, nobody died there. that got 88 minutes of coverage. the e-mails release of benghazi first two days, six minutes. tremendous disparity.
9:57 pm
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disorderly what are you charging me with? >> disorderly conduct. >> that was the report of the dad arrested at the school. william bear is here tomorrow. set your dvr. i'm meagan kelly. and this is a fox news alert. brand new information reveals the obama administration is withholding information when it comes to e-mails related to the benghazi attacks that left four people dead. here to explain more is katherine. >> we're learning more tonight fox news report


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