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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 7, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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time to home school. >> robert was -- said he should have been asked to stop talking and then escorted out. >> thanks to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning. it's wednesday, may 7. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. breaking election news overnight. big primary results with some races still undecided. what you need to know and how it could change the balance of power in washington. >> how exciting. guess who's back? monica lewinsky. that's her right there speaking out and setting the record straight. but whyç now? could this all be part to help hillary? we're going to report, and you decide. put on your beret, folks. >> m.v.p. tribute to his mom gets a standing
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ovation. >> you made us believe. you kept us off the streets, put clothes on our back, food on the table. you went to sleep hungry. you sacrificed for us. you're the real m.v.p.ç >> a speech that has everyone talking this morning. more than just the nba. finally good news to come out of the nba. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> hi everybody. welcome to the telecast live from studio e here in the heart of midtown manhattan. it is the seventh day of may. ♪ >> that's right. it's a birthday. my son. happy birthday, son. >> is he the one with the car dealership? >> yeah.
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>> that is funny. whose birthday is it for real? >> pç -- it's brian kilmeade's birthday. >> i am officially 50. elisabeth, when you turn 30, you'll understand what it's like to turn 50. >> the phone keeps ringing. hello. who's there? >> hi. >> it's dawn kilmeade. >> i'm sure she's thrilled to be up this hour. she just made me breakfast at 2:30 and then goes back to sleep. >> you're on the phone with somebody else? >> yes, i am. >> hi,ç dad. >> hello, little brian. you're up 90 minutes early. i'm sure you're thrilled by that. this is brian's official last day of high school. he's up at 6:02 in the morning. >> the nerve of you to have
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a birthday -- >> it's always about me. >> happy birthday, brian. >> thank you very much. brian, you were studying spanish yesterday. how did it go? >> well, i have it today. >> i know. but it's for today. he went on to skate for a living. he dropped out of school. that's ice ka paid. i guess this is me and brian skating. >> dawn's in the picture there too, i see. >> that's back in the day. >> big family. >> that's elisabeth photo bombing because brian did fou go to the book party that we had. so there you go. >> there's the quirky cousin, me. >> dawn, you're up early. there you guys are, your family out at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. dawn and brian, what sort of plans do you have for the old man today? >> gosh. when he gets home, it's the usual running around. but then tonight we'll have
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some dinner plans with the family. >> did he make any birthday demands? >> no. brian's pretty easy when it comes to birthdays. noç birthday demands. but we're hoping to have a special family night. it's a big birthday. >> dawn, how long have we known each other? we have pictures from the 1970's. >> these are old, old pictures, some of them. we go way back, back to high school. >> for the folks who have forgotten, it was just a couple of weeks ago that brian and dawn celebrated jointly a birthday out near your home. >> right. i apologize for you having to get up this early. >> i'm up any way. >> good luck with the spanish test, brian, too. >> and then he can celebrate. thanks for getting up. i appreciate the birthday wishes. hope i get a chance to see you in the afternoon. >> happy birthday. we love you, brian. >> love you too.
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>> you can only shake katie andç kirsten so much before you go. grammar school, they have to be there at 9:30. why don't you just get there at noon? >> any way, happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> and todd? we'd all like a deal. >> he'd like a hybrid this year. >> you know whose birthday it's not? heather nauert. >> brian, happy birthday to you. i do have news to bring you. you travel around the country and seeç political campaign ads all over the place right now and that begins our first story. while you were sleeping big developments in the political world that will affect mid term elections. let's start in north. republican tom tillis winning the nomination. he will face kay hagan.
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then to the state of ohio, house speaker john boehner defeating two tea party challengers in his bid for a 13th charm in congress. the u.s. is now joining the manhunt for the leader of a nigerian terror group behind the kidnapping of more than 270 young girls. the u.s. is sending military intelligence and law enforcement support to nigeria to assist in the hunting down of theç leader of boko haram and to help free the girls. this as we just learned that eight more girls have been kidnapped. last year the state department offered a $7 million reward for the warlords who have plans to sell those girls into slavery. an investigation is underway at this hour to try to figure out who is threatening republican congressman trey gowdy from south carolina.
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gowdy got e-mails after being tapped to lead a select committee to investigate an attack on benghazi. the e-mails threatened to hurt him if he goes forwardç with those hearings. those hearings certainly are going forward this morning. fox news just confirming that the 12-member panel will include seven republicans and five democrats. we'll keep watching this story carefully. oklahoma city thunder superstar kevin durant is now the nba's most valuable player. listen to this moving acceptance speech and his real shout out to his mom. >> you made us believe. you kept us off the streets, put clothes on our back, food on the table. when you didn't eat, you made sure we ate. you went to sleep hungry. you sacrificed for us. you're the real mvp.
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speech. those are your headlines. a perfect prelude to mother's day this sunday. don't forget. >> that's this sunday? i mean that's this sunday! >> of course you knew that. >> of course i knew it. thank you very much, heather. tomorrow "vanity fair" officially is going to be publishing, after ten years she's broken her silence. monica lewinsky. it will be on "vanity fair's" website tomorrow. "the new york post" has some ofç the excerpts. she writes it is time to burn the beret and burn the blue dress. >> in a preview she talks about being suicidal at times and wanting to reach out to somebody going through something of a similar fashion. she says this about how hillary called her a
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narcissistic loony tune. "yes, i get it hillary clinton wanted it on record that she was lashing out at her husband's mistress. she may have blamed her husband for being inappropriate but i find her impulse to lash out at me troubling." >> she thinks it's all about timing. she'sç saying it's a lot about timing, let's clear the decks to get ready for 2016. >> take a listen to this great debate. >> i don't think this is actually relevant as we go forward into 2016 because it has no bearing on the ability of hillary clinton to be a national leader and whether she can lead our nation. >> any time monica lewinsky is in the news, it does not help either of the clintons. it brings back all sorts of bad memories, you know, certainly of the president's bad behavior. >> i really wonder if this
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isn't an effort on the clintons' part to get that story out ofç the way. would "vanity fair" publish anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton didn't want in"vanity fair"? >> i haven't seen the whole article but from the excerpt i see, i don't think hillary looks great. she might be saying i've got to say something because i think i've turned a corner of my life. >> she is saying get it out now and america will chew on it for two years and by the time the campaign rolls around, yeah, we've already talked about that. what's curious is she's quite adamant, monica lewinsky stresses this was her, having sex with the president, was consensual. not like he forced her on it. she makes it very clear it was consensual. she says the only time sheç was abused was by his
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cronies, the people who scapegoated her. >> she does mention she does feel taken advantage of. so if this is indeed on the part of the clintons to get this out of the way, this could be the second time she has been used by the clintons in the white house. let us know what you think about this. who does it help? does it help monica? does it help hillary? does it not help either one? let us know on facebook. >> you should call barbara walters. she got the interview. >> i called her thisç morning. barbara, i know you're up. i spent a lot of time with her, so i'd be curious. >> coming up straight ahead. >> a new rule banning parents from spanking their children in certain areas when they misbehave. we'll tell you where that is. there is a new rule on the books. we're going to explain. >> protesters refuse to let condoleezza rice speak at rutgers university, but something big just came out of that. it's big.
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to talk with an insurance expert about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? former secretary of state condoleezza rice decides to not be the commencement speaker at rutgers after a group of students and faculty protested her would-be appearance. but it turns out she is welcome somewhere else. texas tech wrote her a letter immediately saying this, quote, i want to let you know that you are more than welcome to speak at texas tech. if a university attempts to stop their free speech, it is the greatest suggestion for the market of free ideas. we salute you and your dedicated service. joining us is the texas tech university chancellor. chancellor, why was it important for you to write thqá letter? >> i think it's important in that we want to let
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people know we would love to have condoleezza rice. she's welcome at texas tech and the love of texas. this is a great role model for students. she grew up in the segregated south. she overcame a lot of things. she became provost at stanford, became secretary of state. i think she would be an excellent speaker. >> when you're looking at criteria of a speaker, you look for accomplishment. you don't necessarily need to agree with her policies? >> don't have to agree with their policies or their ideas. we want someone that's been highly successful in some area, and we've had all kinds of speakers. president obama's secretary of the navy, governor ray mabus did an outstanding job. we've had former secretary of state james baker. we've had scott pelly, one%of ym angle, one of our distinguished alums. he's with fox news.
3:17 am
and ed whitaker, c.e.o. of at&t. >> does it disturb you when a group of students seemingly led by professors organize a push-back. what does it say about the university system? >> it's not good. here's what's happened. on the left, a lot of people are for free speech as long as they agree with it. they're notd3uju free speech -- they want to stifle it if they don't agree with it. we're in the idea of business. any time you try to stifle free speech, you're going against the liberty and justice and freedom that this kupt was built on -- this country was built on. >> aren't they exercising free speech by speaking out against her experience? >> there are ways they can do that. they can petition the administration and ask someone be allowed to speak at the next commencement that has ideas that are different from condoleezza rice. they could do that. they could show up in front
3:18 am
of the building with placards. there are ways that one can do that. but you shouldn't be in a situation where they try to stifle it to keep them away or they threaten to make so much noise and yell that no one can hear the speaker. >> i want toç you hear condoleezza rice, what she posted on facebook. commencement should be a time of joyous celebration for graduates and their families. rutgers invitation for me to speak has become a distraction for the university at a special time. it is not because of the push back she has decideed to speak. it is because of this. universities have become so liberal they stifle people that don't necessarily agree with them. and a professor is so great,ç kids will start agreeing with that to get
3:19 am
long. >> you've got to look at free speech any time something comes up. the key is there are those on the left that want to stifle free speech and they want to stop free speech for the people they disagree with. we're in the idea business. if there is anyone that should be in the idea business, it's universities. we should be stressing that we want all people of all persuasions to be able to speak out. and i think it's just -- it's bad. it's happened throughout the country. and some places a person would get up to speak and the students would yell them down so they couldn't speak. there's a lack of civility in that and there's also an element in that that's against free speech of thoseç that they disagree with. >> not at texas tech and that's why you're here this morning. chancellor, condoleezza rice's office got your letter. they thank you and they'll consider it. thanks for talking about it today on this very special
3:20 am
time for not only the chancellor, the professor and students in may. kent hance, thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, kids, take a book, any book as long as it's not that bible thing. one kid in serious trouble in his school for reading about religion in class.ñi lawmakers wanting to bring -- let me try that again. she won't talk, but lawmakers want to bring lois lerner back to capitol hill. is this just a waste of your money or can we expect a change of heart? we'll discuss it. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. some quick headlines for you. he served no jail time for his crime but now the family of the so-called affluenza team has to pay up, a $3 million settlement with one of his victims families. that teen was left paralyzed after couch crashed his truck while driving drunk. four others were killed. should the stow away teenager be criminally charged. this video shows the moment a 15-year-old climbed out of the wheel well of a 767, shopping down on to the tarmac. no oneç knows how he survived the five-hour flight where temperatures dropped well below 80 degrees. he has been placed with child services.
3:25 am
>> i think that is 80 degrees below zero. a fifth grader admonishes a fifth grader for reading the bible. listen to the message to his parents. >> he has religious books in the classroom. he's not permitted to read those books in my classroom. >> joining us is fifth grader giovani rubeo along with his dad paul. >> i understand,ç paul, in april -- let me back up. giovani, you got the bible as a gift from your church around christmastime? >> yes. >> why did you decide you wanted to read the bible during your free time? >> i love reading the bibl'm ald it. >> apparently the school had given you some trouble in the past. paul, you went in to the
3:26 am
principal, talked to the principal, i believe in april, is that right, and got a letter that said he can read it during free time? >> i had spoke to them numerous times. in march they told him to put it away a coupleç of times, and he came home and said dad, they're telling me to put away my bible and i told him they can't do that. >> a couple of days ago, giovani, your teacher says you've got to put that away and you don't. then what did you ask her to do? >> i asked her to call my father. >> and she called your dad and said that you couldn't -- that -- go ahead. why do you think she said you had to put your bible away? >> because she didn't want me reading it. >> paul, why is it that teacher didn't want your son reading his bible during free reading time? >> that, i can't answer. it seemed they were very hostile about the whole
3:27 am
thing. i found that the voice message kind of speaks for itself.j4(p&c@ >> well, it does. i understand none of the other students were queried what they were reading at the time. so let's bring in the attorney right now, jeremy dice. jeremy, what's going on here? why do you think the school's got a problem with the bible? >> it's a hard question to answer. but what we do know is that students across america are permitted to read their bible while they're at school especially during free time in free reading periods like this. the bible is not contra band and shouldn't be treated as such. for a teacher to single out a student during free reading time is an egregious violatiof nf the constitution. >> absolutely. we've got a statement from the school board. they say broward county public schools respects and upholds the rights of students to bring personal religious materials to school, including the bible, and to read these before school, after school or during any free reading time during the school day. giovani, one of the things
3:28 am
is, i read in the local news stories down there in florida that apparently the school said that that was not a free reading time. you were supposed to be reading some other assigned book. is that right? >> no. that's not right at all. >> it was definitely free reading. paul, you had received word that during free reading time it would be okay for your son to read his bible? >> yes, i have received that. >> okay. so what do you want from the school? >> right now all we want is a written apology. if you made a mistake, be diligent enoughç to admit it, and everybody can move on and just allow my son and all the children in the entire school district to have that freedom to read their bible if they choose to do so during free reading time. >> jeremy, that's fair; right? >> i would think so. for the largest school district in the united states to be able to walk across the street and say we're sorry our teacher tried to remove the bible during a free reading period, i don't think that's a tall order to ask.
3:29 am
students in america are permitted to read their bible while they're at school. >> giovani is no longer in that teacher's classroom. he has been moved toç another one as he concludes the year. >> giovani, paul, jeremy, thank you for joining us. what do you think about that? why did that particular teacher crack down on that particular book, the bible? go ahead and send us an e-mail, you can facebook us or tweet us. next up on the rundown, he oversaw the agency accused of leaving our veterans to die on a secret waiting list. should the head of the v.a. step down? not so fast. the white house has a different idea. they want to keep him. parents, how do you punish your children when they're misbehaving? now there is a school on the books in at least one place that says you don't get to decide. first happy birthday to lone survivor actor alexander. he is 22.
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[laughter] >> it's your shot of the morning. these three hot dogs told to wait for their treat. and then they're finally given the go ahead. the smallest one makes off with everybody's food. >> that's how it goes in my house. >> you know what? i thought in the dog world you don't want to cross a pit bull. i'm like, okay, buddy, i'll let you get about five feet and then i'm coming after you. >> got to be fast. >> to the littleç guy, just another dog. >> that's the mind set? >> somebody else with a flea collar. >> i don't know in the dog world how they punish each other but a lot of people throughout time have decideed to discipline their children by spanking. in kansas city, in one hospital in particular, spanking is no go. the point is they actually have a plan if they catch you spanking and it leaves a mark. >> they have pamphlets and banner. the no-hit zone at
3:35 am
children's mercy hospital.ç a policy that says you cannot use any sort of spanking. if they see it happening, they will bring in a representative from child services to deal with it, giving alternatives such as bubbles and coloring to make the situation simmer. >> it's not even a ban on spanking. it's a ban on any sort of, let's see, hitting of any kind. and the goal of the hospital is if they see something escalating they're going to try to defuse it because they don't want it to lead anything else. if a staff member sees something escalating, get the kid a coloring book or bubbles. if somebody gives their kid a spafrpg or something like -- a spank or something like that, sounds like they're going to call in a social worker. a lot of people say we're not spankers. there are a lot of people in this world who discipline theirç children with a spank. >> they don't define it as hitting. here they blend the two
3:36 am
together. they say no hitting. they're bringing them in together in terms of discipline. on one hand, anybody who has had a kid in the hospital understands it is a stressful time. it is the point where you feel the least amount of control over a situation. for one more access to the ability to control a situation in your family is hard for those parents out there right now and have that taken away. but if things are escalated, it could get tense in a hospital. >> so this kansas city,ç missouri, mercy hospital says we looked at these studies and it said you basically raise bullies if you start spanking kids. are they taking the parent out of parenting? are they going to a place they don't belong? or is this hospital doing something that is necessary on behalf of what they think for the child? >> are they trying to create peace or trying to take your rights away? >> sure. some families do spank. if you've got somebody in the hospital and suddenly you've got to deal with the social worker because you
3:37 am
gave your kid a whack on the butt, that doesn't make it any easier. >> they say if it leaves a mark. they're not going to decide if it's over the line unless it leaves a mark. >> they're going to be looking at this. is it a distraction to the overall health and well-being to kids in the hospital? let us know what you think. facebook or twitter. >> it is 24 minutes before the top of theç hour. heather nauert. >> speaking of spanking, there may be a little bit of a political spanking in washington. the house of representatives now inching closer to charging former i.r.s. official lois lerner with contempt. there is a meeting to be held today to consider that as well as a g.o.p. request for a special prosecutor to investigate the targeting scandal. >> the way this looks, you know, it looks so political, a political process, pure and simple, aimed at trying to appeal toç the political base.
3:38 am
the facts don't seem to matter. >> nobody can find a scarier organization, at least one without guns, than the i.r.s. >> there could be a full house vote today or tomorrow. an emotional moment caught on camera. the mother of a u.s. marine hears her son's words from inside this prison for the very first time in mexico. sergeant andrew tameri s*eu has been locked up in a mexican jail. he says he took a wrong turn while driving and accidentally went over the border. he had three legal guns in his truck. listen to this. >> i'm a pretty good man, good morals. i believe in god and i put my faith in good that he will take care of me. >> that took me by surprise. i hadn't heard that interview. that was the jail house heard that. >> a local san diego newspaper conducted that interview. tahmooressi faces 21 years
3:39 am
in prison if convicted. new calls this morning for v.a. secretary shinseki to step down following that massive scandal at the phoenix v.a. hospital. it is accused of hiding treatment delays that reportedly led to the death of 40 veterans. on monday the american legion called for shinseki to resign. it is the first time since 1941 that the veterans group calledç for the resignation of a cabinet official. shinseki telling the "wall street journal" that he's not going anywhere. from the fields of battle to the fields of the nfl, take a look. this army ranger who hasn't played football since 2009 has just been signed by the philadelphia eagles. 25-year-old lieutenant villanueva weighs 277 pounds. he spent the last four years serving three tours of duty in afghanistan. the eagles signed him after seeing him work out last
3:40 am
month. >> at the end of the day the ranger training and the physical fitness they have out there in the rangers and also in the army means a lot from every soldier. there wasn't a huge transition i had to make. >> he says if the nfl doesn'tç work out he'll head back to afghanistan in september for his fourth tour of duty. what a brave young man. we've got a bunch of nfl draft picks coming in later today. >> we have 15 nfl draft picks. it's been a five-year tradition. >> exciting there. >> thanks, heather. maria is standing by. >> hello everybody. i want to take you first to wyoming because in wyoming, we saw a very rare tornado. the state only sees about ten tornadoes per year. this oneç lasted only about two minutes and hit an undeveloped area. again, very rare especially this early in the year to
3:41 am
be seeing tornado activity across the state of wyoming. that same disturbance is headed eastbound. today it will be tapping into some very warm and humid air across parts of the center of the country and we are going to be seeing the possibility for severe storms not only today but also as we head into tomorrow and also on friday to wrap up the work week. there is still an elevated fire danger in places across parts of the southern rockies due to dry conditions, gusty winds and temperatures well above average. take a look at those highs in places like dallas and kansas city, 89 degrees for your high temperature. let's head back insides. thank you, maria. >> straight ahead, they have known ties to terror but they can travel freely throughout the united sttls. how does this happen? find out next. they're on a hands off list. >> how to go from nothing to the top of the tph*l. -- top of the nfl.
3:42 am
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hi everybody. some quick headlines. internal e-mails from the department of homeland security revealing agency officials allegedly discuss a hands-off list which would allow individuals with terror ties to enter the united states. isn't that great? will senator charles grassley raise the issue with usda officials? a student terrorist in pakistan paying homage to bin laden, paid the library after the founder of al qaeda. a large sign at the entrance reads we love osama bin laden. >> he's known for nfl stardom but former all star
3:46 am
matt burke is telling a different story. it's about health. he describes it in a book allç prowisdom. congratulations on the book. where did this idea come from? you guys were neighbors and they came through fellowship? >> fellowship in the cul-de-sac. we got in the cul-de-sac, corralled our kids and talked about life. i would share my experiences in the tph*fplt rich would share experiences in life and we found there is a lot of overlap. >> i want to talk about being a line man. are the seven steps, is that the best protection moving through life,ç business, family and friends? >> absolutely. i would say there's seven questions any person needs to ask themselves if they want to be a person of positive influence, whether they're a young person getting instruction from a mentor or a business leader. the seven questions are
3:47 am
crucial in establishing your foundation. >> it's not only -- we're in a time right now where faith is being questioned, the freedom to express, especially when it comes to christianity. taking a strong stand when our rights are called into question. in 2013 you chose not to attend the white house celebration with the ravens. ñ%y is that? >> it starts with the question who are you? my identity starts with being a christian and it is important to me. i understand that is who i am. because i understand my identity, i have the confidence to beç myself. at that time it just was not consistent with my values and with what i want to try to convey and pass on to my children to visit the white house. >> not an easy decision and one that came under critique. did you have regrets? >> it came under critique but it wasn't difficult for me. it was right after president obama addressed planned parenthood and said
3:48 am
god bless planned parenthood and my wife and i are very involved in the pro-life movement. my kids know that we're involved in the pro-life movement. they know what it means. they know what the president standsç for. so i didn't want to confuse my kids. i wanted to send them the right message. >> a strong message indeed there. talk about the seven choices. that being the first step there. what are some others people can take away from this today in the book? >> i think if a person understands his or her identity, the next question is what is your purpose? this has to do with passion, whether it's at work or your vocation. the next person is what kind of person do you want to be? a person of character establishes depend ability. to become a trustworthy person we need to ask what kind of a person do i want to be? it progress s from there. >> coaches, c.e.o.'s, this is reaching a broad audience. one high school golf coach
3:49 am
is having the entire team go through it and do a lesson plan about it and write aboutç it. matt birk, well done. rich, you guys are good friends and have done a good job with this. thank you for being with us. coming up, should high schools be handing out homework with graphic references to sex? this father questioned it and guess what? he got arrested. we're serious. what's better than howard stern stopping by our studio? not much. he is surrounded by puppies and naming them all.ç ♪ ♪ just $10 including creamy fettuccine alfredo, and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad and warm breadsticks. signature favorites, just $10 all week long,
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3:53 am
look at this. that's really for you. wants to take your dog to the balm game? now you can. the new york mets are teaming up with the north shore animal league for this weekend's annual bark at the park. >> and if all need is a furry fan, then we've got that covered, too. beth stern from north shore animal league joins us now. i mean, how sweet are these? >> ridiculous. >> what great event, to bring your own dog. >> on mother's day, bring your mothers and your dogs to the mets game. we celebrate all of the dogs and they can do a little parade march during the game and sit in the stands and watch the game. >> that is unbelievable. they get on the field and then go sit in the stands with you? >> how fun is that with your dog and your mom. don't forget about your mom on mother's day. we're continuing these all summer long. go to our web site and get tickets. >> this is a no kill shelter. >> the largest in the world.
3:54 am
>> so the proceeds will -- >> we get a percentage of the proceeds and our medical staff will thereby. yeah. it's really, really fun day. >> when you began, did you know your love of animals right away? >> we did. he is as big an animal lover as i am. that's why i fell in love with him. >> good move for a guy. by the way, these animal looks at you as now i'm in good hands. describe these dogs. >> this is el bell. she's tearier mixer. between eight to ten weeks old. they're ready to be adopted. spayed and neutered, ready to go home. you have ainsley, she's a collie mix a. big girl. you have lukey. he's going to be a really big boy. so a big yard, great, great, great family dog. >> they're so great with one another. >> yeah. we have lula who is a chihuahua mix. great dog for the city, your apartments. you can put in your purse.
3:55 am
carry her around. >> i think that these dogs know that they have to be extra special good. so when you bring them home, they're extraordinary. they know they've been saved. >> they do. i feel every animal that's been rescued -- i feel that way with our cats. they just know. we're actually coming to our final d of our touche for life. we went to 52 cities with four of our mobile units. over 2,000 adoptions with our partnered shelters across the united states. >> what do you have to say to families who are considering not adopt ago did you go from a rescue. what's your message? >> my message is when they buy from a pet store, they're facilitating a horrific cycle of puppy mills. these animals in puppy mills are bred solely for money. most of the time they're in horrible conditions. rescue a did you go. you're saving a life. they know it. >> i heard two things that involve you. between howard stern's party,
3:56 am
when i heard about that, which was incredible, and then that big open forum with billy joel across the street. >> can i say billy joel, on his birthday, this friday is donating all of his proceeds from his concert to the foundation that howard and i came up with. >> wow. >> where is that going to be? >> madison square garden. >> i've heard of that! >> on friday in the met stadium on sunday for mother's day. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> great to see you. it's great cause. bark at the park this sunday. meanwhile, she's back. monica lewinsky break her silence and criticized hillary clinton. but is there a chance hillary okay with this? your e-mails and theories at the top of the hour. >> you remember film "beverly hills 90210". jason priestly revealing the secrets from his personal life. was that a bible thumping
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. it's wednesday, may 7. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. breaking election news overnight. big primary results with some important races still undecided. what you need to know and how it could change the balance of power in washington. yep. she's back. monica lewinsky break her silence to criticize hillary clinton? why now? one possibility might surprise you. >> i really wonder if this isn't an efforts on the clintons' part to get that story out of the way. >> that's an interesting theory. your theories straight ahead. and forget the royal treatment. guess who was just spotted flying coach. who is behind that great big question mark?
4:01 am
thank you for joining us on wednesday. it's a wednesday. >> it is a wednesday. >> right. we got to get a calendar. >> mornings are better with friends. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> i should have known today was wednesday 'cause today is the big day. ladies and gentlemen, brian kilmeade is celebrating a birthday that ends with a 0. >> right. this is the longest birthday celebration ever, 'cause i had a surprise party three weeks ago. >> that's right. >> so it's ongoing. i could always say i'm not 50 yet. now i'm officially 50. >> wait a minute. is that the telephone? hello, who is there? is that jim and steve kilmeade, brian's brothers? >> yeah. they just woke us up.
4:02 am
>> they're in another location. >> from what i've been able to tell, you're the only member of the kilmeade clan that gets up before noon. >> i think so. they like to sleep in. we're from a long line of bartenders. we've been up late cleaning and sweeping. >> actually we don't know how to sleep very well. we can't s family. doesn't work. >> jim, thanks for -- that's a live shot. that was from last night. yeah. steve and jim, slide over. we've got to get a pictures. >> brian, you are the little one? >> i'm the middle one. evidently we're out of room. >> is that you with the bow tie? >> that is me there without a neck. that's an outfit that i grew out there you go. grow the hair over the eyes. >> jim, tell us something we don't know about your brother, brian. >> what can i tell you? i think you found out everything after the book tour. except for the back that brian
4:03 am
cries for every family picture. >> it's true. >> he didn't like having his picture taken. so almost every picture we have except for three we showed, he's in tears. >> did that give him the nickname crying brian? >> a lot of people wouldn't do that. >> i wish you were around back then. we weren't that clever. we couldn't come up with things that rhymed. >> unfortunately, when we were growing up, elisabeth wasn't born. >> you guys threw a beautiful big, fantastic party for brian out in long island. was that it or is he getting a cake today? >> he's getting one more cake on the traditional sunday kilmeade dinners. >> very nice. >> i love that. good brotherly love. >> brian is crying right there. >> how do we have crying shots? thank you. guys, thanks a lot for getting up. that was great parties. >> happy birthday, brian. >> thank you. >> as a special tribute, what better way to have a talking point with monica lewinsky?
4:04 am
>> we're going to in about two minutes. >> right. >> you're so desperate to get out of that, you destroyed the talking point. >> i didn't know. >> it's your birthday. >> you get to call the shots here. like calling the shot over to heather. >> hi, heather. >> hi. nothing will make you feel old than monica lewinsky turning 40. >> right. >> good morning to you. i've got news to bring you. politics now, while you were sleeping, there was big developments in the political world that will affect the midterm election. let's start in north carolina. republican tom tillis winning the republican senate nomination. he will face democratic senator kay hagin in november. also in north carolina, the congressional primary race between democrat clay aiken and keith chrisco still too close to call. in ohio, john boehner defeating two tea party challengers in his bid for a 13th term in congress. united states now joining the manhunt for the leader of
4:05 am
the terrorist group behind the kidnapping of more than 270 girls there. the u.s. is sending military intelligence and law enforcement support to nigeria to help with the hunt for the leader in an attempt to free the girls. this as we learn eight more girls have been kidnapped in the last 24 hours. the warlord says he plans to sell those girls into slavery. we'll keep you posted. condoleeza rice getting an offer this morning to speak at texas tech university after she turned down rutgers invitation amid all those protests there. the chancellor of that school joined us earlier on the show. he said it shouldn't be about politics, but about the person's credentials. listen to this. >> we're in the idea business. if there is anyone that should be in the idea business, it's universities. we should be stressing that we want all people of all persuasions to be able to speak out. >> rice is said to be considering that offer. we'll let you know what happens.
4:06 am
listen to this one, every parent needs to hear this. a father shows up at a school board meeting to express his concerns with a risque novel that's required reading for his 14-year-old daughter and here is what happened. >> what are you charging me with? >> disorderly conduct. >> disorderly conduct. >> taken away in handcuffs. here is what happened. he went over the two minutes of that allowed for him to address the school board in new hampshire and so he was arrested and taken away. the center of the controversy is a book called "19 minutes." it's by jody picall. there is a love scene in it that is too graphic for ninth graders. listen. >> it reads like a transcript for a triple x porno movie. we had no notice about it. >> school officials say they are standing by that book. they say it's been part of the curriculum since 2007.
4:07 am
they'll update their policies, but listen to this one, instead of being able to opt out of controversial material, including this one, parents have to be forced to sign off on them. so it's still part of required reading. nothing changed there. >> i got to send something home to the parents. >> you're hearing from people on this, right? >> yeah. a lot of you are weighing in. wayne tweeted us this, he says his fry dom of speech was violated. very sad that parents aren't allowed to voice their concerns about improper books. >> that's right. susan tweeting this: they allotted him two minutes? he could have expressed his outrage in that time. no infringement on free speech. >> sean says, officer, how about arresting the teacher who hands this out and teaches it? check out how helpful to the students. >> yep. keep e-mailing us regarding it. you can fake book us or you could tweet us as well. meanwhile, today you're going to discover that monica lewinsky is back. she's written an article in
4:08 am
vanity fair. the whole thing comes out tomorrow. we do have some excerpts, which it's curious, she makes it very, very clear that the times she had sex with then president of the united states, bill clinton, it was consentual. it was between consenting adults. he didn't force himself on her. didn't abuse her. the only people who abused her were his cronies, it sounds like, when she was made the scapegoat and was all to protect the clintons. >> right. that way she felt taken advantage of and also suicidal. she reveals during the height of the scandal, actually prompting her to write and actually get some word out here in the vanity fair article and help others who may be feeling like a victim going through something like this. >> i really feel bad for her. she points out to what happens at rutgers with the 18-year-old who felt humiliation. she said she felt same to that in the same fashion as she turns 40. shear an excerpts from the article which has not been fully released yet. she said my first thought as i
4:09 am
was getting up to spied, that's the worst thing she said about me, i should be lucky. yes, i get it. hillary clinton wanted it on the record that she was lashing out at her husband's mistress. she may have faulted her husband for being inappropriate, but i find her impulse to blame the woman and herself troubleing. >> and things that we know from her then friend in the 1990s said hillary referred to monica lewinsky as that narcistic looney toon. what's curious is why is vanity fair publishing this right now? we've got one theory from lynn cheney, you're about to hear, and also we've got a republican strategist and a democratic strategist because the timing is curious, don't you think? we haven't heard of monica lewinsky out of the blue 'til now. why? listen to this. >> i don't think this is actually relevant as we go
4:10 am
forward into 2016 because it really has no bearing on the abilities of hillary clinton to be a national leader and whether she can lead our nation. >> any time monica lewinsky is in the news, it does not help either of the clintons. it brings back all sorts of bad memories, certainly of the president's bad behavior. >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clintons' part to get that story out of the way. would vanity fair publish anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton didn't want in vanity fair? >> probably not. my question is, is vanity fair going to do something with broderick or gennifer flowers or paula jones? if they're doing, so to speak, monica lewinsky -- if you google mistresses of bill clinton, there is a shocking number of people who come up. >> the timing of this is certainly coming under question. we're going to have the opportunity to talk with lynn cheney in a bit here on the show.
4:11 am
we asked you what you thought in the meantime and barbara is saying this: monica may be the only honest person in a sad situation. we know the clintons aren't truthful. >> theresa posted on facebook, hillary stayed with bill for her own agenda to once again occupy the white house. >> and ralph's up and he says what difference does it make? you're funny. >> mark saying it's all good until a republican does it, then all hell breaks loose. >> yeah, there is a little bit of a double standard. continue to e-mail us, tweet us and facebook us. >> she was over -- wasn't she at oxford? she got a degree at oxford in london. >> she did. but she said she had a difficult time finding jobs after. moments of being stressed. >> she says it's time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. >> okay. >> none of this would have happened if that blue dress disappeared, or she had gone to the cleaners. >> 7:11. >> you're right.
4:12 am
>> he's being tapped to lead an investigation into the benghazi attacks. now congressman trey gowdy is getting death throats. is threats. is that just the start of something? and the university of utah's fight song, utah man, under fire for being sexist. should the school have to change it to protect others' feelings? what about utah people? we report. you decide. he scores. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain.
4:15 am
i want to talk to everyone who has firsthand knowledge of what happened that night and i want access to every document because you never know which document -- it could be the last one you receive answers your questions. >> he's right.
4:16 am
he is being tapped to lead an investigation into the benghazi attacks. congressman trey gowdy in south carolina getting death threats. that's just the start? joining us is congressman devon nunez and members of the house select committee on intelligence who joins us from d.c good morning to you. >> great to be back on with you. >> it's great to have you. a couple of days ago, democrats were saying, no, no, no. nobody should show up. suddenly yesterday, nancy pelosi said, well, we'll show up if it can be half and half. which is funny because when she was running things, it was nine democrats versus six republicans. what sort of recipe are you guys looking at? >> it's going to be seven republicans and five democrats, steve. the point that you make is right. this congress has a long history of these investigative committees. we attempted to do it through the existing structure with the four committees of jurisdiction, but as you know, we've been stonewalled by the administration, so much so that the legislative branch of our government was unable to get the e-mails that you guys in the
4:17 am
press were able to get. that's totally unacceptable and i think it broke basically john boehner did the right thing by coming out strongly and putting one of our great new members of congress, trey gowdy, who will do a great job as chairman. >> as we look in, you're in the thick of things in washington, d.c., it does look like stonewalling, in addition to the fact they would send you guys documents that were completely blank because they had been completely redacted where you couldn't even tell where it was about, which is kind of nuts. they've also made it impossible for to you talk to the people who were there. it sounds like -- from what we've heard some of you guys talk about -- these guys have been threatened with their jobs. if you say anything, there goes your pension. we might sue you. will witnesses be able to testify in fronts of your committee? >> yeah. i think that's the important point, too, is we're going to have good witnesses like greg hicks, who was the number one man, after ambassador stevens
4:18 am
was murdered in cold blood by al-qaeda terrorists, greg hicks was the man in charge. greg hicks has been put out to pasture by this administration. he's been said that he's not a credible witness. but i think what we're going to find through this investigation is that guys like greg hicks, who were on the ground, the station chief that was there in libya working for the c.i.a., all of those people are going to be extremely credible. if we can ever get the rest of the e-mails out of the administration, we're going to find out -- we're going to get to the bottom of what really happened in benghazi and who made up these most ridiculous stories. >> the white house goes well, we had you, congress, you've had a bunch of investigations, plus there was that arb, accountability review board, they looked at things. but the arb talked to greg hicks, to your point, and he told them that the reason chris stevens was in benghazi was because hillary clinton personally asked him to see whether or not they could establish a permanent post there. that's what he told the arb.
4:19 am
but the arb, when they finally released the report, it said chris stevens wound up in benghazi independently, which is crazy. that's a flat out lie! >> yeah. we haven't gotten to the bottom yet of what was chris stevens actually doing there. he did meet with people that day. i think that's something that the committee should look into, who exactly did he meet with. i think the committee should trio meet with those folks, or at least have investigators meet with those folks. there is still a lot of information out here. i don't blame anyone but the white house. the american people should blame no one but the white house. they had an opportunity and they have a responsibility as leaders in this country to provide the legislative branch of government all of the documentation when the legislative branch asks. they did not do it and they get what they deserve on this. >> well, to a lot of people, it looks like there was a conspiracy and a cover-up and a lot of people would like the answers and it's up to you guys now. all right.
4:20 am
congressman, thank you for joining us from washington. >> my pleasure. it is now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. she refuses to talk. now democrats say enough's enough when it comes to questioning lois lerner. >> maybe we can get ken star to come out of retirement and do another investigation and waste taxpayers' money. >> should we give her a break or keep paying to watch her plead the fifth? that's coming up next. and you know him as the heart throb from the hit drama " "90210". jason priestly is dishing it all, like his former roommate, br what does he know about him? plenty. and he spills the beans to liz and brian and me as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ ♪ ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at
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4:24 am
we're become now for your consumer news. another general motors recall. this time nearly 60,000 saturn aura cars that affect the 2007 and 2008 model years with four speed transmissions. the problem can cause cars to roll away unexpectedly because the driver thinks it's in park. it led to 28 crashes and four injuries. but no deaths thankfully. office depot looking to scale back in a big way. the company plans to close 400 stores by the year 2016. a move expected to save the company $75 million a year. 150 stores will be closed by the end of 2014. subway testing new menu option. some of the chains started putting thinner slices of deli meat on sandwiches. there are 12 slices on a footlong instead of eight and testing a new topping called hummus. >> really? >> what do you think about that? >> it's too controversial to comments on. he burst onto the hollywood scene as a star of one of the
4:25 am
hottest prime time shows ever. >> brandon, i know you were mr. popularity back home. but i'm not going to miss minneapolis. nobody knows me here. i could be anybody. i could be somebody. >> like what, homecoming queen? >> the life for the man best known as brandon walsh on "90210" hasn't always been glitzy and glamorous f. sudden stardom to a life changing car crash, jason priestly reveals his dramatic journey from heart throb to family man in a new book titled" jason priestly, a memoir." and he's parked on our couch. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> why did you write this? >> it kind of felt like time. you talk about my car crash that i had back in 2002, while i was lying in my hospital bed starting my recovery from that car crash, i said a lot of -- set a lot of lofty goals in my recovery. i found myself in 2012 having
4:26 am
achieved all those goals, my wife, my family, my career was back to where i wanted it to be. it just felt like time to write this book. >> what was the toughest part to write about? >> the toughest part to write about was the accident and my recovery from that accident. i suffered a lot more catastrophic injuries than i had ever really talked about. >> you were in the hospital for three months? >> three months i was in the hospital. i suffered three skull fractures in the accident. skull fractures, 7, 8, 9 in my lifetime and class 3 concussion. i could barely talk when i was in the hospital. my cognitive thought capabilities had been lost completely. i couldn't remember anything. so i had to relearn how to speak and how to think and how to memorize things. they had to take my eyeball out and rebuild part of my skull here. this whole side of my face wouldn't work for a long time.
4:27 am
so there were a lot of things that i had to overcome. physically, my back was broken, my feet were shattered. so i had to do a lot of work to bring myself back to the place where i am today. >> so you said you grew up and you were watching television, you always thought, i want to be part of that, from "the electric company" on down and it happens really quick. is fame hard? the struggle was short. you said you arrived in los angeles in '97. in '98 you're on the top show. is it hard to be famous? >> well, no. i wouldn't say it's hard to be famous. fame has a lot of positive aspects to it. i think it's difficult to manage sometimes. >> sure. >> 'cause there is no self-help book that you can go and just pick up on the shelf and it tells you how to manage it. >> you've known a loft famous people. -- lot of famous people. for instance, brad pitt was your roommate. what sort of dirt can you dish on brad? >> look, i tell a lot of stories
4:28 am
in the book about some of the famous people that i've come across in my lifetime. but i really do that just for contextual reasons. there is some funny stories that happened in my life, certainly before i got famous. and those experiences are there because -- those kind of friendships and those experiences are things that kind of make you who you are. >> i like the story where you talked about how he went home, brad pitt did, and came back with a box full of bibles. >> he sure did. >> and gave them away, right? >> yeah. and we were all young actors and it was back in the late '80s and everyone wanted to be a bad boy. so everyone is handing out cartons of cigarettes and bottles of jack daniels and trying to be all cool. brad handed us all bibles that were embossed with our names on it 'cause he had just come back from missouri where he's from. >> did you think it was a joke? >> oh, no. no, no. he's very earnest. >> do you still have it?
4:29 am
>> of course i do. >> read it? >> of course i've read it. >> listen to what shannen doherty treated. memoirs are so funny. the truth is rarely told. after all, they're trying o sell a book. >> she actually tweet that had about somebody very inflammatory headlines that have been written and -- priestly lashes out at dougherty. i certainly would never lash out at her. i she shannon and -- shannon and i had four fun years together on the show. >> maybe it's from -- in the book, you talk about how she was yelling at a publicist because, what, you sent me a town car! i should have a limo! >> we've all done that, steve. >> come on. >> a lot in this book. we're so glad you're fully recovered. love to hear about the kids, too. >> yep. >> and the first time i met you, you were racing with paul newman. >> yeah, that's right.
4:30 am
>> congratulations. >> thanks, appreciate it. coming up, new video this morning of the kid who flew across the pacific ocean in the wheel well of a plane. now investigators have questions for the teen who just wants to do see his mom. >> and in 24 hours, these guys will be multi-millionaires. the 2014 nfl draft picks. 15 are here to talk about their big night tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ now you can have it all with red lobster's new seafood trios! choose one option from the wood-fire grill, one signature shrimp dish, and a pasta. all on one plate. three delicious choices. all for $15.99 for a limited time only! come sea food differently today! it's built to be as fast as it is strongor advil. and fights pain at the site of inflammation. advil has the strength and speed to help you
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♪ ♪ >> isn't that -- yes. it's your shot of the morning. he may have blue blood, but there is one way prince william is just like the rest of us. he flies coach. pictures of him sitting in the economy cabin popped up on twitter. he's flying home from a friend's wedding in memphis, tennessee. the reason for all the budget traveling? he may be frugal when it comes to his own money. the wedding was a private affair, so william had to pay his own way there. he wasn't alone. his body guard sat in coach with him. >> wow. >> very nicely done. >> nice to see him travel like that. in about five minutes, we
4:35 am
have 15 of the most talented athletes in america outside, top 15 nfl prospects are here. they're on our turf, they refuse to play on the brick. across the street will be radio city where they'll have the big nfl draft starting on thursday. >> the teams will be happy to welcome them. >> we're going to get to that in just a moment. right now we got some news and let's talk about -- >> lois lerner. politics in washington. listen to what's going on today. the house of representatives is now inching closer to charging former irs official lois lerner with contempt. there is a meeting later today to consider that, as well as a gop request for a special prosecutor to investigate the targeting scandal. >> this is a whole week of let's investigate the administration. maybe we can get ken starr to come out of retirement. maybe he can do another investigation and waste taxpayer money. but like any judge in any courtroom, we'd much rather have the witness answer the questions
4:36 am
than hold them in contempt. >> there could be a full house vote today or tomorrow. we'll keep watching that one. california congressman duncan huntser calling secretary of state john kerry inept. he says kerry has mishandled the case of a former marine who is currentsly being held on weapons charges near tijuana, mexico, after he drove into mexico with three firearms that are legal in the united states. hunter says this reinforces the major problem that he sees in foreign policy of the u.s. state department. listen to this. >> what this shows me mostly is the impotence and ineptitude of john kerry and the state department. you don't have middle east peace. you can't stop putin from crossing his own borders into free countries and you can't get a former marine out of a mexican jail. >> hunter says he's appealing to the mexican attorney general to expedite the case and get a hearing immediately. is the university of utah's fight song called "utah man," it's under fire for being sexist
4:37 am
allegedly. listen to a bit of this. ♪ ♪ >> okay. that's the school fight song. it was written in 1904. there are lyrics to go with it. there have been years of complaints. now the students assembly is asking the school to change a lyric that says, our co-eds are the fairest, each one a shining star. that's the problem with it apparently. but it's not the first school to have this so-called problem. back in 2007, the university of hawaii changed its fight song lyrics from here is to each valiant son to here is to each valiant one. back in 2009, the university of mississippi removed the line, the south will rise again from its fight song. and those are your headlines. all right. we're going outside to brian kilmeade with one of the best
4:38 am
interviews of the year. brian? >> yeah. very exciting time for us because it's a time of year where america's top college athletes, football players come to new york city to see where and what teams will be drafting them. before they get picked in less than 24 hours, they've come here before they go across the street to radio city. let's meet some of the soporose effects. give yourselves a round of applause for getting here right now! let's go around the horn. >> where are you from? >> bama. >> where do you hope to go? >> anywhere. >> mike evans, texas a & m. >> mike especially for you, a lot of people really excited about the prospects. you proved yourself in the combines big time. >> i did my best. >> right. you went to one year high school football? >> yes, sir. >> how did that play into this? are you surprised how quick you picked it all up? >> i already knew how to play football. i just didn't decide to do it in
4:39 am
high school, but in my last year. one of the best decisions i ever made. >> thanks a lot. and by the way, johnny manziel, that's a guy you play with. >> he's all right. >> we'll see where he goes. some say number within overall. >> morgan moses, university of virginia. >> usc. >> university of minnesota. >> ohio state. >> ohio state. >> indiana university. >> university of north carolina. >> are you having fun this week? >> it's been all right. >> kind of nervous? >> yeah. we just trying to get through it, you know. >> it's not like you're in competition with these guys. >> universities of louisville. >> teddy, you are got the quarterback and wide receivers to throw to. have you been throwing the ball around? >> not yet. nice to be here with these guys. >> they're always open. >> always open. >> okay. >> jordan from vanderbilt.
4:40 am
a lot of people looking at you and saying isn't he related to jerry rice? >> that is true. kind of a fun fact. kind of cool. puts a lot of pressure, but i like it. >> you like it. of course, he comes out of nowhere to be the greatest nfl wide receiver ever. that must have been inspirational. is he still running the hill? >> yeah, i'm trying to get throughout and do the same thing he did. >> of course, shine in the colleague get better as a pro, which all you guys do. >> of course. >> just don't drop anything. >> of course. >> louisiana state university. >> odell. >> oregon state. >> brandon, what's the experience been like for you? >> it's been fun. been fun of the been around a lot of good talent. >> compact -- what about the combines? is that nerve racking? >> no. >> i watched a lot. >> tcu. >> what are your thoughts about tomorrow? >> i'm excited to be there. >> have these guys become your friends? >> yeah, dick cheneyly.
4:41 am
>> this go -- definitely. >> is this going to be one of the greatest drafts ever? >> yeah. >> congratulations. good luck tomorrow night and don't forget fox friends friends as you grab your jersey with your new team. elisabeth, take it away. >> wishing all of them well tomorrow. thanks. the u.s. jumping into the search for hundreds of girls kidnapped in nigeria. who are the terrorists who are kidnapping them? peter johnson, jr. going to run down their history coming up. first, the aflac question, trivia of the day. born on this date in 1945, this actress is best known for her role as dorian lord on "one life to live." be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. ♪ ♪ passenger: road trip buddy. let's put some music on. woman: welcome to learning spanish in the car. passenger: you've got to be kidding me. driver: this is good. woman: vamanos. driver & passenger: vamanos. woman: gracias. driver & passenger: gracias.
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4:45 am
the calls of the nigerian people to bring back our girls has been heard around the world. now the united states has said it will sean team of u.s. military and law enforcement to the region to assist with negotiations. but who is this terror group? what is it that they believe in exactly? joining us is fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> 300 young women held captive by these folks. it's important to understand who this terrorist organization is. in 2013, the united states declared it a terror organization. its leader, they espouse hatred for everything modern, secular and western. they especially oppose education for women. so they've become known for these attacks on schools, including burning schools, holding people hostage, suicide bombs, and attacks. >> this is their leader that is pictured right there. >> yeah. and he suspect out a series of videos saying that allah ordered him to do this.
4:46 am
that's interesting because they do have ties to al-qaeda, the terrorist organization we know so well. they've received training from al-qaeda and shakal declared his allegiance to al-qaeda in the past. there is no firm evidence that they intend to take their efforts beyond the four countries in africa that they've been involved with. >> who are their targets that we know of? >> their targets are schools, government officials, christians, christian churches, nigerian security and police forces. they're known most famously for december 2011 bombing of a cathedral in nigeria. in fact, last year i met a nigerian bishop who told me that priests were so terrified in that country that they needed to change christmas midnight mass to early in the afternoon to 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon because they were afraid that the parishioners would be kidnapped and murdered in the middle of the night on christmas
4:47 am
morning. and it's taken a terrible, terrible toll. 1500 people have died this year alone. thousands have died in the last few years. now america and the world, including great britain, are saying, we need to get involved in this. the hashtag has taken hold and foreign policy is following this saying, what can we do to save these children? it's an absolute heart break. >> the president spoke out as well. he actually called it, quote, heart breaking and outrageous. so what exactly precisely can be done? >> it's interesting. in some ways it's ignored this situation in nigeria for a while. there's a $7 million bounty on the leader's head. now the white house is sending a team of military officials, negotiators, intelligence officials and law enforcement personnel to see what they can do to bring these children back, to return them to their parents. can you imagine at any school in america to have almost 300
4:48 am
children snatched and then parents literally chasing these terrorists with bows and arrows against their ak 47s? they're afraid of reprisals. they don't want their names out there. unfortunately, the nigerian government has been absolutely powerless in reapproximatelying this kind of attack -- repelling this kind of attack. they've been known -- they've not repelled these attacks and they continue. in fact, eight other children abducted yesterday. and bombings continue. >> heart breaking to hear that. glad at least something is being done in this area. peter johnson, jr., we thank you for always keeping us up to date. >> america again the policemen of the world. >> we will follow this story for you. prayers for them. coming up, his career didn't end when he walked away from baseball. nolan ryan now cooking up a storm. his simple recipe for burgs that won't strike out. in 1975, "he don't like you like
4:49 am
i love you" by tony orlando and dawn was the number one song in america. ♪ ♪ sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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4:52 am
time for the answer to the aflac trivia question. born on this date in 1945, this actress is known for her role as dorian lord on "one life to live." who is she? it's robin strasser. the win letter get a copy of brian's book "george washington's secret six." >> from one book to another,
4:53 am
they couldn't be more different. power pitcher who off the field turned his passion for ranching into a successful meat a business. >> that's why we smell like hamburger right now. nolan ryan right here sharing some of his favorite dishes in his new book "the nolan ryan beef and barbecue cookbook, recipes from a texas kitchen." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is great. when was the last time you talked to nolan ryan about a hamburger? you got two kind here. one, the all american. what does it have inside it? >> it has bacon and it has cheese and then it has montreal seasoning. >> it's got an egg in it! >> and you put that in there. bind it together so when you grill it, it stays together. >> the cajun burger. >> is that blue cheese? >> yes. >> and bacon? >> yes. and different cajun flavoring. you have a choice this morning. >> look at the size of these burgers. you can see how great they are. this is not -- these are not
4:54 am
small patties you might get at a fast food place. you talk about different things you can do with the meat, from chuck stake to skirt steak. >> this is grilling season in texas. it's a little early in new york. that's what i enjoy. >> you're at the point, you could have a full time guy grilling stuff that you want for breakfast. but you prefer to grill yourself. >> that's just kind of what i enjoy doing and i'm kind of particular how i like my meat. so i want to make sure that i don't blame it if it's not right on someone elimination. >> you've been work for this meat company for a dozen years. you started putting the recipes on line and this is where this was born, right? >> right. we wanted to do this for our customers and give them an opportunity. they would call and want to know, i bought t bone what, do i do with it? how do i prepare it? >> you got the american burger, cajun burger. it's all in this new book. it's weird not seeing with the
4:55 am
rangers. you're now with the astros. i remember your relationship with the bushes. you seem really tight. i don't think the president missed a game now that he's retired. >> he came to a lot of games. he's really a baseball fan. he was the owner of the ball club when i was there as a player. so we've been friends for a long time. >> it was hard to wiggle away from him 'cause he was sitting right next to you. >> he kind of liked those seats. >> i bet he did! >> he's president, but you're nolan ryan. nolan, do you ever see yourself fighting ventura again? >> i hope not. >> i hear he's got a cookbook coming out. >> the president said one of the most inspirational said he saw is a 40-year-old guy on the mound, ventura charged the mound, and to see you pound him that, inspired the former president! >> it's just one of the unfortunate things that happened in my career and i think rob feels that way, too. >> once again, the book is called "the nolan ryan beef and barbecue cookbook." will you make me one of the
4:56 am
cajun burgers? >> you got your bun? >> i got my bun right here. >> it really comes down to what all do you want on that? >> a lot of bacon. >> bacon is in there. it's already got bacon in there. >> i'll take one protein style here. homeruning with the burgers. loving that with the guys. coming up, timing is everything. why is monica lewinsky speaking out now for the first time in a decade? >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clintons' part to get that story out of the way. >> lynn cheney joining us live in minutes. plus, brian turns 50 years old today and we have a surprise guest for him who brought a very special gift, right after the break. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ get all your favorites all day, everyday.
4:57 am
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good morning. it's wednesday, may 7. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. breaking election news overnight, big primary results with some important races still undecided. how will it shift the balance of power in washington? everything you need to know straight ahead. and monica lewinsky breaking her silence to criticize hillary clinton. but why now? one possibility could actually surprise you. >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clints' part to get that story out of the way. >> excellent theory. lynn cheney is actually here this hour. >> with james madison. he's been tapped to lead the investigation into the benghazi attacks. now someone wants congressman trey gowdy dead. do you believe this? float the pictures. mornings are better with friends.
5:01 am
>> of course, we would play that because today is brian's birthday. >> right. tomorrow we will not play it. >> look who we booked for this final hour today because it's your birthday. >> lynn cheney and i grew up together. >> that's right. plus you remember the movie "goonies"? guy fieri and two special mystery guests. >> i think one of the mystery guests is joining us right now behind the blue door. open it up. ladies and gentlemen, happy birthday, brian. ♪ happy birthday brian ♪ happy birthday to brian ♪ happy -- >> what is that? >> it's going to be rogaine, viagra and magazine subscription happy birthday. >> he's the first man who kissed
5:02 am
me. >> there you go. >> it's good to see you. >> open that up. >> all right. >> when you continue 50, geraldo rivera -- >> that's right. i show up. >> do you know what he got you? >> he wrapped it in headlines. >> look at this. balls. >> it's a margarita mixer. >> oh! >> wait a minute. last time you had a lot of margaritas, you wound up in a towel. >> he didn't bring the towel. >> that's right. a little later today i'm doing a selfy. no shirt on. i'm doing the geraldo. >> after this, you just might. >> thank you very much. >> happy birthday. you're so youthful. what's hard to believe you're qualified for aarp magazine now. >> i think i'll wait on the
5:03 am
subscription. >> feel any differently? >> not at all. i actually do not feel 50. it feels surreal, which is crazy when you start at the same job 17 years ago -- >> 17 years. my goodness. >> in 97, when my son called in, he was one. when you think about high school and college, four years each. now you double that. >> brian, we watched you grow up. it's brian's song. >> i'd like to jog in a football uniform! >> you know what? since you're here, geraldo, we want to ask you about the monica lewinsky story. she now is appearing on the covers of -- >> talking about time flying. >> exactly right. she's 40. she writes in vanity fair for the first tile time ever about her affair with bill clinton. among other things, she talks about how when i had sex with the president of the united
5:04 am
states, it was consentual. he didn't force himself on me. the only time i was abused was by his cronies who tried to scapegoat me. >> you know, when i first came to fox, bill o'reilly said that fox audience would never accept me because i was bill clinton's prime defender during my cnbc days. i have a source, the reason i could report with great accuracy about what was happening is that the president's best friend, whom i have sworn never to name, would call me on a nightly basis with the story du jour. >> how many does he have? >> well, if you sort through, you could probably figure it out. there was an amazing shift within the dynamic of the pro-clinton forces during the arc of the story. monica lewinsky is absolutely right, as i recall, as the story was evolving right before my
5:05 am
very eyes there, that there was a lot of she's nut job, she's a loose cannon. she's a crazy -- >> it's her faults. >> basically she came on to him. she pursued him. then if you'll recall, i was the one who broke the story that the stain on the blue dress was indeed president clinton's dna. so i was able to report that. the story changed dramatically as that revelation was reported to me and i passed it on to the american people. then it was much more about all men lie about having affairs, oral sex is not real sex. then the story became not monica. monica was now in every way affirmed. now became the minimummization of what the offense was. >> why do you think she's coming out? >> that's good question. i don't necessarily agree with lynn cheney. great to see her again in the
5:06 am
green room. i don't necessarily agree that hillary clinton is behind the timing of this. put yourself in monica lewinsky's shoes. i don't know where the hell she has been for these many years. >> why bother? why do it now? >> you know, let's take her at her word. the 18-year-old rutgers student who jumped off the bridge in front of my house, that she was motivated because she similarly -- >> felt humiliation he felt. >> and she wants to do self-destroy as he did. >> will it play in 2016 for hillary? will this matter that she's coming out now? >> i think it meters who the republican nominee is. i think a senator rand paul has made very clear, elisabeth, that he considers the president's character and the actions of his spouse during this traumatic period in american history to be relevant to the 2016 election as it refers to the clark of the family -- character of the family. if it's rand paul, that's one
5:07 am
thing. if it's jeb bush or mitt romney again -- >> i actually see a woman that's turning 40 that wants to make sense out of what happened to her. >> i think that's very profound. you just turned 50. i 70. >> can i throw a curve ball in here? could women, could the clintons or hillary clinton maybe assume that there would be a bunch of women who feel like she does and maybe this would relate to them? could this bode well for her if she was on the ticket? >> well, all i know is that she got tremendous support from the women's movement and monica lewinsky points out with great bitterness, if you read even the excerptses, the limited excerpts, how feminists deserted her and blamed it all on her, the intern, after all, and the suffering spouse. >> why were they ever defending her? >> why weren't they? that's an excellent question.
5:08 am
i think the woman's movement really has to assess its own performance during that trauma. >> we're going to listen to you on the radio? >> i'm going to radio right now. i got my radio voice on now. >> we're going to be talking to lynn cheney. her take on it. she's coming up in a couple of minutes. geraldo, thanks very much for dropping by. >> didn't expect so. >> thank you very much. >> 52 minutes now. >> right. >> keep the cameras away from the man. heather, what's in the headlines? >> let's start with political news. while you were sleeping, there have been major political developments that will affect the midterm election. let's start in north carolina. republican tom tillis winning the gop senate nomination. he will now face democratic senator kay hagin in november. also north carolina, the congressional primary race between two democrats, clay aiken and keith chrisco is still considered too close to call. we'll let you know what happens
5:09 am
as we got it. ohio, john boehner defeating two tea party challengers that we told you about yesterday. he won that in his bid for a 13th term in congress. the united states now taking part joining the manhunt for the leader of the nigerian terror group behind the kidnappings of more than 270 young girls. the u.s. is now sending military intelligence and law enforcement support to nigeria in its hunt for the leader of the group. this as we learn eight more girls have been kidnapped within the last 24 hours. the warlord of that group says he plans to sell the girls into slavery. the republican congressman trey gowdy is now receiving death threats after he's been tapped to lead a select committee to investigate the attack in benghazi. the e-mails threaten to hurt him if he goes forward with the hearings. the hearings will go forward. fox news now confirming that the 12-member panel will include seven republicans and five democrats. but will they got any answers?
5:10 am
>> i don't blame anyone but the white house. the american people should blame no one but the white house. they had an opportunity and they have a responsibility as leaders in this country to provide the legislative branch of government all of the documentation when the legislative branch asks. they did not do it and they get what they deserve on this. >> today we expect to learn more about who will be on that committee. a fifth grader in florida says he was simply humiliated by his teacher. he was reading the bible during free time at school, but listen to this voice mail that his teacher left for his parents. >> i noticed that he has books, a religious book in the classroom. he's not permitsed to read those books in my classroom. >> those books. 12-year-old boy says his bible is one of his favorite books. he and his father joined us, along with their attorney, emergency roomier on "fox & friends." listen to what they had to say. >> all we want is a written
5:11 am
apology. if you made a mistake, be diligent enough to admit it and everybody can move on and just allow my son and all the children in the entire school district to have that freedom to read their bible if they choose to do so. >> the broward county public school district says it upholds the right of students to bring religious materials to school. what do you think about that? those are your headlines. back to you. >> thank you very much. i'm looking in the e-mail box. many happy birthdays. >> very nice. i appreciate it. it was great to see geraldo again. >> great, with clothes on. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, rutgers university paid $30,000 to bring in snooki from "jersey shore." but let a speech by condoleeza rice slip away because of a few protesters from faculty and students. now the former secretary of state has a new offer. >> and she refuses to talk. now democrats say enough is enough when it comes to questioning lois lerner. >> maybe we can get ken starr starr to come out of retirement.
5:12 am
maybe he can come out for another investigation and waste taxpayer money. >> should we give hear break or hold her accountable? >> i'll take the fifth. >> i'll let you take the fifth because it's your birthday. >> he's drinking a fifth? ♪ ♪ ♪ you've reached the age where you know how things work. this is the age of knowing what needs to be done. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long- term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing.
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this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to you doctor. ♪ why do results matter so much? it's probably because they are the measurement of everything we do. for a wireless company, results come down to coverage speed and legendary reliability. so go ahead, stream, game or video chat. that's why verizon built americas largest 4g lte network. because the only thing that really matters are the results you get. so for the best devices the best network and for best results, use verizon.
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5:15 am
i want you to listen to me. i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> we remember that. brian? >> yep. she's back. monica lewinsky speaking out in a new interview with vanity fair. some are questioning the timing of the article. why now? >> joining us to weigh in on exactly that is the wife of
5:16 am
former vice president dick cheney, and the author of "james madison." good morning. >> good morning. >> and i want to give brian a birthday present. >> thank you very much. >> especially signed for you. it is signed. congratulations. >> i'm not in your class, especially after i see this. i'm fascinated by the period in which you examined. first i want to get your comment about what broke in the news. you find the timing of this article interesting. >> well, politics -- i've been lucky enough to have a front row seat for quite a while -- it's never what it seems. there is always an explanation below the surface. it's usually more accurate than what you immediately lead to. in this case, i just can't imagine vanity fair running an article that the clintons wouldn't approve of. it seems so timed to inoculate mrs. clinton's campaign against this kind of thing popping up later.
5:17 am
>> sure. put it out now. a couple years in advance, and then by the time people go to vote, they'll be oh, that's old news. vanity fair is going to do this. do you think they're going to do something with paul paula jones or gennifer flowers? >> no. i think that, you know -- i have a great empathy, sympathy for monica lewinsky and i do think she's been suffering. but i'm sure if you were able to sort it all out, vanity fair probably reached out to her and the article came about that way. >> so let's talk about why you're here. not only to see steve and elisabeth on the couch. >> and wish awe happy birthday. >> but talking about james madison. what is underappreciated and what needs to be revisitd about this founding father? >> his accomplishments were such great height and scope and depth, father of the constitution, crucial to the founding of the first government. president when the country went
5:18 am
to war for the first time under the constitution. so all of that, plus a really interesting life story. there is one story that occurred to me when you asked me about monica lewinsky. dolly madison was the subject of whispering campaigns. she was just a little too attractive. >> really? >> yeah. >> attracted for him? >> no. but too attractive to not attract this kind of notice. and she at one point was said to be having an affair with x. and y, a friend of the madisons, stood up and defended her in an embarrassing way. so madison, went to x's house, the person rumored to be having an affair with dolly. personally invitessed him to dinner. it was a very clever move because what it said to everyone is the secretary of state had gone over there, invited the fellow to dinner. he came to dinner on f street. he wasn't having an affair with dolly madison. i think it's useful and you know this. even when you're looking at past
5:19 am
times, to always be aware that there is another scenario playing out. >> the past is prolog. >> it seems like those -- what would he say today about the president's role? >> well, he'd be appalled by the scope and reach of the federal government. but i think he would also be very troubled that the president seems to decide for himself what the law should be. we won't enforce immigration laws even though they are on the books. they've been passed by the congress. we'll delay mandates and requirements under the affordable care act, even though that's no prerogative of the president. so i think he would be troubled at the constitution having become not the rule of law, but the rule of -- >> it's also important in your book, you chronicle anybody who thinks america is in hard times and never been so bad, how about a president standing, sitting by himself in a horse in the
5:20 am
pouring rain while washington burns and he's overlooking it? that's grim in 1812. he was the president then and he brought everybody back. >> dolly goes out and gets all the priceless artwork. before you go, how is your husband, dick cheney? >> he's wonderful. we're so lucky. >> how is liz? >> she's great. i'm hoping she'll run for office again. >> the book is terrific. everything you ever wanted to know about james madison. right there! >> i'll talk to you on radio about it, even more ostensibly. >> you want another copy? >> it's his birthday. >> thank you. coming up on this wednesday, he is oversaw the agency accused of leaving our veterans to die on a secret waiting list reportedly. so should the head of the veterans affairs step down? we have an update on that. and what do you call your in-laws? >> mr. dell dev. >> is it normal or nuts to still
5:21 am
call your in-laws mr. or mrs.? dr. ablow has that answer. >> mr. keith ablow. >> doctor. ♪ ♪ when la sends sales rep steve hatfield the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at!
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female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest
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with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ got quick headlines for you. new calls for veterans affairs secretary eric shenseki to step down. texas senator john cornyn demanding his resignation following accusations of the phoenix v.a. hospital hid treatment delays that led to the deaths of 40 veterans. several other senators, as well as the american legion, have called for his resignation, telling the "wall street journal" he's not going anywhere. has the epa gone rogue? today the agency's inspector
5:25 am
general is expected to tell congress their homeland security office, a unit run by president obama's political staff, is illegally blocking investigations. the office is accused of impeding probes into employee misconduct and computer security as well. who is normal and who is nuts? it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week and he joins us now to tackle it once more. good morning. >> good morning, team. >> all right. sir, here is your first e-mail. after four years of marriage and a baby, our daughter-in-law still calls us mister and mrs. i told her it's fine to call us by our first names but she won't. normal or nuts? >> she won't listen and that's not normal. that's nuts. >> are you kidding me? >> four years and a baby.
5:26 am
you're lucy and ken. you're not mr. and mrs. anderson. >> she's just being poe lights. >> no, she's not. she can't cozy up. there is something in the way of her and more intimate relationships. this could be a big problem, by the way, social anxiety, some form of asburgers. there is something going on here that could be a major problem. >> okay. so she's not just being extra polite. good to know. >> she's not. unless these people are really stand-offish, but doesn't sound like it. >> we have another question for you. my husband always exaggerates the truth. for example, if a hotel room costs $57, he'll say it costs $77. it makes me crazy. is he normal or nuts? >> well, look, what's that? that's a 25% exaggeration. so i'm going to say normal 'cause it's not quite nuts. he's not saying it's a $700 room. not that you would believe it. but the bottom line is here is somebody who doesn't think he's enough. he thinks he's 25% too little.
5:27 am
so you can be kind to him and tell him he is everything you hoped he'd be and he doesn't need to do this 'cause you love him. if that's true. >> wants to know my theory? 'cause i watched bob newhart in the '70s. i think he has to spend his whole life trying to get attention by exaggerating. this is another example of it. >> well, i think we agree. but that sense of needing to exaggerate, listen, he doesn't have to. he's always been good and decents and enough and if he doesn't realize it, his wife has to help him see that. >> and here is another one. i just wrote it to myself. can i get the typing noise at least? today is my 50 birthday. i'm not going to read this. >> come on, you wrote it. >> i'm thinking of quitting all this and becoming a soccer
5:28 am
player. am i normal or nuts? >> normal. >> that's normal? >> normal because you at 50 are like another man at 22. why not? hit the field. >> i like this guy. i think i might satisfy your deductible. >> i'd buy my tickets right now to see that. >> go to the revolution to see me weekly. >> i think he was wrong on two of them. >> you think he was wrong? >> dr. keith, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> take care. happy birthday. >> thanks. coming up straight ahead. >> should high school be handing out homework with graphic references to sex? that father questioned it and he got arrested. >> are you kidding me? no. it really happened. what happens when moms take a night off leaving dads in charge? it's the topic of the new movie and it's christian ♪
5:29 am
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♪ ♪ >> your shot of the morning. the lion cubs at the national zoo. watch as one by one they're tossed into the water.
5:33 am
this is an animal water baby test. >> cats love that, don't they? >> swimming skills. the zoo wants to make sure it is safe to transfer them to a public viewing area, which contains a pool of water. and more room for them to roam. they all passed with flying colors. therefore, they're going to have a pool in their backyard. come see them. >> pool party coming in june. how fun. as we mentioned earlier today is brian'she phone right , say hello to your mother. that's right. >> hey, mom. how are you? >> i'm good. happy birthday, bri. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. i know you don't like the channel, so it's hard for you to flip over. she never changes the channel. >> marie, great having you on the program today. it was nice seeing you at brian and dawn's big party a couple weeks ago. elisabeth had the observation earlier that in a lot of brian's childhood pictures, he's crying.
5:34 am
she referred to him as crying brian. did he do a lot of crying as a kid? there he's crying right there. >> only when we took his picture. >> right. >> even when he received communion, he didn't cry. he just wouldn't smile. >> yeah. i refused to take pictures. i didn't like the paparrazzi even back then. it was before tmz, but i had a sense it was coming. >> now you like it photo bomb everyone else. come a long way. >> so mom, thanks for giving birth to me. i appreciate it. really enjoyed these years and thanks for taking pictures. >> what picture is this year? >> i think i'm five. >> brian, brian. >> there they are. i understand one of your favorite pictures is of your three sons in their pajamas, right? >> i know. everybody said i always took pictures of them in their pajamas. >> it's so cute. >> i didn't think it would be on international television. i thought we would hand them to our aunts and uncles.
5:35 am
>> all your kids wearing pajamas, i hope you went to the drive-in, 'cause that's what we would do. 'cause the kids would fall asleep in the car. >> we went to the drive-in and it was the story about sharks who ate people. >> no wonder you were always crying. >> mom, what do you think about elisabeth? >> i love elisabeth. >> okay. don't yell at me. i just asked you a question. >> you raised a great guy here for sure. i think birthdays are sentimental for moms. we get mushy on the birthday of our kids. >> i am very mushy. especially with him. brian has been -- all these years, brian has been an incredible rewarding journey me. he's been wonderful son and a special person as well. i'm not prejudiced. >> now you're going to make jimmy and steven feel bad.
5:36 am
so say something nice about them. i don't need to hear oh, he's your favorite. >> she didn't say that. >> i didn't get to the other two yet. >> you got to call back august 3 and august 9. we got to have them on. >> brian, you have a very happy birthday and many happy things. >> thank you. thanks, mom. let's keep in touch. >> okay. i love you. >> i love you, too. and i'll see you a little later. >> okay. >> we all love you, mom. >> i am the son that can't fix anything, so she calls me just -- she knows i feel bad about that. when the light bulbs go out, she calls me. she literally leaves the light bulbs so i can change them so i don't feel bad. that was not my mom. that was an actress, but still, a lovely woman. >> i don't know what to believe coming out of your mouth anymore, kilmeade. >> all right. you should believe this, the news. we turn to heather nauert.
5:37 am
>> she's such a lovely lady. good morning to you all. news to bring you. this morning police in california are trying to determine if that teen-ager should be charged with a crime. this comes as newly released surveillance video shows the moment the 15-year-old climbed out of the wheel well of that 767 whether it landed in hawaii. no one still knows how the boy managed to survive that five-hour flight in temperatures 80 degrees below zero. unbelievable. condoleeza rice is getting an offer this morning to speak at texas tech university after she turned down an invitation at rutgers university amid all those protests there. the chancellor of texas tech was on our show earlier and he says it shouldn't be about politics. it should be about the person's credentials. listen. >> we're in the idea business. if there is anyone that should be in the idea business, it's universities. we should be stressing that we want all people of all persuasions to be able to speak
5:38 am
out. >> rice is said to be considering that offer. we'll keep watching that story for you. the house of representatives is now inching closer to charging former irs official lois lerner with contempt charges. there is a meeting to consider that today. >> the way this looks, you know, it looks so political. a political process, pure and simple. aimed at trying to appeal to the red meat, throwing red meat to the political base. the facts don't seem to matter. nobody can find a scarier organization, i think, at least one without guns, than the irs. >> there could be a house vote today or tomorrow. we'll watch that story as well. here is a story that we're hearing a lot from you about. a father shows up at a school board meeting to express his concerns about a very risque novel his daughter was required to read, who is 14. watch what happens at the school board meeting.
5:39 am
>> what are you charging me with? >> disorderly conduct. >> disorderly conduct. >> okay. so what happened here? you see him there, he went over the two minutes that he was allowed to address the school board in new hampshire and he was arrested. the book in question is called "19 minutes." it has what's described as a, well, pretty rough teen sex scene. >> reads like a transcript for a triple x porno movie. we had no notice of it whatsoever. no written notice, nothing. >> okay. so what happens now? school officials say they plan to update their policies. but instead of allowing parents to opt out of their children reading this controversial material, parents will be forced to sign off on them. so basically no real change. the kids still have to read the stuff. >> more on that, let's bring in sean astin. >> he plays a dad in the movie
5:40 am
"moms night out" and in real life you have three children. >> i have try daughters. >> you've done everything. >> everything. >> what about that story, the guy goes past his two minute limit and they arrest him. >> you didn't show what he was like in that room, so i'm not sure about that. but the solution that the school came up with seemed reasonable. >> what would you do if that raiding was forced on your kids? >> i prepare my kid for anything going into it. no matter what they throw at her, i'm there to support her. but i like the idea that parents have to sign off on questionable material. >> how do you feel about, with you, cable, you have young kids, growing up, did you watch anything on line or watch anything you you want? >> we talked a little bit about it. but one thing is the kids are pretty self regulating. if there is something scary, they don't wants to watch it. or political, they don't wants to watch it, or news. that said, my feeling is i'm very liberal about what they watch as long as they know that i'm going to talk to them and we have to communicate for a long time afterward until i'm sure that they put things in the right place. my wife is very protective. she insulates them from a lot of stuff. it's like america. kind of a grab bag.
5:41 am
>> your wife in the movie needs a night out. >> yeah. >> i'm thankful for this because it sort of gets into the complexity and funny moments of moms have. they got to get away and the dads left to watch the kids. how did that go? >> you know what? this story is just kind of an unabashed look at life in america with christian families. sarah drew, who plays the mom, is gorgeous. she's in "gray's annot knee." she's having a moment where she needs support. my character, you got to find something to do. you've got to go out with your friends. and then, of course, me and the other dads get left with the awesome responsibilities of finding some ways to keep our children safe and entertain them. which is challenging. >> absolutely. when people see you on the street, you walked in, i said hi, rudy. but a lot of people say hey, goonies. when are they going to make a sequel? >> the director made some comment about how it was happening. if it is happening, it will be
5:42 am
nice to know about it. >> this is the first you've heard about it? >> yeah. right here. do you have anything else to tell me? >> i'm ready to negotiate your deal. >> how about this? rudy goes pro and we put you on the vikings. >> why the vikings of all teams? this is mother's day weekend. my wife, we're doing whatever we can to figure out how to give my wife, our mom, something beautiful to do. taking your kids and your family to see "moms night out" is a lovely thing to do. it's a sweet, fun, family film. people are saying we wish there was a film that reflects our values. this does. >> we find it everywhere? >> yeah. 1100 screens. it's big. >> it's wide! america, go see this! >> for kids as well? >> dads will like it. >> it's a ready made thing. dads will like this because they'll see, you see what you're like?
5:43 am
moms will see, you don't understand. >> they'll say, that's sean astin, he's great in everything. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll be watching. coming up. >> a fox news alert. the u.s. jumping into the search for hundreds of kidnapped girls. we are live from the white house with the brand-new details on that. guy fieri is here. find out what he's cooking up and if sean wants a bite. >> delicious. ♪ ♪ starts with back pain... ...and a choice.
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5:46 am
fox news alert. american military and police are joining an international manhunt for the leader of a nigerian terrorist group behind the kidnapping of more than 270 girls. molly henneberg is live at the white house with the latest. we're in now?
5:47 am
>> reporter: we are in. good morning, brian, steve, and allegation. president obama has adequate in media interviews he can only imagine what these parents of the abducted girls are going through. nearly 300 of them taken from their schools, teenage girls taken from their school on april 15 by an islamic extremist group. now that nigeria has agreed to accept help, president obama says the u.s. will do, quote, everything we can. >> we've already sent in a team to nigeria. they've accepted our help, a combination of military, law enforcement, and other agencies who are going in trying to identify where, in fact, these girls might be and to provide them help. >> reporter: haram is the group that says it took the girls and translated, that means, quote, western education is sinful. their leader says allah told him to sell the girls. while the white house says the u.s. has sent military advisors
5:48 am
to nigeria, there is no plan to send combat troops. >> we're not considering at this point military resources. we would urge nigeria to insure that any operation to free the girls would protect civilians and human rights. >> reporter: as far as any f.b.i. resources being sent to nigeria, that's still being sorted out. a senior federal law enforcement source says the elite hostage rescue team has not been sent to nigeria at this point. brian? >> i know the british are helping out as well. hopefully we'll find some answers. thanks a lot. we'll talk to you again. on a much lighter note, guess who is here. guy fieri, one of the most famous faces in grill something here. first let's check in with another famous face, martha mccallum for what's going on on her show at the top of the hour. hemmer pretends like he has pull. but you make all the decisions. >> nicely done. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> we're going to hear from john boehner this morning and we
5:49 am
expect new details on the make-up of the select committee to investigate benghazi. who and when. those are the big questions there. also we expect he's going to talk about the vote to hold lois lerner in contempt, discussion and vote on that expected shortly on the irs scandal. lot of big news. and which way does the monica lewinsky story really cut these days? bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. fancy feast elegant medleys. inspired dishes like primavera, florentine and tuscany. fancy feast. a medley of love, served daily.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
he's the ultimate culinary rock star and his new book will get you ready for summer with the best grilling recipes. >> and here he is right now, the guy on fire, the host of "diners, driver-ins and dives." >> it's cold out here!
5:53 am
>> you are warming up, guy. >> this is fine for me. i'm from northern california. i know a little bit of chilly. >> grilling time. what is the number one thing people screw up? pork chops. why? they overcook them. and they don't treat them right the first time. let's talk about the first thing which is called a brine. warm waters, sugar, peppercorn, thyme, chile flake. pour it in. this brine. this is a double cut chop. we're good on the sugar. it's equal parts of salt and sugar. we drop these chops in and what we'll let them do is sit in the brine from two to eight hours. just depends on the thickness. >> plan ahead. >> exactly. when they come out of the brine, what's going to happen is we're going to make a little pocket on the inside of this chop. remember the trick with the banana when you were a kid where you put it inside the banana?
5:54 am
and then unpeel it and it was cut in half? this is the same thing here. we if in with the knife. we cut inside this chop just with a small incision. >> after you take it out of the brine? >> exactly. now we're ready to stuff. now i got peppers and onions. we're going to mix that in right here with some provolone. give it a little stir. >> brian is having a pork chop birthday. >> we do this osmosis. now we grab this mixture of peppers, onions, proscitto. we got this all stuffed. we take it over to the grill. here is the key. let's make sure that when we take it to the girl -- >> it doesn't spill out. >> look at her go. i can just take off now. you got this.
5:55 am
>> this recipe -- here is the idea. we're grilling it on both sides and then what happens, right when we gets done? we'll set it over here, let it rest for a little bit and we're done. >> i know you're the pro. who do we have here? >> you're going to pull me away from this? >> 30 seconds. >> french toast. everybody loves it. the key to great french toast, we have a mixture of eggs and cream and little bit of vanilla and cinnamon. the key is when you get done with the french toast, brown sugar, butter, chopped apple the, calvadose. wait a second. let's do this right. right over the top. top that french toast. we have the recipes. this is inspired by my kids. we have a little whip cream on top. >> go gets his book. >> guy on fire. >> go to his house. he has good food. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. new car!
5:56 am
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5:59 am
we've got guy on fire today and the man of the hour is the birthday boy. brian kilmeade! guy on fire! >> you guys said, that you were going to wear this. >> no! >> come on! happy birthday. >> why am i put in the middle. thank you very much everybody. thanks for doing that. >> does this get your seal of approval? >> i have no idea what's inside of it. it is ticking. but i didn't make this. i made you a pork chop. and i made you some french toast with a little bit of apples.
6:00 am
>> you called this morning. >> this is not in the book. i'm going to give you a book for your birthday. >> round of applause for this guy. >> thank you very much bill: big five-o, brian, see you on radio. very busy day on the hill. get red different the investigation in benghazi take as big leap forward. the select committee looking to fallout from the attack starting to take shape as we get word the white house is holding back key emails, with its quote, media strategy. a lot to get to and we do now. welcome to "america's newsroom." how are you doing, martha. martha: i'm doing well. good morning to everybody at home. i'm martha maccallum. democrats backing off threats to boycott the benghazi hearings with john kerry saying he is ready to answer the questions. >> we'll respond because we have absolutely nothing to hide


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