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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 7, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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left. set your dvr on "hannity". we'll see you back here tomorrow night. there you go. go! the "o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> there's not going to be an inside joke. this is a serious investigation. >> john boehner throws down the gauntlet on the benghazi investigation. will democrats sign on to the latest effort to find out what the white house knew and when they knew it? >> when is the administration going to tell the american people the truth? >> i think that we have to reign in. anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime. >> hillary clinton sounding like a presidential candidate as questions surface about the timing of monica lewinsky's reappearance on the public stage. >> i wonder if this isn't an
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effort on the clinton part to get that story out of the way. >> i'm so wasted. >> far left billionaire george says the drug war is a $1 trillion failure. we'll debate it tonight. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone and "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. boehner in benghazi is the subject of the talking points memo. for more than a year, tea party groups and conservatives are pushing him to get a committee to investigate benghazi. today, he finally released what he relented. >> most of you know that i thought and continued to believe until last week that our
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committees had been investigating benghazi did a good job. a line was crossed last week. it was crossed in two places. one of them became clear that the white house played a more significant role in the developments of how they were going to describe this, certainly more than anything that had been disclosed thus far and secondly, when it became clear that documents were turned over to a private organization, that frankly, had been blocked in terms of giving them to us. it was time for us to bring this together into one place and to focus our efforts. >> despite boehner's reassurance on the integrity of the investigation, it's branded a witch hunt carried out by a delusional republican party. they are trying to tar the inquiry as illegitimate. speaker boehner questioned the
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speaker's credibility on a range of issues today. >> when is the administration going to tell the american people the truth? they have not told them the truth about benghazi. they have not told them the truth about the irs or about "fast and furious." now, only one would have to guess, if they are not willing to tell the american people the truth, it must not be very pretty. >> that tough talk is red meat for the conservative base and frustrated by the speaker's foot dragging on benghazi. >> it's a stark contrast to how he said about the president's credibility. >> the president and i have a very good relationship. we have open and honest with each other. we are trying to bridge big differences. >> so, do you trust president obama? >> absolutely. >> absolutely? >> absolutely. there's no issue there. >> that soundbyte still
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dumbfounds me when i hear it. absolutely. they could trust, absolutely the same person and phony things from benghazi. the white house political operation has been masterful at selling half truts and not just obamacare. they have lied about their record on immigration enforcement, too. the president used and abused his executive authority rather than going through that inconvenient body known as congress. so, i suggest that speaker boehner take the clear-eyed suggestion of the white house and apply it beyond benghazi to issues like budget, trade and immigration as well. that's a memo. now, on to the top story, another point of view on this, joining us from san francisco, democratic strategist, chris.
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i don't know how happy he is about it, but they are going forward with it. today, democrats, some of them said i'll participate. others, a number of members of the black caucus said we are not giving this any credibility. is that the right call here? >> well, it's tough to give any kind of credibility or look at it without rolling your eyes when it seems obvious to me that this is a select committee that is going to be formed with the conclusion predetermined. if the idea is to find out what happened on that terrible day that led to the deaths of four americans to prevent it from happening again, we have had seven congressional hearings, an independent substitute di- addressing this. if it's a political witch hunt, which it seems to be, what was driving, i think, a lot of conservatives pushing boehner to get it done, i think the problem, the irony is going to
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be here. this is one of those things, it's going to be if you are going to cut your nose to spite your face, it's going to sound good to republicans, gin them up. here's the problem, it's going to alienate the voters you need in the fall. go ahead. >> okay. taking politics out of it for a moment. politics isn't everything. let's talk about the issue. what happened that night. do you as an american, forget a democratic strategist, do you think every critical issue about what happened that night and in the immediate aftermath, the days and weeks following, those questions have been answered? there's nothing about benghazi that you find disturbing or bizarre given the administratio administrations parroting? nothing about it that bothers you? >> what bothers me is when an american dies in service for their country, it bothers me.
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making sure it never happens again is a question, in answering that question is something i think every american should be focused on. >> if it turned out, chris, that politics trumped people and principles of right and wrong and real justice and real accountability in government, if politics actually trumped in 2012 in the fall during that campaign, as an american, does that bother you? >> of course it would. laura, let's be honest, if that is the goal, you set up a select committee with an even number of democrats and republicans. the majority is a fair and balanced one. if you have a committee with seven republicans and five democrats, you have -- >> who's doing that? >> boehner -- >> they are setting up but the republicans have been clear, they wanted a fair and even handed assessment. we have democrat after democrat today coming out, not waxman,
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said i think people should take part in this. there's a concerted effort to tar this investigation before it's even gotten under way, by not participating. i think it's bad for the democrats. i think they should participate. >> you have speaker pelosi pointing out the fact the rules committee that is run by the house republicans has already said there's going to be seven republicans, five democrats. if the goal here is the pursuit of fair truth, not partisanship, not a political agenda, then you set up a fair and balanced committee of an even number of republicans and even number of democrats. the bottom line, that is not happening. it taints the process from the beginning. >> they wanted it tainted from the beginning. they didn't want a committee. they have called it a side show and apparently, the fact that we have a dead ambassador and phony narrative sold afterward. we don't know why he was in that part of libya that day.
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none of that bothers people to get to the bottom of it. i think american people want to get to the bottom of it. you can close it out. >> listen, i think there's an important -- it's clearly important to find out the truth. the republicans are making it a political process. that taints the process from beginning to end. >> no. >> you can't sit there and be honest about looking for the truth if you have determined the conclusion. it's that simple. >> chris, thanks. next, the u.s. joins the effort to rescue young schoolgirls. sultan of brunei we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know.
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radical islam and the clash of civilizati civilization. the u.s. is joining to rescue schoolgirls kidnapped by a terrorist group in nigeria. they have vowed to sell the girls into slavery, claiming a law allows him to do so. >> in hollywood, boycotting hotels owned by the sultan of brunei after imposing anti-gay laws in his country. >> i like to think all people are good. when they realize this is going on, hopefully they will do something about it. there's nothing extreme happening here. these are not feminist waccos. they are women protecting women and gay people protecting. i don't know, berlin, 1933, hello. does it seem that far off from the holocaust?
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>> this latest clash of civilizations exposing the truth face of islam? joining me with reaction from portland, oregon, the national spokesperson for the muslim community and from phoenix, the president of the american islamic forum for democracy. gentlemen, it's good to see you. this is heart breaking. i covered this on my radio show a few days after we heard about this. this is a couple weeks ago. as a mother, you send your child to school every day and think never to see her again. doctor, let's start with you. should the united states be involved here and what should the u.s. actually do? what can it do? >> well, at this point, laurie, the most important thing is get to girls to safety. they are being used by a radical militant group bombing churches and find every opportunity.
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boko haram means the western education is a sin. i was in nigeria and they are trying to do what they can. to be fair, they have a lot of corruption problems and allowed many to go unconvicted with impunity. the issue is, right now, we need to save these poor girls and do what we can to get them to safety. the bigger picture, secretary kerry didn't use the word islamism or islamic radicalism. this administration has no strategy. you have countries like nigeria where you have an opportunity for reform and we don't take the opportunities and let radicalism fester. >> i think part of the problem here is that we have a dead american ambassador. we have no one in custody, not to go back to benghazi, but we have no one in custody. no one in this investigation as far as i can tell. now, what are you going to do
8:16 pm
about these young girls, you have to do something. believe me, our heart breaks against the religious minorities, christians, catholic priests murdered in mass. they are being decimated. what do we do at this point? we sent a message to the world you can kill a u.s. ambassador and looks like, get away with it. >> well, to your points, when the extremists have free reign and they don't feel the proper push back, they will keep pushing the envelope. if we don't stop now, it will continue to breed more and more extremism. so, the solution is a couple items all together. first, it's providing justice. if the nigerian government isn't
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able or willing to provide justice, then we stand by anyone who is willing to help to stop the reign of terror. on top of that, they are using an ideology to breed their terrorism and incorporate it in their kids. it's incumbent upon the leader of different faith groups, nations and cultures to fight the war of ideas. >> what is the african union doing about this? i don't know what the african union is doing. it is their continent. one would hope this is addressed by the leaders of the african continent. it seems like africa is in so much ethnic and religious -- the bishop has doing amazing work in south sudan. i have seen pictures where entire villages, this is islamic versus christian, crime of fire bombers with the huge fire guns
8:18 pm
torching women and girls. i men this happens regularly. now people know these girls are kidnapped, we have to do something. what have we been doing to stem the tide of violence? i would say, i don't think it's an exaggeration to say the lion share of this religious violence is islamic on religious minority. sometimes muslims for sure, but it's islamic against christians and non-complying muslims. as far as i can tell, dr. jasper, you can close it out, it's gotten worse, not better. >> it has gotten worse. we aren't addressing the problem. finally, hollywood wakes up with what happened in brunei. where were they when al gore took a half billion because they bought his station al jazeera and we have been ignoring the bigger problem laid out last
8:19 pm
week about islamism and political islam. it's a bigger tumor and ideology we need to confront. only people like harrison and myself can address. the american government needs to stand behind reformists. >> thank you very much. we appreciate the perspective. directly ahead, lynne cheney making provocative comments about the clinton's possible sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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in the factor follow up segment, lots of people talking about our interview with lynne cheney about her comments about the monica lewinsky "vanity fair" piece. >> i wonder if this is an effort
8:23 pm
on the clinton part to get the story out of the way. would "vanity fair" publish anything about monica lewinsky something hillary clinton didn't want in there? joining us from new york, allen combs and with me here in washington, my friend radio talk show host, chris plant. this is fun. i have to confess. even after, you know, all these years and all i remember about the scandal days, i didn't come up with that theory. allen, i know you want to chime in here. carter and hillary clinton are close. they love the clintons. would they publish something that was going to reflect badly on hillary clinton? >> they got into a room to plot 2016. >> the vast left wing conspiracy, yeah. >> they plotted how to do a story in "vanity fair" at this moment in order to get out of
8:24 pm
the way, monica lewinsky who didn't want to have to speak to anybody. obviously on the clinton payroll and helping elect hillary clinton in 2016, is that what you're trying to tell me? >> such a wet blanket. can you play this out with us? >> i mean really. >> i see what you are saying. that was my initial thought. gosh, it is kind of important, after the rand paul saga, where he raised the issue or responding to an issue and he brought up monica lewinsky and was brushed back big time. nevertheless, a lot of people saying this helps mrs. clinton. >> they are saying it all over the place. the problem you were experiencing yesterday is that you weren't cynical enough. the reality, with the clinton's, it is impossible to be too cynical. if they are looking at hillary launching a presidential campaign, there could be an issue. they pulled her out by the hair,
8:25 pm
threw her in "vanity fair." in the washington post by ruth marcus and the new york post. interestingly enough, in these three smear pieces that assigned three women overnight to smear her and their remarkable similarities citing diane blare, for example, an old friend of hillary clinton's who is no longer with us, who called monica lewinsky a terrible name in all three pieces in the major publications had the same item. it seemed to be a fairly obscure item to show up there. it was in all three pieces. something from the clinton team getting ahold of their friends. >> maybe it's not that. it might not be that organized or manipulated, but there's some interesting element. i know you brushed it off. when monica lewinsky comes out
8:26 pm
and makes her comments, it was consensual. she said she found it troubling that mrs. clinton would have blamed herself for the affair as well as monica, herself, and let her husband get off scot-free. i'm paraphrasing there. in a way, it's better to have it discussed now.oing to talk abou the nuts and sluts line. hillary was behind the nuts and sluts saga in the past with president clinton. we have to deal with that. is that really enabling more abuse or more taking advantage of women or pro-women to trash lewinsky today? >> i'm just shaking my head. there's a whole group of millenials that weren't aware -- >> shouldn't they know about it? >> why bring it up? >> it's convenient not to bring it up, that's for sure.
8:27 pm
>> carter is a libertarian. i mean, yeah, hillary -- >> what does that mean? >> she tells ruth marcus what to write and carter what to publish in. >> yesterday, allen, she was called in all three papers, a narcissistic looney tune a. >> hillary called her that. >> diane blare made that quote public. it made it into all three smear pieces and three pseudofeminists smearing her. she was pulled out, slapped back and they made the point, they can do it again. >> maybe the message is don't try this again. >> if you have having an affair, chances are the wife is not going to speak kindly. >> not that woman. the trail of women. we don't need -- >> she got him impeached. i don't think the clinton's are thrilled we are talking about it and we are talking about it not
8:28 pm
because hillary clinton is pulling strings somewhere. if you want to believe that, have fun. >> what difference does it make? come on you guys? >> impeached for lying under oath. >> allen, chris, great to see you both. plenty more ahead at "the factor" moves along this evening. hillary clinton dlirs strong, strong words on gun control and obamacare. is this a sneak peek of her p for paul ridley there's no substitute for advil. it's built to be as fast as it is strong and fights pain at the site of inflammation. advil has the strength and speed to help you move past pain. advil. make today yours.
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in the personal story segment, hillary clinton and 2016. the former secretary of state is sounding more and more like a presidential candidate. here is what she had to say about obamacare during a keynote speech here in maryland last night. >> a small majority of americans don't think they like the affordable care act. a large majority of americans don't want to do away with the protections in the affordable care act. a small majority wants to repeal it, but that is slowly receding as a rising majority says, no, fix it. that's in the tradition of good old fashioned american pragmatism. >> and there was more. >> i think we have to reign in what has become a almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime.
8:33 pm
and, i don't believe that's in the best interest of the vast majority of people. >> so, is this a preview of her potential 2016 presidential platform? joining us now to analyze, kate obenshain and kirsten powers. i'm enjoying this. it seems like she's got off without answering questions, just like jeb bush. they can talk about what they want even though we know they are running for president. le's talk about the gun issue, then obamacare. what did you make of that? >> i didn't make much of it. i don't think her presidential campaign is going to be about gun control, so, i think this is sort of a boilerplate democratic position applause line on guns, basically. i don't lead anything into it. >> it was a misstep on her part. if she's not going to run on it,
8:34 pm
arkansas, the rust belt mentality, an article of fate we have the second amendment. why take that hornets nest. you are going to get the nra and say see, she wants to take our guns. >> she's not going to run on it, but it would be her position. it's something she may say. >> remember in 2008 when obama made the famous clinging to their guns and religion statement? i think this happens a year and a half out when they say something to rev up the liberal base because we know hillary needs to move to the left. nothing she says is by mistake. she know what is she's doing. poke the crazy right wingers, the way she wants to portray tea partiers. she knows what she's doing. >> it's almost an article of faith that you can carry a gun or have a gun anywhere you want. we do have a constitution.
8:35 pm
imagine if someone made a similar comment about the 14th amendment or 13th amendment. it is an article of faith for most americans you have an inherent right to have a gun, defend yourself. you want to be a hunter, be a hunter. i understand it's the democrat position. i don't think it's a winning position. she's smart enough to know that. >> some limitations. i think that's the difference. >> something's gotten out of whack. >> talking limitations. >> she's talking about when you get further into what she says. so you are at -- you are somewhere in the movie theater and you do something somebody doesn't like and they blow your brains out. >> i don't think that's exactly what people invision. >> no, she's talking how americans are not qualified to own their own gun or carry them in public. absolutely she's doing this. now it's an article of faith that we should have universal health care, but not that we
8:36 pm
have -- >> everybody thohas to believe global warming. >> people shouldn't go around packing heat. >> maybe have a right to do it, but i don't think that's what she was saying. some of us feel it's gotten out of control. >> again, for hillary, i get it. as far as the country is concerned, the country thinks there's a lot out of whack in the culture, there's a violent culture. that's out of whack, yeah. is the second amendment out of whack? we have had it a long time. let's move on to obamacare and what she said. i found that to be a bit tested on obamacare. well, there's some people who want to repeal, but other people don't. i couldn't follow the phraseology. i think we have a graphic on where the public is on obamacare. it hasn't changed that much from obamacare's passage in march
8:37 pm
2010. 35% favor. 55% oppose. now, today, it's 39% favor and 56% oppose. >> yeah. >> it hasn't. she's trying to convey the needle moved a little bit. she fudged it a bit but it's not moved at all. >> she was it's almost like i'll string together a couple sentences with obamacare in it that are somewhat factually true. almost like she's reading from the newspaper. she wasn't advancing the story in terms of what would you do if you were president. >> i want to hear, i think they blew it. should have gone to universal payer, universal health care, they should have done hillarycare. >> i think what she's doing is advancing what is going to be the democrat line. republicans want to get rid of it all. they don't -- no, they talk
8:38 pm
about repealing and fixing. she made sure to say that a group of people just want to repeal it. that's what the line is going to be. republicans don't care about people with pre-existing conditions. they want to kick people on the streets, they hate women. >> she's being careful. right? >> she has a fine line to walk. >> you know what i see when i see her? i think republicans, they better get their act together. you are not against a political novemberist here. great to see you both. bill set aside tickets for honolulu this weekend for members of the military. check it out on there are plenty of deals available online for father's day gifts. on deck, a billionaire, george call
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8:43 pm
far more harm than good. are they using hazy statistics to push and agenda for widespread drug legalization? joining us to debate, john from, a drug czar during the bush administration. george soros sits on the board of the organization. john, you served in three administrations and have looked at this issue and studied it and administered larger agencies to deal with it. what about the argument? we have all these drug problems, traffickers are coming in. what's the harm if we legalize it, keep it away from the kids, but maybe we can get tax money off it. this is what colorado is trying, it's a great success with pot. >> it would be more impressive if they had the facts straight. drug use has gone down in the country when we have had national leadership.
8:44 pm
we served in the reagan administration, i served in both bush administrations, drug use went down. it's lower than other substances. >> it's stigmatized in society. in pockets, the use is prevalent and damaging. >> there's too many drug users. most americans have family members involved in drugs. no family i know of wants more drugs. if george soros wants to do experiments, it would be horrifying to give his children. >> mr. soros is a globalist, a billionaire. he bet a lot of money on interesting finances. sometimes he bets against the u.s. dollar. that's his per ogtive. how would this not let people get addicted to dangerous and horrible addictive drugs? >> you are right, george soros
8:45 pm
is a successful businessman and pointing out problems. he's not alone. he's joined by a growing number of people. if you look at american public opinion, john walters is looking to defend the drug war that is an indefensible position. americans think we are better off to put resources toward treatment and health services. if we stop overincarcerating those that can benefit from prakt >> caller: solutipractical solu. >> let me get this straight, you think u.s. drug companies should be allowed to sell heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine to people what, over the age of 8 because they feel like it? if someone really wants it, under what guise would they be able to sell it? >> none of the propositions were
8:46 pm
offered. >> how would it play out? we never hear the details. it's always this has been a big failure. i think, as compared to what? a failure -- name me a wonderful place to live where it's accessible and we don't have a problem. >> you are living in a country that is going to be a wonderful place. in seattle, the police department is working in cooperation with officials to not arrest people caught with low level amounts of drugs and possession. they are diverting them to treatment programs. there are a lot of things happening in this country that are smart. you are actually living in a place on a great trajectory, i think. >> the economy keeps going as bad as it is, everyone is going to need to be on drugs. go ahead. >> this requires an argument of people with common sense. no family, no community affected by drugs wants more drugs. i have visited people in drug
8:47 pm
treatment centers. i asked, do you want drugs legalized? no. they acted like you are cruel to say that. to suggest there's a place or country or community that is better off is ridiculous. we have too much experience. to say we don't provide treatment, of course we do. we have drug courts that depend on people breaking the laws. i go to drug court graduations. they say the luckiest day of my life is when i was arrested. >> do you think more people will become addicted to controlled substances if drugs are legalized? or you don't think that's going to happen or don't care? what is it? >> i care about addiction. that's why i do this work. i have experienced it with my family. i think a lot of americans have experienced it. we have half a million people incarcerated for it. >> that's a different question from -- that's a different question, really, how people should be incarcerated and the
8:48 pm
levels. there's decent points to be made there, i agree with you. that's different from saying big pharma is the dispenser of coke and methamphetamine. >> if you want to be statistically sound, look at the data of who are incarcerated. they are not incarcerated for low level offenses. you are not supposed to look. in this country, in the federal prison system, it is almost impossible to get arrested for possession of marijuana. in the federal -- in the state system, violence and repeat offenders. you have to work to get in. too many people are in prison. >> even if drugs were legalized, the narco traffickers would be involved in other criminal activities perhaps worse. >> half of them are not u.s. citizens. >> bingo. >> another point defending the fact that medical marijuana is
8:49 pm
not something that was scientifically found. in ten years i think we'll say something else. >> we'll see how life in colorado ends up affecting colorado, addiction and productivity in that state. we'll see how it works out. thanks so much. when we come back, a u.s. marine jailed in mexico after making a wrong turn with arms in his truck. is the u.s. doing [ male announcer ] your eyes. even 10 miles away... they can see the light of a single candle. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins for your eyes, heart and brain. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. ♪
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. in the back of the book segment tonight, a u.s. marine imprisoned in mexico andrew has been held in jail after accidently bringing guns over the u.s., mexico boarder when he made a wrong turn. he said he was driving to meet
8:53 pm
friends when he missed his exit and ended up in mexico. he had all belongings including three guns because he was moving to the area from florida. american lawmakers are calling for john kerry to free him. from new york with reaction, lou dobbs, author of "boarder war." great to see you. i know you saw the previous segment on legalizing drugs. what is your take quickly on that? >> very quickly, the debate about ending the war on drugs, that war has been reduced to almost a drug peace over the past decade. if people want no war on drugs, look at the evidence produced and the calamity and pain its created over the past decade. that's where we are. $50 billion worth of drugs
8:54 pm
moving across the mexican boarder every year. >> that boarder gets into your book and into this issue with the marine. the boarder is incredibly porous. we don't do what we can to seal it, lock it down. we can, we don't. we have the other problems as a result. let's talk about the marine. >> sure. >> i find this infuriating. given the problems with trafficking and illegal immigration and human sex trafficking from mexico and the mexicans won't release this young marine. this is insanity. >> it is insanity and outrageous. why in the world the obama administration would not demand, insist the release of the sergeant and his return with all of his belongings, including his three guns legally purchased in this country to the united states. it's outrageous and it has become typical of this administration in the face of a
8:55 pm
gross insult as in the arrest of the sergeant. >> look, these politicians, jeb bush, hillary clinton saying it's brave for an illegal immigrant to come out of the shadows, you're being brave. it would be nice if these politicians showed the same concern and empathy for a young marine that served this country in battle, lou, where do they get off to illegal aliens but the military always gets the shaft? >> unfortunately, you have only evidence on your side making that statement. it's appalling that we would permit this kind of treatment of a member of the armed services and where it is so clear that he was doing nothing wrong with legally purchased guns. he makes a mistake. a grievous mistake by getting across the boarder. >> for that he's paying. >> but there is no excuse for
8:56 pm
this government not demanding immediately -- >> and lou, your novel "boarder wars" is a novel but based on a lot of facts and trues in there. >> the context is what you're witnessing every day now we're seeing not only what law enforcement has to contend with in the corruption that is that boarder with mexico and its on both sides, u.s. and mexican and the importation of violence from the drug cartels. >> outrage. >> with the kidnapping and torture in st. paul, minnesota. it reached to minnesota. >> it's a great read. thanks so much. up next, the best thing a mom could hear from her son this nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. the problem isn't likely to go away... ...on its own. so it's time we do something about it. and there's help. premarin vaginal cream.
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before we go tonight, mother's day is this sunday, of course, and if you want to melt
8:59 pm
your mom's heart this year, take a page from the nba's newly crowned mvp kevin durant. during his acceptance speech, he did not forget to give credit where credit was due for his incredible success. >> the odds were stacked against us, single parent with two boys by the time you were 21 years old. we wasn't supposed to be here. you made us believe. you kept us off the street. you put clothes on our backs, food on the table. when you didn't eat, you made sure we ate. you went to sleep hungry. you sacrificed for us. you're the real mvp. [ applause ] >> that is music to a mother's ears. i loved it. that is it for us tonight. be sure to check out laura, learn about and find out more about my radio show and
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sign up to be a 365 member and follow me on twitter at ingrahma angle. the "kelly file" is up next. please remember, t stops right here because we're always looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly live in new york and tonight, breaking on benghazi, democrats pushing reports tonight that they may boycott the new search for the truth while the likely star witness speaks out just hours ago. >> i do not believe there is any reason for it to continue in this way. >> chairman trey and lindsey gram are here. plus, we'll take live with the dad getting national attention for trying to protect his 14-year-old daughter from what he called a pornographic homework assignment. and then. >> if monica lewinsky said you had phone sex with her,