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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 8, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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wall's ice cream to give drivers a tasty treat. instead of a ticket. up next, the bad. thieves stealing ussain bolt's cleats out of a museum in bolt. the sneakers are worth $30,000. finally the ugly. an all-out brawl happening on a live jordanian tv show as guests demolished the set. >> oh my gosh. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning. it'sç thursday, may 8, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. they are vicious criminals accused of killing off an entire village and kidnapping hundreds of little girls. nearly every government agency calls them terrorists, but hillary clinton's state department says don't use the "t" word. >> and the latest insult to our veterans. they wait longer than anybody else when they're
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sick and desperately need care. and the fallout? >> if they become cynical about that, we're not going to have people show up and volunteer for the kind of rigor we put them through, theç service in uniform. >> he's right. a shocking report coming up ahead. >> shark attack. ♪ ♪ >> yes, music aside, the moment a great white mistakes a boat for a chew toy. another reason to stay on land. mornings, according to everybody we talk to, are better with friends. >> it's sean hannity here. you're watching my good friends, elisabeth, steve and what's his name? >> brian. >> sean just left the building about five minutes ago. >> sometimes i stay up super late and i -- >> later on we're going to
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discuss the craziness that happened at the conclusion of brian'sç birthday. it's been written on the blogs. this fine young lady went crazy yesterday. it was a birthday celebration no one will ever forget and we'll tell you all about it. >> i have two things to show, something the crew gave me and something you gave me, which we have to review. the look in your eye at the end of your show is something i still can't get over. i called keith ablow. i said try to make sense of this keith. >> wait until you hear about it. this is really something. we've with been telling you about this terrorist group called boko haram out in afrhsa, how they killed an entire village. in the last couple of weeks they have kidnapped 300 young girls. they're going to sell them into slavery. they burned a bunch of boys. they burned down a village. it's all bad. and now word is because we did not place them on the terror list of officially
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known terrorist groups, it is going to be harder to go after them. and who exactly made sure that they were not placed on the terror list? hillary clinton. >> she has enough going on. this can't be added to the list. question as well, can she cover this on twitter? she tweeted this week with the hash tag bring our girls back. >> that brought a lot of attention to this. everyone is lauding her saying isn'tpá great. >> and the rights of women and young girls, those are pillars of what she wanted to accomplish in her time at the state department. but right here what she didn't actually tweet, and perhaps because it was over 140 characters, was the fact that her own state department did not place boko haram on the list of terrorist organizations which would have forbidden authority to increase security to them, increase assistance to nigerian security forces in nigeria and perhaps could have
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saved these girls earlier. >> here's the statement. it says there was a concern. and the reason why the state department did not do it, there was a concern thatç putting boko haram on the foreign terrorist list would be in fact, raise its profile, give it greater publicity, help with its recruitment and drive more assistance in its direction. there's all types of theories about how to deal with islamic extremists, which this group is, and they are listed as an al qaeda affiliate. so i don't think giving them additional publicity and credibility might be the number h-p one priority on the surface, especially the f.b.i. called me, the c.i.a. is on my voice mail, all these people are doing it. if you do it and you're in the state department, i feel pretty good i have good backing in washington. >> she did not take that advice. >> mr. carson's explanation on how it would raise their profile notç only with all of us but the bad guys as
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well, that is crazy. it is audacious for hillary clinton -- keep in mind, and there are some of the people from that boko haram organization. for hillary clinton now to over the last couple of days to talk about how bad they are, given the fact that she could have done something a couple of years ago and did not and the fact that her big initiative last week was to help women and girls, there is a little hypocrisy going on. >> what is the theory if you continue to say it does not exist it won't be there? this once again proves that is not the case. >>ç we're sending people over there now. it is going to be a lot harder. even china has responded. >> we're sending 20 people over and it sounds like without guns. >> if anyone can, we can. but this is, again, something that was a spark early become full flames now. >> she's got a lot of on
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her plate. yesterday she was here in new york city and sat down with robin roberts of abc news, and she was at the ford foundation, and she was asked about that pesky benghazi thing. you know those darned republicans, they keep bringing it up. here's what she had to say about answering all the questions regarding benghazi. listen. >> of course there are a lot ofç reasons why despite all of the hearings, all of the information that's been provided, some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward. that's their choice. and i do not believe there is any reason for it to continue in this way, but they get to call the shots in the congress. >> darned republicans. >> so as lindsey graham says if she doesn't want to come and answer the questions, then she shouldn't run for president because there's going to be a lot of people asking the same questions in small towns in new hampshire and
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big towns in florida. >> whenç asked why, and provide the explanation for the deaths of, vicious murders of four americans there in benghazi, she didn't want to be there. susan rice was sent with talking points, with a narrativ. that's where you get that quote of saying if she can't handle that, if she can't handle looking at the american people and telling the truth, how dare she consider herself qualified? >> trey gowdy is going to head up the benghazi select committee. he says he is going to call her. he has been receiving death threats as well. he said as long as they're not for my wife, i can handle them, as a former prosecutor. we want to know regarding benghazi, when will you be satisfied? what is it you want to get out of it? is it just for it to be over? is it to finally know about the security lapses or the connection with the whiteç house and it looks like a conspiracy coverup? e-mail us. facebook us. tweet us. >> or is it just that you
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want these guys killed or captured. >> the families lost their loved ones that day, at least for them the truth shouldn't be so hard to get. >> heather nauert will be delivering the news. >> i've got a horrible fire to tell you about that police believe was intentionally set. there are new developments on this story. was someone trying to kill a famous tennis player? investigators trying to figure out who set the fire to james blake's house in tampa that left four people dead? and did theyç know that he was not home at the time? that he was renting out his mansion? dramatic 911 calls were released. listen. >> i was walking my dog and the house exploded. oh my god! >> calm down and take a deep breath. >> it is just so horrible. >> police say there were four victims in the house, two parents and their two teenage children. they were brutalized before the fire was set.
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this home is in an exclusive area known for its heavy security in the tampa area. we'll keep you posted. new overnight, the country of uruguay is offering to take six gitmo prisoners, but there is a bit of a catch here. the country's president says he will take these terror suspects only ifç washington agrees to let them live free. no response from the white house just yet. the president of uruguay is set to meet with president obama on monday. will lois lerner face prosecution? that's the big question this morning after the former head of the i.r.s. was held in contempt. the vote in the house was 231-187, all republicans voted in favor as well as several democrats. lerner is being held in contempt for refusing to answer questions about the i.r.s. targeting of conservative groups oefrp their proposed tax-exempt status. oklahoma city thunder'sç russell westbrook and m.v.p. kevin durant plan to
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wipe out basketball. those were not the only lights going off. just before half time the arena lights went out. 2002 teams playing the final 27 seconds of the half in the dark. finally about halfway through the third quarter the lights went back on. oklahoma wins 112-101. those are your headlines. didn't look like people were too nervous about either. >> that's called panic. >> it was half the stadium. they had to use hand signals instead of electronics to get the plays in. >> they all came out with coal miner hats. >> a little distracting. ten minutes after the hour. let's change gears and talk about something you're quiteç passionate about. that's the state of the v.a. right now. it turns out that if you look at the average that has to get medical care,
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about 26 minutes if we walked into the e.r. it's two times longer than that if you are a veteran of service and waiting in a v.a. hospital. >> right. startling information, an accusation that 40 veterans died as a result of waiting in the hospitals. the v.a. department didn't get to them. and those lists thatç were destroyed providing the path to death when it comes to those that have given their life so bravely for this nation. so why is this the case? really it's about a promise that's made. >> 23 veterans throughout the country they say at least have lost their lives waiting for medical care. >> the government is not being forthcoming with statistics on this so "the washington times" took a look. they reviewed eight veterans affairs inspector general reports. it shows the average wait at v.a. e.r.'s can be ten hours. ten hours for the vets to
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wait. jim nickolson who used to run veterans affairs says this is awful. >> the real serious term is young americans who we depend on to enlist, men and women who come into our armed services, we have a compact with them that we're going to take care of them if they're hurt while serving urbgs and that's the -- serving us and that's the v.a.'s job, if they become cynical about that they are not going to show up for the rigor we put them through to show up in uniform. >> by the way, the guy who runs it, shinseki, even though the american legion is calling for him to go, also a number of republicans are saying he's got to resign, he says i'm not goingç anywhere. and the white house says we're standing behind him. he's doing a great job. >> jeff miller, who chairs the committee on house affairs says this proves
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the department needs an entire overhaul. so do it. straight ahead? >> a chaotic crime scene gets crazier when this happens. [screaming] >> wait until you hear who was behind the wheel of that car. >> it sure sounds fishy, the government spending $15 million to keep fish safe. were fish in danger? the government thought so, so they're blowing a lot of dough on that. ♪ ♪
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it happened in 2011. we show it all the time. it's a prime example of wasteful spending. the group citizens against government waste highlights all kinds of outlandish federal spending inç its annual congressional pig book which is now out. here to take us through this year's porkers is the president of citizens against government waste. we finally for the first time after years of efforts have yielded the booking of a mascot called pig foot. pig foot, wave to your audience. all right. or not. whatever you choose. there you go. tom, let's get to it. pork pick number one, and play along, pig foot, $90 million to upgrade the a1a1 tank. the problem? >> the army wants to wait three years. 2,000 of those tanks sitting in the desert in california unused, and they are susceptible to i.e.d.'s, however we're
3:18 am
still usingç them. they need to modernize the whole tank system, the whole fleet. so they don't want to do anything right now. the congress, where these are being built, wants to keep the money going. >> so who wins? congress? >> well, the members that think the defense department is there just to create jobs feel good about it, but it's not doing anything to improve national security. >> get ready for this pig foot because we have to throw out $2.6 million all part of the denali commission that even obama identified as something that could be cut. >> there are agencies that deep indicate theç work of the denali commission. $2.6 million this year, almost $300 million in earmarks. >> that stayed. pig foot only threw out
3:19 am
about three bucks. symbolism. the last one is the pacific coast recovery salmon fund. it seems to recover salmon is admirable. what's the problem? >> this is money added on by senator patty murray, a member of the appropriations committee. the grouper in florida, lobsters in pha*eup, -- maine, they probably deserve help too. but we don't want them to create new programs to helpç them. just another example of pork. we found more than 109 projects worth $2.7 billion in this year's appropriations bill. >> you have this book out. over the years of having done this, do you see it making a dent on the consciences of those in washington spending the money. >> we have found items, the congress says there are not any. this is way down from the record, $29 billion in earmarks in 2006. the year before we found
3:20 am
14,000 individual earmarks. we're down to just over 100 earmarks worth less than $3ç billion. we're concerned people will keep doing it again. harry reid said the other day let's start earmarking again. we've got to watch them. >> pig foot, i've heard a lot about you but to see you in person is almost a thrill. thank you. tom shatz, good job. go get his book. let me tell you what's straight ahead. speaking of your money, congress can live without a pay raise but there is one thing they cannot live without. having their cars paid for by you. we'll explain. does your mom always tell you not to sit too close to the tv. is that really a health issue? we'll separate mom advice from fact advice with dr. marc siegel. withç mother's day a few days away, he's a brave man.
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we've got headlines for you. colorado lawmakers just approved the first official banking system for pot shots. until now shops could not anksusiness with bigç because marijuana is illegal under federal law. remember? and remember last week when members of congress bragged about blocking their latest pay raise? turns out there was a catch. they removed the amendment that would have blocked their monthly allowance for car payments. bet you didn't know about that. >> because i said so, that's why. did your mom always say that? >> in honor of mother's day this weekend, we are finding out the truth. this is such a dangerous segment. about all the health advice
3:25 am
you remember her doling out while growing up. >> here with mommy myths, dr. marc siegel from our medical a team. good morning to you. >> i know brian's mom and i'm going to speak directly to her. >> the thing about brian's mom right now, she is probably sitting close to the television to watchç brian. when we were growing up, we were told by moms and grandmas don't sit too close to the television. it will screw up your eyes. >> maybe the original tv's from skwrefplt -- general electric caused too much eyestrain. now no. kids that are sitting close to the tv may be showing they need glasses. >> right. that was me. >> pay attention. but the tv is not causing it. >> what about the iphone when i see kids looking like this? >> it is not causing a problem. it can cause eyestrain temporarily. goes away ifç you rest your eyes. >> this one brian wants to be true.
3:26 am
does gum stay in your stomach for seven years if you swallow it? >> that's another myth. it actually gets digested. it's the part that doesn't get absorbed. it's like vegetables. it goes through. it doesn't get absorbed. like celery. it doesn't attach to the stomach walls. you pass it out. >> what about about the gum when you bite on it, it squirts into your mouth? soda will settle your stomach? snacking will ruin your dinner. sugar willç make you hyper. is that a fact? >> soda is bad for your stomach. my mom used to say have a coke, you'll feel better. no. it's acidic. it will aggravate your stomach. sugar bloats you. >> what about the other
3:27 am
one? >> he read them too fast. >> snacking will ruin your dinner. that's true. >> no, it's not true. if you actually have in between like some seeds or some nuts, something to regulate -- >> seeds? >> something to regulate your glucose, a little cereal. something in between. you want to snack on crackers, you want to snack on nuts. fruit isç great to have. fruit is great in between. just don't load up on candy bars. >> sugar makes you hyper? >> i'm calling that a fact. science says i am wrong but i'm positive that's true. there was a study from yale that if you take kids in the morning and give them a lot of sugar it will interfere with their attention span. science, i want you to catch up with mom on this one. >> then you're wrong about the snacking fills you up because it does. >> i'm not wrong about
3:28 am
that. >> time-out. >> the only one that is a fact is that last one. sugar makes you hyper. >> what just happened? i don't even know. >> you read themç all at once. >> don't get over the fact that you just dissed your own study. >> i'm trying to say that mom is sometimes right. if i don't give her one fact here, they're all going to write in. >> dr. marc siegel, thank you very much. >> straight ahead, a chaotic crime scene gets even crazier when this happens. [screaming] >> wait until you hear who is behind the wheel of that car. >> the government needs to tax you more to repair the country's highways. whatç happened to the stimulus? stuart varney says the money is all gone. good morning. all rise. >> happy birthday not to
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always love my mama" has to do with this picture. it is mother's day weekend. they said bring in throw back thursday pictures. this isç the first selfie i did with my son peter. back in the old days when you did a selfie you had to wait to get the pictures back from the drug store to find out if it turned out. >> you get double. >> look at him drooling on my sunglasses. >> oh, that is precious. >> who's that? >> heather nauert. >> mother's day of course is this sunday. i sent in a picture to honor my mother. >> very nice. >> there's maria, i believe, at graduation. >> looks like it could be. >> do we have clarification on that? >> any way, because it is throw back thursday, hash tag tbt, we would love to see your throw back pictures.
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we have inç the past given you assignments. send to us whatever you want to. e-mail us at >> are you saying you gave assignments and they let you down? >> no. we asked for prom pictures, baby pictures. >> we don't want to coach you. later we're going to find out the story behind maria's picture. steve: i want to nope who who -- >> i want to know who those individuals are. >> i'm guessing it was his graduation. i've got news to bring you. it is sad news coming out of houston. there was a real chaotic; @fc @ scene that erupted yesterday at a murder scene in texas. there was a suspected killer's father who plowed his car through a crowd of people. take a look at this. [screaming] >> you can hear the
3:35 am
witnesses, the onlookers and even the journalists screaming as they run for their lives. there were about a hundred people gathered out there as cops were investigating that crime scene. cops arresting that driver after he tried to jump from his moving car. neighbors say he simply snapped after he was taunted by a member of the victim's family. >> the pilot who crashed into a house in colorado walked away. we told you about that story earlier. he actually used to live in thatç house that he crashed into. how bizarre that? 52-year-old brian beach was towing a banner in the sky when the plane lost power and then crashed into that home. the homeowners were not there at the time. certainly a good thing. beach says it wasn't until he ran around to the front of the house that he looked at it and realized he used to live there. it is going to cost you more to ship things with fedex. there will be new prices that will be based on size and not weight. here's the idea. to hit customers who ship all those bulky packages,
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shipping a 32 pack of toilet paper will goç from $10 to $31. mailing shoes will go from $8 to $9. you know those ecommerce sites you lose, they may take a big hit but will pass that cost on to you. they will probably need a much bigger boat to deal with this one. ♪ >> that was actually a great white shark going after a tiny inflatable raft kind of like a chew toy. filmmakers happened to be on that raft shooting near south africa. everyone on board that boat made it back to land safely. it kind of reminds you of jaws. it comes right up. >> yesç but that is fakey. that is real. >> every time i think it's real. they took it out.
3:37 am
in the universal they took it out. the shark finally got one guy. >> i can't even play sharks in the room. >> welcome back to confessional thursday. heather, thank you very much. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. extreme weather making its way across the country in central kansas. a severe thunderstorm brought powerful winds that were so strong, they threw train cars right off the track. >> that's inç mcpherson, kansas. two people were on board at the time. nobody was hurt. maria molina is out on the streets of new york city where currently it is a little drizzly but p's not the kind of rain we had last night. >> it was pouring last night across parts of the northeast. here in new york city we're going to be dealing with on and off showers not only today but also over the next few days. we have a little bit of a stretch here across the northeast of unsettled weather but across the
3:38 am
plains, that's where we can see possible severe weather. take a look at current temperatures. this is one of the signs that we could be seeing strong to severe storms. in kansas city, you're currently in the 70's. it's very early in the morning. you're in the 60's in chicago. later this afternoon those temperatures are going to continue to warm and we could be seeing severe weather anywhere from texas up intoç minnesota. that area shaded in red across iowa and southern minnesota, that's where the storm predictions think we could see possible long track tornadoes. that is a big concern. if you live in des moines, southern part of minnesota, make sure you have a way to get the warnings today. let's head back inside. >> maria thank you very much. did you know that every time you fill up your gas tank, part of what you pay goes to the government. that's right, 18 cents per gallon is sent to the highway trust fund which is supposed to help build and keep our nation's roads safe and up to date. >> i thought our infrastructureç is falling
3:39 am
apart. we have no financing. except is now the obama administration says these funds are set to run out in august. how can that be? >> what happened to the money we gave during the stimulus? stuart varney has the answers. >> spent it. borrowed more, spent it. we're now out of money by august. we have no more money left to rebuild the nation's infrastructure and highways. >> where did the money go? it obviously didn't go to the highways. >> we don't have a full accounting of whether we got our money's worth. we run out of money come august to rebuild the highways so guess what? what do you think we're going to do?ç borrowing more is an option. >> just raise taxes. >> thank you, steve. >> here's the option. you raise the federal gasoline tax from 18 cents a gallon, you add on 10 to
3:40 am
15 cents per gallon. that's a short-term fix that's what the c.b.o. says you need to give us $18 billion a year for the next ten years. raise taxes. that's interesting because that taxes everybody. everybody who buys a gallon of gas, you pay that tax. this is not tax the rich. this is tax everybody who drives. >> it's people at the lower end of the food chain who hurt the most. you've citedç this in the past, the day that george bush left the white house, i think the price of gasoline a gallon was $1.85. >> that is correct. >> now it is $3.50 a gallon? >> no. the average price now is $3.65 to $3.70. long term there is the option of bringing back tolls on interstate highways. bring back those tolls. we haven't seen that in like 40, 50 years.
3:41 am
bring them back to raise money. or tax drivers for every mile they drive. not every gallon of gas they buy but every mile they drive. >> sending this back to the american people over a mistake. >>ç absolutely. >> people react. are you going to do that? going to drive less? that mean vacation stops are going to be less. people are going to need less tires, less maintenance. everything is link to link to link. they don't see down the road. >> cats and dogs will be living together. the end of the world is nigh. >> you are minimizing my point. >> this is the first time you've quoted "ghost busters." stu varney check him out on fox business today, 11:00. >> coming up, do you want your 14-year-old daughter read[ng porn in school? this dad, he sure doesn't.
3:42 am
>> what are you charging me with? >> disorderly conduct. >> that dad looking out for his daughter was arrested. he joins us next. >> speaking of porn, we have no time to finish that. an e.p.a. worker not fired but rewarded. ♪ ♪
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a father shows up to his school board meeting to express concerns about a risque novel that his daughter who is 14 years old was required to read. watch what happens there. >> what are you charging me with? >> disorderly conduct. >> disorderly conduct.
3:46 am
[inaudible] >> my arm is messed up. my arm is messed up. disorderly conduct. >> joining us now to share his story is that father there in cuffs, williamç bair. good morning. what was your reason for being at that meeting in the first place? >> very simply, the school basically dropped the book on us monday last week, and wednesday we saw some passages in there that were very troubling and they really wouldn't address it. the principal, i wanted to meet with him immediately, and for whatever reason, maybe a scheduling problem, we didn't meet. at that point i realized this was a much more significant issue than just my daughter. i knew at some point we could just not read the book. it's not like they were going to force us technically to read the book, but it was required reading for ninth grade. the story got out and it was all over the papers. and basically what happened
3:47 am
then is i met with the principal monday, this pastç monday, and i asked him about somebody reading the passage so we all know what we're talking about at the school board meeting that was scheduled for this past monday evening. and he didn't want to read it. he said it had to be put in context and all the nuances have to be communicated. i said put it in context, talk about the themes and then read it. finally he, the president at gill ford high school told me in private, he said i don't feel comfortable reading it. my retort was if you don't feel comfortable reading it, why are you requiring my 14-year-old daughter to read it. it is pageç 313 of the book 19 minutes. from my perspective it should not be in the hands of a 14-year-old. if other parents want them to read it, i don't have a problem with this. at the same time i don't need this to be thrust upon my family.
3:48 am
i feel like they violated my family and it continues. >> your daughter is 14 years old. the egg was already out of the shell. it is not as though there was a permission slip that went home. i would have read the material. most parents have a right to do that. i actually couldn't sit here on this program and read it verbatim because it is so explicit, definitely not fit for children, uncomfortable and graphic to say the very least. >> elisabeth, i was going to say that the editor ofç the local paper basically said -- and he's also the mayor of the town, ed engle said in quotation in the lincolnia sun, pretty much no paper in the country could print something like this. the idea that this is not fit to print in a daily paper, but the school board thinks it is appropriate to have this required reading.
3:49 am
even if it were required reading, if that is what the community determined, that's okay. but give us notice. real notice, realç consent. the school, the principal admitted that, he said there was notice in the past and now i find out there was no notice in the past. they said there was notice in 2007 when it was issued and i would like to see that notice because it was probably kind of no-notice notice. >> we hear so much about the need for fathers to step in and what happens when they don't. bill o'reilly has been greatly vocal about the effects of when a dad is not in the picture, how it can lead to devastating results, particularly young women. you as a father step in, you want to say my kid should have the right about reading this. do you feel your first amendment rights were null and void there, completely erase stph-d >> i totally think there is a first amendment isqu and my legal team will be
3:50 am
looking into this. i'm an attorney as well. i was licensed in new jersey for 20 years. there are serious issues here. there is no question this was the quintessential public forum, a school board. and they -- every indication is that two-minute rule was implemented just they don't answer any questions. they refuse to answer questions. there is no accountability. if you meet withç somebody, it is in private. no cameras, no people, no accountability. there's no question there is a first amendment violation here. they compounded it by arresting me for pointing out that it was a first amendment violation. now i'm being prosecuted by the state. i mean, there's violation after violation. rape.
3:51 am
this violation by the state, as far as i'm concerned -- >> i did read that, sir. we're going to stay on this. please let us know what's to come. we wish your daughter well. she's 14. stay with us here. thanks. >> thank you very much. i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
president obama is sending a small team of u.s. military and law enforcement to nigeria to help recover almost 300 kidnapped school girls. the president says it's an opportunity for the world to bring down a terror organization. but judge napolitano says what about that? he joins us live right now. do you thi'k it's a good idea we get involved there? >> i don't think it's good idea that we get involved in nigeria. i don't think it's in our national security interest.
3:55 am
i think it establishes a terrible precedents. i say this with my heart bleeding, figuratively, over what's happened to these young women. now, i don't know if the government of nigeria is behind this, is afraid of these people, or is protecting them. but if we enter nigeria absent an invitation from the government, it's the legal equivalent of an invasion, whether we send the nypd, special ops. the president knows that. i honestly think, one of the rare times i'm going to say, this the president's heart is in the right place, but he has to think twice before he uses american power to solve what is basically a domestic police issue in that country. >> i saw on television yesterday, there are a number of democrat congressmen who are calling for the president to go and doñi whatever it takes, drones, whatever. where does that come from? >> i think it comes from their heart's aching over this situation where these young
3:56 am
women, god only knows what's happened to them, absolutely no equity, no benefit, no argument on the side of the bad guys and alt equity, all the sympathy is on the side of the women. but you have to think of the legal and geopolitical consequences of entering another country without a treaty justifying it, without the law justifying it and against the wishes of the authorities there. it's going to have unintended consequences we don't want to live with. >> it was big news yesterday. lois lerner was found in contempt of congress. we want to talk to you a little bit about the ramification of that. can you stick around? >> of course. >> more with judge napolitano coming up. also straight ahead, we're going to be talking about that and you saw brian's big birthday bash on the show yesterday. there it is right there. so what happened after the show and that cake? oh, my goodness. okay. that's not the crazy part. the crazy part comes later. stick around
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is thursday, may 8. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. they are vicious criminals accused of killing off entire villages and the white house wanted them designated as terrorists. but hillary clinton said don't use the t word. now the fallout of that decision ahead. and remember when president obama said this about the irs. >> no mass corruption? >> not even mass corruption. not even a smidgen of corruption. >> tell that to congress, the house. now charging lois lerner with contempt. is jail the next stop for her? and if you think things got heated on our set, wait until you see this. that's why we don't have a desk. what led to the table flipping fight seen around the world on
4:01 am
that tv show. this tv show has a motto and the motto is mornings are better with friends. >> this is bob eubanks from the newlywed game. you're watching fox "friends." whoopie. it's my favorite word. >> that is a good word. whoopie. >> you know what? i don't think lois lerner was saying whoopie yesterday. it was bad news for the administration. bipartisan households her in contempt of congress and they have, in a separate resolution, urged the department of justice to appoint a special prosecutor. republicans are hoping this would be a way for her to finally answer their questions about the targeting of conservatives. there were a number of democrats who voted against their own party. so this was bipartisan. >> one of the biggest things to happen is the judge is refusing tother sit-in. >> the judge here to help us with the legal agele and whether
4:02 am
she'll turn up in jail. what also is significant is some democrats say i have a probable with her taking the fifth and not transparent with the irs. >> politically it's significant that the democrats did this. so it doesn't look like it's one party ganging up on her because in reality, what she is accused of doing, accused of doing is abusing authority and tampering with the first amendment. that cuts both ways. nobody can favor that, republican or democrat. it's very complicated where she is legally right now. the house cannot prosecute her. the house can only ask the united states attorney for the district of columbia, a federal appointee, an obama appointee who works for attorney general holder, to prosecute her. >> the irony is that holder is quite familiar with being held in contempt. >> he was held in contempt by the house for the earn ma in which he subpoenaeded to subpoenas over fast and furious. this same u.s. attorney said i'm not going to prosecute my boss, not 'cause he's my boss, but because he has a claim of executive privilege.
4:03 am
he discussed these documents with the president. lois lerner does not have that claim. if she makes it, if she says i discussed that with the president, whole new ball game because you saw what he told bill o'reilly. not a smidge or smidgen. i'm not sure what he used -- of corruption. >> you're saying it would imply there was -- >> coordination between the irs and the president of the united states. her only defense is her statement, i didn't break the law. i followed irs regulation, is not a waiver, a giving up of her right to remain silent. candidly, case law goes both ways. some case law says you invoke your right to remain silence, you can't say anything else. if you say anything else, you've given up the right to remain silence. in other cases, a general denial is a general denial. >> if she didn't break the law, republicans say, she should have testified in fronts of them. what's extraordinary is it all started with an apology. out of nowhere she planted a
4:04 am
question and said i'm sorry about this. >> it's an effort to make herself look good. remember the movies where the mobsters used to read a statement, i'm not going to testify 'cause my lawyer told me i have a right to remain silent? that's what you have to do. you have to be sigh lentz persistently. if you say anything above that, you get yourself in trouble, like she did. i don't know where it's going to go, but my guess is that the u.s. attorney who refused to prosecute his boss will refuse to prosecute her. >> you know with a? darrell issa, who heads up the oversight committee on the house, a republican from california, he tweeted this out yesterday: unless president asserts executive privilege, there is no precedent for the u.s. attorney for dc to do anything but pursue this criminal case. #irstargetsing. >> that's a correct statement of the law. but we're dealing with a very, very, very political department of justice that will find some way to protect its own.
4:05 am
if they prosecute this lady, the statement that the president made to bill o'reilly will be germane to that prosecution. >> this is something that she does, cross party lines. everybody should be concerned about get to get bottom of the truth and admitting, at least giving some information out there. and nancy pelosi missed the boat. she was at a fund-raiser, but there were six democrats who voted for this, voted to hold lois lerner in contempt. >> you have a lot of purple and you have a lot of red states. >> keeping with the colors there. blue dog democrats there basically moderate, centrist democrats who have difficult reelections and don't wants to be perceived as sticking with the party line come november. i don't blame them. part of this is congress' fault. they give the irs a little bit too much leeway to invade
4:06 am
people's lives and scrutinize what they say. >> between benghazi and now the irs, it looks like the white house is on defense. >> i think so. and i don't know that the president can stick with that statement he made to bill. >> all right. judge napolitano, thank you very much. >> pleasure. >> if not, we'll call bill back in and change it. what i meant. >> pleasure. >> look who is over there with the headlines today. hello, mrs. nauert. >> hi, mr. judge. great to see you. i have some news to bring you. some disturbing news. coming out of the state of florida this morning, here is the question that investigatessors are asking: why would someone want to kill a mother, a father and two teenage children in their rented mansion in a ritzy part of tampa, florida? the home was owned by former tennis star james blake, but he wasn't there at the time. he had been renting it out. investigators say there was a fire that was intentionally set and that some sort of accelerant, possibly fireworks, were used. this is the 911 call that's been
4:07 am
released. take a listen. >> i was walking my dog and there was a house exploded. oh, my god! >> take a deep breath. okay? >> it's horrible! >> the four victims tentatively identified as 49-year-old darren campbell, his wife, kim, and their two teenage children, collin and meghan. they were in high school together. police say the victims were brutalized before that fire was set and that home in an exclusive area known for heavy security. we'll keep you posted on developments. the islamic terror group that has been terrorizing nigeria kills once again and this time possibly as many as 300 people in a nigerian village. this as we learn former secretary of state hillary clinton fought to keep the al-qaeda-linked terror group off the state department list of official terror organizations. under clinton, the state department repeatedly refused to go after the group now responsible for kidnapping hundreds of girls.
4:08 am
we've been telling you a lot about that story. that refusal was despite the urging from the f.b.i., c.i.a., and more than a dozen senators and congressmen. new overnight, the country of uruguay is offering to take some prisoners at gitmo. he says he will take them if washington agrees to let them live free. no response from the white house on this yet. the president of that country is set to meet with our president on monday. what do you think of that? no, this is not an episode of jerry springer. it's just an average day in the life of jordannian television. take a look at this. yeah. that fight was over freedom of the press. the guests traded insults and then started tearing apart that table. the host then had to end the
4:09 am
program. keep it going. those are your headlines. >> felt like that. >> that's unbelievable. >> you know what? actually there was some tension on the set yesterday. it was -- >> on the veranda. >> it was in the after the show show. we had guy fieri on from "diners, drive-ins and dives" and he was presenting brian with a birthday cake. i don't know if you heard about it. out of nowhere, elisabeth decided in the after the show show, you were going to take that cake and destroy it -- >> i don't recall any of that. >> i don't know who was in her ear or what took over her body. >> steve doocy. >> but this woman called in her survivor training and went after me like there was no tomorrow. >> my aim was a little off. >> then as weird as that got with her running down 48th street with this cake, out of nowhere came a stranger and it just got weirder. watch. >> it does have a scent of
4:10 am
licorice. it has a -- >> i can't believe it! look out, people! there's a crazy lady in high heels! look out! >> who is hiding brian? >> oh, my gosh! what happened? >> rock'n'roll! >> so what happened? so elisabeth is running by and that guy just grabs the cake out of her hands and smashes it into his face. >> it wasn't his birthday. >> no, it wasn't. and then he gave you a high five, which could have broken your wrist. >> it was behind the bush. i didn't know what else to do but hi five. when in doubt, give a high five. cake everywhere. >> i went over to the guy afterwards and i said, why did
4:11 am
you do that? he said nobody else had. as it turns out, this guy is a prankster from the opie and anthony show. that is an image off of their instagram where he went on in the studio to describe how he screwed up your birthday. >> right. >> he took your cake. >> right. i didn't even know what was happening. i'm on radio and i see this thing pop up on tv news and all of a sudden chaos broke loose. but the look in your eye, i don't know if someone said if you don't throw this cake at him you're going to be fired. so the speed you have is incredible. >> you gave a push and a jab there and a duck. you got out of it. >> elisabeth is unbelievablably creative. she made me this for my p birthday. the whole family. what's behind? >> this is, because of your 50th birthday, we took page 50 from your book and put the
4:12 am
secret 6 in many places to form a 6. kilmeade goes, why a 6? because the book is number one. it should have been a one. >> yesterday during the show, i get a card from the crew. look at this. this is from the crew who i never met in person. brian, in honor of your birthday, i want to show you a side you don't often see. >> of the crew. >> they showed me the back of their heads. >> our generous side. >> this will be great. i get to hang out with the crew. good job. thanks a lot. i appreciate it. that was creative. >> what a crazy party you had yesterday. >> right. as usual the party gets better when i leave. >> i tried to find you. steve made me do it. >> i did not make you do it. she did look crazy. >> team work here. >> coming up straight ahead. this french economist getting rock star status for preaching about income inequality.
4:13 am
but charlie gasparino says don't listen to them and he's walking down the hall with a saunter and a stare i have not quite seen before. >> and terrorism isn't the only job on his resume. the hook-handed preacher used to run a strip club. >> hard to pick up dollar bills with that. ♪ rea ♪ brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at! ♪
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4:16 am
to hear more of michael's story, visit a new book on income inequality is sending shock waves around the world. french economist, capital in the 21st century, is being embraced by the left and liberal media is off and oning over his theories. saying the most important of the 21st century. the new yorker saying, you can't afford to ignore it. and the "new york times" calling it, not just important.
4:17 am
it's beautiful. fox business senior correspondent, charles gas free know took a look at it. he says what about this book? >> it ain't beautiful. the last thing you want to say about this book is that it's beautiful. it's 700 pages. it's probable low the most 700 legubruius pages i ever read. karl marx in every other line. basically the world is rigged against the little guy. that income inequality is against the little guy and the only solution is socialist policy. i don't know who will be the irs here or collect the taxes. maybe the u.n. but he wants a global tax on anybody that makes more than $500,000 a year. you get taxed at 80%. >> with that global tax on people making more than half a million dollars, the juicy part
4:18 am
is that he would have the united nations running things. they would be the world cop. >> who would be the irs? it would have to be the united nations. so america, would have to give up its sovereignty to the united nations under this plan. >> government should adopt a global tax on wealth, progressive global tax on capital around 2%, punitive 80% on incomes above half a million dollars. also what's interesting is his call for that 80% tax rate is not to generate tax revenue. it's to level the playing field. are successful are closer, beat down to people at the othernd of the food chain. >> what his general thesis is there is no way for the poor and working class to move up because the rich have the game rigged. all they have to do is not invest in companies. they have to just invest in the
4:19 am
stock market and sort of make money out of the games of the stock market rather than investing in businesses to help grow, because market returns will always outpace the returns of gdp, thus the game is rigged against the people that have to live on the gains and gdp. >> all we have to do is look in our rearview mirror during the eisenhower years and jfk's administration. taxes were around, what, 85, 90% back then. it was jfk himself who said this is crazy. i got to cut them. >> right. >> and did he a little bit. reagan did a much bigger job. >> i'm not for income inequality. but let's be honest here, what he forgets and misses is that people go out and earn their money. bill gates, i don't like his politics, but he created microsoft. warren buffet created berkshire hathaway. the author makes it sound like these rich guys just happened to land -- millions of dollars happened outland in their laps. >> he's a french economist in
4:20 am
france. what is it, 60% of the people of france work for the federal government. socialist government. >> i have family in italy. they're alt -- all on the government dole. if you want that economy, america, read this. the "new york times" calls this beautiful, read the first ten pages and tell me how beautiful this is. you can't get it in new york. >> look at that. >> i tried to get it! >> capitalism. thanks. coming up, it's the first in the world, lawmakers in this country approve the first bank for the weed industry. so looks like the country is going to pot. plus, you know her from the hit tv show "gray's anatomy." but there is a not you don't know about sarah drew, like she's a devout christian. she's coming up next. good morning to you, sarah. good job!
4:21 am
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and a free 30-tablet trial.
4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. first, 150 bucks. that's how much the supposedly cash-strapped defense department is spending her gallon, $150 per gallon of special green jet fuel made from algae. that's 64 times more expensive than regular. doesn't that gum things up? next, $47 million. that's how much the department of energy is shelling out on a chinese-backed wind mill project in new jersey. >> chinese backed? >> in new jersey. it's already been rejected by the state twice. and finally, $120,000. that's how much the epa ploy took home after spending two to six hours a day watching porn at
4:25 am
work. nobody got fired. he did get, however, an award for stellar performance. congratulations. >> wow. you know her from love life on "grey's anatomy." now sarah drew is taking on the stresses and joyce of motherhood in a new movie "moms night out." take a look. >> this is me trying not to have a panic attack. i should be happy that they're making me breakfast. instead, all i see is salmonella. everywhere. on the floor, on the counters, on my children. i'm a salmonella phobe. >> wait, that's my house! that's me! >> all of a sudden it looks like john madden -- sarah drew is here. you're watching the movie and laughing at the same time. >> yes. i relate. i relate. >> how did you get into the mind and heart of every single mom? that's exactly what we see. that's you! >> i e. know.
4:26 am
that is me. i read the script when my son was ten months old. i had just become a mom. i don't think i could have played this role had i not been a new mom because it is such a crazy, chaotic, beautiful, terrifying experience all at the same time. i wouldn't have been able to understand it had i not been there myself. >> the movie looks hilarious. we had your co-star, sean astin on here yesterday. this move yes is never going to make it because first of all, it's not dirty. it's loan. it's got a pro-christian message. how dare you? >> how dare we. i know. we're so offensive. >> so set the scene. you guys are frazzled. as a mom, you feel like you're being shut in, so your husband says, go out. have a good time. we'll handle things here. your husbands. >> yes, yes. so we go out for a night on the town and the husbands stay with the kids. and everything goes wrong. it is one disaster after another. there is a car chase, a biker gang gets involved, people get tased. we wind up in jail.
4:27 am
>> typical night for mom. >> i know, yeah. after waiting and waiting for a night out. this is the one that you get. >> this is our weekend plan. i cannot wait to do this. what's exciting is it just relates, there's a strong call to see it because of that. so many moms see it with the salmonella drawing. there was an article in glamour, i believe you talked about relationship. you say sometimes -- correct me if i am wrong -- feeling hopeless doesn't mean your situation is hopeless. you talk about a relationship hiccup that you had. >> yeah. my husband and i had a really dark time in our marriage and we realized that we really needed help. and it was the moment that we realized wed intoed help was a moments when i called my dad and i was like, i feel completely hopeless. >> your father is a pastor? >> my dad is a pastor. i always turn o him when i'm feeling at my wit has end and i
4:28 am
need some wisdom and guidance. he's like, honey, i'm so sorry. my heart is breaking for you. but just because you feel hopeless doesn't mean the situation is hopeless. i believe that there is a way out of this and after several months of therapy, it's just so great! it's like the healing happened and then we came out on the other side so much more in love and so much better friends. such an incredible gift. >> talking can do a lot. >> yeah. >> did you meet your husband before you had all this success? >> yes. i am so thankful that i met my husband when i did. i was so young. i was 18 and it was before anything had happened in my career and he has been my rock. my rock and the person who brings my feet back down to the ground whether i get all caught up in the crazy hollywoodness of everything. so i'm so grateful for him. he loves me for who i am at my core. not for anything that i've done out in the world.
4:29 am
>> you've done so much, though, in addition to this movie that opens tomorrow with the pro-family message, you're in "grey's anatomy," got the big finale coming up. what's interesting is you were telling us during the commercial that when your husband, because you've got a solid relationship now -- when your husband really wants to make an important point to you, he writes you a letter. >> he does. he does. my husband pursued me through handwritten letters. we met at a camp together. >> in the beginning. >> in the beginning when we were young. it was like in a letter, he asked for my e-mail address. in an e-mail, he asked for my phone number. on a phone call, he asked to come visit me. he was very careful and very gracious and respectful of me the whole way through. >> he's a keeper. >> he's a keeper. >> he has his own christian mingle. >> mingle of one. >> thanks for sharing that story with us. >> yeah. >> good luck with the movie. it's going to be a big hit. >> thank you.
4:30 am
>> it is "moms night out." >> yeah. >> coming up straight ahead. >> the party apparently hasn't stopped for toronto's crack smoking mayor. he says rehab is amazing. can you guess whose mom this is? it's throwback thursday and today is the mom edition. we'll share some of yours and some of ours right after this for paul ridley there's no substitute for advil. it's built to be as fast as it is strong and fights pain at the site of inflammation. advil has the strength and speed to help you move past pain. advil. make today yours. nowchoose one option fromith red lothe wood-fire grill,trios! one signature shrimp dish, and a pasta. all on one plate. three delicious choices. all for $15.99 for a limited time only! come sea food differently today!
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♪ ♪ it's throwback thursday. in honor of mother's day, this sunday, we've got a few pictures for you. guess who this is, everybody. that's my mom. i love you, mom. >> i can see your face in that. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> my bleached hair starts growing out, i get to her hair color. >> did you just say you bleached your hair? >> yeah, i do. >> on tv-like of you. also stephanie sent us on twitter, sent a side by side pic of her and her son doug on graduation day from ohio state in both 1993 and 2014. >> congratulations. >> her graduation ends this graduation. >> this is richard on twitter. this is a pic with his mom with
4:35 am
a mackerel she caught off of cape cod. >> holy mackerel! >> david sends in a picture of his mom holding him in the backyard in 1967. >> in miami. >> i assume he's now off the bottle. >> don't be so sure. >> keep those coming. we love those. mom, send in your pictures, too. you can brag. >> if you can figure out how the whole computer thing works. sometimes i have a problem. i love throwback thursday. i love it. earlier in the telecast we saw heather nauert's picture. >> there is my mom right there when i was a little kid. i got a little hard turn to make here because we've got a story about the hook-handed terror preacher on trial here in new york for terrorism. he's taking the stand for the first time in his trial. he reveals -- this is
4:36 am
fascinating -- that before becoming that hate preacher, he ran a strip club. he's a((uáq" of organizing a terror training camp in oregon and als supporting the taliban and al-qaeda. he faces life in prison if convicted. he also claims he had worked for mi 5. chaos erupts outside of a murder scene in texas when a suspected killer's father plows his car through a crowd of more than 100 people. look at this. a whole lot of witnesses out there. even journalists and a lot of folks there running and screaming for their lives. cops availably arrested the driver as he tried to jump from the moving car. neighbors say that he snapped after he was taunted by a member of the victim's family. we'll keep you posted on the update. the country is the first ever banking system for pot shops has now been approved by
4:37 am
colorado state lawmakers. until now, most of the businesses were cash only because banks rejected basic services to those companies because pot is still considered illegal under federal law. and speak of drugs, toronto crack's smoking mayor rob ford is apparently having a great time in rehab. in a new interview he says, quote, rehab is amazing. it reminds me of football camp. okay. let me keep going here. he says it's kind of like washington redskins camp he went to as a kid. what? poor thing. he checked into rehab a week after a new picture surfaced of him smoke crack in his sister's basement. you can't make this up. those are your headlines. >> you can't. is rob ford at betty ford? >> i don't know where he is. >> it doesn't sound like people who everged from betty ford are healed. >> thank you very much.
4:38 am
>> maria, you are standing by outside to give us a peek of what's going on weather wise. >> good morning. it is still raining here in new york city and surrounding areas in the nor east. we are going to have a couple of unsettled days here across the region. it's going to be cloudy, couple of showers will be possible here and there as we head into this weekend. i want to take you farther west. look at some of these current temperatures. this is a sign of things tocome. early this morning you're already in the 70s in kansas city and in dallas. and there is a potential for severe weather, from texas up into wisconsin and minnesota, and one of the elements of severe weather is hail. take a look at this video out of colorado, large hail that came down yesterday. that was the story as well across other parts of the plains states. hail coming down, multiple reports of tornadoes as well across colorado and unfortunately, that risk is in place yet again today. the storm prediction center has issue add moderate risk across iowa and southern minute machine where we have the potential for
4:39 am
tornadoes. by friday, the risk spreads from arkansas to indiana. have a we to get those warnings coming up today. let's head over to you, brian. >> let me tell you about sports. another case of thunder causing a blackout. russell westbrook, who is good and kevin durant playing lights out basketball. the pair combined for 63 points. here is the bigger story against the clippers, there was a problem with the lights. they went out. during a timeout just before half time, a power surge caused the lights to dim of the they are playing for the final 27 seconds of the half in the dark. oklahoma city was put on. best play of the day, not even the player that's on the field. watch this. it's a met game. >> look at this. beautiful. >> the miami marlins' ball boy making an incredible diving catch over the wall to snag a foul ball against the mets.
4:40 am
the marlins won 1-0. no word if this guy's got a contract yet or how much he's being paid. i'd double his salary. have you seen this video? a soccer match in bolivia. plenty of game out of their own. unfortunately for one of the dogs, an angry player didn't enjoy their romp. he will snatch the animal and tries to get it off the field. a ball boy, again, comes to the rescue. a bolivian ball boy at that, saving the dog and the game. great day for ball boys everywhere. time to celebrate. >> he wants to win the game. >> that's all. you can't use your hands in soccer. >> coming up on radio between 9 and noon, we'll have senator chuck grassley talk about the hands off rule. chris wallace who seems nice, i've never talked to him in person. and so many other great surprises. >> i bet that is the case. coming up here, college
4:41 am
professor says his own university is breaking the law by basing college admissions on race. he joins us with the shocking proof next. congress wants to cut the budget. just don't touch their car allowances. they have car allowances? we'll explain. >> rob ford says he likes rehab because it reminds me of a football camp he went to as a kid. his parents said, that was also rehab. ♪
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
thoughtful combinations, artfully prepared. fancy feast elegant medleys. inspired dishes like primavera, florentine and tuscany. fancy feast. a medley of love, served daily. whatever happened to good? good is choosing not to overshoot the moon, but to land right on it. good is maxwell house. ♪ good to the last drop quick headlines now. good news, members of congress voted against giving themselves
4:45 am
a pay raise. bad news, they couldn't part with their monthly allowance covering their lease on their cars. the cost to taxpayers? nearly a half million dollars a year. and it's going to cost you more to ship bulky things with fed-ex. from 10.07 to 13.81. you might want to get your own toilet paper. elisabeth? >> thanks, brian. this college professor says his own university is breaking the law by basing college admissions on race instead of merit. that's illegal in california and the supreme court just ruled laws like that are okay. that ucla professor has proof and is putting it in a book. he joins us now. good morning, sir. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> so what exactly did you find six years ago and why are you bringing this to the fronts again now? >> let's see. probably eight years ago is when it all began, 2006. i was on the faculty oversight
4:46 am
committee for admissions at ucla. during that year, there was a significant drop in african-american admissions, like 20%. ucla implemented a new system which is called the wholistic system. then after implementing that system, african-americans admissions skyrocketed. almost doubled that year. and meanwhile, at the same time, they were touting the system, the reason it would increase african-american admissions, because it takes account of their socioeconomic disadvantages. but the strange thing i noticed, i was getting data 'cause i was on the committee, was that the other socioeconomically disadvantaged groups like latinos and vietnamese, which may be more socioeconomically disadvantaged among the applicants at ucla, their admission rates dropped. so something weird was going on. i asked for data from the admissions staff. they refused and in 2008, i resigned in protest from that
4:47 am
committee. >> so it was a denial of those in your findings that you thought was completely wrong. so you actually say here that the controversy surrounds this idea, that approximately 20% of the african-americans that ucla admitted would not have been admitted if it weren't for the racial differences? >> that's right. >> how can you prove that? >> well, one, when i resigned, ucla decided oh, we need to deflect attention from this professor resigning. so they did the equivalent of a blue ribbon commission. they hired a sociology professor at ucla and four years later, they released his study and this person did an honest job. if you look at the statistical analysis in his study, it shows that. now, he concludes that about 33% of the african-americans admitted would not have been admitted if it weren't for the racial preferences.
4:48 am
he also finds that asian americans were discriminated against. that if it weren't for the discrimination, 9% would -- their numbers would have been 9% higher. >> where is the pressure coming from, if this is indeed the case? >> you know, a lot of it is interest groups. just before the wholistic system was implemented, there was a big protest there, 2 to 300 students occupied the hallway outside the chancellor's office. i think it's also coming from the legislature. i hear rumors about that, we're going to decrease the uc budget if you don't increase diversity. the regents of the university, i have a quote in my book from the provost from the second command of the entire system said that yes, lots of regents are saying they're going to fire chancellors if they don't increase diversity. >> wow. we do have a quote from the ucla chancellor from a faculty meeting. several constituents cities of -- constituencies are
4:49 am
distressed. there is pressure on the numbers of underrepresented minors on campus are too small. so that was from 2008. highlighting their -- >> that was 2006. just before we implemented the wholistic system, chancellor abrams came to my committee and i don't know if you call it pressuring, but definitely lobbied our committee to change the system to a wholistic system. i might say after i resigned, the head lawyer for ucla denied what i said. i said that ucla implemented the wholistic system to increase the numbers of underrepresented minorities. everyone at that meeting was agreeing with that, including the chancellor. then after i said it in public, the head lawyer denied that. one thing i found with this, it's something like the little boy who says the king has no clothes. everyone knows the truth, but no one will say it.
4:50 am
it's so strange. i feel like almost that the only person who will admit these things. >> wow. it is definitely hot button issue there. we thank you for joining us this morning and we'll stay on this as well. thank you, tim. >> thank you, elisabeth. coming up, did stossel invent facebook? the story of capitalism that you need to hear. but first on this day in history in 1963, sean connery starred in his first bond move yes "dr. no." in 2010, betty white is 88 years old, became the oldest "saturday night live" host. in 1977, "hotel california" by the eagles was the number within song. ♪ ♪ so's his serve, and his mandarin [speaking mandarin] xieúxieú, hou chiú but like up to 90% of americans, jim falls short in getting important nutrients from food alone.
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4:54 am
the left is lashing out at capitalism, claiming the system is rigged against the american dream. the american dream is dead. >> it's tough out there. it really is a rigged game. and it's set up now over and over -- >> it's probably always been. >> well. not like this. it's set up over and over and over that the rich get richer and the powerful get more powerful. they've got all the advantages of concentrated money and concentrated power. >> should i mention they're both rich talking to each other? two millionaires talk being how bad it is for the rich who are rich. john stossel says not so fast. he joins us right now to talk about this. is it really a rigged game, john >> it all has been to some extents. the rich have connections. they can now in america, you can get out of the government school monopoly and get a good education. we still are mobility in
4:55 am
america. most of the rich go down in the income. their kids do and most of the poor are up a quinntile. so it's not like you're locked in this position and this idea -- what they're selling is it's hopeless. government must take care of us. that's just wrong. >> it's just you inherits the money as if there are five families running the entire country. what is the exchange bar? talk about that. >> well, on tonight's show, we look at all the people who created new things and made it. exchange bar and grill is -- most restaurants fail. it's amazing that people dare start them. this place has -- puts the drinks, as you see, up on the wall and the more people buy them, like the stock market, the price goes up. the fewer people buy them, it goes down. it's gimmick, but it's working and they're doing well. >> it shows creativity and shows a fun factor which is judge people go out. you talk about people run their own businesses. yeah, they have stress of
4:56 am
insurance and payroll. you say studies show they're happier. >> the people who are happiest in life are people running ther own business. though they do -- odds are, p won't work. wonderful america, you can try and try again. they work longer hours. but they're happier. >> now, you said you started your own facebook, your own v of facebook? >> i started facebook, darn it! i was in college at a guy's school and i got a trip to these girls schools. i got the freshman pictures of all the girls. we published them in the book. but the internet hadn't been invented yet. >> you were ahead of your time. i saw the studythat says entrepreneurship in our country is at a 30-year low. there is less entrepreneurship in our country right now than any time since the '70s. >> i would like -- okay. since the 1970s maybe. i would like to see that study. look what we got. instagram, lift, uber, 3d printing, fracking, wonderful things are being invented all the time. >> fracking my idea.
4:57 am
but again, we didn't have the drill. john, tell me when we can watch you tonight? >> 9:00 o'clock. we'll talk about the beauty of starting your own business. >> and it's beautiful to see you. thanks so much. coming up next hour, you're not going to believe it
4:58 am
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what are you waiting for? (vo) celebrate this memorial day with up to 40% off hotels at travelocity. (gnome) go and smell the roses. good morning. it's thursday, may 8. 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. they are vicious criminals accused of killing off entire villages and the white house wanted them designated as terrorists. but hillary clinton's state department says don't use that t word. great. meanwhile, hate waiting in line at the doctor's office? now imagine waiting two times as long. well, welcome to being a u.s. veteran. the insulting new information about america's emergency rooms. does this sound fishy to you? the government spending millions of dollars on salmon. are they endangered? they look happy.
5:01 am
>> how happy does that fish look? how can you tell the fish is happy? >> i asked it. mornings are better with friends. >> hear ye, hear ye! this the town cryer. you are watching "fox & friends"! >> mornings are better with salmon. >> salmon. >> welcome aboard. last hour was kind of dull because elisabeth did not come after you with a pastry. >> i know. unbelievable. >> happy birthday day after for you. >> i was just thinking about that. steve is so sick of my birthday. he had to go to my party on long island. then take phone calls yesterday. >> i had to talk to my friend todd yesterday. >> then you have to go over
5:02 am
elisabeth attacking me with a cake. >> it was actually steve has idea. >> stop it. it was not. anyway, happy day after birthday. >> now let's talk about what's happening in the world. >> look at the cover of the new york post today. you've got the first lady, michelle obama, holding this up in the white house that says #bringbackourgirls. what she's talking about is the group boko haram, they're the people who kidnapped 300 young girls over in nigeria. >> islamic extremists. >> right. this terror group is. and what it sounds like they're going to sell them into slavery for as little as $12. extraordinarily, michelle obama is talking about bringing them back. last week hillary clinton was talking about bringing them back, and yet it turns out hillary clinton had a chance to do something to crack down on this group and simply did not. >> that's right. against requests from f.b.i., c.i.a., a dozen senators and congressmen, she did not put them on the list of foreign terrorist organizations in 2011.
5:03 am
perhaps because it didn't fit with the narrative, some would assert, that al-qaeda was dead, they were on the run. we had nothing to worry about. and they didn't want to ruffle any feathers there. this is johnny carson, his defense of why that never occurred. he said this. >> he said there was a concern that putting boko haram on the foreign terrorist list raises profile, giving greater publicity and greater credibility, help in its recruitment and drive more assistan in its direction. if you were that concerned about that, why did you put hamas on that, hezbollah on that? al-qaeda? if that was a legitimate concern, did you not care they were getting stronger and additional funding? why what is wrong with call ago terror group a terror group? then you find out where the money is going, then you have additional veins of terror to scoop up and take out. >> sure. but to elisabeth's point, remember before the election it was all about yeah, bin laden is dead, al-qaeda is on its heels.
5:04 am
they're on the run. but then if you talk about these terror groups and this is another one of those islamic extremist groups, makes the president's reelection look bad. of course, then there is the whole thing about benghazi. it happened seven weeks before the election against mitt romney. and we now know all -- well, we've got a lot of questions. we don't have many answers. that's why there will be this select committee. trey gowdy who will head it up mentioned yesterday he will call hillary clinton as a witness because she was running the department. she would know a lot about it. >> he was quoted as saying this is not a tea party. i'm not inviting her to a cocktail party. when i subpoena her, i expect her to be there. last night with megyn kelly with his quote. hillary sitting down with robin roberts at abc, again, dismissing those that want answers too easily. take listen. >> of course, there are a lot of
5:05 am
reasons why despite all of the hearings, all of the information that's been provided, some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward. that's their choice and i do not believe there is any reason for it to continue in this way, but they get to call the shots in the congress. >> people say this is out of balance. i don't know how anyone can have a problem of examineing hillary clinton's record. when you look at should we have a reis the with russia, that was hers. she misspelled it. that didn't work out. now you look at the situation with the terror group, i had no idea about this. no one is denying this. this is all part of the report card that matters. james writes to us on facebook and says, i want to know why the ambassador was at such a poorly defended embassy, who refused to send troops when attacks started and who start the satisfied. the question is what, do you
5:06 am
need to know yet from benghazi out of this special counsel? >> perhaps omission will be the next hash tag, omission of detailstails and truth. someone says, when the truth comes out and someone pays for what what they did to these men, that's she'll be satisfied. >> when robin roberts asked about benghazi, hillary clinton didn't ask what difference does it make. >> she tried that once. >> i think when it comes to those of the families killed, they're not choosing to be concerned. they deserve those answers. continue to send your responses in. >> right. there are people on the left who say it's a phony scandal. if it's a phony scandal, then they won't find anything, so calm down. >> let's see if they'll participate. that will be the big question. heather nauert is participating in news. >> we've got new developments out of florida. a horrific fire and it has a whole community in mourning today. it was a deadly fire that took place at tennis star james
5:07 am
blake's mansion. cops in tampa are saying this fire was sets on purpose and that explosions were heard inside that house and they possibly resulted from ammunition or from fireworks. the victims, the mother, a father and two teenage children. this is the dramatic 911 calls are released. take a listen to this. >> i'm walk my dog and the house ex plodded! oh, my god! >> calm down and take a deep breath. okay? >> it's horrible! >> this happening in the early morning hours. now our fox affiliate is identifying the four victims as 49-year-old darren campbell, his wife, kim, and their two teenage children, coolen and meghan. he was a senior in high school and she was a freshman. that home is in an exclusive area that's known for its heavy security. we'll keep you posted on these details. in the meantime, listen to this story. this coming in overnight. uruguay offering a to take six
5:08 am
prisoners from gitmo, but there is just a little catch here. the country's president says that he will take those terror suspects from gitmo if washington agrees to let them live free. what do you think of that? no response yet from the white house. the president of uruguay is set to meet with president obama on monday. will lois lerner face prosecution? that is a big question this morning after the former head of the irs was held in contempt. the vote in the house was 231-187. all republicans and several democrats voted in favor of it. she's being held in contempt for refusing to answer questions about the irs targeting of conservative groups over their attempts to get tax exempt status. we all remember this, the half million dollars government -- taxpayer funded actually, shrimp on a treadmill experiment in 2011. the newest congressional pig book is out and highlights all that outlandish federal spending like that. it now includes this year,
5:09 am
15 million being spent on pacific coastal salmon recovery fund. whatever this is. or there is this, $90 million in upgrade an army tank. listen to this. >> the army doesn't want the upgrade. they want to wait three years, save $3 billion. 2,000 of those tanks sitting in the desert in california being unused. they need to modernize the whole tank system, the whole fleet. so they don't want to do anything right now. the congress, where these are being billed, wants to keep money going. >> and we've got the pig right there. okay. another example of wasteful spending -- brian, not you. the pig mascot. >> thank you. $2.6 million for the commission which the president has said could be cut. whatever that is. but there is a whole lot of stuff that we are paying for. lot of people not so happy about. >> right. do you want to walk that clip over the daley show or do you want know?
5:10 am
do we make it that easy. the editor is like okay done. i can take lunch now. i was focusing on the waste. not on the pig. by the way, was cross eyed for some reason. when you have a mascot, at least make him look straight ahead. am i correct? >> didn't notice. >> the pig reps are calling in. let's move on from that to this. when you go to the emergency room, you need to see a doctor fast. people go to the emergency room because it's an emergency. as it turns out -- remember over the last couple weeks we've been telling you thousand looks like, according to an investigation, at least 40 veterans died waiting for care at that hospital, the v.a. hospital in phoenix. now according to research, it looks like the average vet waits twice as long than a civilian at a v.a. hospital to get emergency care. also according to the washington times, what they've done is they have looked at some of the inspector general reports for
5:11 am
the v.a. and it shows the average wait times at v.a. e.r.s can be up to ten hours. keep in mind, it's an emergency and they've got to wait ten hours. >> really just to think about why those in an instant would defend the lives of others can't have their lives protected medically whether they return here. when you hear what the former secretary of veteran affairs said about the long scope here what, this means in termination of the promise that we make to our military men and women, it will just get in your heart. >> real serious repercussion of that i think long-term is that the young americans who we deny depend on to -- pen on to enlist, we have a compact with them that we're going to take care of them if they're hurt while serving us. that's the v.a.'s job. if they become cynical about that, we're not going to have people show up and volunteer for the kind of rigor that we put
5:12 am
them through, the service in uniform. >> they say an estimated 23 veterans lost their lives because of this. our chairman in the house, jeff miller, says this has got to change. wed into an overhaul. he's got to start the change, demand the overhaul. stop talk being it! >> there are a number of organizations that are calling for the resignation of the guy who runs the v.a. and that's general shenseki. the white house says, he's doing a great job. and there you got him right there. he says he's not going anywhere. so it's this kind of leadership -- he says he wants to get to the bottom of it and i hope he does. but at the same time, it's like is nobody ever being held accountable by this government? >> he might be a great general, but he might not be great at management. he's probably in the wrong job. >> how long does he have to wait for an emergency? >> not long, i'm sure. >> why are our veterans putsing their lives on the line here? >> it's a dozen minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, a chaotic scene got crazier when out of nowhere,
5:13 am
this happened. wait until you hear who was behind the wheel of that vehicle. speaking of cars, if you look at buy ago new home, bob massi is here with the three things you got to know about buying yourself a house. good job! still runnng in the morning? yeah. getting your vegebles every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. tthere was a boy who traveledes to a faraway place where villages floated on water
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and castles were houses dragons lurked giants stood tall and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: whatever you can imagine, all in one place expedia, find yours
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woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. welcome back. they struggled to repair hopelessly dilapidated house. >> thanks, men.
5:17 am
>> with the perfect movie season right around the corner, how do you make sure you're getsing the best deal for your money? joining me is fox news legal analyst and real estate guru, bob massi. good morning, bob. >> that's an ad that says purchase right there, isn't it? >> that will make us all feel better about the rest. when you're buying a home for the very first time or not, what should be on your brain right there? >> i have to tell you that this is not easy for any of us to do because you're caught up in the emotion of buying, but you literally have to switch your hat as to prospective seller saying the home that i'm buying, as much as i love it, what is the potential resystem value do you know the -- resale value down the road? when you're buying the home, you're excitessed, particularly first-time buyer, it fits everything. but you say to yourself, if you can, okay. i'm going to live here x amount of years, i hope. is it in the right place? will it have good resell value?
5:18 am
will it appreciate? the second thing that happens when you buy home, no matter what anybody owns a home we know, you're never done with the home, ever. >> no. >> are you making modifications that takes away the value of a resale? for example, someone may take their garage and convert it to a workout room. somebody may take part of an attic and put a closet in because their kids are growing up and they don't have enough space. those things that you do to your home when you're in it could take away the marketability of selling a home down the road. just keep that in mind. >> okay. so the mindset of being a seller when you're the buyer is probably really important. so look down the road. what about if the home needs repairs? how do you make sure that you're getsing the money back in the transaction, not left with a bunch of bills once you close? >> this is where a competent real estate broker or real estate attorney, if they're involved in the transaction, because you build contingencies into that offer that you make on that home. for example, if you do your walk-through and you find that
5:19 am
there is this wrong, this wrong, that wrong, this wrong, what do you is you put contingencies saying to the seller, listen, we want these things repaired before the close of escrow. but if they don't get repaired, we will retain a certain amounts of money after the close of escrow and you have 30 days to get it repaired, for example. if you don't repair it, we get to keep that money to fix those things. you got to make sure you get an estimate as to what needs to be fixed as a result of the walk-through so that you find out exactly what your damage could be. writing up this deal, you must think through the deal. you've got to think on the other side of the deal in order to protect yourself. that's why you need proper real estate broker agent that's competent in the area of buying a home. >> okay. then deal chasing, we want to address that briefly before we go 'cause it's important. >> well, i have a saying, a pig swallows and a hog chokes. the bottom line is, i cannot
5:20 am
tell you how many times i've seen good deals go by because people are so greedy, they want o grind everybody down so much that they literally blow the deal. let the next person make a little bit of money on your deal. buy it if you like it, if it's in the right place. don't worry that somebody in four, five, six years may make money. that's okay, too. >> you are the guru there. great advice. you want everybody to write in. we'll see you soon. >> thank you. coming up, mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the least transparent of them all? wait until you hear who is the best at misleading you. then, are washington politics really as cut throat as "house of cards"? could they be based on true stories? kevin mccarthy put that question straight to kevin spacey and his answer just might surprise you. ♪ ♪
5:21 am
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5:24 am
time for news by the numbers. zero. that's the score liberal bill flair george soros think tank ranks in transparency. ironically the story is funded by soros himself. i'm so confused. next $150. that's how much the supposedly cash-strapped defense department is spending per gallon on a special green fuel they have to use. it's made out of algae. it's 64 times more money than regular jet fuel, which i believe we use for jets. finally, 14. that's the number of stories networks abc, cbs and nbc combined aired on the irs targeting scandal in the ten months following the first wave of coverage. they aired more than 130 stories
5:25 am
in the first seven weeks. switching gears, the king of all monster movies is back. >> we are talking about "godzilla." >> because what's really happening is that you're hiding something out there! it is going to send us back to the stone age! >> the most terrifying force of nature returning to the big screen next week, but we're getting an inside scoop this week with fox news contributor and founder of, kevin mccarthy. >> great to be in studio with you. before i get to that, i have to give you a birthday present. you've never seen "terminator 2". >> birthday month continues. >> how have you never seen that? it will be delivered to your house on saturday. >> wow. this is fantastic.
5:26 am
>> delivered by drone. >> it's a little scarey. >> i've seen the expendables. but go ahead. >> how is "godzilla." >> it opens next friday, i'll have my official review. i am the biggest "breaking bad" fan on the planet. i walk in, he plays heisenberg. check it out. >> it would be mind over matter, right? so he is this massive, takes up a lot of room and massive destruction and very careless, whereas heisenberg is methodical and he will find some little -- he'll find the weakness of
5:27 am
godzilla and exploit it. god. >> ill la versus waltzer white? waltzer white would win. >> i think -- maybe that could be the sequel. maybe he could be walter white, godzilla. i would pay to see that. this summer, only this summer. heisenberg, one man, one monster. >> he played that character on "breaking bad." he won three emmys for that character on the show. >> can you tell we haven't watched that show? >> i thought i watched the beginning of a new buddy movie. are you going to fight crime together? >> i saw him on broadway. he's incredible on broadway. the movie opens up next friday, i'll have the full review for in a next friday morning. >> what about kevin spacey "house of cards"? >> kevin spacey plays frank underwood. he based that clark off richard iii from shakespeare, which is
5:28 am
incredible. >> was he the house minority leader? this show obviously has two seasons. it's available on netflix, incredible show. he plays an incredible character. i wanted to know when you play character like this and visit washington, d.c., does it change the way you view dc? this is what he said. >> i find it amusing that lots of people in washington embraced the character and the series. i find it interesting that they say it's not like this. they say it's cynical and of course it's a fictional version of our esteemed members of congress. it's a little bit disappointing to see that we send people to washington and they don't do their jobs. it's frustrating to see. that's why i think maybe the show has become so successful because for an american audience, it's amazing to watch a congress that gets things done. >> yeah. so he's talking about now that movie in the background with the poster is a documentary about a apply he did playing richard
5:29 am
iii. he traveled around 200 perform ances. that interview is 13 minutes long. i'll tweet out the full version. he said the one movie that he'd like it bring to the stage is "l.a. confidential." >> as long as they don't sing. >> exactly. >> just act. >> and t 2 will be at your house on saturday. you got to send may text and let me know what you think about it. >> someone else will raise my children and i'll watch the movie. >> he'll text and we'll tweet. >> thank you so much. coming up straight ahead, it's already a crime scene, then happens. wait until you hear who was behind the wheel of that car. >> plus, the moment a great white mistakes a boat for a chew toy right here. >> delicious.
5:30 am
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welcome back. the labor department releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. nicole petallides live from the floor of the new york stock exchange with those numbers. good morning there. >> good morning. we got in our weekly jobless claims. what we saw was that jobless claims were down 26,000 to 319,000. so that versus the estimates of 325,000 claims. so that's slightly good news, fewer claims is always good news. u.s. stock index futures are pointing to a flat open at the moment, but boy, have we had action on wall street this week. social media, for everybody who loves social media, it's been a momentum group, in some cases
5:35 am
they're flying up 20, and 30 and 40% over the last year. however, this week has been tough. we saw groupon down 24%. twitter down 21%. these are week to date numbers. als linkedin hit a new low. this group has been hit hard. you can put aol in that category as well. >> so twitter tanks. something big on twitter today because it's thursday. they do this #tbt, throwback thursday. here is a picture of me. that is elisabeth. that's brian. now, ladies and gentlemen, for throwback thursday, nicole, there is you and your mom. >> yeah, right! for mother's day, happy mother's day, everybody. my mom, she was born on cyprus. greatest, most wonderful mom in the whole world. >> why are you all dressed up there? where are you going? >> we went to a wedding. he ran for mayor of new york. we were on our way in to the church there for the wedding. by the way, she married
5:36 am
christopher nixon cox, the grandson of president nixon. >> that's right. >> so it was a nice wedding. >> thank you very much for sharing that with us. >> love that pictures. >> thanks, guys. green mountain coffee roaster. that will be a winner today. >> thanks for that. >> we'll brew on that for a while. >> we're enjoy ago cup of coffee. these pictures you guys have been sending in. this is lohry patterson with her sons. both are serving in the u.s. air force. she writes zach is on his way home from the sand box. what a great mother's day gift. >> all grown up. >> tracy says with her mom there in a photo in 1968, newport richie, florida, where my curve lives. >> remember those photos out of the photo booth? it usually came with four different edges? that's just one of them. >> remember that? >> i like that moment.
5:37 am
>> i went to the little lady dance, my daughter chose me. >> the little lady dance? >> that's what they call it. if i have any more pictures of 4ñbacklashing.l start they give you costumes now. will give you costumes to make you look like 1920s. >> what was your era? >> the line was too long. we didn't go up. >> wait. you take your daughter to the little lady dance, she's all excited about wearing a costume and you say, sorry, mondayy, the wait will be too long. are you kidding me? >> let's go to heather nauert. >> you didn't put on a costume? >> the line was wrapped around the place. >> are you kidding? that's the whole event! years ago she'll say i remember. >> normal or nuts? >> heather will talk about those. >> i got some news to bring you. i want to bring a story out of texas. look at this chaos outside a
5:38 am
murder scene in houston when a suspected killer's father plows his car right through a big crowd of people. look at this. boy. you can sure they're as witnesses crime as they try to get out of the way of that car. cops arresting the driver as he attempts to jump out of his car. witnesses say that he snapped after he was taunted by a member of the victim's family. we'll keep you posted if anything new comes of that. remember the pilot who crashed his plane into a house in colorado and then walked away? he used to live in that very same house. 52-year-old brian beach, he was towing a banner from his plane when the plane lost power and then crashed that plane into the home below. he says it wasn't until he crawled out of his plane and then ran around the front of the house that he realized it was the very same house where he
5:39 am
used to live. and these guys are going to need a bigger boat. okay. take a look at that. that is a great white shark as it goes after an inflatable raft. kind of like a chew toy. there were film makers on board that raft. they were shooting off the coast of south africa. obviously the whole thing caught on camera. everyone made it back to land safely. can you imagination how nervous you would be? and then some other incredible video to show you this morning. everybody is talking about this. a family so close to winning $20,000 on the show "family feud," one family member scored 182 points in the final crowned anna sass, another family member, needed 18 points to win. how did she do? look at this. >> you said marriage.
5:40 am
survey said (buzzer). >> yeah. all the zeros down the board and they didn't win. that's what lost it for them. >> they needed 18? >> they blanked on it. >> wow. >> somewhere richard dawson is rolling in his grave. >> brian! >> only a richard dawson kiss would have made them feel better. >> heather, thank you very much. all right, meanwhile, have you seen this video? wind so strong in central kansas, a train right off the tracks. nobody was hurt thankfully. but the storm is now on the move. maria molina is outside with her gust buster umbrella. >> that's right. my gust buster umbrella. we're not expecting strong winds across parts of northeast, but we are dooling with some rain and showers that will linger across this area not just today, but over the next several days. i want to take you farther west. look at some of these currents temperatures across parts of the
5:41 am
plains. still early in the morning and dallas and kansas city, you're in the 70. in chicago, this is your current temperature as we head out the door, 68 degrees. very mild out there. that's a bad sign because that means that as the storm system heads into this area, it will have the fuel to fire up showers and thunderstorms. we do have the potential for severe weather coming up later today across parts of texas, up into wisconsin and minnesota. that area shaded in red right there across iowa, southern parts of minnesota, that's the greatest risk area for potentially violent weather. we could see long-track tornadoes today as the storms fire thumb afternoon and evening and eventually by friday, the storm continues moving eastward and anywhere from arkansas up into indiana, you could be looking at some severe weather. we'll keep track of it. let's head over to you, brian. >> all right. another case of thunder causing a blackout. russell westbrook and kevin durant playing lights out basketball. the pair combining for 63 points in game 1 against the clippers.
5:42 am
but wait, those weren't the only lights going out. during a timeout, just before half time, the power surge. the arena lights dim. so the teams went out and played the final 27 seconds of the half in the dark. later on the lights came on and oklahoma city would win. everyone wants somebody to get a foul ball. what length would you go to to get it? is it worth losing your pants over? one tigers fans almost mooned the entire crowd. he reached over to snatch the ball and leaned a little too far. luckily his friend pulled up his pants. so he was able to get the ball and he was not able to -- there you go. there he goes. he pulled down the underpants and put it back. a good friend. >> it's a low light with the highlights. >> what's the lesson there? maybe no lesson. maybe this is one highlight we don't learn anything from.
5:43 am
>> proper fitting clothing. >> if you have a friend going down, grab them by the underwear and pull them up. >> funny highlight there. a fire at a tennis star james blake's mansion not funny. killing an entire family. police say it was set on purpose. we are live at the scene right now. >> plus, rick springfield, the singing star about to tell us something you've never heard him say before. and it doesn't involve jesse's girl. ♪ ♪
5:44 am
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which can lead to death. this chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods. nsaids, like celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions, or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. don't take celebrex if you have bleeding in the stomach or intestine, or had an asthma attack, hives, other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. brand-new fox alert. new developments just in in the deadly fire at tennis star james blake's mansion. he was not there, but the four people who were there had tragic
5:47 am
results. >> wtvt reporter is live in tampa. what are you hearing from the police this morning? >> reporter: detectives are combing through the house right now trying to gather as much evidence as possible. so many different questions in this story that we really don't know the answers to. was this a murder-suicide. was this family killed in cold blood? we don't know the answers, but hopefully we'll get some soon. we do know the fire, it took about seven hours to contain the flames. it was intentionally set. there appears to have been an unknown accelerant fueling the fire. small commercial fireworks were also found throughout this house. two victims suffered upper body trauma. fox 13 learned darren campbell, his wife, kim, and teenage children, coolen and meghan, lived in this house. as you said, the family was renting it from former tennis pro james blake. they've been living there for at least two years. of a will is an exclusive gated community north of tampa.
5:48 am
most of the homes are worth more than a million dollars. the folks in this communities wants to know what's going on and what led to all of this. back to you in new york. >> i think we all do. thank you very much. live from the tampa area. i was watching greta last night and live with greta was -- you've seen a lot. the ticking house. the boat, on lois lerner, is she -- they're voting yes or thumbs up or down when it comes to charging her with contempt of congress for taking the fifth and then making those statements prior to her taking the fifth? the answer was overwhelmingly yes with six democrats also joining the majority of republicans. >> right. 231-187. we have for you now to take a look at those six listed there. barber, patterson, mcentire, rehall and murphy. >> in addition to finding her if cements of congress, also in a separate resolution, they urged the department of justice to
5:49 am
appoint a special prosecutor. that means they've got to go to the u.s. attorney for dc who works for eric holder. what's interesting is remember, eric holder was found in cements of congress as well. but he was able, when he was found in contempt, for withholding fast and furious documents, he said, executive privilege. it's interesting corks lois lerner use that? if she did, it would essentially say there was coordination between the white house and the irs. darrell issa tweeted out, unless president exercise executive privilege, there is no precedents for u.s. attorney to do anything but pursue this criminal case. #irstargeting. so stand by. >> ten minutes to the top of the hour. coming up, you know this song. ♪ you know i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ ♪ i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ >> but we promise you, there is something you don't know about rick springfield and he's here next to tell us.
5:50 am
we're going to check in with bill hemmer. >> did you know yesterday was brian's birthday? i read in the blogs! well done. benghazi moves forward today, but will democrats join that investigation? we are about to find out. lois lerner found out her fate, at least her next step. and earth as you've never seen her before. we've got the pictures and they're amazing. ten minutes away when mar this and i see you at the top of the hour
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ you know i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ ♪ i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ where can i find a womb
5:54 am
like that ♪ ♪ . >> he is a triple threat, rick springfield has sold millions of records, starred on the big screen and wrote a best selling autobiography. >> he's adding fiction writer to his accomplishments with his new book called "magnificent vibration." here is rick springfield. good morning to you. >> hello. >> so success with the autobiography, but fiction, what do you like moore and why did you want to write this? >> i started as a kid, i wanted to be a writer first and then music took over. it was the only thing i got good grades for were my essays at school. everything else, terrible grades. so they encouraged me to be a writer. then music took over and the writing went to song writing. i always wanted to get back to it. having the success of the autobiography which i wrote myself -- i was encouraged to write fiction because i don't have to apologize for it afterwards. sorry i'm such a jerk. >> you're writing about something that a lot of people think about and that is
5:55 am
spirituality and god and things like that that you have combined into this new book. >> first of all, it's dark humor. i hate the idea of preaching or anything. >> you're not a theologist. >> it starts with a guy having a conversation with god. he gets a phone number and doesn't believe it's god. >> maybe that's because god doesn't have a phone number. >> he may. 1-800-call god is the phone number in the book. and he called, bobby cotton calls it and his life goes completely south after that because god has an attitude and isn't quite what we imagine. >> sure. >> so you're taking the book and taking yourself and you're going on tour, and answer questions from audience? >> i do a solo tour where we do a q and a and appearing appearit benatar this summer. >> the book is called
5:56 am
"magnificent vibration." everybody loves rick springfield. enough of people do. you got a loft fans. >> i'm very fortunate -- a lot of fans have come out for the book signing. we're very encouraged with the prepress on it. the book list. >> you thought this was free? >> yeah. >> we wish you continued success. mighty cool cover for it. >> thank you. >> thank you ♪ ♪ get all your favorites all day, everyday. olive garden's signature favorites, just $10 including creamy fettuccine alfredo, and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad and warm breadsticks.
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all right. what's going to happen in the after the show show? yesterday it was crazy, thanks a lot. >> it will maybe less crazy. >> tomorrow jennifer esposito will be here and chris wallace. bill: thank you, guys. more on that. rumors swirl. good morning, everybody, fox news alert now. the house is set to vote on making the investigation on benghazi official. the man who will lead the select committee said hillary clinton will testify or else. good morning. we're about to find a lot about this. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. tensions are reaching a fever pitch on capitol hill on what would be the first select committee to be appointed in a long, long time. democrats are threatening to boycott it. republicans are looking to hillary clinton to provide those answers. here is trey gowdy on whether


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