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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 8, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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all right. what's going to happen in the after the show show? yesterday it was crazy, thanks a lot. >> it will maybe less crazy. >> tomorrow jennifer esposito will be here and chris wallace. bill: thank you, guys. more on that. rumors swirl. good morning, everybody, fox news alert now. the house is set to vote on making the investigation on benghazi official. the man who will lead the select committee said hillary clinton will testify or else. good morning. we're about to find a lot about this. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. tensions are reaching a fever pitch on capitol hill on what would be the first select committee to be appointed in a long, long time. democrats are threatening to boycott it. republicans are looking to hillary clinton to provide those answers. here is trey gowdy on whether
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the former secretary of state can avoid this. >> if she can get out of a subpoena she can get out of it. i don't send invitations to cocktail parties. we will send subpoenas and expect her to comply. if you don't comply she will suffer the same panoply of consequences that any of your viewers who don't comply with a subpoena will suffer. bill: tucker carlson. host of "fox & friends weekend." good morning, tucker. what are the problems as you see them for democrats here? first on hillary clinton, what is the issue? >> well the issue his as of today there aren't really any documents that explain her role, or documents that we have possession of, that is the public, that explain her role in the creation of these talking points and in immediate response to the attacks on those americans in benghazi. and so at some point that will come to light. she was the secretary of state at the time. it is pretty obvious that her role has been cloaked intentionally and i would imagine that this congressional panel is going to get to the bottom of it. who knows what they will find.
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there is a real risk. that is one of the reasons you see democrats upset about the prospect of this. the second risk for democrats i think it will come to light what these americans were doing there in the first place. that is the central question. it is one strikingly few people have asked. why were there many cia contractors in benghazi, libya, a place most americans never heard of that day. there was some evidence this was related to the movement of arms. if it is true, for example, that they were there overseeing dismantling of qadaffi's weapons stockpiles, moving them through a third country, say to rebels in syria without congressional approval that is potentially an explosive story. that may come to light. bill: that would bring the question as to where were those arms going and who were using them? >> that is exactly right. are we arming potentially disreputable, perhaps al qaeda-affiliated groups in syria. i don't know if we are, but if we are and it comes to light that's a big story.
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bill: remember the day that hillary clinton testified. rand paul almost had a throwaway question. he just slipped it in there. anyway back to that in a moment here. can republicans overplay their hand, tucker? is there a danger there. >> yes, there is. anybody who covered, as i know you did and i did the 1998 midterm elections remembers. this was right in the middle of impeachment. republicans thought they were going to do great. the out party always does well in midterm elections. they lost five seats, first time in 64 years that happened. a lot of people read that as public revulsion what they thought was republican overreach. it has happened before. not saying it will happen again but it's a potential problem. trey gowdy, anyone watched him on television recognize him very smart. he is a linear thinker, a lawyer, but only been in congress less than 3 1/2 years. he is unknown quantity to some extent. doesn't mean he won't do a great job but it means there is some risk. bill: thank you, tucker.
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a lot to come. out of washington. >> thanks, bill. bill: you bet. martha: there is more pushback from democrats on this benghazi investigation. this time coming from house minority leader nancy pelosi. she is a really central figure how all this will go. she already slammed plans for the celebrity committee. she originally thought democrats should be involved. aides of pelosi she is leaning toward a full boycott of that panel and not appointing five democrats allotted for that committee that could clearly be problematic. coming up next hour we'll talk to top house democrat chris van hollen, the congressman about this, from maryland. we'll talk to him coming up. bill: many questions left unanswered in benghazi. could our men have been saved? ultimately why did it take so long to get help for him? why did our military not respond to them? why we were not in forward posture on september 11th? new hampshire senator, kelly ai don't think has another question where was president obama that
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night. >> we had a attack that occurred over a seven-hour period. the american people want to know what was he doing as commander-in-chief that night? what actions did he take? bill: yet another question that will be probably be raised by the select committee. how you answer that question is certainly one of the things you're driving at to try to figure that all out. trey gowdy in his interview three days ago, pointed to three things. he has got three questions. we'll see whether or not how long it takes to get those answers. martha: what happened before, what happened during. another big story today, lois lerner is officially in contempt of congress. the house voted to hold her in contempt for refusing to answer their questions about the agency's targeting of conservatives which she had admitted to. it could get a lot worse for her. a u.s. attorney will take up the case, opening door for possible prosecution. supporters of the contempt vote, maybe now they can finally get answers they have been looking for. >> every time this has happened where it has not been someone in
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the justice department like holder, when they have not brought forth the legal theory that it is executive privilege, every other time this happened it went to the grand jury. then went to the judge and judge said yes, you are in contempt, go answer questions and go to jail. obviously when there is threat of jail people typically find, see the light and start answering questions. that's what we hope happens here. martha: that's what they hope. congressman jim jordan will be on the program a little later coming up. bill: to you at home, at the office, online, what do you think? should lois lerner get jail time? send us a tweet @marthamaccallum and @billhemmer. you can talk to us throughout the program. ultimately will it go that way or stop before that point. martha: we want to bring you jobs numbers out for the week and weekly unemployment claims go down to 319,000. that's a good number. it has not been seen since before the recession. stuart varney, host of
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"varney & company" on fox business network stars it out. good morning, stuart, what do you think about that number? >> it's a not a great number. by no means is that a great number. what it does it takes us back to fall of last year before this horrendous winter. as you can see that is the layoff rate. that is still above 300,000. that implies it is not a vigorous recovery. in fact it is a rather tepid recovery. once again, martha, it is springtime. here is spring. we were all hoping for a rapid growth of the economy. maybe three or 4%. this number does not imply we're there yet. maybe 2% growth, but not 3 or 4%. that's where we are. martha: so when you look at this the stock market seems to be, you know, fairly happy over the last few months. they're looking at corporate bottom lines as well. where's the disconnect? >> there is a disconnect because of two things. number one, corporate profits are very, very strong. american corporations have learned how to make a lot of money without hiring a lot of
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people. number two, the federal reserve is keeping interest waits, way, way down. that means, if you go to a bank and get a bank cd, you get virtually no interest at all. you're pushed into the stock market where you do get a rate of return because stocks have been going up. so the two are completely different. the state of the economy, very modest recovery, and the state of the stock market, a very nice rally recently. martha: seems like a corporations have learned two things pretty well and in the face of recession and the new health care plan they learned how to keep their payrolls as tight as they possibly can and that's what we're seeing showing up on wall street. >> keep your money overseas to avoid high taxes at home. that is what is going on. martha: another lesson. bill: billions of it too. the legal battle over obamacare heating back up. u.s. court of appeals taking up two big cases. the first challenging the health care law's contraception mandate. priests for life arguing that the law infringes on the rights of religious groups.
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the second case claims obamacare is unconstitutional because it's a money-making operation and that has to come from the house and the senate. both these cases could end up back in the u.s. supreme court. arguments set to begin 9:30 eastern time, about 21 minutes from now. martha: a lot going on. we have a packed show for you today. severe weather that spawned tornadoes from minnesota down to texas. 40 million in the cross-hairs today. we'll let you know where you need to be watching out for that. plus this. [gunfire] bill: wow. protests over salaries getting out of control. we'll tell you where that's happening in a moment. martha: could lois lerner possibly have jail time as a result of all of this? congressman rich nugent joins us live next. >> there's a lot of talking for someone who wants to remain sigh len. i believe mrs. lerner's conduct shows contempt for this body.
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martha: tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at protesters in argentina. violence break being out yesterday in a northern province with police surrounding hundreds of state employees that took to the streets because they wanted a pay raise. some of the demonstrators held rocks. a number of injuries and arrests reported there. we'll keep an eye on that volatile situation on the ground. >> the yeas are 231, the nays are 187. the resolution is adopted without objection. bill: so could the former irs official lois lerner face jail time? congress voting to hold her in contempt for refusing to answer question about the irs matter. the move clearing a path for prosecution. the issue sparking spirited debate on the floor of the house. last night here is how is went down. >> conservatives were targeted, that is clear. lois lerner has things to
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answer. she ownsly answers the part she wants to. >> we're sending message to future administrations this type of nix i don't knowian behavior is acceptable. -- nixonian. let's not send that message. >> sad little scraps of political nonsense they keep trying to peddle as leadership. mr. speaker, this rule and resolution are colossal wastes of time. >> i could not vote to violate an individual's fifth amendment rights just because i want to hear what she has to say. a much greater principle is at stake here today. bill: that was from last night. this morning florida congressman rich nugent is with us. sir, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: willow wisconsin lerner go to jail no. >> that's a possibility. but you the whole idea behind this content resolution was to get her to tell the american people, what's happened within the irs? this is not the position we wanted to end up in.
6:15 am
she would have cut this off right away by testifying. she went and spoke to the prosecutorial aspect of it at the u.s. attorney's office without invoking her fifth amendment right. this is, we don't believe she did by her actions and her conversation and her testimony in front of the committee. and then after she says everything we wants to say, then she says, hey, listen i'm invoking my fifth amendment right because i really don't want to answer any of your questions but i will answer the u.s. attorney's questions. it just doesn't make sense. bill: why risk that instead of just talking? what makes sense to you? >> well, you know as a former law enforcement officer this does not make sense to me. typically what will happen is, you know, someone will come in with their attorney. they will even proffer, say, listen, this is what we're willing to testify to and even ask for limited immunity or transactional immunity and, my understanding she never did any of that. if you feel like you've maybe
6:16 am
committed a crime and obviously you have to go to the u.s. attorney's office to get that okayed, but she never did any of that. one wonders, you know, why she would stonewall congress in its legitimate role to have oversight over, you know, an executive branch agency? it doesn't make any sense to me. bill: so six democrats voted with republicans last night. but 26 democrats voted to appoint a special counsel and have the department of justice do that. that second vote surprised me a little bit. i didn't think the number would be that high. what do those 26 democrats saying in that vote do you believe? >> i'm not sure. you have to ask them but from my standpoint, and our argument was, bring in a special prosecutor. let's take politics out of it because obviously there is politics or claim of politics on either side. all we want are the, is the truth, the facts. and i think they will speak for themselves.
6:17 am
you know, this administration has, you know, claimed, wanted to be the most transparent but if you look at actions of this administration from eric holder as related to "fast & furious," to benghazi and, now with the irs scandal, one has to wonder as to you know, why would you take this? as a former law enforcement officer and a sheriff what you try to do is get to the bottom of it and be public about it and people make mistakes and that's, that is just human nature but what you have to do as the chief administrator which the president is hold people accountable and bring them forward and had in this particular instance, the irs issue, not one person, not one person has been disciplined over this action. bill: i think a lot of our viewers don't realize you are a former sheriff. >> i am. bill: and you look at the legal tools that may or may not be at your disposal now, is it possible that this pursuit is
6:18 am
hitting a brick wall? >> well, i mean, it had hit a brick wall. when she, you know, she testified in front of the committee but then she limited her testimony by saying i'm going to invoke my fifth amendment right after making all these assertions on number of issues, that she did not break the law, she did not violate any principle, rule or regulation. she makes all those, you know, admissions or statements but then she is unwilling to you know, explain that when asked a question. bill: i understand the position you take on that but yesterday jason chaffetz told us, listen we have a lot more tools we can go after here i'm not going to tell you what they are. what would they be or have you indeed possibly reached the end of the road? >> this is one of tools, to force her and compel her by holding her in contempt. ultimately this will go, it could go to d.c. court to make a decision as to whether or not she did invoke or did she waive
6:19 am
it when she started, you know, just making all these statements and particularly, you know, did she invoke after, making statements to the contrary roy but refusing to answer questions referenced to her statements. that's, a court's going to make that decision whether or not she did in fact invoke. bill: thank you for your time. rich nugent, republican out of florida. >> thank you very much. bill: appreciate you coming on. next, martha. martha: here's the big question in all of this, will the democrats boycott the benghazi hearing? a central issue on capitol hill today. we are going to hear from maryland democrat chris van hollen. that is the correct picture of course of chris van hollen and that is coming up. bill: severe weather causing all kinds of problems this week including this right here. that right there is a hailstorm that you do not want to be outside in. forecasters say they are not out of the woods yet. we'll tell you where that is going on in a big part of the
6:20 am
country. martha: new developments in the deadly fire at the home of former tennis star james blake. look at this inferno. 6,000 square foot mansion burned down with four people inside. now the investigation takes a startling turn. >> you never know, things happen. it happens to the best of us. makes me grateful that i have another day, you know. makes me sad some families are suffering right now. cúp,@s#b
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bill: new developments now after that fire that killed a family of four after the home they were renting owned by former tennis star james blake burned to the ground. this is the tampa bay area house. reportedly i.d.'d as a married couple and their two teenage children living inside. the sheriff's department was saying that the fire was started
6:24 am
intentionally. >> we have confirmed that there were also various fireworks, small commercial type fireworks throughout the residence. we also have confirmed that the fire was started intentionally by an unknown accelerant type. we don't know at this time what was the actual accelerant that started the fire. bill: clearly they think it is suspicious. blake was renting out that five-bedroom home. had been doing that for the past couple of years. he was not in the state of florida at the time. martha: dangerous storms have been slamming the midwest. at least two tornadoes briefly touched down on colorado's eastern plains yesterday. no reports of injury or damage. but look at these funnel clouds. a large hailstorm also pummeling central oklahoma. that one knocked out power to at least 11,000 people and forecasters say that whole situation is not over yet. william la jeunesse is live in l.a. william, the storm system is heading from the west into the nation's heartland now,
6:25 am
right? >> reporter: yeah, and more thunderstorms are expected through friday in kansas and parts of the upper midwest. the peak day for intense weather actually today but look at what those high wind did near wichita yesterday. downing power lines, ripping off roofs, knocking over a freight train? yes, a train up to 90 mile-an-hour wind toppled 33 cars of a freight train in central kansas, each of those weighing about 40 tons. that is like 10 automobiles, tipped over like a toy. >> i didn't know what to think. i was shocked that it was strong enough to blow the train over. i come across all the snapped power poles and power lines but i didn't think it was strong enough to blow the train over until i looked down there and saw it laying down on its side. >> reporter: remarkably the two train conductors nor anyone else was hurt. many without power. survey crews continue to look at the damage today. martha: we have several tornadoes that touched down in
6:26 am
texas. some in colorado as well yesterday. any damage to report there? >> reporter: there was actually one in wyoming. this weather system did begin just east of the rockies where resident saw several tornadoes. one in colorado was on the ground for eight minutes before dissipating. again remarkably, no injuries but plenty of damage from those high wind and hail. now you have heard the term, golf ball sized hail? you probably thought that we were exaggerating. well, look here at this picture. martha: wow. >> reporter: it's real. see what that would do to your car. this picture from minnesota where storms hit yesterday and expected again today. the chance of tornadoes in the midwest are not as expected to be severe as those in the south we saw last week, martha, but the midwest is getting hammered right now by some pretty resear weather. back to you. martha: that looks like a tennis ball on the right of the golf ball there. you don't want to be outside when that stuff is coming down. william, thank you very much.
6:27 am
we'll see you later. bill: you do not. big stuff. the u.s. and other allies joining in a search for schoolgirls kidnapped by a fierce and deadly muslim group. families of the children growing more frustrated. can the u.s. help find these wrung woman? martha: can there be a turn be point in the crisis for ukraine. what russian president vladmir putin saying now? does he really want to stop the violence there? we'll talk about that with general keane. >> vladmir putin operates on a cost benefit ratio, equation and the greater the cost, the less likely he is to engage further adventurism. avo: with expedia you always get the lowest price
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bill: fox news alert now on the search for hundreds of kidnapped schoolchildren. nigeria now u.s. offer to help find hundreds of missing girls and return them to their families. a group of islamic militants known as boko haram kidnapping the students and threatening to sell them into slavery. this is part of a violent campaign to imposed a islamic state in nigeria where half the population is christian. amy kellogg live in london. a lot of global pressure and global outrage against the kidnappings. is that having any effect to date, amy? >> reporter: bill, well we can only hope it is. it seems to be because finally the wheels are in motion. international teams are on the way and frankly the government,
6:32 am
which had been seen as not doing enough, is at least now publicly acknowledging the gravity of the situation and urgency of finding these girls. it is not just regular citizens but muslim religious scholars globally are condemning the kidnapping and even some extremists on jihadist websites saying this is just a step too far. all of them trying to show this gripe with its warped ideology is not islamic. the world economic forum going on in nigeria's capital observe admin of silence for the girls, around 50 who managed to escape on their own in the early days after this kidnapping. bill, over 200 girls, largely between the ages of 16 and 18 remain miss in captivity. bill: you talked to military experts about rescuing them. what are the chances of a successful rescue of these girls? >> reporter: there is one positive development today and that is an interview surfaced with a man who has negotiated with this group in the past. he is acted as intermediary he seems to think, bill, the fact
6:33 am
that the leader of boko haram mentioning that he wanted to sell these girls into slavery signals some sort of opening for a bargain, possibly to talk with the government about an exchange of prisoners or something like that. but that is one point of view. the other is that these girls now apparently are scattered in a very vast forest. some people described the way that forest looks from up above from aerial footage as a head of broccoli, it is that dense. some of them have already been married into local families. it is growing to be difficult to pinpoint who they are and also the group is showing no signs of backing down. as we know, bill, as we've been discussing earlier this week when police in one village were out looking for the missing girls, these boko haram opportunists moved into the village, raised it, burned everything in sight, shot people, mutilated people with impunity. bill: they are heinous. amy, we can not forget about these young girls. amy in london on that. 33 past. martha: there is more talk but
6:34 am
apparently not too much action so far from president vladmir putin as the new clashes continue to emerge here on the streets, in the cities of the ukraine, now changing his tune though a bit. he is calling on the separatists to postpone an independence vote. now why would that be? putin also says he is pull be russian troops back from the border but says that the u.s. and nato see see no sign, so far, we see no sign of that so far. listen to this. >> translator: we pulled them out and they're not based on ukrainian border but on sites where they conduct regular training. >> very interesting developments here. let's bring in our fox news military analyst, retired four-star general jack keane, former vice chief of staff of the army. general, welcome. good to have you here. >> glad to be here. martha: is this a case of vladmir putin being concerned he might not win this vote, the separatists, so he is making signs of concession and pull back, perhaps to leverage his
6:35 am
political position there? >> yeah i think you got your finger right on it, martha. i think probably on-ground leaders told him, given the level of violence, this independence referendum they probably can't get their vote out. he would only have the vote and schedule it if they guaranteed the outcome. now the outcome is not guaranteed so they will delay it. that clearly comes from his covert operators who are on the ground. some of the pro-separatist it is still want to go ahead with the vote but i'm convinced putin's advisors convinced him at least delay it. martha: it cops down to the bottom line of how many more people in that area want to join russia, right? do we have any feel for sort of which way the tide is turning on the ground with the people of ukraine? >> well, the fact of the matter is even out in those russian provinces the russian-speaking people are in the minority. that's the reality of it. and this is not crimea. so it's very different where they were in the majority in
6:36 am
crimea. so i think whatever vote they had would probably somewhat fraudulent to begin with and i don't think putin has moved away one iota from his overall strategic objectives and that is to have some political autonomy in eastern and southern ukraine and move the kiev government to a cooperative relationship with them and turn them away from the west as much as possible. martha: so if there are, you know, political problems for vladmir putin, and this may not be going as exactly as he planned, does that provide the opening for the united states government to provide more support in one way or another to help kind of tip the balance there? >> i think you're right. what could be happening here is putin recognizes certainly some of the futility of what he's trying to do. for example, 50,000 troops on the border, certainly he could invade and occupy that part of eastern ukraine but he knows that ukraine is not crimea. that ukrainians will fight, and
6:37 am
that would lead to a protracted war. in their rear view mirror is afghanistan, 1980, a 10-year war after they invaded afghanistan and they left in humiliating defeat. so ukraine is not georgia and it's not crimea. so that's got to be in the back of his mind as a limit on whether he would use force or not. remember, i've always felt he is using the force to intimidate the kiev government to change their behavior toward russia and i don't think he has given up on that fact at all. martha: and do you think he is succeeding in that part of it in any way? are they becoming, you know, more compliant to his wishes in terms of the moves that they make or don't make on the national or international stage? >> yeah, clearly, some of that has happened. not to the degree that he desires. i mean, he clearly, i think at some point he would accept some integration with the pro-west kiev government economically. the imf is going to give them
6:38 am
$17 billion and putin is not opposed to that but clearly he would be opposed, i'm convinced to their integration into nato. so whether he moved his troops back or not that remains to be seen. we'll be able to tell that obviously because we're looking at him with our satellite photos every single day. he may have given the order, martha, an take as few days to break up temporary base camps and move them. these are sprawling actives out there that require a lot of support to move them. martha: well, as you say we're watching and we'll see if he means business, that he is truly pulling back from that border over the next couple of days. general, good to see you as always, thank you. >> good to talk to you, martha. >> we should learn new details on that circus accident that injured eight acrobats at that show in providence, rhode island. they plummeted 20 feet to the ground during a performance. they were hanging by their hair. two of the performers suffered spinal injuries and being
6:39 am
attended to in the hospital. the officials from the company that owns ringling brothers and barnum & bailey will hold a news conference later today. we talked about that earlier in the week. two of them were listed at the time in critical condition. we hope their condition improved since then a frightening thing to watch. martha: absolutely. coming up here this morning people gathering at a murder scene get the scare of their life when a car comes barreling through the crowd. watch this. [screaming] unbelievable. who was in that car? what was their motivation and why did they hit that gas pedal? bill: republicans setting up a select house committee to get answers in benghazi. the white house now responding. will democrats boycott the investigation or not? >> when is the administration going to tell the american people the truth? they have not told them the truth about benghazi.
6:40 am
they have not told the truth about the irs. they have not told the the truth about "fast & furious."
6:41 am
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martha: lawyers for the boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev filing a series of pretrial motions. they're asking the judge to declare the federal death penalty unconstitutional an calling for some evidence to be thrown out including statements that tsarnaev made while he was hospitalized after the arrest. his attorneys claiming that he was improperly questioned without a lawyer. prosecutors have not responded to that but that is going to be some case when that gets underway. we're watching it. >> this was all about getting to the truth. this is not going to be a sideshow. there is not going to be a circus. this is a serious investigation. bill: speaker boehner vowing order and bipartisanship in a select committee over benghazi. will democrats boycott or not? many of them argue there is nothing more to learn about the
6:44 am
attack or the response to it. listen. >> after two years, 13 hearings, 50 briefings, eight reports, 25,000 pages of documents, and millions of taxpayer dollars spent on the issue of benghazi, it looks like republicans are more concerned about an email than they are about the four americans who lost their lives. bill: let's debate this now. stephen sigman, senior vp of global strategy group and direct for for former new jersey john corzine and monica crowley, fox news contributor. steven, the ball is in your court. will democrats be a part of this or not. >> i think they should be a part of it and ultimately i think they should be a part of it. it is special committee, so the republicans could do what they want wit. it ought to be a balanced committee. this issue is investigated more than the zapruder film.
6:45 am
bill: so you want six and six then. >> as a result, if republicans want to be serious proving it is non-partisan it ought to be six and six. >> if democrats choose to boycott this, that this party is overrun by leftist fanatics and partisan hacks this is very serious issue. there is nothing more serious than loss of four americans in a terrorist attack and cover-up by an administration for political reasons. when democrats had control of congress they had no problem doing i'm balanced committees. pell pell in 2006 a select committee of all things, climate change ad nine democrats and six republicans. select committee on water gaut in 1973 democrats in control four democrats, three republicans. precedent when the party is in control they have the right to dictate the makeup of this committee. bill: why would democrats afraid if it is 7-5? let me be clear about this. we americans. they gave their life for our
6:46 am
country. we're trying to figure out what happened. and why and how to make sure it never happens again. >> i don't think it has anything to do with being afraid. i think it has to do if you want to actually have an investigation into exactly what you described, don't make it a partisan investigation. monica's right that normally special committees have some imbalance to them. this isn't a normal situation. you have, you know, five reports already, seven congressional investigations, 17 hearings and republicans going out there and fund-raising off of this offering for $500 for americans to become benghazi watchdogs. >> the president of the united states, morning after the attack flew to vegas for a fund-raiser. look, you have to have this committee because as steven points out you do have multiple congressional investigations going on, bill. the problem is that this administration so stonewalled the investigation that it took a private, outside group, judicial watch, to submit a foia request to even get the document that provoked all of this so when
6:47 am
you're not getting cooperation from the administration, yes you do need a select committee to actually get these documents, get subpoena, get deposition power, put people like hillary clinton under oath in order to get to the truth. bill: i don't see how democrats do not participate in this. i agree with both of you frankly. because if you choose not to be involved, you're allowing an all likelihood, your nominee for the white house in 2016 to fend for herself. >> i don't think we know who the nominee will be in 2016. more importantly i agree with you that they should participate. i think they will participate. it is part of the who is process. as hillary clinton pointed out in an interview yesterday, you know the house can do what it wants here, right? the house should participate but the bottom line here is that if republicans want to demonstrate that this is non-partisan, and this isn't just another -- bill: understand the point you're making this is also an election year, monica. trey gowdy was on our program two days ago and he made three
6:48 am
critical points and the third point he made can you trust essentially what the with white house is telling you? that seems to be under current for everything that is being driven on behalf of gowdy and we'll see whether or not he gets his answers on that. because the storyline then goes to how can you trust an administration that is not being straight with you? >> right. what we've seen so far is, putting controversy on issues that actually are very grave and deserve answers, not least of which for the victims families so the left is really and white house tried to controversyize benghazi, try to delegitimatize the investigations and essentially say no big deal and it shouldn't be investigated. the reason they are trying to even have this debate over whether they should join the committee because they are so panicked. it is not just about the dereliction of duty leading up to the attack and during the attack or the lies and cover-up after the attack but it is also, it gets to the core issue which is what are they covering up? what was stevens actually doing
6:49 am
in benghazi? what are the policies that -- >> what were all the investigations leading up to now doing? this is unprecedented amount of investigations. how -- >> can't get cooperation from the administration. that is why they need select committee. >> you have people participating. you have people coming to testify. you have two years of investigations and five reports. >> you have repeated stonewalling. >> umpteen reports and hearings and partridge in a pair tree. >> if they had cooperated there would be no need for the select committee. bill: listen, we've got a run. >> trying. bill: i appreciate the debate. steven are you afraid of select committee. no. bill: are you concerned what they may uncover? >> no. look politically all you will have here more of the same, people on the left thinking it's a witch-hunt and people on the right thinking it is a cover-up and -- >> they should be worried. bill: monica, thank you. steven as well. appreciate it. martha, what is next. martha: we'll talk to representative chris van hollen on that coming up. stick around for that as well. it should get pretty interesting on keep toll hill, the woman
6:50 am
nominated to replace kathleen sebelius as next head of health and human services. republicans will have questions for her. we'll take you there live. bill: not something you see every day, an accused arts sonnist, shall we say an unusual outfit, shall we say? ♪ when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at
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bill: new developments in a deadly crash involving a tour bus and a fedex truck in california. the 18-year-old victim announcing that he is suing boeing companies. the fedex truck slammed into a tour bus killing 10 people. miles hill escaped the burning wreckage by climbing through a window. he is a violinist said his
6:54 am
injuries may leave him unable to play music again. it is the fifth lawsuit involving crash victims in the case. martha: emergency meeting on keep toll hill this morning with the house foreign affairs officials signing a subpoena on information from a va hospital in phoenix that we covered here quite extensively. that facility is accused of keeping a secret wait list and letting as many as 40 u.s. veterans die while waiting to get medical attention. it is awful story and steve centanni joins us from washington. steve, how does the va secretary, eric shinseki respond to these allegations. >> reporter: martha, cutting to the bottom line. he will not resign he says. he does say he wants to get to the bottom of these allegations involving that va hospital in phoenix, arizona. where 40 veterans reportedly died because of delayed treatment. this morning the house veterans affairs committee voted to subpoena all communications dealing with the destruction or disappearance of an alternative waiting list at that facility.
6:55 am
shinseki sent investigators to phoenix to find out exactly what happened. meantime, here is his reaction to the scandal. >> all of this makes me angry. i mean, whenever we have allegations like this, even, until they're founded, i didn't come here to watch things happen this way. i came here to make things better. >> reporter: shinseki says he takes the allegations very seriously. martha? martha: as you point out, steve, there have been a lot of calls for shinseki to step down. what quarters are they coming from primarily? >> reporter: these demands are coming from a variety of sources including high-profile veterans group, the american legion and coming from some members of congress as well. here are a few of the voices so far we heard expressing anger and outrage. >> it is obvious the issues are more widespread within the va. those problems need to be addressed at the highest level, starting with new lip. >> i a-- leadership.
6:56 am
>> agree with the american legion that general shinseki's time as secretary of veterans affairs has come to an end and he needs to step down. the president need to find a new leader to lead this organization out of the wilderness and back to providing service that our veterans deserve. >> reporter: the white house still standing by shinseki, martha. martha: we'll see where that goes. steve, thank you. bill: the investigation on benghazi might go to whole new level in a matter of moments. waiting for a vote in the house to form a special committee looking at allegations of a white house cover-up after that terror attack on september 11th, 2012. will democrats take part? a top house democratic leader will answer that question in minutes. martha: the woman at the center of the irs targeting scandal lois lerner is now being held in contempt of congress. now questions whether she could face jail time. >> day after day, action after action, ms. lerner exposed
6:57 am
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. martha: fox news alert, the house is set to start debating the select committee to investigate the benghazi attack as democrats threaten this morning to boycott that panel. the democrats want an even split, and they say they may not take part if they don't get a 50/50 split on that panel. welcome, everybody, to "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: is and i'm bill hemmer. republicans say they've got the majority, so it will not be an even split. either way, the vote is set for today, and senator lindsey graham pushing back against democrats. here, now, his advice and how he believes they should proceed. >> here's my advice to my democratic friends: if you're seen as trying to cover up getting to the truth of benghazi and you think that everything
7:01 am
that has been known and this is just a witch hunt, you do so at your peril. if we're overplaying our hand, we do so at our peril. martha: interesting. so how are the democrats responding? we're now joined by congressman chris van hollen who's a ranking member of the house budget committee. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning, martha. martha: how do you respond to what lindsey graham said there? >> excuse me. first of all, lindsey graham should read the two bipartisan senate committee reports on benghazi, so they have the intelligence committee, they have the homeland security committee in a bipartisan fashion look at it. he should also look at the more than 25,000 documents that have been submitted to the house, the four house hearings. there was a very legitimate reason to have these hearings in the first place, to try and find out what happened. but these hearings long ago veered off the road of substance into a political witch hunt -- martha: you know, the problem with that is, you know, and this is what john boehner essentially said, and i think he in a way
7:02 am
agreed with you, because he didn't want to go forward with the select committee until he essentially saw the memo from ben rhodes which made a link between let's focus on the video, and let's not make this a failure of policy. and that changed his mind. and we know that that memo was not turned over initially, and that there are pages and pages of redacted memos. why would the white house be redacting the information about what they talked about in their communications meetings? so that's what the problem is really. >> well, martha, i have in my hand the memo you referred to, and i urge every one of your viewers to go on the internet and read that memo, because what that memo was about was the larger situation in the middle east at the time with the arab spring. it's got one little provision on benghazi. i urge everybody to go read it -- martha: so why would they not have turned it over initially then if it's so innocuous then, as you say? >> my understanding was that the request had to do with specific benghazi stuff. if you look at this memo --
7:03 am
martha: yeah, but it was part of the memos that the white house turned over when asked for memos on benghazi. >> okay, martha, let me ask you this, read that provision, and you tell me what is new in this provision on benghazi. i've got it right here. what it does is says exactly what the administration had been saying all along with respect to this issue, and consistent with what the cia is saying. martha: i understand that's the argument. >> so the question is if you really think this is so bad, what is new? right? martha: you know, it doesn't really matter what i think. john boehner felt that it was new and it was material and it was enough for him to go to this next step. so let's talk about the select committee for a moment because i do want to get your thoughts on whether or not you think your party should not participate. what do you think? >> i think if there's a fair process, meaning that this is designed to get the facts, this is designed to be a substantive process as opposed to a political witch hunt, then the answer is, yes. but if this is going to be totally skewed and not a fair
7:04 am
process, then all you're getting is a kangaroo court, and that doesn't serve the interests of the truth or the american people. martha: how will you answer that question for yourself? trey gowdy, who's leading it, says this is not a side show. he's a former prosecutor, he wants to really vet the facts here. so how will you measure your answer personally to that question? >> right, right. this is the same guy who's been on your network and others in the last three days saying he's already got the facts, he's got the smoking gun, and he's already indicted and convicted everybody -- martha: i don't know that he said that. he didn't say that. >> that's why you have to have a fair process, martha. and i think most people would agree that having an even number of republicans and dem can accurates, that's fair. that's how we work the ethics committee here in the congress, and that's how we deal with nonpartisan issues. martha: first of all, if you can deliver a direct quote from trey gowdy saying it's a closed deal, i'd love to see it, because he absolutely didn't ask me that when i spoke to him here. >> what trey gowdy has said is that he's got this information
7:05 am
which for some reason he's not disclosing, and that that information already is damning. so i don't happen -- martha: well, then i guess we'd all want to see that, if that were the case. i want to get back to the issue -- >> and if he's got it, why doesn't he tell everybody? martha: all right, you know, fair enough. we'll ask him to do exactly that, if that's the case. let's talk about the division, because when you look back at the watergate select committee, it was not equal. it was four democrats, three republicans because democrats were in the majority at the time. so why do you think a different rule should apply this time around? >> well, we think the interests of fairness in this particular case where we don't think there should be any question about political motivation requires an even number. but i will say, martha -- martha: wait. why didn't democrats feel that way in the watergate hearing? laid why would it be less fair? >> as you know, in the watergate situation you were talking about possible criminal wrongdoing. let me just say here, martha,
7:06 am
we've also provided a backup alternative. if you i don't want to do an even number, then at least create a procedure where when you're going to go issuing subpoenas, and when you're going to go gathering information when you're having depositions, that you should have at least some democratic support. in other words, there should be some bipartisan support before you go issuing subpoenas so that this is focused on the facts and does not become a political witch hunt. hopefully, hopefully speaker boehner will agree to that kind of fair process. martha: we'll see. you know, in terms of this idea that democrats might not participate, are you concerned that that would be unfair to hillary clinton or to susan rice who might go before that committee to testify? >> well, obviously we think it would be important for people to be present on the committee with respect to the answering the questions and delivering of questions. however, it doesn't do a whole lot of good to be there if the
7:07 am
rules of the game are rigged in advance against you. it just doesn't. and if you look at what's happened under darrell issa's committee, for example, the democrats have been totally excluded even from many of the depositions, from some of the fact-finding missions. and so again, if you're going to rig the rules of the game from the beginning, it doesn't make sense because then you're just adding credibility to what is an inherently uncredible process which is why i go back to the fact that what we want is a fair process. if it's a fair process, we're more than willing to participate even though, again, we've already had four committees in the house dealing with this, two bipartisan senate committees, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mullen, ambassador pickering, did an independent report on this. but, again, we're ready to revisit it but only if it's -- martha: you want to know that it's a fair process. understood. congressman van hollen, thank you very much. good to have you this morning. >> it's good to be here.
7:08 am
bill: lawmakers now billing pram ooh's president obama's nominee for the health and human services secretary, sylvia burwell. she's tapped to replace kathleen sebelius who resigned after the botched obamacare rollout. mike emanuel's watching that live on the hill, what's the tone so far? >> bill, polite but serious. senators don't seem to have questions about the qualifications of civil yaphe matthews burwell so far, but they do have questions about obamacare and what she would do differently in overseeing the health care system. you can expect questions about what she would like to change in the obamacare law, what she knows about the health care system and if she'll be straight and honest with lawmakers. >> we want to move in a different direction to put in place proposal zs that provide more freedom, more choices and lower costs. we trust americans to make those decisions for ourselves. we believe that is the american way. since obama will still be in
7:09 am
office for the next two years, if you are confirmed, we will need your help to do that. >> reporter: arizona senator john mccain helped introduce matthews burwell and sang her praises, her qualifications, so at this point it's not about her so much, but it is a lot about obamacare. bill: is her confirmation in doubt at all, mike? >> reporter: not really because, of course, majority leader harry reid changed the rules of the senate, so she only needs 51 votes to be confirmed. democrats can provide that. she was confirmed to be the office of management and budget director a year ago 96-0, so she should not have major issues. it was thought at one time that president obama would not or could not replace kathleen sebelius to lead hhs because confirmation may be nearly impossible for a replacement, but barring a major gaffe, matthews burwell should get through to do the job. bill: big job, indeed. thank you, mike emanuel, on the hill. thank you, mike. >> reporter: thank you.
7:10 am
martha: so there's been a massive explosion that has destroyed a five-star hotel that was used by government military forces in northern syria. wow, syrian rebels claiming responsibility for that blast across from the city's ancient sit a dell which government -- citadel. this video was posted on a social media web site, rebels reportedly planted explosives in a tunnel beneath that hotel. syria state television identified it as the carlton citadel. various media outlets are reporting mass casualties. more on that as we get it. bill: remarkable thing to think that war's still going on. when across-the-board budget cuts were threatened, everybody said the sky would fall. tens of house, hundreds of thousands of jobs were on the line. so now that it's said and done, how many people did lose a job? you will be shocked by this
7:11 am
answer. bret baier on that, plus this: martha: crazy scene. this is a car smashing through a crowd as the driver went on a rampage. it was already a crime scene, you see the news cameras out there and the police, then this guy started driving around, and it was a bizarre incident. we're going to tell you what happened. bill: also lois lerner officially in contempt of congress, refusing to answer questions about her role in the targeting scandal surrounding the irs. could jail time be next? congressman jim jordan life on this in minutes -- live on this in minutes. >> obviously, when there's the threat of jail, people typically see the light and come answer our questions. that's what we hope happens here. that's been the history. 0
7:12 am
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7:14 am
bill: there was a camera rolling during a wild scene playing out during a murder or investigation in houston, texas, when this happened.
7:15 am
imagine the confusion they had there based on the screams you hear in the background. that car, driven by the suspect's father, barreling through a crowd after the shooting death of a 20-year-old man inside of an apartment building. now, the driver didn't hurt anybody, no one injured there, didn't hit anybody either. someone jumped in, stopped the car before police stopped the father. a gunman is on the loose, but we do not know the motive for that shooting. that is not clear. martha: another interesting story here. you'll remember, of course, the doomsday predictions that came with last year's sequester. today slashed $85 billion in federal spending because there was no agreement that they could come to, they said it would be very painful. in fact, democrats like senator harry reid said it would be devastating. >> we have learned that the sequestration already has cut 1.6 million jobs.
7:16 am
so we need job creation. we need to help the middle class by creating jobs. martha: he said it had already cut, in fact, 1.6 million jobs. and then you had house speaker john boehner who was equally concerned saying, quote: a dramatic new federal policy is scheduled to go into effect that threatens u.s. national security and thousands of jobs. but guess what? a government watchdog report shows that one person lost their job because of this sequestration. and republicans are wondering why the obama administration was so far off in their assessment. as you see, republicans and democrats alike said it was going to be armageddon out there. bret baier joins us now, good morning to you. >> hey, martha. martha: pretty remarkable, of the 23 agencies affected, they dropped or laid off one person. >> one person. senator tom coburn is leading the charge to find out why these chicken little kind of statements were being made from both sides of the aisle. the administration really leading the charge there, and
7:17 am
you remember during that time the president was out saying this is real, it's not an abstraction, people will lose jobs. you just played senator harry reid, there were others, and, obviously, speaker boehner wrote that op-ed. they were basing it, at the time, on the congressional budget office assessment that had and also goldman sachs backed that up that had somewhere between 100,000 and 1.6 million jobs being lost because of the sequester. now, there's just one job that was lost. of clearly, agencies felt the pinch. if you talk to people in the pentagon, they're concerned about future problems because of this. but all of these agencies were able to mitigate those cuts, and they're not really real cuts now, they're cuts to future spending. so the whole thing as it was being portrayed according to this gao report is nowhere near the impact that it is having
7:18 am
currently. martha: i think a lot of people would look at this story and say, gee, well, if that budget so painful, why does -- wasn't so painful, why does congress say it's next to impossible to cut spending? we have $17 trillion in debt, and apparently we made it through these disastrous cuts with nary a scratch except for one human being who you feel bad for, but it was supposed to be much worse. >> exactly. and that is the statements of deficit hawks up on capitol hill, national debt, the concern about that. they say, listen, there are more cuts that can be made, and if you give these agencies the flexibility to not just cut across the board as this was a kind of default position if the two parties couldn't get together if you remember, this sequestration was the penalty that nobody was supposed to get. because it was so bad. well, now the penalty that was so bad turns out it wasn't that
7:19 am
bad. and if you gave these agencies, supporters say, the flexibility to move the money around and deal with those cuts effectively, maybe it would be even less. martha: right. just as businesses do all across the country when they find out that, you know, next year's sales aren't exactly what they thought they were going to be and they have to make changes. granted, it's very likely there were people who were not hired in that period -- >> and people lost hours. martha: hours cut back, exactly. but the overall bottom line was that one job was cut. i wonder, i mean, i hope somebody asks this question to the white house about this one job, and, you know, i wonder what kind of reaction there will be to these dire charges and what the reality was. you know, tom coburn's retiring. who's going to continue to, you know, raise that flag, i guess? >> no, that's true, it's very true. we'll have a piece tonight on "special report." james rosen is digging into it. we're going to try to find the guy who lost his job, ask him about this whole thing.
7:20 am
but we're also going to ask all parties about, you know, that message during that time, because, boy, i tell you, if you were sitting at home, it was the sky is kind of falling because of this movement. and now the reality is much, much different. it also gets to trust, the bottom line about trust and government. and we're not in a good place if you look at polls. martha: very good point. and we will look forward to that story tomorrow. thank you, bret. >> okay, martha. bill: because once it goes to washington, it doesn't come back out of washington. martha: never. it's incredible. we'll look forward to that tonight. bill: so we're going to meet the guy who was laid off. martha: maybe, hope so. if you're out there, call james rosen. bill: can the government tell you how many people you're allowed to have inside of your home? it's happening in one state, and we'll tell you why this is so important in a moment. martha: and the police today are searching for an arsonist who was caught on camera, but it was
7:21 am
his wardrobe that had the police scratching their heads about this guy. bill: he was a strange one, huh huh? ♪ ♪ avo: with expedia you always get the lowest price book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less we'll match it and give you fifty dollars back that's the expedia guarantee
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dog: get four years on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. get a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. don't miss the memorial day sale. martha: police in texas on the hunt forn alleged arsonist who was caught in the act in an unusual outfit. surveillance video captured the crime near austin. poured something on the floor and seconds later went up in flames. the tape also reveals he had a surprising wardrobe choice. >> we looked at it, the video, several times to make sure that we got it right, but it does appear to the investigators that this suspect was wearing a
7:25 am
black-styled miniskirt. typically, something that a female would wear. martha: typically. [laughter] police say that they believe the man set two recent fires at other businesses in the area, so typically, not always, but typically -- bill: kind of interesting costume, right? martha: it was. bill: interesting choice. martha: maybe he, i don't know, maybe it just made for a quicker getaway. bill: right. mrs. arsonist. martha: perhaps. bill: to you. a proposed number that would limit how many people could gather at your home and how often raising questions about your right to peaceful assembly. peter doocy's live on that in alexandria, virginia. peter, how many people can they have today, and why is this even an issue? >> reporter: today, bill, you can have as-people as you want over, but this proposed rule would make it so you can only have 50 or more people over three times every 40 days, any more than that, and you would be breaking the law. finish and so they had this
7:26 am
county meeting last night in fairfax county, in alexandria. a few dozen people turned up. the vast majority were very upset about this proposal, especially people with big families. >> be i'm very offended by us even trying to even do something like this. >> and i'm looking to one day buy a house. the regulation -- [inaudible] of fairfax county really actually deters me from buying a house in this county. >> how do you enforce it? i mean, do you have to stake out somebody's house for 40 days? >> reporter: and county officials admit this would be a tough one to enforce, especially since a lot of complaints might not be investigated until a big crowd has broken up. bill: sounds ridiculous, but there must be some sort of justification. what is the county saying? >> reporter: the county says, bill, this is all about long lines of cars on the same streets every weekend and noise. in fact, one official told me last night that last year in mclean, virginia, there was
7:27 am
this same house every weekend selling tickets to a backyard concert. that's the kind of thing that they are trying to eliminate, and they say, the county says they think they have the authority to do that. >> so we don't think it's unconstitutional what we're proposing, because i don't think the county attorneys would let us do that. we're not preventing anybody from assembling, we're just setting out some guidelines as to when a residential, when activities in a home are no longer residential in nature. >> reporter: and officials suggested last night at that meeting that there may be exemptions for family gatherings and for religious gatherings. they're going to have two more meetings like the one they had last night, and in june elected officials are going to get together and decide what to do. bill: i see. all right. that's a no-fun county, perhaps. [laughter] thank you, peter. peter doocy there. martha: that restaurant establishment at your house.
7:28 am
all right, well, it was a celebration of the greatest generation and the defeat of the nazi machine. we look back at the end of world war ii in europe on this day nearly 70 years ago. bill: that is a throwback thursday. could lois lerner face jail time now that she's been held in contempt of congress? a leading republican lawmaker that's helping to lead the irs targeting investigation will be here the -- to answer that live. >> think about your first amendment rights, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and speech in particular that's political to speak out against your government, your most fundamental right. that's what they targeted. [ female announcer cre presents: crest 3d white whitestrips vs. a whitening pen. i feel like my lips are going to, like, wash it off.
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>> could lois lerner be facing jail time? this is on the house vote today hold the former irs official in comptemp congress. on the other side the democrats the blasting the vote. >> welcome to witch hunt week. >> i will not walk a path that is treaded by the senator mccarthy and the unamerican house committee. >> lois lerner is not to be defended here. she is not a hero but has a right in the constitution of the united states. >> that is how the debate went last night. jim jorn is here republican
7:33 am
senator from ohio and he has been at the forefront of the investigation. good morning. six democrats voted with you. but 26 democrats voted to appoint a special council on behalf of the department of justice. what is the difference in that? if there is one. >> it highlights how poor the investigation is at the department of justice into this scandal. the fbi leaked to the wall street journal no one is going to be prosecuted. and the president went on the television on super bowl sunday and said there is no c-nothing going on.
7:34 am
so 26 democrats, a bipartisan majority, says look we need a special council. someone who is impartial. >> you know what is going on with benghazi. would you expect a special council on this? >> i think it is difficult for eric holder to do but he should to remove the doubt and get the cloud gone hanging on the head's of everyone. remove the cloud and pick someone above and you can pick a democrat but someone who is doing a credible, impartial, real investigation. >> many are suggesting lois lerner could go to jail. did you believe that? >> the statute is pretty clear.
7:35 am
it says the united states attorney shall take it to a grand jury and then the question is did the house hold that person in contempt and then it goes to a judge. when we held eric holder in con' contempt they appealed it saying this is executive privilege. i don't think they can execute that because that would say the white house communicated with lois lerner. i think it is likely it will move forward. but this attorney general comes up with ways to do things that don't square with the constitution. >> why risk that instead of talking? >> this is the last option we are at. we think we waved her fifth amendment right, the democrats don't, we have legal scholars on both sides. let's send it to the judge. if we are going to get to the truth the only route is through
7:36 am
the house of representatives. because the criminal investigation is a sham and a joke. the only route to get to the truth about your free speech right and the only route to the truth and through the house of representatives. and to get the key person to testify we have to use tools at our disposal. >> we are getting back to the core root. her attorney said they are just trying to keep the baseless conspiracy alive unwill the election. she didn't wave rights by per -- proclaiming innocence -- and we are told there are other tools in the legal tool box that folks
7:37 am
like you could compel her to speak to get the answers you want. you are arguing she proclaimed her innocence before taking the fifth. that is where this whole legal issues is at. do i have that right? >> yes, but she sat down with the department of justice and answered those question. but she did try to wave them in front of congress. so when you wave them in one setting but not in another that adds to the question as well. she did come in and assert innocence and refuse to answer questions but sat down with the doj and didn't exercise her right. >> are there any negotiations going on with her lawyers? >> not that i know.
7:38 am
>> so you will get her to speak or go to jail? >> this is our only tool left and we have to use all of the tools to get to the bottom of this. you know the donor list? they were not all destroyed and the reports were they were destroyed. and among these on the donor list, a full 10% were audited by the irs. the national rate for audits is 1%. if this is true and it plays out this way what does that mean? >> if it is true and i am not sure it is. but if that is true, i guess it would say if they were willing to target people applying for status maybe they used to audit process to target those individuals. i don't know if that is true but it is something i thought about. >> the irs reported 10% were
7:39 am
audited. much higher than the 1% of people who are audited. what does that tell you? >> that should fear the people. the jefferson quote comes to mind and people are nervous about the actions of the irs and if they were increasing auditing conservative people donating to conservative organizations that is a scare a thing. >> thank you for your time. 21 minute for the hour. our throwback thursday is taking us back to 1945 is v-day. victory in europe. you see the jubilance in the music and look at the scene on the streets. celebrations on may 8th the day the german troops laid down their weapons.
7:40 am
it fell on harry truman's birthday and he did dedicated to results to roosevelt who died three months ago. the war brought to an end 69 years ago today. >> we have throwback thursday and people are going last year -- >> here is me last week >> heck of a catch at a marlin's game last night. wasn't done by a player either. the ball making the play of the nice. >> and the world is speaking out in one voice against the terror group so vicious that even al qaeda distances itself from the actions of his group. we will have the latest effort to find more than 200 girls who are now kiddnapped for going to school
7:41 am
>> they have been promising us these girls would be found but up to this moment i am talking nothing has been done. no single military personal has gone to look for the girls as i am talking now. when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens?
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>> this ball boy has skills. miami marlins foul ball racing down the line. get it! >> beautiful! >> happened so fast we had to slow it down. he wasn't quite able to hold on to the ball but he was smiles afterwards. >> get that guy job. >> the marlins could use him. interesting and scary and frightening story coming up. three weeks after 250 girls were
7:45 am
kidnapped by a group known boko haram from a school in nigeria. mitchell obama took to twitter and said it is time to bring back our girls #bring back our girls. she joined other high profile gi people holding a sign bring back our girls. reverend jesse jackson is here with perspective. reverend, welcome. >> good morning. >> now that the world is paying tensi attention and it is three weeks later. are you satisfied with the resources from the united states? >> i am glad the president determined to act and president
7:46 am
john asked for them to get involved. they are blowing up churches and such. news from africa so uncovered and slow. we know that al qaeda hit kenya and tanizin a before they hit new york. so we cannot leave them out of the coverage. >> and 50 boys were killed in nigeria not too long ago. this lawless region of the country is just that. what do you think is the chance of finding the girls? >> they were coming from the south at first and now they maybe spreading to cameroon and niger and the surrounding
7:47 am
states. so it is going to require more than nigeria has to offer. i do remember the president said state of emergency there said it wasn't that severe but it has been severe. we have a humane interest in trying to retrieve the girls. if they are in the bushes it will be difficult but it it be done. and second shell and exxon are there and one opec partners is there. it could be a major destab destabalizing pact. >> how likely is it the girls can be recovered and do you believe boko haram wants to keep them alive? or do they want to poke the attention of the world and create a deal? is that possible?
7:48 am
>> it is hard to tell. first of all, there is no one at the table negotiating anything. they are very elusive that this point. i am concerned they are armed and financed by some source. whether it is inside oil or an outside group like al qaeda. i am glad the united states and sending in special agencies to help in the pursuit of the girls. that is the beginning of the process of trying to stabalize nigeria when would affect the whole western worn world. >> thank you so much. good to see you. >> he's right about africa. should have seen it in 1998.
7:49 am
jenna lee is standing by. >> we are waiting for the vote on the benghazi selection committee and there is talk democrats won't participate. and a home intruder shot and killed in montana. apparently the teenager cause killed was participating into new/old friend called garage hopping. and we will talk about spats of teens with crimes. are teens getting more brazen, or just more aware of it because of social media or are kids being kids. >> plant earth like you have never seen her before. the view is literally out of this world. ♪ take my breath away we need it right away!
7:50 am
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>> we think it is a great view. images from one of the latest images on the space station. an hd camera, four of them, have been posted and they have given us breath taking images. on board the international space station they have four cameras and they are set-up in hd quality and shoot back at us >> it is like the ultimate selfie, right? there are four cameras looking
7:54 am
at different angles. one straight down, some off to the side. and they are live streaming the views as the space station circles the planet once every 90 minutes at 17,000 miles per hour 24/7. >> why do you think that it is so remarkable? >> we are seeing science-grid views of the earth and puts in perfective what it is like to be in space. this is a view only astronauts get. but now you can log on and watch the earth fly by. >> we look pretty good. >> the space station has cameras all over but not like this. >> do you think it is the hd quality that is drawing people
7:55 am
like you to it more so than in the past? >> it is. these are brand new high tech cameras that nasa wants to check for deep space conditions and the by-product is we get these amazing views of earth. not 4-k. but the cameras have caught up into the technology we have on our devices. >> as i was reading about this, the scientist work would high school students in america to help develop this. >> that is right. students across the country are participating in this country and built small components that are on the camera package and fastners and that type of thing. and most of the operations of the cameras, where they are looking at, these students are choosing and participating that. >> and then you draw younger people in the idea of space travel. when you are young, you are always impressed with space.
7:56 am
>> well it is an amazing thing no matter the age but to be able to say i am in high school and i built a fastner that is keeping the wires and making it go is definitely like a point like i did this. >> thanks for sharing. martha? >> a pair of twisters along with heavy rain and hail, up to three inches deep, and we will gel get you an update on the storms in the west and where they are headed next.
7:57 am
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distinctions they've earned in life there's a higher standard of home care. brightstar care. from care teams led by registered nurses to unmatched care expertise brightstar care offers home care you can trust, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. your loved one deserves care that's nothing less than extraordinary because they've earned it. for a complimentary in-home assessment, call brightstar care today at 866-621-0228 s. bill: we here at fox news channel want to make a special mention of a special person today, a little boy we met back new year's eve and impossible for him not to touch our heart frankly. ethan richard son, the one wish was to come to new york and celebrate new year's eve in times square. his family was with us. part of his request granted by
8:00 am
the make-a-wish foundation. yesterday, ethan lost his battle with a tumor. he was only eight years old. he was a special, special young man. a lot of folks not just here but also down in charleston, south carolina, where his family calls home. they remember him. he is in a better place we say in the heavens above. our prayers to his family. martha: god bless him. jon: we begin with this fox news alert. a woman related to the oscar pistorius murder investigation now breaks her silence of the athlete's probation officer making a last-minute decision to take the stand in his defense. this as his trial resumes today. we will have a live update from south africa. plus our legal panel weighs in on what impact her testimony could have on the judge's ruling. also this fox news alert on the senate's first crack at the president's nominee for health and human services


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