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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 9, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: tonight fox news reporting takes an inside look at a top secret u.s. agency that has been plagued by scandal and asks, is the nsa really keeping us safe? excellent question. fox news reporting the secret war, who is the enemy by bret baier tonight at 10:00 p.m. jon: check it out. have a great weekend. happy moms day to you. martha: thank thank you very mu. bill: sunshine. sunshine. bye, everybody. jon: we begin with a fox news alert. we're awaiting the speaker of the house john boehner. he is expected to announce the other members of the republican select committee which congressman trey gowdy will chair. the vote passed the house by a huge majority but right now it is not clear whether democrats will actually participate after slamming its composition. it has seven republicans, five democrats. democrats are trying to decide whether they will send anybody, maybe one person, maybe a full
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compliment. we should know all of those answers today. another fox news alert. the defense now pushing back in the oscar pistorius murder trial. good morning to you on this friday. i'm jon scott. >> hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. new testimony from a ballistic, pert saying the olympic athlete panicked when he mistook his girlfriend reeva steinkamp as an intruder, rapidly firing four bullets through the door before he realized his mistake. they say steenkamp was cowering behind the door in fear after a heated argument and pistorius deliberately fired. this cause ad heated exchange. >> i brought the photos of the deceased. he went up and he went -- and nearly came back -- >> why would that be an answer to my question? that he vomited because he saw a
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photograph? why would that be an answer to my question? >> my lady. jon: you asked me if i consulted with him and i said no. and he went out. that's why i have answered the question because he never dame back into the consultation room. >> i show you bias. you just wanted to say that the accused vomited. that's all. >> my lady, i'm not biased. i'm 55, i see myself as a witness of this court and i'm here to assist the court wherever i can and i, i take exception to the fact that mr. nel says i'm biased. >> i note your exception. i'm making inference from the evidence. >> you can make a inference what you like, mr. nel. i have never lied in the court. jenna: meantime we're now hearing from one of our reporters who had an exclusive exchange with a member of the pistorius family. joining us now on the phone, paul tilsley. paul, tell us a little bit about this conversation.
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>> reporter: yes, jenna. oscar went missing around his uncle's house just after he was released on bail, causing them great concern according to a family member who talked exclusively with me. this happened more than once. each time the source told fox news "the blade runner" was eventually found as a shadow of his former proud self, hiding under a bush in the large garden around the house, crouching, crying, and repeatedly vomiting. he different want to be found, the source claims. he was trying to get away from everyone. he missed reeva steinkamp very much. before the shooting oscar had brought reeva to the house where he now lives. had introduced her to his family but source says reeva never introduced oscar to her family. and this family member says they, and oscar tried several times to speak with reeva's family after the event but the steenkamps did not want to talk with him. this upset the athlete and his family greatly. the source added that the
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shooting was a terrible mistake, jenna. jenna: all right. interesting, paul much, that conversation that you had. what else happened in court today that we should know about. >> reporter: well for the first time in the trial the nameu.s. ba lace ticks experts alex jason came up. the defense through their ballistics expert admitted they had consulted with jason in california. for moist of the day he was involved in a ding-dong battle with prosecutor harry, the pitbull nel. with the defense trying to prove that pistorius fired four bullets in quick succession and prosecution using lasers and steel rods in court, all very csi to prove there was a gap between the shots when steenkamp in all probability screamed. in the end even the defense witness had to admit, and i quote, what happened behind that door in the toilet we will never know. jenna? jenna: paul tilsley, live from
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south africa. paul, thank you. jon: there are fast-moving developments right now on the benghazi investigation. the speaker of the house john boehner expected to name the other republican lawmakers who will serve on the select committee. his announcement could come anytime now. how many democrats will take part is up in the air. one lawmaker says, they should appoint just one member to the panel. others suggesting a full boy scott. joining me now for more on this is bob cusack, managing editor of "the hill." this is an interesting chess game underway right now. are democrats concerned in particular about which members, which republican members, speaker boehner will choose? or are they just threatening to boycott the entire process? >> well, they ideally want an even number of democrats and republicans. that is not going to happen. speaker boehner said republicans have the majority in the house, therefore this issue of 7-5 is entirely fair. jon: there is precedent for that as we pointed out before.
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nancy pelosi's energy and climate change committee, when she was speaker of the house contained more democrats than republicans, 9-6 i think. >> that's true. democrats are asking questions whether they would have subpoena power and whether they would depose witnesses. those details and those talks are going on but some of those idea that you have heard out there that have been floated as far as a boycott and even more unusual idea of only one democrat serving on the committee, this is divided democrats. i think that one lawmaker idea is not a good one for democrats. i don't think that would look good. and nancy pelosi has shied away from threatening a boycott. so i think that, when it is all said and done i think democrats are going to participate on this. and look also for speaker boehner, who he picks on the committee is going to be very important. i think he has to have at least a couple women on it. remember, hillary clinton is a possible witness for this committee. jon: that one democratic lawmaker member comes from that suggestion, comes from rosa dell
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lore row. one of -- delauro, one of nancy pelosi's trusted lieutenants. she had this to say to her democratic colleagues, such a lone participant maintain access to witnesses and material, monitor the house majority activities and provide a powerful voice to raise issues and make appropriate public comments. she says the reason for all of this is that she believes house republicans are politicizing the committee, but part of the reason, not entirely the reason but part of the reason the house republicans say they want to have this committee is because they feel the white house was politicizing the entire tragedy, trying to blame it on a youtube video in advance of the presidential election. >> definitely some fingerpointing here and that's, henry waxman, who has launched a lot of investigations on a variety of issues does not like the one member idea. he thinks democrats should be
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all-in as many members as they can get boehner would allow which would be five. so this is something, there are politics certainly in 2012. it was heat of the presidential election season. republicans have to be wary of going too far. they have to come up with three basic questions that they are trying to get the answers to and i think part of that is going to be highlighting the fact that these documents haven't come out. we saw that email from ben rhodes came out recently. what else is out there? what is what republicans have to hammer home and not appear too partisan. jon: so the makeup of the committee members that john boehner picks is going to be he vitally important here? >> yes absolutely. democrats will go whoever they pick but i don't think he will pick committee chairman who have done investigations on this i see him picking people who perhaps sit on those committees but not the chairman so that they, boehner can make the case, members are taking a fresh look at this, but this is going to go on for quite some time. this committee will have its own
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staff. there will be a lot of fireworks, certainly at the end. jon: huge yes is, once boehner -- huge question, once boehner announces his picks, we assume those will come first, nancy pelosi will decide. will we get a full compliment of democrats, no democrats, one democrat? that is the question of the day. bob cusack from "the hill." thanks. >> thanks, jon. jon: we want to hear from you, should democrats boycott the select committee? that has been a suggestion from some democrats. go to and we would like your thoughts on the chat. jenna: meantime we'll move on to nigeria where the search for hundreds of schoolgirls abducted by islamic militants goes on of the as a team of u.s. law enforcement and operatives arrive in the country to help. amy kellogg live from the london bureau with more. >> reporter: international teams, u.s. and u.k. are on the ground in nigeria, jenna. the president, goodluck jonathan, says he believes the
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girls are still in nigeria, that they have not been spirited away to chad or cameroon. while most of the world is really united more and more so this condemnation of the kidnapping and call to bring back our girls and jenna, no doubt united, understanding how difficult any rescue is going stock and how very dangerous all of that will involve. now what is rubbing salt into the wounds of those parents desperate for word of their daughters is an amnesty international report that just came out. it is based on interviews in nigeria and it says local police got the warning of this kidnapping four hours before it happened. it wasn't just local police but senior military officers in the provincial capital and other regional headquarters who alerted their chain come manned and various vigilantees and heard men, strange men on motorbikes come to town asking for the directions to the government girls secondary girls where the girls were ultimately
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snatched from in the middle of the night but no significant reinforcements were sent out to stave off any attack. just a small group of 17 officers headed out to confront militants who had drawn attention to themselves and they were overpowered, so did nothing. this is an area that is under a state of emergency. so there theoretically should be a bigger police presence anyway. it is not clear if the tipoff, jenna, made its way to the capitol but the a spokesman for the nigerian government denied the amnesty report there was a tipoff and police did nothing. it does add to this very heartbreaking narrative that is out there. we heard anecdotally parents who asked police and military to go in and look for the girls and they didn't get help and they went into the forest themselves and looked for as long as they could and had to turn back out of obvious danger. jenna. jenna: horrible story. hopefully there is some progress other weekend on this, amy. we can only hope and pray. thank you so much. jon: some scary times in this
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country. extreme weather causing major damage in the south and midwest. north texas cleaning up after a round of powerful storms. violent winds tearing through the region, up to 70 miles an hour, damaging homes and businesses. the town of joshua hit especially hard. the storm ripping a mobile home to sleds with a couple and their new born baby inside. the little girl suffered cuts to her face but is expected to okay. >> sounded like a freight train coming through and then the whole house blew over. the whole trailer shook and saw a bright light and then the roof was gone and the house was blown over. i mean that was it, it was scary. >> i know thinking more concerned about her than i am about everything else. right now. jon: in southern minnesota, this funnel cloud spotted 20 minutes before a twister touched down a short distance away. thankfully no major damage reported there. jenna: russian president vladmir
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putin making a victory lap in ukraine, visiting the newly-annexed crimea region for the first time on an historic day. meantime the irs agreeing to hand over emails from former official lois lerner to a house committee investigating the targeting of conservatives. congressman kevin brady helping to lead that investigation joins us live with what he has seen from these e-mails so far. a daring subway rescue caught on tape. a man teetering on the edge of a sun way platform pulled back to safety -- subway platform. we'll explain more about that next.
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for democratic reforms. they want thailand's entire government to resign. owner of a ferry that sank over south korea has been arrested. investigators had reason to fear he would destroy evidence in the disaster which left hundreds of people dead, most of them high school students as you know. hundreds of hard-line conservatives marching in tehran today protesting iran's nuclear negotiations with the west. they're concerned a comprehensive nuclear deal with western powers will strengthen the current president who is considered by them and by others to be more of a moderate. jon: russia's president vladmir putin pay as visit to his new prize, crimea. the first time he has been there since the country annexed the region from ukraine. putin deliver ad speech and watching victory day ceremonies commemorating the defeat of nazi germany in world war ii. greg palkot is there live from don't next, ukraine.
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>> reporter: jon, president putin staging a victory lap on victory day in crimea. putin paying a hugely symbolic to the place marking on the anniversary of the soviet defeat of germany. he reviewed russian navy ships coming from the black sea fleet as well as taking up a fly-by of russian aircraft. he congratulated the crimean people being together with russia. ukraine, nato, the united states, blasted the visit as against international law. the west has never recognized the takeover. meanwhile the day was marked here to in a special way. take a look what we saw, what which heard. seiment on this victory day in donetsk, activists looking perhaps to their own victory in an independence referendum on sunday when they're looking to break away from kiev and perhaps reunite with moscow. it was mostly a peaceful day here in donetsk but some pretty militant filings were expected
8:19 am
to -- expressed to us by breaking away from ukraine. we defeated facism in world war ii and now we want to defeat fascism in the ukrainian government. there was fighting in a ukrainian city, battling over a police headquarters there. that involved tanks and heavy guns. at least three people, maybe many more were killed and many were injured. as for sunday's referendum on independence here, jon, ukraine is not recognizing that either. and there is no sign that they're going to pause their fighting either. back to you. jon: greg palkot in donetsk, ukraine. thank you, greg. jenna: preventing a disaster like the one in the movie gravity. what is being done to protect astronauts from the growing danger of space debris. we'll talk about that. plus the irs agrees to hand over lois lerner's emails. will they shed light on the agency's targetting of conservative groups? we'll discuss that with a
8:20 am
congressman helping to lead the investigation next. >> he call up the resolution, h.res. 574, rimming that the house of representatives -- recommending that the house of representatives find low gist lerner, former exempt organizations of internal revenue service, in contempt of congress. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses
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experts are testifying to make sure that disaster story never plays out in real life. there is no shortage of debris around earth. nasa says there are more than 21,000 pieces of space junk currently orbiting the planet at very high speeds. jenna: we need a power vac to clean it all up. jon: they're talking about a big fence. jenna: wow, that is fascinating. we'll talk about that story. happening on capitol hill, some new information will be emerging from former irs official at center of the conservative targeting scandal. irs agreeing to turn over all of lois lerner's early mails to the house ways and means committee after the house voted to hold her in con tell of congress for refusing to testify. joining me now is republican congressman kevin brady, a member of the house ways and means committee who also voted to hold lois lerner contempt. congressman, we just learned this last 24 hours, not even that long, that all these emails were coming in your direction? have you received any of them?
8:25 am
how many do you expect to get? >> we have not received any yet. that is one of the big questions left. this is long overdue. it has been over a year since the irs admitted they were targeting people based on their political beliefs. we saw all of lois lerner's emails for the entire time the white house has been stonewalling. why this is important, because in our ongoing investigation, while we've letter unearthed enough evidence for criminal prosecution for lois lerner for three there are violations of law, we won't really know the complete truth of the targeting of organizations and donors and sharing of their information until we see all of these emails. jenna: why do you think the emails are going to be crucial to that? >> well what we knew is that she was conducting business, what she said was, off-line. which means, out of her public role, using her private emails. we think this will show some of the connections with other agencies. again more evidence on the violations of civil rights of these americans.
8:26 am
and again, we're looking for the complete picture. both the whole irs accountable and to stop this from ever happening again. jenna: congressman brady i wonder, if you bring us behind the curtain if you will. how does this even go about? when you're to receive what, thousands of e-mails? do they come in a ream of paper to your office? how do you even begin this part of the investigation? what happens? >> well, it comes digitally but it is, it is a massive undertaking. i know back home in texas my folks want this to move much more quickly but for our investigative team to go through all these documents and to unearth and link them to the, not only the documents we've already examined but the interviews we've done at irs, and 3,000 tax applications we reviewed, it takes some time to do it thoroughly. so we'll get it digitally, and then work really begins. jenna: so we're saving trees in the meantime. >> yes, ma'am. jenna: nice to know it is digital.
8:27 am
maybe it will be easier to manage. how confident are you that lois lerner is only one you should be receiving e-mails about? i know the investigation has been very focused on her, but is that the only focus? where else are you looking at this point? >> no, she is not, but our early interviews, with irs personnel became clear, this wasn't be done by a few rogue agents in cincinnati or anywhere else. it was really driven, from washington. all the evidence is pointed to her. in her, at the bidding of special interest groups. you know, interfering, targeting, harassing and intimidating. so what we do hope to find is more answers on who started this, where are, how far it went, and who else was involved because i'm still convinced that the agency was sharing private taxpayer information, not simply with the media, as bad as that is or other campaigns, but with other federal agencies. all of that are violations of law. jenna: looking for evidence that amongst other things.
8:28 am
>> yes, ma'am. jenna: one of the interesting points that came up this week is that republicans asked the irs for the donor lists of 24 different conservative organizations and asked the irs of the donors of those organizations how many of them actually had been audited? it turns out after some back and forth, that 10% of the donors who donated to these conservative groups were ought ted and that is compares with 1% of the general public that does get audited. so that is a striking difference, 10% versus 1% when you're talking about political targeting. you mentioned criminal charges. do you think this is criminal and do you think it will go there? >> in my view it is. what we know one of the key parts of this corruption scandal they misled congress, covered this up from the public for two to three years. since then almost every claim by the irs has been proven to be untruthful, including the claim that while they did receive some of these donor list, they
8:29 am
quickly and immediately eliminated them. truth is they didn't. in fact they targeted them. although even the big, the number isn't large, the truth is, these conservative groups were scrutinized three types the rate of the average american individual or organization. again another claim knocked down bit evidence. jenna: congressman, i know taxes has been something you talked a lot about during your career as a politician and i want to talk to you about a bigger issue here about tax reform. >> yes, ma'am. jenna: obviously there had been an issue with deciding or determining which groups are tax-exempt and which groups are not and there seems to be some gray area and this really came up after the 2010 midterm elections. a different ruling from the supreme court. there has been added confusion over this. do you think we have the clarity we need or do we need some major tax reform to make sure that it is so crystal clear who is tax-exempt and who isn't, that this never happens again?
8:30 am
>> two points. yes, we need complete tax reform, one to fix this broken code and reign in the irs but to get this economy going again but this case there is very little gray area. in fact there is 50 years of precedent and rulings in this specific area for these specific tax-exempt organizations that holds true. even the inspector general said look, here is one recommendation that you ought to follow up on. the rules of the irs and treasury laid out targeting these groups doesn't even address that. so the gray area, even with the recent rulings is still relatively small, and, the white house and treasury decided to go after, i believe, even mortar getting of these organizations with their regulations. jenna: interesting context for us because it is one of the things we hear. there was overwhelming amount of new political groups, this new tea party movement and very difficult to manage. that is one of the things we
8:31 am
heard as we have gone through the story. as you point out perhaps it is clearer than one thinks. intimidating the tax code for all of us. we hope we have you on the program. when you see emails and can talk more about it we look forward to talking to you. thanks, sir. >> thanks, jenna. jon: now a fox news alert on one of the burning issues of this friday, minority leader of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi is holding a weekly news conference, talking about, well, we expect her to talk about the members that she may or may not choose to appoint to the house select committee investigating benghazi. she has not gotten there yet. we are monitoring her comments. if she does make news regarding who she wants or doesn't want on that committee we'll have that for you asa purchase. meantime a hollywood hot spot is a hotbed of controversy right now. a-list celebrities are suddenly boycotting the beverly hills hotel. i don't do you know why? well, it's a protest against its owners. plus the house voting to
8:32 am
form a select committee to investigate benghazi. as i told you it is drawing huge attention except in the mainstream media. what's going on? our media panel debates. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ happiness is a drive-over mower deck. [ male announcer ] that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. ♪
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jenna: we're awaiting a briefing at the pentagon addressing growing concerns about recent calls to raise the minimum wage. a navy official warning the navy department increased pay would hurt military bases. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live with more on what is the issue here.
8:36 am
mike? >> reporter: jenna, the president issued his executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their employees what he called a fair wage of at least 10.10 an hour day saying it will make a difference for folks. >> this will make a difference for folks. right now there is dishwasher at randolph air force base in texas making $7.76 an hour. 7.76 an hour. there is fast-food worker at andrews right down the street making $8.09 an hour. >> since then the deputy assistant secretary of the navy sent a letter to the department of labor expressing this concern, quote. given business model typical in the fast-food industry this increase in the cost of labor dramatically disrupts the profitability and viability of food service operators under naf concession contracts. military jargon, naf, non-appropriated funds. jenna. jenna: what are lawmakers saying about the potential impact of some military communities because of this?
8:37 am
>> reporter: jenna, in march mcdonald's restaurants closed on three navy bases. marine corps officials say one will close at one of their facilities. another restaurant at naval station pearl harbor are closing. some in congress are sounding alarm. >> problem with the minimum wage, high it goes the more people render completely unemploy. if you're labor is worth $6 an hour and wage is 7, you ever no way of getting in the employment market to work up the ladder of success. >> i along with 39 colleagues sent to secretary of lake bore tom perez we asked him to except fast-food workers in interest of maintaining jobs. >> reporter: their argument is if some fast-food places on military posts close, spouses and military children who could lose money will lose jobs and have a tougher time finding work. jenna. jenna: interesting story, mike, thank you. jon: well the house of representatives votes to form a
8:38 am
select committee to investigate the benghazi terror attacks, drawing a virtual blank from the mainstream media in their nightly newscast. abc ignored it all together. nbc gave the story less than 30 seconds. cbs focused mostly on democratic complaints about the establishment of this committee. why? let's bring in our media panel today. judith miller, pulitzer prize-winning investigative author and reporter. fox news contributor. tammy bruce is radio show host and fox news contributor and welcome to both of you. why so little interest, judy on parts of big three networks? >> i scratch my head, jon, asking myself this question. this is surely a story. whether or not you think it is, whether or not you disagree with what the republicans have done, whether or not you think democrats or should not participate in this exercise, it is a story and the fact that the mainstream media continues to
8:39 am
take a, what difference does it make attitude towards benghazi tells us a lot about their prejudices and about their biases. and i think it is just a shocking dereliction of duty. jon: yeah, tammy, even abc, which you know, managed not to, not to cover this thing, did manage to find room for a two-minute feature about jason patric and his custody battle with his, you know, former girlfriend or wife or something over his child. >> yeah. it is pretty outrageous. and judith's words are perfect, it is a derelicts of duty. what the liberals and what democratic party has to realize the troubles they're facing are based in the fact that they do ignore very serious issues, not allowing them to then prepare to be able to deal with them. this i think also president obama's issue. when there's no real confrontation with what people are facing, they can't adapt. they also don't know then how to
8:40 am
answer. so as this becomes an even larger story, the establishment news, the legacy news elements, are not going to be able to then come back to their audience and say, oh, by the way, this has been happening, when it becomes even larger. so it is certainly an abandonment of their audience but an abandonment of their profession in and of itself. look, every piece of news ultimately is about some kind of a controversy, about something that somebody likes or doesn't like. it is pretty extraordinary that they decided to just ignore this and, it is certainly an abandonment first and foremost of the audience that relies upon them. jon: james only fan of "national journal" has a piece just out of media manipulation i guess if you will from the white house. it is titled "progressive bloggers are doing the white house's job." and, he goes on, i'm sorry, he goes on to write there, he says, it's been a familiar pattern
8:41 am
since president obama took office in 2009. when critics attack the white house can count on posse of progress sieve writers to ride to the rescue. affordable care act, ukraine, controversies involving the internal revenue service and benghazi, same voices again and again on the web and twitter, giving the president cover while savaging the opposition. judy, he suggests this is, this is a technique or a method, not available really to previous presidents. jenna: well i think the -- >> i think the explosion of social media does precisely that. it creates a kind of echo chamber to reinforce the administration view. which is why the fact that this administration which pledged such transparency has a hands on, micromanagement of both policy and media manipulation that you have to ask yourself, when are the mainstream media reporters going to say, enough? i thought we were there by the
8:42 am
way after the email from ben rhodes, which basically gave talking points to susan rice, which they said they had never done, was exposed in the press, thanks to judicial watch. i thought we were there. you know what, jon? we're not there yet. if the mainstream media, the three broadcast networks can continue to ignore a legitimate news story. jon: and tammy, you say it's, there are errors of omission here in what the networks cover? >> yeah. well, look, and this is going to be, they're already beginning to fail. audiences now know the difference, especially because of social media and internet about what really is happening. so they can't control the environment like they used to be able to do. so audiences realize that if you tune in to the legacy media, you're not going, get not only the whole story, you're not going to know even what they're not telling you. that is why people turn to a network like fox. and at least know that they're going to be hearing what is it is going on. it is clearly backfiring to the
8:43 am
business end it seven. jon: speaking of what is really going an or we have breaking news. tammy because, judy miller, thank you both. jenna: nancy pelosi gave her weekly address. she spoke out a little bit the benghazi select committee calling it a stunt. let's go ahead and listen in. >> i think i pretty well been satisfied that given where the troops were, how quickly the thing happened, this, the thing all happened and how quickly it dissipated we probably couldn't have done more than we did. we have been working on this for a long time. we issued a preliminary report. at some point when we run out of people to talk to, or we run out of people to talk to two or three times, at some.we think we'll all have as much of this story as we're going to get and move on. so, so there is that. what is the purpose of this? what is the manner in which they will proceed? how is that manifested in the respecting the rights of the minority? and, then we'll make a decision
8:44 am
about where we should go. i, again, this is brand new. this is one week old. you would think we've been talking about this for a very long time. >> [inaudible] >> no, i don't think -- if they cared about the presidential, they would be passing an immigration bill. this is all about them. i think it is pretty clear. they're focus on the affordable care act has run its course. it's run its course. now they have to find something else to talk about, that isn't about how we create jobs, and how we build the infrastructure of america, how we make -- simple as abc. let's create jobs, american-made, stop having tax cuts that send tax breaks that send jobs overseas instead to invest in america. build the infrastructure of america. c, sense of community. of how we educate our children, protect our neighborhoods, secure our nation. all of that, it's all about part of what we honor, how we honor
8:45 am
our responsibilities to the american people. and they don't want to talk about that. because they don't believe in governance. they don't believe in science much. and they want to stop barack obama at every step. so i don't think this is about hillary clinton at all. think is about the republicans november 2014. again, if they cared about presidential, we would have long ago passed immigration bill just as the senate did. we have the votes to pass the immigration bill. we have the votes to pass enda which passed the senate as well. we have the votes to pass gun safety, the brady background check, background check legislation. we have the votes to pass, we have bipartisan vote for, voting rights act. what are we doing instead? spending a week, getting attention on this subject, which by the way, american people care about jobs.
8:46 am
they care about their families. and education of their children and health of their families and that, somebody said to me yesterday, either people have gotten tired of benghazi or they never knew about it in the first place. so let's not be accomplices to this diversionary tactic. it is all subterfuge because they don't want to talk what our responsibilities are here. and, we have to make a judgment and as to how dangerous we think they can be with their misrepresentation of facts of the committee. the speaker says he doesn't want it to go that place. i hope that he, that's how it will go. when i speak women had, we'll see. but again, it's, we have been there, done that. why are we doing this again? why are we doing this again? i have to go to the floor and vote because the time -- jenna: minority leader nancy pelosi talking a little bit about benghazi there.
8:47 am
obviously we haven't heard any names from her. we're waiting from speaker boehner to find out who else would complete the committee on the republican side besides trey gowdy. we expect to hear those names. nancy pelosi calling this select committee a stunt. we heard from democratic leadership today by way of chad pergram, our great capitol hill producer always finding out new information for us. that unnamed person in leadership in the democratic party said, either they're in or they're out. there will be no in between. there will be no one democrat on committee. they will be fully in or fully out. according to the first reports. but we don't know what that actually looks like that. you got the tone from nancy pelosi. you know where she stands. should democrats boycott the select committee? would that be wise to do? do you think about that politically? that has been a suggestion by some. dems. go to click on america's asking. we'll see you on the chat. jon: boston transit officer
8:48 am
hailed as a hero today after stepping in to save this suicidal man who apparently wanted to jump on the subway tracks. the officer snatching him from the platform's edge. holding him down until help arrived. the next train was several minutes away, but the bigger danger is that 600-volt, third rail, you touch it, you can die. the man reportedly thanked officer before he was taken to the hospital. jenna: that is why they have the yellow there, right? jon: stay away from the platform edge. jenna: back away from that. jon: yes. jenna: disturbing trend in florida where more and more people find themselves face-to-face with bears. bears in florida? the sunshine state seeing alarming rise, sometimes violent encounters with experts saying the dangerous animals are losing their fear of humans. not all bears are dangerous. of some of them are dangerous. i don't want to come face-to-face with one of them. steve harrigan is with us with more. what exactly is behind the increase in black bear attacks
8:49 am
in florida? one wouldn't think about that when it comes to florida. >> reporter: that's right, jenna. black bears are very common in florida but normally very shy. that is changing in part due to competition for resources. real estate developers and bears who basically want the same land. forested territory. the problems really start to arise when the bears get easy calories from garbage cans and from bird feeders and basically over time they begin to lose their fear of being around humans. >> there ha bittalled from the food. they're expecting something. if the food is not provided as they're expecting they will get irritated. >> reporter: irritated is putting it mildly. one woman was mauled by a bear inside her garage. she survived e attack. we're seeing more and more incidents, encounters where the bear steams comfortable. one bear walking into a patio and falling asleep. black bear just fell asleep,
8:50 am
alice on your patio. what are you guys going to do differently after that? >> well, considering we know about the garbage and how they do enjoy getting into your garbage cans, our community has made it so that they ask that you put your garbage cans out the morning of, instead of the night before, so that it doesn't attract them during the evening times. >> reporter: bear-proof garbage cans to keep out a black bear who was pretty comfortable on the patio. back to you. jenna: it looks like a nice patio, steve. we understand why the bear would take to it. we certainly wouldn't want that around that family, right, jon? jon: no. jenna: we don't want any bears around. steve, thank you very much. thank you to the family as well. looks like quite an adadventure for them. would be surprised if you found that on your patio. remember the famous line from the movie "jerry maguire," that you had me at hello? what scientists say about first impressions and what a simple hello can tell you. dog: get four years interest-free financing
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switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. ♪ jenna: remember that romantic line from "jerry maguire"? you had me at hello. how many have used that line? there is scientific evidence backing up the power of first impressions. dr. phillip mclear joins us on the phone from glascow, scotland with more on his research that looked into first impressions from hello. doctor, for the purposes of exercise, say hello to us. >> hello. jenna: so in that 500 milliseconds you say we can learn a lot from somebody. why? >> well, we tend, we have looked at the way people have actually said hello and we've analyzed the acoustics of it the way the person moves the word or the pitch of the vice, whether high-pitched voice or low-pitched voice and based on
8:55 am
this analysis we kind of established how people are using their voice to establish whether a person is trustworthy person or friendly person or a dominant person. jenna: and how accurate is that first reading for how someone actually feels about the person beyond hello? >> that's really, really good question. accuracy is something we're actually moving on to look at right now. kind of hard to judge agrasy to some extent. the most trustworthy person may not be trustworthy all the time, right? jenna: that's true. >> so kind of a judgement you would have to ask the person's friend, is that person trustworthy? so we were, we're looking at accuracy. we'll look at consistency of judgement. we tend to think you make this first impression and maybe you look for things to back up your first impression. jenna: i see. why do you think trustworthiness and aggressiveness were two things that people felt from a simple hello if. >> it is kind of, for us it relates to this idea of, well we know we like to interact with
8:56 am
people in the world. that is kind much our main premise of the world is about, just this interaction. and by those two judgments we were term, friendliness, trustworthiness or dominance what we determine it. you get establishment of that that interaction is going to be. is this person going to be friendly towards me, are they going to be unfriendly? how much can they influence me? that is the dominant aspect. if they're unfriendly, they can influence you start to avoid that person. jenna: of course. quickly, doctor, does this change the way you say hello now? >> every time i answer the phone, yeah. jenna: it's a good lesson to all of us think a little bit how we're saying. we hope to have you back on the program to talk more about your research. thank you so much. >> thank you very much for having me. jon: we are awaiting action on the house floor at this hour, a resolution condeming the abduction of nigeria girls by the boko haram terror group. the latest on this disturbing story coming up. get all your fs all day, everyday.
8:57 am
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jenna: all right, we'll see you back here in an hour. jon: i'm going to work on my hello. [laughter] we'll see you then. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> well, hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. with us, harris faulkner, kirsten powers, marina molina. today's hashtag one lucky guy, dr. keith ablow. outnumbered. [laughter] >> i'll do it every day. [laughter] >> i'm a little worried because you're a psychiatrist, so you might be analyzing here and give your results at the end of the show. >> or during the show. [laughter] >> analyzing us. >> this couch is my home. i'm very comfortable. >> let me put it this way, he's already made a few comments before the show started to all of us that i think this is going to be a fun hour. [laughter] >> it's okay. >> so here we go. first up, the select committee


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