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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 9, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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go to the "kelly file" and follow me on megyn kelly. i'm megyn kelly, this is the "kelly file." welcome to "hannity" tonight. we have a jam-packed edition of the show. ameri america, are you ready? >> turned a blind eye toward radical islam until the law appears on the doorstep of a posh hollywood hotel. >> we hope to draw attention and people go okay, maybe i won't hold my event there until they change this. >> is john kerry blaming the kidnapping of 300 nigerian school girls on poverty? >> young people are grabbed at an early stage, their minds are
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bended. >> tonight, the ignorance of the left goes on full display. >> everybody should have a fair shot. >> the president isn't the only figure calling for redistribution of wealth. what pope francis is saying and the ryan express rolls into the "hannity" studios. major league baseball pitcher nolan ryaner is here. "hannity" starts right here right now. tonight hollywood hypocrisy on full display as celebrities speak out after it goes on one of their posh hotels. it implemented slaw because he owns the he tole, hard to guess ma happened after this mid bit of information and jay leno and ellen degenerous and richard brandon, sharon osborne came out
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and called for a boycott. they said this. >> what year is this? is this, 1814? come on, people, it's 2014. women are being kidnapped and we sit around here. okay. evil flourishes when good people do nothing. this is nothing extreme. these aren't crazy wakos, they are women. they just want to protect other women. >> to this game and far too few through the years we've been sending up flairs and sounding the alarm particularly women, watch this. >> here is what shreea law will represent, saudi arabia being one, women obtain permission from their husbands for daily freedoms and beating of
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disobedient women, we see in iran what happened, people's hands get chopped off, if you get raped as a woman, you need four eyewitnesss. the country that sits on the bring of fund mental law where women have no rights, no protection from the government i hear one thing from the deafening groups, silence. they should care because it's happening all over the world to innocent people. what it is and what some punishments are for some crimes. adultery homosexuality, they are punishment by death as are false accusations of rape and in many countries, you need four male eye witnesses, women need to prove rape. honor killings are allowed meaning murder is permissible if
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someone dishonors her family, for example, if a woman dishonors her husband. if someone steals something, that thieve's hands are cut off. women are being stoned to death. joining us now with more reaction on this and more, richard fouler and author and conservative blogger pam. good to see you. >> thank you. >> you and i have been saying this for well over a decade, longer, 15 years we can go back our history together we talked about this. >> yes. >> now because the hotel is owned by them and they adopt the law and all of a sudden, by the way, i'm glad they are joining us but there is four of them, that's it, four. >> well, and why this hotel? i mean because it's a hotel they like, the fact is the bellaire is owned by the same people and so is the fairmont and various hotels and george clooney in
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abu daubi. >> this is main stream, women in saudi arabia. why do we do business with a country where women can't drive, can't be seen in public without men they are related to. we have oil to supplement here and become energy independent. >> why is warner brothers and pa paramount doing business there? there was a television show alice of arabia that was shelved even though the writer said it was going to be pro arab. it showcased muslim kidnappings of girls. we see it time and time again. we see it in boca haram.
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they cave every time. look at liam's film, the terrorist was a family member and the good guy on the plane was a muslim in muslim garb. never is a terrorist an islamic terrorist. >> richard, let me go to you, you like barack obama. you've been on this program many times defending him. explain to me why this president made the decision, i'll give you one example, i'll give you many, to give f-16s, tanks, and 1.5 taxpayer dollars to the muslim brotherhood then president of egypt who referred to israelis of descendents of apes and pigs. why did your president do that? >> sean, listen, what president obama was doing in a particular
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instance -- >> i asked you why -- >> he was standing with the people -- >> talk to -- >> do you support that. >> i'm answering the question, sean. the reason the president made the decision because a lot of top generals -- >> that was his decision. >> don't pass it off on generals. >> it was his decision. [ overlapping speakers ] >> stop passing the buck. >> it was -- decision was that mubarak was not right for the people and the people objected him out right and because of that obama sided with the people -- >> let me repeat again. hollywood liberals are upset because they are owning this posh hotel in beverly hills. i want you to explain to this audience why you supported the president giving f-16s, tanks and $1.5 billion to a guy that's part of the terror organization called the muslim brotherhood that saudi arabia recognizes as
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a terrorist group and personally referred as desen dents of apes and pigs. tell me why you support that. >> look, sean, where we agree on this point it is wrong and any law that will kill folks because there happens to be lgbtq -- >> so it was a mistake? let me hear you say president obama made a mistake. >> he made a calculations based on the evidence he had -- >> a calculations? >> sean, hindsight is always 20/20. winston churchill in world war ii said this guy is not a criminal and he was -- >> no, it was churchill who warned of the dangers of nazis. >> he said this is -- there is no danger here. >> you see -- >> hindsight and foreign -- >> they justify, thread the needle, there is always a reason
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not to stand up for evil. jay leno compared this to germany. late to the game but right. >> this gentleman is being intellectually dishonest. obama sided with jihadest very early on and invited the muslim brotherhood to his speech in 2009. mubarak couldn't attend. don't get me wrong, gaddafi was a monster but there is worse. >> but -- >> excuse me -- >> one second, man. >> i didn't interrupt you, sir. islamic is spreading and becoming terrorist states. >> we got these 300 girls being held by boca hard ram, and hill
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clinton defined them as radical terrorists and told what these groups were about and didn't want to offend them. >> i have written over 400 posts on the most agreeingous boca haram. they would lock a school and set it on fire when the children tried to escape, they would behead them and slit their throats. what did obama say? state department said they had legitimate concerns. he sides with jihad in -- >> i have a question for richard. richard, now that jay leno and ellen degenerous and sir richard branson and sharon osborne opened the door, will you and all your liberal friends join us on the conservative side and stand up, identify radical islamist for what they are, their mistreatment of women and gays and lesbians who they kill, stoning to death women, allowing women to have the choice of
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dress. they ought to be allowed to drive their car and pick their husbands and work and ought to be able to go to school. are you going to join us with and stand up for women's rights considering those on the left like to say mitt romney with his minders of women's resumes was declaring a war on women? will you join us finally? >> i will -- sean, you know i always stand up for women's rights and lgbt -- >> i never heard you speak out against obama's policy -- >> wait one second here. i want to go back to one thing, i reject the notion the president is with jihad and al qaeda. he killed president obama -- >> actually navy seals killed him. >> we have drones up there every day destroying the taliban. that's president obama's foreign policy. >> the president resisted identifying radical islamist -- >> the president has a kill list to go after members of al qaeda and members of the taliban. >> mr. fouler, my organization
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ran an ad campaign highlighting islamic apartheid and gays being hung -- >> wait -- >> wait a second -- >> being -- they would not marry rapist and i was widely condemned -- >> all types of hate trredhatre >> san francisco condemned my ads highlighting the islamic oppression for gays and how come you didn't stand up for my ads -- >> spoke out against persecution of lgbq folks in uganda. this president has been outstanding -- >> where were you when this campaign was running? >> where were the hollywood -- we got to leave it here because we're out of time but thank you both for being with us. the intolerance of the left does not end with hollywood liberals because our secretary
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of state is openly blaming terrorism and the kidnapping of those 300 school girls on poverty? >> and that much of this challenge comes out of this poverty where young people are grabbed at an early stage, offered a little money, their minds are bended. >> maybe if america would donate money to these countries, maybe they would like us more. really? a message for john kerry and ainsley has an update on possible legislative action being taken in that state as a result of our week-long spring break coverage. apparently you are having an impact straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." we told you about intolerance and ignorance but that is not the only place. it spreads to washington and beyond. john kerry joined a long list of liberal whose failed to recognize the evil forces that drive radical islam. now take a look at this remark about terrorism and poverty in particular. >> and we see with what is happening in nigeria with boca haram how this can disrupt the world. it's a challenge to all of us and what i saw in africa convinced me as i talked to leader after leader and asked them how they balanced this tension of these challenges that they face, they all talked about poverty and the need to alleviate poverty and that much of this challenge comes out of this poverty where young people
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are grabbed at an early stage, propered a little bit of money, their minds are bended and then the money doesn't matter, they have the minds and direct them into these very extreme endeavors. >> all right. to recap your secretary of state thinks poverty is to blame for the kidnapping of school girls. unbelievable. kerry is not the first person to blame terrorism on poverty and will not be the last. watch this. >> a legitimate concern about the new violence from cradical groups but some of it is surely related to the poverty rate in the north is 72% and delta 35%. >> you got a lot of unemployed, uneducated young men in societies that there is a greater likelihood that terrorists recruits are available. >> here with reaction, fox news military analyst colonial ralph
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peters. taking one more step and that next step would be oh, it's the united states' responsibility and if only we would help them out financially then they would like us more and there would be less terrorism in the world. do you take it that way? >> no, these people are cowards who won't face the facts. we know prep school john kerry didn't understand poverty. it's clear he doesn't understand terrorism. if poverty causes terrorism, pennsylvania where i come would be terrorists. black america, christian america is poor. look at the poor christians and latin america. look at the poor hindus, why is it that islam, radical islam produces and has a monopoly on terrorism? this is crazy to say it isn't about religion. if it's not about islam, help me out here.
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where are the orthodox jewish suicide bombers and methodists in the marketplace? the first step, sean, in solving any problem is recognizing it. the problem is not every muslim and islam but radical islam fosters terrorism. there is nothing clearer in the world in our -- >> wait a minute -- >> this administration can't deal with it. >> bin laden came from a wealthy family. >> exactly. bin laden came from a wealthy family. throughout history the men who have founded terrorist movements, religious and secular have overwhelmingly been middle or upper middle class or wealthy. poor people are worried about what are they going to eat next? it's the spoiled brats worried about the next revolution. >> what is frustrating to me is the inability to admit that radical islam is responsible for this. in the case of boca haram.
7:20 pm
do you agree we had the opportunity to designate them and hillary clinton resisted and one has to ask the question why. the excuse being bantered about by the left, well, we didn't want to give them credibility. meanwhile, they were known terrorists and committing acts of atrocity for years and yet, there is a reluctance and resistance to identify evil terror rad kit islamist for who they are. modern day muslims are watching their own religion being hijacked. >> you hit a crucial point administration doesn't get. when we make excuses for murders, islamist terrorists, we harm the moderate muslims. al qaeda and boca hard ram killed far more innocent muslims and you look at them and administration's excuse for why they didn't declare a terrorist organization is a lie.
7:21 pm
they didn't do that because the discussion was in 2011, 2012, the election was coming and the narrative -- >> i can't wait -- >> that obama killed osama bin laden with his bare hands and the war on terror was over and they glided over. boca haram in the name of allah was killing must almosts in mosques and you know what? they weren't doing that for a free meal. >> it will be interesting to listen to baghdad bob jay carney's excuse command. last question, exit question, what role should the united states have? i believe if there is any chance of success of not only locating these girls, which i think our intelligence will be the first to locate them, but also to rescue them, it would have to be americans and our special forces. i don't think anybody else in the world will be capable of
7:22 pm
doing that successfully without getting all those girls killed. do you agree with that and what should the involvement be? >> i'm a fair minded guy. sending intelligence personnel and giving intelligence and advice. why? because we've already prostituted our military to enough oil power, the saudis and gulf arabs. >> so we know where they are and we really believe that only our trained elite seal teams, et cetera, and our special forces are the only ones that can pull it off. you wouldn't want america involved in it? >> if we were the only ones and knew where they were, i would have to look at the details of the case but sean, i will tell you this, nigeria has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on its military. the general stole it. the military is ill equipped and cowardly. many weapons boca haram has was bought from the nigeria military. i don't want us doing their work
7:23 pm
for them. americans shouldn't die for the nigerian's incompetence. >> thank you. >> thank you, sean. we have an incredible update with ainsley earhardt with the developments out of florida as a result of our spring break coverage coming up and later tonight, pope francis, his comments on wealth distribution are raising eyebrows across the world. we'll share remarks with you and our great, great american panel will sound off as "hannity" continues. music♪ go watch your kid catch her first fish. go jump in a lake. go to bass pro shops for great deals on great gear. like redhead summit ii men's shorts for under $20. bass pro shops.
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welcome back to "hannity" the week-long investigation was mocked by some like john steward are helping to make the ritual safer for your kids. the panama city beach counsel approved plans to add more law enforcement to the beach next year and crafting an ordinance that would have bars and clubs closed at 2:00 a.m. instead of
7:26 pm
4:00 a.m. during spring break. we invited the mayor, the police chief and city manager to come on the show and explain. they turned down our invitation. we hope they will come on next week and talk about it. the fox and trefriends first ainsley earhardt and wes pitman. bring us into what happened last night. >> sean, the city counsel wimped out, basically. the mayor had been talking a good game before the county commission just a few days ago and at early city counsel meetings. seemingly recognizing that panama city beach has a very, very serious and dangerous problem, but when it has come time to taking action, she has been very, very weak and -- >> all right. so you're disappointed, yeah. >> very disappointed in all the council members except one. josie strange was just reelected
7:27 pm
with no funding from the bars and the big hotels and so forth. >> all right. let me -- >> she was strong and stood up against the four members. >> let me and plain and by the way, i'll address my good friend john steward who said this about the week-long coverage, if you remember. >> yes, america's oldest hall monitor sean hannity not one, not two, but five different shoefs on the horrors of spring break including the entire hour on friday including a panel of experts there to expose this annual event. >> you will believe what they found because you know. >> all right. ainsley, i'm america's oldest hall monitor. here is why -- >> this is why america loves you. >> i don't want to stop kidding from drinking. i was a bartender at 17. i said that during the show. every year they told you kids
7:28 pm
die. >> right. the mayor is kicking the can down the road and turning a blind eye to this. wes took picturings in a folder to the counsel meeting and passed it around to show the council members and the mayor what was happening there to look at a stack of pictures and they passed the folder down the road. nobody looked at it. turning a blind eye. >> one thing i would suggest, if they do something because you reported every year kids die, right? >> every year you can guarantee there is going to be a death if not more. >> every year you got kids going to the hospital, they are robbed as a group of 100-milers that come in. why can't they just help the kids, not, maybe not make it a law enforcement issue but have medical help, support. you can tell if somebody is that intoxicated, right? >> that's the thing. they are so worried about the economy and reputation. they want to clean up beaches and bring in a more family friendly atmosphere and worried
7:29 pm
about the property value. as wes would know, the east side of the beach where the kids are going and that's where the property value is going down because nobody wants to buy a house in the middle of that. if they cleaned up the area, maybe the property values would go up. we're not saying kids aren't supposed to be there for spring break. kids are going to be there. central florida going to go there. we're talking about sex on the beach, drugs on the beach. that's illegal, come on. >> and kids getting robbed and kids so drunk nobody is helping them. all right, good report. wes, thank you for being with us. the president isn't the only major world figure calling for the redistribution of wealth. coming up next, what pope francis said about that subject. believe me, it's raising eyebrows as we continue. the tru. and when you put them in charge of making an unbeatable truck... ... good things happen. this is the ram 1500. the 2014 motor trend
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welcome back to "hannity" pope francis is raising serious
7:35 pm
eyebrows after calling on government to redistribute after moon and other un officials, a contribution to this development will be made by international activity aimed at the integral human development of all world's peoples and legitimate redistribution, economic benefits by the state as well as indispensable corporation between the private sector and while encouraging you and your continuing efforts for the activity of the international activities and serviced while p promoting a worldwide possiblization. former miss america krirsten, se goes around the country and gives speeches. i'm not happy about this, bill,
7:36 pm
because i think, how do i say this without -- i think the pope is an extraordinary humble man. he has almost rejected all of the pompt that goes along with his position, which i admire. he's leading by example but with that said, it sounds like he's a two each according to his need and ability redistribution and wants it worldwide. that's troubling to me. >> first of all, he correctly sided john paul the second and benedict. catholic church is lib well wer. he spoke about economic equity. you were correct in describing that. that gets me scared. when you talk about equity, it means fairness and not sameness and that point has to be emphasized. what really bothers me is the way the media played this. he spoke about how you have a right to life from conception to natural death. he was speaking about abortion and youth in asia.
7:37 pm
when he speaks about the issues, the media has no interest. they didn't want to talk about it and ap the same thing. this pope is a man that comes out of the social economic model. he would be less oriented perhaps than you and i would be but when it comes to the moral issues, he's sound. i'm okay with moral -- >> the same un that says opposition to abortion is torture. i mean, so. >> yeah. >> look who he is doing business with. >> it's interesting to see what they will listen to and not. you're so right, this pope modelled his life after jesus christ and i think that's something we should take away and also, the fact -- >> a lot of the clergy does. >> some of them do. some of them made mistakes in the past. the pope was a spiritual leader and not ahead of state. he is supposed to inspire people to change hearts and poverty
7:38 pm
will not be solved by a policy. >> remember -- >> it has to be solved by speaking to people's hearts -- >> remember when the romans came to jesus and put puerfume on hi feet and cleaned the hair and you could have given that to the poor. poor will be among you. i don't want people to be poor. i want them to be wealthy. this goes to a agreement we'll have. people get up and make bad decisions and drink and do drungs and don't want to work and go to school and develop skills. in this country right now and in the city and state you live in, 60 cents out of every dollar you make goes to the government. how much is enough? >> well, look, i mean, i have to say, i have less opinions about what the pope said and more questions. i find it fascinating. >> you love it because you'll say the pope's greatest -- >> no, no. >> he's wrong on abortion and -- >> actually, no, i won't say that.
7:39 pm
to answer your question i'm not dodging it. there are people out there but i think it can be over stated and often is, the difference between people doing their best and still need help and the people you described who obviously were less sympathetic. i don't know, christian, if you're catholic or not, i'm not, you two. >> you two. >> you two catholics, i thought when the pope says something, that's prepty much it. >> only on issues of faith and morals. >> isn't this an issue of faith and moral? >> i don't know. there are two teachings in 2,000 years where they actually invoked insolubility. this idea that the pope runs around and says something and everything he says is infalli e infallible, people respectfully listen to him. when it comes to abortion that's i not it. there is taxation versus flat tax, that's up to the individual
7:40 pm
bishop or priest. >> abortion is based on a biblical truth. the church involved in the community reaching out to the poor, that's the job the church has done well and should continue to do. >> and opens up the door for hypocrisy because the church is wealthy. if the church wants redistribution, they could pay taxes on property and sell the artwork in rome. >> i think there is a difference in saying rich nations -- >> the vatican can sell off the artwork. let's be honest here and lead by example. >> that's painting him with hyperbole. >> don't put me in a camp where he agrees with me -- >> i was going to bring it up. >> we'll play obama because he sounds like a well, socialist that he is. we'll play that when we get back and a living interview with a legend, the one and only nolan ryan stops by and the brothers
7:41 pm
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we continue with our great, great american panel, spreading the wealth. talking about ir share, you may recognize this man. >> if everybody is getting a fair shot, everybody has a chance to do better. we can build an economy that gives everybody a fair shot. >> when we talk about everybody paying their fair share, americans who can afford it should pay their fair share. >> fair play and shared responsibility. i think that's a fair approach. americans who can't afford it should pay their fair share. >> fair play and shared responsibility. that's what we're about. >> buffet rule is something that will get us moving in the right direction towards fairness, so it's time for congress to stand up for the middle class and make the tax system fair. >> we got to make sure we have a tax system that reflects everybody doing their fair share. >> or are we better off when everybody gets a fair shot? >> let's see, under obama, we doubled the number of people on food stamps and poverty, the
7:47 pm
lowest labor participation rate, when did that happen -- >> what's that got to do with the pope? >> his economic policies are fair share economic policies and failed. they created more poverty for the middle class. >> somebody in need of food stamps doesn't agree with you that they failed. they are eating. >> those people, the number of those people doubled under his socialist policies -- >> because at the time -- first of all a, if he's a socialist, he's a terrible one and at the time he came in we had an economy that required it. i would love to get back to what you raised at the last segment. it was on the money. i half expected this pope to start giving away riches of the church. do you think that will happen? and isn't that consistent -- >> i think he opened himself up to hypocrisy. >> they had a budget smaller
7:48 pm
than harvard university. people adding up with 1.2 billion catholics. >> i get that. >> i mean, harvard has a greater endowment than the catholic church. >> i don't want to pile -- the catholic churches get piled on enough and some of it deserved, a lot of it not. i believe the pope did open himself up because if they have this wealth all these millions, he has to lead by example and i would be getting rid of that and i think he's not going to do that. >> if he gave away everything, y you would be shocked -- >> you would be shocked. >> in europe when you go into the grand cathedrals, you give people a spiritual experience and give them an uplifting experience. we have them, completely secular, there is something
7:49 pm
bigger. it's a very emotional experience. there is some of that to be valued. how much? that's a different conversation -- fascinating. you said you think this pope is modelling himself after jesus christ which is a heck of a compliment for nothing else. >> no, no, he is. >> i believe he is, too. he's taken on a very -- >> here is what i got to raise. if this is what this man has chosen to do, obviously, admirable, how can you not consider what he's saying -- >> i got to be honest that are priests, brothers, nuns that have taken it too far. they won't drive a new car and won't go out to eat for crying out loud. their heart has driven them to that and you have to admire them. >> every single study has shown that the most generous people in the united states are people of faith, of any particular faith. >> good point. >> if you take a look at mississippi and compare to california or to rhode island, you'll find out mississippi
7:50 pm
which people like to dump on are genius, giving blood, why is it -- >> i'm out of time. >> i believe that. >> you admit liberals are sti stingy. >> they are republicans -- >> let clinton and obama give away his millions. >> when we come back, the ryan express rolls into the studios, the living legend himself, baseball icon nolan ryan stops by on this busy friday "hannity" edition. this busy friday "hannity" edition. whatever happened to good? good is choosing not to overshoot the moon, but to land right on it. good is maxwell house. ♪ good to the last drop (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. there are a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (husband) that's good to know.
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welcome back to "hannity". he was a pitching legend, now, a perfect book for summer, the nolan ryan beef and barbecue recipes from a testing kitchen. joining us now is one of the
7:56 pm
best pitchers of baseball all time history. the strike out leader, nolan ryan, how are you? >> good to see you. >> you don't know this. but i was a big fan of yours, with the new york mets in 69 when you won the world series. wayne garrett, and cleeon jones. and center field. tommy agee. i loved sports as a kid, then, you become an owner. do you how do you do that? >> i don't know. not something i thought i would be. that was a special year, a special team that came together. >> a miracle the back up. i >> feel fortunate i was on that team and that it happened in new york. first time after dodgers left and geents left so it was
7:57 pm
special. >> i was happy for you. were you aware how often when -- when -- >> in 2011 playing in the world series with rangers >> they go to you every day. you're there every day, every game. i saw you roll your eyes a couple times. >> some of the games were heart breaking. >> tough, right? >> it was. it's kind of like watching your kids play. there is nothing you can do. you agonize and worry about it. but you're a spectator. >> true. . >> i get a hold of your book. i'm looking and everything in here is my favorite food you and i share a passion for beef and barbecue. and this is all i really eat. i eat a lot of steak, red meat, a lot of beef, and i love it all. i like to say i'm a connoisseur of all. >> we have a big company
7:58 pm
what happened is that we'd get customers would e mail us want to know if they can prepare it, do we have recipes. and what they should, shouldn't do. it got us thinking we thought grilling season is coming up. let's give them something they can look at, something they can do, in a timely manner, you can get ingredients in a supermarket not to try to figure out what it is. something quick, and has a lot of flavor to it. >> one of the things i love to do is grill steaks i keep it simple but tastes great. what is your favorite steak? >> if i'm grilling it's a t bone, eating out, it's fillet. you know? >> you like fillet. >> i do. >> i never order a fillet. rib eye is so popular in texas. >> i like rib eye and t bone. you guest a taste of fillet and
7:59 pm
a sirloin. do you cook yourself? i just met your wife. she rolled her eyes at the notion you're cooking. >> no. i grill. i do like to grill. but i'm like you. i grill what i like. and i look forward to it. and enjoy simple flavors. so that is my approach to it. >> yes. and pork ribs you can't beat. i >> agree with it. i like pork ribs it's something we look forward to when we went to cincinnati. >> love it. >> thank you for having me on. and enjoy your grilling season. >> i'm going to. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that is all the time we have left this evening. i love barbecue we want to wish our good friend from "the five", dana perino, a very happy birthday. we hope jasper got her something
8:00 pm
special as well. don't for get we hope you'll record "hannity" the series every day. start your day with fox and friends first. we'll see you back here on monday. hope you have a great weekend. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> these men felt they could get away with this and abuse wimp in such a way, sell them, rape them, take them as probability. >> celebrities and elites come out in force, demanding something be done about hundreds of kidnapped guirls in nigeria. >> the years she served as secretary of state weren't good years for the united states abroad. >> will this become her biggest liability in a run for the white house? we'll debate it. >> hgtv got bullied into this, bullied into their position. they knew where we stood.


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