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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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least a generation. do you agree? follow me on twitter. let me know what you think. thanks for watching our special investigation on politician and the press. this is "the kelly file." ." welcome to welcome to "hannity". tonight we have a jam-packed edition of the show. america, are you ready? it's friday night. let's roll. the years the left has turned a blind eye toward radical islam. that is until the very real horrors of sharia law appear on the doorstep of a popular hollywood hotel. >> okay, maybe i won't hold my event there until they change this. >> plus, is john kerry blaming the kidnapping of 300 nigerian
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schoolgirls on poverty? tonight the ignorance of the left goes on full display. >> everybody should have a fair shot. >> the president is not the only major world figure calling for redistribution of wealth. we're going to tell you what pope francis is now saying that's raising a lot of eyebrows. and the riot express rolls into the hannity studios. nolan ryan is here. tonight hollywood hypocrisy is on full display as some celebrities finally speak out against sharia law. late last month, the sultan of brunei implemented sharia law in his country. he owns the lavish beverley hills hotel. celebrities such as jay leno, l
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ellen degeneres are coming out against this. >> what year is this? 1814? it is 2014. we sit around here and okay evil flourishes when good people do nothing. there's nothing extreme happening here. these aren't crazy feminist whackos. >> they're pretty late to this game and far too few of them. for years, we've been spending up flares and sounding the alarm on how brutal sharia is, particularly to women. >> here's what sharia law will represent. iran requirement that women obtain permission from their husbands for their daily
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freedoms. beating of disobedient women and girls. >> can't work. can't go to school. we've seen what happens in iran under sharia. >> a country that sits on the brink of coming under fundamentalist sharia law where women have no rights, i hear one thing from the usually deafening voices of women's liberal groups. silence. >> they should care because it's happening all over the world to innocent people. let me clarify. in simple terms what sharia law is and what some of the punishments are. false accusations is punishable
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by death. honor killings are allowed. if a woman dishonored her husband. punishments for other crimes include beheadings and flogging. women are being stoned to death. joining us now is richard fowler and pamela geller. you and have been saying this for well over a decade. 15 years we can go back our history together we talked about this. >> yes. >> now because the hotel is owned by the sultan of brunei and they adopted sharia -- by the way, i'm glad they're joining us, but there's only four of them. that's it. four. >> the bel-air is owned by the same people. so is the fairmont and various hotels, banks.
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we see george clooney frolicking in abu dhabi. they arrested a british woman who was on a business trip who was raped. she reported the rape and they reported her. >> this is mainstream sharia. why do we do business with a country that doesn't let women drive? women must cover themselves. that's saudi arabia. we have all the oil we can supplement here. >> why is warner brothers and paramount doing business there and building theme parks there? hollywood has whitewashed islam and sharia from all their productions. there was a television show "alice of arabia" that was shelved even though the writer said it was going to be pro-arab. we've seen it in boca haram.
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they cave every time. look at liam neeson's film. never is a terrorist an islamic terrorist. it's serb. it's russian. >> richard, let me go to you. you like barack obama. explain to me why this president made the decision -- i'll give you one example. i can give you many -- to give f-16s, tanks, and taxpayer dollars to the muslim brotherhood then president of egypt who referred to the israelis as the descendants of apes and pigs?
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why did your president do that? >> what obama was doing in particular in egypt -- >> i asked you why that person -- answer my question. do you support him? >> i'm answering the question, sean. the reason why the president made the decision is because a lot of generals on both sides of the aisle said we've got to help these folks fight for democracy. >> it was his decision. stop passing the buck. >> the decision was mubarek was not right for the people. >> hollywood liberals are upset because of the sultan of brunei owning this posh hotel. why do you support a president that gave millions of dollars to a guy who was part of the muslim
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brotherhood and he referred to israelis as descendants of apes and pigs? tell me why you support that. >> sean, it is wrong -- any type of law that will kill folks because they happen to commit adultery is absolutely wrong. >> he made a mistake? >> yes. sean, hindsight is always 20/20. winston churchill in world war ii with adolf hitler said this guy is not a criminal. >> it was churchill who warned of the dangers of nazism. >> he said, there's no danger here the first time he landed in germany. >> you see?
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they justify. they thread the needle. there's always a reason not to stand up for evil in our time. leno is right. >> this individual is being intellectually dishonest. obama was against mubarek early on. there's worse. excuse me. islamic -- i didn't interrupt you, sir. these have now become terror states. he sided with al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood in syria. >> now we learn in the last 36 hours that hillary clinton
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resisted efforts to define them as they are, as radical terrorists. she was told everything these groups were about. they didn't want to offend them. >> it was a reflection of obama's policy. i have written over 400 posts on the most a egregious boca haram -- they would lock a school and set it on fire and when the children tried to escape from the school, they would behead them. obama said they had legitimate concerns. he sides with jihadists. >> now that ellen degeneres and sharon osbourne have opened the door, will you and all your liberal friends join us on the conservative side and identify radical islamists for who they are, stoning to death women,
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allowing women to have the choice of dress that they want, they ought to be allowed to drive their own car and pick their husbands -- are you going to join with us and stand up for women's rights considering those on the left like to say mitt romney was declaring a war on women? will you join us finally? >> sean, you know i always stand up for women's rights and lgbt's rights. wait one second. i want to go back to one thing, if i could. president obama killed so bin laden. we have drones up there every day destroying the taliban. that's one he can stand on. the president has a kill list to go after members of al qaeda and
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members of the taliban. >> mr. fowler, my organization ran an ad campaign across the country highlighting islamic apartheid. it was pictures of gays being hung and women -- excuse me. wait a minute, sir. they would not marry their rapis rapists. how come you didn't stand up for my ads? >> we athis president has been outstanding when it comes to human rights. >> where were you when this ad campaign was running? >> we got to leave it here because we're just out of time. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you.
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now our very own secretary of state is openly blaming terrorism and the kidnapping of these 300 schoolgirls on poverty? >> and that much of this challenge comes out of this poverty where young people are grabbed at an early stage, proffered a little bit of money, their minds are bended. >> if america donated to these countries, maybe they would like us more. really? breaking news tonight out of florida. ainsley has an update on possible legislative action now being taken in that state as a result of our week-long spring break coverage. apparently, you're having an impact. straight ahead. low prices,
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welcome back to welcome back to "hannity." we just told you about the left wing intolerance and ignorance that's so prevalent in hollywood today. unfortunately, it spreads all the way to washington and beyond. john kerry recently joined a long list of liberals who failed to recognize the evil forces that drive radical islam. take a look at this baseless remark about terrorism and poverty in particular. >> and we see with what is happening in nigeria with boca haram, the extent to which this can disrupt the world. what i saw in africa, as i talked to leader after leader and asked them how to balance the tension of the challenges they face, they all talked about poverty and the need to alleviate poverty and that much of this challenge comes out of
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this poverty where young people are grabbed at an early stage, proffered a little bit of money, their minds are bended, and the money doesn't matter anymore. then they direct them into these very extreme endeavors. >> your secretary of state thinks poverty is to blame for the kidnapping of 300 schoolgir schoolgirls. kerry is not the first person to blame terrorism on poverty and will not likely be the last. watch this. >> a legitimate concern about the violence from these groups is related to the poverty rate of the north is 72%. >> if you've got a lot of unemployed, uneducated young men in societies that there's a greater likelihood that terrorist recruits are available. >> here with reaction, ralph
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pet peters. there's a theme here and i think they take it one more step. the next step is it's the united states responsibility, if only we would help them out financially, they'd like us more and there would be less terrorism in the world. do you take it that way? >> no. these people are just cowards that won't face the facts in front of him. he doesn't understand terrorism. if poverty causes terrorism, people in my hometown would be terrorists. look at the poor christians in latin america and hindus in india. why is it that radical islam produces -- almost as a monopoly on modern terrorism? it is crazy to say this isn't about religion. if it's not about islam, please
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help me out here. where the orthodox jewish suicide bombers? where the methodists in placing bombs in the marketplace? the first step, sean, in solving any problem is recognizing the problem. the problem is not every muslim or everything islam. but radical islam fslam fosters radical terrorism. throughout history, the men who have founded terrorist movements, religious and secu r secular, have been upper middle class or wealthy. it's the spoiled brats that are worried about the next revolution. >> what's frustrating to me is this consistent inability to admit radical islam is
10:20 pm
responsible for this. in the case of boca haram, do you agree with me we had the opportunity to designate them as a terrorist organization and that hillary clinton didn't? they've been committing acts of atrocities for years. yet there's this reluctance to identify radical islamists for what they are. moderate muslims have been intimidated into not saying anything. >> you made a crucial point that the administration does not get. when we make excuses for murderous islamic terrorists, we harm the moderate muslims. boca haram and the
10:21 pm
administration's excuse for why they didn't declare it as a terrorist organization is a lie. the election was coming. obama killed bin laden with his bare hands. terrorism was gone. the war on terror was over. they just glided over the atrocities. boca haram in the name of allah was locking christians in churches and burning them alive. it was killing muslims in mosques. they weren't doing that for a free meal. >> it'll be interesting to listen to baghdad bob jay carney's excuse come monday. what role should the united states have? i believe if there's any chance of success of not only locating these girls, which i think our intelligence will be the first to locate them, but also to rescue them, it would have to be
10:22 pm
americans in our special forces? i don't think anyone else in the world is going to be capable of doing this successfully without getting those girls killed. do you agree? >> i'm a fair mind guy. i think the administration has it right. getting intelligence and getting advice. why? because we have already prostituted our military to enough foreign power. >> we really believe that only our trained elite seal teams, et cetera, and our special forces are the only ones that could pull it off. you wouldn't want american involvement? >> if we knew exactly where we were, i'd have to look at the details of the case. nigeria has spent hundreds of millions dollars on their military. the general stole it. their military is ill equipped and cowardly.
10:23 pm
i just don't want us doing their work for them. americans shouldn't die for the nigerians incompetence. coming up next, we have an incredible update with ainsley earhardt when we get back as a result of our spring break coverage. pope francis, his comments on wealth redistribution are raising a lot of eyebrows around the world. our great american panel will sound off. that's straight ahead. latte or au lait?
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you're the early bird. up and at 'em. no problem, because you're in it together... keeping the love alive. and by the way - snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. crazy? only if sleeping peacefully with your soulmate is crazy. find your sleep number setting only at one of our 425 stores nationwide. you can afford a sleep number bed, you can't afford another mediocre night's sleep. know better sleep with sleep number. welcome back to welcome back to "hannity." even though our week-long investigation series into spring break was mocked by jon stewart, we're making the ritual safer for your kids. although panama city beach rejected banning alcohol on the
10:26 pm
beach, period, they're going to have more law enforcement on the beach. we do hope they'll come on next week and talk about it. here now is ainsley earhardt. she broke that store for us and a local panama city beach attorney. bring us into what happened last night. >> the city council whimped out basically. the mayor had been talking a good game before the county commission just a few days ago and at early city council meetings, seemingly recognizing that panama city beach has a serious and dangerous problem. when it's come time to taking action, she's been very, very weak. >> you're disappointed? >> very disappointed in all of the council members,except one.
10:27 pm
josie strange is the lady who was just reelected with no funding from the bars and the big hotels and so forth. she was strong. >> let me explain. i'll address my good friend jon stewart, who said this about our week-long coverage, if you remember. >> yes, america's oldest hall monitor sean hannity dedicated not one, not two, but five different shows on the horrors of spring break, including the entire hour on friday featuring a panel of outraged experts there to expose this annual event. you will believe what they found because you know. >> ainsley, i'm america's oldest hall monitor. which is very funny. >> this is why america loves you. >> i don't want to stop kids from drinking. i was a bartender at 17.
10:28 pm
i said that during the show, but every year kids die. >> the mayor is kicking the can down the road. she's basically turning a blind eye to this. wes took pictures to the city council meeting and they just passed the folder down the row. nobody even looked at it. >> if they're going to do something -- you reported that every year kids die, right? >> every year you can guarantee there's going to be a death, if not more. >> and every year you have kids going to the hospitals getting their stomachs pumped, alcohol poisoning. >> yeah. >> why can't they just help the kids? maybe not make it a law enforcement issue. you can tell if somebody is that intoxicated preponderance of the evidence. >> they are so worried about their economy there. then you have the residents that
10:29 pm
are worried about the property value there. the east side of the beach is where all the kids are going. that's where the property value is going down. no one wants to buy a house in the middle of that. we're not saying kids aren't supposed to be there for spring break. kids are going to go there. u.f., central florida is going to go there. we're talking about sex on the beach, drugs on the beach. >> kids getting robbed and kids so drunk nobody is helping them. coming up, the president isn't the only major world figure calling for a redistribution of wealth. what pope francis said. this is. the 2014 motor trend
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welme welcome back to "hannity". pope francis is raising some
10:35 pm
serious eyebrows after calling on worldwide governments to redistribute wealth. remarks came during a speech to the u.n. secretary. quote, a contribution to this ek wi tal development will be made both by international activity aimed at the integral human development of all the world's people. consequently while encouraging you in your continuing efforts to coordinate the activity of the international agencies, which represents a service to all humanity, i urge you to work together in promoting a worldwide equitable mobilization. joining me here is the great american panel.
10:36 pm
i'm not happy about this, bill, because i think -- how do i say this -- i think the pope is an extraordinarily humble man. he has almost rejected all of the pomp that goes along with his position, personally, which i admire. he's leading by example. with that said, it sounds to me like he's a redistributionist and he wants it worldwide. >> he cited john paul ii. he spoke about economic equity. you were correct in describing that. equitable distribution. economic equality, that gets me scared. equity means fairness. it does not mean sameness. what bothers me is the way media plays this. you have a right to life from
10:37 pm
conception to death. he was speaking about abortion and euthanasia. the media had no interest when he spoke about this in a conservative way. this pope is a man who comes out of that social economic model of the latin americans. he would be less market oriented perhaps than you and i would be. when it comes to the moral issues, he's sound. >> the same u.n. who says opposition to abortion is torture. >> you're so right. this pope has modelled his life after jesus christ. that's something we should take away. >> by the way, a lot of the clergy does. >> some of them do. some of them have made very egregious mistakes in the past, but they're trying to address those issues. he's supposed to inspire people
10:38 pm
to change their hearts. the basis of poverty is not going to be solved by a policy. it's going to be solved by speaking to people's hearts. >> when the woman gacame to jes and cleaned his feet, he said the poor will always be among you. this goes to a disagreement you and i have. there's people that get up every day and make bad decisions. they drink and do drugs and they don't want to go to work or go to school. in this country and in the state you live in, 60 cents out of every dollar you make goes to the government. how much is enough? >> look, i mean, i have to say i have less opinions about what the pope said and more questions. i find it fascinating. >> you love it. you're going to selectively say the pope is great on
10:39 pm
redistribution, but he's wrong on abortion. >> to answer your question so i'm not dodging it, you're right. there are people out there like that. there are people who are doing their best and still need help and the people you are describing that we're less sympathetic to. i thought that when the pope says something, that's pretty much it, right? >> there have been two teachings in 2,000 years where they inv e invoked infallibility. this idea that the pope runs and says something and it's infallible, that's a mythology. when it comes to abortion, that's unequivocal. there's no catholic church teaching on progressive taxation
10:40 pm
versus a flat tax. >> abortion is based on a biblical truth. but the church should stay involved in church issues reaching out the poor. that's a job the church has always down well and should continue to do. >> the church is pretty wealthy. they can start paying taxes on all their property and start selling that artwork they have. >> there's a difference between saying rich nations have an obligations to poor nations. >> let's be honest here and lead by example. >> i think that's painting him with hyperbole. >> don't put me in a camp where he agrees with me. i don't want to be there. we're going to play obama because he sounds like a socialist that he is. we'll play that when we get back.
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we continue with our great american panel. speaking of spreading the wealth, you may recognize this man. >> if everybody is getting a fair shot, everybody has a chance to do better. we can build an economy that gives everybody a share shot. >> when we talk about everybody paying their fair share, americans who can afford it should pay their fair share. >> i think that's a fair approach. >> americans who can afford it, should may their fair share. >> buffet rule is something that'll get us moving in the right direction,towards fairness. >> we've got to make sure we have a tax system that reflects everybody doing their fair share. >> or are we better off when everybody gets a fair shot? >> we doubled the number of
10:47 pm
people on food stamps and poverty, the lowest labor participation rate. what happened to the recovery summer? his economic policies are fair share economic policies and they've failed. they've created more poverty for the poor and middle class. >> i would suggest that somebody whose in need of food stamps hasn't failed. they're eating. >> the number of these people doubled under the socialist policies. >> if he's a socialist, he's a terrible one. we had an economy that required it. i'd love to get back what you raised at the end of the last segment because i thought it was on the money. i have half expected this pope to give away some of the riches of the church. do you think that'll happen? >> i think he's opened himself
10:48 pm
up to hypocrisy. >> peopwhat about the art that was talking about? >> listen, the catholic churches get piled on enough. some of it deserve ed and a lotf not deserved. the pope did open himself up here because they have all this wealth. he's got to lead by example and that means getting rid of that and he's not going to do that. >> if he gave away everything -- >> if i gave away everything, you'd be shocked at how little i have. >> part of the cathedrals were built to glorify god or give people a spiritual experience. there is some of that. we have it here in our art museums in the united states to give people that sense that
10:49 pm
there's something bigger. it's a very emotional experience. there's some of that to be valued. how much of it, that's to be determined. >> you think this pope is modelling himself after jesus christ, which is a compliment. >> i believe that. >> here's what i've got to raise. if this is what this man has chosen to do, how can you not consider what he is saying when he makes a statement as he did today? >> i know a lot of people who are priests and nuns and i think they have taken it too far. they won't drive a new car or go out to eat for crying out loud. their heart has driven them to that and you've got to admire them for that. >> the most generous people in the united states are people of faith. any faith, across the board. is secularists -- the
10:50 pm
secularists do not. why are they so stingy? >> good. you admit liberals are so stingy. let bill clinton give away his millions. when we come back, you don't want to miss it when the ryan express rolls into our studios. nolan ryan stops by on this busy friday hannity edition. ♪
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that works. he's the night owl. his side's up while you're in dreamland. you're the early bird. up and at 'em. no problem, because you're in it together... keeping the love alive. and by the way - snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. crazy? only if sleeping peacefully with your soulmate is crazy. find your sleep number setting only at one of our 425 stores nationwide. you can afford a sleep number bed, you can't afford another mediocre night's sleep. know better sleep with sleep number. we welcome back to "hannity." he was pitching a legend for more than 25 years and now nolan ryan is the author of the perfect book for summer. he sat down with me earlier.
10:56 pm
take a look. >> joining me now he's one of the best pitchers in baseball history. nolan ryan, how are you, sir? >> i'm very good. >> i was a big fan of yours. you were with the new york mets in 69 when you won the world series. i loved sports as a kid and then you became an owner. >> that's something i never thought i would be, but that was one of the special years with a special team where it all came together. >> mcgraw, the backup. >> i was very fortunate i was on that team and it happened here in new york. it was the first time after the dodgers had left and johnson
10:57 pm
left the national league team came in and won the world series, so it was very special. >> were you aware how often when you were winning the series -- a couple years back right? >> the world series with the rangers. >> and they go to you all the time. you were there every day, every game. saw you roll your eyes a couple times. >> some of those games were heart breaking. >> it's tough. >> it was. it's kind of like watching your kids play. there's nothing you can do. you can worry about it, but you're a spectator. >> that's true. i get ahold of your new book and i'm looking at it and everything in here is my favorite foods. we share a passion for beef and barbecue. this is all i really eat. i eat a lot of steak and a lot of red meat. >> good.
10:58 pm
>> how did you put this together? >> we have a beef company. what happened was our customers would e-mail us and want to know how to prepare it, do we have any recipes and what they should and shouldn't do. it got us thinking about it. the grilling season is coming up. let's give them something they can look at, somethin a timely you can get the ingredients at a super market and not have to try to figure out what it is and where to go get it in, something that's quick and has a lot of flavor to it. >> one of my favorite things to do is to grill steaks. i keep it really simple. what's your favorite steak? >> if i'm grilling, it's a t-bone. if i'm eating out, it's a fillet. >> i never order a fillet. >> rib eyes are so popular in texas. that's probably the number one seller. >> rib eye and t-bone you can
10:59 pm
never go wrong. and a sirloin. do you cook all these things yourself? i just met your wife and she rolled her eyes at the notion you're cooking all this. >> no. i grill. i do like to grill, but i'm like you. i grill what i like. i look forward to it and enjoy simple flavors. that's pretty much my approach to it. >> that and pork ribs you can't beat. >> i agree with you. i really like pork ribs. that's something we really look forward to. >> it's an honor to meet you. >> thank you for having me on. enjoy your grilling season. >> i'm going to. i appreciate it. that's all the time we have left this evening. i love barbecue. before we go tonight, we want to wish dana perino a very happy birthday.
11:00 pm
we hope jasper got her something really special as well. don't forget we hope you'll set your dvr. record hannity the series. don't forget to start your day with "fox and friends" first. that goes 5:00 to 9:00. van sus. this is on the record. and now "the new york times" calling it a circus and taking a swipe at fox news. i'll go off the record about that. also, chaos in the classroom. a teacher breaking up this fight and now she's out of a job. then, a satanic cult. college students worshipping satan. plus, union members


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