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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 12, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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also take part in research projects. the salary, just over $32,000 u.s., with a car and free meals and accommodations. officials at the center say they want to raise awareness about protecting giant panda. i would do it. thanks for joining us. "the real story" starts right now. we begin with the fox news alert. we are awaiting new information this hour following reports that a second case of a deadly middle east respiratory disease has popped up right here in the u.s. officials at the florida department of health and the centers for disease control and prevention reportedly getting ready to release more details any minute. more than 100 people in the middle east have already died from the virus. the first u.s. case involved a man who worked as a health care worker at a hospital in saudi arabia. he has since been treated and released. we'll bring are details on this new case as soon as we get them. the international outrage growing over the plight of those kidnapped schoolgirls from
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nigeria. hi, everyone. a brand-new video emerging in which the leader of the bowko haram terror group says he wants captured militants in exchange. he claims these are several missing girls. they are in full veil reciting prayers. at least three girls speak in that video. connor, what do we know about what these girls are saying? >> reporter: in the video, the 17-minute long video released earlier today, can you see roughly 100 or so missing nigerian girls. they are wearing the traditional islamic dress. several girls say they were christianed and have now
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converted to democrat. it is possible some of the girls in this video aren't from this recent attack but could be from previous attacks. the leader says all of the girls are now converts to islam but he says is he willing to set them free if his fellow boko haram fighters are released from nigerian prisons. >> what do we know about how the nigerian government is expected to react for this exchange of prisoners? >> it is considered a really positive step but the nigerian government says they won't pay ran some to the militants for these girls. whether or not some type of prisoner swap is on the table still really isn't known. the u.s. officials now say american forces are on the ground, including british and french troops there. israel is sending troops and the chinese are also lending a hand there. so there is a huge international effort now taking police in nigeria to help rescue those
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girls. but in the country there is still a great deal of outrage at how sleigh the operation has gone to rescue these girls and the nigerian government is under a lot of pressure. the release of this video will do little to comfort the parents who are now seeing their daughters for the first time on camera and will probably only stoke the outrage in nigeria right now. >> connor, thank you very much for keeping us updated. an insider levels an explosive charge against the white house. former treasury secretary tim geithner claiming in his new book "stress test" that president obama's political team asked him to bend the truth for the sunday talk shows writing, "i remember during one roosevelt room prep session before i appeared on the sunday shows, i objected when dan fire wanted me to say social security didn't contribute to the deficit. it wasn't a main driver of our future deficits but it did contribute. pfeiffer said the line was a dog whistle to the left, a phrase i had never heard before. he had to explain that the phrase was code to the
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democratic base signalling that we intended to protect social security. fox news digital politics editor is here. chris, what do you make of these excerpts from the geithner book? >> well, look, this is not unheard of in washington that you would prep up a cabinet secretary before they were going out to make remarks. but, i think in this case here's something that we can take away. we have dan pfeiffer who is still a senior advisor to this president. he is sort of the ranking figure on communications in this administration. basically telling tim geithner, the treasury secretary, that's an important job, telling him, yeah, it doesn't really matter if it is accurate or not, we need to fire up our base. dog whistle is not the a flattering term. using dog whistle asssaying, ye it is a noise that we make that our base can hear, so fire it up and say it even though it is not true. doesn't imbue one with
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confidence about the nature of the dialogue about policy. >> he said he was only his third day on the job and he was about to have a one-on-one meeting with the president. he runs into stephanie cutter, one of the top white house operatives who's done many important things and navigated a lot of folks through their positions like geithner, "she handed me the text and i skimmed the outrage i was expected to express, something they wanted him to say. i'm not very swriconvincing he and i thought it would look ridiculous. he said i'm not doing this and i sat uncomfortably next to the president when he expressed outrage. any surprise that he's kind of telling a little bit on the inside? >> it is not a surprise. what he's not supposed to do is reveal the game about how the obama administration has played its base and try to convince them this administration that has been so lavish -- this
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president who has been so lavishly supported by wall street, so lavishly supported by the very institutions that he blamed or seemed to be blaming for the panic of 2008, that those people that his voters, they want action on these folks. tim geithner says that's not me. and it sure wasn't him and you would guess based on what the administration has done, it wasn't barack obama either. >> all right. something else i thought was kind of interesting, when he says "i kind of liked boehner." he says he liked the house speaker who was constantly tangling with this president in the white house. he said he seemed loebl in his new position as a pragmatic conservative surrounded by extremists. did they find some common ground, do you think? >> no. >> not ideologically but they maybe both felt like outsiders. >> i don't think tim geithner plays golf so i think the common ground for boehner is limited. i think this is the bigger take-away. you can picture from a book like this what it is like when you
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prepare a high official in the administration for a sunday talk show appearance like maybe the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, on benghazi. maybe you can start to get the image about what it looks like when you sit down with a person who is important and tried to urge them on in to the right thing to say that will be politically useful for the administration. >> there is prepping to be done. as we have done and you have obviously done today. thank you for visiting with us, chris. good to see you. growing kens now over potential security risks at the white house. after secret service agents were reportedly pulled off patrol for a personal assignment. that's according to the "washington post" saying former secret service director mark sullivan diverted agents for months to protect his assistant during a dispute with a neighbor. but is there more to the story? peter, what do we know about what was going on with this
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neighbor that may have warranted secret service vinvolvement? >> when things between two neighbors boiled over and one of the neighbors alleged that the other was chasing her on on atv while driving in her ford expedition, she called the cops and she called her boss who just so happened to be the director of the secret service at the time, mark sullivan. they sent a team with the co-name prowler out to the suburbs to check on her. but the neighbor michael mulligan tells "the washington post" they stuck around in unmarked cars all summer long, speeding away when he got close enough to ask who they were. he tells "the washington post," "there was all these cars down there for months. they parked everywhere. it actually scared us. i wasn't sure if it was police or what." that man's girlfriend told the post that when the cars were there, they didn't even barbecue so they didn't have to be outside. shannon. >> peter, how is the secret service responding to these
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claims? once it is out there i would imagine they want to explain their side of this. >> the secret service makes clear they were only welfare checks over fourth of july weekend in 2011. they say they never protected the direct ir's assistant and never conducted surveillance on her neighbor, michael mulligan. and they sent this over, "a washington field office vehicle, an investigator asset, was used to do these periodic checks. because there were no protective assets deuced during these checks, there was no impact on protective operations." the new director at the secret service, lisa pearson says homeland security's imspecter general is already looking into this and if any changes are needed as a result the secret service will make them. >> peter, thank you. a line of merciless storms making their way across the midwest on mother's day. the powerful spring storms
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pummelli inling wyoming droppine than two feet of sloppy snow across parts of wyoming. kansas was one of the hardest hit states yesterday after one of a dozen tornadoes tore through the plains. just to the north in nebraska, another series of terrifying twisters shattered scrap metal and tossed trees through neighborhoods. neighbors say it happened very quickly. >> it was very quick. it went over real fast. matter of couple minutes. we were in the basement. i heard a crash. that was one of the trees going through my living room win he doe. i went upstairs to check it out. went back downstairs again, heard another big boom. my tree behind my house. my walnut tree got lifted up, torn out of the ground and thrown up on the shed. >> the storm is moves toward the great lakes bringing with it more threats for twisters and floods. >> reporter: this weekend a lot of folks were celebrating
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mother's day. hundreds of families spent the time cleaning up the damage that these storms left behind. there were as many as 26 tornadoes in four states over the weekend. three of those twisters touched down just east of kansas city. the largest of them hit the small town of orick. investigators say it was on the ground for more than 11 miles. winds which reached speeds up to 135 miles per hour also ripped up trees, knocked over power lines an even tore the roof off of the local high school. the damage there was so bad that school officials are now trying to figure out where to hold the high school graduation that was scheduled for this upcoming weekend. the there is an emergency declaration for that town of about 800 people. storms also causing damage in nebraska, iowa and kansas. no reports of any deaths or serious injuries, but as you mentioned, the severe weather
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threat continues for at least 50 million americans who are in those storms' paths with storm warnings already being issued all the way from the great lakes region, all the way down south to san antonio, texas. >> quite a wide swath. garrett, thank you very much. florida senator marco rubio confirming his 2016 intentions. >> do you think you're ready to be president? >> i do. but i think that's true from all the people i'd want to run. i'll be 43 this month. >> he also had controversial comments on climate change. what it could mean for the potential field in 2016. mother nature does not want this driver to get a ticket. how this officer was almost taken out by a tree during a late night traffic stop. some say the president should be more focused on the va hospitals and the mistreatment of our veterans. we'll talk to a veterans rights activist about the changes he wants to see in the system now. >> while the president's here in california he is doing five fund-raisers. five political fund-raisers.
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a busy dizarre accident caun video. police conducting a routine traffic stop in iowa when all of a sudden -- check this out. >> 128. i need officers to respond. >> ouch. officer down. an oak tree falling on the car, exploding into pieces and knocking the officer to the ground like a giant fly swatter. luckily for him the car did take most of the impact. all he needed was a few stitches. nobody in the car was injured. unluckily for the car's owner, it was totalled. on the right side she did not get a ticket for driving without her headlights. some blunt words from a
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possible contender for the white house. florida senator marco rubio says he doubts human activity has any cause for climate change. >> i don't agree with the notion some put out there including scientists that somehow there are actions we can take today that would actually have an impact on what's happening with our climate. our climate is always changing. >> do you not think that human activity, production of co2 has caused warming. >> i do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists portray it. that's what -- and do i not believe that the laws they propose we pass will do anything about it except it will destroy our economy. saying he is ready to be president. the latest real clear politics polling average shows rubio in secht place seventh place among possible republican candidates.
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welcome to you both. so some interesting words there. it seems like senator rubio had gone quiet for a little while. there were those who did not appreciate or love his position on the senate gang of eight immigration piece that he work on. but after a little bit of time it seems in the peace and quiet he's back, he's headlining fund-raisers in new hampshire. is he a big player for 2016? >> i think he is trying to get back in the good graces with the republican primary voters after he had the nerve to come after the gang of eight bill. what i love about senator rubio, a year or two ago they asked him the age of the earth. his answer was i'm not a scientist man. all of a sudden i guess he's gone to science school or whatever. because all of a sudden he definitively knows that climate change is not man-made which le buys what 95% of the world's climatologists believe. i guess he's now a science man.
11:19 am
>> in the past in fact he's work on emissions. some are saying it's an about-face for him. his folks saying not so much. >> senator acknowledges there is climate change. >> not necessarily the cause. >> the approach he raises, are we going to be conservationists who use land and resources to their potential and restore them to their posture or do nothing? this administration whether the war on coal, keystone pipeline, they want to do nothing, ultimately shut down energy production which in reality will then prevent the inmow vags and research that we need to really help bring climate change under control and yet not kill energy jobs. >> i'm sorry, with all due respect this administration has had more oil and gas drilling than any in the past. >> this administration has a war on coal. >> you can't say they want to stop energy production when they boasted, incorrectly so, they've been drilling for oil and
11:20 am
natural gas more than any other. that's one. two, obviously, what senator rubio was not saying was that he believes climate change is not man-made. that belies 97% of the world's climatologists. >> there is a lot of debate still about that. talk quickly about senator rand paul also in the mix for 2016. he is holding up a judicial nominee on the hill, somebody that he says has authored memos that would authorize drone strikes on american citizens. he issued an op se-edop-ed, i d think you should kill americans, execute them without a trial. >> is this a country where due process and innocent until proven guilty are still the law of the rand. senator paul is driving a very important debate we need to have and mr. "barron's" nomination is the next chapter in that. it is interesting from these memos this president now wants unilateral power to go and be
11:21 am
able to kill u.s. citizens who's never had a trial, never been convicted. contrast that to candidate obama who rode to office on a wave of we should not be using force or intimidation against enemy combatants against the u.s. perhaps -- perhaps someone at the next white house press conference could ask the president how he has so dramatically changed his position. >> i'll call ed henry about that. quickly, final word to you. >> i agree 100% with everything david said. >> hey! >> senator paul is dead on about it. barack obama is dead wrong on this. he flip-flopped on this issue. nothing to add other than i agree with everything you said. >> we'll be singing "kumbaya" on the break. stick around. a shocking beatdown in an elevator. two celebrities getting so heated, they go gladiator on each other. who is it? you won't believe it. crews may have been
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searching in the wrong place again for that missing malaysia plane. one company that is it's got new flight tracking technology that can track all new large planes for free. is that too good to be true? we'll have an expert. as the va comes under investigation for the secret waiting lists for care. the man in in charge is stepping the man in in charge is stepping down. so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪
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shocking video surfacing showing a vicious fight reportedly involving beyonce's sister and her husband jay-z. the video was captured by an elevator security camera as the trio made their way down from the met gala after party, one of the parties. in the video it looks like beyonce's younger sister lunges toward jay-z and can be seen punching, kicking and screaming at him. beyonce is there in the video standing between her husband an
11:26 am
sister. security guard is trying to stop her. it is unclear what sparked this whole fight. jay-z and beyonce have made no comment. ping signals detected in the ind yand ocean may not have come from the missing malaysian jetliner. authorities shay blsh joining us for mao, commercial pilot, publisher of and fox news aviation expert and analyst. thanks for joining us. how does this work? at first blush you think it sounds too good to be true. how would this tracking work and how in the world could it be free? >> well, as you said, it is too good to be true and the notification that this was happening came coincidentally on the first day of a conference in montreal about how to track aircraft more accurately. the one downside to this is that
11:27 am
they're going to give the technology, the communications part, for free but the aircraft must already be equipped with the technology on the aircraft. if they don't have that, this isn't going to work. the company's senior vice president told bbc news, our equipment is on 90% of the world's wide body jets already. that's obviously commercial air traffic. for you and i, we hop a flight on united or u.s. wear air, wou most of those planes generally have this? >> most of them do have it already. as the news release this morning mentioned. this is old technology. it is better certainly than nothing. there is no doubt about that. but this is only a beginning of the of fix that we need to be able to track aircraft more accurately. there is a difference between tracking and surveillance which is what the next generation of satellite technology is going to allow us to do. it will give us more information. >> tell us a little bit about
11:28 am
the difference. if a plane had had this technology on board now, would they be able to get a broad region for where it may be as opposed to having a more pin pointed location? >> sure. think if people remember back to the accident with the air france aircraft dropped to the south atlantic a few years ago, we were getting some maintenance data from the aircraft before it crashed and that was coming through that technology. it is not going to give you incredibly detailed data but it will give you something that will help you pinpoint the airplane but it is only broadcast on whatever frequency, time frequency, the owner of aircraft decides to remit it, every minute, every five minutes. the new stuff coming up will be one of their competitors, meridian, they'll have technology that will do considerably more than this. it will give you altitude,
11:29 am
speed, heading, much more than we have right now. but again that's -- all of this is still a couple of years away. ? we know it takes time an money to get that all up and running. robert, thanks so much for explaining. major new report shows that repealing the controversial employer mandate part of obamacare would not cripple the system but it would have an impact on low-page workers. details on that next. plus, chaos and violence continues in eastern ukraine. pro-russian rebels claiming victory in yesterday's referendum voting for self-rule. one the white house won't recognize. a live report on what's next for the region straight ahead. plus horror, as a hot air balloon comes crashing to the ground. the very latest on this investigation. ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you
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time for a quick check on your headlines. families in kansas assessing damage and bracing for another round of severe weather after tornadoes like this one tore through the middle of state last night. the ntsb and faa are investigating how this hot air balloon makd into power lines friday night before bursting into flames killing the driver and two members of the university of richmond's athletic staff. a raging wildfire destroying more than 100 homes in the texas panhandle. evacuations are in effect for hundreds of people as firefighters work to try to contain those flames. emergency officials say the fire broke out yesterday afternoon and was fueled by very strong
11:34 am
winds. in eastern ukraine, pro-russian separatists declaring victory in a controversial referendum. they claim 90% of voters voted in favor of sovereignty. now one of those regions is asking to join russia. ukraine and its western allies say they will not recognize the vote. streaming live from ukraine with the very latest, hi, greg. >> reporter: shannon, that's right. declaring victory, declaring independence, even asking for membership in the russian federation, that's all coming from separatist leaders. following that controversial self-rule referendum along with a huge winning margin. the claim is that the turnout was 70%, 75%. kiev says it was more like 30%. he we were here on ground. we saw a lot of irregularities during the time. so far the kremlin hasn't responded yet to that pitch to join up. russians say the results should be implemented, and they also
11:35 am
say all sides should be talking. meanwhile the fighting goes on today. we went about 20 miles away, the one place ukrainian forces actually tried to stop the referendum, ended up firing around in a crowd. two people in killed. it is sounding quite radicalized. some of them could be joining ranks of the militants that are roaming this area, the rebel leaders now are saying that the ukrainian military in this region are occupying forces. you also think about the russian troops on the other side of the border. it is definitely a volatile mix and this situation seems to have momentum all of its own. back to you. >> greg, thank you very much. new developments now on the obamacare front with the study looking at the effects of repealing the employer mandates. that's the provision that requires companies with 50-plus employees to provide health coverage for pay fines for every single employee.
11:36 am
the robert wood johnson foundation now finding that few workers would actually lose coverage without the mandate. if it was entirely eliminated, employer coverage would fall by just $500,000 producing a net increase of 200,000 in uninsured. a relative hike of just 6%. the foundation is a major supporter of the health care law having donated to $13 million to enroll america. a white house non-profit that promotes obamacare. more on that study with charles payne with the fox business network. we have issues about coverage. a lot of employers even those who have supported the program to now are now saying now that it is going to kick on and there have been delays and it is going to be softened up but it still looks like we're going to get it at this point. >> the reason we're still going to get it, over the next ten years they penciled it in to probably bring in $46 billion. that's why we're still going to get it.
11:37 am
even allies of this plan, robert wood johnson, acknowledge that this is just absolutely ridiculous. what's going to happen is that these employers who do -- who have to pay these penalties, the money has to come from somewhere. the study also reveals within these organizations it is the lower paid employees he that bear the brunt. ultimately you are hurting the people who can take the pain the least. >> for employers who now don't provide insurance pre-obamacare, they are the ones who are most likely not to provide it on the other side and they are the ones most populated by low wage workers. the study basically says they're going to past that cost on to low wage workers by cutting their wages or not giving them raises or not hiring people at all. >> sure. star employees within the organizations aren't going to see their pay or benefits slashed. it is common sense. you can have the fair and not fair argument all you want. don't forget the full-time to part-time phenomenon ever since
11:38 am
this was announced. full-time has been the definition -- the definition has been lowered to where a whole lot of people are going to be working part-time. everyone knows this is a huge mistake. to your pointless than 1% would be uninsured anyway if we don't do this. how do you fill that $46 billion gap. i'd be afraid to let the administration try something new. it would begin with t and end with x. but it is just really tough. >> so many of these people who would be covered if there is a switch, some of these folks are going to go on medicaid, some into the subsidized market and all of that is free. we all pay for that. >> ultimately what's that it comes down to. in virginia they've already started talk about these premium hikes for everyone. some of the regions, so far enrollees have been several years older than anticipated. people who were uninsured are in very poor health. this thing will cost so much
11:39 am
more money. it's skewed badly. >> they're numbers an we crunch them. the government does as well. >> then we ball up into a hole and brace for the hit ourselves. >> thank you, charles. good to see you. here's what america's clicking on today. the bionic limb was science fiction a few decades ago. it is reality now. the fda is approving the sale of the decca arm, translating signals from a person's muscles. police in ohio say thieves broke into the monument of president james a. garfield and stole a set of commemorative spoons. his casket is near the case where they are stored. online date something now grounds for divorce in france. a judge granted a man's divorce after his wife of 18 years was busted flirting with other men on a dating website. even though there was no actual physical cheating. let's check in with shepherd smith reporting now from the fox news deck. >> kind of disturbing news out of iran. the iranians are claiming they have successfully copied the
11:40 am
american drone that the iranians captured a couple of years ago and now the rogue nation is showing it off. we have some pictures up here in our monster wall. this is the front view of iran's drone as it has been shown today. they brought a lot of people out today for the unveiling. iran's drone on hdisplay here. a lot of people standing around looking at it. this next one is a picture of -- it won't go. that one over there is a picture of the drone -- the american drone. that one right over there. one that was down in that area. u.s. military is indicating iran did not have the technology to decipher the secrets of that drone but has that changed? will it fly? that's next on "shepherd smith report." see you at the top of the hour. new reaction to former treasury secretary timothy geithner's new tell-all book from the white house. what did jay carney just say in the briefi ining about coaching answers for the sunday shows. veterans concerned for their
11:41 am
own health after e-mails came out saying there was a systematic way their treatment was pushed back in key va hospitals. >> i thought at least one thing i have, i can depend upon, is my country to take care of me when i get older. and i never knew i was going to get this. cancer. and i'm just like i don't want to die because of some waiting list like other men have. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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♪ [female announcer] we grow big celebrations,o. and personal victories. we grow new beginnings, and better endings. grand gestures, happier happy hours. so let's gro something greater with miracle-gro. what will you grow? the white house reacting to the tell-all book from former treasury secretary timothy geithner that shows from his first days just how at odds his stances on economics were with the president's agenda. even alleging he was asked by the white house staff to deceive the american public to get democratic talking points across. what's the truth. chief white house correspondent ed henry is on it, live at the white house. i understand, ed, this issue already getting a lot of attention. it was about preparing for a sunday show. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right. look, the white house is pushing back hard on what is said in
11:45 am
this book on that one anecdote. this is tim geithner who was the treasury secretary at the time, saying that basically as he prepare for sun talk shows, dan pfeiffer, one of the president's top aides, was one of the advisors that was explaining to him what to say about the economy, about programs like social security. allegation in the book is that dan pfeiffer told timothy geithner to say on the sunday shows that social security does not increase the deficit.
11:46 am
>> constantly publicly because it is a fact is that social security is not the main driver of our deficit. it is certainly not the driver of our near and medium-term deficit challenges and we have always taken an approach which is to pursue social security on a separate track. >> obviously this has been a subject -- sore subject for the white house in recent days. continued focus among republicans, over susan rice's appearances on those five sunday talk shows talking about benghazi. this a much different subject -- social security and the deficit but the same general issue about whether the white house is pushing out a message that's true or false. bottom line as you heard jay carney there saying there was no effort to deceive the public. i also spoke to a source close to timothy geithner, the former treasury secretary whose book was just published today. that official telling me that tim geithner did not mean to say in the book that the white house was asking him to mislead the public. >> all right, ed henry. you're on it.
11:47 am
we are glad you are. more fury over the growing va scandal after an e-mail leaked from a veterans affairs nurse about problems in wyoming. the e-mail says, "yes, it is gaming the system a bit. but you have to know the rules of the game you are playing and when we exceed the 14-day measure -- the front office gets very upset." but as calls for va secretary eric shinseki to step down, is he getting support from defense secretary chuck hagel. >> i do support general shinseki but there's no margin here. i don't think it just started with general shinseki's term at the va. this is something that should have been looked at years and years ago. so yes, we missed it. >> those families demanding something be done to make sure this does not happen again. alex nicholson is legislator director for the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. sir, first, thank you for your
11:48 am
service. >> thanks for having me. >> this is something that makes everyone's blood boil. they hear these stories. they think about the fact that these are men and women like yourself who have served our country and the fact that their lives could be so easily disregarded. what is your reaction to the latest news? >> i tell you myself personally and more importantly our members at iava are absolutely outraged over this. not only is it just a one-off event, we hear about it happening over and over again. we've been hearing about it for years for our members. house veterans affairs committee has been on this and aggressive about it in raising red flags for years. now for serious allegations, austin, phoenix, cheyenne, the list goes on. we are outraged about it. >> this has gone on for years from numerous administrations. it is something that we hear about it, someone discovers things, dumped files, secret
11:49 am
waiting lists. but it seems like nothing ever really changes and people die as a result. what can be done? >> you're right. first of all we have to have some swift, immediate and serious accountability within the va. you can't just fire a junior ranking person and expect the controversy to go away. this is not going away. that's one thing the va to do, start taking this more seriously and showing that. they may say they've been taking it seriously but we have to see it. one thing congress can do immediately is pass the va management accountability act. that's something that chairman jeff miller of house veterans affairs has been pushing and putting out with speakers behind it. you have a lot of democrats lining up behind it as well. that's something that would start allowing the secretary to fire people more easily and not jump through so many hoops and help fix this problem immediately. congress has to move on this. we've tried to get congress to move on this and other things, the suicide prevent bill, congress has to get itself in gear and and the on this stuff as well as the secretary and the
11:50 am
president. he's got to get involved. >> let me read a little bit of what was in some nbc reporting. chuck todd says, why this is a bigger story. there's bipartisan outrage unlike regarding benghazi and it cuts at the heart of the competency issue for the obama administration. see the health care website. yes, va hospitals have been a mess for years. then again, we're now in year six of the obama presidency. how much responsibility does the president bear now and at least now that things are public with coming to some well as the va secretary. we have seen them make comments on issues related to this. they put out statements via the press offices but they have to get in front of cameras and the american panel and vas and say they're going to get to the bottom of this and fix this. we know it's fixable and we want to see them step up and take some pro-active hands-on action here. >> alex, thank you for your service and those of your members. we'll stay on this as we know many other organizations are up
11:51 am
to the white house and capital hear to get in gear. thank you. a major american city turning into a surveillance state. they're installing tens of thousands of these security cameras and the critics not so happy. a major league baseball analyst gets ejected after greenup word -- grownup woffords at -- words at a child's baseball game. mine was earned in korea in 1953.
11:52 am
afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. the city of chicago now practically overrun with security cameras as it tries to combat its long-standing violence problem but the increase in surveillance is prompting a heated debate about privacy versus security.
11:55 am
mike tobin is live with the storiment safe to say you're probably being want right now. >> over my shoulder you can see one of the 24,000 public and privity cam florida the city of chicago. there are few places to go in the city of big shoulders without being caught on camera or reported. of the 348 traffic cameras, two-thirds of those are being retrofitted with swivels so they can see everything in the intersection, and that has the attention of the aclu. >> what this new technology permits is for these cameras to now be integrated into the massive surveillance camera system that the city of chicago now has. so the cameras can be switched, if you will, from being traffic safety devices to being part of a broader surveillance system. >> and the aclu says what is really missing here is a set of guidelines to say a government employee can't use a camera to track, say, an ex-girlfriend or
11:56 am
politician can't track an opponent, and those guidelines need to be made public. >> begin the number of cameras, any evidence they're effective at producing accidents, deterring crimes? >> well, the aclu says they don't reduce violent crane, just move the violent crime out of sight of the cameras. as far as the traffic cameras, have not brought down the number of accidents but have reduced the severity of the injuries. >> if you cut down on the number of violators, there's still some good, but the safety good is obviously we're ruing the serious, the injury, the possibly even fatal crashes with the cameras. >> and the cameras also caught chicago's mayor, rahm emanuel, and his motor cade speeding or running red lights 17 times through the city. the mayor says he told his staff to slow down. no one is above the law. >> good advice. thank you very much. some parents take their kids' games and sports seriously. a little different when you have
11:57 am
actually played the sport. mitch williams had a big blowup at a little league game. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
11:58 am
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the power of angie's list makes it work. download snapfix for free. >> former pitcher mitch williams arguing with an ump about his kid's game. busted for cursing. thank you for being part of the story. ships up next. >> new video in today that apparently shows the kidnapping of those nigerian school girls. the kidnapped girls are converting to islam, wearing veils and speaking arabic. the first time we have seen them in weeks and the terror group's leader says what it will take to set them free. we'll have the details. plus, the mother who jumped from a burning building with her baby in her arms. >> she took care of her baby. >> now mom may never walk again. but she says it's all worth it to know that she saved her son's life. a woman accused of wire tapping or secretly recordi


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