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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 12, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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and friends first and ainsley, then fox and friends 6:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> i'm greta van susteren. this is "on the record." >> we have not yet extinguished man's darkest impulses. >> is this the p.c. presidency? >> islam is providing a disproportionate share of radical nut bags killing people right now. >> the president's comments on nigerian terrorists landing him in hot water, even from the left. >> there is no mention here of connecting this to the religion. >> bill maher on the attack. >> liberals do not stand up for liberalism. liberalism means one, mostly equality of women, free speech. no death threats. >> "on the record" investigates tonight and. >> what science tells bus the after life there is
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none. when you die you are dead. >> atheists chaplains in the military how did that work? >> it's just total nonsense, the idea of having a chaplain who is an atheist. >> i have got 99 problems with [bleep] >> he has got 99 problems and this is one. beyonce's sister brutally attacking rapper jay-z. >> also, fired. a teacher breaks up this fight with a broom and now she is out of a job. and she is right here to go "on the record" tonight. up first is, there political correctness and is the obama administration tiptoeing around not wanting to offend radical islam. boko haram is a dangerous islamic group. the group has murdered more than 0,000 people and three weeks ago kidnapped 300 girls in my gearia, still have them. they are responsible for other horrific crimes.
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why won't the white house just call out radical islam. the president's political correctness turk off some of his biggest supporters. >> there is no connecting this to the religion which is what i'm always seeking to do because i think that's the elephant in the room and in the religion at large, women are seen as property. >> islam as one of the great major religions is providing disproportionate share of radical nut bags killing people right now. >> let's look at how long we have had people running around making excuses to hurt other people. and islam is a part of that tradition but so has christianity has been. slavery. >> this is the 14th century, i would be coming down on the christians because that's when they were too violent. or the atheists. >> at this point religions and cultures change and the 14th century it was the christians but this isn't the 14th century. >> the vast majority of muslims terrorists it, does seem that the vast majority of terrorist incidents do involve some aspect of the
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muslim world. you don't see a whole lot of buddhist suicide bombers. i'm still waiting for the koreans to show up. >> all the religions are the problem but especially this one. former ambassador john bolton. good evening. >> good evening. >> are we being too soft on radical islam in terms of how we speak about them? are we too afraid or gentle or politically incorrect? >> the administration and large parts of the american academic establishment are afraid to discuss radical islam and islamic terrorism because they operate under the mistaken view that if you use those words or talk about that threat that somehow you're insulting all of islam. i think that's wrong in several respects. number one, there is no such thing as the islamic world. it makes no more sense to talk about that than it does to talk about the christian world. people have different views and they have different experiences. and that's fundamentally what's wrong with this political correctness and
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with bill maher's view of it, too. they are all wrong. they are all talking about identity politics. have you got your women and you have got your muslims and you have got your african-americans and those groups all think alike. that's fundamentally flawed. >> all right. well, the group boko haram is seeking to establish a pure islamic state and they want it ruled by sharia law. very punitive to women. extremely punitive to women. they attack christians, bomb churches, kidnappings. language about them people are just beginning to call them evil terrorists but they are not alone. >> no, this is part of the growing threat of terrorism and radical islam all across northern africa. why weren't they designated as a foreign terrorist organization some years ago? in part, i think from the administration spokesman they didn't want to say that a terrorist group in the largest country in africa. one out of four africans is a nigerian was growing and
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becoming increasing threat because that would cut across the administration's political native that terrorism -- narrative that terrorism is no longer a war. >> brandizing university where they had selected a woman to be the commencement speaker who grew up in somalia and she made very harsh -- from personal experience, very harsh comments about radical islam and suddenly she was booted. >> >> she actually is the worst nightmare for those who practice identity politics. because she reasoned through that she couldn't be a muslim under any circumstances so she became an atheist. so she is a black female atheist conservative and that makes people's heads explode on the left that is the trouble with identity politics. you are not talking about
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the merits of the issue. radical islam or terrorism. you are talking about whose identity trumps whose other's identity. that is fundamentally disliewcial. >> what is the danger of being politically correct or whatever we call it we all say right things. publicly maybe in private we are saying very different things. what's the harm to being politically correct? >> well, i think being a tolerant person is a good thing. that is a virtue. but when you insist on as they say in the left, contextualizing the base so being a woman trumps being a man or being white trumps being black or whatever it is, it do attaches from you reality and makes it impossible to address pending threats like the threat of boko haram kidnapping innocent girls for the sin of being educated. >> and, of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg with them. >> right. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> atheist group is demanding an atheist chaplain in the military. the group claims as more atheists join the military
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they need somewhere to go for support. the department of defense is considering the change. is the d.o.d. being politically correct? joining us my colleague sean hannity. good evening, sean. >> good evening how are you. >> what do you think about this? >> i'm reading a story the group is preparing the military foorn atheist chaplain. you know, what i find about the left, this becomes political for me is that there is this intolerance towards people that have a faith that have religions and so we need equal time. we need fairness. i'm thinking we have got better things to do with our military than to appease those people that have special unique political agendas because they sore offended that you that chaplain available for men and women throughout fighting for their country in uniform and faith is very important to them. they make a mockery out of it i think it's high time we stand up and say enough. it's almost like this whole campaign against boko haram, terrorists don't read
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twitter terrorists think it is ridiculous. it dovetails to me. >> what i'm so curious, if they claimed thasm was was a region-eye i'm not sure what an thas would do different than a courtroom. >> they don't agree with a higher being so there are psychologists available for those in the military, not faith-related and if they have those issues, they should be able to -- that should suffice for them if they needed any help or assistance. look, to me, this is a sort of an in your face, slap in the face to those people of faith. and they are trying to kind of advance a political agenda within the military
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and obviously military discipline should transcend all of this. if you have got an ageneral darks the military is not the place to push it through. >> i think that's the primary issue. we are very respectful of everybody's beliefs, lack thereof. or whatever. the military really have a different beast. primary to everything is that we have to make sure that we have enormous discipline. not that we should exclude people. rather than fighting over certain other issues and sort of, you know, making problems that we don't necessarily need. we need discipline. >> you are spurring a thought here and i know you are covering tonight the boko haram issue too. my first comment is that, you know, you have got this bring back our girls, terrorists don't read twitter. and there is an uncall do you uncall could youableness. >> i think that's a lot of noise bring back our girls. noise is what we run on here. we start talking about it. the white house pays attention and capitol hill. i may be one of the few but
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i think it's a effective way to create noise and buzz so people will pay attention to it. >> you might be right on your point. you have to think how do our enemies view this? and i'm thinking if they do hear about it, they don't care in the least. >> not in the least? >> they are the ones that matter. for example, if we really cared about sharia law, and its treatment of women, and, you know, for example, women can't drive. women can't be seen in public in saudi arabia without somebody that they are married to. they have the morality police. women are stoned to death in some countries. gays and lesbians are stoned to death. there are horrible treatment of women. they need four male eyewitnesses for rape. if we really cared about that then maybe we would identify certain incidents for what they are. and that would mean the president could have, instead of apologizing in cairo for america could have spoken out against radical islam. we could have called fort hood not work place violence but an act of terror. we could stop using
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ridiculous euphemisms. >> don't get me started on sharia law. sean, thank you for joining us. see you at 10:00. >> i'm watching you at 7:00. i will continue to watch. >> good. harvard university where satanic black mass is happening in just minutes. rocking harvard. the archdiocese of boston and catholics around the global. the event was scheduled to be on campus, a few hours ago the harvard group moved the black mass off harvard's campus to undisclosed location. harvard student aurora joins us. she is the former president of harvard catholic students. thank you for joining us. >> of course, happy to be here, greta. >> now, apparently you have got this sort of moving black mass. do you have any idea where this mass is tonight? according to the latest crimson reports i'm aware of, the negotiations did fall through from that nightclub in central square. so we're hoping that the whole thing just gets
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cancelled. the worst case scenario would that be they try to get it back on campus. >> you have had any chance to talk to the president of the university or anybody in the hierarchy on campus? >> well, in fact, i had submitted a letter to president drew fouts this morning. with the nearly 60,000 names of people who objected to this hateful event. i have not received a personal response from president faust. her public response has been that she is personally dismayed that any cultural group would undertake something so offensive. but i have not heard from her further. >> each going to talk abouting it. how do you reconcile this with the first amendment? >> sure. well, greta, i don't think this is an issue of free speech. we are talking about a private institution which has defined its free speech as being limited by anything that dishonors another
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person's religion. it says that that is contrary to the balance of rights that the university promotes. and so i think according to the university's own definition, this is not something that is acceptable interesting how the hierarchy university didn't toss them off campus. they chose. if you go i nine miles downtown road at brandeis, they threw out their commencement speaker saying antagonistic things to radical islam. nine miles down the road and you have got these two important universities with very different views on in this. >> that's right. greta there are a number of inconsistent messages being sent by harvard in this situation. but i think it's important that we respond to what's actually happening on our campus. >> we only have 30 seconds left. where do you think they are going? are they going undercover or
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underground? it's interesting. we have been chasing them for the last 90 minutes we have had reporters up there. >> hopefully, they are going away. that's where they are going. but we will, i guess we will have to see. i will see when i get back on campus soon. i myself will be at the holy hour at saint paul's. >> well, thank you. we'll be watching to see what's going on tonight. >> thanks for having me on, greta. >> thank you. okay. let's all go off-the-record for just a second. in just moments, near harvard university some mean-spirited students will be exercising first amendment right by insulting catholics, not just at harvard but around the globe. about to start a satanic mass which they know is deeply offensive to catholics. justification? to put the spotlight on the first amendment. what do i think? frankly i think they are awful. plus they are cowferred. they know when you offend the catholics this way the catholic also pray for them. that's pretty safe. the catholics would never
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dare put the spotlight on the first amendment if that's what they want to do by burning the koran. they wouldn't get prayers but something else in return. a big something else. i'm certainly not suggesting to burn the koran. get that straight. just making an example. calling out this group. frauds, cowards. not first amendment advocates. first amendment also includes the freedom of religion. people advocate for the first amendment and want to celebrate it would not use just one clause of the amendment to stifle or intimidate another part of that same amendment. just because you have a first amendment right to do something remember, that doesn't mean you should. in some instances it even means you might be mean and rotten and this might be and this is one of those. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. right now, former treasury secretary tim geithner firing shots from everyone from the white house to the -- claims the white house told him to mislead the american people on the sunday morning shows by falsely saying that social security does not contribute to the deficit.
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joining us our political panel, washington examiner susan ferrechio of the "the washington post" jacqueline kucinich and josh mccormick. this has set people on fire today. waking up to tim geithner but then there has been dial-back. >> yeah. an administration lying to the american people should always be shocking. but this isn't really too surprising. >> is this a lie? >> i think it counts as a lie that they know it wasn't contributing to the deficit. geithner couch it and caveat it. the administration is continually down played the entitlement crisis in america. a little more than a decade. spending on medicare, medicaid, social security, and interest will take up every single penny that we're taking n tax dollars. the administration has tillablely down played that fact. not offered really -- any real solutions and demagogued republicans like the house republicans in 2011 with paul ryan's plan to reform medicare. take away your grandmother's healthcare. this isn't too surprising given the track record. >> jackie, good for
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secretary geithner at least how he reports it, he stood up to pressure to the white house to make what is now being said a mispleading statement. interesting side part of this is that he also said something about an economic advisor on the romney campaign and that economic advisor is saying that geithner's line about what he said. there is a lot of line pointing going on tonight. >> these memoirs across the board are a way for these administration officials to shape history. it's their version of events. we have had quite a few of them. we have had gates, we have hillary clinton's coming out. when you have memoirs you have disagreement. one person's point of view. you know, these days it seems if we wait long enough, the other person will have a memoir so maybe we have more than 360-degree view of how things actually happened. >> is this confusion of bad memory or is this deceitful? i mean, if they were trying to get geithner to go out and say this on the morning shows. we'll all know they have a bad reputation with sending people on morning shows right now at least as far as susan rice, is this
11:18 pm
deceitful or just confusion and the stakes? and memories? >> there is always a he said, she said. but, if you look at -- i see it as part of a pattern. if you look at the talk show he transcripts. geithner appeared oon a they talk about social security. on abc, he is asked specifically whether there are going to be cuts to social security. he kind of talks around it. he doesn't say. no i don't think he gives the answer the administration wants but you can hear him trying to couch it in a way to show that it's not going to be part of the fiscal cliff. >> i hate that have the couric to say what you think, right? >> then i say let's connect this to benghazi which everyone might think is crazy. well, i have always wondered why hillary clinton wasn't the one who appeared on the talk show. she said she didn't like doing sunday talk shows. an ambassador was killed. first ambassador in more than three decades. she is the secretary of state. she doesn't go on the sunday talk shows. she know as lot. who do they put on, susan rice who pretty much knew nothing. she ♪ going to give them any push back over what's really
11:19 pm
going on it might have been easier. it makes me wonder further why she was the one to go on. i do think it's part -- if you put those two things together and you look at the drafings the way it worries about what everyone thinks versus what reality is like you can keep your doctor and health plan, to me, it does look like if you put everything together, a pattern. and it's a pattern of, like you say, deceit. >> all right, panel. thank you. and u.s. senator tim scott taking hit for being a republican who is black. the clummist behind this latest attack here here to go "on the record." a teacher whipping out a broom and breaking up a dangerous school fight. she out of a job but not staying silent. she is here to tell her story straight ahead.
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>> lower the bar for blacks. some people have are been glassing the article for calling senator scott nothing more than affirmative action token. wasn't you that had the token in the headline. but as everything goes viral. you write the story and then the next story has is calling senator scott a token but nonetheless. your article was rather march on senator scott, why? actually it wasn't harsh on senator scott and wasn't terrifically about senator scott. ambassador bolten was on earlier talking about the difficulties of identity politics. and that's something that republicans haven't really dealt with too much. it hasn't been a problem for them as the party
11:24 pm
diversifies. i have decided to look at the case of senator scott. almost like intellectual exercise, if it were in the parties' favor to sort of close out a primary and help him win would think do that on the sense of race? after looking at it i concluded that should -- would they do it they should do it. this has been blown out of proportion when you combine the internet plus racial politics and speculation. i suppose some people should think i get what i deserve what i was saying history of appointed senator is not typically successful. one in five senators appointed other the last 100 years or so when they run in the primaries they lose. he was appointed by a
11:25 pm
governor not particularly popular herself. there has been a lot of primaries in the republic party recently. most of those have occurred from the right with tea party candidates running across so-called mainstream conservatives. i wanted to look at the idea that maybe it would be in the republican party's benefit -- what the party does in lots of instances is clear the field for a preferred candidate. i was looking at the idea who is running for primaries. senator lindsey graham up for election in november. he drew a whole field of primary challengers which senator scott did. one of the reasons senator lindsey graham did this he has a 38.9% disapproval rate whereas senator tim scott has only a 17.6%. if i were going to choose to run against one of them. i would choose to run against the one with the lousier approval rating.
11:26 pm
>> i'm not so sure i would senator scott is not very well known. >> is he popular. one of the other things i thought and we only have 30 seconds left. i read your article. then the next article after it bloomberg affirmative action token. that's insulting. that wasn't your title. that's the problem when we have a lot of these discussions you start with one and may want to have a good discussion about it but it certainly gets explosive and sometimes not in a way that generates a good debatecus. >> i couldn't agree with you more. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and straight ahead. a teacher gets the ax after using a broom to stop a violent classroom fight. i'm on the teacher side. jay-z getting a beatdown. and we got it all caught on camera. you won't believe what his connection is to his
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a high school teacher fired for breaking up a classroom brawl with a broom stick. it was all caught on camera. >> get off! get off! get off! that video is drumming up support for the fired teacher. tiffany, i have got to tell you right from the get-go, i'm so on your side on this. what in the world were you supposed to do when two people stop fighting and you can't stop them. what does the school say you are supposed to do it's a widely known fact we should let them fight. call security. stand back and let them fight. >> well, call security walkie-talkies outcome walkie talks didn't work.
11:32 pm
right? >> what is she supposed to do at this point? send smoke signals up through the -- over the transsem? what in the world? this is so ridiculous. trying to break them up? >> it seems like that's what they are asking for called in the walking talky. she thought it was working. security didn't show up. shortly after she called again on the walkie-talkie nobody showed up there were students in the classroom about to get physically injured. not only the two that were fighting. the other had the guy's head down to the ground. he could have killed him or done great bodily harm. additionally could have injured other kids in the classroom. desks flying. classroom equipment flying around. tiffany took the matter into her own hands and in the result protect the students. >> it says you are expected to do what is necessary to
11:33 pm
diffuse the situation. i think just sitting there and waiting for security to show up when they don't have a walkie-talkie is not doing what's necessary. tiffany, i want you to listen to a message from the student you hit with the broom. >> she is my favorite teacher. i think it could have went the other way around. she could have called for the security and waited for the security to get there. but she ain't wait. so i think she deserve. >> tiffany, your reaction? >> i believe it's easy to say that if you are winning and on the top. i can't return the sentiment. i have known him three weeks prior to the incident. >> tiffany, for the life of me, i actually thought picking up the broom was pretty smart. if you protected yourself, you could try to stop it it obviously you couldn't break
11:34 pm
it up. the nuns used to hit us with rulers all the time so a few little whacks wasn't so fatal, i didn't think. are you going to get your job back, tiffany? >> that's currently, greta, what we are negotiating right now. i have been in contact with the eaa and with the general council we're in contact with them to rectify the situation and to right the wrong. >> is there a teacher -- flu a teacher union, tiffany? >>. no the eaa does not have a union. >> tiffany i take it you want to go back to your classroom. >> i love my students. even though this incident occurred i still feel the same way about them. >> what were they fighting about, by the way? do you know, tiffany? >> it came out after the fight, and i had questioned some of the students, they told me it was over a designer belt.
11:35 pm
>> well, tiffany, i'm on your side on this one. jeffrey, i hope you can work some magic and get it back. i don't know what the world she is supposed to do otherwise. tiffany thank you very much for joining us, jeffrey as well. thank you. okay, everyone, here is what is being hard out right now. trending on facebook even at this very moment. this photo tweeted by the director of the highly anticipated upcoming movie batman vs. superman. zach snyder gives a pick of the bat mobile. could be time to pull the tarp, tomorrow? what do you think of this sneak peek? and legendary dj casey case sum in missing. trending on twitter at this moment. a judge ordering an investigation into the whereabouts of the former top 40 host after the radio personality's host said he had been removed from the country. and right here in
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washington. this a. magnitude earthquake closed it down for almost three years. draws almost a million people per year. visitors can once again get the best views in town. did you visit the washington monument today? tweet us your pics. use #greta on all your tweets and posts. doesn't have enough money to service all americans. $100 million on furniture. "on the record" investigates the irs. plus senator john thune goes "on the record." and beyonce's sister unloads on rapper jay-z. what sparked the brawl between the music mogul and his sister-in-law. tmz with the inside scoop next.
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this is a fox news alert. the satanic black mass scheduled to start just minutes from now is cancelled. the harvard extension cultural studies club moved
11:41 pm
the black mass off campus a few hours ago. no location is willing to host them. the club is canceling the black mass. the satanic temple plans to stage own black mass ceremony in own disclosed private location. like a trip to ikea on steroids. guess what, you are footing the bill. the irs spending millions on fancy new office furniture under president obama. the irs spending nearly $100 million on furniture alone. senator john thune joins us. >> good evening, greta. >> wow. 100 million? >> the hits just keep coming from the irs. don't they? >> and apparently and they have also come up to the capitol asking for more money because they say they can't afford to run the irs? >> right it is just outrageous when you look at the targeting of conservative groups. you look at the bonuses paid to people working at the irs who are delinquent on their own taxes. the agency that we charge with collecting the american people's taxes. these guys aren't paying their taxes and then they are getting performance bonuses on top of that it is
11:42 pm
gross manage misment. and of course there is also a political agenda there which we saw when they were doing the targeting of the conservative group. >> i should add they have a relatively new commissioner. they gave us a statement tonight and saying they are still trying to assess these numbers in the report that gave rise to it aggressive effort to consolidate office space and reduce overhead rent cost. so equipment is more than 20 years would o. actually, i read the whole statement which i will put on gretawire is pathetic at best. >> about $100 million? really? for office furniture? >> i have been saying. >> and 1.2 billion-dollar, you know, request this year increase in funding from congress in light. >> almost 8% more. >> in light of all these problems and all this mismanagement. it takes an incredible amount of hutzpah to come up and do this. >> how come in the republicans democrats, independence anything, bernie san drs, why isn't everybody just screaming about this and why aren't the people at home screaming about it to their members of congress?
11:43 pm
>> i think that at least is the case with the current administration all the problems with the irs has been building for years that. >> may be true. the other thing, the story that you referenced earlier, 90,000 employees does it really take 90,000 employees and 12.5 billion-dollar budget to collect the american people's taxes? this is a government, a bureaucracy that's gotten way too big and run amuck. >> so what you can do? because there isn't a single american out there who wants $100 million, at least i don't think, spent on furniture that doesn't need to be spent. i don't think they want people to be getting bonuses when they work there and they owe back taxes. at least hold their bonuses and apply it to their back taxes. why isn't something being done? >> and you did mention the travel, the trips, you know, with all the objection 00 particular and the targeting. >> you know, all those things, i think, point to
11:44 pm
just a systemic problem with the agency. they have got a new commissioner. he says he is trying to clean things up. the american people need to have some accountability. we filed some bills. i filed a bill along with mike enzi and pat roberts that would prevent the irs from paying bonuses to people who are delinquent on their taxes. straightforward issue. >> much bigger than that if you are late five days on your taxes, and paying taxes and penalty and everything else there has got to be something much more aggressive than just a bill here and there to it solve a problem. this is a bigger problem. >> well, and i think the best way to probably get at that time is through the appropriations process and that's the oversight the congress has. they have to come and request funding every year and they asked us for this 1.2 billion-dollar increase, 7% increase over the light of all these problems. that's the way i think congress can really get hold of this situation. >> oversight, they have already spent the 100 million. that's after sight. that's not oversight. we oversight prevents any of that from happening. i'm taking the last word on
11:45 pm
that. senator, thank you. >> fair enough, thank you. thanks, greta. >> we should all be alert but not panicked. a deadly virus is popping up in the united states. a new case of mers just detected. alexandria joins us. stwhr new case of mers? >> the cdc announced earlier today that the second case of mers in the u.s. has been confirmed in florida. like the first case with the patient in indiana, the patient lives? saudi arabia and is a health worker there and is, in fact, visiting family in the u.s. how contagious is mers? >> in the family of the common cold and sars. much less contagious. what would know about this virus is that human transmission appears to only happen if a person has direct contact with somebody who is infected so. that can mean caring for the person in their home or in a healthcare setting.
11:46 pm
you mentioned' same as the common cold. we all get over this unless fragile. why is this particularly potent and dangerous? >> there is concern because there is no vaccine for mers and also there is no known cure it is failings in some cases there are about 500 reported cases of mers worldwide. and 100 of those have resulted in death. but it really depends on the person's health who contracts the disease. for instance, the indiana patient has already been discharged from the hospital and we hear that the patient in florida is actually in stable condition. >> alexandria a thank you. we will continue to watch this. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> and straight ahead. who can forget these pictures of russian president putin up on a homplets you won't believe what he is doing now. the must-see video is next. vicious attack caught on camera. star jay-z getting whacked. yes. you know the song the 9 problems. the sister-in-law is now one
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11:51 pm
the mega star kicking, punching, even spitting. a man identified as jay-z's body guard trying to hold back the enraged sister-in-law she unloads on the super star. what in the world triggered this fight and what happened inside elevator. michael terse joins us. nice to see you. what happened what in the world happened, mike? >> greta, we're not exactly sure what the argument was about. i can tell when you this video starts, it is very clear that something is going on before they enter the elevator. you can tell that outraged by something that jay-z has done or said and when she goes in, the fight is on. it's almost instant that when that door closes she attacks and the attack isn't just, you know, you, you, you, you. it is punches, kicks, spitting like you said. i mean, it is absolute manimony yum. i will will tell you what the real interesting thing on this video to me which kind of gives us a little bit of hint or evidence what it is about. beyonce doesn't really react. beyonce, if this was
11:52 pm
something her sister was out-of-line or saying, obviously fighting with her husband physically she doesn't step in the middle of it, nor does she -- it doesn't appear to scold her sister for her actions. >> you know, mike, i actually think jay-z is trying to -- shows restraint. from what i'm looking at. i mean, he steps back while the body guard tries to control it it's like he is actually showing some restraint. i have no idea what's going on there. he certainly doesn't look like the agress tore me. >> i agree. the best that jay-z could have handled that situation, you are looking at it on tape. i can tell you if you remember, we all covered it when the chris brown rihanna situation happened. jay-z, rethan is one of his artists. he was very outspoken about a man should never hit a woman. never lay hands on a woman. and he doesn't. i mean, the worst that he does to defend himself is catch one of her kick in his hand. he grabs her foot. but, besides that i agree with you, total restraint,
11:53 pm
total defenseness. trying to diffuse the situation and get out of that elevator as soon as possible. >> all right. mike, and, of course, can't help but notice, tmz has the video first. the story first. again as always. i will be going there. check out to see what's chapter 2 on this. thank you, mike. >> thanks, greta. see you. >> now it's time to show what you we are watching but together the most riveting videos throughout tonight. take loongeght vladimir putin, the hockey star? no, it's not an snl skit. this is the real deal. 61-year-old russian president hitting the ice this weekend to compete with legendary hockey players there he is wearing lucky number 11. scoring six goals and making five assists leading his team to a 21 to 4 victory. snl spoofing barbara walters over the years. barbara walters finally playing herself. >> you know, we are huge fans and you have always been a personal inspiration to me as a news anchor. >> well, with you -- but i'm a real news anchor.
11:54 pm
i'm a serious person. i'm not like some fake anchor like you or collin. >> oh, but you are a co-host on "the view." >> the legendary journalist and news anchor retiring from abc this week. she is going out with the last laugh spoofing herself and giving a few tips on succeeding in television. we will all miss you barbara. but we know we will see you soon and often. she ♪ going to go far. take a look at this video. this bunny enjoying a refreshing summer treat. raspberries. we cannot get enough of this one. raspberry obsessed bunny already scoring 6 million hits. what a way to start the week. that's what we're watching tonight. see those videos and more at and fast and furious wildfires sweeping through texas. wiping out entire community nearly 100 homes gone. the latest on this crisis is next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. sean talks to senator ted cruz. does he think the senate
11:55 pm
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tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" just how bad were the wright brothers' early attempts at flight? newly uncovered historical footage shows they had no idea what they were doing for quite some time. plus, did the president admit to hatching an evil plot to steal the lunch money of every kid in america? >> no matter who you are and what you look like and where you come from and what your last name is, i'm gonna take it. it is worth applauding. >> and finally cow wrestling. other shows said it couldn't be done, but our team of investigative journalists may have found a sport more boring than soccer. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> i'm to


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