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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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all right. we want to hear about your angst. again, thanks for watching us tonight. miss megan is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. i'm live in new york city and tonight -- this will be an issue in the 2016 race whether she likes it or not. >> karl rove creates political chaos when he raises serious questions about hilary's health. we'll show the new fallout. plus, new drama over the 9/11 museum and the push to make sure there is no mention of jihad or radical islam. one week until it opens see who is winning this fight. guess who is back? >> i asked you a question. you want to apologize. i asked you a question. >> alec baldwin arrested and now taking on the cops in the city they work for.
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"the kelly file" starts now. breaking tonight the results of a key senate primary coming in at this hour, the polls closing there just moments ago. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm shannon bream in for kelly. this race will give us a better idea of voter mindset heading in to the mid-term elections. voters went with the candidate that stands the best chance in november. tonight nebraska choosing the insider, the outsider and the moderate. we're watching the returns. chris, what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: so far it's shaping up to be a good night for republican chances in the fall. the congresswoman from west virginia sails to the nomination for the senate seat currently held by democrat john rockefeller. a key pick up opportunity for republicans. she was once considered vulnerable in a primary
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challenge. didn't happen. she's on her way. she will face the democratic secretary of state. that's good news for republican chances to flip the senate. then we look out to nebraska the race that you mentioned. the outcome there is less clear, but early indications are that ben sass backed by people like ted cruz, the outside candidate out there had heavy momentum going into the vote today and the indications on the ground out there is that he's looking good for a win tonight so we see the narrative playing out where we're not being able to pick up an establishment or tea party and insider or outsider race. republicans picking strong candidates for fall. >> let's look ahead to next week because we got several primaries but a lot of attention focused on georgia by my account there's six republicans in this primary including current members of congress duking it out and some folks speculating they had such a war amongst themselves it's
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giving the democrat a lot of time to build her case, her campaign unscathed basically. what do you see coming forward. >> she secretary of stated herself a little bit in the democratic debate. that's michele nunn. she's running as her father's daughter, sam nunn was a moderate democrat from that state. she's running she would restore that. but her chances to do that depend on republicans. what's going on down there you have the cousin of a former governor and mr. perdue, a businessman but establishment kind of candidate. he's been fighting with congressman jack kingston for those kind of votes. on the more conservative side, another one has emerged. we're looking for a run off between 2005 those three candidates. we'll be watching. >> yes we will. chris, thank you very much. always good to see you. >> you bet. developing tonight new fall
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out as critics accuse republican strategist karl rove of smearing hillary clinton. the allegations flying after rove raised questions about a 2012 health scare that landed clinton in the hospital. rove standing firm saying clinton's medical records deserve a closer look if she runs for president. >> i mean this was a serious deal. she basically is out of action from -- she's in and out of the office starting on the 7th of december after she returns. she returns on a friday from the czech republic but then becomes over a month long period where she's got a serious illness ending up putting her in the hospital. we don't know what the doctor said. she's hidden a lot of it. >> brett, it opens a can of worms. is it a plus or minus now? >> i think the fact that it comes from karl rove a noted republican strategist probably
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diminishes any harm that it might do her at this stage because it looks unmistakably partisan whether he intended or not. who knows. look, he did put it out there. so i'm sure he didn't put it out there with the hope of helping her. he wants the issue to be raised. sooner or later, shannon, it will be raised. you get close to the presidency, you have to release health records to show that you are, you know, in good enough condition to hold the office. she is approaching the age where ronald reagan, that ronald reagan had reached when he ran for president in 1980. something we'll be dealing with at some point. john mccain had to deal with it. others as well. eisenhower had a heart attack while in office. that set off alarm bells. reagan himself in the debate of 1984, that renewed questions about whether he was as one correspondent put it, you know, okay. so there's nothing new about this. it's a little early in the game.
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we don't have any reason to believe that hillary clinton isn't healthy. but the issue is out there now and people on the left are furious. >> it did open up for some smark from the white house today. >> we heard karl rove a couple of days ago said something about hillary clinton's health situation. he specifically, his language was she spent 30 days in the hospital and when she reappears she's wearing glasses only for people who have traumatic brain injury. >> you ask the question on the basis of a political consultant. karl rove is the last person in america on election night to recognize and acknowledge the president won re-election including the state of ohio so we'll leave it at that. >> that dig aside, when somebody runs for president people want their medical records. and people want to know if they are fit for the job regardless of their age. at what point do you think
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hillary clinton, if sheize to run will have to confront these accusations or rumors head on. you and i hear about it all the time. >> the first question that has to in answered, shannon, is whether she's going to run. if she's not in good health, and, there's nothing -- you can hardly top the rigors of a presidential campaign. so, you know, that right there is an indication. if she is nominated by her party, it seems to me that it's inevitable she will have to release health records. the "new york times" has sought such record and taken them to a panel of experts when they are released and gotten and assessment and published it. that's a custom that's been going on for some time. at that point we'll find out if she runs, if she's nominated
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what kind of shape she's in. it could come before that. who knows. eventually she will have to deal with this issue. my guess is this little episode blows over quickly. >> some of the critics of this, of karl rove said that, suggested that these comments or questions are sexist. is that what we'll hear about i had potential criticism of this candidate if she runs? >> i think there will be people looking for that and looking for a way to defend her on that basis. i don't think that there's anything sexist about asking about somebody's health if they have had what appears to have been a serious if momentary health incident. there's nothing on its face that's sexist. may be partisan. may not be intended to help her. but i don't see how it's sexist. >> thank you so much, brett. >> you bet. breaking news tonight about a u.s. soldier murdered in iraq. sergeant matt was kidnapped after insurgentses ambushed his
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fuel coninvoluntavoy. today his father got to plead with a judge. >> reporter: the man who is being tried in iraq was tried in iraq before for the murder of sergeant matt moppett. the suspect confessed to killing him with a sniper's rifle. he was sentenced to death and now there was some paper work problems with that so now they are doing trial all over again and of course that concerns the moppett family. the insurgents released this video of him stoingt floor surround by masked gun men. his family held out hope he was still day live for years and years until his remains were found in 2008. so at today's initial hearing, keith moppett appeared by video dprens the pentagon. he tried to convey to the judge that justice needs served.
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here's keith moppett after the hearing. >> you got that guy. the other guys it doesn't make a difference to me. this guy is the one that pulled the trigger. and just even for that to happen, is just nothing short of amazing. >> reporter: he says he walked out of today's hearing feeling confident justice will be served. he says he wasn't told when the trial would begin but he said he would come back and testify if need. by the way, the suspect in iraq was not in court today. keith moppett decided to grow his beard after his son went missing and he has never cut it. shannon. >> so much pain for that family. thank you. we have more information coming in now about our top story, that primary race in nebraska. we hope to have full results in moments. plus -- new video tonight of the most watched fight since frazier versus ali.
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just ahead the new twist in the drama between jay-z, his wife and her sister. >> murderers are facing deportation. wait until you hear how they are responding. and then, less than a week into the opening of the 9/11 museum a fierce fight is raging whether over words jihad or radical islam should be banned from the building. that is next. [ male announcer ] staples has everything you need
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>> there's a civil war in the mind of the liberal. on one hand you have the defense -- >> we're right here, dude. >> i know. on one hand you're defender of individual rights and if this were -- >> and minorities. >> if you were the catholic church you're all on it. on the other hand you're in favor of multiculturalism. >> that was bill mahr last friday talking about western society and radical islam. a debate that's playing out in the run up to the opening of the 9/11 memorial museum next week. the museum under enormous pressure to remove the terms much islamist extremist and jihadist from a brief seven minute film about the attack.
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we'll start with mr. safar. welcome to you both. >> thank you so much. >> what are you specific objections? do you know enough about the museum, about the film, about the concerns that have been raised? >> yes, yes i do. 9/11 is an integral part of the u.s. history and we wholeheartedly agree on the need to accurately cap purr what happened that day. that's what the purpose of this museum is. even mentioning al qaeda is no problem. they should be identified in their role on that awful day. what gives muslims including us pause as well as nonmuslims including given the museum's own interfaith advisory group is when acts are used or labelled islamic, such as jihad because the use of those terms implies this terrorism, the violence and murder are consistent with the
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teachings of islam. there's not a sufficient amount of nuance applied when these terms are used. all we're asking for is that the 9/11 museum use language of then president george w. bush who was very clear that there's nothing islamic about what happened on 9/11. >> well there is a difference, obviously in using word islamic and islamist extremists. those are different phrases. folks of the museum are aware of the concern. they tried very hard that everybody is accommodating without sacrificing the historical content. i want to read a little bit of the film. it's not been released. we have a little bit of the narration. part of it says the program tracks al qaeda's embrace of violence and the definition its leadership to commit mass murder at the dawn of the 21st century. there are other portions that do identify this as a jihad and use the words islamist extremists. are you okay with that phrase?
6:17 pm
>> well -- >> do you think it's accurate >> not in the way it's being used. i have an entire chapter in my book dedicated to jihad. there are people who commit these atrocious acts that hide behind this name of jihad. but by claiming this is jihad which is not the true meaning of the word jihad you're alienating those people that can help resolve that issue. i know many americans including yourself and your viewers want to see the moderates fight the extremists but it's very difficult for us to do that job if the faith we cherish success conflated with extremism. what we want to do is explain that you can't just say what they are doing is committing jihad. what i'm doing on this television screen is jihad, is that struggle to do good and defend what the true reaching thes of islam are. what we want to do is give an opportunity for true, authentic documented teachings of islam to
6:18 pm
defeat this ideology that the cowards are hiding behind. i want to turn to our conservative commentator and creator of the film "america." how do you respond? is there a way to parse these words. should the museum be more sensitive? >> i certainly think it's important not to give the idea that all muslims commit terrorism or condone terrorism. seems like the museum isn't doing anything like that. now, there is a fact about our modern world and that's while most terrorists -- while most muslims are not terrorists the vast majority of terrorist acts that happen these days do occur in the muslim world or in the name of islam. now the terrorists who did 9/11 said they were doing it in the name of islam. so it becomes a little weird for us to then say no you're not, you actually have other motives, you're outlaws. these are very pious muslims who
6:19 pm
did what they did in the name of jihad. there are different types of jihad but the predominant part of jihad is holy war. doing violence to spread the faith and this s-in fact, something that's gone back toys lam to the seventh century. >> how worried are you about the issue of political correctness as we try to responsibly identify those who are behind these acts of terrorism accurately when, you know, we see that certain manuals and government publications are scrubbed of certain words. can we go after things and target the right people if we're afraid of using certain words? >> so try to imagine these events of 9/11 if you can't use the word terrorism which course the obama administration has backed away from. you can't use the word islam or muslim and can't use the word jihad. you're rendered almost moot and have to make up a new vocabulary. what's going on here the most
6:20 pm
liberal force in the world radical islam is now being protect in the name of liberalism. these interfaith alliances have gotten together and demanding control over the vocabulary and understanding of events and that shouldn't be conceded to them because what they are objecting is not that the 9/11 guys are getting things wrong, they are actually objecting to what they are getting right. >> all right. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> there are new questions tonight about why we haven't heard more from the president about the growing scandal at the va, one that may have killed some of our veterans as they waited for care. that's just ahead. plus just 24 hours after we showed you this ugly fight between jay-z and his still in reports they are spotted out together and wait until you hear what they were doing. ♪ of complete darkness.
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and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. new developments tonight in the family feud involving rock royalty. just a day after video surfaced from tmz showing a vicious fight between jay-z and his sister-in-law we're hearing reports two of them have been spotted out together. trace gallagher knows everything. >> reporter: apparently this is a family that doesn't hold grudges. tmz reports they were together in a jewelry store in new york. the jewelry store good news for her. bad news they walked out without buying anything. they were on authenticate less elevator for 3 1/2 minutes.
6:25 pm
they fought the entire time. this thing started right after they walked on. beyonce walked on first and then jay-z and his body guard. and it was on. she starts smacking and hitting him. he's just putting up his hands to defend himself even after the body guard grabs her and pulls her away. she keeps yelling at him. beyonce in the corner did not get involved at all. in fact at one point, jay-z begins talking to himself, talking to beyonce. beyonce talks to him. then pointing hey it wasn't me. we don't know what happened we can't hear the audio on this tape. before they get off the elevator take a look. one final go round at jay-z and boom, they are getting off. let me give you one more kick nope audio. we do know these types of dust ups to those who know them are not unusual. they have been doing this, their friends say for a while.
6:26 pm
there were reports she took all of beyonce's pictures off her instagram after this incident but mtv said that's not the case. we don't know how tmz got the video but the standard hotel is not happy. they wrote this statement, we are shocked and spoipted that there was a clear breach of our security system. jay-z and beyonce are fine. after this video was released they went to the brooklyn nets game, taking in a nets game. everything is good with them. solange and jay-z are fine. >> we can see that jewelry store from this building and some members of the kelly file spotted them together. we're on it, trace. >> nice to hear. >> we got an explosive new report tonight, say the administration released hundreds of convicted murderers who were facing deportation and wait until you hear how they are
6:27 pm
responding to that report. and casey kasem as his family feud intensifies. >> hello again everybody. welcome to america's top ten. first off let's check off the billboard and run down the ten biggest hits this week. berkshire hathaway home services. good to know. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor.
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24 hours a day, 7 days a week. your loved one deserves care that's nothing less than extraordinary because they've earned it. for a complimentary in-home assessment, call brightstar care today at 866-621-0228 . just a reminder the breaking news we brought you, we expect to have more sulgs any moment now from the nebraska republican senate primary where three main candidates are fighting it out. tonight nebraska voters are choosing between the insider in osborn, outsider sasse and moderate dinsdale. we're digging into a troubling report suggesting the white house allowed thousands of
6:31 pm
convicted criminals back on the streets. immigration and custom enforcement officials confirmed to fox news the release of some 36,000 illegal immigrants back in 2013. pending their deportation proceedings after being convicted of some serious crimes. among them, 193 homicide convictions including one willful killing of a public official with a gun. 426 sexual assault convictions. and just over 16,000 convictions for drunk or drugged driving. jay christian adams is a former doj editor and author of "injustice, exposing the racial agenda of the obama justice department." good to see you tonight. what do you make of these numbers which i.c.e. is not denying. >> they are frightening. just last year. doesn't count other years. 193 murderers, arsonist, rapist, burglars, car jackers, released
6:32 pm
on to the streets by the department of homeland security. it's a stunning fact. it's one that should give everybody pause and let congress know, for example, these guys just don't want to enforce immigration laws. they release these people to the general public. many of whom they won't find again. they will never be able to catch them to deport them. >> so we heard from i.c.e. but saying a lot of these people are released under restrictions, gps monitors, phone monitoring, some on bond. ethical tell us the releases required by court decisions account for a disproportionate number of the serious crimes listed in the report. mandatory releases account for over 75% of the homicides listed. so obviously the first question for me is, you know, we need to track back those decisions and i know the supreme court has had some decision on prison overcrowding. this is a different situation. also that leaves 25% of the murderers who weren't deported or weren't allowed out of jail
6:33 pm
because i.c.e. was forced to let them out. >> think about it. 50 murderers were released by discretionary decisions of the obama administration. let's assume that what they are saying is true and frankly it isn't. i'll get that in a minute. 50 murderers, how many of the rapists, how many of the burglars were discretionary releases? they aren't telling the whole truth about that court decision. let me tell you something, shannon. this congress, the democrats in congress have been blocking a fix to this problem for years. they could fix it so you don't have to release these people. so anybody that, that was released because of a court decision, it's because the democrats in congress won't fix the problem. >> all right. so what is the fix and why can't lawmakers be called on the carpet, called on publicly, take a vote on this, let's fix it? >> the way to fix it is to stop releasing criminals in to the general public. that's the first thing the obama
6:34 pm
administration should do. stop releasing 36,000 criminals a year. keep them in detention. get them out of the country. go back to the policies of every other administration until the obama administration and deport illegals who are here in the nation illegally. get them back home where they belong. that's the way to fix this. it's not to send them into main street, in your neighborhoods these hardened criminals. >> we know and we've watched and you've tracked heavily a lot of discretion with prosecutorial through various departments and, you know, through the administration. it's fair to say these are their decisions about giving prosecutors discretion, and telling i.c.e. agents not to arrest certain people who they find here illegally and, you know, resulted in a lawsuit by i.c.e. agents who asked us to violate our constitutional oath
6:35 pm
we've taken. what's your overall feeling about the attitude from the administration about these situations >> make no mistake this is not an accident. this is reflective of an ideological world view. this is a product of agitation by racial interest groups, particularly pro open border groups to stop deportations. this isn't merely an oversight that somebody lost the key to a jail. this is a deliberate effort to placate an activist base. this is no accident, shannon. >> as we said i.c.e. has not denied these accounts at all but tried to explain them. always good to see you. >> few, shannon. tonight we're tracking the fall out from a family fight involving a very famous dad. a judge has ordered an investigation into casey kasem. some of his children say he's
6:36 pm
missing. >> reporter: viewers may not know his face but if they ever turned on a radio they know his voice and that memorable sign off, quote keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. for 39 years that was casey kasem. each and every saturday. but now the hall of fame broadcaster is silent. a victim of parkinson's and a family feud. family members blame his second wife. >> he's a sick man. this is a man that should not be moved. this is the sixth jaime jean has moved my father to hide him from his family and friend. >> casey kasem had three children by his first wife who claim the stepmother is hiding the radio legend with a net worth of some $80 million. married for 30 years, jean had a short acting career but when she did not show up in court yesterday the judge appointed
6:37 pm
his daughter as a conservator for her father. he appointed an investigator to find casey kasem and order he not be moved again without court approval and told jean's lawyer his client better fess up. the family believes she took casey kasem outside the u.s., or to an indian reservation in washington state. >> we'll do everything within our power to get him back as soon as possible. jean, if you hear this you need to return casey kasem to his family immediately. >> jean has defended herself saying the children disgraced their father and villified her. new questions tonight over why we haven't heard more from the president on the growing va scandal that may have killed some of our veterans. the chairman of the house veterans affairs committee is next. plus, he's back in the spotlight in a bad way.
6:38 pm
actor alec baldwin arrested today and tonight lashing out at cops. and the city they work for. that's just ahead. >> did you hear what i said? ask me yes or no. did you hear with my wife and kid out here you know you have a big problem, don't you. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day
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technologies, of cutting red tape and breaking through the bureaucracy. and then we're going fund the best ideas and put them into action. all with a simple mission. cut those backlogs. slash those wait times. deliver your benefits sooner. we're not going let up until we eliminate the backlog once and for all and we'll keep moving ahead with paperless systems so the backlog doesn't come back seen your claims are processed right. the first time. on time. [ applause ] after years of military service you shouldn't have to wait for years for the benefits you've earned. >> that was president obama in 2009, again in 2013 speaking to veterans and va employees vowing to end problems plaguing the va department. hours ago the chairman of the house va committee called on president obama to put new
6:43 pm
action behind his words. congressman jeff miller writing in a letter quote mr. president a year has passed since i wrote to you requesting your involvement. today our veterans in your department of veterans affairs requires personal attention, more than ever before. joining us now, congressman miller. sir, thank you for your time. i know it's been a busy day. you were visiting a va hospital on site. what did you learn? >> i was in jackson, mississippi earlier this afternoon. i was talking to them about tissue of wait times for patients, our veterans, and, of course, you would expect the answer that i got from them, there's no dual lists and their wait times are well within the margins that va would expect. >> okay. so we heard the president referred to stream lining the system, going paperless, finding ways the backlogs and problems don't happen again yet we hear from people inside these va hospital, we have former and current employees stepping up, going on the record saying that
6:44 pm
these lists existed, at least in some locations. you know, what can the president do? he can't personally go to every va hospitals and check for these lists. what do you want to see from him? what do you think he needs to do in the middle of this crisis? >> while the president may not go to every single va hospital he's the person that has ultimate authority over the department of veterans affairs. i've asked him to appoint a bipartisan commission to look into this. what i'm concerned about now is that the floodgates are opened and we're not going to have an office of inspector general that has the capability to do what needs done because it appears to be systemic and much more widespread than what we originally thought. it's going to take a much longer look at what's going on in the department of veterans affairs. >> how concerned are you that there are veterans who may literally have lost their lives because of these so-called secret waiting lists? >> i'll tell enthusiast, by their own admission the
6:45 pm
department of veterans affairs says that 23 veterans died because of waiting times. in augusta, georgia and columbia, south carolina there were 1600 veterans put on a waiting list. unfortunately, they did not get their colonoscopies on time. some died of cancer that could have been treated and taken care of. we're now seeing many people across the country come out and say some of the very same things are happening at their veteran medical centers. >> do you think it's time for the secretary to step down to either resign or for the president to ask him to resign? >> the secretary is a good man. i think he's an honorable man. he wants to do the right thing. i've been saying for at least three years i don't believe his people are being honest with him and telling them truth. so when he comes to the hill he tells us what he's being told to say. unfortunately, i think that they have kept the secretary in the dark on many of these issues. but i'm not quite ready to call
6:46 pm
for his resign acceleration. we want to wait until the office of inspector general finishes their phoenix report and then i'll make a decision. >> is this one of the few things we see uniting capitol hill. we see bipartisan outrage and seems like there is bipartisan momentum to get something done. i know you propose this bipartisan commission. is this something you think finally both sides of the aisle are demanding changes and answers. are they finally going to come in a real substantive way? >> they have to for the sake of our veterans. i will tell you that on the house side, my ranking member and i have really been together in trying to make sure that we've come up with some type of a solution for the problem that exists out there. we had a unanimous vote to subpoena records from the va, something that's never been done within the time that the defendant veterans affairs has been in existence. it's truly a bipartisan effort in the house and i hope that we can get the same thing out of
6:47 pm
the senate as well. >> congressman miller, please keep us updated. thank you for your work on this, sir. >> thank you, shannon. >> while we've been talking with congressman miller we got more breaking news on the va scandal. we're checking it out and want to confirm it. actor alec baldwin is getting more attention than he would like after being arrested in the big apple. we'll tell you what happened this time to land him in the back of that police cruiser. >> did you hear what i said? answer me yes or no. >> yes. >> i'm hear with my wife and kid out here you have a big problem. you know that don't you? really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close.
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6:50 pm
we just got breaking news on the va. moments ago this time from chicago a va social worker there
6:51 pm
is alleging that multiple secret waiting lists of veterans were kept at the heinz va medical center. she said she's hearing from employees across the hospital outpatients inpatient, surgery, radiology. pete, always good to have you. so, it seems like, you know, the reports grow every day and there seems to be more and more credence to them as we have people working in these va centers stepping up to say here's what i know and it's not good. >> thank goodness for these whistle blowers having the courage to step forward. noeblgs are likely going get fired or pushed out. but they see these things happening. first in phoenix then in texas then in colorado, now in chicago and likely elsewhere. we've said from the beginning, unfortunately, this is not just phoenix and it looks like chicago is yet another example. the american legion's national
6:52 pm
commander used the term infected when he talked about the va system. that's the problem we have right now. a system where bureaucratic incentives are waited towards hiding wait times as opposed to find better ways to deliver care. it's a scandal that don't unfold. >> let's talk about that because when efforts are made to stream line things, to change things, to go paperless, whatever the different new proposals are, it seems like people are going to be very creative in get ago round indemnify it means for them they stay out of trouble or get bonuses. >> that's right. you have to haeng the culture. right now you have a culture that's incentivizing paper over the truth as opposed to attacking the problems. that takes leadership at the very tleadership not worried abd press or worried about how it looks. but taking an aggressive reform minded agenda and fixing va. you can't do that unless you can fire somebody. there's no accountability at the
6:53 pm
defendant veterans affairs. no one has been fired at all over any of the scandals that have occurred because it's nearly impossible. thanks to chairman miller sponsoring a bill in the house to allow the secretary to fire bad employees. that's how you change a culture. incentives are no longer about a cover up. >> how is no one fired? >> this is government. >> people died. >> i know. no. that's why we're so outraged. that's why we're seeing groups like the american legion step forward. ultimately there are bureaucratic protections for managers so that they don't get fired but the veteran has to wait on secret lists many of which losing their own lives. they think they are only waiting a couple of weeks. many knows thermos sometimes years for a basic care. it's a national scandal. the country is waking i want to and hopefully at some some accountability at the very top. >> sounds like there's outrage across party lines.
6:54 pm
>> there are. >> there are folks who say it's not a party issue or political issue this is simply about making sure our veterans who have served this country get medical care and not lied to and don't die. >> that's right. basically just following through on the sincere promises that we made in making sure that when they come home we take care of them. if our government can't do that, shannon not to make this a partisan issue how do we make health care for all americans. let's get it right for veterans first which is not happening and then look at other things. >> we owe to it them. thank you for your service. >> thanks for highlighting this issue. >> alec baldwin arrested and now taking on the cops in the city they work for. plus coming up on hannity. >> we think our republican party by and large have a number of indemnify chuding many who don't want to run for president who are much more qualified to run for office than the man who is there now.
6:55 pm
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back to the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. the associated press just announced a winner in the nebraska senate republican primary. it was close at times, very contens show us. this is the man labelled the outsider, ben sasse. a university president and pulls out the win tonight. you may remember he's backed by folks like mike lee and senator ted crews and sarah palin. he went up against shane osborn who be labelled the insider candidate the one who had the blessing of a lot of current leadership. ben sasse gets the win.
6:59 pm
he'll go up for the general election in the fall and almost a certain victory for him. another day, another media frenzy outside of a elect baldwin's apartment. it started with his arrest after he got loud with two nypd officers who were simply trying to write him a summons again and nypd spokesperson said baldwin was riding his bike against traffic around 10:15 this morning when those officers asked him for i.d. that's when baldwin told him he had no i.d. and refused to identify himself. he was cuffed after police say he became belligerent while cursing and yelling. baldwin was charged with a traffic violation and disorderly conduct. he took to twitter calling the big april all mismanaged carnival of stupidity that's desperate for revenue. the actor declined comment.
7:00 pm
tell us what you think. go and don't forget to set your drv every night 9:00 eastern. thanks so much for watching. this is the kelly file. thanks for joining us. welcome to hannity. tonight we have a jammed pack edition of the show. america, are you ready. time to roll. we have the latest details on the elevator brawl caught on tape between beyonce's sister and her husband jay-z. really the first lady turns to twitter to encourage the release of the nigerian school girls. >> are they supposed to check their twitter accounts oh, michele obama is very cross with us. >> mark stein is here


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