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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 14, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> how do canine dogs train? she'll be here to show us all of that. bob massi live and also real life models for charity. >> what else is tomorrow? throw back thursday. >> and it's graduation pictures. bill: good morning, everybody. busy show as the tea party making a comeback? that is the question after ben sasse, a tea party-backed candidate, won a key senate primary. watch here from last night. >> you told us that you still believe in the nebraska way and the american creed because it wasn't just a hope and promise of yesterday but it is hope and promise of our kid for tomorrow. you also told us that you wanted to turn the minority leader into the majority leader. [shouting] and it is time to fire harry reid. >> more from that now. good morning, everybody, welcome here to "america's newsroom." we have a busy day. martha: good morning, bill.
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good morning, everybody at home, i'm martha maccallum. sasse won with 49% of the total vote. he beat out other candidates one who was backed by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. bill: in virginia shelley moore capito held off her tea party challenger. analyze it, how much does this say in nebraska about the tea party and that movement? >> there is this kind of obsession, is the tea party dead, is it alive? like we're talking about abe vigoda or something. what this shows candidates really matter. ben sasse is a really impressive candidate. by all means do the tea party groups get to claim a victory here. mcconnell crowd, establishment crowd tried to torpedo his candidacy. at this same time this guy worked for george bush. he has pretty impressive record. he is not just a firebrand
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populist. he is serious, great candidate and that is probably why he won. bill: he talked about big, bold, conservative ideas during his campaign. yesterday he said he would support mitch mcconnell. now, i don't know is that a mixed message now within the republican party or not? >> well i mean in fairness i don't think there is inherent contradiction between supporting big, bold, conservative ideas and supporting mitch mcconnell. this is something that will rile senate conservative fund and some other tea party affiliated groups which are out for blood with mitch mcconnell. i think sasse, because in part he is grown-up, never really bought on to this idea he was going to be all-out to take out mcconnell. he has made it clear that this is not how he wants to come into the senate as ninja who will go out for political assassination. he actually wants to get things done, and i think that the mcconnell people would be crazy not to sort of countermove and reach out to him and try to bury the hatchet. bill: plenty of ninjas already
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in washington depends with whom you talk. you have upcoming primaries in kentucky, kansas, idaho, mississippi. those elections in all likelihood will probably paint a more complete picture, do you believe? >> i think that's right. i think candidates are really going to matter. as a point of personal privilege i would bring up one concrete takeaway from all this. every single time my magazine, "national review" endorses somebody in gop primary on the cover, rubio, cruz, now ben sasse they go on to win. we are the true power brokers. bill: yes, you are. my gosh. that like the "sports illustrated" jinx, reversed. thank you, jonah. jonah goldberg here in new york. >> nice to see. >> so what do you think? is the tea party making a comeback? send us a tweet @billhemmer or @marthamaccallum. we'll watching those throughout the show. we'll put them up on the screen. bill: it is may.
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we have a few months to chew on this idea. we'll see bits of evidence the next six months or so to see how this is going. martha: one-time "american idol," clay aiken officially won his congressional primary in north carolina, squeaking by to win democratic nomination. he face as tough race against republican incumbent renee ellmers there. the final vote came in less than 24 hours after the sudden death of aiken's main opponent, 71-year-old keith crisco, died monday after a fall inside of his home. not a whole lot of details about all of that but we will keep an eye on it. fox news alert. rescuers continue their desperate efforts to reach hundreds of miners who are trapped under the ground in turkey after an explosion and a fire at a coal mine. this is an absolutely tragic, horrific situation. at least 200 miners, some of the
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numbers that we're seeing, as high as 238 right now being attributed to primer dough juan in turkey. -- prime minister minister in turkey erdogan. this may well be turkey's worse mining disaster ever. legal lal land vittert is live. what is the latest on the rescue operation, leland? >> reporter: the word is not good, from the officials on the scene, quote, hopes are diminish, in terms of this being a rescue operation, in terms much finding those folks underground al live. the magnitude of this rescue effort is important to keep in mind. you're looking at people being brought out. they had to bring them up a quarter of a mile out of the mine. each individual person rescued on a stretcher and many time rescuers had to fight through seriously noxious gases, deadly gases still inside of the mine after that explosion. at least 200, possibly more dead
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and then a number of others unaccounted for there. the rescue effort continues right now as, martha, we're just about 24 hours after the first initial indications of that explosion. clearly a very difficult rescue operation and also a very dangerous one for 400 plus rescuers who rushed to that mine trying to pull people out. martha: yeah. just a huge scale tragedy that is unfolding here. do we know what caused this explosion yet, leland? >> reporter: early indications it had something to do with a power distribution panel. there was a fire and then an explosion or explosion and then a fire. that is making the rescue all the more difficult. power in the mine is shut down, they can't use the elevators. people being brought out are rushed to the hospital. they're met by mobs of family members. this happened during shift change at the mine. so there are reports that are nearly 800 people who could have been in the mine at that time.
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obviously their family members come to the hospmine itself to f they can get any word on the fate of their loved ones. obviously a lot of those folks, martha, are getting a lot more bad news than good news. martha: can see it on their faces. really heart-breaking. leland, thank you. bill: the entire country is locked in on this story. you can see the reason. this draw as few parallels to a fairly recent one in chile four years ago. 33 miners eventually rescued there, two months after being trapped 2300 feet underground. what a story, what an ending that was. originally thought they may have not survived but a mining expert says the big difference in turkey this is coal mine. in chile it was a less dangerous hard rock mine. martha: two health care workers in orlando, florida, are now sick after coming into contact with a mers patient and now there are dozens of concerns that many may be affected. mers is a potentially deadly
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respiratory disease fir appeared in saudi arabia two years ago. the cdc is posting this warning at more than 20 airports. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta with the very latest on this. what do we know about these two new potential cases here, jonathan? >> reporter: yeah, these two new potential cases of these hospital workers showing flu-like symptoms they were working at the dr. phillips hospital in orlando, working in the emergency department where they were treating, treating one of the two confirmed cases of imported mers in the u.s. those two confirmed cases involved health care workers who had been working in saudi arabia, came back from the middle east and developed symptoms. well the two hospital workers treating this confirmed case began showing flew-like symptoms. one of the two has been hospitalized in orlando. the other is quarantined in his home and watching for signs of infection. martha? martha: how concerned should
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people be in the general public about this issue? >> reporter: public health officials say when it comes to the general public the risk is relatively low because the mers virus is not easily transmitted from person-to-person without close, prolonged contact such as what you find in the health care setting and that's why this investigation is really focusing on these health care workers. it is a serious virus nonetheless that has killed about a third of those infected where it originated in the middle east. and there is no vaccine for it. so the cdc has sent go teams to florida and indiana, the locations where the two confirmed imported cases of mers in the u.s. are and warning signs have been placed in at least 22 airports alerting travelers heading to the middle east to be aware of mers. and then in orlando health officials are testing 15 workers at the dr. p. phillips hospital where this one confirmed cases and also testing an additional
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five patients at the orlando regional medical center where this confirmed patient earlier last week had accompanied another patient for an unrelated treatment. martha? martha: unnerving situation. jonathan, thank you. >> situations like that seem to get worse and worse as we go on. start small and -- martha: yep. bill: a packed show for you coming up here in a moment including new video of the moment a man rammed his truck through the front doors after television station. just watch here now. i mean he wanted in. more on the rampage through the building and what happened next there. martha: more than a thousand planes grounded at chicago's o'hare. are you glad you're not sitting in that line and don't you feel for the folks who are? smoke filled the control tower. we'll tell you what is going on at one of the nation's busiest airports. bill: questions here, is hillary clinton's health fair game. new questions after a war of words erupts between clintons
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happiness is a drive-over mower deck. [ male announcer ] that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. ♪ martha: big problems at two of america's major airports. more than 1000 flights canceled at chicago's o'hare after smoke forced the evacuation of a nearby faa radar facility. that situation causing major headaches. look at that situation on the ground. that is not where you want to be. bill: holy cow. >> a little bit frustrating. a little bit aggravating. >> we'll fly in the air in circles for a while. >> it is frustrating. every time i try to get in and out of o'hare it is nothing but trouble. martha: sure, he is not alone in that. see at tale tacoma international airport also having a situation. passengers exiting a plane when jet way they were on dropped several feet. a little bit of a scare in the
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morning. the incident is described as a mechanical failure. thankfully everybody is okay. bill: yesterday at this time karl rove explained his recent questions over hillary clinton's health. and that sparked a whole new debate over how much scrutiny is given to potential presidential candidates. rove is wondering about the public appearance on benghazi after a health scare kept hillary clinton out of public view for about a month. here is what rove said when we asked about it. >> this will be an issue in the 2016 whether she likes it or not. every presidential candidate is asked for all of their health records r records by "the new york times" and turn them over and vice-presidential candidates. they turn them over to a battery of doctors and examine them in details. my point was that everybody says she is going to run and she probably is but, i would bet it is a more complicated calculation than we my think. look, she will be 69. by the time the 2016 election. she will be 77 if she serves two
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terms. this ends up being an issue. bill: now the issue today with alan colmes, host of alan colmes radio show, fox news contributor and brad blakeman served as deputy assistant to president george w. bush. brit hume was asked about this last night to respond directly to what rove is talking about. gentlemen, give this a listen and then three specific questions we'll debate after this. watch. >> comes from karl rove, a noted republican stratgift, probably diminishes any, any harm that it might do her at this stage because it, looks unmistakably partisan. look, he did put it out there. so, i'm sure he didn't put it out there the with hope of helping her. i'm sure he wants the issued to be raised. when you get close to the presidency, you have to release health to show that you are in good enough condition to hold the office. she is approaching the age where ronald reagan, that ronald reagan had reached when he ran
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for president in 1980. so obviously it is something that we're going to be dealing with at some point. john mccain had to deal with it. others had to as well. eisenhower famously had a heart attack while in office. bill: a lot to chew on here. brad, issue number one, what human is arguing that rove wants the health issue raised and clearly it has been. go. >> it has been raised and done purposefully because democrats are crowing all over the place she will be the inevitable nominee and therefore they believe the next president. so if we're talking about her coronation this early, then we should be talking about her qualifications and fitness for office. so no secret that every candidate will have to meet that challenge. bill: alan, do you have a problem for that -- >> in broader sense talking about her qualifications that is a debate. that's a fair debate. suggesting she has a traumatic brain injury by the guy who had to take the walk of shame with megyn kelly because he couldn't figure out who won the election as jay carney pointed out is way
6:18 am
he brought it up, way he said it, how he said it and phraseology he used was extremely mine spirited. as brit hume said who will take that seriously? brit hume said it was obviously partisan attack. bill: rove is saying health is an issue, always has been, always will be, brad. and that 30-day period is still outstanding. i think the question then goes to, and what a lot of people are writing about now, is what happened during that period and what was her condition? if rove's intention was to clearly put it out there, then the question becomes, how much of that 30-day period will we eventually learn about? what do you think, brad? >> if she is going to run for president then we'll have to know it but hillary has done herself a disservice. when she suffered this illness she was public servant and secretary of state. she could have ended this making her records public at that time. we wouldn't be talking about it at this time. the fact that she kept the
6:19 am
records sealed. she kept it for a purpose. but eventually, if she knows she will run for president everything will have to come out. would be better to do it then than now. >> she was exiting her job at secretary of state. >> she was the secretary. >> in terms of 30 days, karl rove got a couple things extremely wrong. she was not hospital 30 days. bill: you're right about that. exactly right about that, alan. >> try to get special glasses he talked about. bill: go to the question about how much information at whatever point will we ever learn about her condition? >> why don't we wait until she announces for president first. bill: is that what would you like? >> sure. i don't even know she is running. bill: if she is, and a lot of people believe she is -- >> let's find out. mining mccurry said he doesn't think she will run. let's see if she runs. bill: human says this blows over quickly. i don't know about that, brad. >> it does not, bill. no, it does not. as long as democrats keep talking about her being the
6:20 am
inevitable nominee and she is definitely going to run and if she runs there is no republican to beat her, she is smart to get this out as early as possible. it makes sense because her illness goes back now to time that will be far distant from the time she's running. if you air it now, you make it much more easier to deal with later on and take wind out of sails for people who even want more. bill: to be clear though, alan, what human hume was referring to was rove's comments. >> this is what karl rove wanted. to focus on hillary's health. other thing he wants to raise suspicion and would like to fa, perhaps intimidate hillary clinton and have her worry about what she might have to face if she is going to run and perhaps bows out so republicans have better chance of winning. he should focus getting a better candidate or coming up with a message for the republican party rather than viciously going
6:21 am
after hillary clinton suggesting she has brain damage. bill: do you think something like this runs hillary off the stage? >> i don't think something like this. maybe in aggregate, she would consider whether she wants to go through, you know, what it takes which is a lot to run for president. bill: it is a lot. gentlemen, thanks to both of you. you got to really want it, man. i mean every day. >> true. bill: every hour, whether it is iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and beyond. thank you, brad, thank you, alan. talk to you again. 21 minutes past. here's martha. martha: a search, a desperate one, continues for 200 girls from nigeria who were kidnapped and being held in that country by the terror group boko haram. now a top lawmaker says the united states should send in special forces to rescue them. should we? we'll talk about that. bill: also a museum more than a decade in the making, national 9/11 museum at ground zero that opens this week. remarkable images they captured
6:22 am
inside. you will see them in a moment. some family members not happy at all with what happened with the museum. we'll tell you about the latest on controversy.
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martha: after self years of delays, it took a very long time and it took nearly a billion dollars to complete but the national september 11th museum is now finally set to open here in new york city. a dedication ceremony will be held tomorrow and we are getting a sneak-peek at the museum with heart-breaking exhibits paying tribute to the victims of that awful day of september the 11th and also of the knit 93 bombing at the world trade center that was the precursor to it. there is controversy though, as there always is surrounding this
6:26 am
memorial. families of the victims protesting the decision to keep unidentified remains there at the museum for now. >> they should poll the families of next of kin and where they want remains before you put them in museum. they listened to us, totally ignored our advice and did whatever they wanted. >> the only way to put respectful, above the ground tomb akin to the tomb of the unknown soldier. that is what we were promised by the lnbc. martha: we can understand why they are upset. rick leventhal joins us live from ground zero at the museum with more. good morning, rick. >> reporter: good morning, martha. the world trade center site is still a construction zone but you see a corner of the museum rising above it and visitors will be able to walk through the memorial plaza on the other side and right up to the front doors where we began our tour last week. >> the museum is ready. the museum is ready to receive visitors and share its content
6:27 am
with the world. >> reporter: the grand opening is a labor of love eight years in the making for 9/11 memorial museum president joe daniels, who gave us a preview of the vast, compelling and heart-breaking exhibits. >> our visitors will come into the museum pavilion. they will pass this first artifact, these tridents that were recovered from the north tower. if you look up past the tridents outside, you see the tallest bidding in the united states, one world trade center. it is sort after perfect juxtaposition of rebirth and resiliency of these two twin tridents being reerected on site. >> reporter: from there visitors descend into hallowed ground, what is left of the original world trade center foundation, framed by the slurry wall that held back the hudson river during the attack. this, the last piece of steel to be removed from ground zero. >> it is about 37 feet tall. as they were excavating and clearing the site, the top of the column sort of appeared and people started writing on it.
6:28 am
as the excavation continued, more and more would be written all the way to the bottom. >> reporter: reminders how some managed to get out before the towers fell. >> this staircase actually was an outdoor staircase that connected the world trade center plaza down to vesy street. hundreds of people on the day of 9/11 used this as an escape route. the story of survival and escape is huge part of this experience and the what happened and that is a symbol of that survival. >> reporter: right at the bottom of those stairs, behind a wall covered with 2hundred blue tiles representing the 9/11 world trade center victims is an office for the new york medical examiner. it is not open to the public and not part of the museum exhibits but it does contain a repository where they replaced remains of victims they haven't been able to identify. as you heard some family members don't like remains are there. they want some monument above-ground but others support
6:29 am
it. the medical examiner could still identify some those remains in the months and years ahead. martha? martha: incredible. rick, thank you very much. it is amazing it has taken all these years for this museum to open but it looks extraordinary. bill: it is going to be remarkable. the sheer size as we were talking about. you forget about how big the towers were. you go back down and see this the rick's last point about these thousands of human remains yet to be identified, with advanced technology over the years it is quite possible many of them will be, for the families. martha: look forward to going down there and seeing it for ourselves. bill: 29 minutes past, a man driving a stolen truck, have you seen this? smashing his way into a tv station. watch here. and now we have surveillance tape on the inside of the building building that we will show you next. martha: all right. and one soldier getting the nation's highest military honor, moving words from an american hero. >> without the team, there could be no medal of honor.
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bill: so a man claiming to be god slamming a stolen truck into a tv station. watch. so he was successful eventually. he barricaded himself inside the television station.
6:34 am
and then spent five hours watching the situation unfold on live tv. steve centanni is live in washington on this. how did this begin in baltimore, steve? >> reporter: bill, first the man was pounding on front door of the tv station demanding to be let in. ing he wasn't. there was a terrifying crash as he drove a stolen truck through the front lobby the tv station. you've seen the video. employees watch in utter disbelief and glass shattered and part of the structure collapsed. amazing that nobody was hurt in the initial attack. he ran upstairs as 55 employees inside were safely evacuated and a school next door was locked down. a five-hour standoff followed. it was clear with police they were dealing with a very troubled individual. >> the individual was ranting and raving incoherent statements. it was clear from the very beginning we were dealing with a mentally or emotionally-disturbed subject. >> reporter: police were finally able to low cat the suspect
6:35 am
armed only with a golf club at the time of his ultimate arrest, bill. bill: how did police get help on the inside eventually locating him? >> reporter: kind of complicated. technology played an interesting role. the suspect was apparently watching live tv news inside as journalists outside were reporting on event. the police, they were watching the suspect too. they don't say exactly how but with some kind of surveillance video. one employee remained inside the building in the basement with police, helping them with the lay of the land. there were dogs and robots roaming the building helping to pin down the suspect. listen. >> the subject was then located using technology, on the second floor of the building. at which time we closed in further, isolated him. >> reporter: the arrest was finally made without incident. the suspect was taken to a hospital and there were no injuries during this entire five-hour ordeal. bill: strange matter. steve centanni in washington.
6:36 am
martha: republican senator john mccain now calling for the u.s. to have military action to save nearly 300 kidnapped nigerian girls. right now u.s. security forces are running intel missions hoping to track down these girls to figure out where in this area they might actually be, looking for clues in this video and elsewhere. senator mccain saying, quote, if they knew where they were i certainly would send in u.s. troops to rescue them. in a new york minute i would, without permission of the host country. i would not be involved in the niceties of getting the nigerian government to agree, because if we did rescue the people there would be nothing but gratitude from the nigerian government such as it is. what do you think about that? kt mcfarland, form der deputy secretary of defense during the reagan administration and fox news analyst. good morn. >>ing good morn. martha: what do you think we should do?
6:37 am
>> we don't know where they are. you see a picture of young schoolgirls huddled, we'll send in the marines and get them arrested to bring them back home. that is not where they are anymore. they have been scattered. they're probably not all in nigeria. they're probably in neighboring countries like chad, cameroon and niger. they're not all together in one place in that country. there are probably five in one village, seven in one village. you're talking about logistical nightmare. we won't go in to rest those girls. they don't know where they are. we can give them intelligence, communications logistics. martha: how do you think our intelligence -- >> send drones over there and find out. if there are five girls in a village, hard to find them. martha: as you say they are the leverage for boko haram. you know, knowing that they're okay and that it is possible to, you know, to find them and to get them together and to make some kind of a deal is really what they have got, right? >> their big leverage for them. on one hand, let's say they,
6:38 am
they're not going to really sell them probably as, you know, as slaves. they're far more valuable to boko haram as schoolgirls with the sad, poignant pictures. what would they do with them? say if a rescue mission doesn't happen. there is negotiated solution. what are you going to do to negotiate? if boko haram said we'll give you back the schoolgirls. you give us all the boko haram terrorists that you have got in the jails in nigeria and surrounding countries. what do you do then? all of sudden there is new army of terrorists going to be loosed to go do this again and again and again? say they sell the schoolgirls back to the government for thousands of dollars each. what is that money used for? it is used to promote boko haram kidnappings. it is a terrible situation and it is not going to probably have a happy ending. but there is a big space between john mccain saying, let's send in the commandoes and rescue them and then hashtag solution of the obama administration. foreign policy is conducted in between boots on the ground and doing nothing and we're not in
6:39 am
that space and that is where we should be because, martha, this is not the last time you're going to see islamic militants go after schoolgirls and christians. martha: lot of people say if we negotiate with them, or we wouldn't be obviously, the nigerian government negotiates with them and if we are seen to support that, it will happen again. it is our policy never to negotiate in these situations. as you say, it leads to more. >> the problem is, and i was in the reagan administration when we were faced with this, americans were being kidnapped in middle east. we have a firm policy in the u.s., do not negotiate with terrorists and kidnappers. why? because they realize what valuable currency hostages are. they may trade, may get the one guy back but they will take five more. martha: it works. >> it works. it is much more valuable to them than anything else. martha: you see what has been criticized as hashtag diplomasy. i would maintain these tweets raised awareness of this issue. >> absolutely. martha: to that end it has been successful. but you also say this is not,
6:40 am
this isn't one situation. this is evident of what al qaeda and its offshoots are, where they're headed. >> two years ago we were told al qaeda is on the run, bin laden is dead, al qaeda is finnished but with you know see after benghazi after boko haram, after what happened in syria, we now see al qaeda is in more places with greater strength, more money, more organizational ability and leverage than ever before. so i think we have to understand and wake up to the fact it is not just a few isolated incidents of national movements. this is an international movement, maybe loosely affiliated. maybe they're not all card-carrying members of al qaeda but they espouse the same beliefs, which is, let's kill americans. let's get rid of western technology. let's get rid of western education. the biggest problem is yet to come. that is in syria where there are probably 1700 syrian fighters who carry european or american passports. when that war wind down, where are they coming? they will come to spread the
6:41 am
terror in europe and united states. so don't think this is over. this is just changing and it continues to present a threat. unless we understand that, and call it for what it is, we'll never be able to defeat it. martha: kt, thank you. >> thank you. martha: very much. not a good picture. bill: thank you, ladies. 23 minutes before the hour. what an image this is. that is bounce house right there swept 50 feet in the air. three children inside. how this happened and how those children are doing this morning. martha: where is casey kasem? what a bizarre story this has turned into. the plot is truly thickening, everybody. his daughter is issuing an urgent plea for help to find her dad. >> i am trying desperately to find my dad. if anybody out there has seen him, maybe, knows his whereabouts or has heard, please call the police. iprise asked pe a simple question:
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>> casey kasem. >> thank you, hello, again, everybody, welcome to america's top 10. first off let's check the action on the billboard pop singles chart and run down the 10 biggest hits this week. bill: legendary american figure. legendary voice. arguably one of the more famous voices you ever heard on radio and tv history. there is another new twist in the disappearance of casey kasem. his daughter accusing his stepmother of kidnapping him who at age 82 has advanced parkinson's disease. she, the daughter is issuing a desperate help from greta. watch. >> i think they're on the run together. we can't find anybody. nobody is answering the phones. the door, the gate. you know, i, i'm sure though that we're going to find them. i have to find my dad. he is very ill. and, being moved across state lines and wherever he is, this is not good for his health. bill: so what is the recourse now? dan schorr, former prosecutor. jennifer brandt, family law
6:46 am
attorney. good morning to both of you. it appears whether it is right or not, this is perhaps a question of money and perhaps the will casey kasem has, is considered pliable. now what the daughter is saying, we don't want to change the will at all. we just want to have our dad back. but, jennifer, how does this happen? and what do you do about it in terms of locating him? >> well, i think it is up to the judge to get really tough in this case, bill. he needs to order that the wife, jean, return to the jurisdiction and tell where casey is, otherwise he should throw her in jail and let her sit there until she gives up casey's whereabouts. she is obviously the -- bill: do we know where she is? >> that is the problem. we can not find the wife. she has a lawyer. the lawyer appeared on monday. the lawyer obviously knows where his client is. he needs to get her in court. she is violated a court order. the daughter has conservatorship. she has right to govern health
6:47 am
care. you can't govern health care if you don't know where he is. up to this judge and he hasn't been in the past at all. bill: you're leaning on the judge at the moment? >> that is the only person right now who can help in this case. bill: dan, what is the advice here. >> certainly the judge can get involved, the issue if you don't know where anyone is how do you serve the order? the attorney says he doesn't know where casey kasem is or where his client is, that is problem. >> dan, how could he not know where his client is? as a lawyer he is not communicating with his client? how does know to show up there? >> as you know clients don't always listen to their attorneys. >> well then he has to get rid of her as client. >> hard to do if she run off to canada somewhere. but law enforcement can get involved. look at the wife's cell phone records, internet history. maybe when she drove him over the boredder to canada, if that is where they did go. stop for gas or credit card records. there are ways to track her down seems like law enforcement are getting involved.
6:48 am
bill: you think they have done that already or start that, right? >> first there has to be a missing persons report. that apparently has been done the last 24 hours or some the law enforcement has to get court order to get the record. they have to get a court order for computer, cell phone records, for credit card records. i assume they're doing that now. bill: let me put this on the screen. this is the statement that came out last night from the family. adult protective service, courts and family are currently looking for mr. kasem. as soon as paperwork for the conservatorship is done, kerry kasem will file a missing persons report which should be done by today allowing fbi and local he law enforcement to get involved. as soon as we have information we'll alert the media as soon as possible. the next step is the missing persons case. how would that change this search? >> well, as dan pointed out then the police can get involved, the fbi can get involved. you have numerous forces out there trying to get this man back into the jurisdiction so
6:49 am
his children can see him and see what is going on with his health care. as i understand he can't speak, he can't take care of himself. he is pretty much helpless. he is an american icon. we all want to know where he is. his children want to know where he is and spend time with him what may be his last days. get everybody involved, hopefully we'll get him back. the wife is -- needs to be punished. bill: i got it. , dan, this is question of time before they locate this man, right? >> we hope so. if she has gone over the border and in hiding somewhere and not in a way someone can publicly see casey kasem that he is around and alive, she could be in hiding a long type. hopefully this is found soon. this is family conflict gone on a long time. this is not just a sudden event. they have battles over control of casey kasem's rights and fortune for a while. the daughter said she is not after money here. she doesn't want to change the will but apparently casey kasem's wife is concerned about something with the will being changed and apparently run
6:50 am
off with him. bill: what a mystery. thank you, dan as well. philadelphia and new york. appreciate your time. here's martha. martha: thanks. straight ahead here on "america's newsroom" this morning, he was an american hero. he was captured by iraqi insurgents in 2004 and now a decade later his father is finally getting some of the closure that he seeks. we will have the latest from keith mall pin. bill: justin bieber, he is not hot water again? what is going on there, mccallum? martha: i don't know. bill: what the pop singer issed. serious matter too. "the beebs." ♪.
6:51 am
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martha: here's a shocker. more trouble for justin bieber today. according to l.a. police who he is become quite familiar with, "the beebs" is accused of attempted robbery. julie banderas with fox 411. what is it he is accused of doing exactly this time? >> stealing a woman's cell phone allegedly. yeah, i know. that is against the law, by the way. l.a. police confirmed to fox that it happened apparently on monday but victim didn't report it until tuesday. "tmz" backing up that report. police are remaining pretty tight-lipped about it since they are still investigating. "tmz" said they spoke to the woman who said bieber around his crew, quote, got into altercation with some guys at batting cage at sherman oaks. when bieber saw a woman grab her cell phone to take pictures, he didn't like it. demand the phone so he could delete any photos. when she refused, bieber received into the her purities and grabbed it.
6:55 am
so far police have not made an arrest. l.a.p.d. believes mr. bieber left the state. he was traveling to oklahoma city to watch a game between the los angeles clippers and oklahoma city thunder on mother's day with his mom. while he was there he was booed on by the crowd when they put his face on the jumbotron. we reached out to his pr team about the alleged robbery. so far we haven't heard back. i won't hold my breath. martha: things are not going well for the beeks. >> no. martha: it also happened this way before, right? >> he doesn't like when people take pictures of him. sadly bieber doesn't think the law doesn't apply to him. it is not the first time. his bodyguard as you may remember was arrested earlier this year after he and his posse stole a photographer's camera after the photog allegedly came too close to the pop star. someone need to remind bieber as a public figure people will take your picture. he seems to forget that. martha: he needs to remember when you're a big huge star, people want to take your picture but they can tend to get too
6:56 am
much into your face. >> i can understand having issue with the paparazzi because the paparazzi can be very disrespectful of your personal space. this was a woman. she doesn't work for -- whipped out her cell phone. bill: doesn't "the beebs" have his own phone, julie? >> yeah, i know you would think he would be able to afford his own cell phone. martha: took it out of her purse, women don't like that. you can't put your hand in anybody's purse. that is not happening. >> don't do that bill. martha: thank you, julie great piece of advice. thank you, julie. is the tea party making a come back? winners of two primaries telling a different story or are they? campaign carl cameron back on the trail in a moment. martha: this is too horrible story. this is too strange to be believed. a gust of wind picked up the birthday bounce house and sent it flying 50 feet in the air with three children trapped inside. terrifying incident and very unhappy consequences as a result. we'll tell you what happened there. something like that, you would
6:57 am
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it's the nexium you know, now delivered. martha: you are taking a look at live pictures coming in from turkey where it is literally a race against time. awful situation. the family members standing around waiting for news. 100 people trapped in a turkish coal mine, over 200 people already dead being pulled out in a painful one by one process half a mile below the surface of the earth. we will get you all the live updates from that terrible, terrible situation going on there. a big victory for a tea party favorite. he won the republican primary for an open senate seat in nebraska. he is a rising star and an end to keep an eye on through all of
7:01 am
this. welcome to another hour of "america's newsroom." bill: the nebraska win makes ben sasse a huge favorite in the general election. saying he is running with biggest bold conservative ideas. >> we will reaffirm the same three pledges remade at the beginning of this campaign. number one, we said we would inflate just obamacare, the failed health policy, but we would fight obamacare, the failed worldview. bill: good morning. tell us about ben sasse. who is he, what is his background? >> he is a bes getting incredibe support from those who backed the tea party another insurgent around the country. he got more votes than both of his two closest rivals combined yesterday. harvard and yale former educated
7:02 am
and he is now very heavily favored to win the seat in nebraska in the fall because the obama agenda, obamacare in particular is so unpopular. this process he said was about winning the election and ideas of conservatives. he doesn't necessarily fit the brand of a lot of tea party members. that was clearly a slamdunk victory for the super-pac and the tea party that backed him. now the republican nomination for governor in nebraska, he too is set to win in november. that was a crowded field he won very easily. and making history, west virginia will have a female u.s. senator come fall regardless of who wins.
7:03 am
this is one of the six republican seats republicans are targeting and consider a virtual must win to get the majority back this fall. bill: doesn't establish anything between establishment and the tea party? >> a little bit. it was a very tough fight, a real overlap, a big lopsided win. one thing we realize is these super pacs backing out of state candidates, from out of state, are really making a lot of noise. they are backing not just tea party candidates, they have been much more selective in the type of candidate quality they have been backing. they are more selective with their money, and in select places, they are winning. now that she is the senate nominee, that was picked up by another candidate backed by out-of-state candidates. bill: appreciate that rundown.
7:04 am
a loss to analyze very soon. martha: senator marco rubio is fueling speculation of his potential run for the presidency in 2016 appearing last night on hannity. talk about his qualifications for that. >> i would lineup my resume can see his at this stage in my career. i did serve in state government, speaker of the house, majority leader, majority whip. as i said, we think by and large has a number of people including many who don't want to run for president were much more qualified to hold that office then the man who is there now. martha: he says he will make a decision about a run at the end of this year. bill: one of the longer serving members of congress, almost 50 years, has failed to make the primary ballot. michigan democrat did not
7:05 am
receive enough valid signatures on the nominating petition. an opponent challenge those signatures because they were hired to collect them. they reportedly planned to appeal that decision. martha: growing outrage this morning over an immigration policy that led to the release of thousands of convicted criminals. they were found guilty of everything from murder and assault to kidnapping and rate. and they were released by immigration officials. wrap your head around this story, folks. a new report tagging the total of these people released at 36,000. the more smith has been all over this, he released this statement. this could be considered the worst prison break in american history except it was sanctioned by the president and perpetrated by our own immigration officials.
7:06 am
joining us now. good morning to you. how does this happen? >> a little bit at a time, right? we should point out most of the charges here are relatively minor charges. traffic charges, drunken driving, but included in the number is serious charges as he mentioned rate and murder among them not insignificant numbers. the issue is if you have a policy, the number of illegal immigrants is so enormous when you have a pulse that calls for increasing leniency on these individuals as this administration has aggressively embraced, you're going to have problems like this, you're going to create the outrage described as people saying is this the best w we're capable of doing? martha: why not send people back if they committed these heinous crimes and are going to release
7:07 am
them, they are being released back into american communities, right? >> the government says they have gps locators on some of them, in some cases they were ordered to do so by court, they certainly have a rationale for some of this stuff, but the reality is when people have tried to say an individual community in the united states we don't want you to do this, take this guy back, take this girl back, the answer has been thank you. you heard remarks to law enforcement officials just yesterday that it essentially the view of this president and this administration is law enforcement officials who are dealing with people with immigration status issues are wasting their time. that is what they're going to keep doing. martha: we do not release them back into population unless there is a certain amount of time. why this discrepancy?
7:08 am
>> because these folks fallen to this category. sometimes our justice system does fail and let out people who are guilty of these crimes, that sometimes happens. there is outrage, people are held to account, end up on the "o'reilly factor," they lose their jobs and that stuff happens to them. in this case was happening is the administration says it is complicated, what can you do, please pass immigration bill that we have called for. martha: unbelievable. thank you, chris. >> you bet did bill: new acquisitions of mismanagement at the irs. more than $13 billion in tax credits to people who may not have qualified for them last year alone. the alleged fraud coming from one of youone of the antipovert.
7:09 am
stuart varney, what is going on here? >> this is massive fraud in a very large program. talking with the earned income tax credit. where poor people who work get a check from the treasury every year to top off their income. $60 billion is paid off every year, 27 million people get a check from the treasury, and you can get up to $5300 for famili families. the inspector general says up to a quarter of all that money that goes out about $15 billion, 13 to $15 billion, is made improperly. the payments are improper, some massive fraud in a massive welfare program, that is what is happening. bill: these are some of the numbers, 27 million families in 2011, $62 billion? families with three or more children.
7:10 am
how do you gain the system? >> well, suppose you work on the books for a very low wage. report the income to the irs. it is beneath threshold, to get a check for the united states treasury topping off your income. what you don't tell the irs is you are working on the side for cash, you don't report that income, therefore the check to you was improperly paid to you, you have gained the system, you cheated. bill: extraordinary amount of money. we will see you in 50 minutes on fbn. martha: here's a question for you, his free-speech dead and censorship the new normal when you look into the who can speak at a college graduation issue. >> it's apparent political correctness has taken deep roots in this country. conservatives and republican students are target on sudden college campuses. martha: another college forcing
7:11 am
out a commencement speaker understood pressure. we have a great panel coming up on this very important issue coming up. bill: secretary of veteran affairs facing fire on the hill involving the medicare that led to the death of dozens. allen west is here to talk about that. martha: look forward to seeing him. in the family of an american hero killed and captured in iraq could be getting closer to closure. >> somebody from the family has to come forward and make a statement against the perpetrator. so that is why i am here. c'mon, you want heartburn? when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast, with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact.
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♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ bill: the family of a american hero captured and killed in iraq might be getting long-awaited is justice. he was kidnapped and later killed by iraqi insurgents 10 years ago. yesterday his father was at the pentagon testifying about a way to video teleconference against the man accused of killing his son. >> you've got that guy that
7:15 am
actually killed my son. this guy is the one who pulled the trigger. and just even for that to happ happen, it is nothing short of amazing. bill: the father of that young man speaking out after the judge yesterday. he assured they will be justice for his son. martha: bill o'reilly taking on what he calls the growing witch hunt mentality in this country including on campuses across the united states after another commencement speaker withdraws from a ceremony. >> speakers being cancelled on college campuses and they did not uphold politically correct mandates. you want a divided nation? let's keep this up. the political correctness has taken deep root in this country. conservatives and republican
7:16 am
students are target on some college campuses, objects of division in much of academia. martha: what do you think about this? three very accomplished and powerful women hounded off of college campuses this year, the latest chief of the international monetary fund, the imf, christine the guard. students protested imf policies for the former century estate condoleezza rice from rutgers. due to protest over her role in the iraq war and plans to give activist and honorary degree there because of her comments on islam. i'm joined by former democratic candidate and campaign advisor, and a republican pollster managing director, managing partner rather. good to have you today. are we at the point on these campuses where we think these women who have accomplished so
7:17 am
much in their lives, you're not going to agree with anybody on everything, but that they are being told they have nothing to offer these graduating students? >> i don't think that is really the argument the students and protesters are making. i think it is more that they are complaining in general about what these women represent in terms of their work product. which is a different argument. and it really is a tepid's teapot in terms of what is going on in the national discussion, but i think it is good in a way to have these liberal arts colleges engaging in discussion, having students protest. i don't think the speakers should necessarily be withdrawing, but discussion has to be happening. she is a very busy woman. martha: my worry is where dumbing down the dialogue, looking for people who will be benign when they get up there,
7:18 am
it wants anything controversial or internet might stir the young minds to think anything other than what they have been taught perhaps for those four years and even if they get angry, they say i don't agree with what the speaker says, isn't that what college campuses are all about, tyler? >> absolutely. who even agrees 100% with their own spouse or family members, and yet we are creating or loan on the college campuses for this insulated bubble of extreme liberalism to occur. in some regards the administrators are at fault for allowing this to happen by not showing support for the speakers and not coming out for some of these others to say hey, look, your disapproval of this particular speaker or lack of agreement is fine, it is your right to do so, but we are having this speaker because they are an example of a strong, successful woman.
7:19 am
who can look at any of these women and say sure, we don't agree 100% with them, but they are accomplished. martha: incredible stories any of these women can bring to their commencement speech i think would be incredibly valuable. i think you make an excellent point, patrick. about the leadership on these campuses, where are the college president who stand up and say you know what our mission is here at this university? it is to hear from brilliant minds whether we agree from them or not. where is the presidents in this case? >> that is a very good question because this comes down to these schools has a different sort of persona, if you will, that they are projecting. it truly is, if you're going to have academic freedom and there needs to be some leadership from the top down. martha: but they backed down. a group of students pipe up, and
7:20 am
you have students like at rutgers who really wanted to hear condoleezza rice, the loudest voice in the room are often these more liberal professors and the students who are followers. >> there was a situation in kansas michelle obama was asked not to speak at a commencement, so we may be a commencement issue. so she did speak to that different event. bill ayers was asked not to speak at one. it does feel like it is happening a lot more on the other side of the fence. >> it does happen more often than not, and the reason is because of a lack of leadership and because we are trading the idea and concept of academic freedom for academic justice, which is basically an endorsement of an idea that extreme liberalism that you can
7:21 am
disagree with someone, but disagreeing with them have to cut them off and silence them from the world. that is what we are seeing here. martha: we need an open conversation and to provoke young minds as they are heading out the door in some cases. thank you very much. bill: a children's party stable turning into a terrifying ride. >> i just saw the bouncing hou house, up, and then it went over there, i didn't see my sister. then one little boy came out, landed in the middle of the road. bill: people watching helplessly as a bounce house is flown in the air with kids trapped inside. the latest on their condition this morning. martha: new details in the brawl scene around the world. why jay-z and beyoncé sister were doing after the kick down in the elevator. ♪
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
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7:25 am
bill: play inside a playable bounce house turns terrifying in upstate new york. there are three children inside when it was swept away by a gust of wind. two young boys through the injured. what in the world happened here? >> basically every parent's worst nightmare. three kids, as you say, inside that bank. three girls, two boys ages six and five, suddenly a gust of wind picked it up, and it took off. 15 to 20 feet in the air when the two boys fell out.
7:26 am
they are both seriously injured, the six-year-old hit the road directly, he apparently has two broken arms, a broken jaw and possible internal injuries. the five-year-old hit a car in the apartment complex parking lot and then onto the street, he has a serious brain injury, i am told, and as of last night was in a medically induced coma. listen now to one of the witnesses. >> i heard it hit my car, and i heard him hit the ground and i heard screaming. >> that five-year-old who hit the car in a medically induced coma as of last night i just got off the phone with them, they do not have a condition update for us as of yet this morning. bill: this had to be a big gust of wind. >> they tell me they are not
7:27 am
investigating this right now, as you can imagine. the bounce house was set up in the back of the apartment complex by neighbor who was not the parent of any of these children. it was as far as they can tell secured to the ground with 6-inch long plastic stakes. they say at the moment they are treating this as a tragic accident and won as first responders said was a very tough one to witness. >> quite brutal. heart-wrenching. it makes me want to squeeze my kids extra at night. >> bill, this point the cops tommy there are no charges pending. they believe at this point it was just a terrible, terrible freak accident. bill: thank you, jonathan hunt in our newsroom. martha: there are big questions
7:28 am
coming for a head of the veterans affair department. he will answer questions about the scandal that may have cost veterans seeking treatment their lives be at bill: and a shocking collision caught on camera. you've got to see this to believe how this turns out, in moments.
7:29 am
7:30 am
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[ don ] in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. [ male announcer ] that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or martha: we are back with a fox news alert. crews are gaining ground over a pair of wildfires burning in the san diego area.
7:32 am
the fires fueled by drought conditions and win went overnigt the fire started to calm a bit. ththat equation orders for 20,00 people then lifted. live in san diego watching all of this. what is a very latest out there? >> this certain number of neighborhoods in the area. it burned almost 1600 acres, but they were throughout the night and held they have this fire 25% contained. it started raging yesterday morning in northern san diego county and at the time schools had to evacuate, thousands of people had to evacuate and it got bad because it was a red flag warning day, there were high temperatures, low humidity, a perfect storm for an out of control fire. the fire really thrived on the dry conditions. >> it has been a very challenging day for local fire
7:33 am
agencies and law enforcement agencies, it is unusual to have wind driven fire like this proving to be such a challenge to contain. >> firefighters philly had a pretty good upper hand on this fire right now. they say they are investigating exactly what caused the fire. i don't know if you can tell the wind is picking up right now, they are expecting another red flag warning. they say the wind gust in certain areas could be 75 miles per hour, temperatures could be in the triple digits and their biggest concern are the embers getting pushed around by the wind potentially starting another fire, they will do everything they can to make sure that doesn't happen. martha: thanks. bill: now to the latest developments in the scandal rocking the veterans administration.
7:34 am
in the hot seat tomorrow before the senate testify before lawmakers on his alleged cover-up of debbie treatment delays that helped various parts of the country. calls for his resignation growing. a fox news contributor with me now. good morning to you. this is an awful story here for our veterans. how does he get ahead of this story? >> i don't think it is possible for him to get ahead of it now. if this were an isolated incident, if he were somebody coming on board the head of the administration, maybe it would be a different circumstance. he has been in this position some four or five years. this is not isolated, it is systemic. whistleblowers coming forward out of wyoming. the senator is kind of heading
7:35 am
up the texas legislature's down there looking into this, so this is something systemic. i don't know what he can say before the senate hearing because this is obviously a continuation of a failure of leadership, a failure of proper oversight of the administration taking care of these backlogs of claims. bill: he had a long military record, are you okay with him staying in his job? >> no, i am not. the reason i am not okay with it is because when he was chief of staff of the united states army, if he had a corps commander larry systemic problem like what we are seeing with the administration, he would definitely probably ask for the relief of command of that general. no difference here, he probably needs to step aside because there is a lack of confidence in his capability to rectify this
7:36 am
situation. the events have overcome him. bill: you mentioned the story as well. chairman of the house va committee is a republican from florida. >> we had a unanimous vote to subpoena records, something that has never been done within the time the department of veterans affair has been in existence, so it is truly a bipartisan effort in the house and i hope we can get the same thing out of the senate as well. bill: i can't see how anyone would object to that. >> eric holder needs to work with the congressional oversight in the house and start the independent investigation. from what i understand he has already said he is not going to do that, i think that shows once in the aspect of a politicized
7:37 am
department of justice, very partisan attorney general. if you have american veterans involved, this is something worthy of a justice investigation. eric holder will set off voting rights and things of this nature, but those willing to give the last four measures of motion to this, they deserve justice and their families deserve justice and eric holder should take care of business and establish that. bill: why would you not do that? if anybody deserves answers, it is the men and women who have fought for this country and sacrificed so much. >> you're absolutely right. it would be good if you could get eric holder on your sho shor asking that question or even more so his boss, the president of the united states of america, the commander in chief. bill: how much deeper does it get? do you have a sense of that right now?
7:38 am
the budget for that is enormous. they say it is not a question of money to obviously a question of will your question of care, you try to wrap your head around it. >> the budget is there, question of taking care of the veteran skid we have heard that in many speeches and a lot of rhetoric coming from the president. they could have just allowed some of these veterans to go to hospitals and cover their costs. the men and women who have just been incredible standing up for this country. bill: maybe that is what comes out of this. they have that option. >> that could have been done quite some time ago. that is why i say the events have overcome the veterans administration hospital, and i hope the comments from bernie
7:39 am
sanders trying to blame them for this will not be the theme or the atmosphere we see in the senate as they have in this hearing. bill: thank you for your time. appreciate it. martha: a veteran of the afghan war receiving the nations highest military honor. president obama a warning the medal of honor for his courage during an ambush back in 2007. >> make us proud, you motivate all of us to be the best we can be as americans, as a nation to uphold our sacred obligations to all that have faced that measure of danger and willingness to ocher. martha: his team of 14 fell under heavy taliban fighter. he still wea where the bracelet given to him by another survivor in that attack. >> this is made even more
7:40 am
precious than the symbol around my neck. on it are the names of my six fallen brothers. they are my heroes. bill: after retiring in 2011, he went on to graduate from the university of north carolina. bill: you have to think they have mixed feelings when they hear these events. but their participation stands for so many who are behind them or lost in memory. congratulations. here is an amazing video you have to see to believe. watch this, he flies into the air. he gets up and walks away. everybody looks completely stunned. it happened in missouri.
7:41 am
police say thanks the helmet he was wearing he was not seriously injured. martha: he bounced and got right up, thank goodness. jay-z and his sister-in-law, apparently they have made up after this infamous brawl in the elevator. what the pair was now spotted doing together. bill: now police are the focus of his local rant. n.y.p.d. in the crosshairs. why alec baldwin and is up in handcuffs. [ male announcer ] people all over the world know us,
7:42 am
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bill: alec baldwin is added begin. writing the wrong way down a manhattan street up the avenue.
7:45 am
baldwin became angry and yelled at officers asked for identification, he had none but was taken into custody. they blasted the n.y.p.d. twitter posting a badge number the arresting officer, that will do you know good and called new york city a "mismanaged carnival of a city." martha: yet another incident. new details after the elevator brawl kicking. repeatedly slapping and kicking her brother in law at a new york city after party and while beyoncé is in the corner, jay-z was reportedly seen shopping for jewelry with the sister-in-law, at a high-end shop yesterday afternoon, did
7:46 am
not buy anything, but they shop, how this infamous video ever got out and released to tmz. how this ever got out. now the editor and chief of yahoo travel. good to have you today. a lot of issues in all of this, i also saw beyoncé tweeted out a picture of her with her sister having a great time together. they want to make it very clear this is not a big deal. >> they are in damage control but the people who really should be in damage control are the hotel. a lot of people in the hotel industry are freaking out saying this is a problem. everyone expects privacy. is almost like your hotel you to be the last bash in vegas. now you are seeing people selling really secure videotape.
7:47 am
how did that happen? it is all about the money. martha: they thrive on the big client customers. when you breach that security, that privacy, who wants to go back? >> not only that, the market, people are telling us the market for this tape $250,000. imagine a guy who sold the tape is probably making fo four years worth of salaries in one night. it is a huge incentive except for the fact he will probably be sued for every penny he made. martha: they can see all of these cameras and the people working there are supposed to sit quietly unless they have to alert the police which apparently didn't go that far, but they are never supposed to be with their iphone taking a
7:48 am
picture of it or video. >> if i were brad and angelina, i would be terrified because you know they do stuff in the elevator. martha: you are right. lot of them specifically go to hotels we have a good relationship and don't have to worry about. but there's always a possibility of a young guy or girl working the security room. >> there is always a possibility, but there are good chains. the four seasons, someplace like the sunset tower hotel in l.a. were celebrities go to every night. you never see a photo or a leak out of any of those hotels. martha: interesting. paula, thank you very much. now you know where to stay, bill. bill: or just stay home. >> yahoo travel is getting people on the road.
7:49 am
bill: how are you, jon? jon: those hotels are too expensive for me. president obama is pushing for funding for, stop me if you have heard this, "shovel ready projects." pitching to rebuild america's infrastructure. we'll more federal money mean more jobs or just add to our debt? plus a vicious attack caught on tape, this one underwater. could this be considered a case of attempted murder? and technology gone too far, or taking baby monitors to a whole new level with high-tech onesies that keep track of every move. worse than being in an elevator.
7:50 am
bill: thank you, jon. see you in the top of the hour. good morning. >> we are at largest display of unmanned vehicles in the world. that story ahead. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. woman: this is not exactly what i expected. man: definitely more murdery than the reviews said. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger.
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right?
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well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. martha: we want to take you live to turkey were these images are coming in and you can see in this crowd the above waiting for news of any kind. reports that have been a city with huge explosion, at least 200 people have been killed and there are 100 trapped according to the latest numbers that we have seen. some reports people in the crowd have started throwing rocks and: the prim prime minister a murder and a thief. at least 100 people are believed
7:54 am
to still be trapped down there. we will continue to watch this news unfold from turkey. bill: incredible technology covering land, sea and air converging in florida. the largest display of drones at the orlando convention center. steve harrigan is there live now with something we associate with the military, they go beyond that, they go way beyond that now. >> that's right, bill. the new generation of drones will be pretty much for fun. four or five drones will be used with a camera on the bottom. they're stabilized by senses an end gps. you can operate them from a mile and a half away using your iphone. the real concern is to overcome concerns of privacy invasion. >> somebody violates your privacy, they will be held accountable. if i do it with a man system or
7:55 am
unmanned system, put it up against her window, if i am breaking the law, i am breaking the law and held accountable. >> the commercial use of drones is not yet illega legal in mosts in the united states, but it's hard to stop people from buying drones online. bill: how big is this business now or maybe there is a question, how can this business get very soon? >> over the next decade, some analysts say it could be a multibillion-dollar business, and one of the fields pushing hard for drone use is agriculture. agricultural probably represent 90% of the industry, that is billions of dollars. thousands and thousands of jobs ultimately. everything from manufacturing to operations. so we need pilots basically to fly these uav.
7:56 am
>> other fields pushing hard, legal drone the galatians, the movie industry and real estate agency. wanting a cheap way to get the overhead pictures of properties. back to you. bill: thank you, sir, live in orlando. martha: a driver crashes his way into it. the tense situation that unfolded on camera. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta!
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martha: safe return to earth. four astronauts who were aboard the international space station are now back. their space capsule descending in the grasslands of kazakhstan. it landed on schedule this morning after the team spent six months in orbit. the astronauts from russia, japan, the united states. they may not get to go there. dust-up over the ukraine cooled relationship on space exploration between the united states and russia. bill: i wonder what the ground feels like when they hit that?
8:00 am
martha: pretty good. we made it back. bill: we'll be on radio in couple minutes. have a great day everybody. martha: "happening now" starts right about now. bye, everybody. jon: good wednesday, morning to you, a glimpse at what could be the future of obamacare. hello, i'm jon scott. >> hi, everybody. hope you're off to a great day so far. i'm jenna lee. we're live on capitol hill as lawmakers gear up on confirmation hearings for the president's nomination for health and human services secretary. sylvia burwell is set to replace kathleen sebelius is headed the rollout of the botched website. more question something set to get underway in just about three hours. our very own mike emanuel will have a preview and a live report moments from now. jon: but president obama is not really talking about obamacare today. he is hitting the road, trying to rev up infrastructure spending on


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