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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 14, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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again, thanks for watching us tonight. the "kelly file" is next. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. live in new york city with big news tonight on late breaking polls. >> this was because of a protest or guys out on a walk that decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> whether to believe hillary clinton on benghazi while her husband tries to ride to the rescue. >> hilly did what she should have done. >> big news breaking on that and then, we found the name of a top democratic senator all over new e-mails from the irs scandal, e-mails we're only seeing because of a court order and
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wait until you see what he wanted, plus it's the most amazing thing we've seen in awhile. a cat literally rescues a young boy from a vicious dog. see how super kitty saved the day on the "kelly file" right now. >> that event, but breaking tonight, the clinton campaign is battling back over benghazi as brand-new fox news polls show the potential 2016 presidential candidate may have a credibility problem. welcome, everybody, tonight to the "kelly file." i'm martha in for megyn kelly. the polls came out a couple hours ago and find that half of the american people believe that mrs. clinton has been deceitful about the events surrounding benghazi and even more, 54% say they believe president obama has not been honest about what happened that night and in the aftermath and a majority believe the obama administration
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knowingly lied about benghazi in order to help the president's reelection campaign. the polls happen to be released hours after former president bill clinton defended his wife on this issue. watch. >> in my opinion, hilary did what she should have done. i gave 29 recommendations. she took them and started implementing them, and they established the fact that whether it was right or wrong in the past, secretaries of state never were involved directly in these security decisions, and they also a have untangled what was an early mystery of benghazi. the last time one of these things were public is after i did it after the bombings in 1998. most don't know how many
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diplomatic people were killed when president bush was president. they don't know what action review was done. i think my advice to everybody involved is to be not defensive and realize what this is and -- >> what is it? >> just answer the questions. >> what is it? >> you just want me to get in a political fight. i'm not doing that. >> our former speech writer for president george w. bush and an american enterprise fellow, joe trippi is campaign manager and has worked on a number of democratic presidential campaigns, also a fox news contributor, welcome. >> good to be with you, martha. >> let's take a look at some of this. you heard bill clinton moments ago, mark, let me start with you. he basically said look, these sorts of things are generally not disclosed and that was the case here and there is no there there under president bush's presidency, people don't know when these kinds of things happened. what do you think about that? >> first of all, he talked about
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his response to the east africa embassy bombings. his response to those bombings in president bush's words to fire a $10 million missile into an empty cannon and hit an animal in the butt. that's not the issue. the question is, how many american diplomatic personnel were killed in attacks under president bush where he said it was not a terrorist attack and lied to the american people about it for weeks. the answer is zero, none. that is the issue here. we have a situation where -- if the president of the united states had simply come out and said look, americans understand this is a dangerous world, the terrorists are going to attack us and sometimes they are going to succeed. we won't let them succeed. this is a terrorist attack that happened on the an verniversary 9/11 and we'll go out and get
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them. if that was said, that would help. >> what about those poll numbers, joe, there is an effort clearly on the part of hillary clinton and many democrats to say look, this is over, this is dead news, this happened two years ago, right? these polls reflect that people simply do not feel that way. they feel that something was hidden from them, joe. >> i think that's right. i think participant of it is the way administration handled it. again, classic crisis management is to get all the facts out there right away, as bad as they are or as good -- whatever your argument is, get them out there, get the e-mails out there, get them out a year ago after the last election and be transparent and because they weren't and because they are dribbling out, people are having this reaction. i think two years from now, first of all, we don't know if hillary clinton is going to run and if she does, two years from now, if we're still talking
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about benghazi, i don't think the republicans are going to find much traction there. in terms of it affecting her standing. she's still the most popular democrat out there. >> that's true. >> with all this happening right now. she's up by 10, 15, 20 points against most challengers with all these facts out there. >> that's right and she has to be weighing that and measuring that as we look at this. we do know she knows its an issue for her. she said its her biggest regret from her tenure thus far is benghazi. >> i disagree in the sense i don't think this is about whether it's going to hurt hillary clinton or not but answers. we had a terrorist attack that killed the first american ambassadors since the 1970s and we still don't have answers to questions, where was the president of the united states when the attack happened? was he doing? why did they blame it on an internet video when the
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intelligence community never said anything about an internet video. why did they continue to say it after there was evidence there wasn't an internet video or protest? when you see the poll you put up there showing that americans believe a marjority of american believe president obama lied about benghazi to aid the presidential campaign, think about what that means. americans think the president put his reelection ahead of the american national security. that is a devastating thing for our country. we need to get to the bottom of the answers whether that's true or not and what happened in ben g benghazi. >> it brings up, it's almost, the actuality of the 3:00 a.m. phone call and when you get to the next round of a presidential election, i can imagine whoever is running against hillary clinton, if indeed she does run saying where were you? where were you in the hid l of the night when all of this started to happen?
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and that in the larger picture of accountability and foreign policy and where were you when this happened, what did you do? was your recommendation to the president when you spoke to him that evening, joe? >> look, if she runs for president, these will be questions that she will be asked on the stump, not just by press but by voters in iowa and new hampshire and not just the primaries but the general election. in the end, i don't think, look, i really believe people think that hillary clinton's competency, there aren't that many questions about her competency or being tough. i don't think in the end this is going to come back against her. there are those who don't think that but we'll see. >> joe, mark, thank you so much. >> thanks, martha. so president clinton was not the only one that rushed to his wife's defense. there was a fire storm by talking about the head injury mrs. clinton suffered back in
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2012 and saying he believes her health and age will be issues if she runs for president. the response from main stream media, watch. >> are we witnessing a new gop line of attack against hillary clinton and did carl rove take things too far. >> let's start with shocking, i think reprehensible comments from carl but to say she essentially has brain damage or a traumatic brain injury? >> they are knocking carl rove very hard on this, i would say from a spokesperson for hillary clinton. he says carl rove has deceived the country for years but there are no words for this level of lyin lying. >> tim, good evening to you.
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what do you make of the rush to defend the programs? >> this is the classic routine we always see of the clintons because what you have here is a news media that loves her so much, that they didn't ask her any of these questions about her health when it mattered, which is when she came back into the public eye in january. she did an interview with cynthia mcfadden on nbc and they touched on it, how is your health? there is no serious questions being asked. this is not what they do. they celebrate her, so then when somebody raises the question and say, you know, she was out of office there for a month, what was that about? and then the media leaps on them like how dare you ask the questions that we utterly failed to ask because we don't care. you know, the fact of the matter is this is the way they cover hillary clinton. they talk about her mother. they talk about her coming grandchild. they talk about somebody throwing a slipper at her in
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vegas. she's treated like a celebrity. she's like beyonce of politics and that's what happens. so i think the real problem here is the news media, you know, for them to come out and say this is a smear machine, this is the news media. they never hold the clintons accountable for anything, so -- >> a suggestion. >> large chunks of bill clinton. >> there is a suggest raised by karl rove that age will be a fact tomorrow, that a lot of people will question if she's too old and her health and we've been down the road before. we have a time magazine cover that we can put up is dole too old for the job with questions and we remember the obama mccain exchang exchanges, as well. we have that we can play for folks, as well. let's take a look at that. >> 1982 john mccain goes to washington. things have changed in the last
6:12 pm
26 years but mccain hasn't. he admits he still doesn't know how to use a computer, can't send an e-mail. >> fair play? >> see, but that only reminds me of the horrible media bias around that because this was something the obama campaign wasn't really fearfully questioned about. katie couric who attacked sarah palin on the air didn't push joe biden on the air. obama people never suffered from smearing people. put smear campaign on the screen over karl rove's face, has brian williams ever done that to a clinton? has brian williams ever done that to obama? brian williams basically stands in front of bush and calls him a racist on the street. that's who brian williams is. >> thanks for being with us tonight.
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there is more breaking news tonight in a couple of big stories. new e-mails surfacing in the irs investigation and the name of a top democratic senator is all over these e-mails. we'll have that story for you right after this break. plus this. >> i'm here to tell you that my dead veteran husband cannot be much more patient than he is today, but me, i'm mad. >> with the scandal over medical care for our vets getting worse, angry families are speaking out. we'll show you how the white house is getting ready for a hearing tomorrow that could get very ugly for this administration. plus, it may be the most watched video in america today, just ahead, the full story behind the courageous kitty that may have literally saved a life of a young boy. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve.
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not on the banks of the mississippi, or even the coast of california. the new ram 1500 ecodiesel. with 9,200 pounds of towing and 28 highway miles per gallon. west will never end. guts. glory. ram. we got breaking news with the irs and e-mail surface thanks to a court order and a request. these e-mails show irs officials in washington working on the effort to challenge right-wing groups and also show sen carl leaven actively and aggressively pushing the irs to go after four groups in particular. katy is the news editor, katy, good evening.
6:17 pm
>> hi, martha, good to see you. >> what have we learned tonight? >> through the freedom of information request, lawsuit, judicial watch has released this e-mails showing that michigan senator carl leaven was in direct contact with the irs throughout 2012 about how specifically they could target conservative groups. the e-mails started early on in 2012 but continued and got more panicked closer to the election in of course, november of 2012 there are multiple e-mails and a response from not low-level rogue agents in the irs but former deputy commissioner, that deputy irs commissioner steven miller communicating with senator leaven about how they could dig through the regulations to find something to revoke the tax exempt status. >> in fact, he gets, as you say, more persistent and wants them to basically use the power that they have to crack down on groups that are using, that aa l
6:18 pm
political power. he basically assures him, don't worry, we have broad description and we will, indeed use it. let's look at the e-mails that are showing a close connection between what is happening in washington. this one we're looking at from september 27th, 2012 this is in the leaven exchanges and shows groups, cross roads, americans for prosperity, patriot majority usa. >> he had a list of groups that he wanted targeted, susan b. anthony a prolife group was targeted, not necessarily tea party groups. you look at the language used and you have steven miller who was a high-level u.s. official saying don't worry, we can find something. we have leeway when it comes to
6:19 pm
asking agents to specifically ask these groups certain questions about their tax exception status and what that means. as president of judicial watch tom fenton said, this is no longer about the irs this is a scandal members, of congress and leaven is not the first senator and involved in this scandal. let's not forget a month ago e-mails that kale out that show the ranking member elijah cummings was in contacts wi wite u.s. and multiple democrats on the public stage calling for the irs to single out these groups that they didn't like in an election year and now we have the evidence showing that it was high level officials at the irs communicating directly with a democrat. this is from steve and they are working the tea party
6:20 pm
applications. we have a working on a few applications here and providing copies to use as examples in the development of these cases, which shows that there was clearly a lot of communication back and forth between cincinnati and d.c. now carl leaven's office, katy, says he disclosed these papers prior to this and that he was, you know, even handed in his scrutiny of these groups, but it looks like 11 of them were tea party affiliated groups, one, could be considered a liberal group, correct? >> absolutely. so they can say, you know, we've heard this argument from the left that this was applied to everyone when you actually look at the numbers and names that he was calling to be investigated, it was certainly conservative groups. i want to go back to the e-mail you just read. >> quickly. >> the specific part about a looking at the cases, let's not forget about the lois lerner e-mails and crime until prosecution of the groups, those are the cases they are referring to. >> thank you for clarifying.
6:21 pm
katy, thank you very much. >> thank you. in roughly 12 hours from now, president obama will attend a dedication ser -- ceremony for the september 11th museum. will he push to ban words like jihad from the story told there in a seven-minute movie about al qaeda and why al qaeda killed thousands of innocent americans that day. and up next, the amazing story of a young boy being attacked by a dog and the kitty that runs to his rescue. you got to see this when we come back. ♪ don't miss a step... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ don't miss a beat... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ oooh discover the fearless protection of tena. so absorbent even when you twist not a drop escapes. ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ still runnng in the morning? yeah.
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all right. here we go. the story what may be behind the most watched video behind the day or the biggest event of the week. is it? let's take a look. it involve as young boy, the dog that starts biting him. look at this. poor little kid and kitly slams broadside into the dog to the rescue. the big story tonight from the west coast newsroom. hello, trace. >> hey, martha. the 4-year-old's boy is jeremy and he has mild autism and on most days the dog is out there with him but yesterday he was riding his bike and the dog spotted him and then waited and then went around the car and boom, he attacked him. he bit his leg and tried to drag him away and then came tarra the
6:26 pm
cat to save the day. you can see the mom watering nearby came over to job her son, checked him out and then the mom went after the dog and she got bit, too. the neighbors finally grabbed the dog, but if this had not been captured on surveillance, the cat would be an unsung hero because the mom didn't see it. listen to her. >> just tarra happened so fast out of in where, i didn't even really know what had happened until afterwards and my husband showed me our surveillance video and said, our cat saved our son, you know. it was truly amazing. she's my hero. >> yeah, she's a lot of people's hero. the cat went after the dog and then came back to check on jeremy, who ended up getting about eight stitches in his leg. without the cat, clearly, the bite would have been much worse. jeremy could not be more grateful. listen to him. >> yeah, she's a hero.
6:27 pm
>> tarra the cat is his hero and the dog has been turned to animal control and we've been notified the dog will be euthanized. >> they have a lot of cameras around there. the whole bit, all together. trace, thank you very much. we have a lot of breaking news tonight and this comes from the white house as administration tries to get ahead of the growing scandal at the vet administration that story is coming up next, plus a tv host storms offset during a live segment about the nfl's first openly gay player. we'll show you what had her so upset. >> they were fined? i didn't know that. >> uh-huh. >> for expressing how they felt. >> they were fined for -- >> what happened to america? i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd.
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breaking news, we now know some of what will be revealed tomorrow when eric shinseki goes to after a about allegations about va misconduct including failures that may have led to the deaths of millions. fox news has a prepared statement of the inspector general whose office is in charge of investigating the va and then about an hour ago, we laer learned the white house has a top aid to get involve in fixing the va's issues. ed henry live on the front lawn of the white house with some late breaking news tonight. good evening, ed. >> that's right. good to see you, march that the white house is scrambling late tonight to stay ahead of the scandal and shows secretary shinseki for the first grilling on this scandal is on shakier ground than we thought.
6:32 pm
rob neighbors, a top aid to the president, deputy chief of staff, the son of an army veteran will be charged of overseeing the review of what went wrong and for good reason because today the scandal got wider. it reached the home state of illinois, cbs news reporting there is a va hospital there where there was several secret waiting lists to hide the fact veterans were supposed to get care within 14 days of their initial arrival. we're not getting it. we also learn if you look at this map with illinois on there, on top of arizona with the alleged 40 deaths, there is at least six states where there is major problems with the va hospitals and remember jeff miller was on the "kelly file" last night saying he wants the president to have an outside panel to review them and have a more robust investigation. jay carney dismissed that today but i pressed him and he sent it
6:33 pm
a year ago raising concerns and jeff miller charges that it fell on deaf ears, listen. >> he says he got quote disturbing information from the white house and one excuse after the another with the va. what has been done? >> i can tell you what has been done including the increases in spending for va services that this president has insisted on. >> the fairness from one viewer today who gets care at a va hospital on long island in new york, he said he gets excellent care and wants to make clauear, not all veterans are getting bad care but there are a lot of veterans, some have died waiting for care, but nonetheless, democrats john tester, senator for montgomery told msnbc said he thinks they have doing a good job dealing with this. not like when president bush said you're doing a heck of a a job but i'm not sure that's the
6:34 pm
approach we'll hear about a good tomorrow at this hearing when shinseki goes to the hill. >> most americans wo to see 100% and that's what we'll talk about. thank you very much, ed. we're getting our first look at the reaction from fed up vets and families speaking out in phoenix, arizona where we heard most of the disturbing reports of this va misconduct but it's more wide spread. watch this. >> you've waited longer than 30 days or 60 days for care or to be seen, raise your hand. >> these are all people, we're not numbers, we are proud americans. we served our country. and all we're asking is that you do what we did for you. i want to know are you really going to do something, is something going to get done, or are we going to have another committee where this is going to go on forever? i want to know if the people are actually going to stand up and
6:35 pm
say we have to start taking care of our veterans. >> but the thing of it is, it took months for them to see him. it took months. they wouldn't call us back. finally, when they did, the appointments were set out two months in advance. it took two months to see his prostate, his cancer doctor when they found out he did have cancer. >> every time my husband reached out to the va they just kept telling him be patient, sir. i'm here to tell you that my dead veteran husband cannot be much more patient than he is today but me, i'm pissed. >> can you blame her? tom is chief policy officer of iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. he's an iraq war vet and will testify tomorrow is the shinseki hearing. welcome. good to have you with us tonight, tom. >> thanks for having me, martha. >> what do you want to say to
6:36 pm
shinseki who has over seen this program and expressing outrage for a year and delay after delay in response from general shinseki? >> we need to see him out in front. we need to see a promise of accountability. our members are outraged like you saw in that segment, veterans across the country are losing faith in the system that is supposed to be there to help them and what we need to see from the secretary is not just clear cut accountability but we also need to see him out in front telling veterans who are out there who need care to go seek it because what is happening is that there are veterans who will not go to the va because they see things like this and it makes them lose faith in the system and that's the worst-case scenario. we need the secretary of veterans affairs to be the veteran and chief of america and be the public face and hold the people screwing with our medical system accountable. >> he's not been out in front of it and i think a lot of questions tomorrow are going to be very specific in terms of
6:37 pm
when you were notified about this. what did you do when you heard about phoenix what did you do? it feels like it's taken news reports and whistle-blowers to force this situation to the forefront, right? >> absolutely. this has been a huge problem with the va for years. they are the only federal agency that is public facing. they run a health care system of almost nine million people and yet, the secretary of veterans affairs is virtually invisible. when it comes time to reassure for lack of a better term, customers, he's nowhere to be seen. we need the secretary out in front and va in front making sure that the system lives up to the promise that was made to these men and women when they raised their hand to serve to the military. >> i was very interested in the response that jay carney gave to ed henry because we talked about additional funding, you know, and he said we put more money into this and yet, people who are in positions like yours, very concerned about veterans and fighting for rights and for their care say it's not about
6:38 pm
money. the money is there. it's about efficient si and what is going on out there on the ground. >> the money is only part of it, and it is true this president has given more than adequate funding, extremely good funding at the va but it's about accountability. there are people running hospitals that have problems with wait times but instead of fissioning problems, they are fixing the books so they wouldn't be held accountable. there is a culture and lack of accountability and the va needs to shift the culture and external face so people that who are not living up to the promise that we made to veterans are held accountable and never work at the va ever again. >> i mean, what is your impression when you hear this is popping up in state after state, illinois, cheyenne, wyoming, phoenix, arizona. was there a concerted effort, were they sending messages here is how you do it? is how we're doing it. here is how you make the list look better.
6:39 pm
>> brave men and women who work in the hospitals who actually care for veterans who care about their service at the va are stepping forward. this is important. they will announce with the project on government oversight away for these brave men and women to come forward because this is the only way apparently, we can get accountability in the system is if the people that care actually come forward and do the right thing. >> one thing i can say, since this story has been reported here and elsewhere, we will see general sh general shinseki. we'll look for you there tomorrow morning. thank you so much for being on tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> just ahead, the talk show moment getting national attention tonight after an anchor walks off the set because of a debate over the nfl's first openly gay player. >> plus, in roughly 12 hours, president obama will attend the dedication ceremony.
6:40 pm
it's finally happening, the opening of the september 11th memorial ceremony but the big question tonight, will he address the push to ban words like jihad from the story of what happened that day and how thousands of americans were killed. >> so i think what is going on here the most ill liberal force in the world is being protected in the name of liberal is m. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet helpsapproved to treattime the msymptoms of bph, like needing to go freently. tell yr doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthenough for sex. do not take cialis if youtake , as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drinklcohol in excess. side effects may include headac, upset stomach, delayed baache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury,gety if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives,
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all right. breaking news out of southern california where multiple fires are burning causing thousands of people to flee their homes. san diego county officials declared an emergency and over 20,000 evacuation notices have been sent out. more than 20 structures have been destroyed, look at these poor people's houses, bad situation as they site high winds, triple digit temperatures and months of drought is creating a recipe for a large fire in an unusually busy fire season. we'll keep an eye out. developing tonight, there is a controversy flaring up roughly 12 hours ahead of president obama's attendance tomorrow morning at the dedication ceremony for the new national september 11th memorial and hue -- museum which is finally opening. it looks stunning when you get
6:45 pm
the glimpses of what it is going to be but the counsel on americ americ american islamic relations known as care want to ban extremism and jihad from a seven-minute documentary that describes what happens that day and talks about al qaeda's rule. the museum is standing strong and released a partial transcript of the seven-minute film. quote the program tracks al qaeda's embrace of violence and the decision of the leadership to comment mass murder at the dawn of the 21st century. founder and president of the american islamic form for democracy and a former lieutenant commander for the navy. welcome. thanks for being here tonight. >> nice to be with you, martha, thanks for having me. >> what do you think about the opposition to these words, islamic extremism and jihad and
6:46 pm
you can you exclude them from a discussion of what happened on september 11th? >> martha, i can't tell you how frustrating this is and seriously, we're still having this conversation over 13 years since 9/11? after the arab awakening when we see islamistme movements from pakistan to saudi ariabia to egypt and radical list m to boca haram and they are trying to blast america, why? for two reasons. number one they were upset with al qaeda in 9/11 because it outed their motives to spread islam and secondly, is they want to suppress the voice of moderates, reformers like myself and other muslims working against islam, doing jihad
6:47 pm
against jihad. by suppressing the language, they say well, we wash our hands, no rob here, move along. al qaeda came out of thin air. it didn't come out of political islam. >> i'm not sure how they can, you know, legitimately make an argue ament there is a separation between al qaeda and a religious part and in this case, islamic religious radical is m, right? >> it shows their motives, care and other groups, their motives to continue to allow muslim to thrive and smoother us reformers that want to show the voice of moderate islam and actually prevent this. i would want my children to go to this museum and realize and tell them, look, this is what happens. they don't come out of thin air. it's our responsibility to defeat the ideas of jihad and islam that creates this and we
6:48 pm
can't do that, martha, if we don't have a conversation that's real and isn't censored. >> you make a great point about boca haram and the school girls kidnapped and taken, there is a direct connection between the violence that's happened to them because they are wearing, they have been asked to convert and wearing muslim garb they were not wearing when kidnapped. everyone understands there are many peace-loving muslims across the world but to say there is no connection to religion in these acts, to not understand the underlying issue that needs to be dealt with. >> i was in nigeria a few months ago and the most courageous people i saw, were people holding signs to defeat the ideas and names these movements and shaming them and that's how they were spreading moderation, enter faith work on the ground. that can be done with the real
6:49 pm
honest approach by muslims, not by this denial and especially in the lap of liberty and especially at ground zero where the museum is going to remind americans forever when we were attacked on the soil and the greatest battle in the 21st century that we as americans should take sides against the islam and not just sort of washing our hands. >> the museum stuck to their original plan and left the language as is and we'll see what the president has to say and how he speaks of this tomorrow morning at 10:00 eastern time. doctor, thank you very much. always good to speak with you. >> thank you. >> i want to know what you think about this. tweet me where you can leave a comment at "kelly file" and coming up here this evening, why one tv anchor stormed off the set during a live interview and what it has to do with a controversial moment for the nfl. >> because people don't have the
6:50 pm
right to express the way they feel if it offends somebody else. i am -- i live in america. i still feel like i have the right of freedom of speech. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scottrade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade.
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6:53 pm
he has every right to do what he wants, that is not my issue. i just don't want it in my face. >> maybe you don't need to see romantic comediy -- >> we're not talking about comedies. >> does she not have the right to say what she thinks without being slammed. >> i don't think there is an argument. >> you're going to leave? >> i'm going to go to midland. >> you're going to leave? a discussion over the kiss that sent one talk show host walking
6:54 pm
off the set after an nfl draft pick michael sam became the first openly gay player in the history of the nfl and celebrate that with a televised smooch that got a ton of attention between him and his boyfriend. hello again, trace. >> martha, the show has been on for a little over a year. this is a nine-minute segment and they began talking about michael sam's kiss with his boyfriend and went on and talked about donald sterling. one host made a comment saying anybody making tacky comments about michael sam's kiss kissing his boyfriend are just as racist as donald sterling and one of the other co-hosts disagreed. listen. >> why aren't i allowed to say if i -- >> because -- >> say it offends you and you don't want to watch it, it comes off as being racist -- >> oh, my gosh. >> hello. >> here is the problem, you can't say what you feel without
6:55 pm
being persecuted if it doesn't go along with main stream. >> then things got even more heated when the co-host you heard there amy said she did not like the fact that her young sons had to watch this, what you're seeing here, michael sam kiss his boyfriend on espn. listen to amy kusnyer. >> can we agree this was an opportunity to make news? >> no, i think we can agree we're making a mountain out of a mole hill. >> this was an opportunity to make news. >> i agree. >> period. >> it went on from there and that's when she got up and said she was going to midland, which apparently is the common term on the show that means she's leaving before she says something that she'll regret later. today amy kusnyer said this. >> i'm a deeply loving person and i get choked up because i truly love deeply, so with that being said, i felt like i had no choice but to get up, push myself out of the situation, because we were going nowhere as
6:56 pm
you probably saw. >> by the way, she got a lot of angry comments on twitter, but the show went on and goes on. martha? >> very interesting, trace, thanks a lot. so amy kusnyer will be live here tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the "kelly file" for a kelly exclusive. tune in for that tomorrow night. coming up on "hannity" at the top of the hour. >> there should have been greater care taken in promoting security for that embassy and that was a mistake. >> okay. >> it was not intentional and didn't involve the secretary of state. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite.
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know better sleep with sleep number. thanks for joining us tonight in for megyn kelly. i'll be back on friday. thanks for watching, everybody. this is the "kelly file." welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a jam-packed show. america, are you ready? time to roll. >> when did you start caring so much about the brain fitness of those who have to hold the oval office? >> karl rove taking heat over comments he made about hillary clinton's health. the architect is here. he wants to set the record straight. the clintons circle the wagon to shield hillary clinton from the benghazi fallout. >> in my opinion, hilly did what she should have done. >> can the role be expose snd. >> i'm not surprised


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