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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 15, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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on. tonight: >> i didn't say she had brain damage. she had a serious health episode. >> big verbal brawl between karl rove and hillary clinton over the possible presidential candidate's health. and now bill clinton is weighing in. >> now they say she is auditioning for a part on the walking dead. >> we have a special report oncoming. >> american airlines, three hours late, taking off from los angeles. why? they didn't have a crew. >> outraged brewing over the airlines abusing their customers. a very frequent flier dennis miller will weigh in tonight. >> now, what do you ala
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cart? [barking] >> and with all the problems california has, the legislature may approve dogs dining with their owners in restaurants. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary clinton vs. karl rove. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. speaking in los angeles last week, mr. rove questioned hillary clinton's physical health. well, i -- that got something started. >> i didn't say she had brain damage. she had a serious health episode. every presidential candidate has asked for all of their health records by the "new york times." they turn them over to and vice presidential candidates turn them over to a battery of doctors and examine them
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in detail. my point was that everybody says she is going to run and she probably is but i would bet it's a more complicated calculation than we might think. >> well, mr. rove's opinion not going down real well with the clintons or the democratic party, which is counting heavily on hillary clinton to run for president in 2016. today, bill clinton said. this. >> first they said she faked her concussion. and now they say she is auditioning for part on the walking dead. she works out every week. she is strong. she doing great. as far as i can tell, she is in better shape than i am. >> now, is this important? no, it's not. is it amusing? somewhat. a catfight between a political big shot like rove and the most powerful woman in the country, mrs. clinton, it's always great theater. talking points believes republicans should lay off for hillary clinton for the moment. what the g.o.p. should be doing is convincing american voters of two things. first, that president
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obama's social justice policies have strangled the economy and are are causing the salaries of american workers to decline. there is plenty of proof of that accusation. obamacare has inhibited hiring. economic uncertainty prevents investing. that's the key issue of this year's midterm election and the presidential election of 2016. the secondary issue is that through president obama's policies in general, america is becoming a nation of grievances. we, the people, are getting away from self-reliance and into entitlement. the big stat is that 35% of american homes receive some kind of government aid. that doesn't include social security or medicare, which we're entitled to because we pay into it. so the mentality is shifting away from i'm going to make it to you are going to give it the president has promoted income inequality,
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gender inequality. everything inequality. and it's all american society's fault. so that taxpayers have to pony up. now, that's pure b.s. that entitlement attitude is crushing, crushing ambition in this country. we all know people who believe they are owed a living. we all know folks who want free stuff. that population is growing. of course, america can't afford it, as we owe $17.5 trillion right now. but, getting folks to understand exactly how the entitlement society is strangling the economy is a big winner for the republican party. hillary bashing pales next to that one final note. on monday i said that you did not blame the benghazi terror attack on hillary clinton who was then secretary of state. i explained that any secretary of state is not in charge of security for individual countries. that's done by others. the secretary is largely a figure-head whose job is directed by the president. that's why mrs. clinton and
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john kerry are now running around all over my case. after i made my case i got all kinds of letters calling me names because i didn't condemn mrs. clinton over the benghazi attack. let me make this clear to everybody, hating someone like hillary clinton, like president bush, the younger, like obama gets you nowhere. if you want your policies to be enacted, you have to convince nonideological folks to see it your way. and that's what we try to do here. we try to be fair. and that's the memo. now, for the top story. reaction, joining us from washington. carl cameron and james rosen. so, rosen, you cover the state department, all right? am i wrong about my assessment of hillary clinton as far as the actual attack was concerned? >> yes, bill, you are wrong in your disregard for the evidence and the way you are framing the questions. i will tell that you few things bring me the central pleasure that is to be
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attained by demonstrating as much on your own show. in your talking points on machined, bill, you effectively argued hillary clinton's sole point results to her alleged role post attack in the promulgation post narrative persisted with so long. i would agree with you that could prove a serious area of disability for mrs. clinton. as i on this program her memorable day on benghazi including statements not as famous what difference at this point does it make if pursued by republican investigators leave her with very tough questions to answer questions under oath. where i would take question to you that per suggestion preattack mrs. clinton no avenue of inquiry she was focused on bigger things u.s. consulate in benghazi. that view of the matter ignores two things. first, mrs. clinton's relationship with ambassador stevens which would have given her good reason to focus on his safety in the
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deteriorating environment in 2012. cables about security in benghazi from that time frame that have been previously in the. succeed in some of these criminals. claims she didn't see every cable. and every pen auto pen signature. murky at best in their resolution right now. every reason to believe this administration which has only belatedly turned over files. >> may and could and that's all good and you make a fairly persuasive case the people who don't like hillary probably will be celebrating you tonight, rosen. but, overall, you know, and you correct me if i am wrong because i have never covered the state department, all right? but i know pretty much how washington runs. you know that hillary clinton and kerry, condoleezza rice, all of them, colin powell, they are all distracted and preoccupied because the stuff that's coming in to them from president obama,
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from other people at the defense department is overwhelming for a human being. would i be right to say that? never distracted people? why be right to say that rosen? >> it's also true for cable tv anchors. >> okay. fine. >> but not for me. >> i would be right to say that at any given moment a secretary of state is being tugged in a million different directions. particularly if you are a celebrity like hillary clinton. the memos that you refer about security were sent in august, okay? the attack happened on september 11 listen in a perfect world hillary clinton would have have said that beefed up security. she did not do that and that's on her. i don't think you can blame her for the attack. okay. you made a good case, rosen. i like your moxxy. you won't be on in the next month but august i think. >> cammeron, we have big story for you. this is amazing. "the washington times" reports number of dangerous felons released from ice in
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2013. pick it it up. >> immigrations and customs enforcement, yeah. these numbers are breathtaking. the center for immigration studies has a new report based on government statistics that say the obama administration released 36,000 illegal aliens from custody last year who collectively had over 87,000 convictions. and the breakdown is just mind-blowing. listen to this. 9,000 serious drug convicts. 12600 for aggravated assault. 700 for, 400 sexual asawvment 300 kidnapping. 200 for murder. congress is already demanding all kinds of answers. texas lemar alexander worse prison break ever excepted that the obama administration authorized it. >> knap is on her watch that most of these people -- >> -- this is 2013, yeah. immigration officials say. >> i want to slow you down for just a minute. 200 murderer hers convicted of killers were released into the population. they are not citizens. they are here illegally by ice. that seems to be almost
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impossible to believe. >> well, they say that some of the convicts were released with tracking anklets. a lot of them were required to make regular calls into officials. most were, quote, mandatory releases that came under a 2000 supreme court decision that basically prevent the detention of aliens even if their home country won't cake them back. >> even if you are a convicted murderer? >> this isn't the first time. they let thousands go two years ago and real lived some were so cruise they had to go back and recapture dozens of them. >> we will continue on this story. congress is investigating cammeron. >> more hearings are eching coming on this. about 100 people a day with 250 charges collectively getting released. >> gentlemen, thank you. next on the rundown, evil in the world, it's flourishing. we will tell you why. and then whited privilege. liberal americans are going to town on that.
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we'll have a rowdy debate upcoming
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bold moves by syria off. putin invading crimea. i predicted this would happen. >> the blatant violation of international law by russia puts all of us, all of us in serious jeopardy. because putin is getting away with seizing land that belongs to ukraine. other bad people are taking notice. we're living in a very dangerous world where killers rule, intimidate and inflict massive dang on innocent people. the north koreans, chinese, iranians, and syrians will kill anybody without remorse. >> well, now, we know the chinese are intruding on vietnam's waters. syria allegedly has used gas again. and iran says it will not stop enriching uranium in the nuke weapons deal. joining us from washington lt. colonel ralph peters fox news strategic analyst. all the things i mentioned in the lead what is the most
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dangerous to you, colonel? >> most dangerous thing is what you alluded to but didn't mention and that's the collapse of america's strategic capability under the obama regime. now, the specific cases, bill, long term i would worry most about china. midterm, boy, you better worry about iran's continuing nuclear programñr because it is going to start a significant war in the middle east that could spread. short-term, of course. in the place of loss of american credibility. syria. not only because on our watch, over 160,000 people have died. 160,000 plus but also, the president's empty threats encouraged bad actors around the world. including vladimir putin and strategically beyond our shores, the number one issue i worry about is putin, establishing or reestablishing the precedent that you can invade a neighboring counj2- with military force and pay no
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penalty. i will tell you, bill, our strategic position is an absolute shambles. it's amazing. the speed with which under obama it's collapsed. >> well, both you and i, when putin first went into crimia, we both said the same thing. that if you don't punish putin and you don't punish him hard, then the other bad people in the world will react. , now, i just want to point out that human rights watch, very liberal organization the ones that are saying that syria is continuing to use gas, even after they made the deal that syria wouldn't, so that's bull. the negotiations in iran, supposed to come to fruition in july but iran has made it quite clear they are not going to stop enriching uranium. that means that they may bomb them. china, you say that in the long run, most dangerous, china is saber rattling all around the south china sea so it can controlñiñi the shipping lanes there. it's already taken territory from the philippines.
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threatening to take territory from japan. threatening to take vietnam's water rights away from them. so, china, i mean, that's the big dog here. and you say you see a threat? >> well, i do, because there has been a truly profound geo strategic change in the east asia and the pacific for its thousands of years of completion plex and often distinguished history. china was always inward looking. it wasn't out to conquer the world. now we are suddenly in a blink, almost overnight in strategic terms, dealing with a china with global aspirations, a china that's funding cuba, and ecuador. involved financially in pan marks buying vast tracks of mineral wealth in africa. it's e/7bnú7çi pháó[m2úç that doesn't mean we automatically must go to war with china at some point. but, china is aggressive in ways that it never was before. nobody in washington takes
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it seriously but then in washington today, nobody wants to take anything seriously that threatens us. it's just the obama administration just wants foreign policy to go away and you know what, bill? it doesn't. >> do you believe that under president obama that we have lost respect of the world? i mean, are we still respected overseas? >> no. and i can put it very simply to you. first of all, obama wants to be loved and americans want to be loved. great powers are never loved. he they are often hated out of shear jealousy. what our rational goal should be around the world, unwavering goal should be to be trusted by our allies. respected by neutrals and feared by our enemies. today, we are not trusted by our allies. we are not respected by neutral. and we are not feared by our enemies. thank you president obama. >> all right. colonel, thank you very much. directly ahead. white privilege drives
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liberals crazy. and there is a nasty undertone to it we'll have a report. then, miller on the airlines and zou they treat their customers. the factor will be right back.
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privilege, the report says the kennedy school at harvard, a place that is supposed to train students for public service is implementing a far left course. now, i have master's degree from the kennedy school and
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enjoyed my time up there. he the required course is supposed to be about white privilege and when we checked with the kennedy school, they now deny the course exists. but there is something going on up there. to some the words white privilege are code. they really mean white supremacy. with us now, fox business anchor stuart varney and from orlando, florida, reverend jock degraff, also a fox news analyst. white privilege, reverend, what does that mean to you. >> white privilege speaks to the benefits that some enjoy based on heir race in this society. it doesn't speak to it their advantage or their inclination of any individual so it disunget say this individual is a beneficiary of being white. >> you believe that is in play. there is a white privilege component to america? >> yes. >> let me stop you. okay. now, i'm a really white guy. when i was in hawaii last
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week, i couldn't go in the sun. if i was in the sun for three minutes, my ears were fall off. all right. now, i'm from leavitt town as you might know from long island, my parents didn't have a lot of money. am i white privileged? am i privileged in any way under this banner? >> yes. >> i am? >> because none of the things you indicated speak to the issue of white privilege. white privilege isn't whether skin pigmentation is strong or weak or how much money you have in the bank. you are the beneficiary of years of white -- having an advantage in this country based on. >> experience that when i worked in car very well, painted houses, cut lawns. >> others experiences. >> i'm going to have to exempt myself under that white privilege banner. but here is a guy who absolutely is a white privilege poster boy. stuart varney. now, is this all bs to you,
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white privilege? >> no, it's not bs, historically. i think that is accurate. white privilege existed in the past. i don't think you right historical wrongs by guiling the present. this white privilege idea is divisive. teach a class in that and you are dividing that class. you are dividing america. >> these radical students and that's who is driving -- now, i don't know whether -- i i didn't believe the kennedy school is going to do this. he bad publicity for them to do it. the original intent of the course was to check white privilege which means to attack it? >> that con dessends. >> i will get to you, reverend, let varney go ahead. >> i think that con dessends to the people in the audience to. people in the class. it takes no account of individual activity, individual response. >> i got it all right, reverend, you say? >> and i understand it what they were attempting to do and what students have been calling for is in particularly a place like
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the kennedy school, which teaches and deals with people who are going to be setting public policy is to do a critical analysis of white privilege. >> well,. >> not intended to make anyone feel guilty and why would you feel guilty if you haven't done anything wrong? well, look, when i went up to the kennedy school, there was a whole bunch of stuff that you could choose to take. this was supposed to be a mandatory course. now, i think that would be foley and i think you do too. you can't have a course based on skin color, white privilege that itself is inherently racist and they would be foolish to do it, right? >> well, first of all, my understanding it was not going to be a course but part of orientation. that's why it would be mandatory. >> sit there and listen to some pinhead tell you about white privilege. >> not for credit. so that therefore that's an important dimension. >> brain wash before the semester starts. >> all students dealing in public policy would get an understanding of what those who have gone before them have experienced and those who are not have white privilege. >> the only way, reverend. >> experience their policy.
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>> the only way i would expect that. >> if you feel go ahead about that. >> i do not feel guilty. i think it's a waste of time and imposition. the only way i would -- >> -- of course you do. >> accept that if i taught the course then i would be okay. >> glsks you have the last word, varny. >> as a white privileged guy here i go. it's the race business. >> yes. >> always looking to the past. always being divisive. >> white privilege exists today. >> how we are making progress in america more than virtually any other country in the world. wait a minute, i have a black grandson. i have got a multi-racial family. am i supposed to teach that young man, great kid, am i supposed to teach him that his granddad exists because of white privilege? >> successful because of it. >> success. because of white privilege. that would be divisive. and i will not have that kind of division in my family. is he a great kid and that's what he is. he is a kid. >> reverend, you can do 20 seconds? >> i certainically. >> go. >> i think that the question of where we are in america today still keeps coming up
1:29 am
with done sterling, cliven bundy and others. if we can look ourselves in the mirror. put our guilt aside and look to the future, we can be the -- reach the promise of america. >> all right. very good debate, you guys. thank you very much. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. in california pass a law that would allow dogs to eat in a restaurant with their owners. think i'm kidding? i'm not. miller on how insane airline travel has become in america. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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unresolved problem segment tonight. dirty politics. challenging scott peters for a republican seat. mr. demyois gay and has been personally attacked in the past. two years ago -- the ethics commission of fined people
1:33 am
in the case found out they are democrats, the party of incolumbus. joining us now from san diego is mr. demyo, in your current campaign from congress, have you been smeared at all? >> i haven't been focused on the nasty attack on the other side. focus canned on the issues that american to americans. the economy, the problems at the v.a., the list goes on and on. yes, the other side, bill, has been engaging in some pretty shameful tactics. just last week my opponent, congressman scott peters promoted on his official campaign web site a blog post that used a gay slur to refer to me. and, again, some groups nationally called him out for it. he didn't even have the cowers at the is i to apologize himself i blamed it on a staff member. he has a web site and they run comments from bloggers
1:34 am
on the web site. and there was someone who said something disparaging about you using a gay slur. and it showed up on his web site. i assume they took it down though real quick? >> no. no actually, bill, it was worse than that, scott peters campaign proactively posted this item themselves. >> so they put the -- they went out, sought it out, and then put it on? >> correct. that's pretty tough for a democrat congressman, you know, you should make a campaign ad out of that it the american people don't care about these issues. >> >> no, they do care about character though. wouldn't you say? wouldn't you say they care about character? they end of the day they don't want to see a food fight. my ideas for moving the economy forward and fixing the national debt. that's my record, bill. i think that the american people are sick and tired of the shiny object games that go on in these political races. they want to see people who are willing to step forward, offer real ideas to solve problems and focus on those. >> character component in
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every race. let me ask you this. san diego, your district, a lot of conservative people military people down there. do you think that your homosexuality will lose you votes in the republican precincts? >> no. not at all. people in san diego don't think of me as the gay politician. they think of me as the reformer who gets results. after i went on the city council after a successful career this business i inherented a city on the brink of bankruptcy. yet, i put together a coalition, a budget plan and a pension reform initiative that helped save the city, balanced our budget without tax increases, and helped us even restore some important services. >> all right. so you are running on fiscal responsibility. do you have any gay issues that you, you know, gay marriage? does that come up? do you look at the social landscape and try to change things there? >> well, absolutely. i believe that as a gay man, government ought not to be deciding what happens for my individual rights or anyone
1:36 am
else, for that matter. >> i mean are you promoting gay marriage? are you in favor of gay marriage? >> i support gay marriage. i also believe that people should be treated with dignity and respect with equal protection under the law. >> let me ask you one more question. >> politicians should. >> i'm running out of time. this is a key question. so you support gay marriage. most republicans don't. in your -- >> -- increasing number are indeed supporting marriage equality. >> yes. and marriage equality is gaining traction. in your state, there was a vote, all right, that marriage is to remain between a man and a woman. the judges overturned that vote were you happy? >> yes, i was. i think the supreme court took the right position that people. >> to disenfranchise the voters? >> i would like to see this issue be left to individuals to decide. not politicians not on elected judges. let it up for the people to decide. >> the people did decide in california they didn't want gay marriage and then it was
1:37 am
overturned by judicial fiat and you are telling me you supported that. >> so you think that a majority should go and decide how each individual should live their lives? i actually want to let individuals to decide. >> listen, if it's a private matter i don't. if it's a public matter, and marriage is, you know that because you have to register, i think the will of the people should be taken into consideration. we wish you the best mr. deny owe in -- mr. demayo. fox news viewers have questions for the sage. miller is next. bnk
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment. miller and i had a hard time
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getting in los angeles to hawaii last week. we took separate flights on american airlines and each flight was delayed by three hours. why? because they didn't have any flight crews. now, miller flies all the time and he joins us now from santa barbara. so, overall i are all over the country. what do you think has happened with the airline industry. >> before we get started, billy, just between me and you, was that last guy gay? >> i think he was. >> all right. are we gay? >> no. >> can we get a day off from gay? >> is he running for office, miller. come on, that was a legitimate piece. >> i don't want to know who michael sam is sleeping with or who tony sargoosa is. >> we have to be clear tony is straight because is he 320 pounds and i don't want him coming here. all right.
1:41 am
miller airline industry? >> flying. listen, i have had flights that were so bad half way through it the pilot could have came on and said we are going down and i would have said good. [ laughter ] >> we don't have any options though. and when you are going to iowa like we did, you know they are wheeling out the old equipment. i flew over in the chitty chitty bang bang car. i went to recline my car i felt like i was in gynecological office so little reline. -- recline. a man freezer box calling it carry-on trying to jack it into the overhead. like trying to get pavatti into a wet suit. i put up with it because you have got to fly. i get stuck in the metal detector line piercing addict kid. breaking out new areola
1:42 am
cabob. setting off magnets. then they do a cavity search on me. i say hey can we do an actual dental cavity search, maybe we save money on healthcare. piggy back mammograms at security checkpoints. let's use our head here. at the it end of the day, let me say, this the last guy the airlines want to piss off in addition to the pilots is you because you are p.o.s now. >> what miller and i objected to separately because, again, i flew there about five or six days before miller to honolulu to do the bolder fresher show and i stayed on the big island and had a good time. however, it was the same excuse. we don't have any crews. the flight was schedule 8 months in advance. you think somebody might have figured out you have got to have some crews on the plane. and then you show up five days later and they still don't have any crews.
1:43 am
>> my flight was karen black from the flick. >> the people on the plane were nice. the fact is airlines are crap. all right? i'm trying to pass something called a piece of legislation called abba, airline bullying billy act. >> all right. now, we will start a new feature with the sage of southern california. we will officially begin next week but we have two preview questions. it's called ask dennis. can't get any easier than that. >> and i have not heard these questions. >> you have not heard of the question. all right. so you have not. the first one, what do you do with your money? how do you invest your money, miller? >> well, i think we are turning into loserville so i have got all my money in weed, recliners, hackie sacks and munchies. >> legalize marijuana play. >> yeah. and i'm also betting on guillotine future and timesharing some cat that --
1:44 am
catacombs. i have more access to my money as petitioner than proprietor. i'm exploring alternative investments. a internet store bring and mortar. seed money in offbroadway production will 12 angry men with all butch women. all my money in factor gear. trading out front door mattes bieber. exchange reigning rofers. also i have got my thing called crowd silencer. if you go on the internet and you guys raise enough money to make me one buck more than i make talking all the time i will never talk again. >> all right. i had another question. we were out of time. >> wait a second, i'm rolling. what are you doing? you are not going to bring that moron on again, are you? >> i don't know how are referring to. >> all of them except me. all of them. >> next week, you email us questions for the d-man.
1:45 am
you are setting him up. you are rolland to his martin. all right? and the bolder fresher show moves into indianapolis. saturday, june 7th. rapid city, south dakota. july 25th. can't wait to get out there. fargo, north dakota the 26th. tickets make great father's day gifts. dogs eating in restaurants. will that become a law in california? insane? you decide in just a few moments. making sure you pay the right price for a new car just got a whole lot easier. introducing the kelley blue book price advisor. the powerful tool that shows you what should pay. it gives you a fair purchase price that's based on what others recently for the same car and kelley blue book's trusted pricing expertise. it all adds up to the confidence that you'll get a great deal. that's just another way helps you make a smart new car decision.
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book of the book segment tonight, did you see that? and we begin with a proposed new law in california that would allow dogs to dine with their owners in restaurants. the assembly in sacramento voted 71 to 1 to pass the bill. here now to explain the teeth of the proposed law fox news anchor martha maccallum. woof. >> woof? >> yeah. >> first everything kid-friendly all across the country. >> yep. >> adults are on par with everybody including dogs. the california legislature has decided it's a good idea for you to be able to dine with your dog outside. we should clarify. >> your restaurant has to to have a little veranda, a little open air. >> a and then all of a sudden you
1:49 am
look over and there is a guy named monty with a pit bull. >> maybe you're afraid of them how do the dogs order? >> they have liver, maybe salmon on the side. no, you actually have to bring disposable containers and put on the ground and has to be thrown away. it can't be near the food preparation for the restaurant. >> no, no. what if the dog is shedding and there is a breeze? >> i really want to bring my cat or my snake or my ferret or something else. >> you have all of those things. >> i have none of those. >> this is another crazy thing in california where they want, the masters of the dogs and mistresses can't leave the dog for an hour and a half. >> no, no, of course not. the dog is a person, too. don't you understand? dogs are people, too. i have a dog but mine isn't a
1:50 am
person, it's a dog. >> what if the dog wants to pick up the check? [ laughter ] >> 71-1 -- >> anti dog -- >> look at this dog. this dog eating cake. look at this. i have a dog named pheonia, if she has cake, she has to go out real fast. do they have those facilitys? >> what do they do about that? >> from the dog in california we go to putin. good transition. putin and apparently putin took to the ice. >> he took to the ice with a kind of confidence that only come when is you know you simply cannot lose. he stacked his team with former pros, but it was putin's performance suspiciously wide open with not one but two hat tricks, goals that led his team to a 21-4 humiliation of his
1:51 am
opponents. he was big in victory. we have no winners, no losers he said. it's a friendly game. a show. >> putin scored six goals and you see that limp wristed shot. >> oh, my gosh. >> i played hockey. >> i would have checked that guy into poland, boom. >> exactly. >> but nobody is going to go near him. >> nobody. >> this is the play with 1goals. look at that shot. >> he's like i missed it. so they get to live. >> i would love to see barack obama out there, but he's a basketball player. >> he doesn't get that courtesy. you can't help someone, you know, make baskets but remember the time he shot and shot and shot and scored nothing? >> yeah, but i remember the time i challenged him one on one and he would give me ten, he hasn't done it yet.
1:52 am
i'm ready, mr. president. >> never pass up an opportunity to build confidence. >> next week i want you to bring a dog to sit with you. >> i'll spring squire with me. >> what kind of dog is that? >> wheaten and poodle. >> can imagine how adorable. >> is that him? >> yeah. >> that's your dog right there? >> yeah. >> what's his name again? >> squire. lucky dog. >> he's famous. factor tip of the day, how to
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i have a message for you from your father. your dad told me he does not want that silly tie for father's day. he does not want a bottle of cologne, even if it does keep the mosquitos away. in fact, what your father really wants is factor gear and we have it on, mugs,
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hats, shirts, jackets, america's strong line. we also have signed books, which dad will like. they are very interesting books. there they are. and if you become a premium member, you get a book free, free pen, free tote bag, all for dad. you'll drown him in gifts. what more can we do? father's day, june 15th. you talk about rachel witch hunting, right on target. you're one of the few with the guts to make the point but seeking out racism will cause injustice. i can't believe you use the term reverse racism. it doesn't exist. i know you'll put this letter on the air because you don't read e-mails from mississippi. don't be a pen head, dave. that description applies when a person alleging racism is doing so because he or she hates a certain group of people.
1:56 am
barry with holding his last name, montgomery, texas, there is a lot of crime mostly associated with blacks so i refuse to associate with them. poverty drives crime, not skin color, get a grip. starting a liberal spin already that limited doctors in hospital rooms were inevitable regardless of obamacare. nonsense. jill, florida, i agree with glen beck, the common core curriculum will make our kids into little drones with no thinking. as an eighth grade typer, i say glen beck is wrong. they are excellent standards that have my students doing a lot of thinking. brenda, elizabeth city, north carolina, i bought my mother "killi "killing jesus" for mother's day. thank you for buying the book.
1:57 am
>> how to handle criticism. yet the tip was about going to hawaii and why it's a great place to visit. i received two critical letters, first from ken williams in arizona, i'm sure, i sure would like to visit hawaii but cannot afford it. will you kindly send me two round plane tickets, o'reilly? why would i do that? why would you want me to do that? i'm sure money is tight and i hope your dignity is in tact, which is more important than money. asking for a trip, not really dig fied. o'reilly, it was very insensitive of you to mention hawaii because a large portion of your audience cannot afford to go. so if i see a nice place, i have to calculate how many people can get there before i can recommend it? come on. they are most likely good people and i rebutted said criticism
1:58 am
hopefully in a nice way. that's how you handle criticism and that's it for us tonight. check out the fox factor news website and we would like you to spout off. o'reilly at, word of the day, please be cogent when writing to the factor. mad as hell tomorrow night and a special interview with barbara walters here on the factor and big show tomorrow. again, thanks for watching us tonight. the "kelly file" is next. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking >> it is thursday may 15th. a fox news alert. while you were sleeping missing radio legend casey kasem found where he is and the latest on his condition.
1:59 am
>> a dad now banned from having any more children. is the court going too far or is this a good idea? we report, you decide. >> video we will be talking about all day. a hero cat saving a little boy from a vicious dog. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends" on this thursday morning. one more day to wake up early then you get to sleep in. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. we appreciate it so much as always. radio legend casey kasem found
2:00 am
in washington state hours after his daughter filed a missing person's report. carry kasem releasing this statement saying we are grateful to local authorities for finding my dad. we are one step closer to bringing him home. they ordered a search two-days ago after they claim the step mother kidnapped him from a facility. he now has advanced parkinsons and can no longer speak. the 6-year-old boy seriously hurt when a gust of wind swept a bouncy house 50 feet into the air remains in a medically induced coma. a 5-year-old is hospitalized with two broken arms and a broken jaw. they are calling it an accident and do not expect to file charges.


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