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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 15, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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burning in san diego county. so fire the fires have destroyed at least eight homes, a condominium complex. a badly burned body was also found earlier in carlsbad. on the record starts now. alert. out-of-control nine wildfires raging across southern california. just a short time ago one fire roaring to life and threatening entire neighborhoods. thousands forced to flee their homes. reporter sharon shin is live with the latest. sharon? >> greta, we actually got out of that neighborhood and we are in a safe area now. we are in an area called harmony grove. you can see right there the sphir smoldering in that person's property. now, this fire right now, this is the area the firefighters were trying to keep the fire out of this morning. harmony grove. earlier this morning we were in san marcos. and we were in that neighborhood where would
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literally got there. watched the sheriff deputies evacuate all the homes in the area. blaring loud speakers please leave their homes. within, i swear to you, 10 minutes that we saw that fire just come roaring over the ridge and that is what firefighters are dealing with today. this fire is so fast moving fanned by these winds that continue to kick up every now and then and, of course, the heat. the heat is definite factor in this fire fight today. and as you can see, some people are still trying to get their animals out of this harmony grove area which is a lot of horses in some of these homes, greta? >> >> sharon, any idea on containment? i mean, when you look at the video from here, it looks awful. it looks dangerous. it looks like it's just going to, you know, take over the entire area. burn everything in sight. but is there any containment? >> i wish i could give you a better numbers than. this but, no. at this time the last report we had it was at 5%
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containment. and this, -- that was the san marcos fire. this co-coast fire right now is at 0 percent containment and it's burned a thousand acres. in total between the two fires that i have been covering today that b. four homes have been destroyed so, of course, our hearts go out to those families. >> are people cooperating? taking those evacuation orders seriously or are the firefighters having to contend with that problem? >> no. they are absolutely taking it seriously. a lot of these people, i have spoken with they have had their items packed long before today. they maybe had them packed on tuesday, when these fires were coming through this area knowing that this may be the case. and once they get that knock on the door, they are out. >> sharon, thank you. and that looks absolutely dangerous and terrifying. thank you, sharon. >> and in minutes you are going to hear from the fire team on the front lines plus a live report from the neighborhood in the fire's deadly path. right now "on the record," a
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story that is making me angry and it will make you angry her roars at v.a. hospitals. >> where does the buck stop? >> would you explain to me after knowing all this information, why you should not resign? >> also the "new york times" waging a war on women. "on the record" investigates tonight. then, give us our dad back. >> casey kasem found. and why did the radio legend vanish. >> the administration has done or said that we're not aware of? >> dang if i know. >> susan rice scoffing at serious questions. get ready for a jam-packed "on the record." >> and right now veterans affair department eric shin seq.y telling a senate panel is he mad as hell.
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i thought it was appropriate for him to come before congress. if he doesn't give a better answer, i'm not sure how he wouldn't have to do anything but resign. but, greta, whether he resigns or not is important. but if these allegations are true, people should be going to jail. that's just resigning their positions. >> that's why i asked if the attorney general should get in because the attorney general one who can convene a grand jury and get to the bottom of it to see if there is a crime. >> absolutely. we have the inspector generate now working on it. >> that's the slow walk. congress does that for every problem in capitol hill. let's get the inspector general out to do it it these veterans have waited an awful long time, some to their death. >> if many of these allegations turn out to be true, and there is ample evidence that they probably are i'm not drew drawing any
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firm conclusions just yet, everything i have seen is going to lead us to the attorney general's office of the united states of america. >> should the american people also be distressed at the committee that has oversight of the general shinseki and the veterans affairs? because we hear about this after the fact. after something catastrophic has happened. oversight to -- i thought you would be monitoring it as we go along. both veterans affairs committees in the house and senate have been made aware of problems within the v.a. my office has. we have more people who come to us with problems with the v.a. than all the others combined. and i have dedicated staffers that only do those issues. we knew about delays. we knew about problems with scheduling. we knew a number of other things we certainly did not hear up until an allegation that people actually died while awaiting treatment. that's a step further. >> what is is the explanation for these waiting lists and sort of cooking the books? are they saying that they don't have enough money and
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they are trying to sort of juggle it in order to provide services? what's the explanation? >> they were given guidelines that they had to meet. in other words, certain number of days before certain things were done. an appointment, treatment, et cetera. and obviously they were not meeting those criteria. so, we have evidence already of a person who was -- has been suspended who said, basically, they were cooking the books. in other words, so that they would meet these criteria and time lines that were laid down came from the v.a. here in washington. that's what this was all about. >> you know, i think of these members, men and women in our military, when we need them, they go. they don't say hold off. wait a little bit. we're going to cook the books. they go. this is the -- this is what we give them. >> this is shameful under any circumstances. it is ten times more shameful because it's being done to the men and women who have put their lives on the line for us.
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>> so why do -- does anyone have to wait, americans wait for the attorney general to ge now? if the inspector general wants to do a report. can he do one too or she can do one too. but why not demand the attorney general do it right now. get on this. >> i would like to wait until the house armed services, house veterans affairs committee hearing which is going to be very soon, i think next week that they are going to have that hearing. and then i think we should make a decision. i think it's appropriate to have the hearing here today which, by the way, there was nothing presented today that would successfully rebut the allegations that have been made. >> then that's even more reason not to wait. even if you have another hearing, there is is not much you can do here in the senate. we don't have quite the muscle that the attorney general has of the united states. that's why -- i don't get -- the hearings are informative. he they are interesting. i like to cover them. i find them interesting. but they don't have the muscle that the attorney general has. >> we are looking at a matter of days here. and in some respects, it may be more impactful to have
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general shinseki testify as the head of the v.a., the one who is totally responsible. that may be appropriate. but we are talking about a matter of days here. again, like any of these scandals, afternoon even more so i think there is a lot of layers to this onion. already there are number of allegations all over the country. started as a v.a. scandal and obviously spread. >> if i were the u.s. attorney in phoenix even though my boss eric holder and you united states senator holding all the hearings. i would open my own investigation and wait for the senate to yell at me and the attorney general to yell at me. that's in his jurisdiction, the u.s. attorney there should be doing something, investigating. >> one thing about you, yet, have you never minded people yelling at you. >> i get yelled at a lot. on that note, thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> version of the interview will be posted on gretawire.
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while the v.a. secretary was taking heat on the hill white house under fire. ed henry joins us live. >> good to see you, greta, you are right. the house majority leader eric cantor put out a blistering statement there is a pattern at the white house when a scandal pops up or allegations of wrongdoing the cabinet secretary takes the heated like kathleen sebelius did on healthcare that now this is happening with eric shinseki. the white house pushed back on that today by telling me put one of the top aides neighbors overseeing the review at the v.a. to show they have some skin in the game and they are going to get on top of this. as you were just saying a moment ago in terms of the president's involvement, and what did he know, look, he has not spoken out publicly on this other than one time last month at a news conference in manila. traveling in asia. do you have any reaction to this outrageous situation in
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phoenix? that was the beginning of the story. the president to his credit stood up and said, look, we are not going to let this happen. we have put a lot of money, you know, to help veterans, et cetera, et cetera. the problem for him, of course, politically, as you say there may be criminal wrongdoing that others will deal with as commander and chief, when the president stands up and says i'm going to make sure there is money there i'm going to make sure the veterans are taken care of. if they are not, that puts a lot of pressure on him. this is a lot different than say the benghazi investigation which has become partisan lines drawn out there. easy for the white house to say this is just republicans going after him. in the case of the veterans affairs story here. you have democrats at this hearing today expressing about as much outrage as you just heard from john mccain, greta. >> you know though, ed, and i know you don't want to argue with me. i think they are all up to their eyeballs in. this they all have a job to monitor. this to make sure that they have got oversight. not after site. democrats, republicans. i don't know what what's worse for the president to say that he didn't know or that he did know and nothing happened and they did nothing? i don't know which is worse. let me ask you a fact
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question. tomorrow, i assume this is going to be something that's going to be discussed at the press briefing? >> there is no doubt about it, jay carney is going to get a lot of questions about it, as you said. what did the president know? in fairness, the president doesn't run the phoenix office of v.a. he has a lot of other things to deal with. but, when he he makes these dramatic statements, when jay carney goes to the podium and says our commitment to veterans is strong. they have to make sure they live up to it they know that and that's why this thing has legs right now. >> indeed. comment off-the-record, nobody in washington ever knows anything about anything. nobody ever has responsibility. he does the hands on running but apparently nobody does. at least not he very well at all. ed, thank you. >> good to see you, greta. records show the agency has spent almost $500 million on office furniture under the obama administration. that's right. president obama increasing the v.a. budget each year since he took office and 489 million is spent to
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upgrade conference rooms, buy drapes and buy new furniture. joining us our political panel rick klein, david and washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york. rick, i'm sure he didn't increase this budget because he wanted to make sure that the veterans got, you know, got the -- they got more furniture. i'm sure that's not why the president did it it no one minding the shop. >> looks bad in the context of what we are talking about right now. veterans dying when waiting for the service is. see internal improvements be where the resources are being directed it does not look good for anyone involved. the reason the budget has been going up is because we have more veterans returning from the wars. this is not a surprise. >> we need more people to stand in line and not get services? we didn't have enough. >> i'm being sarcastic. >> we have known about this for more than a decade since 9/11 we have had a big increase in the number of men and women who are serving. have more people come back with more issues. that's why the budgets are going up. when the president puts in budget requests. he thinks is he is getting the resources he needs.
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clearly it's not going the right places. >> david? >> i still think it has to do with personnel issues. i know you were talking to ed about if the president directly responsible? >> i know. but the buck stops some place. >> the buck stops some place. you know these are huge. he is ♪ going to know what's going on in phoenix or north carolina. but, you know, with what just went on with siebe and the healthcare rollout. now you have got this going on in the v.a. with shinseki. there is a question you could ask about personal decisions. is he putting smart people around him in the room to direct these cabinet make sure hands on -- i think this goes off the outrage scale. >> san wham new office furniture. v.a. in los angeles spent
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108 million. and shoveling. secretary shinseki appears again. in the context of terrible suffering in the v.a. scandal. asking him about this. >> he is not doing his job. i don't care if it's a tough job. i don't care if it's a big place. don't take the job. i mean, let all these veterans die standing in line and spending all that money on curtains. i mean, it's ridiculous. national security susan rice is talking about benghazi again. this time she seems to brush off a question about whether the select committee will find any new evidence. >> since you brought up benghazi. [ laughter ] >> you are too smart for that. [ laughter ] >> go on. >> what more is there that the administration has done or said that we are not aware of right now? >> dang if i know.
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>> so is the white house taking the benghazi investigation seriously? it sure doesn't sound like it and of course those women were laugh not guilty room too. remember what former national security spokesperson tommy veiter told bret baier will the talking points controversy. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this is like two years ago. we are still talking about the most mundane process. >> dude, we are talking. >> we are talking about the process of editing talking points. >> byron, you have got him saying dude, this is the guy sitting in the situation that night dude two years ago. susan rice saying dang if i know. you have got women in the room laughing. meanwhile we have four dead at benghazi. >> the susan rice thing was just jaw-dropping. incredibly dismissive. you have to remember this investigation is about a lot more than talking points. even though the talking points are a part of it there are serious questions
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about the terrible state. terrible lack of preparation. state department and the pentagon for any sort of attack generally in libya and certainly on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. the members of the committee do not believe they know everything about this. they believe that the state department report kind of built a fire wall around secretary of state hillary clinton. and they want to know more. this kind of dismissive answer from susan rice is not going to sit well with them. >> it seesmtion so insensitive and dude two years ago and dang if i know. i mean four people are dead. have a little more seriousness and purpose. i would think so i'm scandalized by it. >> it has a lot to do with tone veiter may not remember. he may not know. see from the white house and democrats. toe don't want to legitimize the investigation.
11:17 pm
it is a fact tens of thousands of records out there. >> 25,000 documents she said but the problem she has to it compete with is they may have released. we used to do in law all the time. dump everything in the world on the other side. try to drown them. the one email they didn't get was ben rhodes. reasonable to be suspicious and a lot more. >> the lawyers have not served the white house aides well in this fight by trickling this stuff out. two clips you just said are going to be compiled into a nice tidy 20162016. dude part and susan rice laughing interesting to note. cia director john brennan today was asked in an' interview about whether it was, he thought it was a terrorist attack. and he still -- he was very careful in his wording and said it was an assault. we didn't know. so even today, white house is very careful on how they characterize those events. >> at least while he is doing that, is he doing it seriously and not making a dang and a dude. anyway, panel, stay with us.
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straight ahead, casey kasem is found. so where in the world was the famous dj and what is next for him? all the latest coming up? first, we are following breaking news out-of-control wildfires scorching thousands of akers in california. thousands of people forced to run from their homes. a live update from california next. passion... became your business.
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11:22 pm
grow fanned by santa ana winds. picked up in activity as the santa ana winds have continued to grow in intense city. strong santa ana winds. very active fire behavior. >> 9 different fires. i assume that nine different reasons or maybe the same reason everyone started. any suggestion any one of them are arson? >> at this point our investigators continue to follow up on several leads. there is nothing at this time though that points to one direction over the other. when you have santa ana winds though, when you have conditions this dry. it doesn't take much for any open flame, any simple spark to quickly ignite into wildfire with the santa ana winds blowing so heavily, those fires quickly grow out-of-control like they have the past couple days. we continue to aggressively fight these fires. not only on the ground with bulldozers. also in the air helicopters and air tankers doing
11:23 pm
everything they can can to keep this fire away from the more urban areas. the subdivisions that it continues at this hour to threaten. >> i should have asked you first, any firefighters injured? that should have been my first question to you. >> unfortunately we have had several minor injuries. it's a good thing at this point they are minor. these are very dangerous conditions for our firefighters to face. these are conditions we would often experience in the late fall months. santa ana winds are nothing new to this region. but to have these type of conditions so early in the year. these dangerous situations. dangerous conditions so early is what is so unprecedented. so at this point there have been several firefighters that have been injured. thank goodness though at this point only minor. >> sir, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> and we're continuing to monitor this dangerous situation. these wildfires and we will bring you another live report in a few minutes. right now casey kasem, he has been found. the legendary d.j. turning up in washington state hours
11:24 pm
after his family filed missing persons report. sheriff's department finding kasem. where was he? kit sap county deputy joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, ma'am. >> how did you find him? welfare check for a person who continued out to be mr. casey kasem. adult services in california. adult protective services department state of washington came to our agency. we were provided an address where state adult protective services in california thought mr. casey kasem would be located as the. was this a friend of the family? >> yes, ma'am. these turn out to be a long term family friends. this is a private residence. sheriff deputies responded there 15 minutes of getting this. we made contact with the homeowners, we were introduced to mr. casey kasem and his wife and others who were in the
11:25 pm
house. we ascertained his health and welfare. once we've finished we spent 45 minutes there once we were finished we reported back through the chain of command to adult protective services in california dollbe back in california. >> he was alert. he was awake. he was sitting up. he was cogging any isn't a of our presence there and he seemed to understand the situation. his wife, who is his primary caretaker had medications present with her. and she explained what the medications were for and how they were administered. there was no indication whatsoever that he was being held against his will or that he was in any kind of jeopardy. so, once we completed our assessment of the situation. we determined that his welfare was found. he was fine. and our job was done. we cleared the scene and reported back to california. >> now, the daughter in california is a conservator. is there any indication there is going to be a problem? is she going to come get him
11:26 pm
or anything like that? this problem sort of been put to rest? >> as far as we're concerned, we're done. this is a civil matter. internal to those parties who are in dispute concerning his whereabouts, his location and his primary healthcare provider and other issues. but as far as a law enforcement agency is concerned, we went at the request of state of california. we made the welfare check. we reported back and we're done. >> and it sounds like you did the perfect job. anyway. deputy, thank you, sir. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. geographic. >> and casey kasem's children saying they are grateful to police finding their daughter. and carrie saying we are one step closing to bringing him home. the "new york times" executive editor abrahamson latest victim of war on women? more breaking news from southern california. wildfires burning out of control and spreading. now thousands of new evacuation orders going out to residents. a live report from the scene of the fires is next.
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this is a fox news alert. wildfires raging out of control in southern california. threatening entire neighborhoods. will carr live in san marcos, california. hi, greta, firefighters had hoped that the winds would stay calm this afternoon. but the truth is the conditions were ripe for this fire to continue to jump around. there is low humidity. high temperatures, been about 98, 99 degrees this afternoon. and, of course, you had the drought conditions that are here in california. so, around 3:00 eastern this afternoon. the fires started being pushed around by the winds. they picked 'up and all of a sudden things got out of control. the fire started racing towards homes. more evacuations were issued. hot spots started popping up. in fact, just a short time ago, another fire just started at camp pendleton, a
11:32 pm
hot spot burning an apartment complex and carlsbad about 35 miles north of downtown, san diego. the biggest threat right now is the cocos fire here in san marcos. it it's about 5% contained. thousands of people evacuated from this area. authorities are trying to figure out what caused that fire and all of the other fires that broke out yesterday. they say that they are looking into the possibility of arson but they are also quick to point out that that is just one thing that they are looking into and that they don't have any facts to actually back that up at this point. and, greta, we can tell that you throughout tonight and into the morning, these firefighters will be on the ground and using air assets doing everything that they can to try to protect these communities, protect these homes and allow all these residents who are evacuated to return home safely. >> >> will, those pictures are just unbelievable. looking at those horrible pictures those flames.
11:33 pm
>> actually we are going to go to a press conference in california. stand by. there is a press conference right now. >> nearly $600 million additionally this year from last year. this is going to be a long-season. it's important that we always keep public safety in mind. and do not forget to thank our heroes, the firefighters, cal fire police and first responders, thank you. next supervisor difn jacobs. >> thank you very much as a native san diego resident, i have never seen the santa ana winds, also called devil winds in the month of may which underscores the fact that of the san diego county region, we have year around fire risk. and a the county of san diego the fire has invested
11:34 pm
over $285 million in being better prepared for fire protection services. part of that effort is the formation in 2008 of the san diego county fire authority. we contract with cal fire in that earth ever effort, today unlike 2003. paid professionals from cal fire and our reserves we have a total of about 900 boots on the ground so the county fire authority, partnering with cal fire has become a stronger partner in this regional effort to fight fires. my heart goes out to those who have suffered. >> will any protection on the next day or so. heat and wind terrible weather report for you. >> well, if there is any good news actually, tomorrow the weather is supposed to be a little bit better.
11:35 pm
the winds aren't supposed to be bad not supposed to be low humidity in the area. today was supposed to be better than the day before things got pretty crazy this afternoon. obviously they will be keeping a close eye on everything while they continue to try to get some kind of containment on these fires of course stay on top of breaking news for you bring you updates as we have them. there is stunning news at the "new york times." executive editor jill abrahamson fired. fired after complaining she was paid less than male predecessor. the "new york times" denying. that is abrahamson a victim of the war on women? getting a different pay? our political panel is back. byron? >> there is question about what the pay was and how different it was. jill abrahamson has not spoken publicly. clearly had friends and associates say things to the press that she discovered she was paid less as editor
11:36 pm
than predecessor and paid less than keller was when she managing editor. the "times" came out and said no, it's not true, her pay was not substantially less and last year she earned more than keller last we're year. we don't know the facts on this story looks like a lot of controversy in that news organization. i n't know what's behind the scene last book editorial board said they essentially wanted the benghazi investigation shut down they thought it was silly, my paraphrased words secretive one she has covered in decades. tension between her and the ed toward board. also go back and look. there are reports coming out over a year ago that there were tensions within the newsroom about her demeanor, some of her relationships with the top editors and some reporters. she did have a bunch of female reporters come out and say today that she was a
11:37 pm
role model to them but there is definitely tension in the newsroom. she was going to hire a second managing editor. >> that would have threatened somebody else's position. she rubbed some people definitely the wrong way details of that that go back. >> rick, best question of the night. instagram picture jill abrahamson her daughter has put on instagram. shows her "new york times" tattooed. there it is. are you going to have abc news tattooed on you. >> permanent ink. i don't think anyone is going to get a tattoo of a news organization after this happened. byron is right. the next thing she says i assume won't be an instagram photo. she thinks she was targeted because of pay iniquities because of pay gap for women. all got our eyes on the "new york times" see what's going on there. gentlemen, thank you. united states court of appeals declaring parts of wisconsin campaign finance law unconstitutional.
11:38 pm
that is big news tonight for wisconsin governor scott walker. the wisconsin reporters matt kitell joins us. matt, why is that big news for the governor of the -- i should say great state of wisconsin? >> indeed the great state of wisconsin. well, we are seeing a number of things happening here campaign finance laws in the state of wisconsin have been seriously questioned by the circuit, not just questioned but noted as unconstitutional dark money, concepts dogging walker throughout. what we keep seeing here is no sign of illegal campaign finance operations there has been john dough investigation to see if there are any sort of shenanigans by governor walker with this ruling in a civil matter about the wisconsin campaign law. does that somehow help
11:39 pm
governor walker. unconstitutional are those the very laws that governor walker is being investigated for for allegedly violating? >> absolutely sources on the ground here and talked to a former federal election commission source who told me today secretive probe going on targeting conservatives for the last three years now. longer if you take a look back at the targeting of scott walker's former aides and assistants when he was the milwaukee county executive director. this really does change the i do mick on the ground. we will see how that plays out in a civil rights lawsuit that's been filed against the prosecutors in that john dough investigation. >> thank you, matt. and there is growing outrage around the world tonight after sudan sentence as 27-year-old pregnant woman execution. her crime? marrying a christian. ambassador john bolton is here to talk about that next. plus more trouble for former new england patriot aaron
11:40 pm
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first prescription free at sudan judges sentence as woman to flogging and hanging. her crime marrying christianity. forbids women from marrying non-muslim men. human rights groups including the u.s. condemns the sentencing. joining us is former ambassador john bolton. your thoughts? >> this is barbaric. no other way to describe it the crime that she is principally accused of is hypocrisy. that is say leaving islam and refusing to come back in measure we call switching religions freedom of religion. it demonstrates the risk when sharia law is implemented to the fullest extent. this relates directly to boko haram in nigeria where they focused their
11:45 pm
activities against christian missionary activities which is a central tenet of most christian denominations. this is a mark of the clash of civilizations. >> and i have been to it sudan and i have blogged many times on gretawire that president breashear of sudan is as evil as can be. bombing children. there is is a picture with reverend franklin graham in south sudan. but bombing children. this is the most evil place and he is the most evil person. and now we see this. >> well, and he sheltered usama bin laden. and there is clear evidence that sudan has been a base for other international terrorists. so, whether the regime in car tomb is itself a terrorist, i think it clearly is. or whether it is affiliated directly with some of these other terrorist activities, is indicative of this wave of radical islamism that we're seeing all across
11:46 pm
north after infantry capped at middle east. what a serious problem it is and why the united states and others need to take a more comprehensive view. these are not isolated incidents. what happens in sudan, what happens in libya. what happens in nigeria, this is part of a larger pattern. and so far we haven't heard the president speak to it. >> ambassador, always nice to he see you, sir. >> thank you. >> and a 34-year-old woman pose as a 16-year-old high school sophomore? now why would she do that? most of us wanted to get out of high school fast. apparently she didn't. a live report is next. fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while.
11:50 pm
someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. the jig is up, 16-year-old high school student. now under arrest for the latest in texas ketk reporter alexandria joins us. what is the story? she posed as a 16-year-old why? >> we don't really know why. i think maybe some of us have wondered what it would be like to go back to high school. as an adult. she did just that she has been at a christian school here in long view, texas for almost a full school year. it's even stranger because the high school only -- or the school only has about 20 students so it's a small community. very tight nit and still able to fool all these
11:51 pm
people. i spoke with the principal today who said he is still very convinced by her act. more evidence from the police to prove that she is not actually 15 or 16 years old. i also visited the home here in long view where she was staying. she spoke with somebody he worked with at mcdonald's and asked if she could live with her. that's where she has been living for about a year. at this home there were -- her homework was everywhere. school projects. drawing. it looked just like a regular teenager's room. she did almost get away with this until last week she started talking to a nonprofit organization in dallas. i think she was probably trying to play her games there some of the things she was saying did background checks and realized this stuff wasn't checking out. she told her current guardian tamika who maybe started realizing that this girl charity wasn't who she was. she ended up calling police police. a fake i.d. she was arrested on monday
11:52 pm
and monday and she is now. >> for the record, go back to college not high school. thank you. >> now to former nfl star aaron hernandez former new england patriots tight end now charged with two more murders. fox news correspondent molly line is live in boston. molly? greta, prosecutors revealed today man fired shots from .38 caliber revolver from inside a suv into another vehicle two young men killing two of them. that happened in 2012. more than a year before the other murder than aaron shenders alleged to have committed the other death. hernandez now faces two counts of first degree murder in that boston shooting and other aarmed assault charges which reflect the shots that were fired at the three surviving victims also in that car during the hail of gunfire. prosecutors say the two men
11:53 pm
killed, daniel were innocent scrims that just had a chance encounter were learned at a boston nightclub shortly before their deaths. >> for us, this case was never about aaron hernandez. this case was about two victims who were stopped, ambushed and senselessly murdered on the streets of the city they called home. >> >> remember, aaron hernandez signed a very lucrative multi-million-dollar deal with the patriots and went on to play. he remains in jail with no bail on the murder of oden lloyd. charged with the murder of owe lloyd. greta? >> molly, thank you. okay. emp, here is what is being hard out right now. trending now on social media wiped out a woman's incurable cancer with the measle vaccine. the vaccine strong enough to knock could you late
11:54 pm
10 million people. mayo clinic large dose of measle vaccine knocked out a woman's incurable blood cancer. wow this is right. biggest break through since the polio vaccine. huge reunion today on "the view" all 11 for the taping of barbara walters show. she will bid farewell tomorrow. elisabeth hasselbeck took this selfie trending right now. throw back thursday. i tweeted this earlier. ebt barbara walters and dalai lama along with a photo and now it's your turn to hash it out with us. use #greta on all your tweets and posts. and up next, something you have to see. before you see bill o'reilly. i do a lot oresearch on angie's list before i do any projects on my home.
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>> before we go dedication of the september 11th museum. ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound. >> i went to work on
11:59 pm
september 11th. i did not plan on working walking down 77 flights of stairs. i wasn't dressed for it. i had taken my shoes off on the 70th floor and walked in my stalkings the rest of the way. when i heard that the museum was looking for art facts. i thought about my shoes. i had put them in a plastic container. when you took them out, they had the smell on them from that awful day. i wanted my nieces and my nephew and every person that asked what happened to see them, and maybe understand a little bit better what it felt like to be us on that day. ♪ that saved a wretch like me. >> 14 of us trapped in a stairwell trying to stay alive. searching for a way out. miraculously, we survived. we had come together at ground zero to help each other out, there was a real
12:00 am
since of caring for one another. this is something we should never forget. and never stop doing. ♪ but tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." what is it like to be riped and ridiculously handsome? lou daabs lets you in on the secret of his success. and what did the president tell joe biden after he suggested renaming the capital the thunder dome? >> think about that for a second. come up with something a little more fresh. >> and finally, are homemade potato guns ever a good idea? probably not. our panel will debate it anyway. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guest. she has more hang ups than my walk in closet, and my walk in closet is huge, america of the i am here with joanne


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