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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 16, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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outside. you guys killed it up there. >> yeah, good job! >> it's a lot of spartan run. >> thank you very much for making us number one show in the world, in the morning on cable news. we'll see you back here monday. bill: well done! fox news alert. there is a firestorm in the american west forcing thousands to get out with their lives. at least 9 different fires burning out of control in the suburbs of san diego. 18,000 told to move and november quickly with fires burning dangerously close to these homes. and a badly burned body found as well. martha: take a look. can you imagine if this was burning right behind your home? devastation. stake a look at these pick -- take a look at these pictures.
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a dozen family homes and businesses have been destroyed. hundreds of firefighters are out there battling these record-high winds. they also have record-setting temperatures to deal with. you have multiple fires burning up and down the southern california coast and it disrupted thousands of lives. >> you could feel the heat coming out to you. >> everyone in our neighborhood is gone. it's like a ghost town. >> i looked up and that thing was at the top of the ridge and coming fast. i said got to out now. >> this stuff can be replaced. but when you go through the initial shock and trauma of seeing this loss ... tough stuff. martha: will carr joins us live
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from san diego. what happened overnight last night? >> reporter: good morning. late last night authorities ended up arresting two men in escondido. they are suspected of trying to set two fires there last night. we don't know if they have anylings to the fires that happened the last couple days. but when you have damaged homes like the one behind me. evidently some witnesses saw these men trying to set the fires and they called the police. yesterday we saw how quickly things can get out of hand. the fires raced toward numerous homes. 15 evacuations were issued. 10,000 acres have burned and right now a thousand firefighters on the front line trying to protect these communities. >> the coordination effort and the lessons we have learned not
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only in the past but from the last few days have made this an ex emflorida ar...>> reporter: s found last night and that many the first dead body associated with these fires. martha: are the firefighters going to get a break from the high temperatures and winds they have had? >> reporter: they are hoping the weather will be better than the last two days. it will be hot. it will be about 95 in this area. but a lot depend on the winds. as we saw yesterday, the winds picked up and we saw how quickly things got out of control. people are calling these
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fire-nados. firefighters are really hoping those winds stay down today so they can get as much containment on these fires as possible. martha: imagine the equipment and clothing these firefighters wear on top of 90-degree temperature. thanks, will, we'll be watching throughout the day. bill: veterans affairs secretary getting hot under the collar over alleged abuse of veterans. >> anial dpaition, any adverse incident like this makes me mad as hell. i could use stronger language but in difference to the committee i won't. but at the same time it saddens me. i understand out of those
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adverse events a swret rans family -- a veteran and veteran's family is involved. >> we weren't satisfied. we thought the testimony was a bit weak. we could have heard decisive action instead of asking us to be patient as a multiweek, multimonth investigation takes place. bill: he will not step aside. is it up to the white house to remove him? >> that's something for the white house to decide. we are a membership driven organization and our members
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literally are iraq and afghanistan veterans, those impacted and will in the future by the quality of va services. bill: should the president fire him? >> we'll see. we'll let our members decide that. bill: the senators talked about a criminal case and they mentioned the fbi getting involved. >> i think it's merited to look into that. negligent homicide is something that appears to be on the table from a layman's perspective look at what happened in phoenix and elsewhere. phoenix, fort austin, durham, those are still the tip of the iceberg. we don't know the full extent of this issue. bill: in phoenix alone 50% of the salaries are spent on administration and salaries and
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not medical care. that cannot continue. >> it's and leadership issue. the secretary has to be more involved. he stepped out a bit but not nearly enough. and the president has to be involved. he reassigned his deputy chief of staff to foe to the va to fix this. but the white house has got to get out. we want to see action. we have got to see results. bill: thank you for your time out of washington. we appreciate your time. 7 minutes past the hour now. martha: this fox news alert. a bizarre twist in the family saga of legendary deejay casey kasem. now police tracked him down in washington state. but they say he was on quote
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vacation and that he was not in any danger. william lajeunesse, what's going on here? >> reporter: this misunderstanding dates back years and comes from the animosity between his second wife jean and the kid. the two side are not communicating. so when the wife takes kasem on vacation they report him mission. it didn't help when kasem's attorney said he could be out of the country. but they found him alive and well with friend. >> he seemed to be doing fine. he was upright. he under the situation. he unthere were others concerned about him. he had all of his medications. he did not appear to be in
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distress of any sort. >> reporter: he arounds from louie body disease and it has symptoms like parkinsons. bill: just a vacation. 9 minutes past. workers from a come in any paid to help with the obamacare rollout say they have been paid to do nothing. martha: the kicking and beating in the elevator with jay-z. bill: new emails contradict lois lerner proving the targeting of tea party groups came right from the top. >> i would love to see her in an orange jumpsuit. would i love to see her lose her retirement benefits. this cannot happen in america.
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martha: sad news about a hero in life and in death. the army ranger to led the rescue of former p.o.w. jessica lynch has died after being shot in afghanistan. command sergeant major martin berras served after a five-year hitch in the marines. he personally hand over lynch to a member of the evacuation team. he leaves behind a wife, two daughters and a son. a real hero. our prayers go out to his story. a terrible story today. bill: a newly released emails show agents in washington had a significant role in the targeting of con groups.
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that contradicts claims by lois lerner. many of those targeted groups are still awaiting approval for tax exempt status. one alabama tea party is one of the groups. i know how you felt a week ago, how do you feel now? >> i'm glad the emails are coming out. what we are seeing in these emails shows that lois lerner did lie to the american public saying it was rogue agents. we know washington was heavily involved in this targeting and coordination was taking place from washington. >> you said you want to see lois lerner in a green jumpsuit. >> i think matching iron bracelets would look good, too. bill: what is your degree of
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confidence you will get to the truth? >> with the current department of justice and current administration i don't think we'll get to the truth. but i think we'll see justice and we'll be able to get to the truth. bill: how long will that snake. >> it will probably take years. but i'm holding out and i believe justice will prevail. evidence this early in the game is stacking up in our favor. bill: last week the head of the irs suggested some groups, that you were just suing because you wanted to each the issue alive in public. what did you think when you heard that? >> my answer to that is the reason we are suing is because we want too get to the truth. we want to be able to question the people at the irs. our attorneys want to be able to question. he said one of the reasons these applications aren't being processes is because of this irs lawsuit. i have to ask myself, these irs
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agents should be able to process these applications even if there is a lawsuit. is he indicating this is retribution against these groups for filing a lawsuit? is that why they are not being processed makes you wonder. bill: that's a question we can't answer now but maybe in time. you may it may take years to get to the answer? why so long? >> it's already taken two years -- the targeting is still going on and it was first discovered publicly in 2012 when we all received our letters from the irs demanding more information. it's taken us a year just to get these emails. i think it's reasonable we'll take several years for this suit to make it all the way through. bill: why due say the targeting is happening today? >> these applications are still being held up. and they are complete applications.
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what's the holdup? it make no sense. bill: your group was given tax exempt status? >> yes, it was. it took two years and it should have taken 90 days. bill: it was grants when? >> 2012. bill: what have you done since then? >> we continue to operate. we have monthly meet where we educate the public on bills going through. we have registration drives. we educate people on common core. bill: how often does the irs scandal come up in your conversation? >> i sometimes give an update on where we stand. a lot of people said when i first got my letter in 2012, i called a meeting and had all of the public come and tell them what the irs was doing and the questions they were asking.
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and i had so many completely freaked out people, they were scared because they had given to us and they didn't know if their name was going to show up on a list somewhere. i think that hindered our ability to raise funds. people didn't want to come because they didn't know who was watching and who was on the list. bill: they had fear then? >> absolutely they had fear and they still do. i talked to one person and he says he doesn't come because he's afraid he will show up on a list somewhere. bill: thanks for coming back. happy anniversary to you. >> thank you to my husband. 22 husband, married to my best friend. he's the wind beneath my wings. martha: the scandals in washington causing a big hit in trust in government, especially among republican and independents. we'll show you these numbers.
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bill: some fox extreme weather. the same system that ripped through north carolina. there is the scene in chapel hill. some people take nothing chances. no injuries reported but a lot of flooding in the tarheel
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state. buckeye state, a tornado roaring through the southwestern part of ohio. a twister packing wind of 145 miles an hour. two people injured there. martha: a brand-new fox news poll shows americans' trust in government has been dropping like a stone, especially among republicans and independents. only 19% of republicans trust the government. it's down 44 points from the administration of george w. bush in 2002, and it fell during that period as well. look at independent. 53% down to 31%. byron york joins us now. good morning to you. you say that you have to kind of break it down, there are reasons during the bush administration and reasons in this administration as well.
6:24 am
>> you have to divide it between the two administrations. look at what we have been hear being the veterans administration. i'll bet the numbers have gone through the last couple days hearing about veterans dying while waiting for healthcare in veterans facilities. look at the disastrous rollout of obamacare. that made a huge hit on americans' belief and confidence. when it works it result in higher choices for people. you go back and there are smaller scandals we hear about almost every day. the earned income tax credit is a huge transfer program, transferred $60 billion to lower income americans every year and we just learned that $15 billion, one out of every four dollars spent in that program is fraud. how could you have confidence in a government that does that? martha: you mentioned the va
6:25 am
scandal. there has been more and more money thrown at that situation. that proves it's not a money issue. it's a brewer krat i issue. i think people are so disenchanted where their tax dollars go. these numbers are bearing that out. i want to show one more poll which is issues oriented. how seriously do you consider the following scandals. nsa, 53 per se it' -- 53% say iy serious. benghazi, 52%. and the irs, 44%. >> with the nsa that affects everybody's sense of privacy. benghazi you have americans to were actually killed in that.
6:26 am
those are serious. we should also talk about what happened in the bush administration. the response to hurricane katrina was a big blow. the iraq war went terribly in 2006 and 2007 before the surge. iraq is still in an iffy situation today. all the things we have been talking about in the obama situation came' top of things that happened in the bush administration. you really see that decrease in faith and trust in government going down over 10 full years. martha: it doesn't appear there are too many folks out there willing to do anything about it. you hear these issues come up in congress, then you hear maybe in the next cycle we'll be able to tackle that. thank you of tax reform. americans across is country, they are all in favor of tax reform by large majorities. but nobody seems to have the
6:27 am
political will to change these things. >> one word we heard in washington is accountability. government officials know the public wants accountability but there doesn't seem to be any. who was fired for any of these scandals. whose behavior is exposed and prosecuted? you don't see it in action. >> you think of eric shinseki saying we are going to look into it. >> he said he's outraged, he's mad as hell but you think who's in charge here? martha: byron, thank you very much. >> the whole issue about how you feel about government. that's sad to see that's the way people feel about their government. martha: there is no sign it's turning around. bill: there are allegations of
6:28 am
healthcare workers paid to sit and stare at a computer and hit the refresh button. >> were you staring at the walls? >> you talk to the person sitting next to you. we did a lot of that. martha: the "new york times" is under fire. a female editor in the top job who repeatedly wanted to be paid just as much as her previous editor was, the man whose job she took. this is the same newspaper who attacked other companies for the gender gap. is this hypocrisy at the highest levels of media. >> you willer in have equality in a free marketplace. it's impossible. talents varies, circumstances
6:29 am
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martha: three people are dead, several others injured after blasted rock kenya. this comes after the u.s. issued warnings about possible terror attacks. more than 100 people have been
6:33 am
killed in attacks over the past 18 months. bill: shocking new claims an obamacare contractor paid workers to basically do nothing. the company is called sirco. they were paid to process understand applications. one employee said she had so lit toll do she played board games. others stared at the wall. >> our supervisor said if we process one or two of these applications a month then we have done our job. so it's and lot of money to be spent on that little bit of nothing. >> reporter: were you just staring at the walls? >> you would talk to the person sitting next to you. you did a lot of that. bill: $1.2 billion sitting at
6:34 am
the computer hitting the refresh button every 10 minutes. >> reporter: these workers were supposed to take in paper applications for obamacare and enter the information into the computer. very very few paper applications came through. so they had a lot of workers sitting around doing nothing. playing board games, going to sleep, basically going to sleep doing nothing. the paper applications were not coming in. and serco they are still hiring people to do just that. so they are hiring more people to get paid to do nothing. that's where it stand. reporter: the workers say i feel guilty working there as long as i did. >> reporter: if you are not doing anything and getting paid for it. and hide what they were not doing. they were asked to press the refresh key every 10 minutes so
6:35 am
it looked like something was happening. bill: we talked about the va story, now you have got this story with obamacare. what does it say or suggest to an observer like you? >> reporter: the government doesn't do things well. you have story of the veterans administration. 59% of its money spent on administration, not healthcare in one office. the irs spent $100 million on office furniture in the last few years. then we have the obamacare exchanges themselves. and half billion to fix the failure. government doesn't do things well. it's bureaucratized. it's nothing like private enterprise. so you get these examples of people hired and paid to do nothing. bill: here is martha. martha: there are growing
6:36 am
questions surrounding the "new york times" and the abrupt departure of its top editor jill abramson. some are asking whether she was let go because she confronted her bosses about being paid less than her predecessor who was a man. the "times" has coughed the war on women in a big way in the past. a fact that did not escape bill o'reilly. bill: the paper denies she was not paid fairly. this comes on the heels of the white house paying women 12% less than men. that revelation embarrassed the president who is pushing the equality deal. the two big agenda promoters are paying womb he less than men. we don't know the truth of these situations. but that's the point. you can't make blanket pay
6:37 am
comparisons unless you know all the factors of a person's employment and that's impossible on a mass level. martha: mary katharine ham and bernard whitman. this has got everybody fired up around the water cooler, and the reason is the suggested hypocrisy that bill o'reilly mentioned last night. you cannot be a newspaper that writes an editorial saying the gender gap is real and throwing that back in the face of people saying it's not real and have this story come out about your executive editor. >> i think that's the case and it's a case of raging. i cite i. if you read the reporter at the new york more has been following the jill abramson hire. he has numbers that suggests
6:38 am
maybe this goes back self positions she was in. and some people who were under her at the newsroom made more than her. that's hugely problematic for an institution pushing for a better lou to fix this problem allegedly. what liberal elite institution has to live up to the ideal that they want to make into a federal law? any of them? the white house and the "new york times" are two prominent ones you would think would be on the ball, but not so much. martha: you see discrepancies among white house staff members as well. bernard what do you think of this? >> i think this is a he said, she said. but there are two troubling things. it is very clear women are typically paid significantly less than men, 77 cents on the dollar.
6:39 am
i don't understand fringely why the republicans have blocked the paycheck fairness act which would give women the ability to compare salaries without fear of retribution. the second thing that's troubling is there is a lot of reports out of the newsroom that she was called pushy and the "b" word which remind me of the word used to describe hillary clinton and christine quinn. at worst it's sexist and offensive. hillary clinton's campaign ran a bad ship. maybe the same thing is true of jill abramson. but it raises questions how we describe hard charging women. martha: there are men who are lousy managers and women who are
6:40 am
lousy managers. i want to pay one more sound bite from bill o'reilly and get your reaction to it. bill: i think the phoney war on women is appalling. now we are seeing those who promote that embarrassed. talking points will say, you will never ever have equality in a premarketplace. i am's impossible. talents varies. circumstances are all different. intelligent americans know when they hear the word equality, it's being used to push a social agenda. martha: if you have job a you get paid this much and if you have job b you get paid this much. there are women who get paid more than men have been paid in the past for similar positions. he the equality thing cuts both ways. it doesn't always work out very
6:41 am
well. who on the 77 cent on the dollar. when pushed on this figure, yes there are a lot of factors involved and it's not as cu cutd dried like bernard suggests. it smacks of sexism. but women can be bad managers. and i would suggest folks like bernard save some of their ire not for house republicans not to pass another law that deals with equal pay. aim some of of our ire at your liberal friend for having this as a problem at elite liberal institutions. they should deal with it in-house. >> it does deserve a real explanation and i think the "new york times" could come out. i think at the end of the day if we go back and see on 75% of ann
6:42 am
and women at the top ranks are 45% more likely to say they have been discriminated against. she did a good job of being the national editor. i think the "new york times" is taking a leadership position in proper motoring diversity. martha: hopefully we'll get to a point where ebb will be paid according to their qualifications and not on a label. >> maybe liberals think they need these laws because they can't manage to live their values in their real lives. bill: a father telling a school
6:43 am
he wants to see all the data they are checking on his kid. the school said they will do it but it will cost him $10,000. martha: susan rice's explanation of what happened in benghazi triggering new calls on a senate panel. >> what information did the she rely upon. who briefed her and what information did she have available to make her think she could say this honestly. avo: with expedia you always get the lowest price book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less we'll match it and give you fifty dollars back that's the expedia guarantee
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bill: a dozen senate republicans calling for their own panel to investigate the terror attack that killed four americans. senator lindsey graham says the new push is due to conflicting statement. >> she is frustrated this went go away. she is frustrated that she testified about things that have fallen apart. she is frustrated that she
6:47 am
appeared on national television and told a story about benghazi that that absolutely collapsed, blaming it on a protest caused by a video and she looks terrible in light of the actual facts. bill: colonel ralph peters joins me. when they say it collapsed how do they back it up? >> it collapses a week after she told it. it was not fact based. we are seeing a phenomenon we have never seen before in washington. our government is run by a mob with phds. susan rice in her testimony went out and took the hit for one of the big bosses, hillary clinton, who is too smart to tell lies on tv. susan rice saying i don't know joey falconi, maybe he was hit
6:48 am
by a video. bill: they talked about the inaccuracies about the origins of the attack and the level of security at the compound. whip clearly based on the outcome was not sufficient. >> to me the life of ambassador stevens was no more important than any of our soldiers or marines killed in afghanistan and iraq. i value every american life. for me the problem is the president of the united states and all the presidents men and women lied to the american people for political expediency, not for security, like mobsters on the stand they are sticking to the lie to the bitter end. i think republicans are frustrated. i'm frustrated because the mainstream media continues to give the administration a pass. >> you wonder where they are and whether they will be dragged back into it willingly or unwillingly. is it smart to start another committee on the senate side now
6:49 am
that you have got one on the house side? >> well, i think that's a mistake for the republicans because it looks like they are piling on, and they are not going to get it through harry reid. it's small beer. let the house committee do its job and see where that takes us. i think that house committee will be tough and god willing it will get somewhere. bill: that was like two years ago. dang if i know. martha: should parents have the right to see the data schools are collecting on our children? one father was told it would cost him $10,000 if he wanted that information. he's not too happy about that and he is our guest next.
6:50 am
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martha: a father of four was curious to know about the years of data that the school collect on his own children through all these various tests. he asked the nevada school to see the information and they told him that they could do that, but to get it all together it would cost in man hours $10,000 for them to provide that to him. joining me now is that dad, a former math teacher and he's an education advocate. john, welcome. we don't have a ton of time so i want top get to the heart of the matter. what was the data you wanted and why do you think it would cost $10,000 to get it? >> i didn't think it was going cost $10,000. i just wanted the data they are collect on my children because i wanted to see what could follow them the rest of their lives. martha: those are test scores. they say that information is
6:54 am
gathered to advise them on future jobs or give them college advice. that would suggest your children's names are attached to that data. >> there is a lot of data. we don't nope the implications of having all this data out there. discipline is a big issue. we think mental health will be attached. there are articles that say up to 800 points of data will be collect. this is in 40 states. martha: you feel like you are even titled to this information. just like you get your child's report card sent home you should have this data. >> i went to the state and they said you have to go to your local school district. they said we don't nope what data the state is uploading from our system. i went back to the state but they said you can have the data but it will cost you $10,000.
6:55 am
because of programming they say the system is not set up to extract data. the federal government, pearson education and many others will be getting access to this data. it's for everybody except the parents. martha: you have spoken out against the common core. is there a connection between your peoplings about that and this? >> the testing for the common core, those conno consortiums ge data for the state. some articles have said other countries can also get access to this, i don't know if that's true or not. martha: what's your biggest beef with common core? what do you think is wrong with it? >> in our state the neft -- thea
6:56 am
federation of republican women have come out against it. the democrats of clark county. the former governor who signed us into this. everybody is against common core except our governor. in nevadae controls education. martha: you say it's convoluted the way it teaches math to elementary students. good luck to you in your fight. we hope you succeed. bill: it will be 10 grand. wild winds fueling devastating wildfires and the sun is coming up and yet another challenging day there. martha: the va secretary eric shinseki was on the hot seat yesterday. will he be forced to step down? >> would you explain to me why
6:57 am
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iwas thathe biggest vit gave confidence to buy my very first car... and to walk out of that dealership...
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and know that i got a good deal. save time, save money, and never overpay. visit martha: both parties are calling for heads to roll over the veterans scandal. bill: va secretary eric shinseki facing questions on the hill. lawmakers demanding accountability for veterans who died waiting for medical care at veterans facilities across the country. veterans groups are calling for action. >> we want proactive secretary, not a reactive one.
7:01 am
>> political interests do not come, do not come before the needs of the men and women who have served and sacrificed for this country. bill: he will not resign as of now. how strongly is the white house and president standing by shinseki? >> they have not wavered through this mountain of allegations. they say the president has full confidence in shinseki. colonel ralph peters has spoken out on behalf of shinseki. peters says it's a vast bureaucracy not easy for anyone to manage. and those who say general shinseki is a veteran who was wounded in combat and he wants to help these veterans. but the real thing they want to get at is we understand general
7:02 am
shinseki cares about veterans but can he effectively manage this massive department in order to fix it and get the benefits to the veterans who need it? bill: some are saying it's bigger than shinseki. explain that. >> reporter: yes. it's also about the commander in chief. house majority leader eric cantor came out with a strong statement saying he thinks there has been a pattern here at the white house where basically cabinet secretaries take the heat for the president. they take the blame and the responsibility on healthcare. there are other republicans like the chair of the house veterans affairs committee who says the president has to get for involved. >> they have sent somebody over from the white house. unfortunately i think it's more crisis mode, spin control if you will. >> reporter: white house officials push back by noting
7:03 am
what the congress plan was referring to there is the president put one of his top aides, sent him over temporarily to the va department to oversee this review to see what went wrong and more poarnltly how to figure it. martha: our next guest testified at that hearing calling for new leadership at the va. he says it was the final straw for his organization. daniel dellinger, good to have you with us. are you calling for him to accept down or resign or for the white house to call more his resignation? >> we are. with all due respect to the general, his leadership is what was needed at the va. we feel that they have failed leadership and poor oversight of
7:04 am
the va. they have known for quite some time the issues going on in the va and they haven't done enough to curb those. martha: let's listen to this sound bite from senator john mccain. >> if he doesn't give a better answer i'm not sure how he would have to do anything but resign. gretta, whether he resigns or not is important. but if these allegations are true, people should be going to jail. not just resigning their positions. martha: the discussion of an fbi investigation. senator mccain, a veteran himself saying people should be going to jail for this disservice that's been done to our vets. >> i agree completely. it's not up to us, but with the i.g. audit coming out and also i'm sure that the correct authorities will look into this. it warrants, they should definitely. martha: you think about the military, you have to be the captain of a ship is responsible for what goes on on his watch.
7:05 am
you think about leave no one behind. and these people and the stories we heard on our air, they have been left behind. and many including yourselves feel that there needs to be real accountability and real reform. you have to go to the next step, don't you? and start to shake and rattling the walls there and get rid of the bureaucracy andific this problem for real. >> with the audit coming,' assessment of all the va hospitals, 1,700 of them. hopefully they can find a path to go down in order to correct the situation and give the veterans the healthcare they deserve. martha: the administration said it's not our fault. we have given more money than past administrations to the va. is money the issue though? >> we don't know.
7:06 am
without the assessment ... va has been given money and turned down money saying they don't need that much money based on the figures we have. but those figures aren't accurate given the secret list. them have to couple with the true scope of the situation. but it's a reallocation of funds there. where you have bonuses going to these failed leaders of the directors of these hospitals continuing with pittsburgh with a legionella breakout. the trctor wasn't fired, he was given a bonus. there is hundreds of thousands of dollars given to these directors when they fail. martha: we'll see in eric shinseki survives this scandal at the va. there needs to be accountability. there is a lack of accountability in the government
7:07 am
these days. thank you very much. good to have you with us, sir. bill: the army ranger who helped rescue jessica lynch has died. he was shot in afghanistan and died lays later. jonathan hund has his story. >> he was the definition of the word hero. he had been awarded the bronze star with valor. a purple heart, a host' commend daightss. -- a host of commendations. we have a photograph of him in a planning meeting for that rescue. there it is. he's the one with his back to the camera. then as you look at the night vision video handled out by the pentagon of that dangerous rescue operation april 1, 2003,
7:08 am
we are told he was a leader of that operation. he personally handled jessica lynch over to transfer to the helicopter that flew her to safety. that friend also tells us, bill, that quote he never even candidate for a thank you. -- he never even asked for a thank you. jessica lynch is now an elementary school teacher in her home state of west virginia. she appeared to learn of the death vi sarks twitter. she tweeted sorry to hear this. he is survived by his wife, three children and a grandson. he was 49 years old. bill: 2014 and he's still fighting that war. >> shot i a sniper.
7:09 am
he survived the attack and was brought to the san antonio medical center in texas and died a week after being shot, bill. martha: an al qaeda printer group claiming responsibility for deadly bombings in iraq. 19 people were killed in these blasts. they targeted government buildingsing. the group is called the d government guiling. guild p. the city has been in the hands of sunni insurgents since december. bill: the irs targeting billionaires charles and david koch. dose have a problem with rich democrats? martha: good question. snow in may? you feel for these people. wait until we tell where you that is coming down.
7:10 am
may 16. unbelievable. >> i don't think there is an argument about that. i'm going to leave. bill: we are going midland. that was a talk show host walking off the set. she says she is being attacked for her traditional values. >> he used it as an opportunity to put out shocking video. when espn is a sports network. the family watch.
7:11 am
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7:13 am
bill: sudanese court sparking international outrage after sentencing a woman, a pregnant woman to be hanged. her crime? refusing to renounce her christian faith. that court ordering the woman
7:14 am
pictured with her husband to be flogged. she is currently in jail. she is pregnant. the court ruled will be allowed to give birth and raise her baby for two years before the execution. human rights groups are pressuring the government to revoke the sentence, calling it a blatant violation of international law. watch that story. martha: back here at home senate majority leader harry reid voicing his support for a constitutional amendment he says, that would limit campaign contributions. senator reid once again targeting billionaire brothers charles koch and david koch, who are major supporters of conservative causes and hospitals and arts organizations and all sorts of stuff. the majority accusing them pumping unmatched amount of money into shady campaign organizations. watch. >> more and more we see koch industries, and americans for prosperity, one of their shadowy front groups dictating results of primaries and elections across the country.
7:15 am
i understand we senate democrats are proposing nothing no small thing. amending constitution is not something any of us should take lightly but the flood of special interest money into our american democracy are one of glaring threats our system of government ever faced. >> the fired up. charles, chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor joins me now. sew wants to change the constitution to do what exactly? >> win an election. i think that is basically what we're talking about, for harry reid, koch is it and that's really all there is. he talks all the tame about the koch brothers, koch industries, major petroleum, kind of company and he has a bugaboo about it. really what he has though is an increasing dependency in his own party on their own, as he calls it, shadowy funders on the outside, people in the green energy business, people in in te finance sector, names like
7:16 am
soros, names like stier, who are funding with their multibillion-dollar's effort to hold on to control of the united states senate. however, however, bringing forward a constitutional amendment is something a little ridiculous in a senate that can't even find 51 votes for seemingly non-controversial or seemingly normal kind of procedures. martha: that is excellent point. they have a difficult time passing anything much less an amendment to the u.s. constitution. on have justly it can't -- obviously it can't go past harry reid's understanding if he could do such a thing he would clamp down on tom stier and george soros who do the same thing, right? >> democrats prospered under old regime under more regulated financing scheme in which unions, especially government worker unions, were the cloudiest of the cloudiest because what they did was
7:17 am
sanctioned and condoned by the laws passed by congress whereas somebody like charles koch or david koch, wanting to say, this is what i would think is true, i would like to spend a million dollars to tell voters of arkansas, it is true, that was illegal. with those rules back in place it, would actually advantage democrats pretty substantially. martha: look at one more full screen quote here from harry reid that describes his position on this matter. and there it is. he says it too bad they're trying to buy america. time the american people spoke out against terrible dishonesty of these two brothers who are about as un-american, he goes on to say that anyone i can imagine. why, why are they so -- obviously republicans want to take the senate. is that it? is that the extent to which they have really gotten under harry reid's skin? >> well part of its harry reid engages in practice of trolling. he says outrageous things, calling somebody un-american who seemed to be pretty american,
7:18 am
calling somebody un-american is beyond the pale. harry reid knows it. he knows by saying so he can create, he can create activity, he can create the appearance of conflict. that helps him raise more money from his donor base. it helps him juice liberals, anxious and sitting by computers waiting for news about what bad thing will befall the democratic party next. they see reid saying stuff like that. they are liable to click, click, in come $25, $50 stuff so he says outrageous things like that in effort to go ahead them giving him more money. martha: it adds up and helps them to raise money. obviously he settled on these two and this catch phase. you about he didn't see any moral equivalent in the impact and effort to influence the way people think when it happens on the democratic side, which seems a bit odd and a bit disingenuous. >> well, being disingenuous is not something harry reid ever seemed to worry too much about. there gets to be a new danger.
7:19 am
the new danger, all of the trolling, all of outrageous statements all of stuff, to him. not that anybody in congress is particularly popular. he is not particularly popular. and as he becomes the face of the democratic party in this off election year, not only focus republican thinking getting him out of his position but also he will turn off moderate voters with antics like those. martha: chris, thank you very much. >> you bet. martha: you next time, buddy. bill: a possible game changer in the fight against cancer. could the measles vaccine be the answer here? we'll look at that. martha: a broadcasting legend says good-bye. barbara walters reflects on her incredible journey and career with our own bill o'reilly. >> did you ever think about why, what made you be in the business for 50 years and succeed to that extent? what is it? >> i never thought it was going
7:20 am
to happen. so it is not as if i had a plan. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files. reckless seeding. a backyard invasion. enter homeowner, and ortho weed b gon max. kills weeds without harming innocent lawns. guaranteed. ortho weed b gon max. get order. get ortho®.
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martha: well it is a bad springtime surprise for chicago, snow. the normal temperature there this time of year is 70. the windy city temperature has been in the 30s, 40s. >> man. martha: light dusting of snow. i feel for them. the latest snowfall, june 2nd. that happened in 1910. bill: that is really happening, right? martha: it is really happening. bill: that is not a nightmare? martha: no, it is really happening. bill: potential milestone in the battle against cancer. doctors at the mayo clinic curing a woman's late-stage blood cancer with a miracle drug
7:24 am
of a large dose of the measles vaccine. dr. marc siegel, member of the medical a-team. good morning to you. a measles, vaccine. what happened? >> people would think this is bizarre. this is right where science is these days. it is extremely exciting. we're using immune system and viruses to attack cancer. now why, why is this one? this research scientist at mayo clinic has been working on this particular vaccine, bill, since 1990. 24 hours later. he figured out how to get it to work. why? because the measles virus loves bone mayor roy. the measles virus when you get infected with measles it infects cells in bone marrow. what is the bone marrow? the inside of your bones. if we take measles vaccine, a life virus vaccine. that is not a dead virus. you normally can't give it to a cancer patient. they give it 10,000 times the normal vaccine dose. they got those engineered viruses to go into the cancer
7:25 am
cells. you know what a virus does to a cell? it kills it. one out of two women tested they got rid of the multiple myeloma entirely. multiple myeloma is bad cancer. 25,000 new cases. five-year as survival rate under 45%. it's a bad guy. once the immune it is like a guided missile. guided missile goes to the target, blows up and rest of the army comes in and there it is, targets it for second -- bill: second common blood cancer in the united states. 24,000 new cases already. four to five-year survival rate already. to you it makes sense. why does it make sense? >> we have a problem with cancer growing too much. we have problem with viruses growing too much. if we have a virus to attack cancer cells we can keep up with growth of bad cells in the bone
7:26 am
marrow. secondly our immune system can figure out how to fight viruses but it is not good fighting cancer. if i get virus into cancer cell, my own defenses come in and go after the virus. bill: as you explain the measles go after the blood marrow in the first place. >> this will be a big deal but we have to test it in many more patients. bill: two cases tested so far. you need a big sample. >> the one case was dramatic response. the other case not so much. we need to test in thousands. bill: are you a blower yet? >> i'm a believer in the concept. i think it is smart idea and wave of the future how to fight cancer. bill: phenomenal stuff. thank you, dr. marc siegel. you too. martha? martha: a talk show host storms off the set during a debate about michael sam. >> if you are trying to maintain traditional values and views in our home, and if you share them, you're going to get lambasted
7:27 am
because it against against what is politically incorrect. martha: why she says she is getting attacked for speaking her mind. bill: we have new reaction to the family feud caught on video, jay-z, beyonce, solange finally giving their side of the story. they're finally talking, maccallum. you too, siegel. ♪. avo: with expedia you always get the lowest price book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less we'll match it and give you fifty dollars back that's the expedia guarantee
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martha: we go to scandal surrounding va health care system, showing new allegations about her risk delays. all of this hurting our nation's heroes, allegedly leading in some cases to the death of some of our nation's heroes. this is an awful, awful situation. it comes with mounting evidence that people speaking out are facing retaliation from doing so for the va. jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon. so you spoke to a whistle-blower from the st. louis va, what did he tell you, jennifer. >> reporter: jose matthews was the chief psychiatrist for the va in st. louis, starting in november 2012. he noticed that those tasks seeing veterans with ptsd and needing psychiatric help, seeing half the patients they could.
7:32 am
there were mounting suicides and officially the st. louis va was reporting to washington that their productivity was among highest in the nation. the supervisors were receiving performance bonuses from the government. when dr. matthews complained he was removed from his job. >> what really bothered me was that this, you know, this delay was a direct result of this extremely low, sense of caring for patients. >> reporter: spokesman for the st. louis va medical center, tells fox, we take these allegations seriously and are addressing alleged issues, martha. martha: a second whistle-blower from texas told you how he was treated after he complained the va was not providing colonoscopies in timely manner, right? >> reporter: that's right. dr. richard krugman accused va in texas delaying live saving
7:33 am
colonoscopies to cut costs. he pro he vied ad memo that outlined shift in policy. he was fired. >> i was treated like an animal. i was treated like a leper. i was treated like, how dare you attack me or how dare you say what you're saying. >> reporter: his boss, a va director in texas pushed back saying, quote, allegations such as the va stopped sending patients for colon as skoppies because they could not afford non-va care and instead used a fecal blood test was not substantiated. he was referring to internal investigation care carried out by the va that found none of dr. krugman's allegations substantiated, martha? martha: jennifer, thank you very much. bill: this thing got heated. morning tv talk show host walking offset on live television after heated
7:34 am
discussion about the nfl's draft pick, michael sam kissing his boyfriend on espn. >> it is being pushed in faces. >> has he been kissing his wife would it have bothered you. >> get a room. >> are we being completely truthful, that it would have bothered you just as much as he had been kissing his wife? >> if he we woo be talking about this if it was a wife. >> did she not right have the say what she means without being lambasted? no, it is argument. >> if she feels that way and leave it alone. >> i don't think there is any argument about that. okay. and you're going to leave. >> no i'm going to -- >> okay. >> all right. that was that. off to midland. that was amy kurschner. now her reaction setting off a firestorm on social media. last night on "the kelly file," she said she was the one under attack. >> i'm shocked at the outlandish
7:35 am
and most, if i told you -- i can't even put it on air. death threats. rape threats. petitions to be fired. it is, it is insane. and it is all it is it is a voice screaming out against something that, for me, was traditional views. bill: what about this? leslie marshall, syndicated radio talk show host, fox news contributor. lars larsen syndicated radio host for compass media networks. >> good morning. bill: off to midland. i don't know if she made it there. apparently it's a long drive. leslie, do you understand, maybe threats launched against her and, why she would be so defensive? go. >> oh, god, i could talk to you all day, bill, i love this topic. lars, knows he sends emails from his fans that threaten me and mean to me. you know you do, lars. i have to tell you like my agent, my mother would say as
7:36 am
long as they spell your name right. some people may say this is outrageous. i've had death threats over health care that my mother should have aborted me. this happens weekly. it is not pretty but part of being in the public eye. that when you say something on radio or television and people disagree, they're going to very mean people out there, as there were, regarding michael sam, said to him as homosexual and if she will put it out there, it is her first amendment right she has to realize being in this business she has to get thicker skin. bill: you seem to be saying she should have been cool bit? that is what i hear you saying? >> walking offset. she is entitled to her opinion and stay there and defend your opinion. bill: sometimes you can understand anger people have and sometimes they deal with it better than others. >> right. bill: lars, do you understand what is happening here? >> i think i do. and i think michael sam is the only adult in the room. he says he wants to focus on playing football and not about whether or not he is gay. he is gay, fine, so what.
7:37 am
end of it. he kissed his boyfriend on television. it offends some people. some people say yuck. i don't. i'm more of libertarian about all that. but here's the problem i have. the media loves this thing and i don't, i don't think it is appropriate. if one of these day, bill, you get pictures stiff yawn know of kissing donald sterling a lot of americans will say yuck to that. are they entitled to say yuck? they're inentitled to their opinion. here is where the homosexual community shows lack of tolerance. they decided if you say yuck to that, even though there are lots of things people say yuck to, you should be vilified and criticized and in the case of the anchor from texas, she is threatened with all kinds of physical harm, i think leslie, unlike what you said, does not go with the job. >> lars, you're making case everybody has to chill out. >> everybody on both side have to chill out. bill: you have to respect and opinions and feelings of others.
7:38 am
>> the gay community is not doing that they pleaded decades ago when i came to reporter for tolerance. they want acceptance. they want celebration. these days if you don't openly endorse a bay man kissing another gay man on television you are going to be vilified and that is not american. bill: what about that point, leslie? >> first of all, lars, it doesn't come with, the job that people threaten your life. >> you suggested it. >> people doing that to me and to lars, it is illegal and there is division in the government that handles that. i do agree with lars somewhat and fainted here, lars, at your love and tolerance, we don't know all of these threats or calls for her to be fired are from the gay community. there is a huge global community that support people's right to their sexual orientation that are not home sexuals. i don't think it is fair to just pin it on the homosexuals -- >> doesn't matter where they're coming from. bill: you get a sense this
7:39 am
debate has taken off yet again, lars. i don't know where it goes but it started yet again. >> well, michael sam wants to be not the icon for the gay community. he made it clear in his comments, he does not want to be their new icon. they clearly want him to be their icon and they're planning to use him as symbol going forward. he has the right to be free from that while still being gay. you can be a member of the club without having to be on the front page of their latest adventures. bill: now he will make -- >> you will change history first openly gay nfl player that sort pa of history. shouldn't be solely how to define him but part of his legacy going forward. >> you know what is ridiculous about that though? first openly gay. we've had gay athletes for a long, long time so it is news he came out? so what? >> what this woman did to me, what this woman did in my opinion is wanted to say look, i don't want to see it, if i don't
7:40 am
see it is not happening. >> i would advise her to change the channel but she has right to say it. >> exactly, change the channel. bill: he has to make the team before the first player. >> yes he does. >> that's true. that is true. i understand draft pick, now what it means. bill: leslie, thank you. >> -- the team if they decide not to include him. they will be vilified. you watch. bill: that will be a story next fall. i had no idea you guys emailed during the day. >> we do. bill: that is fair and balanced. >> love you, leslie. >> love you, lars. martha: isn't that nice? we all love each other. well the legend herself is saying good-bye. barbara walters, retiring after five decade in television. what she is looking forward to now. wait until you hear this. bill: love that answer. also caught on camera. police officer risking his life to stop a runaway truck that already left one person seriously injured. how that ended. >> it was a pedestrian-involved
7:41 am
wreck. when i pulled up on the scene my camera was automatically rolling. >> i was in the right place at right time and i believe anybody else would have done the same thing
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
bill: story, you've all been waiting for, beyonce and her sister solange speaking out for very first time the video was released apparently showing her going after jay-z in hotel elevator. it was at at hotel a week ago. solange appears to be kicking and punching at the rapper. on it goes. >> it reading in part, at end of the day families have problem. we are no different. above all we are family. we put this behind us and hope everyone else will do the same. we're all family. martha: like "dreamgirls." we're family. bill: awkward. martha: so barbara walters looking forward to not having schedule for the first time in 50 years. the tv legend retiring after a half century on the air. reflecting on her stellar
7:45 am
career. walters telling bill o'reilly she was always motivated to succeed, especially in the beginning. >> i never thought that it was going to happen. it was not as if i had a plan. >> but it did happen. >> but i had to work. that makes a difference. i couldn't stay home with mommy and daddy. i had to work, so i could work my way up. i had to support my family for a while. that made a difference. and i don't know, what is it, ambition sounds so bad. >> you're ambitious. >> -- sound better. martha: really great stuff from the bill o'reilly interview and part two coming up tonight. joe concha, political and intin main meant -- entertainment columnist of the welcome, joe. i'm sad barbara walters is retiring. feels a part of all our childhood, growing up and watching barbara walters special, and such a trailblazer for me and every other woman coming in the business. >> she is not just a news icon.
7:46 am
i believe she is news royalty as well, martha. she is receiving all the accolades this week. they are naming news headquarters after her. think about that. she will get a lot more accolades today. it is the final show with the "view." her career will continue on a certain basis. i think 10 most fascinating people, for instance, that is coolest job in the world. not so much for interview and people you get to meet but choosing the list. how awesome is that? she will still continue to be executive producer of the view. she wants to create shows like she did the view. at age 67 she created "view." she is trailblazer. martha: thee did "the today show" and evening news first time as a woman. i did "the view" couple times. they did morning meeting and talk about hot topics. the thing that struck me her ability to understand her audiences. she knew they were specific and different, whether on "the today show" or "the view.." she knew how to find them and
7:47 am
what they wanted. she always asked questions that she knew people wanted to know the answer to. and, very successfully, right? >> a rare talent, martha she could interview a world leader, all these presidents going back for 50 years. then be able to transition doing celebrity interview and make that celebrity cry. ask the questions that people want to know at home. she was worried that she wasn't going to go out on top. that she lost her fastball. think about two more coveted interviews, v. stivano and sterile egg's white. who gets that? the barbarathe barbara walters e interview. not that she is losing it. she performed her high level. 84 by the way. that is what 84 looks like? martha: god willing, we hope that looks like for what we all look like. because she is working really hard. >> i've known you for a hard
7:48 am
time. was it hard work? is that what it is that puts you over the top? >> hard work helps. hard works means weekends. hard work means sometimes difficulties in your personal life. martha: she said that she wished she had interviewed the pope and queen elizabeth. those are the two interviews she has not received. she would really like to have. >> that is the bucket list, huh? martha: you look at, i remember reading her biography, she wrote handwritten notes to people she wanted to interview and thanking people. she was really sort of the first person to go after the big get, you know. she would woo them and befriend them and try, to you know, bring them into her good graces to the point i will not talk to anybody but barbara. >> personal notes, you don't see that much anymore. have the booker call them. interesting she brought up her personal life. it does have a toll. she was divorced four times. two times to the same guy.
7:49 am
throughout all the marriages only one child. it does take a personal toll. she did do "the today show." you filled in on mornings. you know how that works. you don't show off five minutes beforehand. martha: no. the alarm clock goes off at 2:30 in the morning. >> it is great she is on her own schedule and on her own terms and she has some regrets around that but overall a career unmatched in television news. certainly somebody i know you look up to. martha: absolutely. in recent years she talked about her daughter and their relationship and difficulties and how they became close again, which is extraordinary story. >> you know where she is from by the way? martha: where. >> the accent -- martha: from new york. >> i think boston, right? martha: ah, good question. >> born in boston. martha: her father was a nightclub owner in new york. >> voice is distinctive. martha: very distinctive. >> i wonder where is that exactly? maybe boston -- martha: gilda radner, on
7:50 am
"saturday night live," barbara wawa. thanks so much, joe. >> always good to see you. bill: i worked with half those women in that picture. great team photo. thank you, joe. want to make big money off your favorite athlete, do you? >> it's a fan based investment. people are not doing this necessarily to invest in a stock. or investing in a player.
7:51 am
you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation? the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. martha: this is pretty amazing and kind of frightening video from a church parking lot. a runaway pickup truck in south carolina spinning backwards and out of control after knocking down its owner.
7:54 am
a mailman and police officer jump into action to get the owner out of harm's way. the officer leaps in the back and hits the brake. the truck's owner treated for head injuries. the relatives say he is doing okay. bill: fan at this football fans getting a chance to put their money where their mouths are, real money. there is a new company called fan tech. so you invest in the pros for like 10 bucks a share per player. claudia cowan has more how this works now. good morning. >> reporter: bill you don't own part of the player but share of their brand and the overall earnings exceed the expectation which the stock price was based the more you lake. for bree leavers in the future earning of san francisco tightened vernon davis or buffalo bills quarterback ej manual, they are offering a unique ipo, a chance to buy trading stocks for just $10 a share. >> we acquire a interest in
7:55 am
future income stream of 10%. in addition we'll pay vernon davis four million dollars for the 10% interest and raise that money through selling a registered security to the public at large. >> reporter: manual has similarly structured deal. >> wall street combining with fantasy football. >> reporter: sports attorney rich brand says fantex face as catch 22. those wanting a valuable brand like 49ers qb colin kaepernick, are stars unlikely to take immediate earnings for future payout. for the investor more of a novelty. >> people are not doing this to necessarily invest in a stock. it is an investment being a sports fan. it is very exciting but it is not buying google. >> reporter: of course any stock is risky and the player could get hurt. in fact, that happened to the first two athletes fantex signed up in the ipo for vernon davis
7:56 am
had to be postponed until he was healthy. the idea is to grow the athlete's brand on and off the field, eventually pay dividend and sign up more big-name stars. bill, only time will tell whether fantex is a good investment or just a fad. bill: mo question about that, right? thank you, claudia. fascinating, claudia cowan in san francisco. you got somewhere else to put your money there. you can say, hey. look at my guy. martha: there is that if you don't like the stock market. we're watching this story throughout the last couple of days. look at wall of fire heading for homes in southern california, forcing thousands of people to head out for safety. we're live from the fire lines next. memorial day weekend? looks like fun. but what about this? if you're looking to buy a car, now is the time and truecar is the way.
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just go to to lock in guaranteed savings... without negotiation. thank you! happy memorial day weekend! woman: this is not exactly what i expected. man: definitely more murdery than the reviews said. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger. captain: that's unsettling. man: you think? captain: all the time. except when i sleep. which i would not do here. would have mentioned the finger.
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7:59 am
>> arbor walters was born in boston. and then the moved to new york where her father was a broadway producer. that is barbara trivia this morning. >> now you know. have a fundraiser, we will raise some money for seniors.
8:00 am
>> and i will see you tonight at 11:00. have a good night, everyone. ♪ bill: 13,000 new evacuations. jenna: big news today. nine wildfires fueled by record heat, severe drought conditions carrying through california destroying homes and costing millions and millions of dollars of damage. forcing 125,000 people to flee. firefighters found a badly burned body a transient camp in carlsbad. the first known fatality. this as authorities determine if two teenagers they arrested had any involvement with the fire scorching more than 10,000 a


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