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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 16, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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north of schnick go. -- snow. the snow doesn't stick, jon, but enough to impact your wardrobe. that is how i know winter is still around if you still have that coat out. jon: are you supposed to only wear white shoes? jenna: very difficult so navigate this. jon: this is pretty weird weather season. see you back in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today harris faulkner, jedediah bila, kirsten powers and today's #oneluckyguy, bob beckel! he is "outnumbered." how does it feel? >> i'm used to this. i'm not terribly frightened. i will pick up pieces of my life and carry on. so it is okay. i know all four of you. it will be a tough fight but we'll be all right. [laughter].
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feel like the thrilla in manila. >> did you do anything to prepare for this, bob? >> yeah, i slept late. see preparation to me, i've been around so long, and i covered the second lincoln inaugural so i pretty much know the history of what is going on. so, i'll tell you one thing, i like y'all but you don't scare me that much. >> really? we're not trying to scare. >> you yes you are. yes you are. >> i graduated with a 2.01 with a football scholarship because i had an affair with a french teacher. >> oh, my gosh. >> let the games begin. firestorm growing over the va scandal and we may have seen just the tip of the iceberg. lawmakers demanding heads roll amid disturbing claims of treatment delays and cover-ups in va facilities and allegations some veterans died waiting for care. the va chief watchdog telling lawmakers that his office is looking into federal prosecutors
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with possible criminal charges saying his investigators are review are far more than the 40 possible deaths reportedly linked to a va hospital in phoenix. as they find more instances of doctored wait records. >> in the past week 1/2 our criminal investigators located around the country have had a rapid response to 10 new allegations and in a matter of two days over the previous week, they went to 50 medical centers, unannounced, in order to see if what was being alleged was occurring at those facilities. >> reaction among veteran groups and lawmakers has been fierce with calls growing for va chief eric shinseki to resign. senator john mccain is not yet echoing these calls he wants to see the wrong doesers brought to justice. >> whether he resigns or not is important but if these allegations are true, people should be going to jail, not just resigning their positions.
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this is shameful under any circumstances. it is 10 times more shameful because it is being done to men and women who put their lives on the line for us. >> bob, let's go to you out of the gate. what is your take on this? who is to blame at this point? >> first thing to blame is the system. the va has been very controversial from the very inception. when you give cash awards to people because there are no wait times and you get an award, that is mistake. obviously gives you opportunity to do something like this. more than that let's keep in mind the va was flooded with soldiers after the iraqi and afghanistan war and they were not prepared to handle it. that was part of the problem. they're still not prepared to handle it. it is, does it have to be thrown out? no. does it have to be the, rules have to be changed? does the structure of the administration have to be changed? yes, absolutely. it is unacceptable but on the other hand it is somewhat
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explainable because they don't have facilities to handle people. >> the investigation is not finished until august. how long before we see accountability from these reports. >> it is interesting, they want heads to roll but the investigation isn't finished. generalship is under pressure to fire people -- general shinseki. >> he seems completely unaware. he says he is completely unaware of any of these findings whether there have been whistle-blower and report after report. >> he says he is under aware, except for certain isolated number of cases of cooking the books behind the scenes and making look like there were no wait times. wait a minute? i'm a journalist. i will pick apart the sentence. i will look for sin tax he said. if certain number of isolated case. if there were a number how many were there? if there were a number, how
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isolated could they be. i'm not saying you should go after shinseki, the head of the fish, the rest of the fish you have to ask some questions. >> i agree with kirsten we all want head to roll but until the investigation is complete we don't know who is roll. i want people held accountable behind this. this is unfortunately we want answers today because we're in support of our veterans. this will take time to say you're out. we'll have to be patient. apply pressure, democrats, republicans. democrat hahmer everyone on both sides of oil will plowing ahead and demand answers. but it is going to take a little bit of time i think. >> senator mccain said yesterday, i could not turn that hearing off, i was almost late to set trying to watch it. he said there is crisis of confidence in this country comes to veterans affair. any country that treat its men panned women who served should be ashamed of themselves. do you you trust the va to find
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out what they did. >> you have the investigation being done by people who are in trouble, right? so you have internal investigation being done by veterans affairs. and we keep having these investigations. state department investigating benghazi. bring in outside person to investigate. >> go ahead, bob. >> i was going to say. you have to remember va hospitals are protected by members of the congress in their district, whether democrats or republicans. it has been the holy grail of veterans for a long time when it used to work pretty well. it was just not prepared for this decade at this time. posttraumatic stress sip dream which is a huge issue, not very many people get treated very well. i would be careful. it is sprawling institution. be careful picking out one place like phoenix that is emblematic across the country. >> there are multiple not just phoenix. >> he is seth stage. okay to go after those in your own state. he set the stage. phoenix is in his own state of
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arizona. 58 million appointments for veterans affairs hospitals across the country. they to get this right. >> do you think mccain would not know about this before this? what i'm saying, every member of congress or senate office gets letters from people all the time i'm being mistreated. so -- >> shinseki should have been more aware. >> talking about hillary clinton -- >> that is a transition. >> -- definitely the frontrunner by far among democrats in possible run for the white house but haven't we seen this movie before? could dems backing the former of secretary of state be too overconfident? charles krauthamer thinks so. >> i think the democrats grossly overestimate how popular hillary is. she may be popular with some of them. she may be popular with a lot of them. but they assume it will apply to the country. >> meantime in the latest "fox news poll," voters have a more favorable opinion of clinton
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than they do unfavorable, 49-45%. but, her favorable rating is down seven percentage points from just a year ago. so bob, what do you make of this, the comments from charles about overconfidence? is there anything to that. >> good to see charles again. so very rare to see footage of charles krauthamer. i love him to death but politics, politics is not necessarily his forte. that is . >> he and i can argue about it all we want of the fact of matter hillary clinton is among democrats, you look at primaries and caucuses, could she get the nomination? most likely she could. will people have difficult time winning wire-to-wire front runners? history tells you it is very difficult. she could stumble. the question who picks up the baton if she does? there is nobody on the bench. democrats are like republicans it is weak bench in general election poll three republicans against them. each one of them get 42, 42, 42
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which is exactly base negative. >> you used phrase, pass the baton, that is what she used to answer the question, what was her most notable achievement when at the sate department? and she said it will be seen that i passed the baton. charles krauthamer actually referenced that i have never been to the track-and-field hall of fame but i don't think there is plaque hanging up there that he pass the baton. what was her notable achievements. she was stumbling to name one. krauthamer was opinioning statements on her tenure at state department. >> she did a lot preceding state department. there will be questions about her tenure at state department. i want to push back on idea there is nobody else out there. you don't think andrew cuomo would be a good contender. >> i think he is would be a good contender if she is the no the race. the problem she takes so much air out of the room and in the age of billion dollar campaigns let's not underestimate the clinton organization and money. >> what i'm getting at more, what if she didn't run, could it
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possibly be better for democrats? could it be better to somebody doesn't have to answer questions about benghazi or what did you do at state department? get a governor in the race. >> a woman candidate automatically inherits three to 5% of the vote that would not go to male candidate. in this election as close as they are, that is why jeb bush scares me more than anybody else. he does well with hispanics. if he cuts into the hispanic vote he will be formidable candidate. as usual the republicans will find a way to nominate whacko and we'll be fine. >> if republicans don't have strong candidate, hillary's popular will be popular enough. i find jeb bush scares two democrats out here. i don't he will get out of the primary. republicans are generally tired of mitt romney, tired of john mccabe. a lot of conservatives say this is our turn to sort of run the show and push likes of ted cruz. >> then it ends up being, john mccain --
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>> seen a lot of bushes already. i don't know. i think we're just starting to get bob warmed up, you know. >> i'm for ted cruz. >> you're going to campaign for him, right? >> ted cruz and palin together would make a hello of a team. >> with that thought, new developments in the firing that has so many folks all fired up. "new york times" axing its first female editor amid reports she sought equal pay. what the paper is saying now plus some of your reaction. the pc police may be at it again. why one parents complaint took fun out of classic song for first-graders, all because of this guy. ♪. h. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing.
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. ♪. >> you are watching "outnumbered" and the firing, a lot of people can not stop talking about today is all over the web. "the new york times" denying reports it axed editor jill abramson because of a pay dispute. there have been reports she was let go after asking for a wage to bring her to the salary to the level of a previous editor who was a man of the "gray lady"'s denial doing nothing to
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quiet down the controversy. our own tucker carlson sad in the seat in the middle, hash tack one lucky guy, the men make more money is not always about apples-to-apples comparisons. watch. >> she is a woman. she is not every woman. i'm a man, i'm not every man. the idea that we're all stand-ins for some larger group and our travails mirror the group which we belong is crazy. you assess people on own individual behavior. maybe she did a bad job. >> now your reaction, a little bit of what tucker said. some of which we couldn't put on television. one viewer said, bravo, tucker, "outnumbered." right on, men being out of work. too many are house dads because women are being hired in greater numbers. i think because, right? but it is 140 characters, what are you going to do? another person said tell tucker, jobs should be dollar for dollar. not about sex. >> jedediah. you and kirsten was not here.
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tell us your thoughts. >> i was here. >> you were not here. >> gave a bad impression. >> i apologize. >> i actually agree with tucker. i think there are other components here. when you look at salary, you look at performance, you look at experience, you look at merit, how good you are on the job. i don't think you can just say blankly, well this person should get the same person as this person because they're holding same position. a lot of things was going into that. he was talking about treat people as individuals. everyone has different resume' and differ background and take gender out of it. don't give me same salary just because i'm a woman. >> kirsten, you shaking your head hard. >> always seem women end up not being as valuable in random occurrence. look at jill abramson, ken auletta wrote article for the "new yorker" where she was paid $100,000 less than her successor in a previous job. >> can i jump in on that point? bill keller, her successor, her predecessor, had been at the company since 1984.
9:18 am
jill abramson had been at the company since 1997. jill was executive editor for less than three years. bill had been there eight years as executive editor. i'm with you all the way, jedediah. i will always defend merit-based pay before i say somebody should be paid equal to her predecessor. >> why are you hiring someone to do the job if they're not qualified to do the job. >> she did a spectacular job obviously. >> she should be paid roughly the same amount. >> is she doing the same? we're not there. >> length of time at a company, kirsten makes a big -- >> is point i was making. why would her successor in her old job make more money than she did? that doesn't make sense to me. she was washington bureau chief. she clearly did a good job and they wouldn't have promoted her to executive editor and somebody makes 100,000 more? >> pension and pay at "new york times" were frozen in 2009. >> i've known jill for several
9:19 am
years and she is a, there was a lot of rumblings in the newsroom. she didn't get a long with a lot of reporters very well. she is tough. >> so what. >> they need that in that job. but it wasn't, i agree that keller was somebody who had earned more money because he had been there longer but the successor, exactly what kirsten is saying. if we don't believe this is systemic problem here of women being paid less than men we're kidding ourselves. pick jill abramson out here make this the case for women versus men in the work place? it is not the case. women still make 78 cents on dollar for equal work of men. >> i want to press in a little bit on what you're saying in terms of the perception. we're not in that newsroom. you know jill abramson. you know she can be tough. most leaders are. they have to be. they have to make tough decisions, right? but men don't get labels we do though. they're calling her hashtag pushy. all these sorts of things. we get called all sorts of things. you guys don't get that. >> we don't get it but i was
9:20 am
married. i understand what it was. >> your wife hashtagging you with professional names? >> no. she was professional golfer. you don't want to see a professional golfer with a 5 iron in the morning. women were kept out of so long as hillary clinton talked about they sometimes have to be overly aggressive to get those jobs. >> that is interesting. >> i think part of that rap is not fair at all. >> whole new topic, bob. >> maybe press in with that maybe with jedediah. you were in academia. you taught. that level that you were, what, more men and women? >> more women i would say in schools i was at. more women teachers, maybe at the dean level, it was split a little bit more. i would say women, wear your bossy label proudly. i certainly do. get in the classrooms, be who you are. if she is tough cookie that is considered an asset. >> yeah, man. i'm glad i wasn't in your class. >> i would need to know more
9:21 am
about her performance if bossy was part of it, the more bossy the better. >> i bet. >> more controversial topic. apparently it is not fun to stay at the ymca a first grade class in fargo, north dakota, forced to pull out after school talent show, the planned performance of the classic song, "ymc @ quote was racist. they were asked to stress up like the cowboy, biker, native-american and one man said dressings up like a native-american caricature is racist. have people lost their minds in this country to call this racist? >> they're pointing out that, one mom. this was going to be, you know the wrong thing to do. >> they canceled it though. they did cancel it. people obviously stood behind her opinion. >> they were objecting cost of $500 came out of the social fund. animal cruelty became a problem as well. by the way they were about to do
9:22 am
their finals. this would have been a big distraction. there is lot more than play. >> you jumped example when you said 500 bucks. what you were saying, first of all, i at first i thought argument was homophobic argument. then i began to realize what she was talking about. those village people, that indian has been around forever. that, i don't even get that. if it was just, cowboys and indians i would have a problem with it. it wasn't. it was the village people. if you have been to village person concert, people concert, well, be careful. >> is there a problem, harris with political correctness in this country any feel like we're making our kids into hypersensitive babies. they suddenly feel like everything is problem someone says. they have to hide from the comments. >> goals for children are concerned very different for adults. when you're talking about a group of first-graders or whatever the very young age is, one thing to do ymca dance and
9:23 am
teach them the song which i'm a fan of, what you're trying to teach them is tolerance and acceptance and love that is what you want to instill in children that age. if anything detracts from the message then i'm all about extrapolating it. >> we had to change my grade school mascot. we were the madison mohawks. we had to change our -- >> a lot of schools are doing that, changing mascots. >> there is dress-up party, masquerade party and dress up, do whatever we want. we're adults. that is different. for little ones the goal to have a message of acceptance and open-mindedness i could see it. >> kirsten, do you implant that chip when they are young and become hypersensitive when they are adults and that trickle into society? >> i think you have to have lines to draw. in this case i don't think it was making fun of indians this. is character from a song and it wasn't meant to make fun of then.
9:24 am
in that case i don't see this being racist. >> yep, i agree. >> well, conservatives pushing mainstream republicans to get back to their core principles. how some people are saying that the rank-and-file are softening the party's stance on social issues to do that. why fast-food workers are demanding higher wages. should watch out, more money might bring on a robot invasion? they would replace people with robots to make the burger? >> mostly television people. >> okay. [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!"
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protesting nationwide for better pay may soon have wage-free competition, robots. panera bread announcing it will replace all the cashiers with kiosks as soon as 2016. it is a part of a push to never have a customer wait. there is growing evidence that restaurant chains are looking for ways to avoid big payroll hikes by putting machines to work. bob, this may sound like i'm picking a fight with you but the cbo put out a report talking about the federal wage, if were to go up to 10.10. by the second half of 2016, as many as a million jobs would be lost here you have a prime example of a fast-food chains, you know what? if you're going to raise more minimum wage we'll look another way to serve customers. >> first off it was 500,000. one person agrees, 1.9 million will be pulled out of poverty. you make 7.25, work 40 hours a week, you will stay in poverty. the idea somehow, every place we've seen where they have
9:30 am
raised minimum wage, nobody lost their jobs and there is more money in people's pockets that way, and spend more money doing that. as far as robots, i never been to pa nair a i don't know what it is. it is bread or something, right? >> bread and soup and sandwiches. >> bread and soup and sandwiches i no more take bread and soup from robot and fly to the moon. >> i'm with you. i like eye contact and a smile. >> reminded me of some people that are robots but. you want to go there or not. >> you have cbo, "the wall street journal," numerous studies come out if there is minimum wage hike it will hurt low-skilled workers, it will hurt young workers. a lot of workers are between 16 and 19 years old. people are going to lose jobs. those companies realize they don't want to pay that much money and replace it with a kiosk. >> they always say that every single time the minimum wage is raised this will happen and it doesn't happen. all democrats do want to raise minimum wage up to --
9:31 am
>> stay with inflation. >> if we just kept pace with inflation it would be $10 an hour. >> they have create ad robot that can flip hamburgers at rate of 300 -- >> you don't they have they would have done this anyway? >> more incentive to do it now. >> i don't think they eninvented robot last week. this is something that takes -- >> this particular machine can flip pancakes. i need that machine. >> that kind of freaks me out a little bit. we have it on the screen. it is freaky. go into panera, where you go, ihop, i love pancakes, the thing flips pancakes? i don't care when you're paying people, you can't have that thing. that is really frightening. kirsten, you bring up interesting point, if it was already cost effective they would do it. >> they are not already been doing it because you don't invent a robot overnight. this is something they have been working on a while and thinking about. i wouldn't go there. >> this goes back to the united
9:32 am
auto workers back when car companies began to use robots to do certain part of line work. exactly right. if these guys going to make money on it they will put a robot n i don't know how you tell a robot you want medium rare. >> you can't order medium rare at mcdonald's. >> first of you will you order anything at mcdonald's you would be in trouble. what a dump. >> comes down to the numbers that sandra brought up of the those are such good points. they're kind of scary if they will replace people. maybe if they raise the wage, there has to be some paper they sign you can't lay off x-amount of workers. >> we're kind of missing the point on panera story, bob. this guy is preaching raise the minimum wage but here he is trying to replace all minimum wage workers with computers and robots. >> exactly right. if he thinks he can do it and pay big money for them he will do it. >> interesting. by the way panera has this whole go green thing. you will need people to do that. >> so has -- i never been in
9:33 am
starbucks in my life except to go to the bathroom. they keep talking about going green. every time i see somebody walk out there their hands are hot from holding -- >> you're not supposed to go to the bathroom. >> that is lunch hour thing. >> it is lunch. we'll move on. tensions reportedly growing within the republican party. "washington post" said leading conservatives met privately to vent frustrations where the party is headed of the article sums it up this way, this is quote from the article. the group alarmed by resurgence of the gop establishment in recent primary and what activists view softened messages drafted demands to be shared with senior lawmakers calling on the party to recommit to bedrock principles. jedediah, give us a list of bedrock principles? >> i would say limited government. constitutional integrity. respect for individual liberty. comes down to freedom. obamacare is a key issue because it violates people's freedom and
9:34 am
choice to choose whatever plan they want. that is why it is enormously successful. social issues where republican party gets divided. you have more socially conservative wing of the party that supports traditional marriage. that is where -- >> not a single republican goes out there campaign everything you said, moderate, liberal conserve e differentens between sort of mainstream conservatives and whackos. and look, the republicans could have taken the senate twice. what did they do? they nominate ad witch. they nominated some crazy woman. >> that's a good point. >> not a witch. >>? >> she is not a witch. she reminded me of a witch. she reminded me of my great-aunt of the she was a witch. they have figured out a way to nominate people that just couldn't win. >> that is about good versus bad candidates. not tea party versus establishment. >> she won because she was a tea party candidate. >> isn't it about the message right now? i feel like republicans are so nervous. they have what it takes to win
9:35 am
but they're going to blow it. shouldn't message republicans really hone in on, shouldn't it be the economy? that is where they could get the current administration and democrats right now. >> there is lot of things. government incompetence. lack of trust in government. things certainly work to their advantage but look, both parties are always being pulled, tugged at bit base basically saying you're not paying attention to us. you need us in order to win. reality in order to win they have to pay attention to what the average voter wants. the average voter is more moderate. >> say one quick thing. kirsten and i have to defend obama every day. sometimes we feel like only fire plug at westminster dog show. that is tough job. both sides are being pulled. with the billionaire idealogues coming into these race, demanding not special influence around the product but special interest around idealogical ideas, that is dangerous. >> jedediah, before we get off the subject, i want to be clear. sound like first blush we're talking about republican party
9:36 am
being split in half. but it isn't like that. it is like the democrat party too there are a whole bunch of different factions. >> i agree. i think libertarian wing comes out with likes of rand paul. socially conservative wingets excited when rick santorum talks. >> is there a positive side to that? that has a lot of voices at table. >> i think you ultimately emerge with stronger, healthier party. growing pains are happening. i support it. i want rand paul and rick santorum and i want ted cruz. let them duke it out and see -- >> that means libertarians, they're for legalizing marijuana. >> that's true. gay marriage. >> legalizing prostitution. i'm not sure many republicans want to run on that. >> may come to that at some point soon. >> all right. now to the news. roaring wildfires in southern california are causing more destruction and evacuations. this is a situation that is just blaring out of control out there. bone-dry conditions are refusing to let this up. a lot of people are suffering. also girls are not only ones showing a little skirt at school
9:37 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's let's go to jon scot is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: harris, those california wildfires continuing out of control forcing residents from their homes and scorching tens of thousands of acres and claimed one life. largest part of the fires only 10% contained. we have a live report from the ground. barbara walters signs off after 50 years talking to countless celebrities and world leaders. she fine tuned the big-get interview. how will her departure change the face of tv news?
9:42 am
>>.pointing cancer's mother cells. they make a break-through that could revolutionize canner treatment. that is al coupling up on "happening now." >> thanks, jon. jon: thanks, harris. >> girls are not only ones wearing skirts to school today. firms in one region of france asking boys to wear skirts to fight sexism. the representative of the district would of course a day to discuss gender discrimination and counter it in high school life. male teachers took part in a similar protest last year. harris, this is something that is not mandatory. this was conceived by the students. does this sound a little odd to you though? >> i would say first they should have called it something else. lift the skirt sounds untoward. >> sounds a little strange. >> you know i can see the point of this wanting to make people feel equal i guess in a sense if that is reasoning for doing it.
9:43 am
i don't know if you express that with clothing there. are other ways to get a message across about equality and guys being guys and girls being girls and treat each other with respect by dressing like one another. >> i will be honest, i don't get it. bob, maybe you can explain it to me. >> i think they ought to wear miniskirts and speedos. >> for the boys. >> they realize what it is like, lift your skirt, are you kidding me? >> that is -- i think. >> how does that combat discrime exactly? possible, being you're speaking, yesterday on "the five" which i was on with you you drop ad certain "b" word. ii want to listen to that clip and see what the ladies have to say about it. >> i don't know who the broad was said it was sex it. >> broad. you are the greatest. thing on sexism i don't know who that broad was. >> what is wrong with that? i don't know what is wrong with broad. >> you will bring that word back, aren't you? >> what is wrong.
9:44 am
use that all my life. >> i'll take it. >> i want to know how all those, won't use the word again, all those girls gather around the table, you couldn't hear a single thing. it is typical. get 11 broads around a table, sorry, girls around a table and you can't hear anybody. >> so many problems with that. >> replacing it with girls was even -- >> grown women. >> explain yourself, mr. bob beckel. >> explain myself one more time. 11 broads around the table and couldn't get word in edgewise. broad, i'm slightly older than you all, a lot older than most of you. when i grew up a broad was considered a tough woman could cringe you under the table. was a lot of fun to be around. could stand up to men easily. had no connotation. not about to take it back. i used all my life. broads are certain women are not broads. what can i tell you? >> interesting when you go to the hr department do you take doughnuts?
9:45 am
>> they have been trying to get me to go to the sexual a harrassment thing for about a year. i'm not an employee. so i won't go to the thing. i read first four pages and i flunked it. what? you want to talk to me? >> are they proud of you? >> our line producer is a woman. >> i know that. okay. well you got broads all over the place here. >> for the record, i am kind of an italian broad. i wasn't offended, bob. i grew up in very italian household. my grandpa used the word. i got your back on this one. >> are you offended? >> i think you're referencing our broad based knowledge. >> exactly. exactly. >> what are you going to do. >> all right, guys. new hopes that the wave of anarchy in ukraine may be coming to an end. latest on unrest. here is one way women can get a leg up in elections. look like a lady. what a new survey says about a woman's appearance and her chances of winning in the polls. up next. ♪. [announcer] if your dog ca dream it,
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9:49 am
>> i may be "outnumbered." but i recommend to every man at fox but now -- [laughter]. with this story. could big eyes and long hair
9:50 am
give women an edge running for office? i'm so overwhelmed here my voice is shot. researchers say yes. they found voters are instinctively drawn to female candidates with traditionally feminine features. that is a finding. the i can take any of women with here on this stage and elect president of the united states. >> ah. >> is it true that better looking, male and female have an edge when they run for office? i think answer to that is yes. always been my experience. i did 107 campaigns. you've done a lot. what do you think? >> the thing i didn't understand is this big eye as feminine thing? >> i don't even know. >> big eyes like, eyelashes. widen the eyes. >> like bambi thing? doesn't sound right to me. does that sound right to you? i don't think there are lots of woman who aren't that feminine who have won office who are, you know, in fact a lot of them play it down. >> look at women elected to the united states senate. that is not u-haul.
9:51 am
i can tell you that. >> be kind. >> being kind but take a look at them. i like elizabeth warren but could she sit here with you guys? >> for men, look like chris christie, is always picked on because of his weight. people talk about romney's hair. i was sure romney's hair wasn't running for president but people were always talking about his hair. men talk about height. people talk about with respect to some candidates. universal when, look at stage, it is visual medium and look at stage, you see see dates there is visual component for large percentage of the audience that finds it pleasing or not. i don't know if it's a gender thing. >> it is now. 40 years ago, 50 years ago was not as much of politics. we couldn't see the. >> kennedy, nixon. >> it was televised. for first time they saw height differences and more glaring than perhaps a newspaper article.
9:52 am
>> they suesed to say fat men couldn't get elected to president. i'm not running anyway so it doesn't matter. certain stereotypes about candidates particularly for president. they see central casting for a president and, think about richard nixon. i mean, there is a central casting all right. but, you know, what do you think? >> so, i think that we have to identify what we're talking about here. is this politics in general? just running for president where the looks are more important? you're pointing out so eloquently about the u.s. senate where you're not going to find all completely gorgeous people. so this very particular to running for the presidency? look at the past presidents in the past 30, 40 years, are tall, handsome, men. and it is interesting to see that people want the same thing out of a female candidate. are they getting that with the next female candidate? >> well, maybe. i mean, you have to, actually the house has pretty good-looking -- >> trying to say it in the most
9:53 am
palatable way. >> trying to be, trying to, look if it were up to me, i said this for years, every elected official ought to be a woman we would be a lot better off. >> yeah. >> these guys are full of themselves and getting us into wars and all kind of stuff. but if i had to pick a candidate, attractive woman versus none attractive woman. would i take attractive woman, simple as that. gives me an edge. >> there you have it. bob, have you been on plane and trying to find right seat of and can't wait to get away from someone sitting next to you, maybe they're too big or smell funny, breathe funny? there is way to pick your seat meat based on common interests. >> means i would have a empty seat next to me. ♪.
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9:58 am
page. i get thousands of tweets every day. it is always negative. and crowd of conservatives, do they want to sit next to me. >> southwest, if you ever flown. it you pick your seat and you look at who you want to sit next to. >> i don't fly southwest because i am always in a seat that is assigned. i generally don't like to talk on plane ands work and reading. i would speak someone who is not speaking english or not going to talk to me. i am trying to get my column done. >> people are already talking about fake profiles and making them look bigger than they are. >> and the only thing i want to avoid is a loud eater. i always get the guy next to me.
9:59 am
it is hours since the chip. no one is going to post that about themselves. i eat chips loudly. someone invented this be tourist. >> do not talk to me and chew loudly. and harris, this is so offensive to me. i travel with kids. and i go to sit down and people are scooting over. you can't sit closer to the w window. >> the whole point is the bath rooms are too crowded. >> and why not. and oh, gosh. this is a kick. you really do. and how comfortable. >> it is comfortable.
10:00 am
>> and you stop they heard you snoring while i was talking. >> i was not snoring. i would stay up 15 days to be with you, baby. >> thank you, bob for being here. >> have a blessed weekend. wildfires burning dangerously close to home. and thousands had to get out many with clothes on their backs. now it has turned deadly. a pivotal player in the daring raid that freed jessica listen. that ranger has died. the hero lost his life in service to the country yet again. and they are resistant to radiation and chemo. they p


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