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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 16, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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question for miller, got a lot of stuff going on. interactive. again, thanks for watching us tonight. "kelly file" is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. i'm martha mccallum live in new york city and tonight, breaking tonight in a "kelly file" exclusive, new details on some top democrats the irs and questions whether or not the lawmakers were involved in the agency's targeting of conservative groups. plus, just days after an explosive report on how administration knowingly released rapist, thieves and killers facing deportation, there is now talk of executive action to relax the rules even further. >> so could that happen? >> i believe it will and it should. >> we'll investigate what this means. and then.
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>> the word of god is the standard in my home, it's the standard for my marriage. it's the standard for my companies. >> the benham brothers lost a possible tv show as a result of their christian believes and today, they nearly lost their business. but a dramatic new twist tonight on the "kelly file." starting now. >> breaking tonight in a "kelly file" exclusive, new questions about whether some top democrats were involved in irs targeting of conservative groups and whether the agency is trying to keep that from coming out. good evening, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in for kelly tonight. we have been reporting for the last 48 hours of how a court order forced the release of brand-new e-mails in the irs scandal, e-mails that show officials were discussing the effort to target conservatives and political groups in the run up to the 2012 election, senator leaven encouraged them to go out
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there and challenge those groups by the irs. now attention turns to roughly a dozen additional democrats now including senator harry reid, chuck schumer and mary landrieu and others. it's been almost a year exactly since republicans demanded the irs produce the e-mails between those lawmakers and the irs and we're hearing the irs still has not released those documents. joining me now, katy who broke this story. she's a fox news contributor and news editor for town you're suggesting through six different moves, they basically stone walled releasing information on the top senators, right? >> last year shortly after lois lerner admitted and apologized for the targeting of tea party groups, the group on capitol hill full of republicans asked the irs to produce information through a request showing the correspondence, if there was, between 13 democrats on the hill
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and this includes senator harry reid, senator chuck schumer and other democrats. the correspondence between them and top officials at the irs including former commissioner douglas shulman, lois lerner and and stephen miller. >> what is taking so long? >> throughout the course of the last year, we've seen the irs send these letters to the nrfc over and over again, six of them with the same exact language saying we need more time to fulfill your request. the first initial request that they asked for more time, the irs has 20 days to respond to a request by law and they then have a ten-day period to extend it to and then they have also recognized that after that ten-day period they can sue the group asking for that information. they keep sending letters over and over again saying we need time to compile this information but don't deny the information exists, which suggests they are running out the clock to circle the wagons around democrats
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because that correspondence exists. >> you go to lois lerner and who took the fifth and all of that that put together suggests there is something they don't want to release. if they had gone through everything and found nothing, you would think they would be more than happy to say we went through everything, we haven't seen any correspondence pushing them to investigate or give these groups a hard time. >> right. the specific language in these letters, the entire six of them that keep getting sent in response to this request, they specifically say we need more time to compile and send and go through this information, and on the election side, we know the irs was working with democrats during an election year to try and target these groups, but going forward, march -- mary landrieu is on this list because people had a -- they had a suspicion there were democrats and harry reid on the senate floor calling out groups saying they need to be targeted and chuck schumer saying this.
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so the nrfc wanted to know what information there could have been between the irs and democrats and they are getting stone walled and that information isn't coming forward. >> they still don't know. judicial watch got them through suing. so we'll see what happens next. katy, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. the court order that produced the e-mails came after a lawsuit, as i junction mentioned from judicial watch. the news about senator leaven's e-mails and the role of the irs headquarters in washington got picked up by a couple dozen newspapers, blogs and newscasts like this one but our next guest says it has been so far ignored by a broad part of the main stream media. brad is the president of the media research center. good to have you with us. why didn't they cover it? >> well, let's put the news in the proper perspective. the developments in the last week, the first thing that we know is that the documents that we're talking about were supposed to be delivered by administration. it took judicial watch and
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freedom of information act to do what the government, what the obama administration simply will not do, just like with benghazi. the second thing that we learned was that this story about the irs targeting coming from a cincinnati office was a lie. these documents now confirm it, and it's confirmed because lois lerner we know was lying when she said that just like benghazi saying it was a video. the third thing we learned a united states senator was using his power to push the most feared arm of the federal government to persecute conservative organizations -- >> brent, you know -- >> like americans for prosperity. >> carl leaven's office says look, he was concerned that these groups were using their political abilities to sway people and they are not allowed to do politics, essentially, so he wanted them checked out and they claim he investigated liberal groups, even though it was one, compared to 11.
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>> they say that but it's a litany of conservative groups. what is the irs going to do when a senior member, the united states senate says i want this done as if the irs was the personal fiefdom of carl leaven but this is what happens when it's a government out of control, and we have a government out of control. so you've got those three major developments. the fourth was that the media thought there was no interest in this, abc, nbc, cbs, not one second has been devoted to this. and to put that in as proper perspective. they were spending 20 minutes talking about karl rove and hillary clinton but zero seconds on these stories. >> brent, thank you very much. something to think about. good to see you tonight. all right. also breaking tonight, we are just getting word that a 57-year-old man has been charged with setting one of the wildfires that swept across southern california throughout the course of this week. this as we get word that another fire has erupted at camp pendleton.
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good evening, trace. >> martha, that new fire was called the combat fire. now it's renamed the san mateo fire. either way, it is a very for midable force. it pushed evacuations to 75% of the northern part of the base, marines and families being forced out. keep in mind, cameras not allowed on camp pendleton or on. it looks like a big, giant smoke plume now. two other fires burning out there. some 15,000 acres on camp pendleton, eight across the entire city of san diego aside from the camp with the cocoas fire threatening thousands of homes. today some people came back to their burned out homes and some people like jim, he never left. listen to him. >> my wife loves this house. we wake up every morning, i love this house. we have to save this house. we did.
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>> he did, indeed. but many neighbors lost their homes. at least 37 structures across san diego have been destroyed. the temperatures and wind both dropped a bit today. they are hoping for a bit more tomorrow, and if you think it's dangerous fighting fires, it's also a little dangerous when you cover them. this is a photographer in san diego that got a bit close to the fire drop. he got a face and camera full of the orange stuff, martha, not too bad. happened to me. you get over it. days after an explosive report on how administration released thousands of felons facing deportation, there is talk of executive action to relax the rules on them even further. that's next, plus this. >> international outrage mounting over the death sentence for the pregnant wife of an american citizen in sudan because she refuses to renounce
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her christian faith and concerns about the state of veterans health care as battle field heroes wait for doctors while a soldier who betrayed his country gets gender treatment? plus, first they lost their tv show, then they almost lost their business. a dramatic new twist tonight in the story of the benham brothers and their christian faith. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. ♪
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just days after a bombshell report shows just days after a bombshell report shows administration frees thousands with serious criminal convictions back into their communities, we're getting hints that the president could take executive action to change a controversial program that is meant to identify and remove immigrants who pose a threat to public safety in their communities. here is the new secretary of homeland security on this, listen. >> the program is very controversial and i told a group of sheriffs and chiefs that i met with a couple days ago that i thought we need add fresh start. >> former speech writer for president george w bush and american enterprise institute fellow. mark, good evening. good to have you here, as always. >> good evening, how are you? >> good. it's interesting. this is a program the president ramped up and had removed a lot of people using this program and took credit, you know, and said
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we've done more deportations than any prior president but now they decided that for some reason, this program is a bad idea. why would that be? >> i'm not sure. they are saying that what they are going to do or contemplating is raising the restrictions, a program called secure communities and federal officials, if a local police detains somebody in another crime and their fingerprints show up in a federal data base of people who have immigration offenses, they can be detained by immigration and considered for deportation. what they are doing is saying they have to be convicted, not booked for a crime for that to happen. i don't know why conviction is such a standard since they released 36,000 people who -- were convicted of serious crime. >> we have a break down of those people. let's put that up on the screen. this release of 36,000 people included 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions were among those released into the general
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public, 16,000 plus drunk and drugged driving convictions of folks. it makes no sense. i mean, why would they be doing this? i know you feel there is a political under pinning here. what do you think it is? >> sure, they are releasing murders and kidnappers and the rest. reasonable people can disagree about immigration reform. reasonable people can disagree about a path to citizen ship. we should be able to agree if you're an illegal immigrant who comments a serious crime, the only path is a path out of the country. i think what they are trying to do is use this as pressure on congress to pass immigration reform that the president is going to go out and do it unlat hilly if congress doesn't act. the reason that's holding up immigration reform in congress is the president's lawlessness and action. the fact that he's not enforcing the laws he's already passed and members of congress feel if there is a deal on immigration that involves enforcement and
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amnesty of some kind, enforcement will not happen because obama follows the laws. >> they are hoping that this will urge something to happen or perhaps urge something not to happen because this is going to paint john boehner into a difficult position because his critics on his side of the fence will say why would we agree to anything on immigration reform because this is the stuff they want to do? makes it harder for john boehner to do it. >> makes it much harder for him to do it. we have an administration that is not enforcing obama care and passing waivers and enforced the dream act that congress didn't agree to pass. they have deferred deportation for 1.7 million people who came to the country under 16. that may or may not be a good idea but congress didn't pass the act. he has to follow the laws and we're talking about not deporting criminals. how is that going to help the cause of immigration reform?
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if you are for immigration reform, you should be for the secure communities program. we should agree people that commit crimes should be punished. >> thanks. >> she married an american and calls herself a christian and now a muslim court says that after she gives birth to the baby that she is now expecting, leaving islam. see what washington is doing about this coming up next. and then a new twist in the story of a u.s. marine jailed for weeks in mexico after he got lost. >> plus when edward snowden decided to publish some of america's most critical secrets, he used glenn greenwald to tell his story. greenwald joins us tonight on the saga and blow back. >> do you think that glenn greenwald should be prosecuted for what is released so far? >> it should be considered. the reason, it's putting american lives at risk.
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she married an american and calls herself a christian and now a muslim court says after this young wife and mother gives birth to her second child, they will give her 100 lashes and hang her for marrying a christian. that's her crime. earlier this week, the judge gave the 27-year-old an opportunity to recan't her christian faith. she refused, declaring in court i am a christian and i will remain a christian. she is a woman of courage, and joining me now is fox news political analyst kirsten powers. thank you for being here tonight. >> good to be here.
9:22 pm
>> this is an extraordinary story that is playing out in sudan, which is one of the most impossible places to practice religion freedom in the world, and religious freedom in the world and she is definitely a victim of that. >> right. i mean, what incredible bravery, too. you know, when you think about this, that she has basically been told if you will renounce your faith we won't kill you and she won't do that. it's a testament to how deeply she holds this belief and it's a belief that really needs to be protected and it's not just that she is going to be possibly executed, that she is going to be, you know, punished allegedly for adultery because she married a non-muslim, she has a 20 month old with her in jail. this is incredibly inhumane. >> the logic is so difficult for us to understand. in this country. they are basically saying her son can't be with his father who is christian who is wheelchair bound because he's not muslim so he doesn't count as a parent and
9:23 pm
she's the only parent and this child, toddler, he's suffering with her in prison. >> right. yes, and i think, you know, the question is what is the united states doing about this? they have expressed some outrage about it, but are they pressuring, putting any pressure in this situation? i mean, this is such a fundamental right to practice your religion. she was raised by a christian mother, so she actually was raised a christian. her father was a muslim, but abandoned the family, and then she was apparently reported by a family member, i mean, can you imagine -- >> her brother. >> her family member saying she's an apostacy -- >> and adultress. this is the statement from the government. we called on the government to respect her and to her right to
9:24 pm
freedom of religion, a universal human right enshined in sudan's own 2005 constitutional as well as the universal of as the universal of declaration, of human rights. so that's well and good. i don't know, should we be criticizing our government for not doing enough or not? >> i think we should be, and i think this -- look, persecution, religious persecution around the world is one of the biggest, it is the biggest human rights crisis in the world and not just christians. you know, even in a lot of these countries, you will see muslim minorities being discriminated against and persecuted and the president has said almost nothing. this is an opportunity to speak up, especially when her life is on the line but she represents so many people, martha. this is not isolated. this is something happening all over the world, and the united states really has not at all taken this seriously. you know, we don't have an envoy, frank wolf is somebody on the hill whose been pushing for
9:25 pm
us to have an envoy and i can't stress the horrors that religious people around the world of all religions, not just christians are experiencing. >> if you print this out, there are pages and pages of church bombings and killings of women and children in horrific situations, many christian, but you're right, it's not limited just to christianity but would be nice to hear more because it's an outrage and probably nobody is in a better position to put pressure on these governments than the united states. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. always good to see you. have a good weekend. >> you, too. so a little more on this story, of the benham brothers that lost a possible tv show because of their beliefs and today almost lost their entire business but there is some breaking news in this story
9:26 pm
tonight for the future of these two, plus, what does it say reports of battle field heroes waiting months to see a doctor while a soldier who betrayed his country gets special taxpayer funded gender treatment? that question has been raised by our next guest and she'll tell us what she thinks about it just ahead. >> every time my husband reached out to the va, they just kept telling him be patient, sir. i'm here to tell you that my dead veteran husband cannot be much more patient than he is today, but me, i'm pissed. low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone i hit new york... and texas! see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪
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can be delivered directly to your door with nexium direct. talk to your doctor to see if nexium is right for you. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for 24 hour support, automatic refills, and free home delivery, enroll at it's the nexium you know, now delivered. breaking tonight, questions over a major shakeup, a move that may present the first attempt at holding someone accountable for misconduct that may have caused the deaths of dozens of veterans. after testifying yesterday, general eric shinseki demanded the resignation of the highest
9:30 pm
ranking official at the va. under secretary of health robert petzel stepping down today after controversy whether or not this was just sort of window dressing because he was expected to retire on his own in the coming year. but there is a catch to that requirement, and some questions about his replacement, as well. ed henry has this story this evening from the white house. >> martha, remember when the irs scandal got particularly hot and we were told the acting commissioner would be stepping down and we learned his term was expiring? something similar happened at the va today. the secretary of health was resigning, although it turns out that the va announced last fall he was retiring this year anyway. here is the interesting part. we were also learning that on may 1st, the president nominated petzel's replacement, jeffrey.
9:31 pm
morealski. it turns out he's a doctor at the heinz va hospital in the chicago area. you will remember earlier this week we told you about how there were new allegations that there were secret waiting lists at the heinz va medical hospital where he works, so the presidents nominee to replace him is someone who works at a hospital who is currently under investigation. meanwhile, all these allegations swirled, the president today went to shake shack here in washington and it's the second time he talked about pushing congress for more transportation funding but not talked about, the president hasn't talked about the va scandal since april 28th when i pressed him at a news conference in manila. today we pressed jay carney on why the president is not speaking out more. >> if fixing this va is not a priority, why have we not heard from him since april 28th. >> there have been allegations. the veterans affairs administration has responded to those allegations by launching a review and suggesting and
9:32 pm
recommending and soliciting the independent investigation. >> eric can't,er. >> eric canter subpoena suggesting he ducks responsibility by having cabinet officials take the heat. officials here insist that the president is taking responsibility. he's put a top white house aid over at the va to oversee the review and also say that robert petzel would have stayed on for months while his replacement was confirmed by the senate. instead, he's out right away but republican jeff miller who chairs the veterans affairs committee, he says the fact petzel was retiring, to call it a resignation he says doesn't pass the smell test. martha? >> thank you, ed. so meanwhile, a striking new comparison tonight putting the state of our veterans care in sharp focus. one commentator observing that american vets who put their lives on the line have allegedly died waiting for care at the va while the army is going to great lengths to treat convicted
9:33 pm
trader bradley manning for gender disorder. she is not happy about that and a washington times columnist, tammy, good to see you tonight. >> martha, thanks for having me on. >> talk to me about this, you make this comparison that the veterans who have fought for their country are dying while they are waiting for cancer treatments and you feel that the treatment of bradley manning is unfair, given that background? >> it's an extraordinary situation, both situations on their own are remarkable and unacceptable. when you compare the situation, the horrible stories out of the va, so many men and women died, it seems to be what government does. it's like government can't function and in that way it's true but on the other hand, with health care in this case with bradley manning a traitor, they are moving heaven and earth and spending tax dollars top give him the vp health treatment.
9:34 pm
regardless, you got taxpayer dollars, whether it's organ transplants or in this case a sexual reassignment treatment, it really highlights what they are capable of doing but in this case, our veterans are dying and a traitor is being treated like royalty. >> why are they doing that for him? why is it happening? >> well, one of the arguments is and an a official said this they to reporters, they feel they didn't do this for bradley manning, who calls himself chelsea, it would be cruel and inhumane, cruel and unusual punishment and yet, that doesn't seem to be a consideration for our veterans. i think it's political correctness, the nature it fits within a certain particular agenda. even chuck hagel our defense secretary has stepped in to get manning transferred to a civilian prison. look, martha, even the hormones
9:35 pm
monthly this man wants costs about $200 a month and you're looking at a different machine moving this along because it's politically correct and fits administration's agenda. >> what do you think about the fact carney was asked, where has the president been on this since april 28th when we had all of these new developments and told we're investigating. we take it seriously. we'll get to the bottom of it but it's been pushed off. >> the president has shown us he can move quickly on those that move the agenda. or even effectively divide the american people. he said something immediately regarding the harvard arrest of the professor about the george zimmerman trial. he was right out there in front about trans swawls and gays in the military and as a gay woman, it is particularly offensive because it's as though they are using those issues to panlder to people while destroying the lives of those who make a country like this fabulous for everyone including minorities.
9:36 pm
so i think you are looking at a choice and for obama it's not good news. if he's fog to -- if he's going to plit size the va, he's going to be in a lot of trouble. they don't know what to do. literally this, they don't know what to do about it and he is making a mistake by ignoring it. >> tammy, good to see you. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. well, what edward snowden was ready to leak the classified documents he had stolen from the national security agency, one of the first journalist he reached out to was glen greenwald. he is out with a new book called "no place to hide." it details how he met the nsa leaker and how he decided to expose the information. here is glenn greenwald. good evening. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you, thanks.
9:37 pm
>> it's very interesting. just got through some of the beginnings of your story here but you talk about what it was like when he first reached out to you and you developed a reputation someone interested in uncovering these kinds of stories, you kept it at arm's length because you have a lot of stories that are crazy. >> people contact you and say i have a huge story for you and unless they give you something, you tend to be prioritizing because 99% of the time it's crazy or something worse. that's all that happened, we had a hard time communicating. in the beginning, he wanted me to use extradition knowing the nsa can listen between journalists and sources. >> it's real like like a spy novel. he talks and signs everything another name and you go to hong kong and meet with him. did you have reservations? you've been hit with a boat load of criticism for uncovering national security secrets that the top echelons say put us in
9:38 pm
great danger. >> the purpose of journalism is challenge those who have political and other kinds of power, not accommodate them. when you shine a light on what politicians are doing, you'll get attacked and criticized and every time there is something called unauthorized disclosure which means reporting things they are doing and kept secret. they read from the same script. it's helping the terrorists -- >> you weren't concerned you might do something to put people's lives in danger. >> we got tens of thousands of documents from edward snowden. we had them for a year and published a small percentage because we've meticulous and pain staking only publishing what won't damage or hurt anybody. >> what is his life like now? he can't leave russia. if he leaves, he'll be arrested.
9:39 pm
what's your communication with him? what's it like? >> i talk to him very regularly over encrypted chat technologies. russia isn't a place he planned to be on. he was going to go to latin america. >> a lot of people see him as being used a pawn. >> the u.s. government forced him to be there because he tried to get out on his way to havana through to latin america where he wanted to seek asylum, and you know, i think the question is not why is edward snowden in russia, why do whistle-blowers who get prosecuted at a greater rate than any president feel the need to flee to avoid life in prison for informing fellow citizens of what they aught to know? that's a compelling question. he is very content in the choice he made. he puts his head on his pillow every night knowing he took action in defense for his privacy rights and that's not something most people can say and he's one of the happiest people i know. >> a lot of people have come down on you for this and support
9:40 pm
of rand paul and judge napolitano. very interesting story, glenn, thanks for talking about it. >> okay. so coming up, the benham brothers lost a possible tv show as a result of their christian beliefs and today nearly lost their business but there is a dramatic new twist in their story tonight. stick around for that. a new twist in the story of a u.s. marine jailed for weeks in mexico after he got lost. >> i'm at the border of mexico right now and my problem is, i crossed the border by accident, and i have three guns in my truck, and they are trying to possess, they are trying to take my guns from me. on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that game show hosts should only host game shows? samantha, do you take kevin as your lawfully wedded husband... or would you rather have a new caaaaaar!!!! say hello to the season's hottest convertible...
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we never spoke about homosexuals as individuals but an agenda and agenda, what i mean by agenda is an environment created whereby men zp women of faith cannot voice beliefes without fear of losing their livelihood. >> that is one of the benham brothers speaking after hgtv dropped a reality show based on their real estate business in florida. hg tv would not say why they dropped criticized for christian beliefs, now tonight, they have a new controversy on their hands because they are claiming their
9:45 pm
bank abruptly stopped doing business with them closing a million accounts that they had over a very quick period of time. a million is an exaggeration and the bank suddenly turned it around and reversed course. dana is a radio america talk show host and jessica is a democratic strategist. good to have you with us tonight. dana, what do you make of this? >> let me start with you. >> i think that sun trust was maybe thinking that they were going to go ahead cut these brothers because of a society that can't tolerate diversity and it failed horribly so they reversed course so a vender apparently, one of the businesses that works with one of sun trust's third party vendors, the vendor said it was the bank sun trust that said without a doubt they didn't want to work with the benham brothers
9:46 pm
and sun trust said it was this third-party vendor, whoever it was, we don't need to pass the buck. i'm glad the decision was reversed. >> it must have been a strange creepy event for them over a 15-minute period they had listings with sun trust and got pulled instantly and not given an indication of why. they say they were caught off guard. jessica, what do you think? >> well, i think that's fully within the right of sun trust to do, depending on the contractual agreement. but in particular what i find it's disappointing about the situation is that sun trust commented about why they, you know, brought the brothers back. they said they didn't know about the situation and wanted to remain apolitical and not a political entity in this situation. they are a bank. what i find sad and disturbing, what you have are two attention seeking reality television want to be appearing brothers who are political activists and using that as a way to continue to get
9:47 pm
their own business and drive that and i find that very disturbing. >> but, i mean -- >> do -- >> saying -- >> i got to jump in -- >> they have their political beliefs and religious beliefs. and people can read them and take a look at them. they might find them offensive or they may not but at what point do you cross the line where you say what i think in private should not be part of the business transactions that i'm part of, dana? >> i have to jump into jessica's remark. i wonder if she finds it disturbing and attention seeking the brothers were committed still to the six families whose homes they were flipping for this television show. they had already started production and when hg tv pulled it, the brothers continued on their time and on their own dime, i might add, to continue their promise and fulfill what they said they would do with these families. if we're going to have a conversation -- >> that had nothing to do with
9:48 pm
political beliefs. >> you said you found it disturbing. i don't understand the anti christian bigotry. the world is big enough for us all, don't you think? >> absolutely. what you said encapsulates my argument completely. >> how so? >> there is no anti christian bigotry here. >> they cloaked their political views in a religious -- >> you said -- >> no, i said they cloaked their political views -- >> i don't find christian views to be political -- >> these are not christian views. [ overlapping speakers ] >> they have taken their anti -- >> what about the bible -- >> hold on, hold on, jessica, you go ahead and then -- >> their anti homosexuality and those are their positions. those are not the views for all christians and for you to say that is outrageous. >> how are they anti homosexuality. >> they have come out repeatedly, aside from the lies on television -- >> anti christian, using your logic, jessica, using your logic, if they are anti homosexual -- because they believe in a
9:49 pm
biblically -- >> not all christians belief -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> nobody can hear -- nobody can hear your point, jessica. >> you'll learn more if you keep your mouth shut. >> that's not necessary, either. >> you don't need to get rude about this. we're not having a -- >> if we have a discuss about rudeness, let's start with your name calling and rudeness because you're calling him a -- >> calling them political extremists, is not name calling. >> your voice is shaking. >> you can see why this has people talking. >> dana thank you very much. >> jessica, see you next time. >> whoa. on monday night, an exclusive interview you don't want to miss when the brothers sit down with megyn kelly when she comes back to discuss the controversy and fallout right here on the "kelly file." a new twist in the story of a u.s. marine jailed for weeks in mexico after he took a wrong turn and got lost. >> so you're in mexico? >> yeah -- >> there is nothing i can help you with, sir, i do apologize.
9:50 pm
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so a shocking new recording of the 911 call by a u.s. marine after accidentally crossing into mexico with three guns in his truck. hey, trace. >> hey. he's been in that mexican prison for a month and a half. we're just now learning about this 911 call. tom rossi says he just remembered he made the call. he contacted his family and they got a copy of the dispatch tape. this audio could be critical to his defense. mexican authorities are adamant he did not cross into mexico
9:54 pm
with three loaded guns accidentally. listen to mexican authorities followed by the 911 call. >> he did not tell us that he crossed by mistake. >> i'm at the border of mexico right now. my problem is, i crossed the border by accident and i have three guns in my truck and they're trying to possess -- they're trying to take my guns from me. >> so you're in mexico? >> that tape has prompted california congressman duncan hunter to write another letter to secretary of state john kerry. hunter says he did not respond to the first one. the recording corroborates andrew's account and reveals his lack of situational awareness around the border. i urge you to take immediate action to address this important matter. tom rossi had been in tijuana a
9:55 pm
number of times before this incident. his next court appearance in mexico is may 28th. he's facing six years in prison if convicted. tonight, a must-see follow-up to the story of the fearless kitty who came to the rescue of a young boy. coming up on "hannity," at the top of the hour -- >> i wrote a brief to secretary clinton laying out the evidence and the legal reasoning -- >> when was this? >> i sent this to her i want to say 2012. i did not so much as get an acknowledgment. instead of mailing everyone my vacation photos,
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10:00 pm
"america's news room." megyn is back on monday. have a great weekend, everybody. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." tonight for the full hour, we're going to be joined by a distinguished studio audience, including women who have lived under sharia law. as the search for nearly 300 nigerian schoolgirls continues, rather than calling for military action against the extremists, liberals have a social media campaign to try to bring back the kidnapped schoolgirls. it


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