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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  May 18, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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u.s., until it became a day off. >> for veterans. thank you so much. my one thing, i'm watching the wells fargo investor meeting next week. i'm maria bartiromo, stay with fox#mediabuzz with hour kurtz next. >> i have exclusive new details as to why "the new york times" fired jill abramson after she claimed being paid less than male editors. we'll go behind the pr nightmare for the nation's most influential paper. karl rove questions hillary clinton's health and is widely attacked for a low blow. >> look, she had a serious episode, and i don't know about you, but if you go through a serious health episode it causes
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you to look at life a little bit differently and this was a serious deal. >> did the fox news contributor go too far? donald sterling dig himself a digger hole by slamming michael johnson. barbara walters hanging it up after a broadcasting career of more than 50 years. >> true, i was the first female co-host as a network news program, but it's also truth that i was a flop, as you heard my male coe host didn't wabt a partner, i was drowning and gasping for air, and someone threw me that life preserver called specials. >> how did she change television and can the view thrive would you tell her? i'm howard kurtz and this is
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#mediabuzz. this is a fox news alert, new information emerging about what's become a civil war at the "new york times." it was a happy day at the times when jill abramson was the first female executive editor in its 160 year history. >> i'm so proud of the fact that i am the first woman to hold this job. >> but the times took a beating after she was abruptly fired this week amid press reports that she was paid less than her male predecessor. late yesterday in an extraordinary second statement from the publisher, with sulzberger flatly denying the allegation of unequal pay. this after the first
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african-american editor was appointed to replace her. >> shven just fired, clearly, because the pay disparity issue. that sped into a narrative that she was difficult to work with. >> joining us now lauren ashburn who hosts social buzz on the fox website. rick grenell and michelle cottle, senior writer for the national journal. what do you make of arthur sulzberger getting killed in the press yesterday? >> they bungled it and completely and absolutely. they reason they had to put it out on saturday because all the sun shows are going to be talking about how "the new york times" really bungled it. the problem is it's peak that -- pathetic he had to attack jill
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after shoving her out the door. >> they spent a lot of ink, though, on this equal pay issue, and now it turns out that there wasn't equal pay even though the times says there was, and they look like hip owe credits. the coverage was weighted heavily in the equal pay issue. >> we can talk about this story all day. i think it's fantastic. to have the publisher of the "new york times" complaining about mainstream media coverage is fantastic. i mean, here this is the -- >> try to restrain yourself. >> this is the team that created the mainstream media tactic of bullying. i disagree with lauren completely. the simple fact is that there was one source in the story. that's clear it was jill abramson. she completely made up this
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whole phony argument that she was paid less. "the new york times" is on the record -- "the new york times" is on the record is saying it's not true. why would canaletta -- >> you don't believe "the new york times." >> i don't believe the new yorkers un -- anonymous sourcing on this sorry. canaletta first wrote this was a issue she was fired over because she was paid less. "the new york times" says it's not true. >> i want to come back to this equal pay question. we still have here an issue where a newspaper has canned a woman and gotten into a public fight with a woman and trashed a woman who had until a few days ago had been its leader of its newsroom. >> that's right. it got all the good press when she became editor so you live by the gender, you guy by the gender and on some level they are going to have to address questions and come up with kind of why this happened. i mean, they talk about how
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difficult she was. she managed down poorly. she had fights with people in the newsroom. it doesn't sound like she managed up very well either so basically when it came time to explain this, the pay issue seems like a pretty convenient one. >> there's a number of reasons that she was let go. obviously, jill abramson she lost the confidence of her boss. one of the triggering things she had the tell me rit to hire a lawyer. >> this happens with women and if you think that it doesn't, it does, and i know it firsthand. when i was promoted to being an executive at usa today, i found out that my male predecessor was making a ridiculously larger salary than i was, and i said that i demanded that i be paid equal, equally, with this man. it was a huge risk for me to do that, because he could have said you are out of here. no. >> isn't that dangerous for you and other women to challenge that when you get offered a
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promotion? >> of course it's dangerous. this whole sheryl sandberg book called lean in, talking about how you have to say what your worth and value is, it seems to me that jill abramson leaned in and was executed. >> the times says that's not true. look, i agree, if a woman is underpaid to a man and they are doing the same job, it's outrajs, it's wrong. it shouldn't happen. i absolutely agree with you this seems like a very convenient excuse by jill abramson. we knew she was mean spirited. we knew she was nasty. we've seen the reports over the last three years that she can't get along with people. >> so when male editors of the "new york times," i'm thinking of how rhames, and abe rosen
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that will, are women described differently in terms of their management style. >> absolutely. i've had some crazy male bosses that nobody chalked it up to, they don't have what it take. it's just the way that women are treated, and on some level, even if women tend to be a little bit harsher, which i don't know, maybe she was, you have to ask is that how they got to where they are, because i've been in situations where women have the exact same things to say in editorial meetings and exact same pitches and they get ignored. >> that's wrong. i don't think that's the issue here. >> the real issue is whether or not this would be done if it were a gruff man who had gone up against his staff and done things. would he have been fired the exact same way as a woman? there's a very narrow band of acceptable behavior for women in management. you can't be too feminine, you
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can't too masculine, otherwise you are seen as pushy. >> and we do have to say, let me get this in here, there was no scandal at the "new york times" under her watch. she won eight pult zer prizes under her tenure. let me come back to the equal pay thing because it gets a little complicated. >> i don't totally agree with that. i think they have tanked a little bit. gone left wing, they are losing credibility and i think that directly goes to jill abramson. >> the newspaper leans to the left. jill abramson has been widely cited by conservatives saying she was the obama white house was the most secretive white house. >> jill abramson made as much as $100,000 in a man in a comparable job. when it comes to currently compensation, there's pension, bonuses, saltsburger may be well right in saying she made 10%
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more it seemed to me a tipping point. she went out to hire a co-managing editor, and she didn't tell her current managing editor, that was seen at another example of her heavy handed management. >> what i want to focus on is really those things i think are important. we need to find out the facts. we need to find out that jill was underpaid. "the new york times" is saying that's absolutely not true. i'm focused on the coverage here. the media coverage is atrocious. they all jumped on and believed canaletta's story which is a convenient die attribute that this was a pay issue. >> i'm told that this sulzberger had had it not pause of the pay issue, but because of this incident i described involving
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her deputy. also in terms of her coverage, this is an insta fram photo that jill abramson's daughter posted, angry gray lady. would you say perhaps through whispering through media friends that jill abramson has controlled the narrative here to make her be the put upon person? >> it's a combination of that and women who have experiences that lauren has, politico magazine, susan glasser put out a piece talking about how she's had several experiences like that. i don't agree it's all about the money. there are also a lot of pieces out there that just ask the question about whether or not women can get away with the same sorts of management techniques men do. >> i just want to say, this is a very 1% issue right that we're talking about, but it affects
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women, if the pay allegations are true, it affects women all across the country in terms of the kind -- in terms of how the coverage is portrayed of women. >> i feel very safe in saying we have not heard the end of this story. send me a tweet @howard kurtz. did karl rove cross the line? . er than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ don't miss a beat... ♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ ♪ oooh discover the fearless protection of tena. even when you twist not a drop escapes.
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. karl roev touched off a media furor this week when he questioned the extent of hillary
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clinton injuries, even suggesting she might have suffered brain damage. >> i didn't say she had brain damage. she had a serious health episode. i mean, she basically is out of action from -- she's in and out of the office for starting on the 7th of december after she returns, she returns on a friday from the czech republic, then it becomes over a month long period where she's got a serious illness, ending up in the hospital, we don't know what the doctor says," said what she's got to be concerned about. she's hidden a lot. >> rove's detractors pounced on his remarks. >> with shocking comments from karl roev -- >> this vicious assault by karl roev. >> i think this is the worst kind the republican consultant behavior this kind of personal negative attack.
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>> i think what karl did was purposeful and brilliant. >> rick, by and large, karl rove has gotten denounced by this, including some folks on the right. i don't think -- >> i don't think you can count newt begin beginnigingrich on t issue. i think wall street journal had the best piece. the rove's comments put the spotlight on hillary clinton's health. we don't know what happened. then bill clinton drops a bomb that six weeks of recovery that hillary had to go through. >> six months. >> the mainstream media had not reported that. what decisions were made during those six months? there's a whole bunch to speculate and talk about. this is a serious issue and i think the health of hillary should be focused on. >> of course, hillary clinton's health and her age are fair
8:18 am
game, like anybody who runs for president, if indeed she does that. did rove go further than that and did he overstate the case? >> it's what he does. there's a serious genius to it. he's getting a lot of blowback now. as we go along, it will be in there and people will discuss this a lot. >> i couldn't agree with you more, michelle, what they did is he floated a trial balloon for political coverage for 2016 elections and even though that balloon was being shot down by liberals, it still -- the issue is still being talking about. politico had eight different stories talking about this. i checked msnbc as of thursday night in its prime time schedule was still talking about it on four of the five shows. >> talking about rove and his comments, not so much about hillary's health and all the questions that still remain unsans -- unanswered.
8:19 am
>> my point is you have to talk about hillary's health in order to talk about rove so therefore the issue is still out there. >> i've been saying this for six months. he thinks it's a legitimate issue obviously. he was surprised that it was a headline writer at the new york post putting brain damage in there as if he's suggesting she's mentally impaired. it does suggest to me that karl rove accomplished his mission although he sees it differently. >> i think he did accomplish his mission and in addition to the health issue, it raises the age issue, every time we've brought this up on any channel, they are talking about, she's going to be 69 or is this too hold -- >> and 77 after her second term. >> and even this they bring up karl didn't feel this way when people were talking about mccain's age. >> let's see,ed media -- the
8:20 am
media talked about mccain's age, bob dole, reagan's age. >> i have to give credit to fox for holding his feet to the fire. bill hemmer had an interview with him the next day in which he said, okay, karl, let's talk about this inaccuracy, where you said she was in the hospital for 30 days. she was only in the hospital for 3 days, this could have been an issue because karl rove is a fox news contributor we could have swept under the rug and not dealt with. >> the difference between mccain and hillary clinton, because the media was curious and reported on mccain's age whether there was any type of scandal. they are only focusing on the hillary issue because karl rove raised it. they are acting like she's a frontrunner. >> he had to overstate it in order to get the saturation coverage he wanted. otherwise, she had this small
8:21 am
incident and a health problem. >> this is not unique to fox, when you have somebody playing two roles both a cable comment tater and a partisan fund-raiser, there's no secret he helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the republican party. >> i don't believe anybody believes that karl is a neutral observer in all this. he has a reputation. he has some pretty good dirty tricks up his sleeves from years past. everyone knows that. you know what you get. >> you know what we got. >> that's what chris wallace talked about on their round table is people do know what karl rove stands for. >> he certainly has a knack for attracting attention. thanks very much for stopping by this sunday. ahead on #mediabuzz, a look at barbara walters's legacy as shes
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it seemed like donald sterling was going to fade into obsecurity after being banned by the nba. we had enough of the tape after he scolded his girlfriend regarding magic johnson. he sat down with anderson cooper. >> what time of guy goes and has sex with every girl and then he catches hiv is that one we want to respect and tell our kids about? what does he do for the black people? he doesn't do anything. >> i spoke earlier with mike,
8:26 am
the co-host of espn's pardon the interruption from chicago. mike, welcome. >> thank you, howie. >> i thought the media were done with this donald sterling story. now there are new tapes in which sterling talks about having sex with his girlfriend. he's fighting the $2.5 million fine. is this an important story? >> yes, it is. it is salacious as well, but it is an important story. i don't know the last time that we had a public figure in a place like los angeles, no less, someone who owns a sports franchise, all these things are true about donald sterling, say something this hateful that became public. i know he thought he was saying it privately, but in this day and age i think that people who have public lives at all know that nothing can be guaranteed to remain private. it's like archie bunker without the laugh track. you say this and you know you
8:27 am
are in a business who the players who are your employees are 70% or north of that african-american. you know that. if you were in some other industry, maybe this doesn't cause the stir that it does, and this wasn't donald sterling's first time, and the players very famous, well paid, high profile people themselves, said you know what, we could walk out on the the nba playoffs right now. that's not happened in major league football. >> he goes on cnn's anderson cooper and attacking magic johnson. digging himself a deeper hole? >> yes, by the way, he dug himself a deeper hole with a would be apology. that made it so much worse. then people were paying attention. this was not a social media
8:28 am
release. everybody could see him in the interview and make of him what they wanted to. >> so magic johnson also decides to respond. >> first of all, 22 years, i announced that i did have hiv, and i came out like a man, you know. i told the world. i didn't blame nobody else. i understood what i did was wrong. >> okay. >> was it a smart move for magic johnson to engage donald sterling by rebutting him him on cnn? >> you have to engage. you can't let these things stand out there. donald sterling if he knows anything about what happens in the minority community as he tries to suggest saying that magic johnson is not a role model, magic johnson could be the most important black businessman in america today. donald sterling who is completely ignorant of that and anything else regarding magic johnson. magic can't that sort of stand
8:29 am
and let that be on the record and he not be on the record. that would have been ill advised. someone who has work with magic and now has been a friend of his for years, i would have said you can't let that stand. you have to come back at donald sterling. >> but magic as you recall shock the world in 1991 when we all knew less about these things, when he anunsed he had hiv, is it fair to be critical of that? >> you could be critical all you want. you can still be a role model. it's ignorant about the facts. what donald sterling also said that essentially magic johnson doesn't do enough for his own community, when magic johnson is viewed as a hero in his own community, is beloved when i'm saying community, i'm talking about the african-american community, urban communities across america. donald sterling is also ignorant in those areas.
8:30 am
>> you have sterling's wife shelly on the today show and she's saying he's suffering from dementia. this story, which we were so repulsed over and the words we heard from sterling, the racist ran, has this just turn into a media soap open ra? >> no. remember, the nba owners and the league, so we're talking about 29 other billionaires, they want donald sterling out. they want to force him to sell his franchise and that franchise people thought might sell for $700 or so million. it looks like it's going to be north of $1.5 billion before gets around to selling it. >> espn cameras were there when michael sam was drafted by the nfl. it will be the first openly gay player of the league. and of course replayed endlessly the footage of him kissing his boyfriend kind of in celebration. do you think the media made too
8:31 am
much of that? >> yeah, irnls -- i do. howie, these are personal choices. my thought at this point is that coming out and announcing what michael sam did, that was the huge story. that was -- and it was more than just symbolic. it was an enormous story and still is. he hasn't even made the team yet. we don't know if he's going to actually play for the st. louis rams. he was a 7th round draft pick. >> why focus so much on the kiss? >> it's not so much about the kiss. it's how he's going to interact with his team and opponents. all of these things. how is management going to treat him? how is he going to react to all this pressure? all of these things are more important perhaps, less symbolic than the kiss, which was is a lishs in terms of the way it was reacted to on twitter and social media, for me, for myself, for a
8:32 am
network and anybody else it was way down the list, sixth or seventh. for many people, it was so symbolic it was the most important thing of the day. i would disagree with that. >> and open oprah's network has postponed a reality show. barbie barbara walters signs off "the view." ameriprise asked peoe a simple question:
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live from america's news headquarters. most of the evacuation orders from southern california have now been lifted in those areas that have been hit by those massive wild fires. only one neighborhood in san
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marcos is still off limit. ten wild fires scorching the reason. the flame destroying 21 homes, an apartment building. the space x dragon is beginning its journey back to earth. the cargo ship bringing back 3,500 pounds of science experiments. it's expected to slash down in the pacific sometime this afternoon. i'm eric shon, i'll see you back here at the top of the hour. now back to #mediabuzz and howie. what a career. she was once known as the today girl on nbc's show. she co-anchored 20-20 and
8:37 am
interviewed foreign leaders and every president since nixon. >> when you see how americans today distrust their leaders, don't you feel responsible? how important is it for the president to be a role model? was it working it if there were no weapons of mass destruction? why are you so unpopular? >> and 17 years ago, of course, she launched "the view" on friday she said good-bye after attributes from the like of hillary clinton. >> what an honor to have questioned every u.s. president and first lady from richard and pat to barack and michelle, so how do you walk away from glamourous specials with the toms or flirt with clint eastwood and how could you be part of a cutting edge news department for 38 years? not that it was all sunshine and
8:38 am
valuen tines. >> joining me now from new york is maria guthrie. can whoopie and jenny mccarthy and the gang maintain the show without barbara. >> i think it's going to be very hard to replace barbara and i don't think that's going to go along as long as barbara has. women are working more and women are the target audience for daytime and there are too many other ways for the celebrity guests to talk to their fans. she's going to be very tough to replace. >> "the view" has always leaned left. right now they need to get a conservative on that panel. going back to the today show, is it an overstatement to say that barbara walters really blazed the trail for all female journalists? >> she couldn't be on camera,
8:39 am
she was on camera and calling a today girl. imagine calling that one someone now. she couldn't be called a co-host until frank mcgee actually died. she couldn't ask a question until he asked three questions. we can't relate how hard that must have been to blaze those trails. yes, she absolutely did that. >> she also did a lot of celebrity journalism, most fascinating people which kind of helped her and the media into today's access holiday -- hollywood, i think she even got sick of it and pulled back. >> her celebrity interviews were interesting and insightful, she appealed to their egoes and really listening to the answers she was able to disarm them. that was a time when all the other outlets weren't doing celebrity journalism. i think that's impossible to do now because of the way the
8:40 am
landscape has changed, so, you know, i don't think that she's -- i think the celebrity interviews are part of her legacy, and a lot of them were really interesting. she always asked the question that you wanted to know but you would be too polite to ask yourselves. >> she didn't make these interviews about herself. a lot of today's are in your face. she's a good listener. she knew how to put the zingers along with the other questions. a lot of people forget there's so much to cover about many of the exclusive interviews she had with is a -- sadat, and monica lewinsky, is that era coming to a close, where a big television sits down -- where anchor sits
8:41 am
down with celebrities. >> celebrities and politicians are too knowing. they have all media training. they all know what questions to expect. they all practice in mock interviews and so i don't think you can do what barbara did so well, which was to ask the tough question, not in a combative way, not in a judgmental way, and really make the person sitting across from her feel like they were having a conversation with a confidant, with somebody they could trust and you can't do that now. celebrities can talk to their own fans on social media. it's just impossible to do what she did. >> as i'm looking at these pictures of barbara in action, another way of saying it there won't be another barbara walters? >> no, absolutely not. although i am waiting for the monica liewinsky follow-up. >> thanks. who thought the media would
8:42 am
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8:46 am
well, television news can't seem to get enough. >> that jay z family trauma. >> you've seen this video, an elevator of a surveillance camera, jay z, beyonce, and solange. >> it's like celebrities are just like us, they shop, they get coffee, they get look for the sale and now you can also add they also have family drama. >> i can't decide what i like more, the look on beyonce's face when the elevator opens. >> apparently solange was angry at jay z, apparently she deleted any photo except one that had beyonce in it. the grainy nature of the hotel video added to it. perhaps there was some glee in
8:47 am
some quarters that these celebrities have the same problems as the rest of us. it's such an easy story for television. just play that video again and again and again and yak away. the media swarmed over alec baldwin again after he was arrested for riding his bicycle the wrong way and didn't have i.d. baldwin fired back on new york city say new york city is a mismanaged carnival of stoopity that is desperate for revenue and curious to criminalize behavior that was once thought benign. these stories are like gorging on candy corn. after a while, you feel a bit sick. after the break, a look at how anderson cooper handled the strange ramblings of donald
8:48 am
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this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. time for our video verdict. brian sullivan is a cnbc news anchor, not an opinion guy, but he had plenty of opinions during an appearance on msnbc's "morning joe." >> sullivan was talking about growing up in a conservative family and then as he questioned what the republican party stands for, he started raising his voice. >> as somebody that grew up in a conservative household, i don't recognize the republican party of my youth. i don't like what i see. i don't like the far right. i don't like the extremism, right. they have pushed me away. as somebody who is pretty much not religious, right, prosame-sex marriage, pro
8:52 am
legalization of marijuana for the most part, okay, what party is this? what party am i supposed to be in? when i'm a fiscal conservative who believes that small government can often be better. >> okay. wow. i mean, he really went off on the party. take that aside and whatever he seems to be thinking about the conservatives and the tea party. it was good tv. i was riveted when i first saw this. >> this guy is supposed to be a straight news anchor for a business channel. he's not an opinionator and everything he says about the republican party is going to be viewed from that priss. >> it is, and people will look at him differently. now they know, and they can also make the decision to go click if they don't want to watch him anymore, and that could hurt him in ratings. >> i think this reinforces the reputation of msnbc as a bunch of left wingers. i'm giving it a 2. >> i'm giving it an 8. >> 2, 8, for the value of entertainment on tv.
8:53 am
>> and i'm kind of sick of donald sterling but his interview with anderson cooper is worth examining for how the cnn anchor handled his strange ramblings. >> the nba owner band for racist comments to his girlfriend v. stiviano when he said not to be photographed with magic johnson or bring him and others to the game. >> the thick though is what you were saying i don't want you seen with other guys. he was saying i don't want you to be seen with black guys. >> he said i'm using black guys, bringing gorgeous black guys. >> you said why are you taking pictures with minorities, why? later on you said it bothers me a lot. you want a broadcaster associating with black people and do you have to? you associate with black people. i'm not you, you're not me. you're supposed to be a delicate white or delicate latina girl. >> i can't explain some of the stupid, foolish, uneducated words that i uttered.
8:54 am
>> good for anderson cooper for the get which was hard to do. i understand barbara walters was also trying to get him, but, you know, he did ask some tough questions, but if you sit this guy down in a chair he's going to say something that's controversial. >> right. >> but i think anderson has a very understated style and he doesn't get in your face or confront but he had the information. he elicited a lot of newsworthy/stupid and embarrassing things from donald sterling and that's a lost art, i think. >> i think it is, too, to make people feel comfortable enough to do that, but as i said, this guy would say pretty much anything. >> just turn the camera on. >> i'm giving it a 9? >> why. >> you're surprising me? >> i'm giving it a 7. still to come, your best tweets and your thoughts on what barbara walters meant to television news. [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for...
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here are a few of your top tweets on why barbara walters has been successful for so long. cbs's erin moriarty, resilient. and being a dame with spunk and providing "snl" with great material, and the "new york times" fired editor, jill abramson, by leaking the "new york times" to her media friends jill abramson has proved she's tossic and disrespectful and wants fame. how is it sexist to fire someone if they are not going a good job. fire them, gender aside. >> but if there is an issue of equal pay, then it has to be addressed. >> my sources say that arthur sulzberger thought he would lose maybe the editor if he didn't get rid of jill abramson. finally, barbara walters, when she said farewell on "the view" fried there was an amazing parade of television journalists who came out to embrace her. >> we all proudly stand on your shoulders, barbara walters, as we honor you.
8:59 am
please women diane sawyer, robin roberts, lara spence, elizabeth vargas, amy robach, katie couric. >> this is my legacy, these are my legacy. >> plucky dame with spunk is what one of our viewers had to call her. >> what a royal sendoff though. >> it was great, and this is a woman, i don't care what profession you've been in and successful for 50 years in a profession are and she's influenced me and a ton of other women who have gone on to have wonderful careers. >> were you very aware of her when you were growing up and thinking of a tv career? >> most definitely. the three men i watched growing up, tom brokaw, peter jennings and, you know -- >> dan rather. >> dan rather. >> barbara walters will be back. i predict you heard it here. for this edition of "media buzz," i'm howard kurtz. give our facebook page a like.
9:00 am
we talk to you there. we post videos in response to your questions and also follow us on twitter. we're back here next sunday morning at 11:00 and 2:00 eastern with the latest buzz. let me start with a growing scandal at the department of veterans affairs. in the wake of the troubling allegations that records were falsified to give the appearance patients were being seen quickly, but instead say families, they were left to die. hello, everyone and welcome to america's news headquarter. i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm arthel neville. >> critics say the alleged fake lists and the real waits cause the let's of at least 40 vets who needed medical care. officials deny that. robert pecelj, the v.a.'s undersecretary of health stepping down and the whistleblower behind these