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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 19, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> it would look kind of like that. >> maybe we'll find out in the after the show show. >> eric, it's been great having you. >> thanks for having me. >> brian will be back tomorrow. we go now to "america's newsroom". martha: thanks very much, guys. we have stunning new revelations in the va scandal. the all bain station's transition team -- the obama administration transition team received warnings in 2008 that there were problems to address in the va hospitals and did nothing so far to stop it. i'm martha maccallum. glad to have you with us in "america's newsroom." >> good morning every. one of the i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer today. "the washington times" reporting more than five years ago, right after the president was elected his team was told not to trust the wait types of the va hospitals were reporting. those problems apparently leading to death of the more than 40 deaths. that number is climbing and
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veterans groups are demanding answers. >> we need the white house, the president, he needs to make a statement to show employees of va that this needs to change now. one is tragic but when you hide it, that is unforgivable. martha: va undersecretary robert petzel resigned his post on friday. this was perhaps a move to make it look like there was a shake-up going on but he was already slated to retire at the end of this year. critics is saying that is not enough in terms of action on this story. joined by congressman adam kinzinger who says this mess has gone from incompetence he believes to something criminal. a republican from illinois and served as a pilot in the air force. good to have you here this morning. >> great to be here, thanks. martha: what do you make of this news that the administration in their briefing as the president was coming into office was told that there was very serious issues with these wait times and
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they were misleading? >> it's shocking to me. if you're the president of the united states you have a list of priorities. the first and foremost is to protect and defend your country. i think among the top is to protect and defend those who are willing to protect and defend our country in the first place. if you learn early on there's a problem with the va, there is issue with backlogs and everything else, the answer is not to allow bureaucrats create fake waiting lists so it looks better. the answer is to come in and fix the problem. as much as i love general shinseki as a person we need somebody in the position who understands not just how the military thinks and we got a backlog taken care of and take care of customers. a ceo of a company would never survive under these circumstances. >> let's listen to sound over the weekend this is white house chief of staff denis mcdonough over the weekend and what he said about this. >> the president is mad as hell,
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i have the scars to prove it. the conversations he and rick and i had on these matters. but at the same time we're looking at accountability we want to continue to perform to provide veterans services they earned. martha: we all remember that general shin sick can i was mad as hell. apparently the president is madder than that according to his chief of staff. what do you make of that? >> look, there is like this thing in politics if you say the word hell on television you somehow make an impact and people think you're dead serious about it. i get it that general shinseki may be mad as hell and president is madder than him. the president has taken every step to avoid taking any leadership position. i don't want to see the president say the h word on it. v i want a major shake up in the cabinet after we found out about the terrible situation at walter reed, a whole bunch of people got fired and situation was fixed. when i got elected in 2010 we
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were talking about the va. today we're in 2014 and we're still talking about it and people hiding lists and folk dying. this has gone to the level of being criminal. >> with every administration, this one as well, no different, they talk how much they're committed to taking care of our veterans. michelle obama has been very involved with veterans families. you think when this comes across your desk you want to make immediate action on it. it is doable. it is absolutely doable. you have gone to far to say there is criminal activity. what do you mean by that? >> incompetence means there is long wait list and don't know how our hands around it. this is great example of single-payer if we go the larger way on the health system. criminality is the i'm more interested in protecting my bonus and my job than those that protect our great veteran. as a veteran grandson of a guy that fought in world
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war ii, that angers me. if you go i'm more concerned about my job than the health care of these veterans. that is not incompetence. that is criminal neglect. i think it is serious we get to the bottom of it. find out who made the calls. they don't get suspended or fired. they get thrown in jail and prosecuted. >> quick question. eric shinseki, does he go. >> i resisted calling for it for a year but now's the time. martha: congressman kinzinger, thank you very much. we'll see what happens. >> you bet. >> martha there is good news out west. all evacuation orders are lifted in southern california after more than a dozen wildfires devastated san diego county. tens of thousands of people who were forced from their homes being allowed to return. but you know, sadly, instead of their houses when they get there, many are finding nothing but charred rubble. the people of carlsbad, vowing they will go on and rebuild. >> i think it will become a symbol of this community.
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the life is still going on. at the end of the day just like the church which is gone. the church is not the building. it is people. and people are still here. >> we're getting a look at raging flames that consumed much of carlsbad. take a look at this. >> oh, my god! oh, my gosh! oh, [bleep] oh, my god! oh, my god! >> can you imagine if that is your neighborhood where you live? look how close those flames got to those homes in card bad? coming up in a few moments we'll talk to the woman who shot the astounding cell phone video, coming up in "america's newsroom." we'll get more reaction as she heads home at least to what is left of it. martha: fire season still underway with the state suffering a severe drought. jerry brown said this could be among the worst on record. firefighters responded to twice as many wildfires as usual.
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these notorious southern winds don't come on until later in the summer. >> risk remains absolutely and actuality, when we get to the august time frame when we have the clean burn, where it burns through and there is nothing left. since there is a little precipitation we get what is called the dirty burn. it can be a challenge for firefighting. martha: firefighters have their work cut out for them this year. the governor brown says the state may need more firefighters to battle what is head their way. bill: >> fox news alert now. we're awaiting a news conference from attorney general eric holder at the top of the hour. the justice department reportedly set to announce, ready for this, espionage charges against government officials in china. they allegedly hacked computers for trade secrets. the suspects are believed to be part of the chinese military. this would be the first time our government formally accused another nation of cybercrimes.
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impact on foreign relations will be huge, especially relations between washington and beijing. we expect to bring that to you at the very top of the hour. meanwhile there has been a mammoth deal. have you heard about it announced on wall street? it could change the way we watch television. at&t is buying directv. the price? nearly $49 billion. a merger of epic proportions between two telecommunications megagiants. stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business network here to explain what this means. what does it mean for the way we watch tv n the future. >> it may bring us closer to watching anything, anywhere at anytime especially live sports events. directv has a very nice operation bringing you live in. fl games. if at&t takes directv maybe you watch those live in. fl games on mobile and tablet or even in your car. that's the way of the future. this may come from this particular merger.
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number two, these two companies bring together phone, pay tv, live sports that gives more opportunities for bundling. get all of this for this price. you may see more bundlingthis deal goes through. number three, eric, the industry, mammoth industry what provides entertainment in your living room and entertainment on your mobile it is consolidating into three giants, comcast, time warner and at&t, directv and the verizon empire. so the future of television, what you get and where you see it, is probably going to be shifted because of this deal. >> wow, we used to watch that big magnavox furniture, walnut furniture, cabinet tv. now years ago we walk around with the iphone walking around at the same time. you know what? when they have these big mergers stu. you know what that means for us? rates go up. >> yes. >> do you think that will happen
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we pay more even if we get what we're talking about? >> concentration into the industry and consolidation basically into the three giants they have a lot of pricing power. you want what they're offering. most people will pay for it. >> i will watch stu varney, wherever i want, whenever i want. does that help it? >> will for me, eric. >> thank you very much. martha: potentially deadly mers virus is spreading in the united states. the new patient and the new fears coming up. >> plus there is outrage at the 9/11 memorial museum. have you seen this? a gift shop, that's right, a gift shop that has some families really fired up. martha: former secretary of state hillary clinton may wonder what difference as it makes as she famously said at the hearing but the calls keep mounting for someone to be held accountable for what happened in benghazi. former vice president dick cheney is speaking out. >> what do you think about
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benghazi? do you think that she did anything wrong and should she be held responsible for the events surrounding that attack? book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less we'll match it and give you fifty dollars back that's the expedia guarantee
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eric: the man who played a pivotal role in the bailouts during the financial crisis, he now says he dreaded taking that job. former treasury secretary timothy geithner says even as president obama to consider renaming him for the first place. >> i knew it would be terrible and i tried to talk the president asking me to do it.
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i didn't want to move my family and i knew it would be hard. also i had been already deeply designed in the rescue. it was deeply unpopular rescue and i thought it would be tarred by that and hard to separate himself from that. eric: mr. geithner says he truck gelled with his own difficulty with public speaking. he says overall his experience as treasury secretary was a positive one. he is making his round promoting his new book. martha: today is the day house republicans back at work this morning ready to get to work on the select committee that has now been approved that will investigate what happened in benghazi. this as senators call for a committee of their own to get answers what happened before, during and after those attacks that led to the death of these four brave americans. however, former vice president dick cheney says he believes one person should take responsibility for the white house response and he says that's hillary clinton. >> she was secretary of state at the time that it happened. she was one the first in
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washington to know about it. i think she clearly bears responsibility for whatever the state department did or didn't do with respect to that crisis. i do think it is a major issue. i don't think we've heard the last of it yet. i would expect that she will be held accountable during the course of the campaign. martha: steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard" and fox news contributor. good morning to you, steve. >> good morning, martha. martha: becoming a increasingly looming question for hillary clinton. how much is this benghazi going to hang over her if she decides to run for president? you heard vice president cheney talking to chris wallace and he believes it will continue to be a big deal. >> i think he is right. he says she bears responsibility. she has said repeatedly in the past and including during her testimony on capitol hill back in january 2013 she think she bears responsibility for what happened. what we've seen the clintons do since then though i think try to exculpate her a little bit. bill clinton last week saying, well, she did all of the right things. i don't think she did anything
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wrong. we're starting to see clinton surrogates really making the case she didn't have much to do with what happened in benghazi. you're seeing a change in the story from hillary clinton and her surrogates that think is very interesting and will be interesting to track. martha: what are we going to see now in this select committee? what happens next? >> i think one of the things we'll see is a focus on hillary clinton and on her role as formulate tore of policy with u.s. policy in benghazi and in libya. you know, the administration, we saw in this ben rhodes email was very clear they did not want people to believe, the country to believe what happened in benghazi was a result of a failure of policy think we'll see a deep everyings examination of that policy and in her role formulating it. the fact that the united states wanted to have a lightfoot print that she wanted to have ambassador chris stevens in benghazi. i think those are pretty serious questions. martha: in terms of the makeup of this panel and whether or not democrats are participating and all of that, how much weight do
6:18 am
you think it will hold? it will be led by trey gowdy obviously and how quickly do you expect all of this to move? >> i don't think it will move very quickly. you will start to see them putting pieces together. they name ad staff director last week. you will start to see them fill out the staff and really get moving as the summer progresses. if it will be very interesting to see what the committee actually comes up with in terms of new information. this is one of the reasons that john boehner ultimately decided to appoint a select committee or have a vote about a select committee because of extent which republicans were getting stonewalled by the white house, by the state department, by everyone else in the administration. that is indisputable that was taking place. this committee seems to have additional authority to really go after the administration and get those documents and hopefully get them in a timely fashion. martha: i'm constantly reminded when we think about hillary clinton in this context of that 3:00 a.m. phone call ad when she ran for president. you can imagine that anyone she
6:19 am
runs again, if she does decide to run will resurrect that, don't you think? >> absolutely. there are other questions that have arisen since her testimony in january of 2013. remember, she testified that she, that the administration didn't do anything to mislead the american people on what had happened in benghazi. she said in january of 2013, said basically the intelligence community was responsible for all of the talking points. we've since seen in documents from the administration itself starting in may of 2013 and most recently just over the past couple weeks, the administration itself was talking about how to manipulate the talking points that was input from the state department. the cia said it made the revisions that it did to the talking points because of concerns from the state department. there was discussion of the building leadership having concerns. that, if that is not hillary clinton it is her top advisors. she has a lot of questions to answer. despite the fact that you have so many in the mainstream media
6:20 am
saying there aren't really questions to answer at this point. there are questions, and new questions and emerging questions. martha: it will be fascinating to watch all this take shape and see how it goes. steve, thank you very much. see you next time. >> thanks, martha. eric: martha there has been a potentially dangerous development in the virus from the middle east, the spread of mers right here on u.s. soil. martha: new words and praises making their way into the old webster's dictionary. what exactly is a grouper? yooper. i know what this is. do you know what this is? eric: no. martha: okay. ♪. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs
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martha: should be an interesting morning because we're waiting to hear from former executive editor of "the new york times"
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jill abramson. she will give commencement address at wake forest university in north carolina today. this is the first time we'll hear from her since she was fired from the "new york times" last wednesday. she was first woman elevated to that position. her dismissal has come under fire by critics who say it was because of her gender. the newspaper denies the allegations. we'll see what see says about it. we'll have more with tucker carlson coming up in the next hour. eric: that should be interesting. mers, the middle east respiratory are virus has officially taken hold in our country. centers for disease control reporting that for the first time the potentially deadly virus spread from one person to another right here in the united states. john roberts live in atlanta with the very latest. john, how troubling is the new development? >> reporter: good morning to you, eric. the centers for disease control not sure how troubling it is at the very moment. they're still investigating there. is bad news and good news. let's give you the bad news.
6:25 am
this corona virus believed to cause middle east respiratory. this appears to be the first case of transmission in the united states between a doctor from indiana came back from saudi arabia with the disease and business associate of his from illinois. the two of them had a couple of business meetings. one on april 25th. one on the 26th. they talked for a while. is look hands. the very next day, the 27th indiana doctor became severely ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. good news in this, the man from illinois who he apparently transmitted virus to only had mild symptoms. here is dr. david swerdlow from the cdc. >> at this time he reported to have had mild, cold-like symptoms but he did not seek or require medical care since exposure to the indiana mers patient. he is currently reported to be feeling well. >> reporter: there is still a lot though that the centers for disease control does not know including whether or not the fellow from illinois might be
6:26 am
contagious even though he has only had the mild some. the cdc had imto self-isolate or if he is in contact with people wear some sort after surgical mask. eric: what about this case near orlando, john? >> reporter: we heard about this the beginning of last week a 44-year-old man, came back from saudi arabia got sick. he was discharged from dr. p. phillips hospital southwest of orlando yesterday a couple of health care workers who came ill after treating him both tested negative for the virus. that is a good sign. real troubling thing with all of this, from this case, southwest of orlando, this man sat in a very busy public emergency room waiting area for four hours before being seen. which meant that the centers for disease control and hospital had to track down all of those people who to see if they contracted virus. as a result that hospital, changed protocol. anybody comes in with flu-like symptoms asked, have you been to
6:27 am
saudi arabia? if they have they're immediately put into isolation. eric: people sitting around for four hours. that is troubling but at least the cdc is on it. >> reporter: these people coming back from saudi arabia, traveling on aircraft. all of those people have to be found and tested. eric: being examined. john, thanks so much. >> reporter: thanks. martha: live look from the white house this morning as new jersey governor christie slams the obama administration over the weekend being weak on the world stage. we'll show you what he had to say. and did he make a good point? we'll talk about it. eric: plus, should be able to go buy t-shirts, pens and other souvenirs where 3,000 people were killed? 9/11 victims families are outraged over that gift shop at the museum at ground zero. we'll have a live report on this motional controversy coming up. >> but i think this is going a little overboard and i think it is tacky. it is insult to the people and i think it is a national disgrace. i'm only in my 60's.
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eric: keep that coffee coming. martha: yep. eric: heard about this? online gun stores say they have been targeted by the obama administration after federal regulators classified them along with porn stores and head shops, slapping them with a high-risk label. that means banks will not necessarily work with them to get loans. of course that makes it a lot harder for those online stores to buy and sell their products. critics are charging the move is unfair way they think to put gun dealers out of business. is it? katie pavlich, news editor joins us. they say the government is trying to stop fraud and protect the american public. do you buy that? >> i don't bly buy it at all. since 2011 the justice department in partnership with the fdic and federal trade commission put pressure on certain groups of industries to, you know, kind of regulate what gangs do business with them. one of those industries they put on that list is the gun industry. they classified firearms and
6:33 am
ammunition as high-risk sales. the problem here is that the second amendment is a constitutional right. you have the justice department, not through congress, but through regulation discriminating against people trying to exercise that right and i have to believe if there was a business that was discriminating against say people's right to vote the justice department would be singing a different tune when it came to how banks were treating their customers. eric: do you think let's say that the justice department would say based on their statistics says it is high-risk? >> that is the problem. the justice department has not provided valid statistics why they classify firearms online sales and on line sales of ammunition high-risk. when you look at number of firearms in this country and amount of ammunition purchased online, the risk is actually very low. so they're doing this as way to meet their political means. as you know president obama's gun control agenda got shot down last year by democrats in the senate, not by republicans and this is nothing new.
6:34 am
we've seen senators like dianne feinstein for a long time comparing firearms or what she calls assault weapons to child pornography. and it's a way for them to try to stigmatize the gun ownership and ownership of certain types of firearms. in partnership with the fdic, the justice department is squeezing banks to try to discriminate against these gun dealerships. it is not just online by the way. dealerships that have storefronts set up all over the country. eric: do you see a pattern here? president obama says he is issuing executive orders to go around congress, basically. do you see administration working in that manner to move around some laws and get their way. this is one way they have been able to back door this potential? >> absolutely. they're being very dishonest about it. as you mentioned at top of the segment, they're arguing this is about preventing fraud. but the fact is, this is about getting to a political end. they're doing it without the
6:35 am
consent of congress. they have a whole list of pet projects they want. just so happens they put second amendment issues on the map here. and it's a dishonest way to go about it and very concerning way to go about it, considering this is constitutional right and they're discriminating people who are simply allowing people to exercise those rights. eric: one case, bank of america had a gun store client for 12 years, they suddenly dropped him. he couldn't pet more money and nearly put him out of business. what can the industry do? is there any recourse? >> there are a couple other banks they can go towards. bank of america was boycotted by a lost gun dealerships. the problem with the federal government coming down with all of their power against these to put people in high-risk pools it is very difficult for them to fight back. it is a way for the administration to squeeze this industry. it is not going away. we'll see this end up in the court system under a discrimination case. eric: we'll see if indeed there are those court cases. you know they will be coming.
6:36 am
>> yes. eric: katie pavlich, good to see you. >> thanks so much. martha: so 150 words and phrases hitting the big-time, making it into merriam-webster's dictionary. this is few that got our attention. thank you for tweeting me, everybody, tell me what a yooper is. a long time resident of upper peninsula of michigan. a place people love, they're called yoopers affection atly. social media is in the book. we know what that is. spoiler alert making cut. hashtag. no surprise there. selfie, i really hate that whole craze. that made it into the book as tweep. i never herd heard. that means person who uses twitter. if it doesn't take off, do we between?
6:37 am
eric: what is the derivation of the adverb? martha: tweepy perhaps? eric: as long as you're not a twerp. a lot of controversy and focus on hillary clinton and her health. they have been talking about that for a few days it is making headlines again. do you think that discussion they shad in 2012 make a effect on what happens in 2016? we'll discuss. martha: chris christie says the obama administration failure to lead is creating a vacuum all over the globe. very tough word from the governor over the weekend we'll we'll have a fair and balanced debate over the weekend. >> we'll either lied or disappoint. those are the only two choices. unfortunately today in my opinion america's disappointing but it is not too late. it is time for us to stand up once again and lead our nation in a way that leads us to greater success and prosperity.
6:38 am
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6:42 am
where he sufficiented his injury. >> i'm blessed to be in the situation i'm in today. i never take anything for granted in my life. there are so many things i can accomplish if i believe in myself and man above and anything is possible. i want you guys to remember that as you go through this work world. eric: he says after earning his degree, his next goal is to walk once again. amazing inspiration and remarkable young man and we salute him. martha: also, from new jersey over the weekend the governor, chris christie, calling for a more aggressive foreign policy. his comments coming as russian president vladmir putin says he is pulling troops back from the ukraine border in three different regions. governor chris at this says the cries there there is another example how president obama failed to defend american core values abroad. here is what he said night is unthinkable that the america that has led in the way it has always led this world would permit that to happen.
6:43 am
yet we are sitting in a world, we are watching, the vacuum that the lack of american leadership has created being filled. and it is almost never filled by virtue. it is almost always filled by evil. and the rest of the world watches in desperation and hope. martha: interesting. kt mcfarland, served as deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration. also a fox news national security analyst. good morning. >> absolutely. president obama is leading from behind. that is the obama doctrine. we'll lead from behind. that has create ad big job opening up front. president obama has done it because he thinks the international community is going to be governing body of the world. the international community will deal with hot spots and crises. the problem the international
6:44 am
community isn't doing it. what is rushing to the fore to fill the void are bad guys my part to take middle east or central europe or south china sea. it is china, russia, it is iran and others. the alternative to that is chaos. leading from behind has been an abject failure. christie, this is the first time he talked about foreign policy i think he is on to something. it will be an issue in the campaign. america doesn't want to be left behind. martha: he also said america must be the strongest moral power in the world for what is good and right in the world and, i feel, in some ways that president obama has, sort of not been that outspoken about america's right to sort of moralize, to a certain extent to the rest of the world. i also want to play some of what dick cheney had to say about this over the weekend with chris wallace. look at this. >> he demonstrated repeatedly i think that he in fact can be pushed around if you will by, by
6:45 am
the putins. i don't think by, mr. putin has any, hesitation at all from the standpoint of the american president of, changing his course of action. he has taken advantage of this opportunity, when he thinks we have a weak president to try to restore some of the old soviet union. martha: governor christie was talking to a jewish voting group. obviously israel, egypt, very significant in this whole discussion about leadership in the middle east in particular. >> yeah. in talking to a jewish group particularly because the jewish voting block, if there is one, tend to vote democrat. if you look at the world and concern is israel, democrats have not been too good for israel. president obama himself favored iran. looks like we're leaving middle east and leaving iran in charge. what is iran talking about? nuclear weapons and exterminating the state of israel. if you're an israeli you're kind of nervous. if you're in the american jewish community, donors vote, you're
6:46 am
thinking i'm pretty concerned. it is important for republicans to stake out a strong foreign policy and pay attention to the middle east and israel. martha: it is interesting, this obviously become as very big issue it looks like in the next presidential election. you picture potentially hillary clinton and potentially chris christie, jeb bush or marco rubio, whoever it is held to be, she will be held accountable for the record of president obama while she was secretary of state night ace jump ball issue. assume the republican candidate will be a governor or somebody who had more state level experience, domestic issues, obamacare, but not a lost foreign policy experience. hillary clinton said i had it all, i had foreign policy experience but as you say not a great record. i think it an important issue and particularly if there is major october october surprises. they perceive american weakness and precipitate a crisis. it happened to jimmy carter. it happened to other presidents
6:47 am
as well. i think it will happen to president obama. martha: we'll see. as you say, it can cut both ways. we'll have the experience if she runs but also have the experience. we'll see how that works out. we'll see. kt, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. martha: eric. eric: martha, have you heard about this? the bid for the triple crown. now it is in jeopardy. california chrome could be stopped in his tracks by a nose. we'll explain. martha: and selling t-shirts, key chains, coffee mugs on sacred ground. should the 9/11 museum have a gift shop? >> what they have made the memorial is a revenue-generating tourist attraction. that is not what it you are so outta here! is
6:48 am
the performance review. is that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a
6:49 am
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6:50 am
jenna: we are back. we have been watching this,
6:51 am
former fictive editor giving a commencement address in north carolina as she spoke for the first time since she was fired last wednesday. she made a joke about the fact she was surprised this particular graduations i or my garnered such media attention. but she said her time at "the new york times" and her position as executive editor was the greatest honor of her life and she was asked about her tattoos, one of which is a t from "the new york times." she said she has no desire to remove that and if she is very proud of her tenure at "the new york times." we will talk a little bit more about that. tucker carlson will join us and talk more about what they have to say this morning. >> the national september 11 busy them said to open the doors on wednesday. now there is an uproar over the
6:52 am
museum's gift shop. look us all the stuff stuff they are selling. they are blasting the decision to sell t-shirts, hoodies, magnets, mugs, hence, charms, toys and other tourist souvenirs. nearly 3000 people were killed on this tragic day. some of the families are really upset. >> indeed, eric. a store at this location is simply inappropriate. it is more than a museum. 3000 people died. where the unidentified remains are now stored. among the items for sale, a $39 hoodie sweatshirt with the quote "in darkness we shine brightest." there also baseball hats and more content in the logo. more costly items including $95 picking the original world trade center and liberty.
6:53 am
>> we understand they have to make money to make the museum run, but i think this is going a little bit overboard. it is an insult to people and i think it is a national disgrace. >> there has also been criticism directly at the cost of visiting the memorial. tickets for the general public $24. eric: what is the museum saying in its defense? >> it said in part "to car carey memorial and museum, our organization relies on private on racing, donations and reven revenue, ticketing and carefully selected keepsake items for retail. at least some visitors were not troubled by the gift shop offerings. about 41,000 people including relatives of victims have visited the site during the dedication and about 10% of those bought a momento at the gift shop.
6:54 am
items including a book of remembrance, official history of 9/11, some supporters also point out there are similar commercial outlets at the holocaust museum and others. visitors will ultimately vote with their wallet if they think some of these items are good idea. eric: a remarkable place. i urge all americans to visit. thank you. >> the bid for the horse racing triple crown is in doubt this morning. almost as soon as it became even possible. california chrome is only one win away after taking the preakness on saturday a after te kentucky derby. but the horse may not be able to run at the belmont stakes next week. horseracing officials in new york do not let horses where nasal strips.
6:55 am
california chrome has more the strips for the last six victories and they are designed to make it easier to breathe through the nose, and apparently he may not be able to wear it. will they change the rules? eric: i don't think they will, but does he snore? >> he started wearing them. i think he will get to wear it, we will see. eric: coming up, you know about karl rove's controversial comments, he is not backing down concerning a concussion he suffered two years ago. he is now demanding she do turnover the public if hillary wants to run for president. >> veteran groups calling for va secretary eric shinseki to resign. new allegations there is another hospital coming forward as well today. it could be another black eye for the white house.
6:56 am
>> our best bet at this point is to keep the secretary on board, the president has to keep him on a pretty short leash and be sure he is doing his job. ok any fligt or hotel ok any fligt and if you find it for less we'll match it and give you fifty dollars back that's the expedia guarantee
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6:59 am
>> fox news alert, we are waiting, is for attorney general eric holder any moment now. the justice department will announce espionage charges against government officials in china for allegedly hacking andt u.s. companies for trade secrets. suspect we'd be part of the chinese military. we will have a live report coming up on that moments away. hillary clinton health controversy as both parties come out swinging over the weekend on whether a concussion should be an issue we can perhaps stop her from running for president. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." eric: republican national committee chairman are pushing back against critics who have
7:00 am
been blessed to republicans for questioning hillary clinton's health. she will have to fully disclose all of her health records if she does want to run for president in 2016. >> let's be clear, she will have to cough up these medical records. the center for disease control says a concussion is a type of dramatic brain injury. >> the issue is going to come up as it does for any person running for president. what will make her rethink if she could actually run for president. martha: fox news senior political analyst joins us now as a part of that conversation on "fox news sunday" yesterday. is carl wright, will she have to cough those up and do you think it happens sooner rather than later? >> she will have to account for the concussion which her husband described as a terrible concussion and said she underwent six months of serious work to recover from it.
7:01 am
so obvious and that raises questions was she impaired some might require physical therapy or what it all was. it will probably turn out she is perfectly healthy and the world will move on. what i think this story shows is the fact we're still talking about it all these days after carl rove said what he said, the power of a slow news week. just was not a lot else happen. and this as well. martha: i think you're right about that. i also think you're right about the fact perhaps the headline in the story was missed whenever we talk about what bill clinton said and his reaction to it, when he said after that which you just referenced may have been the goal to save the headline. let's play that. >> it was a terrible concussion that required six months of very
7:02 am
serious work to get over. martha: you see this as an admission. >> if i was doing the story and i heard him say that, bill clinton says wife underwent six months of serious work to overcome terrible concussion. which was more or less.hills what karl rove said. she obviously was being treated were undergoing treatment for some time. so there you are. martha: what carl has suggested was is a big issue for her. it will be an issue as she decides whether or not she wants to run, but there has been no indication as we have watched her at various speaking engagements that this has had any lasting impact on hillary clinton. >> we don't see it, there are no signs, she doesn't seem to have any difficulty making public appearances and speaking fluidly
7:03 am
and all the rest of it. the presumption would be she is healthy but when you undergo a terrible concussion and you have a blood clot near your brain, you have to account for that. that is the bottom line. whether she does it now or later, who knows, i would think if you are the same age she is, if she does, your health is going to be something that we will be interested in knowing about. martha: do you think she runs? >> i thought about that a lot. i think it is likely but not certain. the reason being is we know how uncomfortable she is dealing with the media. she doesn't like the media, she think the media are sensationalist and unfair, complains we have heard from a lot of people, which might have some merit. it is a grueling process, she isn't as young as she once was,
7:04 am
she has been around this track a few times before so she hasn't gone ahead and safe she is running is because i think she hasn't really decided. martha: it will be really interesting. thank you very much, see you next time. >> thanks. eric: critics might have new ammunition trying to fire veterans affair secretary eric shinseki. the obama of administration was alerted more than five years ago about the va reporting inaccurate times for veterans seeking medical care. the obama-biden transition team was born in 2008. this is not only a data integrity issue free health administration reports, it affects quality of care by delaying potentially denying veterans timely care. so if they knew, why wasn't it fixed?
7:05 am
you know, pete cummins just so offensive and horrendous and unacceptable, reports are spreading 167 deaths, not just the original that was claimed. how bad you think this is? >> this is infected. these weights times should be enough to be a national scandal on the level of the irs scandal or the benghazi scandal. these have been exacerbated by this administration while they spend billions and billions more saying the they're helping vetes but do nothing to change a culture. this is a culture problem to be very clear. doctors may times the newest facility in albuquerque, new mexico, revealed some doctors only saw two patients per day. it shows nothing was fixed, only
7:06 am
papered over with more money. >> the general is very well respected. athis has happened on his watch if the administration says we will wait the inspector general's report. >> this is the one that i do very well as) around their people. this scandalous lot like the is scandal. they say we are mad as hell. couldn't be more furious about this and what they do on friday afternoon at 4:00? they force in early retirement of the hospital syste systems tt treat hair next month and a way to accountability as cynical as they come. trying to force some way to resign a little bit early. they are not worried about accountability. they are saying to make this problem go away. these are our veterans did waiting months for basic appointments.
7:07 am
this administration is playing politics. >> he was in phoenix at the veterans of foreign war speaking promispromisingly will slash tht weights times, and cut red tape. from the president of the united states, here it is. >> cuff those backlogs, slash the weights times, deliver benefits sooner. i know you have heard this for years for the leadership and resources we are providing this time means we're going to be able to do it. that is our mission and we are going to make it happen. >> did they then cheat and lie and do whatever they could? >> that is remission, and you failed.
7:08 am
it skyrocketed. rather than care be improved, veterans waited on secret lists your administrators papered over to make it look like the veterans were waiting a short amount of time while the veterans ar i talked across his nation, their waiting three or four or five months for basic screening. this president keeps looking us in the eye saying he is writing a bigger check. sometimes more money doesn't equal better outcome. oftentimes in government. martha: fox news alert, waiting for eric holder, he is going to announce charges filed against several chinese government officials accused of hacking into the computer networks of american businesses and stealing the trade secrets. live on this from washington. so what are we learning about this, catherine?
7:09 am
>> we are expected a series of indictments this morning. the allegations in a vigil's engaged in or supported cyber espionage on behalf of the foreign government as you rightly point out in this case it is china. the thing to watch this morning morning's of the individuals charged within the jurisdiction of united states or overseas. including espionage, the theft of trade secrets. this officials appears a queue is china's army and-based hackers of logitech than u.s. companies to obtain industrial and trade secrets, this is part of an overall trend i the administration to really grow the kind of resources they have to tackle this problem of cyber espionage which is the tip of the sphere becomes the threat to the u.s. interest. martha: how do you prosecute this kind of case? >> it comes down to location. are they in countries where
7:10 am
there is an extradition treaty with united states where are the countries which would be friendly to transfer into the united states for trial? it is a cases individuals are are safely out of the reach of u.s. law enforcement, really have a lot of bells and whistles, and announcement with no real teeth. martha: we will see, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. eric: this video emerging from the devastating california wildfires. >> oh, my god! [bleep]. oh, my god. oh, my god. eric: evacuees are cleared to return to their homes but the fire threat may be far from over. martha: a deer in flood rescue camera. plucking this man from the roof of a house. we will show you. eric: and breaking her silence,
7:11 am
writes now delivering the commencement address, more growing fallout from the stunning departure. >> no more lectures please for "the new york times" about the treatment of women. the more he talks, the more clear it becomes to me of course she was treated differently. captain: this is a tip. bellman: thanks, captain obvious. captain: and here's a tip. when you save money on hotel rooms, it's just like saving money on anything else that costs money. like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins...
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7:14 am
eric: unprecedented flooding caused massive destruction in europe. this was released by the bosnian army.
7:15 am
it shows a military helicopter plucking men from rooftops as the water spells around them. three months worth of rain fell in three days. it is the worst flooding in more than a century. also triggered landslides and so far has killed at least 25 people. the rising water has now threatened the biggest power plant. martha: this fox news alert for you now, the last of tens of thousands of welfare evacuees are being told that they can go home. the firefighters have gotten the upper hand on multiple fires that have been burning in that area. meanwhile amazing amateur video has emerged giving a new view of the devastation of the fires. take a look. >> oh, my god! all my gosh. oh, [bleep]. oh, my god. oh, my god.
7:16 am
martha: everybody can understand that reaction. welcome, good to have you here. tell us what happened, how did you get that close? and why? >> i was driving to pick up for work and i saw the smoke forming in just a matter of minutes. it was obviously out of control, i had to do a u-turn because they were blocking off some of the roads. you could see the flames were getting crazy and i drove through it before they would block everybody out. martha: it is shocking it got that close before they blocked off those roads, isn't it? >> yeah, it was pretty crazy because the smoke started to go into the street, and when i looked behind me, the smoke was just going through the whole street and covering houses and
7:17 am
it was huge. there was a school rates near all of this that was evacuated as you are shooting this, right? >> my boyfriend was subbing at the elementary school. i knew it was really close by. there are starting to evacuate the kids. everybody is safe. pretty sure the school is okay too. i thought the houses were on fire because the smoke was over them, but i drove past it at night, my sister said the houses are actually okay, but there are some that got buit south. martha: obviously it is usually
7:18 am
little bit later than it is now, but what did it make you feel about your own safety and how you live in that area with what is going on around you so frequently? >> it is hard. i didn't even plan anything when it started to happen, it was so last-minute, you don't even think to prepare for something like this, and in the past it is just hard, you have to pray and make sure nothing happens to your house or your neighborhood. >> we are glad you are okay. thank you very much for joining us and sharing or video with us. we know your house was okay which is good news. carlsbad, california. thank you. take care. eric: could you imagine. coming up on the fox news channel, new trouble for obamacare. what a million people may be getting the wrong subsidy and
7:19 am
they said this time there is no way to fix that problem. martha: one of the men who is part of that group, now fighting to keep his job as a teacher. >> the young man ike made acts for which i shamed. utterly destructive to innocent members of this community. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
martha: beautiful voice. sadness today. passed away at his home over the weekend. he rose to fame is a popular
7:23 am
crooner going on to record 50 albums. he was a buddy of frank sinatra and his condition became a classic. his biggest hit was "you don't know me." he had been in declining health recently. survived by his wife of 55 years, a son and a daughter, he was 83 years old. eric: a professor who has a temper the past fighting to keep his job at the university of illinois. a member of liberation army. the group responsible for kidnapping patty hearst back in the 1970s. committing bankruptcies and murder. the board of trustees have branded him a domestic terrorist. they say he should not be working there. live from chicago with more.
7:24 am
do they tell the university why the contract is not being renewed? >> the university of illinois is not obligated to explain what his contract isn't being renewed but notification came after his past was published. he was part of the sla, best known for kidnapping and radicalizing patty hearst. whhe was convicted of second-degree murder because was part of a 1975 robbery in which a customer shot and killed by another member. was also convicted of possession of explosives the plot to bomb police cars and a plot for what he did on the run. now he is trying to keep his job. >> who better to tell someone to avoid disruptive pass than somebody who walk that path. in the most esteemed universities in the land by the university of illinois.
7:25 am
>> keep in mind he was not remorseful right away. was on the run for 27 years ultimately arrested in south africa under an identity he assumed from a dead 10-month-old. eric:'s and the son of robert kennedy somehow involved in the case? >> christopher kennedy's on the board, he says should a terrorists bent on overthrowing the government with the murder of police involved in a killing be on the public payroll? the answer is no. he cofounded the weather underground and co-authored a book that was interpreted as supporting the man who killed robert kennedy. martha: congressmen michael grimm is due in court this morning. calling a federal tax evasion case against him a witch hunt.
7:26 am
what we can expect today. eric: and making her first comments since she was fired as editor of "the new york times," causing a firestorm in the heated debate over whether she was treated differently because she is a woman. >> they are complaining about a fact some people referred to her on background is being pushy. something you don't hear being said about men. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
eric: a fox news alert for you now. michael grimm perhaps best known for threatening a reporter, he is due in part on federal charges of tax evasion. the former fbi agent vowing to stay in congress and run for reelection while fighting the case. he calls it a political witch hunt and prosecutors have laid out a detailed case against him. doesn't hunt live in broken with the very latest. what are you expecting to happen in court today? >> this is likely to be a fairly brief hearing lasting only a few minutes. administrative issues are at the center of it but they may be givingiven a date by the judge a full start. intel'indictment accuses him ofg
7:31 am
profit from a restaurant he co-owned. those charges center on tax and wire fraud. thu.s. attorney summing up the case at the last hearing back in april. >> he can run the business legitimately and honestly or he can succumb to the lure of easy money and try and treat his way to success. michael grimm made the choice to go from upholding the law to breaking it and in so doing he turned his back on every oath he had ever taken. >> now one of the oath he had previous he taken was a former fbi agent. that oath o fidelity, brave bra, fidelity. eric: after the indictment became of swinging threatening to fight those charges. >> he entered a plea already at
7:32 am
the previous hearings of not guilty over the weekend. he held a rally in staten island at which he said "i'm still here, baby." he said all along this is nothing more than a political witch hunt. he has said all along he will fight every step of the way. >> we will fight tooth and nail. we will fight tooth and nail until i am a fully exonerated. let me be clear, i will not abandon my post or the wonderful people who entrusted me to represent them. i had their backs and i know they have mine. >> the congressman says he will continue his fight for reelection in november. although, eric, he will have to do that without a lot of support from the republican party establishment which seems to be turning its back on the
7:33 am
congressmen to a large extent. we will have to see how this trial ultimately plays those. eric: they can't get him off the ballot because it was after the deadline was over. >> exactly, two weeks after. martha: former "new york times" executive editor speaking for the first time since she was fired from the newspaper last week. there she is just a few moments ago delivering the commencement address at wake forest. she said working for "the new york times" was an honor. at one point bringing up a former conversation she had with a student. >> a couple of students i was talking to last night after i arrived, they know i have some tattoos. one of them asked me are you going to get that "times" t removed. not a chance. martha: meanwhile critics still
7:34 am
claim "the new york times" would have handled the firing completely differently had it been a man in the same position. >> there is not a single word in her announcement of the contribution, about her record, about her time at "the new york times." she is excise from history. no more lectures pleas from "the new york times" of the treatment of women. the more he talks, the more crude becomes to to me that of course she was treated differently. whatever the issues in the news from work, the dynamics around her departure would not have been the same. martha: tucker, what do you think? >> the idea that she was being fired for being pushy, that is the way newspaper editors are, that is the way they are supposed to be. i hope they are aggressive and loud and always are. i think they made a mistake hiring somebody as left-wing.
7:35 am
she wrote a book that attacked clarence thomas. not the right person to run a paper that tends to be nonpartisan and nonaligned. the really interesting fact here is this is sort of where you end up with identity politics. the idea was being mistreated with all women is a ludicrous way to go through life. i am a white protestant man, i'm not responsible for al gore. ericmartha: i should point out e pushy term is a strange when to use the somebody in that position because he would expect them to be aggressive, to be hard driving.
7:36 am
in terms of a politics thing. i about that because this is a quote of hers from interview she did on january 21 talking about how martha: this whiteout is. the most secretive white house she has ever covered. i covered presidents from president reagan up through now, the washington bureau chief of "the times." causing many people to say the reverse perhaps it's true. it might have been because she was saying unkind things about the white house. >> if that's true, there is a story and i hope she will write that. anybody who has been paying close attention would reach that conclusion. i just think a lifetime "new york times" reader, i do think the coverage has gotten more left-wing. but the editorial page has espoused for 25 years the idea you ought to treat people as groups rather than individuals.
7:37 am
they shouldn't be surprised when they fire and miss treat a woman that somehow she becomes a stand-in for all women. now they're having to live by it. that was the pretty unfastened. martha: as carly fiorina said, not one more word on gender politics from this paper given the fact they have talked quite a bit about inequality and the way they think women are treated and then to stand up and do this puts them in a very awkward position. i would also point out given the comments this morning, this is the first time we have heard from jill abramson and at least in this speech she has not mentioned that once. she didn't suggest she was fired because she was a woman. she talked about how honored she was to work at "the new york times." for this particular speech this morning, and there is another quote about her sister saying their data be as proud as he was
7:38 am
the day she went there, she seems to be taking the high road at least at this point. >> she's smart, she's a savvy player. no one benefits from appearing to wine. she defines the story in the first few hours with a new yorker piece clearly coming from her perspective. that is where it started. i have no idea if it is true or not. there is no question it has been pretty well represented. the other thing is not a good manager at all, of course his family owns the paper so he will not be fired. martha: tucker, thank you very much. always good to see you, see you next time. eric: peyton manning is taking his career from the playing field to the podium. >> if you are nervous, i
7:39 am
understand, seriously. there is no pressure here at all. if you drop it, it will not be on youtube, i promise you. eric: that is great. the star quarterback threw some passes during a speech at the university of virginia. fortunately none of the passes were dropped. the seniors present class gifts and awards to encourage the graduates to take risks and be prepared and to be rookies once again when they hit the real world. it so happens his wife graduated at the university of virginia in 1997. martha: fun to watch all of these commencement speeches. everything that happens would be caught on youtube, played over and over again. there is a glaring flaw in obamacare that could raise the questions on the road. they could be getting subsidies that they don't deserve.
7:40 am
eric: plus dangerous conditions for a rescue mission. what happens when a helicopter crew tries to save a team trapped in the middle of a raging fire? >> it is raging and we are opening the water rights now. it looks like it is rough on the top so we know it will be worse even more underneath.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
martha: a teenager is rescued from a fast-moving creek in california.
7:44 am
a helicopter navigating a gusty wind and trees to lift the boy to safety. they say the strong current swept them away. very scary for everybody involved. they could only reach him to try to keep him calm until help arrived. he did not want to talk after the ordeal but he says he is going to be just fine. nicely done. eric: new trouble for obamacare this morning. some bigger than they deserve, others getting shortchanged. now they say there is, guess what, no way to fix the problem because there is no system to verify their income. what is going on? joining us from the fox business network. you're supposed to say what your income is, there is no way to check this? >> what is supposed to happen in a perfect world's he put down what your income is and that is supposed to be verified against
7:45 am
irs records. that connection has been lost between the two. now they're going to go after 25% of people have signed up for obamacare to come back and say your income was wrong and we all the government money. the irs will be responsible for that. this will fall on a government body that is already famously understaffed. this is by the private sector should be running every single state exchange and federal exchange and another that we talked about more and more as open enrollment is now six months away from new sign-ups. >> can you imagine signing up and getting a note the irs saying you owe us money. >> sounds easy to get a subsidy. that goes beyond the private sector, this is the irs to verify your income versus what you applied for and they don't have the bodies.
7:46 am
it sounds to me like they have to double the size of the irs to do an average check. and you have bureaucrats who don't know what they're doing and others may be double checking your income and verification and giving away your secrets. >> they say 1.1. >> talking 25%. a perfect example of who could gain the system, lot of service sector jobs being created in this country. bartenders, waitresses famous for underreporting their income are most likely to sign up for something like obamacare, they go in and underreporting their income and they get more of a break on the subsidies then they deserve. >> here's where you really cannot trust the commercial budget office estimate of savings. they don't take into account of stuff like this. it is open for massive fraud. unless you take into account the fraud, you cannot believe the savings numbers they put out.
7:47 am
eric: what about those people who get shortchanged. martha: "washington post" showed both examples are happening with the 25% number. think about what obamacare does. >> incentives to land this thing thing is so huge. >> if yo you're a small business owner, gets divorced on that is the way to gain the system. both of the incomes go down and guess what, you get more of a subsidy under obamacare. given some examples. >> anyway they can try to fix this thing? >> the private sector has to take over the exchange. >> sleigh have to get a private sector company to get in here and verify incomes? >> absolutely.
7:48 am
the irs cannot do it. >> do we know how many people are actually paying? >> no. eric: to be continued. cheryl and charlie, thank you so much. martha: and award shall perform is that the audience to tears. michael jackson brought down the house from beyond the grave. creepy or good? we will be right back. captain: this is a tip. bellman: thanks, captain obvious.
7:49 am
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martha: we want to give you a look at this information because "the new york times" is now reporting a bid for the triple crown could still be possible because california chrome is now only one win away after having won back the derby and the preakness on saturday. but there was word the horsemen not be able to race in new york because they don't allow the brief right strips. but apparently now the head of the commission is saying the rule may be a little bit out dated, slayer open the door for the possibility the horse may be able to run and attempt the triple crown, which has not been won since 1978. which is a long time, so we will see. we want to bring you this story this morning as well. pro-life catholics are suing over obamacare is so long mandate.
7:53 am
it comes from their own. this has the potential to be a truly groundbreaking lawsuit here. >> they work in the pro-life movement lost their health care plan due to changes under obamacare so they started searching for anyone in connecticut state. they try to find a plan that did not include abortion coverage but could never get a straight answer if the plan they were researching would have the coverage. the plan they eventually signed up for does include abortion coverage, something they say violates their faith. >> air force on the exchange and predicate gives them no option. giving them no choice but to buy an obamacare plan that includes elective abortion and a special surcharge for that purpose. it is undeniable. reporter: they eventually found out from a third-party that
7:54 am
there is not a single one without elective abortion coverage. martha:'s a how is the administration responding to this claim? >> the department of health and human services will not comment on pending litigation. but the law requires entities that provide coverage must have a summary including the oppression of abortion coverage available to anyone who is shopping for coverage. they say that was not their experience. the government has until early july to settle the lawsuit. hope to receive a guarantee that every exchange offer at least one plan with no abortion coverage. martha: thank you very much. eric: new political fallout from the shocking and growing veterans affair scandal. the obama administration had known all along about the problem and were warned about the inaccurate reporting of waiting times even before the
7:55 am
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>> determined dad celebrating his daughter's graduation from college in a big way, joining her on the stage for his own graduation t was quite a journey for him. he got sick. he lost his job. sat at home suffering from depression he admits for several years. he said, one today. >> you know what? i will earn my degree. he encouraged his children to do the same. >> one day i looked around. i saw that how it was affecting my family. because they weren't doing anything. so i came to college. three of my kids followed me. >> i think it is an amazing story. i think it is really cool we graduated together. martha: in addition to his daughter he has one son who graduated last year. another one is on his way to graduating. so good for him. >> absolutely wonderful. >> good story. >> this was quite an emotional
7:59 am
moment at the billboard music awards, the king of pop, he kind of performed from beyond the grave. ♪. you're looking at a hole gram of michael jackson up there on the show -- hologram. that image brought many audience members to tears as jackson was brought back to life via that hologram, to perform, slave to rhythm. that is from his posthumous album. justin timberlake took open seven awards. jennifer lopez became the first woman to win the icon award. can you imagine seeing that, it is figure of michael jackson up there in front of you performing? >> pretty amazing. some people said it didn't look like him. it is his face and someone else's body. a few years ago they did one of elvis presley coming out singing for a couple seconds in an awards show. unbelievable technology. i remember when i was a kid,
8:00 am
people will appear in holograms. who would have known it would actually happen. >> they did frank sinatra at the radio city music hall that way. >> thanks for being here, eric. "happening now" coming up next. we'll see you tomorrow. have a great day everybody. jon: explosive new charges in the growing veterans affairs scandal with reports that president obama and his transition team were warned about wait time problems back in 2008. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. >> i'm patti ann browne in today for jenna lee. there were claims of neglect first reported in arizona, jon. jon: allegations that dozens of veterans died waiting for medical treatment and the delays were covered up. now the scandal stretches across the country with new mexico just the latest state facing accusations of mismanagement at its va facilities. joining us now, bret baier, the anchor of


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