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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 19, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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anticipated 9/11 museum will open but a sneak peak what is inside including the controversial al qaeda film the museum will show. dennis michael lynch joins us tomorrow night with the video. set your dvr now for the "kelly file." see you then. and this is a fox news alert, the white house knew, now the washington times is reporting that the obama administration was notified about scheduling problems and delayed care at multiple veterans affairs hospitals, more than five years ago. the paper obtained materials through the freedom of information about request proving that the va officials warned the obama biden transition team in 2008. this is not only a data integrity issue in which the veterans health administration reports on reliable performance data but effects quality care by delaying or denying vets timely care. ed henry is standing by at the white house tonight with the very latest how administration
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is responding, ed? >> good evening. it's interesting because they are admitting that the president knew maybe even before that presidential transition that there were major problems and saying back in 2007 during the campaign the president made some big promises and said it would be a sick raid trust. he said they knew they were big problems to grapple with and now we see the drip, drip of scandal that reach add stream of allegations in 19 states, count them, 19 states where we seen problems including information, a doctor in west virginia that is aware of allegations including at least two patients committing suicide while waiting for care. they were desperately waiting for care and ended up committing suicide. bottom line thanks report about the 2008 presidential transition shows this problem predated the obama administration, started in the bush administration but begs the question to jay carney about what this president has been
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doing for the last nearly six years to deal with it while yet another republican came out today and said secretary shinseki should resign and the president needs to speak out more, listen. >> if you are warned about it in the transition, wouldn't you do something in 2009, 2010, 2011 -- >> absolutely, we asked for and received significant increases in the veterans affair budget. >> but it's not getting to the veterans. >> that's simply not the case. you have more veterans being served through health centers around the country. >> i get general shinseki is mad at hell and the president may be madder than him but the president over took every step to avoid any leadership position. >> while the president has not spoken out on this matter in nearly a month, the republican noting white house aids saying the president madder than hell and will speak out on this soon. we don't know what day. there is pressure growing on him and when did the president first
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hear about these allegations about 40 people allegedly dying phoenix waiting for care. he said it was through media report, interesting, because we heard that with other stories like the irs before, sean. >> one quick question, the whistle blower will be on the show and victims families to tell stories. this is west virginia, this is virginia, this is albuquerque, this is new mexico. in each case it seems to be the same tactic, if you will, the same fraudulent scheme. did anybody bring that up with jay carney? >> he's been pressed. there were bonises given if they were able to windle down the wait time and make sure the people were being seen. that might be one motive. we don't know. still being investigated. the idea if people were not being seen by 14 days and taken six months, eight months,
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however long, in al b-- al bar kwau -- they get great care from the va hospitals but other whose are obviously waiting in line and can't get that care. >> yeah, it seems that these wait lists have been institutionalized from say fill si to facility, state to state. great reporting. thank you. as he mentioned, the problems at the va medical facilities did not just limit to phoenix, arizona and have been reported all across the country including the locations you see right there on your screen. issues such as management, data manipulation, lengthy wait times and poor care are just some of the more recent reports. joining me with reaction are the senators from the great state of arizona, republicans, john mccain and jeff flake. senator mccain, i want to go to the question it seems this is not isolated, this wait list issue that is in your state of
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arizona, this seems institutionalized. in other words, that makes me suspicious that somebody told these facilities to do this. is that a reasonable thought? >> i think it's reasonable but i also think it's reasonable, sean, that they set parameters that there would be certain waiting times that shouldn't be exceeded. because in the nature of their business, they were unable to meet those waiting times, so, then it seems natural that people would then start cooking the books, so to speak. by the way, albuquerque is the latest one. i campaigned in 2008 and said we have to fund mentally restructure the va. that's what we need to do f. a veteran needs routine health care, he or she should have a card and take that card to whatever health care facility that they think they where they can get the best treatment. jeff and i live in a big state,
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arizona. sometimes a veteran has to ride in a van for three hours or more to get to a routine medical treatment. why not give that veteran a card and let him or her get it wherever they are? that's what i campaigned on and it's not going to be fixed until we give the flexibility to the veteran to get the care they think they need most. >> you know, senator flake, the fact that they adopted in different states the same fraud system is that suspicious to you? >> it is. they travel around and get advancement or promotion and move around different va facilities and it's likely that in the same way that some businesses take best practices with them, they may have taken the worst practices with them with regard to these wait times because it seems to be the same kind of devices used to mask the real waiting time. let me tell you as well, that, you know, if congress needs to
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appropriate money more, if we need to do that, we need to do that based on the information we get from the va and if the va is saying that we have an average of just 14 days of wait time, then we're not getting good information to about on. so this is a big problem. >> all right. the news today that the president knew, i want to get both your reactions to this, senator mccain, we learned today in fact they were told in 2008 as you mentioned and also we know that the president gave a speech to disabled vets in august of 2013 and he said, you know, veterans who come under this system et cetera, i'll be honest with you, it's not moving as fast as i want it to move et cetera, et cetera. so he's known about it the entire time it seems but yet, it's worse than ever. so i mean, is this the equivalent of health care death panels for our vets? i know 167 families were paid out since 2001. did they make a decision to pay out the families, rather than to provide the care? >> what i think it really
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indicates, also, all that, sean, but where is the president's priorities in 2008, as you mentioned, in transition and you said wait times are too long on several other occasions. you said he was aware of things that were still wrong at the va. he's in his second term now. where was it on his priority list? it seems to me it couldn't have been real high because really nothing changed at the va. in fact, things got worse. as jeff said, we did appropriate more money, but you're only as good as information that you get, and i know of no member of congress that wouldn't appropriate all the money that's necessary. >> so -- >> one of your liberal friends on sunday i noticed said congress nickelled and dimed them. that's an out right lie. >> they admitted more money had been spent. what about shinseki? should he go? >> i -- do -- >> go ahead, jeff.
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>> no, general shinseki called myself and senator mccain saying that he is going to address these allegations -- >> it's under his watch. how many years has he been there now? >> no, he certainly bears responsible for a lot of this. >> why should he be given another opportunity? >> my concern and senator mccain can tell you if he has concerns. my concern is that if he were to go right now, the focus would be on the new guy and new person and they would be given time to get it right and we should shift responsibility or accountability. we need to get to the bottom of what is going on and -- >> so even though it happened under his watch, do you think the transition to a new person is more difficult than keeping the same and competent person in place? >> keeping him there to be accountable until we found out what went on and then decide what to do upon that. but right now, let's hold
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somebody accountable. let's have him testify before congress as he is as the secretary of veterans affairs, not as the former secretary. >> senator mccain, your thought? >> sean, veterans in the house which in has done an in depth study. they are going to have him as the secretary before him. i think we can wait until after that testimony. i have to say that testimony before the senate veterans affairs committee was not a very strong performance. >> let's wait and see what happens at this next hearing. >> thank you both for being with us. we have a lot more coming up tonight right here on "hannity". >> we're going to challenge each of our 57 regional va offices to come up with the best ways of doing business, of harnessing the best information in technologies and and cutting red tape and breaking through the bureaucracy. >> another scandal where the president says he did not know
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about -- he learned from the media and speaking in 2009 and coming up next, the family members of two va victims will react and the va scandal is not isolated to just phoenix va hospital and two patients committed suicide while waiting for treatment and dr. ben minca here. captain: this is a tip. bellman: thanks, captain obvious. captain: and here's a tip. when you save money on hotel rooms, it's just like saving money on anything else that costs money. like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins...
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welcome back to "hannity." the obama administration was notified about the issues plaguing health facilities in 2008, the president made this decoloration, about the mismanagement in 2009 during as speech in where else but phoenix where 40 people it is alleged have died waiting for care. >> we're going to challenge each of our 57 regional va offices to come up with the best ways of doing business, of harnessing the best information of technologies, of cutting red tape and breaking through the bureaucracy and then we're going to fund the best ideas and put them into action. all with a simple mission and slash the wait times and deliver
7:15 pm
your benefits sooner and you heard for years the leadership and resources this time means that we're going to be able to do it. that is our mission and we'll make it happen. >> that is our mission, we'll make it happen. the leadership and resources are provided 2009 in phoenix here with reaction from outside the hospital are two women whose families have fall victim to the phoenix's va neglect. sally and guys, welcome to the program. i know ainsley was out there. can i one quick question and the system and has anybody -- let me go through this.
7:16 pm
sally sally you lost your father. something is wrong with my pop. it is a delay in getting service in the er. >> how long of a delay. >> a long delay? and your other there in that time, a big jug of blood and it was red, red, red. >> in the emergency room. >> in the emergency room. >> they didn't take him in right away? >> no, oh, no, no, no, they said we have to wait. >> wow. do you think -- did he pass away, right? >> he died, yes, he did of bladder cancer. >> do you believe he died because of the neglect at the hospital right behind you?
7:17 pm
>> if pop would have got served, as he should have got serveserv don't know. all i can say is this, by neglecting him, they could have prolonged his life. they could have gave him the highest quality of care that could have treated him not like an animal. they could have came out with a diagnosis and how do you know a miracle couldn't happen or how do you know they couldn't contain the area if they didn't check and care. >> what would you say to the president of the united states who gave that speech right there in phoenix if he called you tonight? >> if he called me tonight i would simply say you're a liar, i don't trust you and if it was up to me, i would fire him and i believe he's a part of it, as well. he gave us nothing. nothing. >> wow. >> all he wants to do is go on the mission and still continue to let the veterans die
7:18 pm
including my pop and i don't like you very much, mr. president. >> joe, let me go to your story. we were following your story and updating your story. tell us about the issue involving your husband. >> well, dan fell on december 7th and broke his back and when we got him down to the va, we had to go down to get an appointment because nobody answers the phones. and then we had to wait weeks for an x-ray, more weeks for an mri, more weeks for more tests. we never did get to see a doctor until they finally referred us out to a neurosurgeon who said the procedure had to be done within six months. >> wait a minute, how do you not get care when your back is broken? they knew the back was broken, right? >> they knew it after they did the x-rays and mris and did nothing. >> they did nothing about it.
7:19 pm
so after our first segment with you aired, you got good news you thought. almost at the six month mark. tell us what happened. update us. >> we got a phone call and they scheduled dan for an appointment to come in for the procedure. we got to the hospital. they put on a blood pressure cuff, iv inserted, doctor we had never seen before came in and started telling us he didn't think it would work because it had been six months, he didn't think dan would get much relief and at that point dan agreed with him so they prescribed pain medications and sent him home. the neurosurgeon was a surgeon in germany. he said if we were in germany, we wouldn't have this discussion because you're too old to treat.
7:20 pm
guess what? that's what happened here. it's socialized medicine and obamacare. >> jim, your last words. i can't imagine this is such a high level of betrayal. i can't put words into my mouth it's so shocking to me and now we're discovering it's so wide spread throughout the system and the country. what is your reaction to that? >> i would like to and mr. mccain if he has a ten-point plan for fixing the va like he did the country and boarder but more importantly, sean, i want you to know we're tea party members and very dear friends have arranged for dan to see a specialist at the arizona back and pain institute here in phoenix. he's going this afternoon to see that specialist. it's paid for by our tea party friends. >> wow, if there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know. thank you joe and sally and i'm
7:21 pm
sorry, it's up forgivable. >> sean? >> yeah. >> sean, pop one went in the 28th of september, right? >> i think it's a disgrace, inhuman -- >> they called you after he had died while he was waiting for the care, even though he's literally urinating buckets of blood. >> right, but they gave him a rheumatology appointment october 8th, a rheumatologist, they were more concerned with his arthritis. >> i hope america is paying attention. my next guest is ex poiposi what happened during her tenure in west virginia. she blames the va for two suicides and says the treatment is worse than if they weren't
7:22 pm
treated at all. dr. margaret is with us. tell us what you saw and what you believe. >> well, sean, first i have to say those stories are -- >> stunning. >> heart wrenching. >> sad, and wide spread. >> terrible to hear, terrible to hear. i think it would be very helpful for your viewer ship to try to hear these stories on two levels, that is, the veterans system is so large and you have a layer of workers, doctors and nurses and technicians caring for people and then you have the bureaucracy, you have administrative people and it is big, so the doctors are not only trying to work, but you have to manipulate through this maze, this big bureaucracy. >> now -- >> so when we final fault, these cases will be examined, we hope, by law enforcement to find if there was malpractice, mistreatment or a crime --
7:23 pm
>> i don't mean to interrupt you. i'm tough on time but you had patients, you would see them and then not see them for months -- >> yeah, we didn't have a wait list in my clinic. they got it right. they got them in, which was good shs but then it was days and weeks and months for the second visit and in psychiatry, sometimes partial treatment is worse than no treatment. that were not waiting on a lift but waiting in a clinic for their second visit, which is worse, you see, than a waiting list because they were partially treated. that's why my tenure was so short. >> you tried to speak out. >> we talked, we talked. they first listened and eventually the sympathy dries up ask then they don't hear me. i was basically shut up. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. >> that's where my story is. i really didn't have a high rate
7:24 pm
of suicide statistically but my story is relevant to these stories in that administration, i think, because of its size and cumbersomeness is not adaptable and nimble and cannot respond and you can have the finest care providers and there are good doctors and nurses in the va that get good treatment but it's so hard to pull together and negotiate this maze. >> all right. >> and that is where the president when he said i'm going to cut bureaucracy, that would have helped but it's bigger in fact. >> doctor, thank you for what you've done and thank you for speaking out. >> thanks for having me. >> a long way to helping these guys get the treatment we prom hissed they deserved. >> i'm glad you're talking about it. we need somebody to talk about it. >> we'll continue to follow it. we promise you that. he was not afraid to tell the president how he feels.
7:25 pm
dr. ben carson will explain how the medical system can be fixed, that and more plus this. >> some people are going to america with kids that look just like them and too often, those schools aren't equal, especially ones attended by students of color. eric holder and the first lady of the united states talk about the issue of race during a very controversial commencement speech in that case. that and much more as "hannity" continues. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place
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welcome back to "hannity." in the wake of mismanagement of the va, my next guest has advice after world class medical care at john hopkins hospital, dr. ben carson, one nation what we can do to save america's future. good to see you. >> appreciate it. >> in this book you break it into three parts, problems that we're facing are enormous. you have a sense of urgency others don't have and solutions and context to this in the third part. how bad are these problems? look at the va. >> well, the problems are enormous because what we are doing as a nation is continuing to grow the government, continuing to grow the bureaucracy and we have problems. what is going on in the va is
7:29 pm
what you expect with layers and layers of bureaucracy between the physicians and patients that need care. the exact same thing is going to happen as we build this bureaucracy. what do you need for good health care? i've said it before, a patient, health care provider, that's all you need. along comes the middleman to facilitate relationship. it's become the primary entity. >> when you hear this va story, we're betraying vets. we're dead. because we promised them this. >> yeah. >> do you think -- do you believe the same thing because this is like a death panel. the they don't get service and being put on fraudulent wait lists to die -- >> i don't see how it would be. that's a lot of what we talk about in the book. you know, we look historically at what happened when people do certain things and what are the results. you know, one of the things in
7:30 pm
medicine we do, we make bes decisions based on evidence and one thing they seem to do a lot in politics is make decisions based on ideology. >> what about solutions, the second part of this book? i'm very unhappy with washington republicans but very inspired by conservative governors putting practical conservative solutions in place. what are they doing right and wrong? >> what you he thinksmentioned fascinating. if you go through the country and look at the states run by conservatives, and you look at the states that are run by progressive, what an incredible difference. >> startling. >> it goes back, what are these people doing and you can see
7:31 pm
consistently and they are lowering taxes, they are incentive these people and they work. i grew up in detroit. detroit was once the wealthiest city in america. now it's the largest bankruptcy in america s. >> sad, isn't it? >> complete fiscal responsibility and kicking the can down the road. >> let me ask a question, a two-part question. you talk a lot about faith and made the decision to speak at the prayer breakfast, great story. you keep trying to get both sides to get along in this book. how do you reconcile the differences between a democratic socialist and those who believe in limited government and greater responsibility? i don't see the broad consensus area. >> there is only one way to do it, you have to talk, and, you
7:32 pm
know, never have a conversation with your adversary because that hue mannizes them and your job is to demonize them. don't discuss the subject at hand. this is a very well-described and known tactic and they need to look at that. at a nation, people need to go out? we're all screwed. like we say, what we can do to save america's future. by the way, i've been reading this book. i like this book. everybody that loves their country and wants a good path, i have the conservative solution. i conceive credit. >> i like your solution. >> i want my kids to have what i have. >> absolutely. >> you'll come back later in the show. >> right. >> and dr. carson will be back to answer this question, will
7:33 pm
dr. carson run for president in 2016? there is an effort to draft him. he'll not tell us now. he'll tell us later. that and more straight ahead. >> we have a leaked video, this time with the audio included. >> it tells a completely different story. man, when a great party. >> i know, up. >> oh my god, there is a spider on you. >> what? get it. >> saturday night live poking fun at the elevator brawl between jay-z and beyonce's sister. they are here weighing in on that and more as "hannity" continues. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk.
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welcome back to "hannity." saturday night live had fun with the video nobody can stop talking about, the footage released by tmz of beyonce's sister attacking jay-z in an
7:39 pm
elevator. watch their take. >> as god as my witness, i would never do anything to hurt you. >> okay. >> you know what? and to pro it, we got an exclusive version of the leaked video, this time with the audio included. >> it tells a completely different story, look. >> man, what a great party. >> i know, look. >> there a spider on you. >> what? get it. >> it keeps moving. >> kick it. great job. i love you solange. >> i love you, too. >> funny, right. >> yeah, hilarious. >> i forget who said it and i was shocked in fact, jay-z would have been within his rights to fight back. what do you think of that? >> i think he handled it beautifully. >> perfectly. >> like a real gentleman, like a man should. >> i was raised, you never raise your hands to a woman period. i take marshall arts, so i know
7:40 pm
how to block. >> i know. >> i mean -- >> pound for pound -- >> i mean, what if he did fight back here? katy? >> if he fought back it would have been a much bigger pr problem than it is. in general, men should not hit women but feminists will say -- >> she's kicking -- >> men -- >> wait a minute -- >> in self-defense. >> women, the way they drink, i don't know what it is but they are happy, happy and then kunk, a switch goes off and roar. >> if he would have like hit her back. >> or pushed her off. >> you're allowed 12 blows. my wife is american indian. i say okay you can hit me 12 times and after 12 i go -- >> you're saying you hit your
7:41 pm
wife? >> i've hit my wife. >> seriously? >> and then i get another 12. >> we need to report that. >> your wife really hit you 12 times. >> in blows. she's a big woman. >> you're full of crap. nobody believes you. >> i had a purple chest -- >> come on. hasn't your wife thrown fruit or something at you, food? >> something. i don't know. >> i know i have. >> are you kidding? >> i -- >> listen, i'm too good at marshall arts now, i block. she's never hit me, no. >> i'm not saying jay-z should have slugged her, but i think there should be a little room for men to defend themselves in a violent situation. >> if the cops come, they will lock both of you up. >> no, they will lock up the guy. >> the clintons are in a domestic abuse relationship. hilary beats him -- >> let me go to michelle obama and eric holder as poor race
7:42 pm
relations in the country. she was given hers at a commencement exercise. >> many young people in america are going to school largely with kids who look just like them, and too often, those schools aren't equal especially ones attended by students of color. >> chief justice john roberts has argued that the past to ending racial discrimination is to give left consideration to the issue of race all together. this presupposes that racial discrimination is at a sufficiently low end that it doesn't need to be actively confronted. >> compare that, this is from condoleezza rice 2010. >> on a personal note, a little girl grows up in birmingham, the segregated city of the south where her parents can't take her to a movie theater or to a restaurant, but they have her
7:43 pm
absolutely convinced even if she can't have a hamburger, she can be president of the united states if she wants to be and she becomes the secretary of state. >> what do you think of the different comment? interesting, right? >> everyone comes at life at a different angel and perspective based on her experience. it's not fair to compare what she said -- >> come on -- >> totally different perspect e perspective. >> look at her background -- >> there is racism and racial -- >> i'm -- >> white on black racism, black on white racism. >> can we talk about this comparis comparison, condoleezza rice did grow up in the segregated south and he didn't. >> michelle ocbama said everyboy is going to school with the people that look like them. they don't like school choice
7:44 pm
that would open doors up. if anybody is at fault here, it's the obama administration. >> eric holder, that is crippling for blacks because when you portray the world, they are out to get you, you can't make it, no use trying, it's more harmful than the racism. the condoleezza rice attitude is -- >> but -- >> racism -- wait a minute. i would argue most americans, look at the way apmerica views don sterling. >> there are people that are. >> focus on the small minority of those. >> tiny. >> you still need a voice no matter who you are. >> they blanket the entire population. >> or blame michelle obama for speaking up. >> to me, it was suspicious, her and eric holder saying -- >> because they have to keep the go. lower because --
7:45 pm
we are going to miss you. you're going to the branch for kids with cancer for the summer and we'll see you back in september. >> september. >> we'll miss you. >> great work. >> thank you, sean. >> coming up, one on one, utah lawmaker wants to bring back the firing squad. agree with him. >> is he running or not in 2016? dr. benjamin carson comes back. he'll answer that question straight ahead. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress.
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welcome back to "hannity" is a firing squad more humane than lethal injection? utah state rep, paul ray. after what happened in oklahoma, i mean, you're not going mess up a firing squad. right? you know, sean the only mess up is in 1897 and have got it right every time since then. >> with a firing squad? >> yes. >> you're saying people should have a choice? >> nochlt no. we have the choice as a state. first choice will be lethal injection. if it's challenged in court, we fall back to firing squad it's our choice as a state. >> what did you think in
7:51 pm
oklahoma when drugs didn't work? >> you know, i don't know if you can call it a botch because he still died. >> yeah. >> it worked. i don't feel bad the guy suffered look what did he to that little girl. >> it's going to make a lot of liberals upset i don't understand how you screw that up you could have given him heroin and he could have died. i don't see how you screw it up. >> you're dealing with people who don't have expert ease on this. it's a new cocktail the europeans aren't selling us original cocktail. >> well, we're going to follow this story thank you for being with us appreciate it. when we come back, he's back the question everyone wants to answer. is dr. carson going to run for president? i'll answer that question and the exclusive answer, straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity". as promised is he in or out? here to answer the question is he going to run for president? some are trying to draft him, the author of this new book on bookstores now and on amazon. "one nation" is the new book by ben carson. that begs the question. are you considering a run for presidency? >> it's interesting. i'm in about 4, or 5 states per week. huge record breaking records enthusiastic. >> what do you mean? they tell you we've never had a crowd this big. >> yes. and that is always what people want to know. people want to see. you've got to do it. someone said to me today in the elevator you've got to run. it's just everywhere i go. and i think what people really are looking for is common sense
7:58 pm
and courage. and someone who understands the constitution, and the principles of freedom, innovation, social responsibility. and if someone can come along with those things, and gain a lot of traction, i would be delighted, if they don't, i would certainly give it serious consideration. >> so you will give it, are you giving it? i mean have you -- i remember you remember gladiator, one of my favorite movies saying will you not accept this great honor? he goes with all my heart, no. what about commidus? you have known since you're a young man he's not a moral man. so are you saying with all your heart you don't want to do it? >> i don't want to do it but if we're left in a situation where there is not a lot of enthusiasm for anyone else i
7:59 pm
would never turn my back on my fellow citizens though, you know i was hoping after a very arduous surgical career... >> that you'd be on the golf course. . >> i do find it fascinating just listening to people say, you know, he couldn't have known anything about economics couldn't know anything about -- he's only a brain surnlen he couldn't know any great stuff. i just find that fascinating. >> what else, experience does obama have? an acorn guy. >> i would just say whether i run or not, i'm happy to have a conversation with those people we'll see what good ideals they have. >> we're going to watch it >> the book is phenomenal. good to see you. >> dr. carson. that is all the time we have left this evening. before we go we hope you'll
8:00 pm
record "hannity" the series. start your day with our friends on fox and friends each weekday morning. thanks for joining us. let not your heart be troubled dr. carson throwing us out, we'll see you back here tomorrow night. me what you thought of tonight's show. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there is virtually no republican who accepts the science that virtually is unanimous. i mean, there is no scientific question. >> the governor of california blaming fires and drought on climate change. but a factor investigation shows that's nonsense. we'll present the facts tonight. >> you either lead or disappoint. unfortunately today in my opinion american is disappointed. >> chris christie attacking president obama. can county governor of new jersey get back into the presidential race? brit hume on that. >> what life lessons has lady gaga taught you? >> oh myo


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