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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 20, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: busy morning, eric. good to have you in this week. >> thank you for having me. martha: "happening now" starts right about now. we'll see you back here tomorrow. jon: we begin with a fox news alert. we're following fast-moving developments in libya as the pentagon prepares for a possible evacuation of the u.s. embassy in tripoli. good morning i'm jon scott. >> i'm julie banderas in for jenna lee today. officials tell fox news that marines and planes are positioned positioned positioned in it tall lay after fierce fighting sweeps across the city. jon: it is spiraling into some of the worst violence that country has seen since the overthrow of muammar qaddafi. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. jennifer? >> reporter: jon, the pentagon says it has not been asked to begin evacuation efforts but is
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prepared should the situation deteriorate for u.s. embassy workers in libya. out of an abundance of caution the defense department prepositioned eight ospreys which are capable of vertical liftoff, can carry up to 20 or so passengers and three kc-130j planes. they have stationed marines in italy at the naval air station should they be needed to help with the evacuation. >> decisions to move any of our personnel out of libya the situation on the ground obviously could change quickly. so we'll continue to evaluate and update our posture if needed into. >> reporter: the former qadaffi era general leading an attempt to push out various islamic factions who have taken over the country lived in northern virginia in numb for years and voted in recent u.s. elections. >> this movement is not military coup in conventional sense or entrance to military rule.
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this is what we reject. this is outdated. >> reporter: his fighters stormed parliament on sunday and fighting islamic factions taken over benghazi and various other ministries in oil-rich libya in the past several months. the general fought to overthrow muammar qaddafi. he is back to overthrow the fledgling government. the u.s. military is waiting in signela to evacuate the embassy should the security situation get worse. jon? >> jennifer griffin keeping an eye on that at the pentagon thank you. if those evacuations should take place marines are relying on the osprey aircraft to evacuate those americans as jennifer just told you. they can take off like a helicopter and fly horizontally like a plane. right now in north carolina a massive search is underway for a marine who apparently fell from an osprey aircraft during a training mission last night. happened near the town of white lake near fayetteville. no word how the accident happened. the marine's name has not yet been released.
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>> now to politics on a big primary day with national implications ahead of the november midterm elections as voters in six states head to the polls in races that could change the balance of power in congress. in one very close watched race in georgia, the gop is looking to nominate a candidate who can hold the seat of retiring senator sachs by chambliss. senior national correspondent john roberts is live in atlanta with the details. hi, john. >> reporter: hey, julie. good morning to you. the reason why this race in georgia is so important because whoever the eventual republican candidate is expected to face a tough race against michelle nunn, presumed democratic candidate. former daughter of -- daughter of former senator sam nunn. it's a broad field, seven candidates in total, the top five are businessman david perdue. he is the cousin of former governor, soney pureperdue. congressman jack kingston. those are establishment
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candidates. and candidates with some' party support is karen handle, phil beginningry and paul brown. kingston says he is best person to. >> i usually win by a substantial majority. have good relationships with a lots of different groups of people and i think the next senator of georgia has to be able to work with the diversity that we have in the state of georgia. >> reporter: it is not expected any candidate will crack 50%. the republican side today, so it is expected top two are going to meet in runoff election that will be held on 202nd of july. -- 20 second of july. in kentucky, mitch mcconnell expected to hold off a challenge for the tea party candidate matt bevin. recent polls show mcconnell is 22 points ahead. he will have a tough race in november against allison hundred
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der began grimes. wehby is seening a being the republican best hope to defeat the incumbent senator there, jeff merkley in november. however, in recent days, this police report has emerged in which wehby's former boyfriend, lumber company executive andrew miller that she was quote, harassing his employees and quote, stalking him last year. it is expected she has a big enough lead she will prevail in this primary. if think don't clean up this mess by november she may have a tough time trying to pick off merkley. this is one race to watch today and in the months to come, julie. >> those are the skeletons you want to keep in the closet until november. not a good thing. >> reporter: that's a bad skeleton. >> pretty bad one. john roberts thanks so much. fox news is america's election headquarters. keep it right here all night
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long for our political prime time coverage. live primary results coming in starting 7:00 p.m. eastern and we got you covered right here on fox. jon: speaking of politics, there are new questions surrounding president obama and his promise to take a 5% pay cut. remember this? it was part of a show of solidarity with federal employees who were furloughed last year because of the automatic budget cuts known as see questions term now the white house will not confirm whether the president ever followed up on that pledge. joining us now, ellison barber, staff writer for the "washington free beacon." the free beacon basically broke the story and they went back, your organization went back and looked. last year, president obama said i will take a 5% pay cut. >> right. jon: we should start out by saying it is not really legal to cut the president's pay but he was going to do this voluntarily. >> the white house came out and said because you have all these workers being furloughed we'll take a comparable cut in the non-defense sequestration cuts and he will take a 5% salary
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cut. that is not something that actually can happen but federal law sets the president's salary. we will do that and retroactively write a check march to november, that fiscal year to the treasury, 20,000 doll. liz harrington, who did the story, we know according to the tax returns he received his full salary. we don't know whether he wrote that check to give the money back treasury. shy called the white house multiple times. when they finally did say sag, we don't have that information. doesn't seem like returned it. would put out a press statement to hype that up. they haven't done anything. jon: we don't have that information. that is interesting language. >> they wouldn't answer. they said we don't have it. it was careful, they kind of avoided it for now. it was a big promise and looked very good and received by the public to say, hey, unfortunate that people are being sequestered. they blamed congress for the sequester. they were able to say this isn't
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right. 20,000-dollars that is lot of money to give back. jon: that is big check to write for anybody, even somebody making 400 grand a year as president. >> sometimes in the politics the most important things you do are the symbolic things. this would have been one of those symbolic things to people that mattered a lot. if it turns out to be political lie, which we don't know at this time that would be potentially a big deal or slight of a problem. jon: one would think if he had actually written that check the white house would have, you know, a photocopy of the check and send it out to reporters and so forth. he is not alone. he is not the only politic shun that made the promise. >> chuck hagel, secretary of defense he was first person to say he would take a pay cut. because of him other people came out and say they would do it. claire ma cast kill similarly said she would do it. mark begich from alaska said i would take a pay cut. i called his office in d.c. and as well as the office in anchorrage. i haven't back from him either. he is in one of contentious
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toss-up races for senate in november. that is something he said he would do at the time. a lot of people said that would be great for him in 2014 and poll well very well back home in alaska. we don't know as i called this morning we don't know if he has given that as well. jon: hypocrisy i think voters hate the most in politicians. one thing if you want to, you know, don't tell me you're going to give the money back if you're not. just don't do it. >> right. it's a silly lie. since everybody else didn't promise it there was no reason to make the promise if you weren't actually going to follow up and do it. if you said you were going to do it it is important you actually did do it. goes to issues of integrity which voters always care deeply about. about. so far there is no everyday they actually did it. >> they have not followed up to tell us whether or not they have. jon: ellison barber, from the "washington free beacon."
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we'll continue to read up on that. >> a well-known actor is under arrest after his wife was found shot dead sign side of their home. we'll have a live report just ahead. terrifying scene. two trains collide head-on near one major city and what investigators say may have caused the accident. they say she is lucky to be alive. a woman out for a jog on this deserted road comes face-to-face with a seven-foot bear that attacked her. >> all i can say is the survival instinct for that woman is phenomenal because the trauma that she went through and then to walk out was heroic. good job!
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jon: here's a look at some headlines we're following this hour. at least five people died, 45 others were injured after two trains slammed into each other near moscow this morning. investigators say the likely cause, a crack in the railway line. cell phone users will now be able to texas well as dial 911 in the event of an emergency. four of the country's top wireless companies already started providing the service. the fcc says all other providers still start doing so by the end of the year. a death row inmate in missouri is waiting to learn whether a court will halt his excuse set for tomorrow. 46-year-old russell bukloo was sentenced to death after a violent crime spree in 1996. his lawyers argue that bucklew's
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execution should be put off because he suffers from a rare medical condition that could violate the constitutional ban against cruel an unusual punishment. a federal court will decide on the attorney's request to videotape the execution in case it does happen. we'll look at this unusual case and the arguments with our legal panel in the 1:00 p.m. eastern hour of "happening now." julie: right now hollywood rocked by a real-life murder mystery. actor michael jace best known for playing a cop on the tv show "the shield" was arrested early this morning and booked on suspicion of murder after his wife was found shot to death inside of their home. william la jeunesse is live in las vegas to -- los angeles to explain what is going on there. >> reporter: the kind of actor you know his face but not his name. jace has been a dozen tv shows, several movies and now he is behind bars after police say he shot his wife shortly after she came home last night with their two children, both aged under 10. the shooting occurred last night
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around 8:30 when police received several 911 calls of shots fired from neighbors. then according to "tmz" jace himself called police and said, quote, i shot my wife. he is aged 54. april, 40. she, he, rather he appeared in the "the shield," southland, "private practice," "nypd blue." and movies the state of grace and "planet of the apes." they have two children reportedly home at the time and may have witnessed the shooting. according to "tmz" police took the kids to the station and later picked up by child protective services and taken to a family in los angeles. police are back at the home with a warrant and searching for additional evidence. back to you. julie: william la jeunesse. back to you. jon? jon: more obamacare sticker shock. why out-of-pocket drug costs for
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well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. jon: a man is under arrest now after allegedly shooting a woman in the eye with a bb gun. it happened at this walmart parking lot in stevenson ranch, california. the man pulled up to the victim and her boy friend and simply shot her in the right eye. >> might have a tough time. she might not have her vision. and that is huge loss. jon: doctors say the whom who has had trouble seeing out of her left eye as a child will probably never see out of her right high either.
8:21 am
police are not sure what may have sparked the incident. they think it may have been a case of road rage. julie: china firing back warning the u.s. to withdraw an indictment against five chinese military officers accused of hacking into big-name american companies to steal trade secrets or strain military ties. the chinese defense ministry says quote, up to now the relations between the u.s. and china militaries had been developments well overall. the u.s. by this action betrays its commitment to build healthy, reliable military to military relations and causes mutual damage and serious mistrust to both sides quote. we have general jack keane, former army vice chief of staff and fox news military analyst, gordon chang, the author of the book, the coming collapse of china. thank you for talking to us. general keen, as we heard there, they said they had been making progress up till now.
8:22 am
china denies role in cyber attacks or espionage. so there is obviously a stalemate here. how will this further compromise relations with china? jenkin. >> i'm sorry, julie. julie: how will this complicate our -- >> i heard the question. julie: okay. >> i think the fact of the matter is, we are going to have challenges and conflicts with as assertive and more aggressive china resents the domination of the united states in the western pacific. there will be tensions and conflicts. and as opposed to cyber espionage this is a problem that we have had for years. the cia, the department of defense, the national security agency urged this administration to take stronger action against the chinese. they're finally beginning to do that. we've had a problem with our business companies because they don't want to exposure that they have been penetrated and lose
8:23 am
shareholder confidence what they're doing. julie: right. >> these five companies came forward. we have concerted effort to expose this and expose the people actually doing it. this is a first step, a baby step but nonetheless a an important step. julie: it opens the ice to the growing problem. gordon, it says they are targeting u.s. metals, solar products industries. a scary subject. obviously china isn't going to cooperate with the u.s. how should now the u.s. react militarily? >> i think for instance the united states needs to do what is always tried to do is build relations with beijing but we have got to confront issues the problem here we have had friendly relations by ignoring problems. as the general points out we need to deal with these issues. this will be an important thing for us to do. the chinese can huff and puff but at the end of the day we have much more power over them than they do over us.
8:24 am
we have to take this in stride. julie: general, china says it is suspending cooperation with the u.s. in joint cyber security working group. that was formed last year after more allegations of chinese military involvement in online commercial espionage was accused. china denied those allegations as well. the question is, we continue to try to talk with china but can we evertrust china? if they're going to deny the accusations time and time again obviously we can't continue what is been ongoing for years now. >> we'll have mutual interests with china like we did with the former soviet union. they will act in theirings in interest as we know we are. we know for a fact they lied to our faces on this issue. the world pretty much understands that the fact that china is conducting cyber espionage despite the fact they are in denial. i believe we need more exposure because they're very sensitive to their reputation around the world. we need other countries to expose it. not just the united states.
8:25 am
we have to more of this exposure ourselves, not just the hackers but also the company presidents inside of china who are asking these hackers to act on their behalf. julie: you know, gordon, it is safe to bet that china will never hand over the five defendants, we know that in this latest case so they're not going to be tried in the united states here in the pennsylvania courts where this case is being tried. but at this point when attorney general eric holder it is intention for chinese government to cooperate, we know the chinese government will not cooperate, how badly will this set things back and what should be our next step? >> well this will set things back and we need to have these honest conversations with them. they are going, as you say, ending the cooperation on that dialogue we had on cyber issues. julie: right. >> they will do other things as well and we should just make sure we do what we continue to do and we have to raise these issues as the general says. it is going to be very important for us to do that and we've got to understand that we have more power over them.
8:26 am
for instance, their economy is in trouble right now and they rely on the u.s. markets. so we have to use that as leverage. julie: general, the indictment really serves as a startling example. it sheds light on the growing problem of espionage. that is kind of a new form of terrorism or as u.s. prosecutors describe it as 21st century burglary. let's look at that. i mean as far as as our cybersecurity getting in the wrong hands perhaps of terrorists. i'm not saying china is trying to use this as a form of terrorism but that does open the door to that being a possibility, doesn't it? >> oh, yeah. this is dirty little secret frankly. if you ask the head of a intelligence agency in the united states what is one of the things they fear the most, it is the fact that a cyberattack capability, probably bought from the russians, would get in the hand of a terrorist organization and can do the same, could do far greater damage than what the conventional attack did on 9/11.
8:27 am
you know, particularly to our economy and do it at network speed. that is something we're very, very concerned about and the united states clearly does have significant vulnerabilities in this area. those vulnerabilities are well-known. julie: general jack keane, gordon chang, thank you very much to both of you to talk to us about this. definitely a scary epidemic growing in this country. thank you. jon? jon: a report on obamacare saying some out-of-pocket costs could soon skyrocket. some eye-opening details on the way for you. plus it is a program that played a part in tracking down the world's most wanted terrorist three years ago. now the cia said it won't be using it anymore. why? >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed usama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place
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8:32 am
reimburses more for treating medical conditions than preventing them in spite of its emphasis on preventative care. how? by reimbursing too little for critical drug therapies. listen. >> everybody involved in health care delivery system knows that if you can prevent a disease, if you can manage a disease, the patient is better off. and it is the more cost effective way but most importantly, the patient is better off. >> reporter: but obamacare does the opposite, raising the cost of drug therapies, unlike most employer provided plans, many drugs are not covered by insurance in obamacare until the parity has satisfied the deductible which is often thousands of dollars. >> the average deductible on a silver plan is $2500. the average deductible on a bronze plan is $5,000. and then on top of that, a typical consumer will also have to pay very significant out-of-pocket costs associated
8:33 am
with branded pharmaceuticals. >> reporter: now according to the study by acutarial firm that means drug coverage under the most common silver plan under obama care can be 130% more expensive than employer-provided plans. part of that comes from hefty co-pays, even after the deductible is satisfied. >> an example is that we've used is for multiple sclerosis in some of these plans, even after you reach the deductible, you're still being asked, patients are being asked to pay 40% of the cost of those therapies, cost of those medicines. >> people who have expensive, chronic conditions are not being treated well in the obamacare exchanges. >> reporter: now several analysts say those with employer-provided plans should also be worried because policies in government programs can eventually get adopted by the private sector, meaning these practices could one day affect all plans, even those at the
8:34 am
work place. julie? julie: jim angle in washington, thank you so much. >> reporter: you bet. jon: let's go to the threat from al qaeda now. fbi director james comey making it clear the offshoots of the terror network in america and the middle east remain strong. that's why he says terrorism should remain the focus of the bureau. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more on that. catherine. >> reporter: jon, nine months into his tenured term as fbi director james comey said he underestimated the strength of al qaeda's affiliates. quote i didn't have anywhere near the appreciation i got after i came into this job how virulent the affiliates had become, mr. comey said. they are stronger than i appreciated. though bin laden was killed in the 2011 compound raid in pakistan the network proved resilient and ideology spread to affiliates in yemen, north africa and west africa as the head of the powerful senate intelligence committee explained sunday. >> i know they will come after
8:35 am
us if they can. i see the intelligence. terror is not down in the world, it is up both deaths, injuries, in many, many different places. al qaeda has metastasized. the question comes, how do we prevent an attack in this country? >> reporter: the latest example of al qaeda's growth is now in nigeria. the u.s. and nigerian authorities now sharing intelligence including satellite photos to locate the nigerian girls kidnapped by the group of called boko haram which means western education is sin. they are going under forced conversion from christianity to islam. at a briefing yesterday the spokeswoman downplayed the al qaeda connections. >> at this point the united states does not see boko haram as an affiliate or official arm of al qaeda. obviously goes without saying it does not take, does not, you
8:36 am
don't have to be an aq affiliate in order to carry out terrorist activities. as you know, boko haram is designated -- >> reporter: that spokeswoman's statement is in direct conflict with the state department designation of boko haram as a terrorist organization specifically outlining these connections to al qaeda's affiliate in north africa, known as aqim. that statement by general psaki in the briefing room stunned yesterday, i can see why. catherine herridge in washington. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. julie: program for tracking down the world's most notorious terrorist is coming to an end. the cia will stop using vaccination program as a cover for intelligence operations. the agency used this kind of program by the way to try and spy on usama bin laden's compound in pakistan prior to the raid that killed the terror leader in 2011. chief washington correspondent
8:37 am
james rosen is live with the rest of the story. hi, james. >> reporter: good morning. the way this news was disclosed still leaves a number of questions unanswered the disclose share took the form of a letter written by lisa monaco, and sent to a dozen deans of leading health schools, all whom active in combating polio in handful of countries where that disease remains endemic. the five-sentence letter was dated last week, may 16 but its opening line states it was replying to inquiry the deans lodged with the white house 16 months ago. the letter goes on to say and i quote, the director of the sell trillion intelligence agency directed in august 2013 that is decision itself from nine months ago that the agency make no operational use of vaccination programs which includes vaccination workers. the monaco letter continueded, similarly the agency will not seek to obtain or exploit dna or other genetic material acquired through such programs. this cia policy monaco concluded applies worldwide and u.s. and
8:38 am
non-u.s. persons alike. as julie mention ad great deal of reporting and speculation suggested it was a vaccination program in pakistan reportedly helped the u.s. pinpoint the location and function of the compound where al qaeda leader usama bin laden was hiding and killed by u.s. navy seals. within days of that operation a pakistani physician was detained by pakistani authorities. he is charged with having ties to militant groups and ties to the u.s. central intelligence agency. former defense secretary says afridi who worked on hepatitis cases worked on intelligence very helpful with regard to this operation. back to lisa monaco's letter. it didn't say the cia would not longer exploit vaccination programs but seemed to imply that such efforts went on in the past. what happened between january 2013 when health care
8:39 am
deans raised concerns about such programs and august of last year when director brennan banned the practice. julie. julie: james rosen in washington. thank you so much. jon. jon: a u.s. appeals court rejecting a request by bp to retry a case forcing the company to pay billions of dollars in claims related to the 2010 gulf oil spill. lawyers for bp asked the court to hear the case again arguing that the company was being forced to pay money to businesses whose losses were knot related to the spill. the court rejected that argument. now bp says it is considering taking its case all the way to the u.s. supreme court. julie: frightening melodies coverry about a deadly disease. coming up we'll speak to the lead researcher who found a link between legionnaires disease and windshield wiper fluid. plus, she and her friend were just out walking their dogs when they were suddenly confronted by a huge moose. their incredible story next. >> all of a sudden i looked up and he was looking right at me
8:40 am
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jon: we are 17 minutes away from the top of the hour. "outnumbered" coming up. kimberly, and sandra, what do you have? >> hi, guys. politicians buying cocaine to hiring prostitutes, what a new poll shows about voters attitudes towards misbehaving lawmakers. it will surprise you. >> one high school is under fire for devoting part of its
8:44 am
yearbook to teenage parents. >> plus hollywood is known for their brief marriages, right? a new ad campaign are telling stars to think twice before saying i do. >> our hashtag lucky guy by the way has been down the road not once, not twice, but five times. that is the only clue you will get on that. "outnumbered starts at the top of the hour. jon, that will have you watching. >> maybe he knows. jon: i'm scratching my head on this one. it will be interesting to find out. sandra, thanks. >> thank you. julie: female jogger is recovering after she was attacked by a bear. she survived. alive to tell her story. police say the woman was out jogging with her husband on a military base in alaska. the two became separated. that is when she was attacked by a seven-foot tall female bear, apparently trying to protect her two cubs. the woman walked two miles before being picked up by a soldier. listen to this. >> the victim, who was in and out of consciousness at the time
8:45 am
from the emergency room, said that all she could remember was that it was a sow and two cubs. julie: boy. wildlife officials say nearby recreation areas are closed for the next week in order to give the bear time to clear out. meanwhile another animal attack to tell you about, this one in colorado where a woman and her friend were out walking their dogs, minding their own business, when they were attacked by a moose. one of the women say that the animal looked right at her, grunted and then charged. that's not good. >> i tried to get up and he kept coming back and stomping on me. when i fell back he got he me here and then, when i curled up forward, that's when he got me on the head. julie: both women were taken to the hospital. one is listed in fair condition. the other remains in the intensive care unit. i say stay indoors, ladies for a while. jon: moose are very aggressive, very aggressive. julie: you don't want to get in the way after mad moose or a mad bear. jon: no.
8:46 am
julie: have you ever been in the eyes of a moose? jon: they're actually not that common in colorado. there are not that many moose there. julie: wouldn't be surprised if you took one down at one point? jon: no. but they are very aggressive and really fast. julie: oh gosh. jon: okay. an incredible medical discovery on the cause of a deadly disease. this after brand new research find that bacteria which causes legionnaires disease can live in some brands of windshield washer fluid. we have a doctoral student who conducted the research and presenting his findings this week at the meetings of the american society for microbiology. otto, what prompted you to look in wiper fluid to begin with? >> that's a very good question. for a few years now about 10 or so, there has been a lot of epidemiological evidence, mostly coming out of europe, that has been showing pretty convincingly that there is some sort of a correlation between legionnaires disease and driving. so that prompted us to look into
8:47 am
windshield washer fluid as a potential source of transmission for these bacteria. jon: so, when you found it, i mean you find it in cars? what percentage, how common is it? >> so we conduct ad field study in central arizona, actually on elementary school buses looking at 12 different buses over about a six-month span and the numbers were kind of surprising to me even. we saw about 84% of samples were positive for legionella in concentrations as high as 140,000 per milliliter. jon: 84%, i'm sorry to interrupt, but, that is almost nine out of 10 samples of windshield washer fluid had legionnaires bacteria. >> yes. one bus we looked at almost one billion cells of these bacteria inside of it. jon: holy cow! what happens? how is it transmitted? if you sprayed your windshield
8:48 am
and inhaled some of the, you know, some of the droplets, some of the space coming off of that, could that infect you with legionnaires disease? >> potentially. our working theory is that, you know, can cars are not airtight. so there could be a possible transmission occurring when anyone sprays their windshield and aerosolized bacteria make it through the car's cabin air intake vent. if you breathe it, you could end up with pneumonia. jon: legionnaires was such a mystery when it first started t was named after the american legion right, that took place at a hotel? turned out the bacteria was hiding in the water supply at that particular facility. so now you're coming up with other potential sources that breathe the bacteria. what is it about washer fluid? >> so, specifically washer fluid, you know, it potentially, again, has the right combination of factors that could lead to the growth and transmission of these bacteria.
8:49 am
assuming that you're using tapwater to dilute your washer fluid, there is a constant influx of nutrients. it is heated. they like heat. they need heat to grow and it is aerosolized when it is sprayed. it all lines up potentially. jon: all right. so what, should i run home and pour some, denatured alcohol or something in my washer fluid to try to kill this stuff off? >> so it's a little early for us to be coming up with potential solutions to what may or may not be a significant issue. we did notice that washer fluid with higher percentages of methanol, the most common antifreeze agent used in america, dennedded decrease levels of legionella. certain cabin air filters can help block the bacteria. that is sort of a double-edged sword here. putting toxic chemicals like methanol in washer fluid could have other potential negative health effects. jon: that is a fascinating story. i'm glad you found out about
8:50 am
this stuff. i hope you a get a good grade on research project or however they evaluate you there. >> hopefully, thank you. jon: good for you. thanks for sharing that information with us. interesting. julie: a mother of four speaking out for the very first time what she did to survive after being trapped in a car for days after it went off the road. we'll tell you that story coming up. plus the judge in the oscar pistorius murder trial ordering the athlete to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. we'll have new details on what the "blade runner" faces as the murder trial gets put on hold. captain: this is a tip. bellman: thanks, captain obvious. captain: and here's a tip. when you save money on hotel rooms, it's just like saving money on anything else that costs money. like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins...
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jon: right now we're learning about a mother of four stranded in her car for about a week after it plunged off of a highway in colorado. kristin hopkins feet were crushed after her car landed upside down near this highway, leaving her trapped without food or water until someone noticed the glare coming off of her vehicle. in her first interview since the crash hopkins says, thinking about her children got her through the ordeal. she is currently in rehab after undergoing surgery to amputate feet and part of her legs. julie: sad. the judge in the oscar pistorius murder trial ordering the athlete to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. the former olympian accused of murdering his girlfriend reeva steinkamp, is ordered to report to a psychiatric hospital as an outpatient next week. he will check himself in 9:00 to 4:00, until doctors see him and then leave. paul tilsley on the phone. the trial is at a stand still, correct? >> correct, julie.
8:55 am
fox news footage of the high security forensic ward at the mental hospital in pretoria where oscar pistorius will spend 30 days as an outpatient from next monday. a highly placed medical source told fox news that the athlete will undergo in depth psychiatric evaluations by three psychiatrists and a clinical psychologist here. legally sources say he can't be kept in a general ward. these highly secured wards are protected by three guarded checkpoints and a 13-foot high wall. the judge took four minutes to read her ruling and in it directed the doctors to find out whether pistorius was, as she put it, criminally responsible and was able to differentiate right from wrong on the night he shot and killed his girlfriend reeva steinkamp. the psychiatric report will not be shown to the media or the public. court will resume on june 30th. the professional care in the hospital is said to be excellent but the conditions sources say are so severe, that more than one source claims they are worse
8:56 am
than any prison pistorius might get sent to if convicted of the murder of his girlfriend julie. julie: paul tilsley, thank you very much. jon? jon: we are waiting for president obama to make remarks on the growing veterans affair scandal. the latest developments in the delays in medical care for so many much our nation's veterans. plus how lawmakers are responding to the growing scandal. residents on edge as grasshoppers take over their homes. the reason why these bugs are invading a southwestern city.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
jon: it looks like a scene out of a horror movie. thousands of grasshoppers invading a small city in new mexico. scientists say the infestation is due to the mild winter and recent rainstorms but residents just say they want them gone. a pest-control company says they will be gone soon enough. they say not to overuse
9:00 am
pesticides. you can get a turkey, turkey eats grasshoppers. jenna: do you own a turkey? jon: no, i don't, but it will work. we will see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." here today, harris fokker, sandra smith, and today's hashtag one lucky guy, geraldo rivera. >> i had a dream like this once. >> i think you had several. >> that is right, i have. >> tweeting on "outnumbered" account, they guessed who you were based on your own island. >> my eight-year-old just watched


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