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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 20, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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dog, found with a pipe on his head. he duct word fell off when they were watching up with him. the vet is checking him out today. here's shepard. >> one pro football player says he played on a whole season on a broken leg because the team didn't tell him about it. and the superbowling champion quarterback, tim mcmahon of the chicago base, say doctors fed him hundreds of pain killers so he could keep playing. now he and hundreds of other former players are suing the league. we'll get you the details. what gets you more time in prison in texas? assault with a deadly weapon? sexual assault? or selling hash brownies. that last one will get you life in prison. today the teenager who faces hell on earth for something that at least one cop says should be a misdemeanor. we'll tell you why. tired of telemarketers, the do
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nothing call list is supposed to stop them but doesn't always work. now one company is a big the biggest fine ever for ignoring the do not call requests. will it make a difference? let's get to it. >> good afternoon to you and yours from the fox news deck. first this afternoon, right now, marines on stanby in case they need to airlift americans out of triply, libya. part of the crisis plan in place now after the attack in benghazi that killed four americans in 2012. witnesses say new and bloody fighting in the country is getting worse today, and pentagon sources warn that intelligence shows the united states embassy could get caught in the middle. a military task force has now doubled the number of choppers and planes waiting right this minute for any order to evacuate our embassy in libya. some 250 marines are on standby. that is after days of fighting between rival militias that left dozens of people dead. on one side, islamist groups,
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including al sharia, linked to the benghazi, and on the other side, antiislamist fighters trying to get rid of the militias. the latest violence happened when marines stormed the parliament to demand lawmakers step down. instead parliament is going ahead with a vote on a controversial new leader. a vote that could cause even more bloodshed and more fear our diplomats may be in grave danger. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. what assetses to the military have. >> on standby, in italy, the pentagon has now prepositioned eight osprey aircraft capable of virtue cal liftoff. a cross between a helicopter and a plane and can carry up to 20 or so passengers. the u.s. military has prepositioned three kc130j
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refueling planes and 250 marines in nearby italy. the pentagon says it has not been asked to begin evacuation efforts but is prepared should the situation detear you're rate. >> there's a former libyan general who is taking on the islamist groups. what do we know about this guy? >> well, he was trained in the soviet union and lived in northern virginia for nearly a decade. he even voted in the 2008 and 2009 elections. he returned to libby to help overthrow moammar gadhafi and is now leading the attempt to push out the various islamist factions who have taken over the country. >> this movement is not a military coup in the conventional sense. this is what we reject. this us outdated. >> his tigers stormed the parliament on sunday and have been fighting islamist factions that have taken own benghazi and various oil ministries in oil-rich libya over the past few
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months. the general fought to overthrow moammar gadhafi. now he is back to overthrow the fledgling government. the u.s. military is waiting to be asked by the state department to evacuate the embassy should the security situation deteriorate further. there's a great deal of unease at the u.s. embassy in tripoli about the situation. >> jennifer griffin. let's taken to a former ambassador to bahrain. minute by minute decisions. how too you make these decisions and there's more than one level of evacuating. right? >> yes. i think we're past the general level, which is authorized departure in which you reduce your personnel to essential staff. given the security situation in libya, they're probably looking at an evacuation of everybody.
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and that decision is going to be made by the ambassador in consultation with the state department and the defense department, and the calculations going to be how serious is the threat, and how effectively can we protect our personnel? so it's assessing what the situation on the ground is, are they targeting americans or are americans at risk of getting caught in the cross fire? i think they're going to try to stay until the last possible minute and that would mean they're going to leave when the bulls eye focuses on them and not the cross-fire between libyan factions. >> we have c130s, 250 marines, choppers, all stationed right now in sicily, ready to just jump over the pond there. it sounds like it would be a vietnam-esque style thing. is it or not? >> i wouldn't make it that dramatic. obviously -- >> it would be that dramatic if i were about to be airlifted out
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of an embassy for me personally. >> look. every embassy has what is called a neo. a noncombatant evacuation operation plan. and i can tell you, as a former ambassador, that your first duty is to protect the lives of americans. so, before you even get to the country that you're assigned to, you review the emergency action plan and the worst-case scenario, how to get everybody out if we need to. this is a plan that has been in place from day one. it is very detailed and very exhaustive and can be turned on with the flip of a switch. it also, i should say unique specialty of our military they can put together a force that is both rapid and mobile, insert themselves and get everybody out, really, in as little as eight to 12 hours. >> impressive. ambassador, nice to talk to you.
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a minute-by-minute decision. cops say one of the stars of "the shield" is under arrest on suspension of murder. and tmz is reporting he called 9-1-1 and said, i shot my wife. police reportedly found his body -- his wife's body in a hallway inside their home south of downtown l.a. cops took him in for questioning but have not formally charmed him with any crime. he has appeared in several television shows and movies, including minor roles in "southland" and the films, boy boogie night" and forrest gump." and then there's his role in "the shield." >> what are you doing? someone could have grabbed your weapon. you see all these people around you? look at me. you're trying to kill one of them? are trying to kill one of 0 us? >> mickael jays and his wife were married for a decade. two kids-both under the age of
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ten. sources are telling tmz the two children watched as the shooting happened. bombers kit new targets in nigeria, including a bus station. is this the work of the terrorist0s who kidnapped the school children? >> is selling hash brownies on the save level as murder or rain or committing terrorism? how about this. somebody raped your wife. that somebody would have a chance to spend less time in prison than a 19-year-old kid who sold hash brownies at school. are you out of your mind, texas? have you completely lost it, texas? the loophole in the texas law, and why it is insane. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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a explosion ripped through a crowded bus station in central nigeria. witnesses say dozens of people died but military officials do not yet have an official number. happened roughly 1 0 miles northeast of the capitol si. nobody has claimed responsibility but investigators say the boca haram terror network has carried out a wave of bombings this year. the same group threatening to sell abduct out school girls into sex slavery. they now converted to islam so that's not a problem but won't say what they'll do with them. last month the group took credit
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for a blast. yesterday a suicideblommer killed more than two dozen people in a northern city. nye year ya in crisis. >> a teenager in central texas is facing up to life in prison because of one ingredient in his sort of pot brownies. a longer sentence than for sexual assault or aggravated awe assault with a deadly weapon. the key is the prosecutors made his brownies not with marijuana but with hash oil. possession of up to two ounces 0 marijuana in texas is a misdemeanor. two ounces, a misdemeanor. but if a few drops of hash oil inside these brownies means they don't just weigh the oil they weigh the baked goods, as if they were solid hour. they're brownies with some hash oil. they weigh a pound and a half, and for that he could go away for the rest of his life. prosecutors can include the
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weight of the brunie, the flower and the butter and the chocolate to calculate the weight of the illegal substance. in texas. >> evangeline, for some reason marijuana and hash oil are different to the tune of one is two ounces is a misdemeanor and one, a few drops, is a felony in the first degree. what is this? >> absolutely. it's insanity. this is the same state where a judge decided that a teen rapist, rapist, should only serve 45 days in jail, and now in the state is saying this person, this juvenile, should be charged with a felony. what i think is happening here is they want to scare this assume and other copycats that -- this juvenile and other copycats but i believe the state will allow him to plead to a misdemeanor. >> his father says five years to life? i'm sorry. i'm a law-abiding citizen. i'm a conservative.
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i love my country. i'm a vietnam van but i'll be damned. this is damn wrong, he told a local station. if jacob his son did something wrong she be punished but it must make sense. this is insane. >> it is. >> that doesn't change the fact that the sentencing guidelines are five to life. you have to work within the guidelines-don't you? >> you have to work within the guidelines, but, again, judicial discretion should in no way be undervalued here. you need to go back to the state legislature andscape explain to them -- and explain to them this needs to change because it's abusive and it's out of control. and as you said, shep, it's absolutely insane. and no citizen in the state of texas should be subject to such a harsh penalty, regardless if it's child or adult. >> if jacob at 19 years old
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lived in colorado, he could just go down the street and buy them and not get in any trouble, unless he gets behind the wheel of a car. >> absolutely. and what is also critical here is this is a juvenile who does not have a prior criminal history. the fact that his juvenile would be subject to something like five years in prison, it's an injustice, really is. >> i want our viewers to weigh in on this. the kid's name is jacob lavarro and he is out of texas, and it's insane. another bombshell lawsuit claiming the nfl put profits ahead of player safety, and this is a big one. former football players by the hundreds claim the league illegal he drugged them to make sure they could stay in the game inch many cases did not even tell them what was wrong with them. we'll talk to one of the former players who is suing.
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petco has now decided it's pulling all dog and cat treats made in china, all of them. no more. after the food and drug administration linked toxic chinese treats to the deaths of more than 1,000 dogs. a thousand of them. according to the fda's web site, pet food product does not need approval before hitting shelves. the fda regulates but don't have to look at it pre-market. the fda reports it's still not
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sure what the specific cause of the reported illnesses and death is, but most of them reportedly happened after pets had eat 'jerkey treats from china. pet petco is the first store to announce this. >> a group of retired football players claim the nfl turned them into jungies. they say officials doped them. the player says the league illegally obtained and supplied the athletes with certain drugs and pain killers. they say doctors and trainers often never told them how bad their injuries were, but instead fed pills to them to mask the pain. in other words, skip the surgery. get back on the field. they say the teams also ignored the long-term effects of the drugs. some of the former pros say when day retired they were addicted to pain killers. one says he became homeless because of it. jim mcmahan is one of the
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players who is suing now. he says he once broke his neck but that trainers gave him meds and told him he was fine. did not tell him he broke his neck. he became an addict and says he was taking more than 100 pills a month. this comes after the nfl as accused of hiding the risks of con suggestion. they settled that one for $765 million. what did it take the blame for? nothing. it paid the money and let the blame go. the league says about the new lawsuit, our attorneys have not had an opportunity to view it. joining now, a form center, played 11 seasons in the nfl. now part of the lawsuit. sir, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> how serious is this? >> this is serious. a it's huge drug culture and a lot of people have been left addicted to pin killers, and
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then, with long-term kidney function and needing kidney transplants and die alice and people that are -- dialysis and people with nerve problems from injuries they kept playing on that were masked for years. a lot of people are beat up and tattered and the lowing don't care. >> the always allegation is that the doors for the teams did not tell players what was wrong with them, just shot them up or popped pills in their mouth and told them to get back oned the field. if true, that's a crime. >> there's numerous things that are alleged and it's just not a one-team thing. this is a culture in the nfl. i've had some seasons where i was in a oning boot and crutches, take four or five shots before the game, a handful of pain killers and played the whole season that way. wasn't able to walk into the stadium on my own but after taking drugs to get myself on
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the field and then i'm back on the crutches after the game. >> they told you about the know cane and the vicodin and you accepted it. they didn't hide is. >> a lot of time is knew what i was changing -- >> did you have a choice? >> we can get you back on the field if we give you this. what the long are term effect? you below re just fine. now i have stage three kidney failure, 35% kidney function, i'm one step away from needing dialysis roar kidney transplant because of the drugs the nfl fed me for years. >> is this still going on? >> still going on. i train young athletes and so i got a lot of friends and a lot of people that are still in the nfl, and first, let me say i love the nfl, sports, but if i didn't speak out and say something and there's another young man with a kidney problem because i kept my mouth shut, then shame on me. that's he reason i'm part of this lawsuit. i don't hate the game of
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football, i'm not bitter. it's the greatest game in the world but the practices need to change -- >> i think it's great, too. every sunday and thursday, whenever, i'm there. here's the question. players work in a corporate world, nfl is a corporate thing. an enormous money, making venture ump if your employer is drugging you, not telling you, and destroying your body in the corporate world, that business might be shut down. know what i'm saying? >> i know exactly what you're saying. >> should the nfl be shut done for drugging and ruining people's lives? your said you're close to kidney dialysis. >> they need to change their practices and needs to happen quickly, and not something they drag out. one of the -- >> how do they need to be punished? >> they need to be punished also and need to change practice -- >> how. >> they need to take care of the medical issues they caused for all these players. >> are they taking care of you? >> of course not.
12:25 pm
after five years your medical is done you don't even have medical anymore. i played 11 years in the nfl. after five years you're on our own. 16 surgeries later and two bad kidney, tell me what the premium is. >> you're telling me you're not bitter. >> i'm bitter in the simple fact that it needs to change for young guys. i have a son that probably want to play football and nephews play football, and if the nfl is the same for the young men i failed every one of them for not speaking out. >> they're still doing it. >> to this day. >> so if i'm watching on sunday, am i part of the problem? >> i don't the -- >> why not sniff i know that employers are drugging players to play on a field for my entertainment and i watch, therefore give those companies money, why am i not part of the problem for watching? >> i guess there's different ways of look at it, and if you do look it's that way, understand what you're saying. >> they do that so the game is better, so the hits are bigger,
12:26 pm
the best players are out there, so the jersey i like, he is out there, want to watch him play, and if they drugged him to put him out there in front of me so i'll watch that channel, aim part of the problem for nfl players when i watch on sunday? yes or no. >> would you still watch if the backup was in there? probably so -- . >> who is eli mapping's backup. >> we haven't got a chance to see him because they keep him on the field. >> whoever that is i don't want to see him. if eli is out in there i might not watch. i got options. i'm just asking you. if you feel like those of us who are consumers of the product which you put on the field, are part of the problem for continuing to watch, when you now tell us the league drugged new and in essence ruined your life and left you close to kidney dialysis. >> that's exactly what happened. >> okay. jeremy, good luck. i hope justice is done, whatever that turns out to be. flies to talk to you. >> i appreciate it, shepard,
12:27 pm
have a good day. >> i love it. i love it. watch it every sunday, every sunday. not just the giants, either. but are we part of the problem? these players say they're being drugged by this league. drugged so they can go out and perform for us, and that's why we watch. right? so are we part of the problem? we'll report. you decide. getting a divorce can obviously be quite expensive. a court in switzerland has now ordered one of the world's wealthiest men to pay more than half this fortune, $4.5 billion to his ex-wife as part of a divorce battle stretching on for six years. the ex-wife's lawyer calls it the most expensive divorce in history, the husband is appealing and thinks the cuts will cut him down. 4.35 million surely must be move. they were married 23 years. he makes a fortunate mining salt. his nickname in russia is the
12:28 pm
fertilizer king. fork values his force at $8.8 billion, and of that she gets half. sprint now has to pay massive offend for what it did to customers who asked to opt out of those pesky telemarketer calls. next ex-jerri willis on the punishment for ignoring the do not call difference and it may not make a single difference.
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they're calling today the supertuesday of the primary season. control of congress on the line. voters as six states. republicans have to pick up six senate seats in november to take control from the democrats. in kentucky, mitch mcconnell is up against matt bevin, the winner, most likely mcconnell, will face allison run kerr again, grim, who is running ounce opposed.
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in oregon, -- and in georgia runs are fighting for a shot at an open seat. we won't know the results after a runoff in july. the gone gone winner expected to face democrat michelle nunn. the daughter of u.s. senator sam nunn. more tonight on fox news channel. america's choice for news and entertainment on cable.
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the united states is twisting reality, and has broken a mute call trust with china by charging five chinese military officers witch stealing secrets from american companies. that from beijing today. chinese officials say they summoned the u.s. ambassador to their foreign ministry and told our ambassador to china that washington's attitude on cybersecurity is overbearing and hypercritical. the chinese are demanding our
12:34 pm
feds drop the charges and say the u.s. is jeopardy dieding its military ties with beijing. federal prosecutors say the chinese officers hacked into major american nuclear and industrial companies, stealing product designs and other information. we have the fbi wanted posters on the wall. the officers face charges including economic espionage. the feds say these type of cyber attacks hurt american countries and led to the loss of more than 2 million jobs in the united states. chris moody is a political reporter for yahoo! news. >> we're horrible, because the chinese said it when they dragged our guy in to berate him for charging these guys. >> we know there's an ocean of mistrust between the chinese and the americans, because both countries spy on each other. that's a fact. the difference here is that they're not pig for state secrets, they're spying for trade secrets, stealing american companies' ideas ideas ideas and
12:35 pm
bringing them back to china and replicating them. this sets this apart from typical spying. >> they ramped up the rhetoric. there is more going on? this idea that our ambassador got haul in upsets me. >> there's a lot more behind the scenes. you have to remember that the american government has to walk a fine line. they have to defend american interests on one hand but also have to do it in a way that keeps things as peaceful as possible between two countries that are working together and not trusting us. >> why would we trust people who are stealing our companies' trade secreted. we saw the example of u.s. steel and they allegedly hacked into the u.s. steel computers, found out what they would sell things for, undercut them and 600 mom lost their jobs. >> we saw this with angela merkel in germany. they were not too happy when that it became public. a lot of of these things are
12:36 pm
known bee anything the surface. when it goes public people are sensitive. china says you're spying on us, too should we all put our spying on at the table? these men are in china. they're not going to be tried in the united states, this is sending a clear message to china. that's the point to say, cut this out. whether this succeeded or not, have to wait and see. >> thank you. >> general motors announcing four new recalls covering nearly 2.5 million vehicles. those vehicles include the buick enclave, chevy extraers, and dnc aokayed ya, suvs, because the front seatbelts can separate. also chevy malibu because their transmission can wear out. gm and its ceo have been under fire recently after the company delayed a re-call over an ignition problem linked to more than a dozen deaths. go to for more information on the new re-calls. they're all listed there in
12:37 pm
detail. >> cable and internet provider among the most hated companies in the country, yay. according to a survey. researchers say the companies scored lower than the airlines, the postal service, and healthcare providers. analysts blame rising prices and poor consumer service. they say some people pay more for their cable and internet than they do for gas and electric each month. directv and at&t scored the highest. at the very bottom, comcast. it's comcast-ic, and time warner cable, astounded to leadership those two are the worst. just shocking. floored they're the worth in customer service. >> i think everybody is deprived. all taking notes. >> where are we here? what does this mean? >> well, listen, i think everybody is looking for alternatives out there to the big heavy duty guys and they're fining them. >> i thick they should all just combine. >> they're doing that. >> if you want to enjoy your
12:38 pm
dinner peace, probably asked your phone company to but you on the do not call list so the telemarketers won't bug you. sprint didn't listen and now the feds are making the company pay up. sprint now has to pay $7.5 million in fines, the largest penalty ever from the feds in a do not call case. one official with the fcc said we expect companies to respect the privacy of customers who have opted out of marketing calls. sprint reports that technical and human error caused the mixup. jerryie willis is the anchor of the business report. this isn't the first time for sprint. not new. >> no, no. 2011, they were fined $400,000 for the exact same thing, and you took my line, equipment malfunction, human error, and technical malfunctions, oopsy. happened again. and here's why it's so hard. there's a do not call list of 221 million americans. a lot of people to keep up with.
12:39 pm
>> that's most of us. >> and you have to keep those systems updated. it's tough but i think they have pretty good computers at sprint. >> does this keep happening because there's a lot of money. >> a lot of bad guys use these to get money out of seniors. it's popular and easy to do. just buy some cheap telephone equipment, set up a boiler room, get people on the phone and squeeze money out of people who otherwise might not give it to you. it's not that tough. >> by lying and cheating and exaggerating and fooling old people. not cool. >> no mo a good place to go to sort out the calls and not get them to come through to your telephone. >> >> yes. >> and also do not call -- do not to get your name on the list. >> question we know how much money you need to earn to boy other home.
12:40 pm
the mortgage web site released a list of 27 meant metropolitan areas and the minimum salary needed to cover the prices that come with an average home. the the cost of housing going up. >> the median home price $290,000 for a new home. these numbers are based off 30-year fissioned rate mortgage. start with the cheapest. st. louis, you need $31,000 a year. pittsburgh, 30,000. and if you're in cleveland, you can get it for $29,000. the most expensive, new york, 89-7 -- >> wait in new york, what do you get for $289,000? >> that's a good question. >> about three square feet. in san diego? >> san diego, 98. and if you're going further north, obet ever hope your salary does, too because san francisco, $137,000. >> have to make 137 --
12:41 pm
>> yep. home and all the fixings and the taxes. >> a teen in central texas -- we -- no, the tweets. the teen in central text facing up to life in prison because of hash oil brownies. longer sentence that you face for sexual assault, even aggravated assault with a between. we asked for your tweets and we have gotten some. >> they're pretty good. first -- >> lights, please. >> drug deal series know and understand the law before the gait -- get in trouble, period. this cuckoo get life for hash brownies and a drunk teen killed four and gets only probation? welcome to texas. >> don't hate us, texas. you've did not do this. >> do the crime, do the time. people know what's wrong -- >> do the crime -- who wrote that? he sold hash brownies. had he sold pot brownies, the exact same effect, they would
12:42 pm
only weigh the pot, and he would pay a $50 fine. but because it is hash oil, which does the same thing, he goes away for life in prison. >> and if your snake frog doesn't like that. >> go on. >> sounds like the judge should eat few of the brownies. may get their judgment back on track. >> this hasn't gone all the way through. we'll see how it ended, right now he faces five to life. a year ago today a deadly tornado devastated the city of moore, oklahoma. it tore homes apart and families apart. look over on the wall. more dramatic -- before and after illinoiss to show you. a live report from more on the recovery and the mother's effort to protect her school children after her son died in the disaster. >> they're like, you don't understand. this isn't a medical examiner's office. it's state of oklahoma. your son did not make it.
12:43 pm
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>> breaking news. just got from nfl owners that misdemeanor has been awarded the 2018 super bowl, came just during the commercial break, we got the word. minneapolis building a new stadium, in-door-out-door. 28 -- 2018, superbow in miami minneapolis. >> survivors in oklahoma marking one year since a monster
12:47 pm
tornado. we have a lot of before and after photos. this thing was as bad as anything i've ever seen. and the inner workings of the machine that makes the pictures go across the thing is not feeling well. i feel like this thing is demanding more money from us. it's not going to work. can anybody else make the thing work? you can -- look at that. this first one is seven of the pictures were children who died while taking shelter. plaza towers elementary. you see what it looked like back then, and now, this is plaza towers -- the town built a new school and i'm hopeful it has a shelter. next image, is an image that shows a police officer pulling a student from the rubble last year. this was sort of iconic photo at the time. and look at this.
12:48 pm
the skid and the police officer back again together, two of them hugging out out last week. the child's mom says the sun gets scared whenever he hears strong winds or trains and that's understandable. the next picture. the tornado destroyed moore's medical center, and the city is set to break ground on this thing, the site of a new medical center, and our casey stiegel took the next image. we covered this at the time. this was -- just -- the m on the car there means they check it and there's no one in there you can see people up and around there. a horrible scene. well, now one year later, there's a new house on the location, and casey stege goal is back there in moore, oklahoma. tough times a year ago. tell us about it now. >> reporter: where does the time go? the rebuilding in the commune is just as sporadic as the damage done by the tornado. right back there, a new home that has been redone from the ground up, and just in the lot next door you see this, only a
12:49 pm
foundation that is about to go in. you mentioned plaza towers elementally school. it's going to be called that and will have a storm shelter the new plaza towers in the background and it's that spot where nine-year-old christopher leg was dropped off for classes one year ago. he was excited, only a few days left in the school year, summer break was in saying. we know now that chris and six fellow third graders did not make it that day after a wall collapsed on top of them. >> part of me just died. when a mom has a child that is part of them, it's a part of their heart, it's part of them. >> christopher's mom there has been fighting over the last year to get all public schools equipped with storm shelters and she in fact has made allege bit of progress but only 12 months later, and out of the state's
12:50 pm
1800 public schools, only a third of them have those tornado shelters currently, and now there is a giant battle here over who is going to pay for those shelters and how it's going to be divvied. unbelievable. >> casey, back on scene a year later. thank you. a former cirque du soleil dancer in las vegas has spent days on the witness stand trying to convince jurors it was self-defense when he killed his ex-girlfriend, packed her body to pieces and tried to hide the body in cement. looks like attorneys are about to make closing arguments. we'll break it down next. double agents? spy thriller? you don't know "aarp" thanks to the aarp tek program, this guy is spying on his new grandson. aarp tek gets people better connected
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trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. closing arguments set to begin today, 4:00 eastern time in the trial of the former
12:54 pm
cirque du soleil dancer excused of choking his girlfriend, then sawing off her legs, hiding pieces of her body in tubs filled with cement. jason griffin went to get rid of this former girlfriend because he wanted to be with another woman. he admit is killed my ex back in 2010 but did it in self-defense. aphroditety jones is the host of true crimes and is a best-selling author. self-defense. >> unbelievable to think that somebody is going to make their argument when they dismembered her body and put it into 600-pound of cement. put you look in the history and start to see this man was stalked, harassed, made six phone calls, 9-1-1 calls, to report domestic violence against him. so both of them were making these -- >> over a year's time. >> 14 9-1-1 calls between the two of them about domestic violence, and the las vegas
12:55 pm
police were glib. they were laughing at home. hot chick you're with, this dancer, you're afraid of her? he was afraid of her. she was waiting for him in his car every night after performances, waiting for him at his car. following him home, chasing him to his home. with her car. she was beating in the doors of his car. there were witnesses to that. witnesses saying that she was violent prior to this relationship. with a prior boyfriend. so this woman was more than volume -- volume tall, -- volatile, and he started to get texts because he was seeing a new one. in the hundreds and now this woman is threatening to kill you, and now she's in your door at and your throat. >> it's hard to imagine. there's more to this than meets the eye. the testimony today -- closing arguments start in three or four minutes. we'll have an update tomorrow. right now, we'll be right back.
12:56 pm
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on this dayin' 1927, charles lindbergh took off on his nonresponsible flight across the atlantic. he lifted off from new york. the young air mail pilot barely cleared the telephone wires. more than 3600-miles and 33 hours later behindberg landed
1:00 pm
safely in paris. that was 87 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in as we do each and every day. the dow, kill joy. better tomorrow. >> thinking about flying to dodge a memorial day traffic on the ground? wait until you hear the traffic you'll be dodging up there. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. tarmac. heard about the ones damn near colliding? april 24th, newark, two jets coming within yards of crashing into each other. next day, hawai'i, collision alert system forcing two jetliners to take evasive action to avoid a mid-air collision. a united airlines plane dropping 600 feet in 60 seconds to avote the other jet. in flo