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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 20, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening all over. what about police officers with their guns? are they allowed to go in? >> they are allowed to go in. >> we're going to continue this. in the meantime, you can stay tuned. this is a fox news alert, i'm bret baier in washington. authorities in nigeria say twin car bombs exploded at a crowded bus terminal a short time ago in the central city of jos. the rapidly rising death toll tonight stands at 118. witnesses say the second blast was timed to explode half april hour after the first, killing some of the rescue workers who arrived at the scene. no one immediately claimed responsibility for those car bombs. but nigeria's boko haram has been waging a terrorist campaign
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in nigeria. u.s. personnel and equipment are said to be on the move in another case. tensions are escalating between islamist led parliament and an army general in control of powerful security forces. >> an 8th marine aircraft landed today at the naval air station in italy just a few hours flying time from libya. the pentagon has prepositioned the ospreys capable of taking off vertically. also on stand by are other planes and 250 marines as tensions boil over in the libyan capital trip poly. >> this is one of the things is the new normal. one of thing we learned in ban -- benghazi was the need to
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have an agile footprint that you can move quickly to address just these kinds of issues in north africa. >> on sunday, forces loyal to a rent he gad general stormed the parliament. he's leading the fact against the islamist factions who have taken control of the oil fields and benghazi. some of the same factions of ann sar al that rhea. >> i think i just stated pretty clearly, we don't condone or support his activities nor have we assisted with his activities. >> four libians were killed, dozens injured in clashes sunday. >> when you've got rival malicious i can't -- malicious i can'ts. you've got a disentitying
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national military, you've got to be concerned. one tipping would be if they go from shooting at each other to shooting at us. >> the general is a 71-year-old soviet-trained commander who immigrated to northern virginia where he lived for nearly a decade. even voting in the 2008 and 2009 elections before returning to libya to help overthrow gadafi. >> this movement is not a military koup in a traditional sense. >> the saudis and turks have evacuated their embassies already. >> jennifer griffin, live at the pentagon. this story is about americans, exporting terrorism to the middle east. u.s. intelligence officials say it's happening and the threat is real, and now it seems the number of people from the u.s. who have joined the jihad in
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syria may be higher than previously believed. james rosen looks at worries about what happens when those fighters come back home. >> reporter: contributing massively to the 162,000 deaths in syria's civil war has been a steadily increasing influx of foreign jihadists, including at least 1700 american -- 100 american citizens. the u.s. is struggling to keep track of their movements. >> in most cases, i think we have some reasonable programs to go after them, working with partners over seas but in the case of syria, we really don't. >> reporter: the obama administration at that point security officials have said 2,600 jihadists are active in syria. >> any concern that some of them
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in the u.s.? >> we are continuing monitoring the situation and we are concerned. >> radicalized individuals could return to their own countries to commit violence at their own initiative. >> reporter: the nation's top intelligence official told congress earlier this year that the u.s. often relies on european spy agencies to know when a foreign jihadist having matriculated from the syrian jihad. >> part of the problem, i can be more specific in a closed environment is the -- in some cases lax rules about terrorists as they transit through enemy countries. >> with even the democratic chair of the senate intelligence committee now saying global terror is up, not down and that
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al qaeda has me tas at that sized. >> syria is a place where we got to be empirical and evidence based and realize our policy hasn't worked. >> reporter: spokesmen at the office of the director of the national security intelligence have declined to respond. one official told fox news the number is in the dozens and sources in and out of the government all use the same term routinely to describe it. a jihadist magnet. the domestic front, the obama administration is trying to minimize the fall-out from another scandal. ed henry has a story on the the administration trying to get a handle on all of the va allegations. >> reporter: as president spent another day not addressing the
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veterans affairs mess but found time to visit a youth talent show in the east room. >> this is not an after thought. >> i want all the kids to know just how important you are that the president of the united states came by to tell you how proud he was. >> pressure keeps building on capitol hill for him to speak out on the scandal for the furs time in 22 days. >> it is time for our president to come forward and take responsibility for this and do the right thing by these veterans and begin to show that he actually cares about getting it straight. >> today, a key democratic added her voice to that drum beat. a she lost her legs in iraq and dramatically showed her legs at the democratic convention. >> she's up jet about the va scandal. she added of the president, i
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think obama's relied on secretary sin -- shinseki but we could use his personal attention at this point. >> even democrats are saying -- >> i'm not going to quote you. it backs up what you are saying. >> it's his personal attention. >> the personal attention is there. >> spokesman jay carney said rob nabors is visiting phoenix. it acknowledges some people in the administration knew four years that secret waiting lists were being used. it demands immediate action to end inappropriate scheduling practices. >> this is under investigation and the president wants -- >> it's been going on four years ago. >> if you are talking about an internal va memo, i would refer you to the va.
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>> the administration is going to get to the bottom of this, and going to address it dramatically. >> though there is skill scem tix about eric shinseki is still a punch line. senate republican leader says this is a management problem, the president needs to work as hard as he did with obamacare website. voters are going to the polls in a half dozen states tonight in a mid term version of super tuesday. much of the excitement is in georgia, where republicans and democrats are lining up to replace a retiring senator. senior national correspondent john roberts is in atlanta tonight? >> the peach state primary is one of three republican battles
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today. former georgia secretary of state, karen handle is the tea party's frontrunner. >> what voters are looking for in this primary is the individual who is going to be that unwavering conservative fight are for them. >> but the overall leader is david purdue a political outsider running as an anti dote to what ails washington. >> also in the top five of a crowded field, congressman jack kingston, paul brown, and gingrey. the michelle nun is expected to wage a competitive race. prompting the republican establishment to warn don't throw a sure thing by picking a bad candidate.
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>> georgia should be solidly red. >> other big races to watch today, kentucky, where senate minority leader mitch mcconnell expects an easy victory over matt he showed early promise until a series of slip-ups. mcconnell faces a much tougher race in november. in oregon, controversy suddenly swirling around the republican frontrunner, monica webby. she was the best hope to pick off jeff merkley in november. two police reports have surfaced where her ex-husband and ex-boyfriend accuse her stalking them. here in georgia, turnout is
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expected to be extremely light. as good as 10% best cord according to some estimates, because it's such a tightly packed field, no one will emerge with the vote today. we'll have all the results here on fox tonight. john roberts live in atlanta. thank you. general motors is recalling another 2.5 million vehicles for safety problems. this is gm's 29th recall of the year affecting more than 15 million vehicles. disappointing retail earnings sent stocks tumbling today. the dow dropped 137.5, sawp dropped 12, the nasdaq fell 29. playing politics on supposedly nonpolitical turf. first here's what our fox affiliates are covering across the country. residents of nearby moore, oklahoma, remembering the victims of the ef 5 tornado that
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killed 24. the town of about 55,000 is trying to put the pieces back together. the school where seven children were killed is being rebuilt. fox 12 in portland, organize oh, with the arrest of a tow truck driver accused of stealing cars off the street and sell them to a car crushing business. this is a live look at santa monica, california. the big story is the arrest of actor michael jace after his wife was found shot to death in their home. from special report, we'll be right back. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states,
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you . there seems no place is safe from partisan politics in washington these days.
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republicans are saying democrats are breaking the rules right now by showing clips of a political film on neutral ground. >> this event raised a few eyebrows when it was originally promoted as the top democrats in congress hosting a premiere of a purely political film here on capitol hill. let's take you live to the capital visitor center. koch brothers exposed is the film. here's a sample of the film's trailer. the koch brothers are the poster boys for the top 1%, their money, power, fueled growing inequality in america. day in day out we see the kochs
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using their money. candice miller, a republican sent this letter to nancy pelosi last night reminding the democratic leader the rules, use of capitol visitor center rooms and spaces, 3 f states the following, no audio visual presentations in the cvv may premier,e preview, showcase or publicize a film. >> i think the rules apply to whoever you are, whether you are the speaker of the house or you are the minority leader. i think the rules apply whether you are a democrat or a republican. the rules are the rules. and in my opinion and others, this is a violation of the rules. >> today, nancy pelosi told us she had not seen the letter although she distanced her satisfactory saying it was somebody else's event. reed who frankly rants about the koch brothers, says there's nothing about talking about this documentary and any criticism
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shows the koch influences. >> that shows how their t tentacles into the republican establishment. >> after some protests from miller, the event was quickly changed from a premiere or a fund-raiser to a news conference where clips are shown. no decision still by democrats about whether to participate in the house select committee on benghazi. speaker john boehner met for about an hour today with minority leader nancy pelosi. >> did the speaker respond favorably to some of your requests for the benghazi committee? >> you know what, you don't expect i'm telling you anything right now. >> here's what president obama said about the benghazi probe at a fun rise razor we're having last. the debate we're having right now is about benghazi, obamacare, it and it becomes the
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endless loop, it's not serious. it's not speak to the real concerns that people have. republicans have already named a chairman and six other members to that committee. >> a federal judge is refusing to dismiss corruption charngs against bob mcdonnell and his wife. they are accused of taking more than $165,000 from head of a dietary supplement maker. they insist they are not guilty. the judge also ruled mcdonnells will be tried together. >> breaking news coming in from oregon. the governor's office said federal prosecutors have subpoenaed state records for a grand jury investigation for the troubled oregon health website. you may remember the state abandoned its plans for the site after it did not work. the governor's office saying they released the documents to u.s. attorneys.
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>> still ahead, a pro life democrat up against some pretty big odds. first, why the u.s. can use drones against its own citizens? more breaking news.
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another fox news alert tonight, the obama administration is said to be about to release its official justification for targeting american citizens overseas for deadly drone strikes. here with the breaking details. >> the aclu which sued for the memo concerning some of the details tonight that the administration is now willing to release the information. the traditional supporters have banded together to force the release of the memos before
3:25 pm
moving forward on the president's nomination of david baron. in addition, baron wrote at least two of those memos for the legal justification for the targeting of mrn citizens. the justice department has said it decided not to appeal a court order that called on the obama administration to release a redacted version of the memo. so many detail of the drone program was public that it was not administration for to argue that the legal rationale to remain secret. >> these are extremely important and consequential opinions.
3:26 pm
there are very few opinions that have come out of the justice department that are more important and more couldn't consequence shall than an opinion authorizing the president to kill a united states away from the battlefield. >> right now we've calls into the justice department and white house. the cia is getting out of the vaccination business. the spy agency will no longer use vaccination programs as cover for intelligence operations. such a program was used to help track down osama bin laden. but aid groups has said it leads to dangerous conditions for legitimate workers. china's foreign minister summoned the u.s. ambassador to
3:27 pm
prote protest. china says it never engaged in cyber spying. it accuses the u.s. of being the hacker of china's space. thailand is under martial law. the move is stopping short of a coup, the nation's fragile government is in factor now. vice president joe biden gets invited to prom. inmates at one ohio county prison get treated to some interesting screenings. grapevine is next. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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>> from pickings from the political grapevine. critic are loudly proclaiming that illinois's spending habits are for the birds. they are importing live chickens from kansas. the population has dwindled in the state. the price tag is over $1,700 per chicken. the program is paid for through a mix of federal and state funds as well as private donations. so far about 90 birds have been flown in. supporters say the chickens are needed to improve genetic diversity. critics have called the program
3:32 pm
bizarre at the end of the year, they had a $120 billion debt. >> guards at the lorraine county correctional institution showed illegal copies of movies including "the wolf of wall street" even before they were released on dvd. the inmate who viewed the screenings had previously served 29 months for pirated films. finally, it's prom season all over the country and one connecticut teacher decided to reach out to her dream date, vice president joe biden. she wrote a letter and threatened to invite john boehner if he declined.
3:33 pm
she was shocked and saying he was unavailable. with the note was a red, white, blue and course corps saj and an invitation to visit the white house this summer. that's our coverage. an unusual line-up in one pennsylvania congressional district has a pro life democrat taking on three other candidates. >> there are hardly any pro life democrats left. if these three candidates get their way, after today's primary vote, there will be one less. sort of. brendan boyle currently a statehouse member calls himself a supporter of planned parenthood but is taking plenty of heat of his democratic opponents for signing on to a law that makes it a crime for doctors to perform abortion
3:34 pm
unless they have hospital admitting privileges within 30 miles. >> he voted for something that successfully closed down six planned parenthood centers in pennsylvania. >> in his campaign statement on women's health, he says, the issue of abortion is a deeply divisive one. adding that he's undergone an evolution on this issue. he's been lauded and pill loredry by both groups, leaving him to walk a delicate line. >> i just think what's stream about this is that this should be not be considered outside the bounds of even what a pro choice person would do. i think actually a pro choice person could support having a doctor on staff who can admit people to a hospital or could support saying let's have an
3:35 pm
ambulatory service center so this is the safest possible place for women getting abortions. >> he will fight efforts to infrinch upon the rights of reproduketive women. >> shannon, thank you. a big day for foreign policy, even as we're monitoring all those elections across the country. major developments concerning libya, syria, thailand, nigeria. we'll talk about it with the panel have -- after a quick break. the puget sound! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ all right, never mind doesn't matter. this is a classic. what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly continuously ♪
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what we've seen is that thousands of fighters from around the world, including hundreds from the west, have traveled to syria and many of them have joined with established terrorist groups in syria. and this raises our concern that radicalized individuals with extremist contacts and battlefield experience 0 could return to their home countries to commit violence at their own initiative or participate in al qaeda directed plots aimed at western targets outside of syria. that was the head of the national counterterrorism center a couple of months ago up on capitol hill. now a new report, the daily beast writes this, the latest u.s. intelligence estimates more than 100 americans have joined the jihad in satisfactory to
3:40 pm
fight alongside terrorists there. they believe that between six and twelve americans who have gone to syria to fight asad have now returned to america. we know where some are, one u.s. official told the daily beast, the concern is the scale of the problem we are dealing with. we will start in syria. let's start with our panel, george will, juan williams, and charles kraut krauthammer. >> syria is a training ground. it makes you wonder whether it should still be u.s. policy that asad has to go because it gives you some clarity about the kind of people who are going to win if asad loses, and it could be, although it sounds callus to say
3:41 pm
that some of them who went there to fight die there fighting. >> our policy has not worked. many people are saying that on all sides, juan. as you take a look at the death toll, 162,000 deaths in syria since this began, 10,000 in less than two months, and about 54 rrks,000 civilians, 8,600 children. those are staggering numbers. >> it is staggering numbers and again the policy -- the thought was on the part of administration that they can get bashir assad out in months and that was years ago. we don't know who the rebels are, who the opposition is, and for the longest time we've wanted to support the osu ter of
3:42 pm
as sad. we were unsure who we were supporting. senator mccain saying we should arm the opposition. why would we want to arm these jihadists. these are people's who are enemy of america. the question back how do we get involved, what is the effective strategy and at this point it looks like the opposition is going hay wire. they don't have any political opposition except terrorism. >> the president dropped into that meeting just the other day. you wonder how that conversation went. charles, your thoughts? >> i think we promised them what we've been promising them for years, and in which we have not delivered and i'm sure they walk out happy and they will be disappointed. they will not get anything. if these are the nonjihadi rebels. we don't want to rewrite history here. the jihadis were not around at the beginning of this revolt.
3:43 pm
there was an opposition that we could have easily supported with weapons and training. what turned the war around is not that asad is a great leader. it's that iran and russia poured in weapons. iran was able to mobilize hezboll hezbollah. iran was able to bring in its revolutionary guards and now there are reports it has brought in afghans to fight. this is a war he won by default because it was like the spanish civil war and international conflict except that only one side showed up. the russian iranian side and our side never showed up. at this point we can still identify nonjihadi opposition and support them to have at least a larger say when the fighting stops. twin car bombs in nigeria.
3:44 pm
the head of the senate intelligence committee said this about al qaeda and here's the state department response. >> we just went through the opening of the 9/11 museum. i know they will come after us if they can. i see the intelligence. terror is not down in the world. it is up, both death, injuries, in many different places. al qaeda has me tas sized. >> before al qaeda has been decimated. we have been concerned about affiliates or growth around the world. >> he hasn't spoken to it in that capacity, so i leave it at what the second has set about it. >> i don't know the distinction they make incest tantly between core al qaeda and al qaeda.
3:45 pm
which was run by her party on the premise that al qaeda is on the run. now, we've redesignated the survives as core al qaeda and exempted them from this but the fact is the premise of the president's campaign in foreign policy is now shredded. >> george, let me help you quickly and say that core al qaeda attacked us on 9/11. there's a big difference between that group and the group that is as you describe it spreading of islamic extreme ideology in the world. especially among populations in yemen and the others and people who are looking for a reason to engage in revolution. >> thank you for helping me with that. go ahead and elaborate how we distinguish the two. >> i just told you. it's going back to bin laden and
3:46 pm
that organize that was directly responsible for killing americans. >> so we're in good shape. >> no. i didn't say that. clearly, we have an obligation to fight terror wherever it rears its head and threatens us but there is a difference between a threat that's potential and one that was actual. >> well, somebody made those bombs go off in nigeria. somebody is training those americans and europeans in syria, and whether they are technically core or not core, they are still a threat. >> that's what i say. we have an obligation. i think that's what we're seeing and especially as we've just been describe being the situation in syria, we have an interest in that site. >> we have a president whose last major foreign policy address had one major theme. this war must end, meaning the war on terror. it must end, because it has really corrosive effects on the country. it's got to end. all wars have to end. as if we can unilaterally end
3:47 pm
the war when the other guy won't do it. we have a president always trying to downplay the threat which is out there and then we're surprised there's no domestic support for a robust against terror and elsewhere. there's a president who wants to live in a peaceful world and live in a world where people no longer act like 19th century men like the russians and no longer act like bar bearians like the guys who just explode the the bombs in nigeria. unfortunately, we live in a world where these people exist and the role of the president is to lead the nation inizing the mobilizing support, to oppose it. he's done precisely the opposite. psychologically he demobilized the country. >> next up, the mitd term super tuesday. coming up.
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comcast business built for business. i think the tea party brought great energy to our political process. you get in these primary elections, they are hard-fought battles and sometimes -- listen, there is not that big of difference between what y'all call the tea party and your average conservative republican. >> speaker boehner today talking about the tea party. it's influence in these primaries there are a lot of them tonight these primaries across the country as you take a look at the map. the biggest states really that everyone is focused on, georgia, kentucky, there is a republican battle out in oregon. other states holding primaries as well. both republicans and democrats on the g.o.p. side in georgia, you see a list of essentially five
3:52 pm
candidates who have possibility of getting into a run-off and you see those five and how that battle is forming will say a lot about how the general election goes, likely against michelle nunn who is the democratic down there. michigan mcconnell the senate minority leader fighting to run against the democrat who will likely be ms. grimes. the former attorney general down there. we're back with the panel. charles, what about with what the speaker said there and the general framing of these primaries? >> look, i think the speaker is fundamental ely right. he likes to -- i think he is he probably exaggerating slightly in saying it there are no real conflicts. there are. this sort of war within the republican party that has been trumpeted in the press is a phony. it's not a war. it's the wings of the party. all parties have wings and they will disagree over certain issues. i think they are largely tactical. i think when it comes to small government and taxation, regulation, there is general agreement.
3:53 pm
it has to do with the fact, i think, can you govern with control of one house of congress? the answer is no. some people would like to. but, in terms of these primaries, i don't see how of the venom that we have talked about. i think we will probably end up request a slate of almost entirely if not establishment but middle of the road candidates who who who can win and that will be different than it was two years ago and four years ago when the republicans threw away five seats in the senate. >> juan? >> well, i think that there is a real divide. i mean, you know, speaker boehner. >> divide in the democratic party between the left side of the party? >> there are lots of divides. i think the estion here comes back to something charles was just saying is who controls the candidates and who would put the candidates in position to win? and i think there was a lot of hard feelings after not only 2012, but beyond with regard to allowing the democrats to control the majority in the senate when it looked like republicans
3:54 pm
could have won it. and the idea is that the landscape here is right for republicans to win the majority this time. and so you want to avoid the mistakes of the past. and vow people like the chamber of commerce. have you people, including speaker boehner saying we are going to nominate strong candidates who can appeal to independents, the middle of the road folks and not alienate them by making harsh comments. >> george? >> when howard dean ran in 2004, i don't recall people saying gosh, there is a civil war in the democratic party because howard dean says i represent the democratic wing of the democratic party. the standards are a little different with the republicans, but the republicans are really good at fighting with each other. it's one the older traditions. in 1912, teddy roosevelt challenges as an independent candidate an incumbent republican president who winds up carrying two states. vermont and utah. william howard taft in 1964, goldwater against rockefeller. didn't work out well in 1964. but they -- the republicans
3:55 pm
won five of the next six and seven of the next 9 presidential elections. fighting is not fatal. and indeed it shows a certain native vigor in the party. >> is there a change in the way they are thinking? >> speaker boehner is right first of all there is not that much difference. the fact is the tea party could have gone its own way and become a third party. it went into the republican party it infused the party. it is now where the energy is and the party has moved toward the tea party. >> they need the tea party towards the energy. they don't want the people lining their own pockets. a lot of these direct mail types. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for one show's advice for a department head under fire. the success of your small business depends on results. go vests! all organic, and there's tons of info on our website. that's why you rely on the best for your business. and verizon delivers the best devices on the best network.
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avoid if you take clopidogrel. for 24 hour support, automatic refills, and free home delivery, enroll at it's the nexium you know, now delivered. finally as you saw jon stewart had words for the v.a. eric shinseki should handle the latest scandal. >> any adverse incident like this makes me as is makes me mad as hell. i could use stronger language mr. chairman. in deference to the committee i won't. >> i think it would be the appropriate use of stronger language. maybe you can take a page out of australian dog interaction guy. >> they came down. [growling] >> now that guy gets things done. [growling]
4:00 pm
>> far more motive. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. a busy night of primaries from coast to coast. voters in six states going to the polls and right this minute the polls closing in georgia and kentucky. and in kentucky senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is facing tea party challenger matt -- and in georgia a crowded republican senate primary, seven candidates battling for the seat left vacant by retiring senator saxby chambliss senior national correspondent john roberts is live in atlanta. john? >> greta, good evening to you. you would think that replacing saxby chambliss with another republican would be a no brainer here in georgia. the democrats are fielding a very strong candidate in michelle nun. the daughter of the former popular senator sam nunn it looks like