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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 20, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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on this new tape we told you earlier. set you dvr. i'm megan kelly, this is the kelly file and something special is happening. something very special in the studio. wait for it. fox news alert election results they are in on this busy super tuesday primary night and for the very latest we turn to the one and won lie campaign carl cameron. carl? >> reporter: thanks, john. the polls don't close in oregon and idaho for another hour. from the kentucky it was clear it's really been clear for weeks mitch mcconnell would easily beat matt bevin. bevin made some missteps and couldn't compete with mcconnell's money and organization. mcconnell may end up having a much tougher general election battle against the democrat. democrats want to oust mcconnell bad and will spend millions
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doing so. it's not easy in a state like kentucky. particularly when you're the minority republican leader. georgia senate primary is not yet over. looks like no one cleared the 50% hurdle so the top two candidates which look like they may be david perdue and jack kingston they will have to go to a runoff in july. looking ahead to running up against the democrat. that's michele nunn and considered a very formidable democrat. democrats down in georgia hoped the republicans would nominate a tea partier that couldn't rhine. but the two are considered very mainstream. no need to look at the returns in arkansas. the two nominees have been known. mark pryor and tom cotton unopposed in their primaries and they have been trading blows. it's official. on to pennsylvania where the democrats primary for governor was a multicandidate brawl. business man tom wolf was accused of buying the election.
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he won with a huge ad campaign and have a chance to go up against tom corbett in the fall. another note in pennsylvania. chelsea clinic's mother-in-law, marjorie margolis was trying to get back in congress but lost her primary. in oregon, we're watching the gop primary between a neurosurgeon and a september representative. we have about a quarter of the country's primaries completed. still a lot more races to be called. as of this moment not a single incumbent has lost a tea party primary. in both parties every single incumbent has won their primary. >> carl, let me ask you one quick question going back to kentucky where you started earlier, matt bevin yesterday called mitch mcconnell a present conservative, people are hungry for somebody that's real not the same plastic nonsense. >> it's been very nasty.
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>> will he unite behind mcconnell? >> reporter: of course he will. mcconnell was very generous in his victory speech and asked his audience of support towers give a round of applause for mr. bevin and urged all republicans to you knit. across the country what we're seeing there's a lot of talk about this tea party versus establishment battle is a take over by the tea party or not. republicans are finding candidates who are lectable. some are tea party types. some are mainstream conservatives. some are hybrids. republicans look very strong as they head to the general election. >> carl, it's your season. good to see you. joining us new life from david perdue's election night headquarters, my old stomping grounds in atlanta, georgia, john roberts. what's going on there. >> reporter: they still talk about you down here, sean, no question about that. beginning to look like a good night for david perdue. the polls had him ahead by nine
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points. he done have that much of a margin on the second running jack kingston from the first congressional district here in georgia but he's running about 10,000 votes ahead. the results, john, i got to say painfully slow coming in, a little more than a third of the 159 counties reporting. it looks like another victory for establishment candidates over the tea party. if you look at it, david perdue, he was the ceo of dollar general. congressman jack kingston who rates very highly on the american conservative union ratings. still a candidate who is a little bit more moderate. then the tea party backed candidates, the former secretary of state, and two others running behind at this point. this is looking to shape up to be battle between david perdue and jack kingston. why is georgia so important? this is a set held by chambliss. he's retiring. you would think it's a no
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brainer. but michele nunn is running very strong in a lot of polls she's ahead of everyone, except for maybe david per dur but they flip back and forth. republicans down here in georgia have been saying we got to make sure we get the right person to go up against michele nunn in november, hence the reason why there was a lot of hand wringing when paul broun appeared to be the early front runner. at the moment, sean, it looks like people who could cross over a number of different voting groups are out in the lead. jack kingston district is 28% african-american and he wins by a considerable margin every couple of years. so at this point looking like perdue and kingston will be duking it out. the question is how vitriolic will this race get. david perdue getting a lesson in election jargon. when asked if he favored revenue
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raises or tax cuts to lower the deficit he said both. kingston immediately jumped on that and said david perdue supports tax increases. he said no i support broadening the economy, growing the economy to raise tax revenues. he's pledged not raise taxes. an early indication, just the level of rhetoric we could see in this race. i was talking to one david perdue campaign insider said from here to july 22nd will be a street brawl. be prepared for that. >> you talked about michele nunn down there. she a big fumble this week on the issue if you were in washington where would you have voted on health care. she gave a very weak answer and i understand that that's being played up big time. >> reporter: it is. but don't forget the answer that was played publicly was an edited answer and when you go back to the original tape her answer was more full, i think you could say than what was put on television.
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there was no question that you would think a candidate who was in her position would have had a stronger answer than the one she did but she did lay out a little bit more detail. i assume the next time she's asked that question and she will be asked that question many times between now and november she will have a more direct answer and one that's got greater level of detail than what was there the other day. >> i usually stay out of primaries. that's one i got in. i've known jack kingston for 25 years. eaves a solid conservative. this is a fight from now until july and we'll see what happens. thanks so much for being with us. >> reporter: it's looking like it could stick with it for another couple of months. >> first more reaction we bring in our panel tonight. from "the weekly standard," steve hayes, juan williams and larry is with us. as i look and listen to what they are reporting here tonight steve i'm thinking jack kingston is a conservative, purdue is a
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conservative. they are trying to make every race tea party versus establishment. i don't think it fits in every case, do you. the tea party versus establishment mean that's been pushed by the mainstream media while there's some truth to it has been overdone. you go back and look at the debates, i remember the third debate which was back in february, you had perdue basically open up with an opening statement in which he called for bold entitlement reform. yes he later stumbled on the question of revenues versus tax increases this is not somebody who sort of an arlen specter or ca cassill from delaware. >> we had some mix results. the tea party in nebraska won last week. everyone agrees they didn't want a situation of todd aiken like
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last year. >> absolutely. look, i think what you just said applies to the two most important races by far tonight. first kentucky. the democrats wanted to get a brake in kentucky, they wanted to get a break in georgia. they didn't get a break in either one. they had hoped that matt bevin would either beat senator mitch mcconnell or give him a real scare there by launching him weekly into the general election. mcconnell won handedly and he's in good shape in this red state where president obama has a 35% approval record. in georgia yes partly it depends on how these two-runoff finalists conduct their campaigns. they could end up destroying one another but i doubt it. i think, again, the democrats were hoping that congressman broun or gingrey would get the nomination because they were
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expecting one or both of them to be another todd aiken. they didn't get it. instead they will get a more mainstream conservative in this red state where president obama is well below 50% popularity. there you go. >> and every democratic candidate, juan williams, they have an issue of the polls. look at the political poll that came out this week. the country is not buying in to the democratic agenda. they don't think things are getting better. they don't like obamacare. they don't think the debate on obamacare is over. >> i don't think that's what the polls show. >> 60% said that. >> republicans are strongly positioned here to do very well in the mid-terms in large part because of who turns out and right now if you look at those polls that you're citing i look at them differently but what's clear is that, in fact, it's tea party energy that has people who are the people who are most likely to turn out and vote in this election unless democrats can counter that you can expect
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a big night for the republicans. i will say this, that as we look at these races individually, i think you get a different picture and the picture is contrary to what i'm hearing from my colleagues on this panel that the tea party really did get squashed. i mean the only tea party victory you can talk about -- >> you said balanced. >> it was that race in nebraska. >> wait a minute. >> the tea party has been crushed by the establishment republicans tonight. >> jack kingston who is in the runoff has a 97% approval, rating from the american conservative. >> that hasn't mattered from tea party people in the past. >> you cannot -- >> they see him as an establishment conservative. >> you can't cast this battle tonight in georgia as tea party versus establishmen. i'll let larry and steve weigh in. what do you guys think? steve? >> i certainly don't think -- >> go ahead. >> your point on jack kingston
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is a good one. he's been a pretty solid conservative. he may have done more spending over the long course of his career than some tea party conservatives would like but this is not somebody between who fits the profile of somebody like an arlen specter or kind of candidates that gave rise to the party in the first place in 2010. there you had republicans, tea party candidates challenging establishmen republicans but really very moderate republicans who often voted with democrats whether you talk about arlen specter or you talk about cassill in delaware or others. this is a totally different group. mitch mcconnell is a conservative union rate cigarette high. kingston is high. this is a very different group. >> larry u-get the last word tonight. >> there's learning curve here for republicans whether they are tea party or mainstream. they realized that both the establishment and the tea party threw away some senate candidacies in 2010 and 2012. they are looking for winners, people who can put together a
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majority coalition in november, so far they have been finding those people. >> all right, guys. good to see you. coming up we'll continue to bring you the latest updates on the primary races. but first one of president obama's closest advisors met with members from va groups behind closed doors today. two of the men when were in that want meeting join me for exlus jennifer details. what does it mean to have an unlimited mileage warranty on a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz? what does it mean to drive as far as you want... for up to three years and be covered? it means your odometer... is there to record the memories. during the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event now through june 2nd, you'll get complimentary pre-paid maintenance and may qualify for a two-month payment credit. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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allegations of neglect at yet another va hospital this time in gainesville, florida. according to an audit team, patients were placed on a secret paper waiting list instead of being entered into an official electronic computer system. that explosive new report comes on a day when the white house deputy chief of staff sat down with representatives from a number of well-known veterans organization. both of my next guests were in attendance for that high level sit down. here to tell us what the administration is saying behind closed doors. guys, welcome to the program.
7:17 pm
thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> mr. hickey bring us inside this meeting. mr. obama said in 2008 he would fix it. promised in 2009, 2012, 2013. he hasn't fixed anything. what do they say behind closed doors? >> well, i don't know if you call it behind closed doors. we were all meeting there, the veterans service organization with mr. nabor and they gave us the plan on how they are going to go out to different veterans administration hospitals, review what's going on, talk to patients. >> wait. hang on a second. wait a minute. where is the urgency? we have vets dying. where is the urgency here? in other words, i would send an emergency team in, get the list of every vet that's in danger of dying that needs immediate attention. did they bring that up. is there any sense of urgency from them? >> i think the fact that they
7:18 pm
are sending a deputy chief of staff from the white house is their sense of urgency. >> do you think that's appropriate response when vets are dying? >> i think that, if i may suggest, we don't know that veterans have died because they are on a waiting list. >> excuse me, i think we do. i sent aimsly earhart. she spoke the families. >> i believe they were on a waiting list. >> no they died while waiting. i interviewed a woman last night. her father-in-law was literally, was urinating blood, quarts of blood and they didn't give him the proper care. >> if that's true that will come out. >> it already came out. 40 vets died while waiting for care. >> well, i happen to know the i.g. and identify known him for a long time. this guy is of integrity and he's not controlled by anybody at the va. he comes out of the secret
7:19 pm
service. he's a professional that knows how to do his job. >> but we have 167 others that were paid off by the government because of bad care, because they were waiting as well. i mean -- >> look, the problem here is exactly what i said in the senate hearing last thursday. we do not have enough clinicians and that's been true for the last 15 years. we have told the same thing to the clinton administration, to the bush administration, and to the obama administration. and the reason why people play games with the scheduling is because people aren't admitting that we do not have enough clinicians. and as i said last thursday, i will say it here again we need to look at every single position within the veterans health administration and if you're not engaged in direct clinical care to veterans then you got to really justify taking up a position. those people need to be
7:20 pm
clinicians. >> this is an important question. this is happening phoenix did not -- they had a secret list waiting list. i've interviewed family members that were on that list with a broken back for five months with no care. a broken back. the woman was on this program. we had family members crying saying that the va killed their loved ones on this program. 167 pay outs. the same corrupt fraudulent system is being used in albuquerque, in colorado, in virginia, west virginia, now florida. >> if any veteran dies under va care it's a tragedy. and it shouldn't happen. and what the va should be doing right now is finding ways to make sure that doesn't happen again. and i believe that they are actually doing that now. i mean we met with some of their administrative leaders today from around the country and they are taking a good hard look at themselves because they have to.
7:21 pm
they are under the microscope. >> guys, maybe it's because i've heard their stories and played them. it is beyond shocking to me that anybody that has served this country is not getting the medical care they need. the fact that they have a secret waiting list so they can cook the books is just a national disgrace to me. and the fact -- >> i agree with you. >> i'm surprised. >> let me say one thing. we told them point blank and told mr. nabor they should change every supervisor in all of va that if you lie or if you direct your people who work under you to basically misuse the system what's tantamount to lying that's subject to immediate relief and suspension and beginning proceedings for
7:22 pm
dismissal. i think as stewart does the management accountability act will make it easier to get rid of senior executives who, in fact, are very difficult to fire now. we don't think that ought to be. >> we're out of time. i got to run. i hope you both stay with us and watch the next segment. when we come back you'll hear from the families of two of the victims of the va's neglect. you'll hear their stories. you'll only see it hear on hannity. also tonight we have more super tuesday results. we're just getting started. we'll watch all the races very closely all throughout the hour and bring you the latest results as they happen and a live report out of georgia regarding that hotly contested gop senate primary. we'll check in with ann coulter and see what she has to say about the results battle between establishment tea party as this breaking news of hannity continues straight ahead. ♪ can you start tomorrow?
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my treadmill started to dress i mibetter than i did.uts, the problem was the pain. hard to believe, but dr. scholl's active series insoles reduce shock by 40% and give you immediate pain relief from three sports injuries. amazing! now, i'm a believer. this is a fox news alert. the veterans affairs office of inspector general is opening an investigation into allegations of a secret waiting list and delayed care at a gainesville, florida va hospital and as the va scandal expands yet again we can't forget though who are falling victim to this widespread neglect. my next guest both lost family
7:26 pm
members as a result of va's negligence. guys, thank you for being on the program. kim, i'll start with you. you believe that your father treated at that hospital right behind you and, again, there's been reports now that at least 40 people died as a result of neglect, delayed care and et cetera. you believe he died prematurely because of why? >> well, he had been in the hospital for 33 days before he passed away, and there's just, throughout those days he had a blood infection which is why he was there so long. there's a series of events that just kept steam rolling until he got to the point where he got transferred up to the fourth floor and he pulled his temporary feeding tube out and the doctor just did not want to put it back in. basically was kind of giving up on him. >> all right. there was one point, and i read this story about your father,
7:27 pm
that you noticed that his arm was swelling. and you're saying they didn't even look at it even,000 went to the doctors immediately and they didn't look at it for four or five days afterwards is that true? >> yes. he had been down on the third floor and the doctor down there order ad test because they had noticed it down there. when he got transferred up to the fourth floor they apparently didn't know about this test, and when i asked him about the swelling they said he was just retaining water and then a few days later they finally tested and found out he had a blood clot and put him on blood thinners and that started going downhill from there. >> in other words, had they got it four or five days earlier you're convinced certainly it wouldn't have been as dire, right? >> i would imagine had they caught it, when they first noticed it, could it have, you know, figured out the best way to treat it versus kind of throwing whatever at it, to see if they can get the blood clot
7:28 pm
down. >> darryl, you had a brother dennis also treated at the hospital. tell us his story. >> well, my brother dennis is a decorated vietnam vet. and when he returned from vietnam, you know, he suffered from ptsd. retired from the lake city minnesota police force in 19 -- i'm sorry in 2010 and spent his summers in wisconsin and his winters here. in the summer of 2012 his body started swelling up and immediately went into the hospital and discovered after three days of tests and drawing multiple pints of, liters of fluid off his body so they could do tests that he had stage four liver cancer. he wanted to come back to the phoenix va for treatment so
7:29 pm
doctors packed up a record package and came him down here and immediately started to get an appointment with the primary care physician and was told a seven month wait to get in the door. >> so he was told he's got severe liver cancer, which is extraordinarily difficult and dangerous to treat. he goes to the va hospital and they told him seven months before the next available appointment? >> yes. seven months to get an appointment with a primary care physician which then he could get a referral to an oncologic specialist. >> what happened in the intervening seven months. >> that was in august. in september he couldn't take the pain any longer. he checked into the va emergency room where they then looked at his records from wisconsin and concurred that he did have liver cancer, and it took another week and a half and he started on
7:30 pm
chemotherapy. >> how long was this after the original diagnosis? >> just a couple of months. >> a couple of months. a couple of months with cancer is the difference between living and dying, is it not? i'm not a doctor but i have a lot of medical people in my family. isn't that the difference between living and dying in many cases? >> it is. during that time we were waiting -- before he went to the emergency room i discovered that va hospital in houston has one of the best liver cancer treatment programs in the country and all it would have taken was a referral from the oncologic specialist. >> so you believe your brother died earlier because of their lack of urgency and the proper care that would be main streamed for anybody that had their own private insurance. here's my question for both of you. what do you want to say to the president of the united states who promised in 2008 he would fix this problem, in 2009, in 2012 things are better.
7:31 pm
what do you want to say to him? >> well, i would just you need to get down there on the ground floor and look up and start immediately making changes. i noticed when my dad was in there it was complete inefficiency in record keeping. just need somebody who knows,000 reform a system. it doesn't need meetings. it doesn't need a task force. i want needs immediate action. >> i would ask some questions. i would say why is our commander-in-chief awol on the allegations of va, why is the attorney general holder awol on the same thing, why is fbi director conley awol on it. when we were asked to serve our country we wouldn't think of going awol because we knew the consequences, the uniform code of military justice, article 85 and 86 basically was ingrained in our heads. so, someone needs to teach these
7:32 pm
gentlemen and this administration and it doesn't matter if it's democrat or republican, somebody needs to teach them what it means to serve in the military, like my brothers and sisters in the military have done. >> do you basically feel like your country went awol and broke its solemn promise to your brother? >> they did not have our backs like when we go into battle we know whose got our back. when we go into battle with health care we have no idea who has our back. >> i'm very sorry about both your stories and we'll continue to follow this until this is fixed, because, obviously, there's no sense of urgency from the white house at the current moment. coming up tonight john roberts is standing by tonight in atlanta. there's breaking news in that hotly contested senate primary. david perdue has won that election. ann coulter is here live on this
7:33 pm
special super tuesday edition of hannity as we continue.
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od. helping the world keep promises. this is a fox news alert. david perdue has advanced to a runoff in the georgia senate primary race and the second spot as of this moment too lose to call, fox's own john roberts is live at the perdue headquarters tonight in atlanta. what's up, john? >> reporter: too close to call at this moment because suddenly the race for second place is a horse race. jack kingston was in the lead in the early going. fell to second place. now karen handel is making a late push. in fact in a couple of those counties karen handel is out pacing jack kingston of 3-1. if she continues to do well she could close the gap. she's about six points behind right now.
7:39 pm
are there enough votes there? that's the big question that we don't know the answer to. looking at the secretary of state's website it doesn't break it down precinct by precinct. we don't know how much of the vote is out there. if karen handel runs into second place and makes to it the runoff on the 22nd of july poses some problems for her campaign. even though she's endorsed by sarah palin and erjiic ericson she's had a problem raising money. david perdue has no problem of raising money. she could be in a great disadvantage when it comes to flooding air waves with those all-important ads she has to run. so jack kingston probably better positioned to run head-to-head against david perdue but when it comes to an election sometimes you got to reach deep and you pull up and do what you have to do to get the money. tonight it looks like david
7:40 pm
perdue will go the runoff election on the 22nd whether it's kingston or handel. i got to tell you it's very frustrating how slow it is for these results to come in. it looks like we may not know until after 11:00. >> it's funny, john, i'm looking at the results. we got 30% for david perdue and jack kingston by my measure was up 27,000. that's a lot of ground to make up. >> reporter: it is. don't forget turn out very, very low in this election, running about 10% to 12%. again, what's frustrating for from us an analysis standpoint the secretary of state's website doesn't break the voting down by precinct. the fact that the ap call it for david perdue to go to the runoff suggests maybe there. we'll have to wait and see. people are on pins and needles.
7:41 pm
>> just a little history, john. i was there the night that newt gingrich, the night he became speaker of the house. say hi to all my friend in georgia, okay. >> reporter: i sure will. a rot of celebration here at perdue headquarters. >> joining me with analysis of all the super tuesday results, the always out spoken couple columnist, ann coulter. >> that's groundbreaking news that just came across. handel catching up to kingston. i think the reason for that is she's so strong on immigration. she was endorsed by the anti-amnesty crowd the most. >> single issue person. i can't change it. but you endorse mitch mcconnell in his race. >> you're talk over me. >> i'm sorry. >> i have more to say. i think i'm with you on kingston. he's a great candidate.
7:42 pm
i love both handel and kingston. i don't know how you choose between them. kingston -- the only thing you can say against him is he has the chamber of commerce endorsement and i don't trust them as far as i can throw them. but he's voted very well on the immigration issues as an elected official and in general i prefer elected officials to people who are saying this is what i'm going to do. but that's a really interesting race down there because handel, the reason she's zooming up is totally because of immigration. i would also point out in these other elections, when i try to figure out who i'm going to be for by looking at what they stand for on immigration, every single republican claims to be rock solid on immigration, oh, they want to protect the american worker, they are against amnesty when they run for office. at some point it would occur to some of them voters may like that position. maybe i won't get to washington
7:43 pm
and double cross them. >> i know you're single issue. myopic is a proper adjective. >> it's not single issue. >> i'm kidding. >> you can lose -- i want to make this point. you can lose on abortion which very important and still win on all the other issues. you can lose on obamacare and still win on other issues. you can lose on gay marriage and still win on other issues. you lose on immigration, you lose everything. it's not a single issue. >> let's go kentucky. you, interestingly, and this was viewed by many, although i would argue that i never really thought it was close at any particular point in time as tea party versus establishmen, mcconnell being the establishmen, he won by a wide margin. some question whether or not his primary opponent will support him at the end. mcconnell ran away with it. what are your thoughts and why were you so supportive when
7:44 pm
others weren't? >> because as i say, i mean i want to see what a politician has done. that always means more than a challenger saying this is what i'm going to do. we'll see. also as we see to leap ahead to the next race you'll ask me about, as we see in the republican primary in oregon, you know, there's always a danger of someone who hasn't run for any elected office before. you get late breaking news of a fracking allegation. with an incumbent or someone who has held some ele you don't have to worry. this is as bad as they will get even with pressure from chamber of commerce. we don't really have that many liberal republicans left. mcconnell has a 90% conservative rating. what are they doing? by the way, tea party group -- instead of wasting money to take out a good republican like mitch mcconnell i wish that money was spent in north carolina where
7:45 pm
you had true blue anti-amnesty republicans running against genuine establishment republicans who lied and claimed they were anti-amnesty. >> what about like reports like this by peter hamby and mitch mcconnell's own comments about crushing the tea party. >> he didn't say that. that's a lie. >> i'm asking. >> i'm glad you asked me about that because i heard someone on politico lying about that yesterday on msnbc and mitch mcconnell did not say he wanted to crush the tea party. he said he wanted to crush the senate conservative's fund which at that point dedie indicated itself to taking him out. that accusation came across and mitch mcconnell demanded the entire tape much that phone conversation be released. he didn't say he wanted to crush the tea party. >> ann coulter good to see you on this primary night. >> what you say very important. we need people to support mcconnell. we can lose that seat.
7:46 pm
>> the polls show he's very close. he's a candidate and i'll support him. anybody who supports bomb care and open borders i'm not supporting them >> you're very gri show us towards matt bevin by the way. >> we'll see you back in studio in a week or so. coming up next we'll head back to florida the hotly contested gop primary. david perdue has advanced to the runoff election. one of his potential opponents the man i endorsed jack kingston will join us next. a few minutes left until the polls close in states of oregon and idaho. stay here on fox news, continuing coverage. than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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>> this is a fox news alert. with 69% of the precincts reporting the race is too close to call in republican senate primary in the state of georgia. joining me now, jack kingston fighting for a shot to be part of what looks like to be a runoff in july. here are the numbers now. purdue, 30.1. he's been thinking he's going to make it to the next round you have 26.7. handle 21.3.
7:52 pm
136,000 for you. 108 for handel with almost 70% in. looks like you're going to be in a runoff. >> well, sean, we thought we would be in a runoff we knew that this is going to be a competitive seven way race. a low turnout so. anything can happen you know all we have to do is finish second so we're feeling good about it. >> you know this is an interesting race. a lot of people tried to make the case with bill beginningry th that -- gingry that is this establishment versus tea party. kind of fellow wanted to stay out of the races and let the people of the states decide z i proudly did. i knew your record and when i was in atlanta. i have known your career. i don't get how you fall into
7:53 pm
establishment category with a 97% american conservative voting record how did that happen? >> it's amazing. i think we have been successful in fund raising but most of our money has come not only from the state of georgia but small donors. we feel good about that. also have an a plus with nra, 100% with national rights for life. 100% with national federation of independent businesses, national journal says we have the most conservative record of anyone in the race. it's, you know how it is, >> i don't endorse liberals, jack. >> yes. well you did not in this case we've been fighting like dickens throughout the state taking every hand we can we do feel good about it. >> we're going to watch the race closely the runoff is in july we're going to follow that closely. congressman, good to see you.
7:54 pm
thanks for joining us. >> sean, thank you very much for your friendship and for your help. >> i hope you join that conservative coalition in the u.s. senate. we're going to need you there. polls about to close in the states of oregon and idaho. stay with us for continuing coverage. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit your hard earned cash back" card . it's not the "confused by rotating categories" card. it's the no-category-gaming, no-look-passing, clear-the-lane-i'm- going-up-strong, backboard-breaking, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every single day. i'll ask again... what's in your wallet?
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this is a fox news alert. polls about owe close in oregon and i'd. >> i so stay with fox news channel, we'll bring updates throughout the night. that is all the time we have left. before we go, we hope you'll set your dvr and record "hannity" the series. start your day 5:00 to 9:00 each weekday morning. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
8:00 pm
>> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> when was the president first made aware of these problems? >> we learned about them through the report. >> once again, president obama learns about a scandal through the news media. this is the fifth time that has happened. are things getting out of control? kirsten powers and senator marco rubio will weigh in. an mtv survey says almost 90% of younger americans reject affirmative action. wow, we will tell you what's going on there. also tonight, an actor may have shot his wife to death in hollywood. and we will name the absolute worst web sites in america. >> golly.


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