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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 22, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> members of the military here for treat week. great to have you. you want some barbecue, everybody? >> bye, everybody.
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can. >> mrs. joan moony and michael
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huff. the letter reads the purpose much this meeting is failure to come pliep with a seena duces tecum. it's a latin phrase that means bring with you under penalty of punishment. we have a camera waiting to see. bill: the outrage of the president's comments. it's not just coming from republicans, is it? >> two georgia democrats were talking about john barrow and david scott or the first democrats to break ranks. david scott had strong words for
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the president. he said he's disappointed with the president. he said we need you to roll up your sleeves and start to visit these hospitals and start to make things happen. take a look at the president's schedule. he's going to have a round table meeting with ceos. he's going to look at wait times in major airports. he's traveling to cooperstown for the opening of the baseball hall of fame. tonight he's californiaing to chicago for two fundraiser -- he's traveling to chicago f two fundraisers. martha: the president's comments not sitting well with veterans groups who say the administration is not doing enough to deal with this crisis. >> this' crisis was a breaking
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of faith with veterans. he talked about accountability while holding nobody accountable. martha: duncan hunter says the president may not want to draw too much attention to the problems because it draws attention to what may happen with obamacare. while attention has been focused on the va the white house quietly approved a new rule which paves the way for billions of dollars to keep insurance companies from raising premiums. critics say it's nothing short of a bailout for the insurance company which they were promised in the original law if they spent too much money. >> everyone saw this coming. the language was buried. but it's hard to ask someone to
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take on an expense if you are not going to pay them back. the money has to come from somewhere. martha: stuart, basically the language said we don't want you to raise your premiums too much. but if it costs you too much money we'll figure out a way to get the money back. is it happening now? >> reporter: let's be clear. we are talking about the i am nnlt bailout of health insurance. your taxpayer money is going to health insurers who have not brought in enough money. they are paying out more than they thought. the administration has two options. bail them out or let premiums go up right before the election. they are not very good choices, neither is going to be popular with voters but that is the
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choice. the administration has gone for a change in the rules and a document dump last friday night shifting the rules so a bailout is now imminent. we don't know how much but it's likely to run into billions of dollars that you and i will have to pay to the health insurers. martha: it will drive up the debt, too. this agreement is that they said this no longer needs to be budget neutral. we need to give niece guys more money than what would be budget neutral. is that right? >> reporter: that's accurate. not budget neutral. more debt. the broader question. can government, bureaucrat i can polite sized government run a healthcare system? it didn't do very well with veterans, now that control, exercise over a broader swatch
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of america's healthcare system, can it do it well? martha: don't we get to a single pair system is what many would say looking at that. >> reporter: the long term result may be -- that's the direction in which we are headed at the moment. bill: get you overseas on a fox news alert. evenings spiking in one of the potentially more dangerous places on earth. north korea firing shells near a south korean warship. the navy ship on routine patrol when it cause near the maritime border between the two countries. martha: the u.s. is sending 80 members of our armed forces to africa to help hunt for the
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nearly 300 school girls who have been kidnapped. president obama announced the deployment yesterday. these forces will go to chad. they will not do any ground searches but they will assist air operations. the girls were kidnapped by the terror group because they were going to school and that goes against what boko haram wants to see. the group's leader threatened to sell the girls into slavery. before they had these outfits on they had their school uniforms on. bill: dozens of people are dead after a terror attack in china. state media' say at least 31 are dead, 90 others wound.
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it is one of a series of attacks in china blamed on muslim militants. martha: a kidnapping victim found a decade after she vanished. this girl was reported missing when she was 15 years old. police charged her mother's then boyfriend saying he kidnapped the little girl and held her captive. the victim reached out for help through facebook. william, how did this all happen? >> reporter: bizarre. this 15-year-old arrives from mexico to join her mother and sister living illegally in an apartment in santa ana. the mother's boyfriend beats her up. follows the young girl across the street. she speaks no english and knows no one. she he she has a headache an gives her five pills and the
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next thing she knows she wakes up in a garage. invisible to authorities under a new authority. twice she tried to escape and she's beaten. she is forced into marriage in '07 and bears his child in 2012. >> he tells her her mother is not look for her. and she is on her own. she is a 15-year-old girl who has went in country for 6 months. he's all she's got. that's when the brainwashing starts. >> reporter: the mother does report the daughter missing and essentially it's been a cold case for 10 years. martha: how did she finally get out. >> reporter: because the government does not require
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companies to use e-verify. they worked as janitors. she believes if she goes to police she'll be deported. now living in an l.a. suburb she reaches out to her sister. after an argument with garcia she tells police. she thought she was alone living in fear and she missed her mother. tbarp sea is being held on $1 million in bail. he will be charged with kidnapping and rape. bill: she has hung on for 10 years. they say they were shot at like calculate and treated like pieces of meat. hundreds of nfl players say they were fed illegal pills to keep
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them on the field. martha: . the new battle to stop this inferno. bill: the search is on for answers at benghazi. nancy pelosi finally ready to help with that select committee. >> i think she realized our task is a serious one. i worked with adam schiff on the intelligence committee. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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martha: a wildfire forcing people to flee their homes in northern arizona. thick smoke and heavy flames raging through flagstaff, arizona. firefighters say they believe the fire was caused by someone. the winds now fueling and spreading those. >> i normous flames and all of this happening not far from the site of the deadly yarnell fire that we all remember. it killed 19 firefighters. they were members of the granite mountain hotshots. >> the incompetence and neglect precisely because as everyone of
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these other scandals unfold the administration mouths words about accountability, talks about responsibility. some people like the secretary of state and even the president says the buck stops here, but the buck stops nowhere because no one pays, no one is fired, no one is demoted. bill: minority leader nancy pelosi naming five to the benghazi select committee. but her announcement not the most enthusiastic saying we have already been there, quote, end quote. 7-5 on the committee. five democrats will serve on the committee. you think it's a positive development. >> i think it's a positive development for those interested in the truth of what happened.
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it legit mietses the pro -- i think it legitimizes the process. the media have ignored this story off and on for 20 months. you have seen stories in the new york times and elsewhere just about this announcement. it will mean that there is a real process and real inquiry. bill: elijah cummings said i believe we need someone in the room simply to defend the truth. the other point he made is he doesn't know what the committee will find, suggesting that we know everything already. how do you satisfy that? >> the democrats were surprisingly open why they decided to participate in this inquiry. they are not saying we are in it
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to get to the ground truth. they are saying we are in it to block republicans from open-ended inquiries. there is a report in politico that hillary clinton was urging democrats to join with five members so they could defend her and block republicans from doing the kind of questioning they want to do. it's odd and unprecedented the democrats are making that announcement. but still having said all that, people who want to find out what happened, this will legitimize the process broadly speaking and hopefully allow republicans and democrats to ask the questions. >> i do think it is important for the american people to have a pursuit of these questions done in a fair and open and
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balanced way as possible. that simply would not be possible leaving it to the republicans. that's why i'm appointing my distinguished colleagues to serve on the select committee. bill: i do think it's important for the american people to have a pursuit of these questions in a fair and balanced way as possible. she sounds like a republican in the middle of her statement. >> it's a basic acknowledgment from nancy pelosi and elijah cummings that there are open questions, there are questions that haven't been answered despite the fact that democrats and many in the mainstream media have been over this, we have seen lots of documents. it's a basic acknowledgment that there are legitimate open questions that deserve more exploration here. that's what i hope the committee does in an open way. bill: this lead up to the
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mid-terms. is it a guarantee she'll testify? >> i think she'll have to testify. there are conflicts between the testimony she gave in 2013 and what we have seen in emails. she has lots of questions i think still to answer. bill: that will be must-see tv. martha: a whole new way to get your mail. why door to door service may be a thing of the past if some law makers get their way. bill: an nfl player turned into a junky. pell join us live awrong his attorney to talk about these new and shocking claims. >> the nfl intentionally overdrugged their players get them out on the field when they
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were hurt and shouldn't be playing. and they used drugs the mask the pain.
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bill: a 123450eubg a spike in tf americans applying for unemployment. two weeks ago applications were down to their lowest level in five years. even though companies are hiring more people, the unemployment rate is still at historically high levels. martha: a new bill that would change the way americans get their mail. the proposal would end door to door delivery.
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seriously? elizabeth tran is live in washington. how many people would stop getting their mail old-fashioned way? >> 15 million homes where the mail carriers physically walk up to their doors. so they the legislation failed through a committee ahead after house vote. it could save costs without ending saturday delivery. >> reporter: it's a targeted flexible and data driven way to enable the post office to provide millions more americans access to secure delivery options. it will save the physically troubled post office several billion each year. >> reporter: doorstep delivery
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is 380, curbside 240. community mail 170. they are saying it's bad for the business and the economy and the postal service. >> if the postal service is to be run like a business it should have the flexibility all other businesses have to provide products people really want. unfortunately the legislation we brought today is not a comprehensive reform measure. >> reporter: chairman is achaira says this is part of the bill to
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keep the post office afloat. bill: memorial day is almost here but in colorado it looks like christmas. at the end of may, nonetheless. the latest on a severe springtime storm. martha: president obama facing severe criticism even from members of his own party who are outraged. is anything actually being done or is this all just talk. >> they should get all the care they need. i'm only in my 60's.
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it's just like saving money on anything else that costs money. like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins... bill: here we are in late may. crews clearing the field where the colorado rapids soccer team plays. thunderstorms hammering the buckeye state triggering flash floods and stranding drivers knock out power. >> i have never seen it like this. i have been in this city since high school. >> everywhere i went the water
6:33 am
was really high. and i couldn't take any chances. bill: may 22 on the calendar. maria molina on the extreme weather center. >> we are looking on multiple areas that could be seeing severe weather. typically for severe weather the affect months are april, may and june. we are look at the storms firing up. take a look at today. you have a few different areas. you have parts of the east coast and the mid-atlantic. places like new york city and philadelphia and washington, d.c. very populated areas that while the's small chance they do have a chance to see severe weather in the form of damaging winds and large hail. there is a small chance for a tornado. you are talking about a tornado being on the ground producing damage. it's important to get those warnings across these areas. parts of tennessee, southern
6:34 am
kentucky and a widespread area including eastern colorado where we saw images of large hail and reported tornado yesterday. there were more than 250 reports of severe weather and as we head toe up tomorrow to wrap up the workweek storms possible in texas and new mexico. warm weather and humid conditions, that's in place out here. already in the 70s in memphis and dallas and we are 60 in new york. martha: the house veterans affairs committee holding an open meeting. the president face as lot of criticism off his statement yesterday and his general handling of this scandal and it is not just coming from republicans. >> reporter: the first person we need to fire is the secretary of ve -- of veterans affairs
6:35 am
mr. shinseki. >> mr. president there was no urgency. we need to you roll up your sleeves and get into these hospitals. martha: he's not only president who was critical of the president after his statement yesterday. tammy duckworth said i think he has relied on secretary shinseki but we could use his personal attention at this point. >> this is just not politics. the systematic abuse at the va hospitals i think it's across 26 different facilities from what i read at the ig's report
6:36 am
suggesting dramatic action. the president was weak. he was waffling. he wouldn't own the scandal. i think mr. shinseki has to go and go quickly. martha: he has been there for six years. the president said you have got one more chance. if i don't see some action, then he said i don't think eric shinseki would want to hang on to this job. why the hesitantsy. >> he's the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. it's not just general shinseki's, it's the president's responsibility. these problems existed for decades. the va as always been a relative mess. but what we are seeing is this mess on steroid where people are dying. the lack of you are gentle action for the president speakss
6:37 am
volumes. that's why you are seeing democrats not just with a military base in their district. this is bipartisan outrage because there are very few things that are more sacred in our country than the military. march * they know politically this is a hot potato. put yourself inside the west room. where is the voice saying, mr. president, you have got some i to eric shinseki, this may not be all your fault but you have got to take the fall here. >> we haven't heard it. i think we'll hear it pretty quickly. but the point is politically for the democrats it's in their into the take ownership quickly, cut the umbilical cord, make the case that we need a wholesale
6:38 am
overanalysis, overreview of the va with new leadership. a review commission of independent people to make sure this never happens again. >> the problem for the democrats is you have president obama and the democratic party constantly arguing for more activist government and bigger government. now with obamacare and sessionized medicine or everybody. what we are seeing for the va is socialized medicine and we are seeing how that is turning out with that fraud, neglect and abuse. now they have a larger problem not just limited to the va but now with everybody look at this saying is the va going to be a model for the rest of the country for obamacare? if so this could be a greater catastrophe than we think right now. martha: when the book is written about this presidency they will have to analyze doug.
6:39 am
why the hesitantsy. if you are the president of the united states you can say i'm going to shoot first and ask questions later because i think this is so important. he said yesterday is that it doesn't happen today, tomorrow and the next day. why not say i'm bringing in this person. he just recently sent neighbors to fiend sniks why didn't neighbors go 23 days agree to phoenix? >> he should have gone. this president didn't have a lot of experience before he got to the white house. his experience was a legislator and law professor. i think we have seen internationally his failure to act. he draws red lines that are crossed. we are still in serious problems with russia. martha: he can't want this to be his legacy. he can't look at this and say you know what, guys and ladies we have to do this didn'tly.
6:40 am
>> particularly when he -- we have to do this differently. he's on the record acknowledging these grave problems and saying we are going to he has been in office nearly 6 years and now the problems are worse than when he came in. totally inexcusable. martha: you would think he's being told it's an exaggeration there is lots of good care. and there is. but the american people don't have tolerance for one of these stories. >> the reports suggest as many as 40 people have died as a result of these so-called secret waiting lists. it's intolerable and the president should do what you and monica are suggesting to move urgently and decisively. sadly, we haven't seen it yet. bill: it's suppose to be a fun day at the pool but suddenly something went bad. terribly wrong.
6:41 am
trapping kids in the water. we'll tell you what that's all about. martha: the former chicago bears quarterback jim mcmahon has joined players in a lawsuit against the nfl. they claim they were fed illegal pain killers and they were forced to play when they were hurt and injured. the lead attorney in this huge case. >> they hid severe injuries from players in order to get them on the field and they put profits before players.
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bill: nfl players say the league is responsible for drug overuse and physical problems that cannot be reversed today. they blame the league for providing illegal drugs to hide the pain so the players can continue to play and that the team withheld information on injuries to the players. the lead attorney for the players and former nfl player j.d. hill is with us today. detroit lions, buffalo bills, how many years? >> 8 years. during that time we were given pills for our injuries to keep us on the field. we took pills to go to sleep. we took pills at after time and
6:46 am
get pills after the game. then they would give us medication and drinking alcohol and didn't tell us the harmful effects. because of that we incurred various conditions. like myself i became addicted to drugs. i ended up walking the streets for drugs and became homeless. once you are released out of the good old boy club, there is no going into the training room. so what happens, i'm walking the streets and get the drugs on the streets which led to using other drugs. bill: it's a tough sport. you are a tough guy. but you were number 5 overall when you were drafted -- number four overall. who is going to tell you what to do? >> when you are an athlete you want to play. we thought whatever was happening we could trust the people taking care of us. we had no idea the drugs and substances we were taking what
6:47 am
cause long-te effects. bill: but still it aloud you to go back on the field and that was your livelihood and that's how you made money. >> it allowed me to go back on the field but it also cut my career short. because i'm taking the drugs and getting back on the field maybe that cut my career short. bill: are you saying you had no idea what these pills were. you knew they made you feel better. >> we had no idea of the lasting effects. bill: 600 players. jim mcmahon says in 2012 he suffered a broken neck. believes it happened in 1993 when legs went numb after a hit. i don't know how you play football with a broken neck. keith van horn says he received pills and was not told what the pills were.
6:48 am
the statute of limitations in every state in america for personal injury i two years. hugh can you win this case? >> the statute of limitations is tolled when you have fraudulent concealment. the nfl fraudulently concealed medical record. they failed to document what they were doing to the players. in the case of jim mcmahon. how can you play with a broken neck? you can play with a broken neck if you are injected sick times during a game with pain killers and are given narcotic. the nfl acts in their interests not the players' interest.
6:49 am
these guys trust the doctors but the doctors aren't acting in their interest. bill: there is a concussion case close to being settled it's a lot of money. >> this case has been under review by our law firm for over two years. long before the concussion case was filed. we certainly respect the claims in the concussion case. it shows a pattern of fraudulent concealment. but in our opinion this is a much more broader case. this case involves guys who should not have been out on the field and were given all kinds of shots and pills to mask those injuries and pushed out on the field. bill: this what else the league says. we have not seen the lawsuit. our attorneys have not had the opportunity to review it. what do you want? do you want money or a change in culture or both? >> you always want rest i -- yos
6:50 am
want restitution. you have got young athletes coming up that need to know, parents need to know what is involved as far as playing this game of football. medications that their kids might receive. education is very important. bill: j.d. hill, thank you for coming in. steve still everman as well. we'll follow it and see where it goes. martha: there are discovering cases of christianity under attack. the abduction of hundreds of school girls is just the most well known. there are so many more of these stories out there. the u.s. government has a post dedicated to protection of religious freedom. why has that job been left vacant for so long.
6:51 am
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by we remember the american heroes who lost hair lives serving this nation. one veterans groups already honoring those young men and women placing flags on the cemetery near harris berg. >> it many time to think about this holiday coming up. it's more than just cooking out and going to ball games. they made a sacrifice of time for the country so we can respect them back for that. bill: check out your local parade this weekend, too. let's hope the cemetery will hold its annual memorial day ceremony tomorrow. martha: a man sentenced to death in nigeria for being a
6:55 am
christian. and the kidnapping of the school girls part aftershocking trend of religious persecution. what is being done to speak out to stop these actions around the record. what role can the u.s. play in this truly global issue? >> reporter: from sworn aid to taking a stand internationally, the u.s. has a lot of weight to throw around on the international stage. there are american citizens being held in foreign countries. in iran and and it u.s. seems at this point to get them freed or speak out on these issues in a profound way. >> we have a vacant
6:56 am
ambassadorship in international religious freedom. it has been vacant 8 months. we have got to get on this and get moving on this. these incidents are getting worse and people are dying and bad actors feel more and more bold to do more and more. >> reporter: that ambassadorship is a key voice for the u.s. it's been since october since anyone has held that position despite promises by the white house and the president to get it filled. bill: why did democrats decide to take part in the benghazi select committee? this will be a major story in the coming months. a new report that nancy pelosi was told to take part, by by whom? we'll tell you.
6:57 am
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>> fox news alert, the benghazi investigatioinvestigations heats democrats have join the select committee to find out what
7:00 am
happened on that horrible night and what the administration did before that in reaction to calls for more security. what happened during that night and what happened afterwards in regard to the video. welcome, everybody. a brand-new our at "america's newsroom." bill: they were considering a flat out full boycott by democrats. however she bowed against pressure for the full slate of five democrats saying it was necessary to keep republicans in check. >> regrettably republican approach does not accept repeated abuses by republican isa in any acceptable way. to be there to fight for a fair hearing and process.
7:01 am
martha: that has been the big question hanging over the whole process in terms of their participation. bret baier joins me now, anchor of "special report." what is the reaction to the five appointed to the committee on the democratic side? >> we have the chair of that committee from south carolina saying he praised all of these very thoughtful people and look forward to working with them. the reaction on capitol hill is this does change the dynamic a bit in that democrats can participate, they would be an effort to discount entirely what the committee is doing and going forward with barring some new revelations they have. now it will likely get a lot more coverage because there are democrats on the committee as well, and this could be going on through the summer months which is usually pretty slow, so it might get a lot of attention. martha: there is a status just that hillary clinton's people
7:02 am
put pressure on nancy pelosi to participate in this panel because they didn't want her hung out to dry without anybody to defend her. >> they deny they were contacted by the clinton world if you will. nancy pelosi said they asked a question if the democrats were to protect hillary clinton in enduring testimony. they probably don't need help. but the story details an effort by hillary clinton allies to have a back channel conversation, several top house democratic lawmakers to do just that, to provide this buffer for testimony that is likely if you remember be on the testimony she gave at that committee on capitol hill, hillary clinton was not interviewed the accountability review board account the administration often points to as the report of benghazi.
7:03 am
neither was her second in command who made a lot of the security decisions that impacted benghazi. martha: a lot of questions regard to the action or inaction. it has to be a focus of any potential run for president for her, for her potential staff, it is an opportunity in a way to move beyond this for her if it is handled well and she puts to rest the questions still out there. it could be a big negative or she might say something trouble some sort has to be on their mind. >> that was part of this if true, this political story outreach by clinton to make sure they have some allies on the committee if the questioning got too one way during the test
7:04 am
might be i a i think you're rig, it has the potential to be explosive on a possible presidential run. we are told she details some of this story in her new book coming out in a couple of weeks about benghazi. we will see how detailed that chapter is. martha: thank you very much. bill: breaking news, threatening to subpoena several top officials if they do not willingly defend them next week. coming from eric shinseki as lawmakers and veteran groups call on them to take action now on a growing scandal. bill o'reilly argues this is just part of the administration and this president. >> the obama administration finds itself facing scandalous situation it knew about and did little to improve.
7:05 am
the head of the va eric shinseki should be fired immediately. it is lunacy to have shinseki overseeing the va debacle investigate anything. lunacy. is not competent to run the federal agency, he has to go. bill: that has not happened. welcome to our program. a lot of respect for your organization, appreciate you showing up today. the president assure you he would take care of this? >> i did not hear the president say anything other than what we were going to do. that is his job. they share the investigation nothing is happening.
7:06 am
bill: last night they voted to pass the measure you support. what will it do? >> it once passed a law to balance the difference between the secretary hiring and firing power and that of a regional director. it is difficult to let anybody go for malfeasance. this will right the ship in some ways. bill: is the public trust broken? >> we were expecting either of them last week when the president in his statement yesterday to layout an actual plan how they will an act reform, fix the problem actually waiting for another report to come forward we think is dithering around. some systems, some facilities were trying to game the system. this is not new information.
7:07 am
they will types going on for 40 years. bill: i don't think you are alone to say i had expectations solutions would come yesterday. >> i'm not exactly certain why that did not happen. i think there is some sense this would go away. the 2.5 million veterans not to mention the other 20 million veterans this country are getting the care they deserve and we will continue to be on this with support coming forward. bill: and microscope with the weekend coming. you believe this controversy is a lot bigger than phoenix, arizona. how big? >> it is difficult to tell at this point, but it seems every day another story comes out of the va across the regional direction. within this is a systemic problem partially structural, cultural and could reach to
7:08 am
every area in one way or another. martha: new urgency, a u.s. marine sergeant has been jailed in mexico. they have received a surprise call for duty. arrested for cross the border with weapons in the truck. we heard it on a 911 call he a cross over by accident, we're hearing the marine has been moved, what do you know about that? >> talked about how you can cross the border very easily and make the mistake, that is busily what happened when he crossed the border, he told authorities he had a weapon in his vehicle and was arrested. it was a state run jail known for brutal conditions.
7:09 am
it is not far to the east along the border as well. still a very difficult situation talking to the mother, the condition her son has been held in our brutal. >> it was actually kept pretty much in a segregated area. a tough few days. that ends up happening at some point. >> that was a lawyer in mexico talking to greta. again the conditions are very difficult. martha: sue the government is doing on this case. >> hasn't been any questions for secretary kerry, would think one of them would ask one of these. meeting with mexico talking to a
7:10 am
number of different issues including the issue of guns into mexico. he hasn't mentioned anything at all, take a listen. >> we reaffirmed our commitment for the shared challenges, mutual respect that characterizes and must characterize the bilateral relationship. >> mutual respect is the key word. there is no mutual respect here at all. the first hearing it on until may 28. there are no jury trials in mexico. the judge will decide the fate. martha: waiting back in the united states. we will keep an eye on it. bill: a stunning report from the irs. how they spent hundreds of thousands of hours on the phone
7:11 am
union activity stuff in a taxpayer with a bill. plus there is this. >> i have a bumper sticker for you. usama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. martha: a rally cry during the 2012 campaign, but have the tables turned on that bumper sticker quote? jim recalled 13 million cars this year and al qaeda is on the rise. we will debate it. bill: you details of the american pastor stuck in a jail in iran. we are joined his condition. >> the kids would be able to hear his voice and see him on the computer on skype. the day he was taken we didn't know where he was for a week, the cap coming to the computer and saying mommy, can we hear his voice was my i kept saying no, we can't.
7:12 am
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7:15 am
bill: 15 minutes past the hour. at least 11 ukrainian troops said to have been killed and 30 others wounded. pro-russian insurgents passing a checkpoint in the eastern part of the country. a rebel commander who calls himself demon claiming responsibility. the reports in the victim bodies scattered around a checkpoint. if all 11 are confirmed, that
7:16 am
would be the deadliest attack yet on ukrainian forces. watch that headline, watching that story. martha: so the irs does more than just collect your tax dollars. they spend a lot of your time at the office carrying out union activity for the members of the irs. the irs employees spent more than $500,000 conducting union business in one year, all of that union business was conducted by the irs workers during their work hours from nine to five. because $23 million in man-hours. that is the report. lou dobbs is here. good to have you here. this is a head shaker. this information has been out there for a while. they released last year 201 workers who earn $100,000 per year doing union activity for
7:17 am
the irs. >> or more. to think this is an it is that has every 3000 people in it, this is 300 man years of work by group of people and no one can points to a work product or resolved at that time, to supposed to be a shared relationship with management working how to streamline and improve efficiency. in this instance 300 man-hours. we have to account for 100 other people because we know 201 people making over $100,000, and what is the result? we do know this, they are under investigation of internal revenue service for the leadership decisions in a partisan attack, the federal
7:18 am
government does not have effectiveness or in any way demonstrated content. it is outrageous and when we think about the fact that the unions in public what it is local, state or federal government, they are being unionized at the local level over 30% at the federal level, we're talking roughly 600,000 other union employees in the federal government so extrapolating this, this runs to a quarter of a billion dollars per year. martha: it's incredible. if you think this is just the irs, imagine all the other agencies, drive around the mall and look at the size of the building. the education department, you look into those windows and you
7:19 am
wonder, what is actually going on in there, and it seems like that shouldn't even be legal. >> it used to not be legal. it raises the question what is the union is self doing it? they have their paid staff, what in the world are they doing and why are they doing it for the employees they represent rather than taking charge of 200-300 very highly paid federal employees who never work a day for the taxpayer but rather for the union. martha: without so much cutting spending, i feel anyone who is in charge brings lipservice the idea to go to each entity and say trim 7% from your budget. it never happens, and the unions are the reason all these deals are locked in, it is very
7:20 am
important. bill: we can't imagine why the union workers and irs would recommend to their management we are here to do the right thing for a taxpayer in being paid to do that working full-time, so this is where you should cut jobs, this is how you can streamline, these are the people who benefit by these new procedures. no taxpayer could even imagine that conversation because they would be going after their own jobs. the conflict of interest between public employee unions and the taxpayer and federal government is absolute staring everyone of us in the face and also in the wallet. martha: thank you very much, good to have you with us as always. bill: tensions boiling over in
7:21 am
korea. as the north fires on the south, where will this lead in what could it mean for thousands of u.s. forces stationed there already? martha: terror at a swimming pool. it sent parents scrambling leaving several children hospitalized. >> i was in the pool and i was swimming close to it. >> how scared were you?
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: police are releasing scary surveillance footage that shows the moment a pool full of children became charged with electricity. you can the parents and grandparents reacting try to find out what is going on here.
7:25 am
one little girl became stuck on the railing. electricity makes your muscles contract which means you can't move. three of those children spent several days in the hospital and initial investigation points to some unexpected ground wires. frightening. oh, my. bill: a has-been artillery fire off of north korea. disputed fire between the north and south. reports of evacuations because of it. sir, good morning to you. seems like it is acting up for one reason or another. what would precipitate the fire here? >> tangent has been building for a number of weeks. so the koreans did fire on the north koreans boats when they
7:26 am
were coming into south korean war. they gave a warning shot and you had this return by the north koreans. the fact of the matter is the north koreans are probably heading toward some kind of attention, they have been talking about a fourth nuclear test, the last was in 20 o 2014. they don't want that to take place. bill: how does this affect the posture? >> certainly i don't believe they can put on an alert as a result of this. that have to be some movements made by north korea made before south korean military forces come up on high alert. north korea has a very large army, they have army, maybe air force twice the size of
7:27 am
south koreans, but the fact is the south koreans have the united states. that is a relatively small number. truth of the matter is they represent the entire united states military committed to south korea. bill: i want to show you the map. that is the current border between the north and south. you can see how many islands bring th the west coast. where does this go? >> what is happening is the north koreans do not recognize the boundary at sea between south korea and north korea. that was established in 1953, u.s. supported to be sure. looking at the point of contention so they could put pressure on united states and
7:28 am
south korea and get concessions. this pattern has been going on through three of these rulers. taking on his father and grandfather has done. bill: i wonder wha what they wat now. i guess we will find out. thank you for your time out of washington. martha: hurricane season is right around the corner. some new information i can help keep you and your family safe. bill: disturbing new details on the american jailed in iran. the situation has changed and not for the better. we will talk about his wife and her mission to get her husband back home now. >> they were saying does daddy not love us anymore? does daddy not want to hear our voices anymore?
7:29 am
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7:33 am
the center for law and justice trying to bring this man home. she has been with us for time to time over the past year updating the fight of her husband. in the hospital because he had a serious medical condition, so why was he taken back to this jail, what do your family members tell you? >> we were hoping him being the hospital was a step closer, but unfortunately the family was with him when there were at least 50 guards in the hospital, more outside taking him and brutally kicking him and beating him, throwing him in the elevator, electrifying him. they took him back to the hospital. they were worried about his health. it is even worse, the condition is even worse than when he went to the hospital. bill: what help were you getting
7:34 am
to bring your husband back? >> when i heard the news it was harder than the first time. the first time his family didn't see him, he was taken to prison, was a harder blow. my first thought was two years of talking about it, talking to the congress, different governments around the world, it has been two years and that doesn't seem to be any positive movement at least, it is hard, what is next, i don't know. thousands have been messaging me, calling officials in their state, we have surrounded me with their prayers and support, ultimately is a hard place to be for the family. we don't know what is next. hard to see anything positive coming moving i know god is in control and will deliver my husband and that is keeping me going and giving me hope.
7:35 am
bill: what is the incentive for iran's government to keep your husband? >> i think they are waiting. >> i think part of this conversation came up when he has been removed about the iranian nuclear talks. i hate to think he has become a pawn in the political process and debates going on, but that may be the case. it is hard to believe an american citizen is still in jail two years now and we are sent down the iranians on a regular basis discuss in the nuclear program and we can't get this american free. it is hard to understand, i was optimistic frankly, bill, on your broadcast talking about it
7:36 am
when he was moved from the present to the hospital, we thought that was the logical confidence building measure governments engage in when you are about to see a release. this was a significant setback yesterday. we don't lose hope. i have been in conversations like yesterday and for people around the globe. the key to keeping him alive is because of what you all are doing, keeping this story out there. it does not mean he will not be beaten. the reality is the more we talk about it the better chance he will again be free. we have a situation with you, he was sentenced to death in iran and one day they just freed him. i pray that happens. bill: thank you for your time.
7:37 am
a massive delay in the satellite, apologies to both of you on that. he turned 342 weeks ago today. martha: the six month's atlantic hurricane season is now a few weeks away and federal experts have gathered in new york this morning where it is supposed to be some nasty weather to announcer initial outlook for the season. they will announce new technology for critical information for people in harms way. jonathan hunt joins us from coney island. how good or bad is this season shaping up to be? >> apparently not too bad, martha. in 20 minutes time, they are going to enact what they believe will be a below average hurricane season, that will be good news for businesses and residents alike in areas like coney island which were hit so
7:38 am
hard at the tail end of the 2012 hurricane season like super storm sandy when it came ashore. according to the officials and experts who have already released their predictions, they think they will be something like three hurricanes this year and only one of those will be a major one. but one caveat to that, these are just predictions. last to the national oceanic and atmospheric a administration said it would be a very busy hurricane season. it turned out to be one of the quietest in memory. so they might save will be below average but everybody will be watching the skies very closely from june 1 on. martha: be on the one that matters is a one happens to you in your house. bring us a hot dog, thank you, buddy. >> sure.
7:39 am
bill: he knows that deal, right? martha: bring back a hot dog for everyone. bill: you heard it repeat of the in 12, general motors is alive, bin laden is dead. we will debate that. martha: and you may want to set your alarm clocks for this, for an early wake-up. the meteor shower that could be one for the record books. i would like to see that.
7:40 am
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bill: you stargazers may be in for a show over the weekend. meteors will be seen streaking across the sky. it might not have been. the earth good pass through the stream of debris left him a comet hundreds of years ago for a great show but nearly impossible to know how much he will be able to see, if anything at all. martha: that is discouraging. >> i have a bumper sticker for you.
7:44 am
usama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. martha: you heard that line over and over again during president obama's 2012 reelection campaign, what they were most proud of at that point. now nearly two years later reports show al qaeda is clearly on the rise worldwide coming from the state department and general motors is having a very tough year, 13.7 million vehicles recalled so far. more cars than they have sold since they filed for bankruptcy five years ago. that is a tough spot to be in. welcome, good to have you here. that is a tough soundbite for the administration to watch these days. >> i don't think the soundbite is wrong.
7:45 am
usama bin laden is dead and general motors is not dead. the numbers so they have increased their employment year after year including this year, have jobs posted, and in addition a number one worldwide in vehicle unit sales, they provide cars to 37 countries in addition to the united states. number one automaker in the united states. i think they are still alive. martha: obviously we know usama bin laden is dead but the overarching theme i want you to take on is this question, basically it was a suggestion the economy was strong and terrorism was in decline. that is the overarching message.
7:46 am
we know there is evidence that would prove it is exactly the opposite. >> it is the opposite. the president echoed the same kind of words of the democratic party convention in his speech to the convention when he was renominated in a week later or 10 days later one of our ambassadors is murdered in and ozzie. all he was was a symbol of al qaeda, significant and of himself because of his involvement in the 9/11 attack a symbol of al qaeda and what they were trying to suggest was because he is dead, qaeda is gone and of course it is not. martha: i want to take a look at a number, gm stock down 18.2% over the course of 2014 while all this is happening. the unemployment rate has improved, but the real employment rate 12.3% according
7:47 am
to the bureau of labor statistics and gdp up one-tenth of 1%, measly growth. you add to that, leslie, and we want to go back to you, the state department says a terrorist threat has continued to evolve rapidly and poses a threat can edited, allies and all of our interest. >> int and joe biden said usama bin laden dead, do not sure anybody from this administration saying terrorism doesn't exist. that al qaeda has been wiped out. what we have always said, even people on the right have concurred they were at the time the top heads of al qaeda, usama bin laden being number one bringing a lot of money to the terrorist organization, that he was taken out. the idea terrorism would disappear after the death of bin laden, no american believer that.
7:48 am
martha: do you knowledge the threat of islamic terrorism is on the rise? >> absolutely, you cannot ignore it. you cannot dispute the facts, but at the time the facts were usama bin laden was killed and it did we can for temporary al qaeda. martha: finish your thought and then we have to go. >> now we have more terrorism. the american people subsidized general motors bailout to the tune of billions of dollars and the company is clearly not having a great time now. martha: thank you very much. interesting to take stock on where we are now. bill: "happening now" at the top of the hour.
7:49 am
jon: new fallout of the va scandal. we will have analysis on "happening now" plus should i wish this be able to testify from beyond the grave in a murder trial? we will explain. also the story of terror tourism and new calls for an overdose antidote to be more readily available and new forms, facebook wants more from you, what you are watching, what you are listening to. "happening now." bill: thank you be at buying a is dangerous. all over. >> when i woke up something was taking care of me, i was taken to the hospital and i wasn't very much aware of what was going on. (mother vo) when i was pregnant...
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comcast business built for business. martha: disturbing attack on video. turned violent in miami. a woman brought along some muscle after complaining her name wa is wrong on the title? doesn't seem that something of this upset about. punching, kicking, the owner was knocked out cold. the owner wants to remain anonymous, he sold the business and moved away to protect his family. i think there is something more going on here. >> i don't know why she did what she did, that puts the security and my wife and my family about everything, i don't care about money or anything. if i have to close the business and walk away trouble, that is my priority.
7:54 am
martha: the woman has been arrested. the unidentified companion is still out there somewhere. bill: one of the more unusual storylines now shaping up at hudson valley where republicans covered chris gibson. battling 27-year-old democrat married to one of the cofounders of faced. the disparity between these two raising eyebrows. why is this getting so much attention? >> this race has quite a contrast in potential spending. to determine public and been chris gibson is a homegrown wounded war veteran and one of the more wealthy members of congress being challenged by the newly arrived ivy league educated democrat.
7:55 am
the husband of multimillionaire facebook cofounder there on the left. there cap and part of their $700 million fortune for local venture capital firm which invests in local area businesses. while in others to in the campaign that he has already created local jobs even before he has been elected. gibson accuses them of using the firm to try and buy the election. >> after the last election and moved into our district explicitly to run for congress. for many americans regardless of the heart, it is how representing government should work. >> the campaign told us his only talking to local reporters, not to the national media like the fox news channel. bill: what do the voters think about it? >> it has been a swing district.
7:56 am
the government professor told us the race may not hinge on his money but how much the voters have in their bank accounts. >> i think the contrast is of such interest to the national concern but in some ways it is not necessarily what will be at stake in the minds of local voters. they will be thinking about how the economy is melissa depressed and what is the best way forward. >> president obama won by six points, the same percentage as gibson who predicts in november he will win again. bill: interesting race. thank you. martha: growing calls to get to the bottom of the veterans affairs scandal. the committee is holding a hearing. will the veterans actually get change?
7:57 am
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bill: so tomorrow we're going to talk about this whole unplugged thing, right? martha: right. we're going to unplug on memorial day. it's our program. we'll tell you about it tomorrow. bill: do i -- martha: can you do it? bill: do i have to? martha: yes, you have to. "happening now" starts right now. bye, guys. jon: we begin with a fox news alert and mounting frustrations over the va scandal and the efforts to investigate exactly what's happening there. this as we await gop reaction just minutes from now. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. patti ann: and i'm patti ann brown in today for jenna lee, and we are live on capitol hill as the veterans affairs committee holds an open hearing on the growing scandal with the chairman blasting the va, accusing the agency of hampering the investigation into claims of neglect and secret waiting lists that reportedly might have caused the deaths of dozens of veterans. >> i am tired of sending notices to the department


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