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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 22, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that is it for us on "hannity". i'll check you on "the five". we have a big entry this saturday morning. thanks for joining us. have a great night, everybody. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i think you need to take a look at some of the things positive that's happening in the v.a. i think that they have done a pretty remarkable job. >> democratic senator john tester is in the minority as pressure is growing on president obama. tonight we will tell you how the left is responding to the v.a. scandal. >> this country sold down the river by the right wing for their own purposes. they are not americans. >> the best defense is a good offense so the attacks on conservative americans are being stepped up. gutfeld and mcguirk on that. ♪ pause i'm happy. >> seven iranians arrested
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by that fascist government for dancing ♪ >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone of from california. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting tonight from los angeles. thanks for watching us. the left rallies to save president obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the v.a. scandal is taking a big toll on the president. even americans who support him are vastly disappointed that our american military people are apparently still not getting first class treatment by the v.a. this troubling situation comes on the heels of benghazi, the irs, fast and furious and obamacare. the left has deflected all of those. however, it is hard to defend the v.a. debacle. hard, but not
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>> there has been a little bit of a rush to justice. what happened in phoenix? well, the truth is we don't know. but we are going to find out. >> it was nickel and diamond under the bush administration, so i think the president faces the important task of speaking to what is going to happen now, to showing what has been improved. >> i think that they have done a pretty remarkable job if you consider all the folks coming back from iraq, afghanistan, doing right by the vietnam vets, the injuries are coming back with are pretty intense, especially the ones we can't see. i think that the v.a. is doing a pretty darn good job. >> senator tester in the minority. most clear thinking americans know the v.a. is not doing a pretty darn good job. the press coverage of the story has been interesting. cbs, abc, did do fair coverage last night on signature broadcast. "new york times" down played the story. but it was the "the washington post" that really stepped up to help mr. obama. the extent of wrongdoing is
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unclear. it doesn't seem to matter much to those more interested in scoring political points. how else to explain the knee jerk calls mainly by republicans in the house and the senate for the ouster of veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki, it's important that the current problems be addressed but they also ought to be kept in context and veterans not made as the president put it into another political football, unquote. that is misguided in the extreme and the "the washington post" editorial board should know it there are allegations that the veterans died in phoenix because of bad v.a. policy and that was covered up. those allegations from doctors, from whistle blowers inside. that's not a political football. that's a disgrace. now looking forward, talking points congratulates cnn for breaking the story and that network has been aggressive in covering the v.a. the far left zealots at msnbc simply don't care.
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but the national media in general has to report on this. thus, president obama will not get a pass as he has in benghazi, irs, he is. last night i protected the president's job approval rating would fall below 40% as americans are becoming exhausted by the unending bad news out of the oval office. this is not about ideology. this is about running the government efficiently. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from new york city fox news analyst alan colmes. so, colmes with all due respect, have you been one of the president's biggest apologists. are you going it continue that with the v.a. situation. >> first of all i object to the word apologist. the answer is. no i think he has got a real problem here. you stowed kirsten powers the other night i will support obama no matter what. that's just not true. in this particular case they knew from 2000 will he talked about it back then when he was running for president don't want to find out from the president press
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secretary find out about it watching television: not apologist. >> i think the audience will make that determination. so, you, allen colmes, are now angry would that be ride? >> i don't know if angry is the right word. disappointed. what's more important than taking care of our veterans who go and fight these wars? this has to be dealt with the real issue is whether there were secret lists to make the number look good at the home office. >> that's what the doctors say. that shouldn't be hard to prove. there either is a list or there isn't. >> absolutely. >> you are frustrated and disappointed. as a fox news analyst, somebody who is paid to
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think. why do you think mr. obama did not pay attention to the v.a.? it's a little speculative question. i'm sure you have pondered it. >> i don't think it's on his radar. he has been in other things. his focus has been elsewhere. in terms of someone like shinseki, i don't know that he deserves to resign or not yet. but that may be the case. i don't think the president likes to fire people. i don't think he likes to confront people. >> it's obvious will he doesn't like to fire people. >> he doesn't like to confront people about whether they are doing a good job or not. that's part of the issue as well. >> you have got to get into the why. you are stating the obvious. fox news analysts are brilliant and paid to get behind the scenes. why is he reluctant to fire people like shinseki and like sebelius, who obviously, maybe it isn't their fault. i think it is. but maybe i'm wrong. they are like the baseball manager who comes in last place. he is not hitting or
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pitching, but he got to go. because the culture is the culture of failure. so, why does barack obama not want to remove people who fail and place other, maybe more competent people in their stead? >> i think it's part of his makeup. i think there are people with whom he has a comfort level and he likes to maintain that as long as possible. part of his makeup not to be that confrontation with people even if they are screwing up. >> even they are hurting the country? >> maybe. >> could it be be, colmes, could it be that barack obama simply will never admit he has made a mistake? could that be? >> i think it's very difficult for him to admit that i think it's very difficult for him to say and, let's face it it, some of these so-called scandals have not been scandals. where the right has gone wrong. everything has become a scandal, now he we have something that i think truly might fall in that category, so i think this is really where the rubber meets the road on this particular issue. >> all right.
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rubber road and all of that. now, i just want to tell you that i'm a reasonable man. would you admit that? you have nope me now for almost 20 years. i'm fairly reasonable, right? >> i think for the most part you are, yes. >> all right. for the most part. i would like it know if the white house ordered the irs to target the tea party. i would like to know that. >> the head of the cincinnati office says no. >>, wait, wait, wait, colmes. this is what i would like to know. i would like to know if the irs was ordered by somebody in the white house to do that i would like to know who told the military to stand down the night the benghazi attack happened. i would like to know that i would like to know why president obama was not informed ahead of time that the web site for obamacare was a disaster. and i would like to know who ordered all of those guns? who specifically, to go to mexico from the united states? as an american, colmes, i would like to know that. so, when you say this -- these scandals are trumped
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up. you really insulting me. >> well,. >> last word. >> there has been word that and controversy about whether there wases a stand down order. some has said there has not been a stand down order. >> let's define it, shall we? >> absolutely. >> let's define. >> in terms of the web site you are right. who knew how high it went. that person should be removed. absolutely as quickly as possible. >> biggest is the irs. that's the biggest. all right, colmes, thanks for coming on. next on the rundown, andrea tantaros with her point of view on the v.a. then, did you know that benghazi is a racial issue? i didn't. wait until you hear what one congressman is saying. and the factor will be right back from southern california. music♪
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♪ nothing's missed with tenatwist ♪ continuing with the lead story, how the v.a. scandal will effect the president of the united states. joining us from new york co-host of the five andrea tantaros. so i'm very interested, as i asked colmes, on the why of the story. okay? so we have the hard right. and i don't know whether you are in that crew or not. but you know a lot about the hard right. their thesis, hip cyst is that barack obama intentionally subverting the united states of america. he wants to ruin a country as we know it and build up a new country. that's the hard right's play. it doesn't do him any good
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to get embarrassed by the v.a. in pursuit of that if you buy it it. the v.a. scandal that comes out of benghazi, comes out of the irs, comes out of obamacare and into a whole different category, so why do you think that the president didn't pay attention to an issue that he made a big deal out of before he was elected. >> well, first of all, bill, i think the president has proven to be pretty disengaged on a lot of different i. the reason that i believe is he not as engaged in this one, especially now, even though it's gracing most newspapers and covering, you know, the big story on cable news is because if he addresses this, bill, that makes him defensive on signature issue, which is healthcare. think about this, this has to do with government run healthcare and he spent the first four years telling us that government run healthcare or at least plans that were mandated by the government, which is owe he bama care, is the answer.
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and so i think that that makes him very vulnerable. >> there is a little bit of a difference here. >> sure, there is a difference. there is a difference. >> you can rebut it. the veterans administration they run the hospitals, they hire the doctors. they are the ones that do the hands on care, okay? and obviously, doctors have come forward who work for the v.a. and say it isn't working, this is screwed up. so you are absolutely right there. 100% right, okay? i don't know if that's every v.a. hospital. but certainly there is 26 states now being investigated. obamacare isn't that. they run the insurance, the insurance and then you have to go to selected doctors and hospitals to take the insurance. to so it's a little bit different than a direct hands on, the government is treating the patient. but you say he disengaged and ed henry our white house correspondent said the same thing. took the president 23 days
8:16 pm
to get up and running and yesterday he was outraged. well, he wasn't outraged 23 days ago? so i'm not understanding the why of this? if you also look at the other scandals too. five days to respond to the irs scandal. a number of days to respond to all these different -- i think it was the b.p. oil issue was about 10 days. he waits and sees how this plays out. the reason he keeps people like general shinseki in office and kathleen sebelius who i don't think are comparable is because they can run interference for him. they can handle the press corps. they are the ones who are dealing with all the incoming and it's not him. so he doesn't want to let them go until this thing blows over and the media that is in love with him decides that they are going to stop covering this story. and i do want to add one thing to what you said. you are absolutely right. obamacare is not exactly single pair. -- payer. under obamacare, millions of
8:17 pm
americans have signed up under medicaid which is more similar to the v.a. medicare which is more similar. and a number of progressives and leftists in the democratic party, including president obama himself, secretly wanted and openly wanted a single pair as part of obamacare bill. remember, they didn't get it as part of negotiations. so they pushed for something very similar to the v.a. if they had their wish and their dream, they would have it today. they love it. it's big government run healthcare. this isn't a scandal, bill. this is liberalism falling on its face exposed to the country. and that's why they are calling it a scandal. because they don't want to debate the policy. >> all right. andrea. thanks very much. directly ahead. the benghazi investigation now a racial issue according to one congressman. you are not going to believe it later, megyn kelly doing an hour long special on the v.a. she will be here to preview it upcoming. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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comcast business built for business. impact segment tonight. as you may know the investigative committee investigating benghazi has been formed. seven republicans and five democrats on it the committee will try to find out what exactly happened when ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were murdered in libya. but some democrats believe that benghazi situation is being highlighted simply to harm president obama. >> i said to someone yesterday that i would not be all that concerned, for instance, about this new benghazi select committee that we just put in place. i seem to remember our history when after reconstruction people of color gained political presence throughout the south. they drummed up all kinds of things, indictments and
8:22 pm
accusations. they drove these people out of the south and many of them some went to chicago. some came here to washington, d.c. and i see the same kind of efforts to discredit this president, this administration. >> wow, that's quite a comparison and i believe the congressman is saying that the benghazi state of story ande committee is racially motivated. joining us is fox news analyst laura ingraham. i want to be careful here. i can't read -- i can't read the congressman's mind. that was a kind of loopy comparison, was it not? 1863 to 1877 period of reconstruction. very painful period in our country's history. he is right. a lot of blacks were driven out oof the south. mass exodus to places like chicago and kansas.
8:23 pm
other parts of the country and to compare an inquiry into the deaths of four americans on another 9/11 to reconstruction is both insulting and i think invidious, silly counter productive and poison news to the national discourse. bill, i think this is a common patterned when administration gets into trouble. you saw eric holder lay down a racial charge of sorts implicitly in front of al sharpton's group recently. even michelle obama at the kansas school speech shoe gave referenced kind of a race question. this comes up again and again. it even came up in the obamacare context yesterday with senator jay rockefeller. implying that the criticism about obamacare is racially based somehow. and all i would say is if the congressman is saying all these things are being drummed up, i have a question for him. is the fact that median income is flat lining, is that charge drummed up or
8:24 pm
the fact that we have record number of people on food stamps? is that drummed up? how about the approval ratings for president obama? those low approval numbers from gallup and pew and everyone else out there. are those all drummed up? is there any accountability left in washington? are we supposed to hold the bar really low for president obama simply because is he half black? i think the bar should be high for us regardless of what our skin color is that's what i thought the hope of this administration was at least in part about in 2008. apparently that's not right. >> i still think the congressman is loopy if you want to inject race into a national conversation you have got to do it better than that all this is why didn't the military mobilize? why were the security warnings ignored? >> what was president obama doing that night? simple question what was the president actually up to that night. >> the american people should know where the
8:25 pm
commander and chief is whether people are under attack, sure. and the congressional committee is charged to find those things out, whether they will or not. >> don't you think that's more than loopy though, bill? this is a no spin zone. that's really poison. that is an attempt to shut down conversation and inquire arery to say that this -- that the charges are being drummed up and the only reason these democrats are basically going this committee i believe is because they want to to be a circus. >> he believes that. so do a lot of other african-americans in their heart they believe it it's not a contrived thing. now, are they wrong? i believe they are wrong. are they loopy? is that loopy historically? it's loopy. that's all i'm saying. i want to get -- i want to ask you the same question i asked andrea and colmes. so engaged. as i stated the hard right says hey o'reilly, you are an idiot. it's clear that he wants to
8:26 pm
destroy the fabric of america as it is now that's the hard right point of view. why do you think is he so disengaged. >> goes back to what we discussed in 2007 and 2000 2000 -- 2008. this hasn't been his area of governance. managing something really big. running a big enterprise. not that every governor is going to be a great president. we have had two governors that have had real problems. even the second term of george bush obviously not ease y very difficult. made a lot of people really mad. jimmy carter. had some experience in running something i think that's part of it, bill. another problem though with president obama is that the only thing he ever really learned, it seems, in college and law school was community organizing, political activism. he takes those issues very seriously. that strategy of organizing. i don't think you would have such incompetence on obama's political team. i don't think he would tolerate as incompetent a
8:27 pm
person, god bless her, as kathleen sebelius or even i would say shinseki and this v.a. thing or so disdisengaged a person on his campaign as he routinely allows throughout the executive branch. >> in his cabinet. >> in the political operation. >> speculation, it's all speculation, but, efficiency as i said in the t points is what this is all about now. mislaura, thank you. howard dean says republicans are not american. next our mad as hell segment. >> you are fired, too. >> i'm fired? you son of a -- >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. and the award goes to ceramics house. congratulations. thank you. the success of your small business depends on results. go vests!
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td. off factor viewers. >> here now help us how heather nauert you see her in the morning on "fox & friends." first letter comes from: is hillary clinton a newsmaker at this point. >> absolutely. he could argue that she
8:32 pm
someone of the most. if not the most powerful woman in the united states. poised, at least it looks like now, beared on the money she is raising and polling that she could be the candidate in 2016. so, yeah, absolutely. you have got to cover her. >> all right. so we have to cover the news here, maureen. and she is a big newsmaker. second letter from james hyde, wolcott, vermont, i'm disappointed as hell. you did such a magnificent job, o'reilly in helping get one marine released from mexico's jail. there is another in mexico right now incarcerated for making a wrong turn with guns in his car which he immediately declared. okay. what's the latest on this and i will tell you why i haven't covered it formally on the factor after that heather? >> so tam reissy, he has been in jail-time since the 31st of march. he was arrested on weapons charges. he had three weapons. two of which or they were all by the way legally owned and registered in the united states. we should mention that. in mexico, two of those weapons are considered to be illegal so they nabbed him
8:33 pm
for that we spoke with his mother today. she says that she she is not getting any contacts from the state department. they are not providing her with any information. but in a briefing earlier today, state department officials say that he has been visited in prison 11 times by counselor affairs officials. >> john kerry, the secretary of state, i understand is talking to people in mexico city. >> in fact, he did bring it up with him. we don't know what came out of that meeting bull it went well. >> we expect the marine to be released. the reason we haven't covered it is because it's a little murkier than the first marine. the first marine had a antigun of no consequence. it was obviously a framed extortion job. americans don't accidently go into mexico. >> well, bill,. >> it doesn't happen a lot. >> i think that's what a lot of people would think. a lot of people are probably envisioning a dark, dusty road with a big sign that says mexico. this is a complicated confluence of roads and
8:34 pm
greta has covered it on her show. when you look at all the pictures and video she says it is easy to do get confused and turn the wrong way which is what he does. >> how many americans have turned the wrong way, heather? >> lots of them there are statistics on that. it does happen a lot. we have seen the pictures and you look at it. it is really easy to understand how he says he got lost. mexican officials dispute that. >> before we threaten the mexican government here on the factor base that's how we got the other marine out. we have got to be very very careful. so we're watching. the third message: briefly heather, 20 seconds tell me about alejandro. >> served with the army rangers four years. three deployments. 2010 graduate of west point. they moved him around to a the lo of positions. he recently signed a rookie free agent contract with the
8:35 pm
eagles after they saw him at the detroit regional combine. that's where a a lot of guys will get together and try out for the teams if they are eligible. he had also tried out for the bengals in 2010 after he got out of west point. he was cut from that team. the coach of the eagles is a big supporter of special ops and likes to work with guys who are strong players and he is he huge. this guy is 6'9", almost 280, bill. i mean, imagine that. but he is a good player and is he athletic looks like they will work with him. >> we will follow him. and that was a good letter. we will follow him. last letter amy bazlet. i'm: i take this one heather, we appreciate you being on tonight. the climate change is political. it's political. it's all about getting higher taxes on certain industries that the left doesn't like.
8:36 pm
that's what it is about. not about cleanliness. not about godliness, not about anythingness. so you are right. all good americans should never throw trash anywhere but in the receptacle. >> you are right. >> if you are mad as hell we want to hear about it it please write us, mad as hell as when we come right back, megyn kelly doing an hour special on the v.a. situation. she will be here to give us a preview. gutfeld and mcguirk together again and they're very happy. ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you know what happiness is to you >> you will see the boys dance after these messages. ♪ whash i am totally blind.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly reporting from los angeles. in the kelly file seeing: tomorrow evening, friday, ms. megyn will do a one hour special on the v.a. scandal at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. she joins us from new york city with a preview. how are you going to do advance the story when we're all covering it we are all right on it. how are you going to move it ahead? >> in several ways. the first that i want the viewers to know about is
8:41 pm
that we have got an actual panel of real life veterans with personal stories about what they have been through across this country. you will hear live witness testimony, basically, about people struggling with cancer who couldn't get in for months. after being diagnosed with cancer. couldn't get in for months to see a doctor. and so on and so forth. so you hear those testimonials from the victims themselves who were outraged and do not believe president obama's press conference yesterday got it done. they feel no confidence in him. we also poll all of them on whether they think general shinseki should resign. the results are rather stunning. also a wholehearted defense on him. ralph peters with a full throated defense of shinseki. >> peters can be a con contrarian. that will be interesting. so based on your research, i'm very interested in the military people you are going to have on the air. what's the essential problem? why can't they get the treatment they need in a
8:42 pm
timely manner? >> it sounds to me like from talking to the witnesses this could boil down to a big government problem. i mean, it's a huge agency. it services so many veterans, including, you know, today with the retirement and aging of the vietnam veterans and now so many combat vets coming back from war. it's not an excuse. but it's it the explanation in part for why the problem has gotten so bad. we also seem to have a president who trusts his cabinet secretary and doesn't necessarily get his own hands dirty when he has a problem. you know, he doesn't really get in there get the elbow grease going and figure out what's happened and how to fix it until yet another coffee catastrophe has taken place. he hasn't met with general shinseki one-on-one in two years, bill. despite describing this as the cause of his presidency when he took office. if it's the cause of your presidency, why can't the veterans affairs secretary get a private meeting with you? >> well, i don't know if shin shreky even asked for one. that's not unusual, as you
8:43 pm
know. those of us, clughtd yourself, who have been covering the president, since he was elected in 2008, know he doesn't engage, he doesn't talk to congress. he doesn't talk to his own party. >> he doesn't even talk to general in the field, bill. we have heard from generals in afghanistan who have served this country in afghanistan and iraq complaining that they cannot get the face time they need before the president. >> with the commander and chief. so, what is it about president obama, all right, in your opinion that makes him float above and not engage at the level where the problems are appearing? >> yeah. i mean, of course i don't know the answer to that i can't get in president obama's head. i do think they are just in general, whether it's in the private sector or the government different types of leaders, different types of ceos, i'm sure president obama thinks he put good people in place and that he can rely on those people to flag issues for him. whether it be the obamacare
8:44 pm
web site or the status of trying to fix this ongoing and lengthy and years long v.a. problem. unfortunately what we have eaten over the past few years is he cannot necessarily be that hands off. can he not necessarily rely on these people. because. r. we're seeing the problems emerge. >> i'm like that, meg quinn. you know i don't have much to do with the fact made up and come on in. >> you were told you just have to look pretty? >> yeah. and it's been a struggle for 18 years to do that. >> we have good plastic surgeons here. anyway. i think you are right. i think that he is the manager who really doesn't -- and i don't really know why, want to know what's happening. he just wants it to work out. all right. we're going to watch that special. we're going to watch you tonight right after the factor. >> thank you, sir. >> on deck, gutfeld and mcguirk. howard dean says republicans are not good americans. also, big controversy over the song happy. the boys in a moment.
8:45 pm
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8:48 pm
provocative sound bite from howard dean. >> this country has been sold down the river by the right wing for their own purposes. this is a republican party that has decided he they like power so much that they think it's okay to win by taking away the right to vote they are not american. more comfortable in the ukraine or russia but stay away from our country. this is based on the right to vote. [ laughter ] >> i think the governor might have visited happy hour before that statement. but i'm not sure. joining us now from new york city to react, bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld.
8:49 pm
so, gutfeld. this is all about requiring i.d. to vote. >> howard dean is a measurement of insanity. for example one dean would be used to describe a naked man running down the street. two deans is a naked man covered in jam and three deans is al sharpton. here is the interesting thing about howard dean. he says we have to end the politics of hate and the politics of divisiveness. he says this after saying the republicans should move to russia. he is a walking bag of crazy. >> absolutely. >> you mcguirk are going to be more gentle on the governor, are you? >> no. this guy dizzy dean, just another privileged angry white guy from the supposed party of tolerance spewing wildly intolerant and ignorant nonsense. about voter i.d. laws if you lose on the merits and american people are against you, impugn your proponent's
8:50 pm
motives. who is this guy anyway. he won iowa 10 years ago. the governor of vermont. willie nelson could have been the governor of vermont. this guy makes allen colmes like fdr. >> is he not fit to carry . >> it's interesting many i ever run into howard dean, he would flee if that happened. i would say every canadian go to the uk and russia because in canada you have to produce an id to vote, and canada is not a conservative country, it's just common sense. all right. from canada, we go to iran. all right? so there was a video made about that hit song happy. roll the tape. ♪ because i'm happy, clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ ♪ because i'm happy, clap along if you know what happiness is to
8:51 pm
you ♪ ♪ because i'm happy ♪ clap along if you feel like that's what you want to do ♪ >> all right. there is no farsy version of happy but everybody knows what "happy" is. the iranians were arrested. >> you can call it dancing, bill. you and billy and alan combs could dance better than these poor kids in the video, however, this is progress. back in the '80s, you would get beheaded and stoned. today you can get stoned and make a video and do two nights in jail. that's actually progress. the fact that this went wildly viral just highlights the fact that the iranian people are not boca haram people. they are actually half way normal people that progress as opposed to the people that run the place. >> yeah, i mean, the iranian
8:52 pm
persians, persian people, not half way normal, they are all the way normal. >> and the president -- >> and under the thumb. >> the president of the country swe tweeted sympathy for the kids. it's a net plus. >> before he put them up for $300,000 bill, he was sympathetic for them. the fact they were arrested, just leads me to ask you if somehow your plane was diverted to iran, how much time would you get? >> well, i find that to be quite a lovely vacation because you know i like to be tied up. can you believe, bill, that a country would jail people based on a video that upset them? that would never ever, ever happen here. i can't imagine, a video being claimed for something. you know what, though, this is middle east earn version of foot loose but i guess you would call it foot left. a reminder that other countries,
8:53 pm
other cultures are weird and if we could, that we could lift america off this planet and take us to a normal place. >> everybody should be happy we live in america and we don't have to put up with that non-sense. >> belief that -- >> i just want to correct him, alan combs is actually an excellent dancer. i mean, he makes -- he gives fred a stare. >> i wouldn't know that but thanks to bringing it to our attention. thank you very much. factor tip of the day, are you a mean person? the tip moments away.
8:54 pm
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8:57 pm
incompetence but president obama's objective to undermine and destroy the greatness of america. i understand that's a hard right point of view, but as you know, it's impossible to prove state of mind. ken edwards, north carolina, bill, i agree with your talking points concerning the government's total disregard for the vets but how can you say the president cares? mr. obama knew and did nothing to fix the problems at the va. that's true, ken. the president did not pay attention to the problem. that goes to effectiveness on the job but over the years, i asked mr. obama to help us help the vets and he has every time. this is a fact based broadcast and i report the facts. eileen in california maryland, o'reilly you insinuated karl rove was lying on the document that was poorly sourced on your part. you're misguided. i insinuated nothing. i sourced it accurately, period. marysville, washington if military retires can draw pension and disability without
8:58 pm
choosing one or the other, that's not quite true. only if the rating is 50% or greater can you get both. high land, california, i enjoyed the show in honolulu and flew back that night to los angeles so i could see her on mother's day and give her a signed copy of "killing jesus" she loves me and you but he more. glad you liked it and the last two boulder fresher appearances before the fall. fargo july 26th. tickets make great father's day gifts. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day, i'm walking around beverly hills last night and a young black woman says she's a big factor fan but her friends think that i'm a racist. i was a little surprised. thanked her for watching and went on my way. is the woman a factor pafan?
8:59 pm
probably not because that racist jab takes away any goodwill, does it not? you don't apply someone is a racist using anonymous friends, that's cheap. what the woman did was a passive aggressive move, hiding behind something someone else allegedly said to deliver a pop. factor tip of the day. passive aggressive behavior much more disruptive than type a behavior which is open and obvious. the pa people play destructive mind games, avoid them if you can. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, which is different from and spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be meretricious when writing to the factor. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is up next. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from southern california, and we've
9:00 pm
had a great time out here, as usual. please remember, the spin stops here in l.a. because we're definitely looking out for y i'm megyn kelly live in new york and tonight, senate democrats kill the bill aimed at insuring accountability for the va scandal. >> i respectfully object. >> and wait until you see what we learned about the reasons why. plus, is the counsel on american islamic relations or care trying to outsource an outspoken 9/11 member. a woman that sits on the board and then. >> i'm going to give you food stamps -- wait a minute, let me finish the thought. >> finish the thought. >> dr. ben carson is here to talk about his dustup with whoopi