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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 23, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ we have a doctor offering a free care to veterans waiting on the v.a. >> that's right. we have so much more playing for this memorial day weekend live on "fox & friends." and our thanks to sara evans this morning. >> thank you. you're amazing. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you next week, everybody. chan-ocha. bill: good morning, everybody. we have new developments on benghazi. one of the first:white house responses with the contact youtube about taking down this offensive islamic video. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to friday in america's newsroom. martha: i'm martha maccallum. congressman darrell issa is reviewing that still classified memo. but it reveals after the attack
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began the white house believed was because of the video. >> one of the things that's interesting that very night they were struggling to get reinforcements. we had special enforcements in tripoli and couldn't get a plane for them. instead of trying to get a plane they are on the phone trying to create spin saying it's about a video that never had anything to do with this attack. rich rich lowry, to you what does this e-mail suggest. >> reporter: it's news. we are hearing over and over again from the democrats and the white house there is no reason to have a select committee because we know everything about the scandal. but yet here again you have an email we hadn't heard about before that suggests there is still more to learn about this
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whole episode. reporter: the bottom line is there is more to be learned period. >> reporter: absolutely. this is another bomb shell email. it's another sign why we need a select committee to bear down on this and make sure we are digging out every single thing we need to know. bill: this was sent at 9:11 p.m. on 9/11. they were concerned about the protests from the region. is that a solid defense for it? report there are two element to what was going on. the video narrative was extremely politically convenient. if you are going to put susan rice out on the sunday shows, there is a reflex toward believing this video narrative on the part of the
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administration because then you get this moral hive threnlt between the so-called radicals at home stirring things up and the radicals abroad. this was a narrative picked up by the media. "time" magazine ran a story how radicals are in a con to foment outrage and violence. they believed that narrative deep in their bones. martha: there are growing calls for the release of a u.s. marine sitting in a mexican jail cell. this name is marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi. they say he was arrested after making a wrong turn into mexico. at the time he had three registered guns in his truck.
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he called 911 and said i'm lost. i have got guns in my truck what should i do. >> we should use our diplomatic influence so they know this matters to us and i hope the white house will do that. martha: we are learning more about what happened to him. and why he is getting different treatment than others in the same situation. >> reporter: i spoke with a lot of federal officials who work this border every day. the port of entry has been redesigned. americans mitts last exit all the time. this one is on the left. but once you are in mexico their rules apply. it's possible he was sent to secondary inspections officials looking for a bribe. but he had three guns including
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a military-style assault weapon in his car. registered or not that's a big deal to mexicans. and they say he told up consistent stories. u.s. tells me he was not smuggling guns. u.s. and mexican who work there every day they work stuff out. you call your common part on the south side and you call in a favor. weep catch mexican military all the time, we handle them back. why no reciprocity here? the state department said they are work on it. >> within a foreign country a u.s. citizen is subject to the laws of that country. this is a case we have been concerned about. >> there seems to be no excuse why somebody from the secretary of state on down can't make that phone call and use a number of
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tools in the diplomatic arsenal. >> reporter: one of those tools, we give mexico $400 million annually. martha: it is really very curious that phone calls -- if they are made that frequently and these kinds of things from worked out at a lower level so often, why without not be done for a u.s. marine is a perplexing question. what do you think is going to happen next? >> to your point now. this is a different administration. we can call the attorney general there, very cooperative and very fair. people do this every day, say, martha, give me a break, i'm going to help you out. may 28, mexican customs will present their evidence to the judge. many here want to turn up the heat. we can get members colmes attention. in a heart beat they know what we are doing because they cut off the economy going into
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places like tijuana and nogales. there is a chance he would jump bail but they are beginning to think they are backed into a corn. that's the rub. as we turn up the heat you put them into a rock and hard spot. martha: it's gone the too much attention for it to just go away under the radar. bill: severe storms through central virginia. triggering tornado warnings. that's a huge tree down there. that's the scene in richmond. a trifecta of heavy wind and rain. the powerful storms damaged hundreds of homes reduce something of them to road and rubble. >> we lost columns on our porch,
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it's probably pretty unstable at this point and some of our sheds are completely gone. >> it's pouring down rain and hailing. all to my left it's a freight train sound. bill: we'll let you know what to look out for. thousands without power across the country, no word on how long it might take to turn the electricity on in virginia and delaware for those folks. martha: there are reports it's owed a staggering amount of money in back taxes from federal employees. $3.3 billion is the amount in back taxes owed by federal employees who are paid by the u.s. government. stuart varney is the host of varney and company. tell us about this. >> reporter: with the va and
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obamacare scandals, the performance much federal workers is the issue. this is more bad pr for the federal work force. 318,000 federal workers owe an average of $10,000 each. if you break it down further find 486 workers in the house of representatives owe over $5 million. in the senate it's 228 workers who owe $2.7 million. the delinquency rate in the private sector is worse. federal workers make more, they get better benefits and they have a job for life. you would expect they would pay their taxes. this is bad pr for the federal workforce. martha: it's hypocritical to work for the federal government anding to support that that money has to come in and be
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paid. i was amazed by the people who work in congress who owe money as well. it comes on top of this tory about the irs giving bonuses to people who have not paid their taxes by makes anybody in the private sector scratch their head. >> reporter: the bad p.r. extends i think to president obama and his administration because he has pushed and expand the size and power of the federal workforce. now, you find this kind of scandal about the performance of the federal workforce. it's a bad p.r. story coming on top of endless scandaled surrounding various departments of government, martha. bill: taxpayers shelled out a lot of money to get obamacare off the ground. we may be on the hook fear what some call a secret bailout for
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insurance companies. martha: a dramatic rescue that was caught on video. look at the pressure on this man. a great set of hand. bill: how will the administration react to calls for col them shinseki to step down. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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martha: an incredible heart stopping rescue caught on camera. oh, my gosh. i cannot watch that. he catched a 1-year-old baby who fell from a second floor window. the baby wandered out on to a ledge on the apartment building. thank goodness this man spotted the baby. the mother spots the baby and runs away after this man made this spectacular catch. bill: trying to fix the broken va system. the highest ranking republican to call on eric shinseki to step down saying quote no one doubts the current state of our
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american veterans. therefore i call on general shinseki to do what is right to step aside as secretary immediately. retired colonel oliver north. i have been trying to reach out to you all week. i appreciate the time. this must burn you up. >> i'm madder than hell. obama didn't come across that way in his press conference. he was like an 8th grade civics teacher. they were the same words we heard about the gun running and the irs and benghazi. the only continues is the irs to our knowledge has not killed
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anybody. the big four now includes the veterans administration. there has got to be major changes in the way they go about doing business. the stories in that column posted on are hair raising. some of them are good friends of mine. i have been contacted by thousands of people since we first raised it month a month ago. bill: the couple is called "madder than hell." these problems have been out there for a while. >> he promised before and after he got elected he would fix it and it has gotten worse. he spent half a billion on new office furniture when you have got veterans with no legs waiting 25-40 months to get into the system. number one, he can do this by executive order. effective immediately every new hire for the veterans
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administration has to be a veteran. number two the washington redskins should have voted on the house bill to started making personnel changes easier in the department of veterans affairs. number three, give every veteran a car. car. p -- a card. and you can go to any medical facility. if you want to go to johns hopkins. i'm on a fox medical plan. all those who aren't have to stand in line and wait for those things and die quickly if you would. bill: i don't know where the urgency is. if it doesn't come from the commander-in-chief. where is the action? >> exactly correct. congress also failed.
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oversight and responsibilities of congress have not been fulfilled in the va. and the fact it took a holiday, voted on the washington redskins name instead of in the senate harry reid taking up this issue which could have passed and become law today. the bottom line is nobody in this town gives a damn. it's lip service. there are 23 million of us who are veterans, many of us disabled who are madder than hell. bill: should shinseki go? >> absolutely. you have to have somebody in there who gets the job done. it's not made it better, it made it worse having him there. how many times have you been in how many hospitals since you have been secretary for five years. >> it's memorial weekend. colonel, thank you for your service. we'll talk again.
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we'll check up out monday. check out the fox business network for a marathon starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. 6 episode that show the service and sacrifice of our troops. that's monday all day on the fox business network. thank you, colonel. martha: as americans head off for a big weekend, how long is before there is a major plane collision at one of our major airports. there has been a near miss at one of our airports. what's the faa going to do about this? bill: the fight off obamacare taking a turn toward race in america. a leading in the democratic senator attacking opponents of obamacare accusing them of racism. >> people made up their mind that they don't want it to work because they don't like the
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sleep number stores nationwide. hurry in for memorial day weekend savings. all beds are sale, starting at $649.99. know better sleep with sleep number. bill: tennessee's governor signing a billion to bring back the electric share after a shortage of lethal injection drugs. following a botched execution in oklahoma. >> an investigation into what could have been a major catastrophe at one of our nation's busiest airports, we are learning two planes nearly collided at the george w. bush under national airport. the united planes came within
6:25 am
200 feet of one another as they were taking off. what were they doing so close to one another? >> reporter: it appears an air traffic controller who may have been in a training program told the plane to turn right instead of left. so you had one taking off east and another southeast and they came within .8 of a mile and 400 feet of altitude of each other. on air dra traffic control recording you can hear pilots talking about what just happened. the pilot said you know what happened there? the other pilot said you crossed over the top of each other. i have no idea what happened in the tower. the pilot in one of the planes says i'm guessing he was supposed to give us a left turn.
6:26 am
the air traffic controller was heard to tell the turn to stop turning and as we know the planes continues on safety. martha: there are so many planed in the sky and we hear about these near misses all the time. what are we hearing from the faa. >> reporter: they point out the air traffic controller quickly noticed the mistake and corrected it. he issues instructions to both pilots to simply separate the aircraft. there was another close call at newark, airport on runways that intersected. the faa changed the rules for takeoffs and landing at that airport. martha: molly, thank you very much.
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i couldn't work in one of those control towers. bill: life or death only seconds away with a car stalling on railroad tracks with a train barreling towards it. the rising price tag of obamacare. is the administration going to bail out the insurance trinow? another bailout? taxpayer dollars watch out. >> if you want to have premiums down you can have the federal government bail you out. like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins...
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bill: suzuki says 170,000 cars could have a steering problem that could cause problems. both vehicles made by general motors for suzuki. gm had a recall wednesday bringing a total number of recalled vehicles in the u.s. to 13.8 million. halfway through the year. martha: critics of obamacare claim there is a secret bailout in the works for the insurance companies. they say buried in hundreds of pages of recently released obamacare regulations is a
6:32 am
little known provision that would give the insurance companies billions of dollars if they end up lose something money because of everybody they have to cover. opponents call it an attempt by the white house to avoid a rate hike, premium hike before the elections. but could it turn into a replay of previous government bailouts? how about the auto bailout speaking of gm. some of that money has been paid back but there was a huge initial layout and responsibility on the part of taxpayers. joining me now is the former healthcare executive and ceo. this was bake the cake from the beginning. there was an administration deal with the health insurance companies because they said you can't cough everyone in america. it's too expensive.
6:33 am
the administration said we'll write that into the deal. we'll figure out a way to pay you back to give you money for the taxpayer. >> you are he acceptingly correct. it's part of affordable care act, there was a temporary risk corridor program which basically said in the early part of the program, that's the reason for the term temporary. if your outlay for medical claims exceed your premiums the government could cover 70% of your loss. it's being emphasized immediately prior to the in elections. >> reporter: these companies are saying hello, we are going have to raise premiums. if we raise premiums it will be bad for democrats who supported the obamacare come election
6:34 am
time, right? >> raising premiums is a mathematical certainty. adding lots of older and sicker patients to the mix without raising premiums. that was anticipated and the reason for this program. but the idea is this would go away after a few years because once you have never the plan. once all americans are covered that would smooth out the curves of adverse elections. >> that would be interesting if that happens that way. it rarely happens any kind of benefit built into a bill goes away. it may be insurance companies figure out a way to continue to say we need to cover these extra expenses we didn't anticipate. but in terms of how much this might cost. any idea what this might cost taxpayers? >> this is being financed by
6:35 am
those insurance companies that do better than those that do poorly and the administration announced they intend to take some money out of existing health programs to help pay for it. their argument would be there is no net new money being put into this program. martha: as i understood it, if the insurance companies who are supposedly doing better are not doing better, then it would kick over to the taxpayer. is that right? >> ultimately somebody has to pay the bill. premiums will go up unless you have enough people in the program to smooth out the adverse election curves. >> reporter: stan, thank you very much for joining us. bill: pope francis traveling in the middle east to meet with
6:36 am
jewish, catholic and muslim leaders. there was yet another attack on a christian church in israel. what happened there? reporter: pope francis and the head of the orthodox church are starting their trip to the holy land tomorrow. not everyone in the holyland is supportive of this trip. we have seen attacks by extremist jewish groups. like the previous attacks graffiti was sprayed on the christian attacks. graphic language was piewsd'. another attack burned parts of a christian church and christian monks and nuns have been spit
6:37 am
on. extremist jewish groups are asking for christians and muslims to leave israel. bill: you get reaction from the israeli government. with regard to pope francis, where does he go and where does he visit? >> reporter: he will start in bethlehem then he will come to jerusalem. the tourism bureau has been supportive of this trip. christian laiders say tensions are more about the sort of internal air of israeli politic here in israel. police have arrested -- this is how serious they are taking the threats threats -- they arrested several leaders and people they think are behind these attacks. they are also locking down the entire old city during the
6:38 am
pope's visit to jerusalem. israeli leaders are concerned about these extremist jewish groups. it's the heart of this trip in an effort to bridge political and religious divisions. that's what the christian leaders and jewish leaders are saying. bill: we'll watch the trip. it will be historic. thank you, conor powell. martha: obamacare still facing an uphill battle in congress. one congressman has an answer. he says it's because of racism. bill: we'll meet a veteran who said he had to wade through red tape and wait for months before he was given important treatment. you will meet him today. >> when you have a bureaucracy more interested in protecting their jobs and protecting people that protect them, it's jut ray
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martha: the train wairlg down the track. cars stuck on the tracks. incredibly she noongd get out just before the car smashed her train to smithereens. she had minor injuries from flying debris.
6:43 am
i recommend throarng drive a stick shift but i recommend doing it in a parking lot. bill: ply mom drove me out to a farm field when i was 16. >>ing a congressman saying one of the reasons americans oppose obamacare is because of obama's race. >> i'll be able to dig up emails that doesn't make obamacare look good. especially people who made up their mind they don't want it to work because they don't like the president maybe because he's the wrong color. bill: catherine ham and juan
6:44 am
williams. mary katharine. what about this? >> i am so sick of this charge it's a substitute for argument. i will step up as everyone always does that race is an issue in america. it can be an issue in american politics. this is calling half the country racist. more than half the country racist because the laugh is very unpopular. imagine this, because it's one of the worst implemented laws in modern history as far as domestic agendas go because it confirms the suspicions americans had before it was passed. now they are seeing it come to fruition. and they are saying you lied to us about how this would work. and the thing -- it's like the thing you can call someone in america and it apparently requires the least evidence. the good thing about this situation. democrats do this all the time without paying a price for it.
6:45 am
senator ron johnson sits up and says stop calling me a racist. stop calling half of america a racist. bill: juan, what did you think of this? johnson came out and said why are you dropping the race card? >> i thought johnson calling it the race card i thought was over the top. bill: hang on before we go to johnson i want you to address rockefeller's comments. >> what senator rockefeller said is this is part of the equation. he says he can see it from the emails he gets from his home state of west virginia. a state he has experienced from going solid democratic to now solid republican. he will be re-placed by the daughter of one of his rivals. i think he feels like the politics of the country has been impacted by president obama's race, everything from obama is a
6:46 am
muslim, obama is a socialist, he wasn't born in this country, to the fact republicans have obstructed him. bill: he was referring to obamacare. every republican voted no on obamacare in 2010. did that mean every republican is racist? >> he didn't say it was the total reason. i'm seeing it in my emails and i'm sure he receives it in his emails. we heard it from the sheriff in new england and the rancher out west. there are people who don't like the fact that there is a black president. >> the reason he's bringing it up is to call all gop people racist. frankly if you look at my email you will get the impression a lot of enlightened liberal men think they can call me a gop whore.
6:47 am
they meade to look inside their hearts and deal with that but it doesn't mean i get to say to my opposition they are sexist jerks. that's not an argument. >> the real disagreement over obamacare, fine. but when you make the conclusion that this is -- he's just saying the entirety of the opposition is because of race, it's too much. he's saying it's part of the equation and it would be sort of innocent and glassy eyed. to say it has nothing to do with the fact there is an element within the party of people, especially older folks -- bill: let's get to ron johnson's reaction. he said i didn't reject this because of the race of the president, i rejected it because it's an assault on our freedom. here is a guy who was in private business. chucked it to the curb and now
6:48 am
he's a sitting member of congress. does that make him a racist? >> many of the things people had concerns with before this passed, it turns out they are happening. that's a real reason to be concerned. ron johnson is look at his colleagues, look, man, you are not allowe allow to call me a rt because i disagree with you. he's trying to cover over the fact they are having problems implementing it. he's not answering those questions. instead he's saying most my constituents are racist anyway. i'm not getting reelected. if he were an adult and a real person he would apologize. and at son after robber baron. >> i'm in with mary katharine. let's have the policy debate.
6:49 am
arguably obamacare is doing pretty well. when it comes to the racial angle which is so explosive i don't think there is any getting away from politically some people don't like this guy's race, call him a food stamp president. bill: thanks to both of you. we wanted to have this discussion and rockefeller said he would provide evidence yesterday and that did not happen. martha: o.j. simpson says he deserves a new trial. lawyers for the ex-nfl star have filed an appeal. they are saying the ruling that landed i amen in prison was tainted. bill: how easy would it be to go without a smartphone or social media for a day? could you do it for two days? some digital detox while honoring american heroes. are you up to the challenge?
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martha: why not honor our veterans by putting down our digital items and attend a memorial parade. my teenaged daughter rolled her eyes and said whose dumb idea
6:54 am
was that? >> i just sent a tweet. it's out. martha: i'm interested in the reaction to this. we have gotten some tweets. some people are angry at the suggestion they could put it away for even a few hours. >> that's the problem with this whole theory that's parents are just as addicted as their children. parents can't discipline their kids. they are losing their hearts and minds. it's becoming a deadly issue if you read study after study. the leading in the cause of death among teens is distracted driving. 3,000 kids a year get injured by this. they don't get around now when they are younger, 5-10 years old. eventually it will come to the automobile.
6:55 am
martha: when you take away the devices, kids, adults -- one of the reasons i came up with this because i consider myself to be one of the worst offenders i know. i can't make it through an entire conversation without check something here or there. let many put up the statistics. 8-24. 2,022 a month, 7 texts a day. 831 received per month. the numbers, that's just a sampling. you said there was a study that shows facebook is making people more unhappy. >> that's true. what are you looking at when you look at facebook. it's the best highlight reel of people's lives. the perfect vacation photo and perfect kids. it could be a single woman alone on a saturday night and she sees
6:56 am
ebb having fun. it leads to envy. overall the addiction around cell phones is something we need to curb. you go on a holiday vacation, what are some the thing you can do. leave the phones at home. bring some board games along instead of playing video games. martha: a woman took everything away from her daughter and she wandered around the house like she was in a stupor and she eventually picked up a book. the first one said i don't think i can make it. the other said sunday is race day and i need streaming tv at the park. one of the suggestions is for to you find the local memorial day parade which i promise you will be an inspiring experience. >> when you go out to dinner
6:57 am
afterwards. everybody put their cell phones in the middle of the table. the first person to reach for it, you are paying for the bill. bill: is the irs sparking a new firestorm after laying new rules on political groups? [ female a] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ happiness is a drive-over mower deck. [ male announcer ] that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. ♪ when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states,
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bill: it looks like the president will not be getting this bill before the lawmakers add out for the weekend. on the north lawn, does the
7:02 am
white house support the bill passed in the house? >> reporter: they say they share the goal of clearing out the bureaucracy. but they fear the bill might prompt more lawsuits. they say shinseki has the tools he needs to fire non-performing managers. he is supposed to gift president a report next week and how pervasive phoney wait times is. bill: what about the republicans claiming the president is not treating this with the urgency required. >> that may be more difficult to deal with. even some democrats are concerned that he waited weeks before expressing personal outrage. when he did express his outrange house speaker boehner said that
7:03 am
was no substitute for accountability. the inspector general hasn't found any indication veterans died because they were waiting for federal care. many of these are older people suffering from chronic conditions unrelated to their service. folks say the long waits for treatment have been a problem for decades. but the president's transition team was warned that the va's wait times were unreliable. so one question they haven't answered is why they didn't look into having the wait times falsified earlier. with the wars in afghanistan and iraq, perhaps as a country we should have thought about their medical care when we were deciding to go to war. martha: the irs are putting on hold new rules that republicans warn could silence conservative voices. the proposal is designed to rein
7:04 am
in political activity of tax exempt groups. thithe democrats are crying foun this. can you explain what this rule would have done and why camp is so upset? >> reporter: let's think about what the irs scan dam was originally all about. the irs having more scrutiny for conservative groups. they are trying to chill political speech by making it difficult, making all these roadblocks. so this rule that they delayed or they are saying they are not going to enact. they would have reached the same goal to limit activity of these groups.
7:05 am
the only reason these groups exist is because of these very strict campaign finance laws that have been passed in order to silo people into different categories. and ultimately it would have achieved that dwell of silencing political speech that those bureaucrats deemed bad or wrong. martha: let's hear what charles schumer thinks about it to show what the democrats are saying on this issue. one of the greatest dangers our democracy faces is the wild west nature that allows a millionon air to pend money and campaign ads and calls it social welfare. you can only have a certain percentage of your activity be political to get it. charles schumer is saying we
7:06 am
need stricter rules to make sure the liberals or conservatives don't overtake the process. >> the question is what is political speech. it's not just advocating saying vote for this pick candidate or party. so if you are educating a public about various issues, who is it to say that that particular activity is political or not. that was the real question with this rule is giving bureaucrats, proposed by bureaucrats at the irs and giving them the discretion about what speech, what activities, what monies are being spent on political and what isn't. martha: where does it go from here do you think? >> this rule, they open these rules up for public comment.
7:07 am
this rule had more public comment. over 100,000 political comments on this rule than any other rule before. which i think goes to show you how important it is that people know what's going on here. that not just members of congress know, that these agencies and these independent parts of the government are making these rules, but that the people know as well and they can respond and call in and say we don't like this. that was a big reason the irs gave for backing off of the rule. so maybe we could see more much this which is happening across agency, not just at the irs. >> reporter: very interesting and important. michael, thank you very much. >> dangerous weather slamming the northeast now. a tornado ripping through the state of delaware destroying a dozen homes and knock out power to thousands. for the north people in new york 8 picking up the pieces today. this is duanesberg. a major hailstorm leaving a
7:08 am
trail of destruction behind in new york. >> as soon as we got to the house we put the car in park and the window just shattered all over. the door slammed shut. >> it's crazy. i didn't think anything could happen like this here. >> it many terrible. my two trees are gone. bill: what do we need to know? >> reporter: we are tracking unsettled weather the next several days. today is a small chance. but it was a small chance yesterday. you saw images of damage across upstate new york and delaware and the mid-atlantic. today there is a chance of seeing severe storms across the carolinas including a populated area including the city of charlotte. then saturday and also sunday we are going to be seeing the potential for more severe weather across western texas including citieinclude -- inclue
7:09 am
amarillo. -- including cities like amarillo. areas of heavy rain will be widespread across parts of the plains states. oklahoma, texas, missouri, several inches of rainfall coming down in a sort amount of time. we could see localized flooding. but this is welcome news. we are going to be seeing rain. we have drought conditions across the texas panhandle. the category of drought and across western parts of oklahoma and a kansas. the rain have much needed. to po not great news for anyout door plans you have especially for the holiday. but it look good. bill: they have been praying for that rain. maria molina.
7:10 am
martha: there is strong reaction the white house reached out to youtube during the attack on our consulate in benghazi. >> instead of calling to get a plane they are on the phone trying to create spin to say this is about a video whicher in had anything to do with this attack. martha: ambassador john bolton weighs in. bill: a passenger rescued from a cruise ship and brought to the hospital. what brought his vai dicing an immediate end. martha: we'll talk to a veteran who spent time in a va hospital. we'll tell you what he says is the big problem. >> the bottom line of it is nobody in this town gives a damn. it's lip service. there are 23 million of us who are veterans. many who are disabled who are madder than hell.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
injured passenger rescued from a cruise ship after falling on board and suffering a severe head injury. the ship turned back to miami and a crew called out to get the passenger to shore. >> the patient needed to come to the hospital and we met the ship at sea and transported them to mercy hospital. >> we don't know why the passenger fell but the ship
7:15 am
continued to its destination arriving few hours behind schedule. calls for eric shinseki to step down is coming in by the hours and many are coming forward with personal stories saying they had to jump through regulations and hoops to get the treatment they were promised. >> when you have a group more interested in their jobs and bonuses than protecting the people that protect them. jen. the general is a great guy but need someone to fix the problem. >> i am joined by a marine sergeant michael jeffers who returned home in 1966 with hearing problems and had to wait
7:16 am
a month to be seen at a va hospital and that was the beginning. good to have you here and thank you for your service. tell us about your experience with trying to get the help you were >> thanks for having me. but i really -- since 1966 i had a world war ii veteran told me to go to the va when i was com plaining about having a hearing problem. i went in and it took them about three months to schedule me and when i got in there they diagnosed and said i had a hearing loss but it had to be service connected so i thought well, they will check my records and they said i am sorry we cannot do that. you have to get the documentation. it took another 6-8 months through missouri to get my record books and my health records and i gave it to the va. then they said well thank you
7:17 am
for handing us those but that doesn't help us. they said we will give you a u presumption and gave me a 10% disability. that was fine with me. then a couple years went by and i had other medical things come up and went back to the va and they said fine, we will look into this but you are going to have to give us records of service connection for that. >> and you said, sir, you are surprised the veterans affairs administration isn't aware of the battles you were in and is asking you to prove your service in a veteran's organization which i think would be surprising to people at home.
7:18 am
you had to work to prove the explosion that happened to hurt your hearing. so i am sure none of this is a surprise to you hearing about the wait list at phoenix and 20 other facilities. what was your reaction? >> i was not surprised. i know the layers you have to go through with the va. i have had experience since 1966 with them with various claims and i have to supply documentitation every time. and it is like butting heads with the united states government and they are putting you into their gears and smashing you up. i spent a lot of time talking to the afghan-iraq vets telling them to go to the va and they get frustrated. and i said hang in there because
7:19 am
you have to keep pounding on them or they will ignore you. >> that is awful. >> it is frustrating. >> our veterans are coming back and having to face a different kind of battle when they get home just to get the care they have all been promised would be there for them. give me a sense -- we have to go but i would love to hear your response on what should be done and how you think it could be fixed? >> my thoughts about it -- my idea how it gets fixed, it is never going to happen. it has to come -- i have never met a va doctor, nurse, technician, the janitor who hasn't treated me well and did what they had to do. the problem is at the top. and no body ever replaces top down and that is where it has to happen.
7:20 am
they have to be responsive and the administrators should be meeting the guys in the lobby and getting a drift of why these guys are showing up. it has to come from top down. we know it ain't going to happen. >> i hope you are wrong. thank you very much sergeant. it was great to talk to you. >> appreciate your service and his candor. >> mark cuban taking heat for comments me made about race and what he said that has people talking. >> and george clooney the victim of a bizarre break in at his home. what did they take? we will show you what happened in italy.
7:21 am
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>> police in italy arrested a man for breaking into a mansion owned by george clooney accusing him of climbing a fence and stealing a bottle of vino. they are there for the wine. police arrived and he threatened them with that bottle. if we knocked on the door and asked to barrow a bottle he would have let him. >> just one bottle? come on! ♪ i'm a traveling man and made a lot of stops all over the world
7:25 am
♪ >> here we go america. 36 million from backyard bbqs to beach vacations. millions are traveling and what can you expect out there? we are live in los angeles and in washington but first we go to chicago covering the skies and air for us. let's begin with you, mike. good morning. >> and things are humming along here. yesterday was the big day but if you look at the tsa lines they are light to average. just shy of a quarter million people came through here yesterday. 1.5 million expected to come through chicago for the holiday weekend and as we go so goes the rest of the nation and on time is scrolling down next to the flights. not often i get to give you good news so there it is. >> that is better than what i had last weekend. what about the rails?
7:26 am
>> good news from here. amtrak is expected to carry 460,000 passenger this weekend. up in the traveling for funnier but down for business. they saw 31.6 million passenger in 2013 so it has been up. there are so many freight trains car carrying oil and there is a shortage and that means there is a back log and that is what expected to be lifted until july. >> thank you and how are the freeways in los angeles? how goes it? >> they are starting to back up. aaa estimates this is going to be the second busiest memorial
7:27 am
day weekend since 2000. 380 fatalities is estimated and that is down 8% over the last five memorial day weekends. so good news but there are way too many deaths still on the roadways. be safe out there if you hit the roadways. >> as my old buddy lieu waters used to see 36 million, bill, they count them all. they don't really. >> i am taking the train. you are going to be in your car, i bet. >> good luck. >> some american heroes coming home as war-wounded and say an extreme support, though, is helping them to get their confidence back. we will show you this story. >> did the white house take down a youtube video instead of
7:28 am
sending help to benghazi? a leading lawmakers says so and has the e-mail to prove it. >> we have four dead americans and was it was of a protest or guys out for a walk trying to kill americans? what difference was it make? what difference was it make? really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day.
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>> 10:30 here in new york and startling new claims on
7:32 am
benghazi. darrell issa says he has an e-mail hours after the attack began and it reads quote white house is reaching out to youtube to advise ramifications of the anti-islam video that was said to spark the controversy. john bolton is here and they say this is prove they were going after the video -- proof -- and not helping the people on the ground. what is your opinion? >> we need to know who sent the e-mail, what direction it was sent and a lot more on what happened that night. we know the president went up to the residents once he learned of the attack and the secretary of state went home and in the situation room you had a press guy. who was in charge? i think the fact this just came
7:33 am
up 20-months after the attack demonstrates there is more out there and the focus on the video came right at the start. >> what does this do with regard to the select committee? more justification or not? >> absolutely. as i say who sent this e-mail? any of the other committees interview this person or ask him who ordered him to do it? i think this demonstrates hoe much is still unknown and also shows either that the cover-up began before any intelligence reports could have gotten to the white house or the ideas of the obama administration that believe the war on terror is over. >> the white house will argue this proves they were concerned about the video given the protest throughout the renal
7:34 am
region -- and here is the proof. what would you say? >> let's take cairo. those protest were led and organized by the younger brother of the leader of al qaeda. people have to understand the pretext for a demonstration and what is at issue. the radicals in the middle east have a bent the united states and our existence is what frustrates them. >> are you arguing not a single protest during that period was the result of this anti-islamic video? >> no, that is what i mean my pretext. what is the latest reason to demonstrate against the united states? if that video never existed, the hatred against the united states would have been the same. until we understand it is an
7:35 am
ideaology we are opposing we will not defend against it. i hope the select committee looks at the broader issues as well as the focus on benghazi. >> that hearing is going to get nas nasty. cummings came about about this e-mail and he is saying this is abuse of power and you are cherry picking the rules and documents and we can expect to hear a lot more about this i do believe during the hearing. >> they maybe cherry picking documents but let's let everything come out. bring it all out. >> thank you, mr. ambassador. john bolton with us. a growing number of wounded
7:36 am
veterans turning to a support to rebuild confidence. sky diving. chief intelligence agent and live is what are we learning about this program? >> these are amputees who can't be fitted with prosthetiprosthe cannot walk but they feel liberated for a few seconds. >> it felt exhilarating. you are free falling but you can move the body to feel like you are flying. >> joe trained for the jump at a wind tunnel in arizona and in this video he is learning to balance during free fall missing both of his legs. his inspiration is another vet who is amputation was more
7:37 am
severe. todd love stepped on an ied and lost both legs to the hip and an arm to the forearm. he said sky diving is a good thing for vets trained to set goals. >> it is silly i put a limit on myself and thought or believed i could not do it. and looking back i put a barrier i could not cross and did cross it and i think what else in my life am i doing that with? >> it is run by a dozen members who believe sports can be healing mentally and physically. >> how does the program work? >> these jump sites and training facilities donate the time and personal. this is build around the idea they can build confidence and playing it forward.
7:38 am
how one vet can inspire another vet. >> so saw todd sky dive and realized i can do that. and someone will see joe sky diving in the videos on or fox news and it will transition them to thinking i can do this. i can get out of this bed at walter reed and go out and do those things. >> joe is living in his own apartment and looking for a job to help other vets. he turned down a free home being built for him because he wants to earn it himself. >> really inspiring story and no doubt it will inspire others to try it. >> amid the va stuff and abuse this country steps up when it takes the time to volunteer and take care of our own.
7:39 am
>> listen to the young man running the program and you can tell it is a huge part of his life: the mission to help fellow wounded veterans. >> so remember the positives among this. paul mccartny is in the hospital and what happened there. >> and dallas maverick's owner mark cuban speaking out about prejudice and bigotry. including his own. >> it is just an honest comment. if someone is dripping in diamonds and have a rolls royce i prejudge them. everybody is guilty of that. book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less we'll match it and give you fifty dollars back that's the expedia guarantee
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7:43 am
>> paul mccartney is recovering from a virus causing him to post pone two shows in japan. he is expected to make a full recovery after getting a little rest. we wish him the best. mark cuban sparking an uproar with remarks he made. here is what he said. >> we are all prejudice in one way or the other. if i see a black kid in a hoodey and it is late at night i am
7:44 am
walking to the other side of the street. if there is a white guy with tattoos everywhere i am walking back to the other side of the street. and the list goes on of stereotypes that we live up to and are afraid of. >> very interesting. what do you think about it? mark cuban is well known for saying what he thinks and he did it again. he is in trouble with some and supported by others. jehmu greene is here and tyler poster is here as well. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> what your reaction jehmu? >> i agree with mark cuban for the first time in my life actually. he is 100% right and right in
7:45 am
line with what science says about our brains. we could not function as human beings without putting things in categories and using the media to separate the stimuli we get in. that is the way the unconscious mind works. what he tweeted was more important saying we have to learn from the prejudices and know how to act on them. as an entrepreneur he is saying he is acting on that knowledge, which is probably why he is so successful. >> let's look at the tweets he sent. he apologized to trayvon martin's family. he said i should have used different examples. i didn't consider the trayvon martin family and apologize to them because that is in reference to the hoodie comment. he said i should have used different examples. and beyond apologizing to the
7:46 am
martin family i stand by the words and substance of the interview. tyler, what do you say? >> it is classic mark cuban. he said something that is not thought out and offended a lot of people and he's trying to back track. there used to be a thing called the constitution that guaranteed that if you said something wrong or offensive it wasn't going to endanger your livelihood or our safety or put your in a position where someone would rip your company away from you and that is the heart of this argument. and whether you agree with sterling or cuban there is a twitter protest and they put everyone on the defense. anyone in the public eye can't say anything now. >> and mark cuban spoke directly
7:47 am
to the sterling episode and said it disturbs him but disturbs him that you cannot say something in your home and not have consequences. >> i disdegree with tyler it isn't thought out because this has been proven through research about how we implicit bias and learning about it makes us act on it better. the donald sterling issues and trayvon martin issues -- i think the reaction folks are having are ridiculous. what we really need to be talking about is what he said about our prejudices and if we can have that conversation and really take action on it like he said, then that would be moving our country forward. enough isn't understa-- enough
7:48 am
said about sterling and let's use cuban's words about what we can learn. we are a fair-minded country and that is where we start. >> you said it is an instinctual move. and maybe he is responding to something he thought was aggr s aggressive or dangerous to him. it isn't to see if someone of color is walking down the street in a business suit that is going to give him a different reaction. >> trying to explain prejudice as being scientific or not it is still an opinion and free speech. >> it is proven by science, tyler. >> that is not the point whether or not it is proven by science. we live in a country of free
7:49 am
speech and you can say something stupid, wrong or indifferent and it shouldn't endanger your company and that is what they were asking mark cuban -- how he was going to vote along with the other 29 owners of the nba and penalize him for something he had in his own home. >> we will end it there. thank you both. >> a veteran reunited with a friend and why this guy means so much to him. >> and a museum mystery might be solved soon. the fbi's new lead in this 24-year-old art heist that would make an amazing movie. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here!
7:50 am
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and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> one of the biggest unsolved art heist in history. $500 million worth of art walked out of the building in a museum in boston with two people who were dressed as police in 1990. now more than 20 years later the lead investigator on the case now says he has confirmed sightings of some of the painti paintings. they identified three people of interest and two are dead but they are hot on the trail of one person and there is a reward for solving the case and it is $5 million. this is going to be a movie. this is something out of good
7:54 am
fellows. >> heck of a basement to see, huh? >> they are there somewhere. so this summer, some countries in europe will have access to the best sun screen in the world designed to protect against the uv rays but at home we have the same ole-same ole. what is the difference and hold up? >> the fda must approve in all ingredie ingredients but they have not changed since 1999. nine applications are pending. the fda said quote we have prioritized reviewing the safety and effectiveness of the
7:55 am
additi additional ingredients as quickly as possible. bipartisan legislation was aimed to reduce the back log of the current review process and this has gained support from many in the area of expertise. >> we should still use sun screen? >> absolutely. people should slather on what they have. ideally spf 30 and repeat every two hours as one of the best protect protectwer protections we have against skin cancer. skin cancer is the most common of all cases with more than 3.5 million cases each year. some say the most effective against wrinkles and skin cancer
7:56 am
are not available in the united states because of the delay of the fda. >> the choices are limited and we are behind the curve in terms of innovation that is taking place and we see that because the products are in other countries. >> they penetrate the skin better, last longer and provide better protection against all kind of ultraviolet rays. >> maybe it is time to have a second look after 15 years of no change. >> absolutely. the obama administration is under pressure to bring home a marine jailed in mexico and there are new incidences of the mexicans crossing into america and what happened on that front. the latest on this story is next. next.
7:57 am
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>> how is this to end the program. a marine sergeant miller and his
8:00 am
dog thor to spent 11 months in afghanistan are reunited. thor is a bomb-sniffing dog that took part in five deployments. should get' laxed. i love the stories and the dog gets back. they reunite. bill: that's what he said, go to petsmart. >> martha: get all the dog stuff. have a great weekend. go digital-free. "happening now" starts right now. jon: we begin on this friday with brand new reaction to the va scandal, this time from defense secretary chuck hagel. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. welcome. >> hi, there, jon, great to be with you. i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee. secretary hagel calling for accountability and urging lawmationers and the president to get to the bottom of the growing crisis. >>


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