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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 24, 2014 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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thanks to my panel and especially all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here, next week. we start with a fox alert. new information on the suspect in that deadly drive-by shooting that occurred near the university of california santa barbara. it has left six victims and that gunman dead, and according to the associated press, that suspect is now identified as the son of hollywood director peter rogers. and an attorney for the director says the family does believe that their son, elliot rogers, is responsible for this horrific cornage that occurred overnight right next to the university at santa barbara. hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn, welcome to "america's news
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headquarters." >> i'm arthel neuville. he exchanged gunfire with deputies and crashed into a parked car. sheriffs are calling the event a premeditated murder. bryan llenas is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: the shooting started at around 9:30 p.m. last night, near the university of california santa barbara campus. police say a man in a black bmw began shooting a semiautomatic handgun from his car, killing six people, wounding seven others. the gunman is dead from a gunshot wound to the head. though we do not know if he killed himself or if he died from police gunfire. the suspect got into two gun battles with deputies on friday night in the neighborhood before crashing his bmw into a parked car. per the associated press, an attorney for hollywood director peter rogers, an assistant
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director to the "hunger games" movie says he believes the gunman was his son, 22-year-old elliot rogers. fox news can confirm several people were killed at a sorority house and it is believed the sorority house was the gunman's main target. another man was shot and killed at a sandwich shop. police say the gunman shot at nine different crime scenes in the islea vista area in a ten-minute span. the area is known for college partying. the seven wounded victims have gunshot wounds and have injuries indicating they may have been hit by a car. now at least one victim has undergone surgery for a life-threatening injury. meanwhile, residents describing the scene as the gunman drove by. >> i just thought it was like an air soft gun or something. so i was like, hey, what up? and then i turned around and i started walking the other way. and --
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and then, like, he shot. >> we saw one girl run across the street, looking over her shoulder, and looked horrified. and that was a really grounding moment that something awful was going on. we heard about five more shots and about three more and then we heard consistent screams. >> now, police say they have written and video evidence suggesting the shooting was premeditated mass murder. they are investigating a disturbing youtube video which appears to be connected to the attack. in the seven-minute-long video, a young man believed to be 22-year-old elliot rogers, is seen sitting in a black car laughing as he describes h his loneliness and outlines has plans to shoot women. >> so sad. thank you for that report. meanwhile, there is growing numbers of democratic lawmakers united with republicans in collective outrage over the veterans' affairs scandal.
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amid claims that our veterans were forced to wait for medical care while v.a. employees engaged in a coverup. the democratic lawmakers calling for v.a. secretary shinseki's resignation now include three senate candidates, west virginia secretary of state, natalie ten tenet, allison lundgren grimes, signalling mounting pressure on the obama administration to act with more urgency. the president alluding to the scandal in his weekly address. listen. >> let's keep working to make sure that our country upholds our sacred trust to all who have served. in recent weeks we have seen again how much more our nation has to do to make sure all our veterans get the care they deserve. we have to work even harder as a nation to make sure all our veterans get the benefits and opportunities that they have earned. >> meanwhile, president obama is still standing by secretary shinseki, as the claims escalate.
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memorial day. it's about their service and sacrifice. >> it is memorial day weekend. not just a weekend to it barbecue, but to remember and honor those who have fallen. and there was a poignant moment on this weekend when americans gathered on the national mall to read the names of nearly 7,000 fallen u.s. service members killed in the line of duty in iraq, afghanistan and elsewhere since 9/11. among the speakers, secretary of defense, chuck hagel, who talked about our nation's responsibility to its heroes. >> america's obligations to those who answered the call to serve more than 2 million americans. are only just beginning. this nation has a sacred obligation to take care of them and their families for however long is necessary. it is part of the compact that we make with those who step forward to safeguard our freedom. >> and among the others who are
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taking part in that solemn ceremony, former army chief of staff general george casey and david petraeus were also there. arthel? >> eric, major developments in syria. activists say rebels and government forces now reaching a truce. in an area near the key city of hones. this comes as troops loyal to president assad tried to seize as many parts as they can ahead of the june 3rd election. assad is expected to win a third seven-year term. and arthel, on the heels of that report, pope francis is visiting jordan today and thanking that country for taking in all those syrian refugees from that horrendous war continuing. it is also the first of many stops on the pontiff's three-day tour of the holy land. a very important and meaningful visit. and for more on what he is expected to see and do and meet, leland vitter, streaming live now from amman, jordan, with the
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latest on the pontiff's trip. leland? >> reporter: hi, eric. even on the first day here in jordan, the pontiff keeping a very busy schedule, bringing that message of peace here to a region that really has anything but right now going on. the pontiff arrived at the international airport in amman, greeted to a rock star welcome, crowds lined as he made his way to the king's palace, where he had a private meeting with the king there. and then held a large, open-air mass not only for jordanian christians, but also iraqi refugees, syrian refugees, palestinians were there, and that's where he made those remarks about the need to end the syrian civil war and also thanked the jordanians for bringing in so many syrian refugees. it had been a real strain on the government here. the other message that the pope is bringing is one of religious freedom. remember here in jordan, at least, 90-plus percent of the
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population is muslim. there is a christian minority here, and he talked a lot about the need for everyone to be able to practice their religion in freedom. he brought with him a muslim cleric and rabbi as part of his official delegation here. the jordanians are using it in a little bit of a way to try and make over their image here. there is billboards all over amman, jordan, showing king abdullah and the holy father together, and the caption reads "together we make peace." going forward, of course, the jordanians hope that the pontiff's visit sort of highlights them as a tourist destination, which they hope will bring a lot of tourism here to jordan. from jordan, the pope heads to bethlehem tomorrow for a large mass, and finishes up his visit, eric, on monday in jerusalem before heading back to rome. obviously, a lot more news to come out from the pontiff's visit over the next kun he of days. eric? >> all right, leland. and tomorrow's mass in bethlehem certainly will be meaningful and resonate. thanks so much. arthel? eric, new fallout on the
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growing v.a. scandal. who is pointing fingers and where the focus is shifting. we'll talk about that when we come back. >> obviously, secretary shinseki is not doing a good job. but it's deeper than just him. i mean, i think it would be time for him to go, as well. but it has to get below the secretary. and right now, because of the civil service protection, they basically can't get rid of anybody. predicting the future is a pretty difficult thing to do. but, manufacturing in the united states means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done.
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a jewish museum in brussels, the site of a deadly shooting today, at least three people confirmed dead, and one seriously injured. details are scarce, but it's being reported a person wearing a backpack opened fire at the museum before leaving the scene. investigators adding that it's too soon to say whether the atta attack was anti semetic. president obama and congressional democrats standing by secretary eric shinseki amid calls from some for him to resign because of the v.a. scandal. this comes as claims are mounting that veterans were kept in those secret fake waiting lists so long, some ended up dying before they could even be seen and treated, though officials deny that. meanwhile, president obama used his weekly address today on this meaningful memorial day weekend to promise that our veterans, he said, will get the necessary
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medical care. we are joined by democratic political consultant and tammy bruce, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. welcome. >> good to be here. >> tammy, let me start with you. this is horrendous. just astounding, an insult to all those who served. and this is how we repay the veterans of this country, how big will this get and what do you think will happen? >> obviously, this is not the beginning. this has been going on for years. this is a situation where we have had legislation, we have had congressional hearings. people have known it. mr. obama, of course, ran on it in 2007-'08 saying strong things. what we have learned, there is theater in washington and that's different than leadership and making a difference. both the republicans and democrats have been, you know, crying about this for years. and it has gotten worse and worse and worse. so the american people realize, as we have been hearing from the president, a lot of outrage, and
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the "new york times" calls this his pattern. he sees the problem, issues outrage and then there is another study and then things get worse. so the american people are going to want more, need more. the republicans also have to step up to do more than -- more complaining, more hearings and more pointing the finger. >> look, there is no doj investigation yet. they haven't established a special prosecutor, waiting for this inspector general's report. the president says, yes, next week we will take action. is that enough? >> no, it's not enough. i actually think there should be more. and let me preface this by saying the v.a. actually does provide good medical services. and they have been ahead of the curve in a lot of medical -- in treating a lot of medical situations. most of the v.a. hospitals are tied to medical schools, so they actually provide good service. the issue here is access. and i think a lot of what's happened in some of the details that have come out could be border line criminal behavior. and you need to have as many agencies as possible overseeing
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this. but i say, yes, some of these concerns have gone back as many as ten years or more. but congresswoman tammy duckworth, democrat from illinois, i sort of take her lead on this in saying that maybe shinseki should not resign, but certainly a lot of people around him should. >> well, he is the man at the top, allegations that 40 veterans or maybe 123 died because of -- they were ignored. >> and it's horrendous. and that's why i do think that multiple agencies should be involved in this, because you cannot -- this is not a scandal like let's say the irs scandal or anything like that. this is serious. people have died. >> the irs is serious if they're purposely targeting conservatives. that's against the grain of america. >> but people have died here. people have lost their lives here. and if it's a matter of waiting lists and people sort of shifting waiting lists around, there should be a stronger investigation here. >> tammy, do you think it's that easy, like shifting waiting lifts around? >> no, i think this is an
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indictment of the entire system. what we're seeing is that bureaucracies cannot handle individual human beings properly. when you're seen as a number on a piece of paper, they're going to be treated differently than how your own family would treat you. republican, jeff miller, has an idea about howing those who have been waiting for more than 30 days to immediately seek private sector care and have the system pay for it. that is an immediate solution. but what that does also is that it indiindicts the notion that e federal government can issue health care and take care of individual issues. >> but the president promised to fix this. let's take a look very briefly, 2009, august 17th, he's in phoenix. he's in front of the veterans foreign wars, and this is what the president promised our veterans. >> we're going to fund the best ideas and put them into action. all with a simple mission, cut those backlogs, slash those wait times, deliver your benefits sooner. i know you've heard this for years, but the leadership and resources we're providing this time means that we're going to be able to do it.
11:48 am
that is our mission, and we are going to make it happen. >> look -- >> he promised it, those are his own words right there. >> politicians promise things all of the time. talk is cheap. this is about leadership. the only thing he hasn't been saying is, "heck of a job, shinseki shinseki." we've got to have leadership and results. we've had enough. >> are we going to get that? >> no, i don't think we'll get it in the short-term. we should get it in the long-term. i absolutely agree, the problem here is with the bureaucracy, and is the president needs to step his foot into this a lot stronger than he has. >> thank you so much. the vets are waiting and america waits. thank you. arthel? >> thanks, eric. and this memorial day weekend, a new book giving a never-before-seen look inside one of america's most prestigious military academies while also telling the stories behind some of its fallen heroes. ♪
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not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. on this memorial day weekend we pause to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. among those hundreds of graduates from west point, including 94 killed since the wars in iraq and afghanistan. president obama is said to give the commencement speech there next week and a new book called west point leadership is now telling the scories of some of the most famous graduates.
11:53 am
joining us now is one of the authors daniel rice. and so glad to have you here on this weekend. before we get into the book, what would you like americans to be mindful of on this weekend. >> over 1.2 million americans have given their lives and over 1200 west point graduates. so as they go about their barbecues it would be nice to toast the fallen. >> and reminding us of the important message. and we'll talk about your book. and we'll show pictures of various people profiled in the book and you may want to mention their names if they pop up. do you remember the moment you decided to compile the memories in this book and talk about the process to compile their stories. >> sure. absolutely. in 2010 we started this process and we had renovating the fair hotel and put a collection together to honor all of the
11:54 am
graduates that had president, generals, medal of honor recipient and included some of the fallen, such as captain ryan dennison, colonel john mcqueue and donald miller. and there are great books out there about grant, eisenhower, the gems, but -- generals so there is nothing put together and so we're excited to receive the award. >> it is a graduate day for west point and we'll win silver or gold in best buyography or best gift book. hopefully everyone in america will buy one for their father's day gift. >> indeed. what an accomplishment.
11:55 am
what feels come to you when you glance over at your coffee table and you see your book? >> well, it's -- there is a lot of pride in graduating from west point and being able to contribute this book to the legacy of west point is something the whole team is proud of. it was myself and lieutenant vigneault. and we have a white house photographer and his son is graduating from west point this week. and it is something we are proud of and we want others to be proud too. >> and you can buy this in book stores. >> yes. you can buy it on amazon and we have it on sale with the coupon with the word fathers. >> we want people to know where they can find this great book and congratulations to you on compiling the stories. thank you for your time. and we'll see you again. >> thank you very much. >> daniel rice.
11:56 am
it is called west point leadership, profiles of courage. >> arthel, so important to terrific young americans. we have more information about the mass shootings near the university of santa barbara. what we are learning about the young suspect. we'll have a live reporting on the very latest on this unfolding situation coming up at the top of the hour. go to bass pro shops for big savings. and make every day on the water a perfect 10 with a sun tracker, now standard with an industry-leading 10-year bow-to-stern warranty. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. life with crohn's disease ois a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back?
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hello, on this saturday afternoon, a memorial day weekend, i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm arthel neville. growing problems over the v.a. scandal as many call for eric shinseki to step down. >> and a jailed marine in mexico is expected to appear before a judge there this week but everything we know about that country's legal system, will he get a trial and when will he be released. what we can expect. through tensions reaching a fever pitch in the ukraine. ahead of the elections, we'll have the latest story for you. and now we have a fox alert on the horrific mass shooting that occurred overnight in california near the campus of the university of santa barbara.
12:01 pm
at associated press is reporting that a attorney for hollywood director peter roger believes that his son is the gunman, 22-year-old elliott roger, responsible for the drive-by shooting that occurred last night. seven people were targeted and they have been killed. the gunman also is dead. for more on this investigation and horrific crime this weekend, brian has the latest from the new york city newsroom. >> hi, eric. they believe the attack was premeditated mass murder and are investigating a disturbing seven-minute long you tube video which appears to show 22-year-old elliott roger sitting in a black car laughing as he describes his loneliness and outlines his plans to shoot women. and we're also getting an associated press report that the family of elliott roger believes that they said they had spoken to the santa barbara police about the disturbing videos before the shooting.
12:02 pm
but that is breaking right now. that the family had told the police about the disturbing you tube videos. again the suspect is dead from a gunshot wound to the head after getting into two gun battles with deputies on friday night before crashing his bmw into a parked car. though it is unknown if he killed himself or died from police gunfire. police say the shooting started at around 9:30 p.m. last night near the university of california santa barbara campus. a man shooting from a black bmw using a semi-automatic gun wounding several people and several were killed at the sorority house and it is believed the house was a main target. others were shot at a sandwich shot. the seven wounded victims have
12:03 pm
gunshot injuries and others that indicate they may have been hit by a car. one victim has undergone surgery for a life-threatening injury. and many are describing the scene as the gunman drove by shooting. >> it was a bmw rolling by. i think there was two people inside. and one of them was shooting at innocent people. i think one girl was shot dead. the other girl was shot as well, but i think she's at the hospital. first time i saw it, i just ran away for my life. >> we were just leaving and we heard around ten shots. it was really scary. we just ran back inside. we heard the sirens, the police came out and they were searching for the suspect. >> we'll continue to follow this story. again the associated press reporting they have spoken to the attorney of peter roger the hollywood director and the family believes the gunman was their son, elliott roger,
12:04 pm
22-year-olds. and we'll give you an update as they come in. >> for more on this unfolding tragedy. dominique, he was shooting out at people and even targeting a sorority house. what more do you know? >> reporter: absolutely, eric. in a few moments time we're expecting the black bmw to be towed away. it is described as a vehicle that is completely riddled with bullets and inside that vehicle the gunman was found with a gunshot wound to his head. still not clear from the sheriff's department whether that was self-inflicted or the result of two gun battles the gunman found himself in with the sheriffs. this is what they call the loop inside of the student enclave close to university of california santa barbara.
12:05 pm
you can see the 7-eleven next to that and an empty building below the student accommodation with a shattered window and then you have a bunch of casing shells indicating it was probably through here that he drove through firing shots at people as he went by. any moment now we are expecting to see the bmw. it is just over there in the distance. if we wait a couple of seconds we may see it roll out. we understand it was another vehicle he collided with and that is perhaps what brought him to a stop. we don't know the status of the state of that vehicle. we understand that some people were actually hit by a vehicle and that is the kind of injuries that the hospital is reporting, besides gunshot wounds. we should have an update and briefing from santa barbara later on in the day. about 4:00 p.m. local time. we'll bring you what we have in the meantime. >> apparently he had an anger with this sort of thing.
12:06 pm
and we have been reporting a sorority house targeted. any information on the victims, ages, if all of them were potential students there or who they were? >> reporter: we believe it was mostly students and they were pretty young. we understand early 20s which is where -- pretty much the same age as the gunman himself. he was age 22. we'll have more details about who exactly was injured and what their current state is later on this afternoon. but it is very much a young student age community. everybody here that is walking through here today, it is college age. it is young people that have been very much affected here today, eric. >> >> dominic we'll have more on that in four hours from now when the police have a news conference. just absolutely tragedy. thank you, dominic. >> it really is tragic. three people have been killed after a shooting the a jewish museum in brussels. police say the shooter who is now on the loose walked into the
12:07 pm
museum earlier today and opened fire on the people inside, killing two men and one woman. a fourth person was seriously injured. now police haven't released a motive as of yet but the mayor of brussels is describing it as a, quote, terror attack. police have cordoned off several streets in t they try to track down the person responsible. and new fallout over the growing v.a. scandal. now more lawmakers, including a growing number of democrats, ramping up their calls for v.a. secretary eric shinseki to step down. molly henneberg live in washington with more. >> reporter: hi, arthel. president obama has been standing by his v.a. secretary shinseki and today during the radio address, this focused on the memorial day, the president referenced the v.a. scandal. >> in recent weeks we've seen again how much more our nation needs to do to make sure all of
12:08 pm
our veterans get the care they deserve. and as commander and chief i believe that taking care of our veteran families is a sacred operation. >> reporter: still three members of the president's party are breaking ranks with him and urging shinseki to ten down. nick rahall up for re-election and alice grimes and michelle nun trying to win an open senate seat in georgia came out in the past couple of days and said shinseki should go. grimes said i don't understand how that trust with our veterans can be repaired if the current leadership stays in place. john fleming doesn't mince any word. he is the latest from the gop to call for shinseki's ouster. he said eric shinseki should be fired from his post as v.a. secretary. but shinseki has his defenders,
12:09 pm
include one fox analyst saying this is a lynch mob mentality and are charged up because this is an election year. >> i believe general shinseki is the right man for this job at this time. give him some more time. if you want to blame someone. blame the members of congress who provide the funding and oversight for v.a. where have they been? and oh, by the way, i hate when people politicize veteran issues. >> shinseki said he is staying on the job and will act if any v.a. allegations around the country are substantiated. >> thank you very much, molly. before tomorrow's much-anticipated presidential election in ukraine, there are reports of problems at the polling stations that could affect the fairness of the vote. that nation choosing the first elected official since the
12:10 pm
president escaped to russia last february. the vote coming amid deadly violence and separatist saying they do not recognize it. we are streaming live from ukraine with greg. >> reporter: eric, it is being called the most important elections in ukraine since the country broke away from the former soviet union and they are being conducted in this eastern situation under the barrel of a gun. we went to one town trying to pull off the elections tomorrow and take a look at what we saw. >> these are probably the most dangerous people of paper in ukraine right now. they are ballots for tomorrow's presidential elections. the folks here in this town will be having the vote separatists don't want it and at great risk police are standing by. >> officials in that town, which is pro-ukraine are still bringing well-armed militia to keep the separatists at bay.
12:11 pm
kiev said that half of the polling stations will open. and even with the extra security in that town officials expect low turnout. people are just worried to turn out. and there may be no turnout at all, like the city of donet sk where there have been threats against election workers and the public. will you it will -- but it will happen elsewhere in the country and that is what kiev is counting on. the front-runner a billionaire who promises to solve the crisis in three months. that is a big task. we've been talking to residents here and throughout the regions, many of them say they want to go out and vote but they are too afraid. we've been talking to the brave election workers asking them why are they putting their lives on the line? one person summed it up to me today, she said, we are patriots. indeed they are.
12:12 pm
>> everyone hopes democracy can work. arthel. well the first hurricane of the eastern pacific season has arrived. forecasters at the national hurricane center say amanda formed off the coast of mexico as a category one and gaining strength rapidly. amanda could become a major hurricane by tomorrow. but so far it is not a threat to land and no coastal watches or warnings are in effect. >> and we'll continue this afternoon to bring you the latest updates on the whoiveig shooting -- the horrific shooting rampage in california. the result, six people have been killed and the suspected gunman is also dead. who did it? why? we'll have more details. and a world war ii letter from 1945 and it was just delivered to a recipient's family. think that was fast. we'll have that story coming up. and if you hear what speaker
12:13 pm
boehner is offering to try to solve the scandal of veterans affairs? >> this isn't about one person. this isn't about the secretary. it is about the entire system underneath him. i don't want -- i don't want people to get confused about what the shiny ball is here. the shiny ball is a systemic failure of this agency. congratulations. thank you. the success of your small business depends on results. go vests! all organic, and there's tons of info on our website. that's why you rely on the best for your business. and verizon delivers the best devices on the best network. you're all big toes to me. so go ahead, stream and download with confidence on america's largest, most reliable 4glte network. activate any 4glte smartphone and get $100 off. for best results, use verizon. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+.
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an attorney for hollywood director peter roger who was the assistant director on the movie hunger games believes it was his son near the campus of the university of santa barbara last night. the gunman driving near the campus in a bmw opening fire. seven people were killed, including the shooter. whoa, whoa. holy [ bleep ]. >> that is a massive chemical plant explosion overnight in marietta georgia. the fire grew for ten hours. the building is used to produce
12:18 pm
aerosol products and amazingly no one was hurt. and pope francis arriving in jordan kicking off a three-day tour in the holy land. we'll have a report to the middle east later on in the hour. and we're getting back to now to the v.a. scandal. house speaker john boehner telling the dayton daily news privateization might be a fix for the agency failing our veterans. talking to us about this, from the washington examiner newspaper, susan. >> hi, arthel. >> how would privateization work and would the v.a. go for it? >> that is a good question. but most focus on the notion this is about access. those that aren't able to get care through the v.a. would have the option of getting private care. this isn't a new idea.
12:19 pm
mitt romney brought it up during his campaign, john mccain brought it up when he ran for president and he is bringing it up now as a senator whose phoenix v.a. center has been deeply affected by the problems. so what they are looking at is the idea of veterans have the flexibility to get care outside of the system and have the government pay for it. the second question, arthel, is a excellent question. who supports this? it will be tough to get democrats to back the idea of privatization. and part of the reason is the v.a. groups are not necessarily behind it either. although, i'm wondering if at this point they might be more amenable to it. the last time we heard from them on this issue was in 2012 when the veterans group came out against it. >> where are they against it? >> it is really interesting. because if you look at studies about the v.a. and satisfaction, the rates of satisfaction are in
12:20 pm
some cases higher than the general population with their own private health insurance. v.a. care can be highly specialized. you are dealing with combat injuries, dealing with veterans that have problems very specific to their military service. and who better is -- to care for them than the v.a. >> i see. >> but the problem is access. they are not able to get that care. so it is a quandary here about, hey, we're great at providing it, when we can get to you and that is why you are hearing the calls for privatization and i think we'll see legislation on it as well. >> and speaking about the time clock and the time line involved that you just mentioned, susan, if privatization were to take place, if the solution, if it is there as a solution, how long might it take to transition this system that is currently in place? >> that is an excellent question. first you have to get legislation to actually privatize it. that means getting it through
12:21 pm
congress. we have a democratically led senate and we have a democrat in the white house where you might have difficulty seeing them even approve of such an idea and then you have to find a way to shift all of the funding around so that this could be put in place. i suspect something like this would take years to do. and what does that do with the backlog right now? not a lot. so it is not great news for our veterans because you need people to approve it first. however there are a lot of ideas out there right now. there is an idea by jeff miller who heads the v.a. committee in the house to give privatized care within 30 days and over in the senator john mccain has a bill in the works that would provide a government i.d. card where people could get private care if they are unable to get it through the v.a. a flexible system, you could get one or the other depending on which was available first. but it is under discussion now which is more than in the past
12:22 pm
year and it has a better chance now than it has ever had in terms of private izing the v.a. >> and i think everybody, no matter your political bend, is concerned about this. and despite the latest scandal, lawmakers tout the care the veterans get at the v.a. as the best in the u.s. so let's hope we get answers who is behind the scandal and rectify it for our veterans. susan, thank you so much. we'll see you again. >> thanks. arthel, it took seven decades but a letter did arrive in time for memorial day weekend. jackie from our fox affiliate wofl in orlando has this amazing story. >> after nearly 70 years, this family finally got their letter. it was post marked june 29th, 1945. >> it is from sergeant marion
12:23 pm
cook to my grandparents who lived in michigan and their name is r.l. sensabaugh. >> her grandparents move to michigan after 1964. her father joined the namy in 1945. around the same age as the person who wrote the letter, sergeant cook. she thinks it was a family friend. >> i remember him but i don't remember anything about limb. >> reporter: was only 9 years old. >> and she opens it with a twist. >> there is nothing in it. >> the envelope was post marked from minneapolis in 2013. that is how it got back in the system. it is a letter from a man named patrick. >> hello there, i found this air mail envelope which had been mailed from an army sergeant, june 29th, 1949. apparently a couple lived in
12:24 pm
this house back then. would love to hear what you think about it. >> i wonder how they found it and where it was and was there anything inside of it when they did find it or was it just simply an envelope. >> sensabaugh contacted the man from minneapolis and hopes he will have information about her grandparents and how it was during world war ii. >> wow. >> can you imagine receiving just a nugget of history like that in the mail and good on the guy for getting it and saying i think this belongs to you. >> just amazing. so wonderful. especially when you have that legacy. >> indeed. eric, when we come back, we're going to talk about a u.s. marine jailed in mexico waiting for his day in court. but given the country's troubled legal system there, will he get a fair trial and is there anything that the u.s. can do to try to help matters? our legal panel weighs in on that. plus just a few more weeks until brazil opens the doors for the
12:25 pm
world cup. about are they ready? the latest on the security system coming up next. and we head to the nation's capital to look at the services honoring some of america's heroes on this day. >> thank you so much for dropping by.
12:26 pm
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it is the bottom of the hour now. time for the top of the news. according to the associated press, the suspect in the deadly southern california drive by shooting is named elliott roger. looking at video of his bmw that was used in this massive shooting, it is now of course police evidence. he is the son of a hollywood director peter roger who worked on the film the hunger games. an attorney for the director said the family does believe that their son elliott is responsible for killing the six
12:30 pm
people who died before turning the gun on himself. and in belgium, a shooting at the jewish museum in brussels leaving three pem dead and one other -- people dead and injuring one other. the suspect opened fire and quickly left the scene. officials have a lead on a suspect. and brazil is wrapping up security ahead of the world cup. the defense ministry mobilizing 150,000 soldiers and police officers. the world cup will start next month. we've been following a story quite closely, the fate of a jailed u.s. marine is now in the hands of a mexican judge. the sergeant has been sitting in a mexican jail since march 31st, almost three months. after mexican authorities said they discovered three weapons in his truck after he was trying to
12:31 pm
make a u-turn but accidentally in mexico. listen to the phone call. >> i'm not sure. >> is it u.s. or mexican authorities? >> so they have a right to take my gun. >> it is illegal to travel to mexico with a gun. >> okay. >> we have our news analyst and lisa a prosecutor. so he goes to court on wednesday, he's been there for three months. will he get out on wednesday? >> probably not. because it is a judge versus a jury so it is a slow process. we don't even have all of the evidence here. but you played the 911 call, and if i were defending him, that would be my number one exhibit a saying, wait a second, this guy knew he made a mistake, he was
12:32 pm
calling 911 and he didn't know what to do and he tried to turn around and he made a mistake and it was an accident and inadvertent, he should not be punished for that. >> will that sway the mexican authorities? >> they won't even hear that, they have a date set in june to hear the 911 call. the system there is slow and the judge will take part in collecting the evidence. and so if he doesn't get out this week, it will be a while. >> why can't the white house put some pressure on this? >> can address that. remember the jon hammer case. >> yeah. >> kind of the same things, he said it was a mistake because he was registered with the guns here in the u.s. with pressure from the white house administration and from fox news and other networks, he was out. the man did nothing wrong except make a mistake and a mistake is
12:33 pm
easy to make when you are talking about the difference between the laws in mexico and the united states. >> you are looking at jon hammer right now. he was in for four months and he got out after four months, just a month left to go. a judge released hammer, alex, why can't the judge say he made a wrong turn and get him out. >> the judge can. and he can do that on wednesday. but what will cause that is behind the scenes negotiation, pressure saying this is not something you want a to be a part of and he didn't do the wrong thing and let him out. >> there are things call prosecutorial discretion and judicial discretion, whether to abandon the case. and the judge should say he made a mistake and the 911 call is all you need, exhibits a-does,
12:34 pm
he made a mistake and let him out. >> have you seen what the sign looked like when he apparently made his wrong u-turn. look at the left. you hardly see a thing. and look at what -- oh, gee, whiz, look what it is there now. a sign -- a little dingy sign on the left. why can't his attorney say, look, judge, he can't responsible. let him out. >> and don't forget, he was registered for those guns in the united states. he did nothing wrong here. >> but they may say that doesn't count, we're in mexico. >> but then exhibit b and c and d is the sign there that he tries. and the minute he knew he had done something wrong he called 911. that is not a guilty man. that is a man trying to rectify an accident. >> alex, if you were defending him, what would you do and what do you think will happen? >> the response has been, we want to get the truth out there that will happen and we'll have
12:35 pm
people that will talk to him that night, he was trying to go to a mexican restaurant. he told immediately the guys at the border, i'm not supposed to be here and how do i get back. and any evidence admitted in this case will all point in the same direction, that he wasn't supposed to be there and not trying to be there. >> this was not a man trying to get away with a crime. this is a man who happened into something, accidentally and he should be let go. and the fact he's been in prison this long when you have child rapists in for three days and this guy is in there for three months. come on. >> why would he be in there for three months like jon hammer was there for four months. >> because of the difference between the mexican and the u.s. you have to put pressure, whether it is news media, us talking about it or behind the scenes, because otherwise one judge could keep him in there for ever, which is the wrong thing to do. >> thank you so much. we know a lot of americans on
12:36 pm
this memorial day weekend are pulling for him. >> get him out. >> get him out. >> it's time. >> arthel. >> indeed. well pope francis wrapping up the first day of his three day holly tour, meeting with the leaders of jordan today and sitting down with syrian refugees before departing for the second leg to israel tomorrow. leland vittert in jardon with more. >> reporter: hi, arthel. the pope has had a packed day. his first day here in aman, jardon, received a rock star-like welcome at the airport. bringing two messages, one about being peace in this region and the other about religious tolerance. we hit the streets in aman to find out why that is important, especially in jardon. >> speaking to christians and refugees from a rock in syria,
12:37 pm
pope francis brought a sense of peace in a region with anything but. there is a cleric and rabbi to express unit and cooperation between the faith. while 90 plus percent of jordan, many say this is a example of what a toler about middle east country should be. look at the posters all over the capital. pope francis with king abdullah translating together we make peace. it is a came by the jordanian government to transform the image of a back water middle east to a vibrant, modern society and most importantly a popular, western-friendly tourist location. >> we need more tourists in jordan because if people come, it means we won't have any problem in jordan and we hope many tourist people will come to
12:38 pm
joerdan. >> there are certainly high hopes and expectations for the pope's visit. on the flight in he seemed relaxed yet mindful of what he called the challenges ahead. >> going forward tomorrow, the hope heads to bethlehem where he will have a mass there and nen on -- then on monday he heads to jerusalem. back to you. >> thank you very much for the report. and also go ago head tomorrow, the vote in ukraine. the authorities there are pressing ahead with the presidential elections. but there are problems. deadly violence and the pro-russian separatists are saying they won't recognize the vote. cars are driven by people. they're why we innovate. they're who we protect. they're why we make life less complicated. it's about people.
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12:43 pm
announcing just that. it occurred just moments ago. a statement under secretary shinseki is directing v.a. officials to personally review the processes to ensure, in his words, the agency is doing everything possible to schedule veterans patients for their appointments. the statement said the facilities are enhancing the clinic care and if the capacity cannot be increased, they will direct patients to go to private facilities, non-v.a. facilities. this is one of the first steps taken by the veterans administration in response to the growing scandal that has sickened so many of us americans in dealing with the v.a. health care system and the way some of our vets have allegedly been treated. againy, the v.a. taking action to make sure the vets get more timely care and directing the potentials to look -- the officials to make sure that gets
12:44 pm
done. >> very good. officials in ukraine preparing polling places for the landmark presidential elections taking place tomorrow. but sources telling fox news that many are questioning whether the vote will even take place at all. and now this as pro-russian separatists seize control of buildings in eastern ukraine and gunman attempt to impose their authority on two self-proclaimed republics. joining me, mark dube. thank you for join me. and greg palkot is reporting there might not be any voting in donetsk tomorrow, home to about a million people there. the ukraine government allowing people to vote in other districts. so mark, do you believe the election will take place at all in other parts of the country and talk about the fallout if they do take place or if they
12:45 pm
don't. >> reporter: well it is not clear the election will take place in eastern ukraine. the pro-russian insurgents are fanning the flames of violence and intimidating voters there. it is difficult to have a free and fair election in eastern ukraine and this is what putin wants. he wants a crisis and fan the flames of civil war and present himself as the only guarantor of stability. it is very much taken from putin's playbook and it is very concerning. >> although he wants the world to believe he is for the choice of the ukrainian people, and his -- and his hand is not in that cookie jar, but this interference has putin's fingerprints all over it. is this legal? >> reporter: arthel, it is certainly not legal and certainly something that has to be countered by the united states because putin has got russian special forces working with pro-russian insurgents and tens of thousands of troops
12:46 pm
sitting on ukraine's border. this is clear naked intimidation and exactly the message putin is trying to send to europe and to washington, that he is the major domo of power politics and things will not happen without his blessing. >> but why, mark, did it get down to the wire. everybody saw this coming. who should have stepped in to prevent this and what should they have done? >> reporter: this is another example of the absence of u.s. leadership. the obama administration wants to lead international crises from behind. they've been relying on european forces to come forward and assert them. the europeans are divided. some are hooked on russia cash. they will not move without u.s. leadership. and this is incumbent on washington and the obama administration to send a message to putin that we will not tolerate taking bites out of eastern and central europe. >> so apart from the tough
12:47 pm
sanctions brought down by the united states, what more should the obama administration do? >> reporter: arthel, there aren't any too much sanctions imposed on russia. we've imposed sanctions against certain individuals close to putin and a handful of small banks. but there are not top sanctions. more can be done. for example denying gas to russia, which is highly dependent to develop the energy sources. there is more that can be done economically and politically that we will not tolerate land grabs. >> and china and russia are doing business as usual, signing an agreement for a $400 billion natural gas exchange. >> reporter: that is exactly right. it is worth pointing out, for russia to honor the deal, they'll have to do some serious drilling in siberia and depend on the western technology to get that natural gas out of the ground. >> maybe that is where we step
12:48 pm
in. >> absolutely. i think russia has an economic achilles heel in its source of power. i would say something about this russia-chinese deal, it is an example of grievances is forming against the u.s.-led government. and it is russia that led china against the u.s. in 1970 and now they are brought together in a coalition against the u.s. >> that begs the follow up but i'm against a hard out here. so mark, i'll leave it there. thank you so much. and we'll be right back. >> thanks so much. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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12:53 pm
>> there's a place on manhattan's east side where i walk every day, often lingering to read the plaque on a building just up from a very hip starbucks. it reads, nathan hale, legendary 21-year-old hero of the revolutionary war was hanged as an american spy on sunday, september 22nd, 1776. probably within 100 yards of here. frankly, there's a brief instinct to look around for a ghost, to imagine that brutal moment of our revolutionary past, so memorable was captain hale's death, at least three other locations claim to be the site of the hanging, including the yale club in midtown. but british diaries say it was indeed right there on a windy rise in my neighborhood that this extraordinary man faced his executioners. just before he wore the noose, captain hale simply said he
12:54 pm
regretted not having more than one life to lose for his country. that thought alone has carried his name into the ranks of unashamed patriot. the story of nathan hale is not a required study in most schools today. he's just another of history's boring white guys, not cynical enough for today's america. too bad. as he was one of those men who make history worth a second look. blond and blue-quied, he grew up in coventry, connecticut, the son of a farmer. he graduated from yale and left a job teaching school to join up with the cause. by spring of 1776, the war had taken a nasty turn for the rebels. having won the battle of long island, british forces readied their troops for the invasion of new york. general washington called for intelligence, someone who could find out the locations of the british landing. captain hale volunteered and
12:55 pm
disguised as a dutchman penetrated enemy lines. eventually he was discovered and marked for death. eyewitnesses have written on captain hale's courage and calm demeanor as he approached the gallows. he didn't shrink or offer to change sides. his cause was worth dying for. since the revolution, our american forces carry on this tradition of duty and country, the courage and fidelity to an idea, wars in iraq, afghanistan and the unknown places have given and taken our best. in 1945, after world war ii, 169 years after hale's execution, general george patton reminded us of how we should regard hale's death and that of all who went to war for this country. he says, it is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died,
12:56 pm
rather, we should thank god that such men lived. have a thankful memorial day. that does it for us. >> have a very safe memorial day weekend. >> "a healthy you & carol alt" is up next. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips.
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