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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 24, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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[ applause ] that's it for tonight. this is mike huckabee. from new york, good night and god bless. and stay tuned for "justice" with judge jeanine. tonight. >> fasten your seat belts, dennis miller or vladimir putin, new jersey governor christie. >> i start wearing an orange cone on my head like i was the lead >> i would start wearing an orange traffic cone on my head like i was a lead singer for devo. ♪ whip it, whip it good >> jesse waters tries to find out what people think about the state of our country. >> they have communism and we have what? >> stresses. >> stress? >> yeah, we have stress. we have a lot of stress. >> he's the vice president! joe biden. yes!
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>> it's watters world meets miller time. >> caution. you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. . thanks for watin hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of s"the factor." watters world meets miller time. the next hour will be very provocative, entertaining and at times a bit over the top. we begin with the d-man. so you believe that barack obama wants to diminish the power of america? >> well, billy, every night i hear you saying he's too smart, he must have a play. he doesn't have a play bit, billy. he doesn't have a play, man. this isn't a jujitsu thing. this is the way he sees the thing. our only hope in the future is russia and china both go after the same piece of meat like
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crimea and wipe each other out. maybe we come to the number one position. i'm just thankful he keeps biden out of it, because if he plugs mckenzie over there, we could all get vaporized. so i'm just happy. and putin next year is going to be on "dancing with the stars." listen, at this point, putin is in obama's head. it's like that dennis weaver film called "dual" where he is just driving around, he looks behind him and the putin car is there. we're just going to run a little faster. that's the way it is. >> do you like merkle in germany? >> i like putin's chest better than merkel's. the hun? i don't know. either at your throat or your feet. they got a bad track record. they can't jump into a war again unless somebody is bungee jumping off a building in
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berlin. they can't go back in. >> they could help out a little bit, you know? and then we got oland in france. he may be selling putin some carriers. >> well, if holan wants to scare the living hell out of putin, have him wake up in bed like gerard depardieu in "the godfather." >> depardieu moved to moscow or did something over there. >> he ate moscow. >> pot. you know, we're worried about the kids having a message sent to them that this is okay. >> when you've got a president who was in something called the chune gang? the smoke is out of the bong on this one, billy. when you take 112 weeks of unemployment and you mix in health care on your parents until you're 26, you have 50 million people on food stamps to
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buy munchies. throw in some of the other things you can get out there, this whole country is about to turn into "bill and ted's excellent adventure 3." >> excellent! >> and gthe guy who is going to tell us all about that is jay carney. get your grooming critique on it. >> billy, i say this. he's been acting as a beard for this president for five years, why not grow one, okay? at this point why don't you put a pe ddometer to measure him. that whole press room has turned into men staring at goats blaming other goats. >> new hampshire. there is a congresswoman up there named ann custer, and ann had a little -- that's right. get your jokes ready here, everyone.
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so ann custer has a town hall meeting and here's what happened. roll the tape. >> can you address benghazi? what are you going to do about benghazi? why isn't benghazi at the top of your issue? >> well, i'm certainly not here to talk about it. we're here to talk about the middle east. >> this is the middle east. benghazi is the middle east. >> she looks like -- billy, she looks as stupid as mo howard after he was hit with a ball peen hammer in the head. has anyone noticed our stupidest people no longer have a dunce cap on in the room? now the stupidest person has a gavel, for god's sakes. she has no idea when benghazi is. she thinks one of the three
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actors were benghazi in the movie "husbands." look at that glazed overlook in her eyes like it's a ban roll-on. who better to address a town hall than the village idiot? she makes patty murray look like marie curry and patty murray looks like the one who swallowed his brain while he slept. >> is that all? anything else in there? >> no. same stuff i used to tell a shrink for $400 an hour. now you pay me. the citizenship test. can you pass it? watters is next. [ female announcer ] skin looking tired?
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is younger looking skin. i've got a to-do list and five acres of fresh air. ♪ top three tools -- hammer, screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck. a john deere dealer can teach tractors to anybody. [ don ] in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could probably cure most of the world's problems. [ male announcer ] that's how we run, and nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or watters world the citizenship test edition. as you know, in order to this is the citizenship test
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edition. as you know, in order to become an american citizen, foreign nationals have to take a history test. they have to know something about america and answer six out of ten questions correctly. we sent watters to philadelphia, the cradle of liberty, to give the test to some americans. >> now, let me ask you a few questions here. 13 stripes on the american flag. what do those represent? >> 13 colonies. >> oh, god, i'm going to be awful at this stuff. >> you know this. >> do i? >> freedom, everything. like, being free and being happy. getting what you want. >> that's what the stripes represent? >> to me they do. >> surely you can't be serious. >> i don't know. >> 13 colonies. >> for the first 13 colonies? >> nailed it. the economic model here in the united states of america, what is that?
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>> i'm honestly not too sure about that. >> to me i'm not a brainiac or anything. >> you're not? >> no. >> the money? everybody knows that. >> cuba has communism and we have what? >> stresses. >> stress? >> yeah, we have stress. we have a lot of stress. >> we're capitalism. we have some socialism aspects of our economy. >> unfortunately -- >> is this fox news? >> i'm just kidding around. >> i'm just being humorous. how many senators are there in the u.s. senate. you know this. >> ten. >> 300-something? >> there's about 25 or more. >> how many senators are there in the united states. >> i'm not even going there. i'm so bad at this stuff. >> 52? >> more. >> 60? >> more. >> 70? >> more. >> 80? >> more.
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>> 100. >> yes! they taught you this in school? >> i'm so far out of school. >> 50 states? >> less than 100. >> whof was the president durin world war ii. jfk? >> close. >> farm dragon? >> it wasn't reagan. >> it was not reagan. >> it had to be nixon, i think. i don't know. >> i actually know that one. >> let's go, all right! >> i can't remember his name. >> oh, my god. george washington? >> we're going to have to deport you. >> that's fine. >> roosevelt. >> my goodness. who was president of the united states during world war ii? >> franklin d. roosevelt, baby. yes! >> do you vote? >> i haven't voted in a couple years because i've had my own emotional thoughts about it. >> when you have voted for the
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president, what month do you vote? >> i think it was around spring. >> september? >> october? >> november. >> have you ever watched the o'reilly show on fox news? >> i've heard of it. >> my roommate watches it. >> i'm into the paranormal. >> i see dead people. >> ever heard of waterers wortw? >> no. i'm watters and this is my world out here. >> it was kind of grim, huh? >> it was pathetic. from phillies that really hurt. >> you asked how many snopeople? >> 12 people. >> 12 people got the quiz. how many passed? >> three. >> three people passed. >> and then 25 here in philly passed the hardest question of
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how many senators. only two people got that right. the easiest question was stripes on the flag, 13 colonies. >> i thought fdr in world war ii would be the one. >> only half got that right. >> looks phorfo phorid -- idiots for dumb people. do you just pick people you see -- >> on this shoot, i talked to 12 people and put 11 people in the package. i don't think these people looked dumb. >> when you said, i'm going to get this person and try to get them on the air, is there any criteria -- >> let's be honest, if somebody has a piercing, purple hair, looks like a supermodel, they're going to be in watters world. >> the black guy in the cap -- >> he knew five for five. i've been to harvard, i've been
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to columbia. there is a lot of dumb people out there -- >> you should have gone to harvard for that one. >> it's true. not everybody is informed. no one knows where he's going next except me. when we come back, it will be miller time. >> let's take it over to zeke for a second. he's somehow a salesman and manages to make willy loman look like ron papiel. you could take a ride at disney in that spittle, for christ's sake. when you sat down to dinner with anticipation, not hesitation.
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thanks for staying with us on bill o'reilly and the miller time tonight. let's get to sage in southern california who joins us now from
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southern california. the hair looks good, miller. you don't have to worry about the hair. it's a little disheveled, but that's the way it is these days. >> i feel like farrah. >> come on. >> i'm very interested in hearing your advice to chris christ christie, so go. >> i would encourage the governor to be counter-intuitive. they're never going to get off your back on this thing, so if you weigh 350 pounds, why not throw your weight around. if i was him, i would say listen, if you don't shut up about this, i'm going to park my ass in lane 1 and 2 on the gwb again. i'd start wearing an orange traffic cone on my head like i was a lead singer for devo. ♪ whip it, whip it good >> but they're never going to get off his back on this, so you might as well play hardball.
10:20 pm
at least people on the right would say, all right, my man is ready to throw on through. let's nominate him. >> let's get right to the sage of southern california. he joins us from santa barbara where the temperature is 55 degrees, a catastrophe in that area. miller, it was 90 degrees in that area. what say you? >> it gets cold once am a whiin. i like what you say about the green packer fans. it's weather. billy, i have to say, apropos of the weather, the great larry mann died yesterday. 91 years old. he was the voice of yukon cornelius in my favorite christmas special "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer." >> the name is yukon cornelius, the greatest prospector in the
10:21 pm
north. >> it was apropos he would die in a winter like this, and in commemoration of larry, i think next week we should bounce all bumbles at half mast. >> didn't i tell you, bumbles bounce! >> you're the only one i know who would eulogize larry mast. public polling, ppp. i'm going to read the questions. lee harvey os wald acted alone in killing president kennedy or was there a larger conspiracy? there was a couple things i couldn't answer so i would probably put myself in the not sure here because there are a couple things after years i still can't answer about that assassination. >> i think he shot lincoln, i think he shot garfield, i think he shot mckinley -- >> he would be too old. he couldn't do that.
10:22 pm
>> i think he gave zachary taylor gas tro entsgastroenterie shot ewing. >> we're going to put you in the not sure category. do you believe that shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by gaining human form and manipulating our societies or not? >> the president never said you were going to have unlimited choice of any doctor in the country you wanted to go to. >> no. he asked a question. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. did he not say that, sir? >> yes. but look, if you want to pay more for an insurance company that covers your doctor, you can do that. >> what do you say about that is this. >> as for ie ezequiel manuel.
10:23 pm
i like ari. he's funny, he's smart, he gets it, he plays rough in show business which i like, but i tell you this, if he had developed a script called the obamacare rollout and a writer named ezequiel showed up. and he managed to make willy loman look like ron propiel. and he's got quite a saliva run there. you could take a ride at disney in that spittle, for christ's sake. i know where they put the keystone pipeline, right back here in his jaw. suffering succotash. at least he's preaching the b.s. he's trying to get me to swallow. when you're an architect for the
10:24 pm
house of cards, you go down in the records for the architect who built the tacoma bridge. i requested some footage. the great walter lance first provided this when i watched woody woodpecker as a kid. there is obamacare right there if it was a bridge. and i'm going to continue to call it obamacare, although they call it the affordable health care act now. i'll change calling it obamacare when the president changes his name legally to barack affordable. where is the disappointment, for gosh sakes? why do you scold us? the website is a sieve. lastly, the name ezequiel has a lot of religious connotations to it. i went back and researched. there are three major profits in the old testament. there is isaiah, as in thomas, who ruined the new york knicks.
10:25 pm
there is jeremiah, who ruined that church in chicago, and now there's ezequiel, as in manuel, who ruined obamacare. >> did you memorize all that? >> what do you expect, i'm on the oe rih rile'reilly factor. >> earth day and you, moments away. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool?
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this is a fox news alert. i'm marianne rafferty in new york. this video just in showing the moment the suspect opened fire at a deli. you can see people ducking. one person died but this camera angle doesn't show that. there were other crime scenes where the suspect stabbed and shot his victims, killing a total of six people and injuring around a dozen others. he's 22-year-old elliott rodger. he's the son of peter rodger, a director who has worked on "the hunger games." local authorities say it appears he shot and killed himself. before the rampage, rodger had posted videos on line talking about suicide and killing people. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to the o'reilly
10:30 pm
special. watters world. last week the world celebrated earth day. although some missed it, there were some events around the country. so we sent watters to one in lower manhattan. >> happy earth day. >> happy earth day. it's the best day of the year. >> that's great! >> what country do you think is the biggest polluter? >> probably us. >> i'm going to say us. >> why? >> have you been to detroit? >> some of us got their own idea around here. >> which country do you think is the biggest polluter? >> i don't know that. you're asking me nonsense, kid. >> what are you so mad about? >> i would say south america. >> south america is not a country. >> thailand. >> china. >> china. because the coal they use right now in their production. >> don't be an idiot.
10:31 pm
>> shut up! >> don't be a moron. >> what is global warming? >> i don't really know what it is, but i just believe in global warming. >> people say the earth is getting warmer. >> why they saying that? >> over the last 15 years, how much has the earth's temperature increased? >> who the heck knows. global warming is not caused by mother nature. it's called by god bringing judgment, okay? >> how much do you think the earth has warmed over the last 15 years? >> 35. >> 3.75 degrees. >> 15 degrees. >> 100-something degrees. >> i would cook you right here on the sidewalk. >> 1? >>.11. >> i thought there was global warming. what happened? >> cat got your tongue or did he eat that for breakfast, too? >> you okay? >> i think i found it.
10:32 pm
>> stranger danger! stranger danger! >> what is worse for the environment, cars or cows? >> i'm going to say cars but in a weird way, i feel like it's the cows. >> cars. >> cars. >> cows. can you believe that? >> no, i can't. >> it's true. the u.n. says so. do you believe the u.n.? >> yeah. i feel like it's a give and take. we get to eat them but you can't eat a car. >> cows because they fart. >> i'm feeling extreme relaxation. >> how do you personally help the environment? >> i recycle. i drive a really efficient car. >> i don't litter. >> that's very green of you. you're like al gore. >> who is al gore? >> he was like the vice president. the green guy. >> i'm wearing my magic crystals. i love the earth. >> can you heal me with those crystals? >> i can.
10:33 pm
this is the amethyst. feel it, soak it in. >> i grow plants. >> what kind of vegetables do you have? >> i have tomatoes. >> pretty big tomatoes? >> pretty big tomatoes. >> juicy? can i try one of your tomatoes sometime? >> if you come over. ♪ dream weaver >> i'm a wacky chicken but i believe in love. >> can you give bill some advice on how to be a green guy? >> i just want to invite bill to take a few moments to tap right in here. >> tap in, bill. what do you think he should do to help the environment? >> buy lots of beef. >> where's the beef? >> use solar panels. >> tell people to recycle. >> do you ever watch watters' world? >> no,i don't. >> i'm watters, and you're my world right now. >> fabulous. i'm so happy to be here. >> i'm not buying that. >> i'm not buying it, either. he's watters. first question, china is the
10:34 pm
world's biggest polluter. >> then india, japan, russia. >> i'm surprised about japan. >> they're big. they're number 5. >> they kill all the dolphins and sharks, too. >> they're not very friendly. >> and russia. >> russia is a big polluter. >> where are we on that pollution list? >> we're at number 2. i think china is about 10 billion metric tons, and we're second. we're about half of china so they're still blowing us out of the water. >> but we have to get better. >> yeah, we do. >> on the global temperature rise, you had it on a screen, it's almost flat in the first five years. >> it's basically zero. over the last 100 years, it's only about 1% increase, but miller has a great line about this. he said about 300 years ago the guys who were using leaches and rubbing sticks together, do you trust those guys to give you an accurate temperature reading? >> but all the polar bears are sweating up there in
10:35 pm
newfoundland. and the biggest polluter, a car or a cow, and the cow because of the flatulence. >> the methane is 20 times worse than the car. watters' world on deck. jesse goes to the sunshine state of utah and causes mayhem. >> what do you believe is the number one problem in america right now? >> oh, geez. this is what you're going to ask me? >> are you disappointed in president obama? >> no, i'm disappointed in bill o'reil o'reilly.
10:36 pm
we are volvo of sweden.
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cascade. beyond clean and shine every time. "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable show running. a lot of times we illuminate things that perplex us. and so it is that we wanted to know if hollywood is disappointed with president obama. so we sent watters to the sundance film festival to find out. >> so john, what are you doing here? >> i'm trying to enjoy the film festival. what do you think? >> are you acting right now or is this reality? >> that is the stupidest
10:40 pm
question. >> shut up! >> you're getting pretty famous now. >> no, not really. >> you're getting there. >> i think you think i'm john helena, and i'm not. >> what do you think is the most important problem in america right now? >> oh, geez. come on. this is what you're going to ask me? >> the biggest problem? wealth and equality. >> the one that's most personal to me is global warming. >> i can't feel my toes right now. >> this is not a perfect example of global warming. >> i like warm hugs. >> in 2014, the red and the blue is literally split down the middle. >> i think that the disparity between the rich and the poor continues. >> so instead of taking the really wealthy and then shrinking them down to the size of the core, maybe we should lift the core up instead. >> how confused everybody must be. >> are you disappointed in president obama at all? >> no. >> why not? >> i'm disappointed in bill
10:41 pm
o'reilly. >> i think he will go down as without a doubt having cleaned up jimmy carter being the worst president ever. >> i know it's not perfect, but jesus, we got to start somewhere. >> with all the record employment and benghazi scandal -- >> the benghazi scandal. you and i agree that that's b.s. now, right? >> why is that b.s.? an american ambassador was assassinated and there was no protection for him. >> what was the scandal? >> that there was no protection for him, he was never rescued. >> who is cutting the protecting? who is cutting the budget? >> who did? >> the republicans. >> because you got seven intelligence committees to determine that the cuts had nothing to do with the protection. >> i want hillary. >> big hillary fan? >> big hillary fan. >> well, fricking god! >> big fan, by any chance?
10:42 pm
no? okay. i'm just wondering if you feel let down by the president. >> please answer the question. >> he's a guy who means to do the right thing. he has to pick his battles but his heart is in the right place. he's want a schemer, he's not devious. >> now, whoever told you that? >> are you worried about him reading your e-mails or listening to your phone calls? >> i'm not. >> dude, it's not funny, dude. >> bill o'reilly says hello, by the way. >> get out of here. >> great fan of bill. i collect all his books. >> he worked with us. i remember o'reilly when he was a cub reporter at abc. >> what was bill like back in the day? do you ever watch "the o'reilly factor". >> no. >> you seem like a big fan.
10:43 pm
that surprises me. >> he's trained to fly. >> that guy is screwier than you are. >> i'm a huge factor fan. i love bill o'reilly. >> you're the nicest guy in the world. >> the first time i met him he goes, yeah, you're good. >> thanks for the vote of confidence. >> here now is watters. were they happy to see you generally speaking? >> no. i actually got admonished by the brass in sundance because i asked mark ruffalo about benghazi and they said, you can't ask people about that, you have to ask people about their movies. >> ruffalo looks like he's at least a thinker. >> he just ran away. >> i would, too, watters. if i saw you, i would bolt. >> a lot of guys ran away, though. >> let's explain. the sundance film festival is a robert redford thing, right? and it's independent movies that hollywood goes there and they try to sell those movies to get
10:44 pm
them into the theaters, right? >> they have big guys who buy them and then distribute them. so they're competing to see who has the most buzz and the most hollywood film, but all the celebrities come and snatch up as much free stuff as they can. >> did you get any free stuff? >> i got nothing. i got a steak dinner, that's about it. >> so the celebrities are there and they're brought in by the movie companies and they're sent out to shmooze. so you can understand when you show up asking about benghazi. >> no, they wanted nothing to do with me. >> was deniro cooperative? >> he could have killed me with his eyes. i just didn't ask any follow-up questions, because i was intimidated. >> he's a slow talker. you can't get him on live. but all these people aside from wayne newton, they're all liberal people, right? >> i think romney actually showed up and he got a little applause when he went in
10:45 pm
there -- >> you didn't see romney, though? >> i tried to rsvp and get invited, but they denied me. >> romney people denied you? >> can you believe that? >> jesse wat causing trouble. more from the d-man coming up. >> i'm not politically correct, billy. i'm off the reservation. this whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket. a bike that honored those who serve our country. and geico gave me that opportunity. now naturally, we wanted it to be powerful, innovative and we built this bike as a tribute to those who are serving, those who have served and their families. and i think we nailed it. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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miller time seeing want time wlikeo pl like to replay so i'd like to replay some of the most irresponsible, irrelevant and irritating stuff that sage in california has to offer. roll the tape. >> the mayor of toronto just said this. go! >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years?
10:49 pm
>> yes, i have. >> and the reason he took so long to answer is he smoked so much pot he forgot. >> listen, if this guy does need to be treated for crack addiction, trust me. he's coming down to participate what's left in our health care because he's not getting tup there. he goes in there, they think he's chris farley doing a character. ♪ that guy in a little coat >> if he's hired to do a remake of "three amigos" together, he'll be on crack. >> i was going to book the show into toronto, but i don't think it's a good idea now. you know what i'm talking about? >> i'm not politically correct, billy. i'm off the reservation. this whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket. if i'm perceived as a problem because i'm candid, so be it. >> what about this miley cyrus person? lots of people were offended by
10:50 pm
her performance on tv the other night. were you? >> first off, i want to see carville and aplo with those little horns on their head she had on. miley, i and most of america are now officially bored. we are bored with people likeced to shock us square. you're insipid because you don't have an act. that foam finger you use is going to last longer on the landfill than your career. and i hope you got some tucked away. if i was robin thicke, i would fire my people. he's got the hottest song in america and the kid can actually sing. ♪ >> all of a sudden he's in gull ver's travels on spanish fly. >> i can lick anybody my size. >> but i will say this.
10:51 pm
i got a good look at that tongue and the coloration was bad. that was the same palette that picasso used. i had a long look at it because it was constantly unfurled like the hose bruce willis used to go between floors on "diehard." >> there's a lot to digest in that. >> that's what i think, billy. >> i want to recommend miller that he get one of those suits. >> you and i come out in nerus and medallions. >> now, you an angler, you a fisherman, miller? you throw that line out there once in a while? >> i've been known to work an angle, yes.
10:52 pm
>> and apparently putin went to siberia and caught a pike that weighs 46 pounds. >> billy, the model is partly obscured here. did you just put up another anthony weiner photo? >> no. >> there was no time for small thoughts? >> that was putin. >> that scared the living hell out of me. i thought, this is getting really weird. that's beyond limit. you can't keep that. >> he got it, but here's the controversy. fishermen tell me putin is fudging it here. >> i love putin because he wears camel out on the lake and waders when he's inside the force. i don't know what that's about. he's the most interesting man in the world. >> stay thirsty, my friends. >> at least he put on a shirt after he caught the fish. >> that is a solid cup. >> you want me to wear a bra? >> no, a bra is for ladies. meet the bro. >> and the problem is you can't -- russians can't tell putin that he's fudging the fish or they'll throw him in jail
10:53 pm
with those girls. >> the world's gone insane! you know what, putin ought to solve their fiscal problems and come out with a double d cup and a month calendar. >> jesse going to a miley cyrus concert. do i have to say any more? right back with it. ♪ oh-oh, oh, oh, la, la-la, la-la, la-la ♪
10:54 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, watters' world, how young people see their country part watters' world, how young people see their country part 4. last week miley cyrus gave a concert in east rutherford, new jersey, so we sent watters over there armed with four pictures of famous people. here's what happened. >> miley cyrus. big fan? >> very big. >> what do you expect to see in
10:56 pm
there? >> something insane. >> are you going to behave yourself? >> yeah, i say so. >> i don't believe that for a minute. >> okay, you shouldn't. >> i'm going to hold up some photographs of famous people. just tell me your opinion. >> old. i don't even know who that is. >> boring. >> republican or democrat? >> republican. >> he's a democrat. the president of the united states of america. >> he's the vice president, joe biden? >> why are you yelling at me. >> what do you think biden does all day? >> nothing. probably vibes in his office. >> he vibes? >> probably doesn't do much. >> joe? >> what are you wearing? khaki khakis. >> who is that guy? >> he's on the late night show, isn't he? i know his face but not his name. does that make it better than the last one. >> nice tie, nice hair, nice tan. >> have a sense of pride, huh?
10:57 pm
>> al gore. the one and only. >> his name is john -- >> john f. kennedy. >> excuse me? >> mccain? >> not john mccain. >> john kerry? >> what is john kerry's job? >> was i wrong about the talk show host thing? >> yeah. and he's the secretary of state right now. what do you think he's up to? >> doing stuff for the state. >> which state? >> new jersey. >> she must be a genius. >> do you know who this is? he's been in the news recently. >> i don't watch the news. >> i could tell. >> albert einstein? >> albert einstein is dead and has very long hair. >> thank you. >> this is the president of russia. >> irrelevant. >> irrelevant? maybe not if you're ukranian. vladimir -- >> vladimir something. >> vladimir? >> slavink. >> the russian. he's trying to bomb the ukraine. >> vladimir putin. >> excellent. any advice for vladimir putin?
10:58 pm
>> bad guy. >> bad guy? >> it's pronounced bad g. it's french. >> are you afraid of him? >> no! this is america! >> last one. this is an easy one. >> katy perry. >> katy perry. >> which do you like better, katy perry or miley cyrus? >> miley cyrus. >> do you ever watch "the o'reilly factor" on fox news? >> yeah. >> are you lying? >> yeah. >> everybody came up and said they were big fans of you and we felt bad. >> whatever miley does i plan on mimicking. so if she does a hot dog or anything, i'm going to try. >> okay. easy on the mustard. >> how did they get money to buy
10:59 pm
the tickets s? that's what i want to know. >> my ticket was expensive. it was $250. >> miley isn't giving anything away. do these girls work? do they have jobs? are they students? >> one was a male nurse and another one was going to fashion school. >> fashion school. >> i don't know if they have their sights set super high. some were in school, some were not. >> you noticed before the segment ran that he was surprised they knew so little. >> i hate to admit when you're right, you were right. you said when we went there that no one was going to know these people. i said, no, this is too easy. everyone is going to get this. no one knew. >> i know the culture. i used to be a teacher. i can spot 'em. >> i want to interview the teachers now. >> i would have loved to see how many miley cyrus would have gotten. >> she might have gotten katy perry. >> i think you're under drs
11:00 pm
estima -- underestimating her. >> didn't she kiss her or something? thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. hi, i'm william devane. this is my show, "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." how bad did sean penn want to get home to watch the "dancing with the stars" finale. w45* it means to be a super fan. and what was joe biden's reaction when the president asked him what his favorite hot pocket is? >> no one ever asked me that question, and it made me sad. what a pro found question. >> and finally what is more adorable, a slow loris eating a grape or a baby sloth drinking milk? our panel settles it once and for all next. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guests. she is


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