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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 26, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> on the after the show show ♪ from the mountains to the prairie ♪ ♪ to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ >> retribution after years of isolation. that's what investigators say was behind elliot rodger's plan. he out lined how he would kill three people in his apartment and then went on a rampage. he killed three for moment and a student who was picking up food in a deli before shooting and injuring 13 others. >> manic striking that beach
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town near u.c. santa barbara before police sound the shooter with a fatal gunshot wound to his head. i feel that the boy who did that is completely insane. i wouldn't call him crazy. he was a very angry person. >> i winde -- i ended up seeingy on the ground. >> reporter: the parents sought help for this young man. they realized something was wrong. what were the signs he was heading down this unbelievable path? >> reporter: the people in isla vista was described as a person who would push people away, even though there were
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attempt to befriend him. one of his neighbors described o a fight it became clear from the conversation they had hat elliot had his problems centered around issues with women. >> he got jumped at a party. he came on to a girl. guys didn't like it and he pretty much got the [bleep] kicked out of him because of it. i talked with him for three hours. when he made those statements i didn't want to to go do anything stupid. >> reporter: police say elliot rodger provoked that argument himself. the neighbor said once he heard in terms of what roger rodjer f
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the shooting spree they weren't surprised at all. >> reporter: they did search his home about it atf? >> reporter: they kim out with a box of files. but both matter and mother's home 18 minutes down the road were both searched and materials were taken out. the parents received the emails manifesto and also aling to the video blog in which he announced he was about to go on the shooting spree. they rushed up here but they couldn't get here in time. one thing happening today, memorial day, the students are off today, but tomorrow the university of california santa
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barbara is holding a day of mourning for the student to heal. >> reporter: the father of one of the victims is speaking out about the shootings. one victim's father said he spoke to his song an hour before the shooting. >> he was the most warm, loving, kind hearted kid you could ask for. it's just -- you talk to people, they will tell you -- >> reporter: such a tough day for those families. more vigils are planned southern california to honor those victims. eric: police are investigating
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and homicide at a popular hotel in south carolina. police say that a suspect fired multiple shots at people involved in a fight. three people were killed. myrtle beach police aren't saying what detectives say is an exact motive for the shooting but they say it does not appear to be random. heather: in the nation's capital the national memorial day parade will kick off to honor those to made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. hi, peter. >> reporter: everything starts right here at the corner of 7th and constitution across the street from the national archives. a veteran of of american
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conflict from world war ii to the war on terror will pass by this spot. lieutenant colonel richard echol is the grant marshal and he's one of the pilots from the famous doolittle raid. organizers i learning his amazing story is the point. >> you see young people enjoying it, getting a better idea what our military is all about. >> reporter: members of every single military branch are going to march today. it goes up 10 blocks just past the white house are shortly president obama is going to host
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some gold star families for a private breakfast. who is joining today? >> reporter: it will be loud today. there are going to be 30 high school marching bands today from all across the country, california, maine, gary sinise will be here and organizers think this will be one of the biggest memorial day events across the countries. heather: peter, thank you so much. eric: let's take a live look at a ling on, national cemetery. it's the final resting place for so many of america's heroes. later on this morning president obama will be there, he will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. we will bring you that ceremony
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live when it happens. you can be sure to tune into war story stories "oliver north. heather: we have a fox news alert. there is a desperate search in colorado for three people who have been missing in a massive mud slade that took place over the weekend. the mountain of mud and rock stretches four miles long, two miles wide and 250 feet deep in many places in mesa county, colorado. it was most likely triggered by a lot of heavy rains and hail and all sorts of snow in that area. but emergency crews say they are still assessing the scene.
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we'll keep you posted as you get more. eric: pope francis is wrapping up his three-day pilgrimage to the holy land. israel and palestinian officials confirming they have accepted that invitation from the pope to visit the vatican to pray for peace next month. conor powell is live in our jerusalem bureau with more. the pontiff expressing this invitation. both officials going to the vatican city to his apartment to pray for peace june 6. >> reporter: pope francis made this trip about peace and bridging divides. he's trying to reach out to israelis and princisraeli -- ano
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bridge this conflict. he made a lot of news yesterday while calling the palestinian territories the west bank palestine, recognizing it as the state of palestine, saying the waig there is unacceptable. touring en route to bethlehem, he made a stop at the security wall. he pressed his head to the walt, closed his -- pressed his head to the wall. ache * how ar -- eric: how are the israelis responding? >> reporter: he went to the whose caught monument here.
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-- the holocaust monument and he paid a vis-a-vi -- he paid ao the father of modern zionism. he also stopped to pray for victims of terrorism. the pontiff is trying to recognize the pain and suavin ag of israelis and palestinians. there is a lot of problems and land mines during these discussions but he has been well received in the israeli and palestinian territories the last few days. eric: thanks so much. we'll wait to see when they meet in his apartment in vatican i. heather: businesses can pay a lot more than they thought they
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would. the irs says the employers will have to keep providing insurance. eric: a hiker falls hundreds of feet and land in a place that left number even more danger. eric: we'll take a look at whether the president of the united states is doing enough to clean up the mess in the va scandal. >> our members were waiting for more in the way of a plan of across rather than waiting for a report.
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heather: a major boost in the tips for the search for the owner oowner -- for the owner oe
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missing ferry. they say maintenance led to the disaster that led 300 people mission or dead and most them high school students. eric: secretary shinseki trying to relieve pressure on his department, allowing vets to get treatment in pry slat cling. secretary shinseki is facing more calls to step down. some are calling on secretary holder to step in and investigate. >> on the department of justice has the ability to do a prompt investigation of the secret
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waiting list and falsification of records. in effect the cooking of books and conu and coverup that may he occurred. eric: the inspector general is investigating. is that enough? >> it's a bipartisan call. you had senator blumenthal, a democrat call for the justice department to step in. i think the question is the urgency to solve the problem. obviously if there are criminal acts they need to be punished'. but what are they doing to solve the waitlist problem. people have already lost their lives. we don't want more people to lose their lives. reporter: do you think eric
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holder can be trusted to investigate this properly? >> he's the head of the doj, i know he has had problems with fast and furious and other rest gaitions that republicans didn't think he handled well. but the -- oj, there are democrats who want to get to the bottom of this. this is politically toxic. there is a political toxicity to this that i think they would like to get resolved. i think the -- oj stepping in teams like the right step to do. eric: how about a special prosecutor? >> i think the -- oj has to step in first and the investigations have to proceed from there. but if it look like there is stonewalling going on by the doj and the administration is not cooperating, but i don't think we are there yet. eric: who is to say they would
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cooperate in this? >> there is no question a special prosecutor is necessary in the irs scandal. i don't know we have reached that point with the va case. the immediate problem right now is we need to make sure that the problems are addressed so backlog gets addressed. then for the future reimagining what the va needs to be, and that may include cushions about privatization. >> there are concerns about that. why isn't something dong since now. 2007, the president announced the wait times-be reduced. 2008, 2009, in front of the veterans of foreign wars he promised to slash the wait times and it hasn't happened. >> he last week there was no sense of you areien i. he was trying to defend his
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records. there is a narrative about president obama, the no drama obama narrative. but sometimes you need drama to be effective. nobody ever said no drama steve jobs and great companies. eric. quoas he says president obama finally acted not with deeds but with words ... >> i was shocked last week about his address.
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it was covering up the scandal going on trying to paint himself as someone who has done great things for the va, which is beside the point. i like the idea of trying to get veterans, bayne consulting, major consulting firms, veterans to take a leave of absence to try to solve the immediate urgent problem going on in the va. >> we are out of time. thank you so much for this memorial day weekend and monday. america wants action. thank you. >> reporter: in the meantime the rising price tag of obamacare for a lot of company. we will tell you why the irs' new ruling could hit many companies with serious fines. eric: the benches clear and the
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eric: remember that? on this memorial day holiday the inventor of gi joe died. he was the head of research and development at hasbro toy company. it was the first action figure intended to honor veterans. gi joe went on to hit the stores
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in 1964. it went on to inspire iconic car noons and two -- cartoons and two hollywood movies. heather: there is a new setback in the efforts to keep down the cost of healthcare. the irs is barring american companies from you have aing their workers money to buy coverage in the individual coming market. they are being slapped with big fines if they try to shift employees into the marketplace. the irs issued this reg within the past month. how did this happen with no one knowing? >> how did the whole law happen with no one knowing? heather: people that read it would be different. but these are irs bureaucrats
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issuing this regulation and it blew under the radar. >> it's going to take a long time to figure out the law. this thing is a real mess. here is a big problem. what you are doing by slapping on these penalties is you are telling employers, hire less people and if you do that you don't have to give people health insurance. obamacare isn't subsidized medicine. what it is is subsidized insurance. if you hire less people, you have to provide less insurance. one of the crazy things is employers would pro ride people with $sort of subsidy to buy private insurance it would be non-taxable income. this is saying if you do this it's taxable income. '. you the employer and the employee will be taxed on it. it's one of the absurdities of
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obamacare. obamacare is the gift that keeps on giving. there is so much insanity we have endless tories. for employers and companies it's a disaster. >> reporter: this is a thumbs down for companies who were hoping to save some money by shifting them to the exchanges. if they are self insured or if they purchase insurance as a big block. >> reporter: not on that, it make it more difficult and more costly for employers to give a subjects dip to employees to buy outside inn. so what's the suing? hire less people. heather: i guess for the emmyeeses as least they don't get shift on the exchanges which a lot of people don't want to be
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put in that position. >> when you tart telling businesses you have to do comrk, y and z and pay this much money, that is not an incentive to keep hiring people. and we have a jobs problem. obamacare i going cost jobs. think is one more example of how it does that. heather: thanks for joining us on this memorial day. eric: president obama is standing by the embattled veterans affairs boss eric shinseki. >> i think general shinseki need to go. he's a great american but i don't think he many fit for this.
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heather: the va secretary eric shinseki coming under fire to step down from his post. but those defending him say the president need to show some support. >> while i think general shinseki has to go, i don't think he's fit for this. i haven't seen the outrage needed from him to know there were fake waiting lists to pad
6:34 am
the numbers. heather: of course we want to hold someone responsible for this. if season scheck -- if shinsekit solve the problem? >> it solves part of the problem. any veteran who doesn't get the help they need out of the veteran system they use the private system. it's considered to be one of the most entrenched bureaucracies. how do yo -- how do you innocene eye them. bring in somebody new like mad dog general mattis who is a marine. heather: if he does go, i wonder
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if folk say problem solved and it's the political appearance of a solution. >> i don't think just firing him has got to be enough. you have got to be willing to break the china to get the job done. there was a big passed to give the new -- whoever the $secretary of veterans affairs is the ability to penalize the mid-level bureaucrats who may be part of the problem. >> they should read the darn thing. what do you make of that? >> i think it's a bad time that the senate stepped up to this. does a senator want to stand in the way of our veterans getting adequate healthcare. finally, you know how you solve it fast? tell the bureaucrats at the
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veterans administration they are going have to use veterans hospital for their own medical care. bureaucrats in washington have a gold plated understand plan. it's almost as if they are saying one healthcare plan for thee and another for me. hold everybody responsible. you would get that thing fixed so fast if the people adminnerring it had to receive it. >> there is one thing i don't understand. we heard folk say the problem is systematic. you worked at the pentagon, you have family serving in the navy. that sound defeatist to me. it can't be fixed. can you explain that mentality? >> you know what happens, because it gets so big and cumbersome and bloaptd. instead ofificking it and firing
6:37 am
people and holding them accountable. a new unit gets created. people are saying veterans in hospitals don't work, let them go into private hospitals. ific the darn system the first place. that's what government healthcare looks like. what happens if there is no private healthcare system to tick things? ific it now andific it fast. heather: thank you so much for joining us and thank you for your family's service on this memorial day. >> and to everyone who wears the uniform. thank you as well. eric: the egyptians are casting their votes to elect their next president. the election coming one year after islamist mohammad morsi was forced from office by the military revolt and the former army chief who led that move to
6:38 am
depose morsi is expected to win in a landslide. some critic have accused the military of imposing a military leadership, but they say they are on reflecting the will of the people. will this election change anything? >> reporter: it's unclear whether it will change on the ground. but one thing it does same like isn't more of a coronation and election. the only other person running in this election is a liberal poll thinking to was not expected to get many votes today at the ballot box. there is a lot of turnout in cairo. but so far not anything term of problem there. as you pointed out. the fella who is running, the former military general turned defense minister is the assumed victor to become the next president of why it. he led the coup and is thought to be the public master behind
6:39 am
the egyptian government is the coup forced the government out of office. the military crushed the muslim brotherhood. the brotherhood is boycotting this elect as is a number of liberal activists. they say it doesn't matter who they vote for, he will be the president. eric: they blocked the the military aid package but released it a couple week ago. what do you think his relationship will be with washington. >> when he first came to power he took a hard line against the u.s. and the west. he was concerned with consolidating power much more so than become can the darling of the west. he said please trust my but has
6:40 am
been quiet in term of what plans he has when he become president. his campaign has been fairly low key. he was of course educated in the united states at the u.s. army war college. but just how pro his rue are with the united states will be. when he cop to power we'll get a' better idea. he has remained hard to remain an initial m in -- remain an ine and outside of egypt as well. heather: dodger blue is shining bright after celebrating this. trike three. josh beckett has thrown the 11th no hitter in lack
6:41 am
dodger's history. josh beckett's first career no hitter. it was the fish no hitter against the phillies at home since 1969. an example of good sportsmanship and now to tampa where it's something a lot different. escobar hearing word he did not like from the boston dugout. that led to chaos on the field. the bench is cleared, three players ejected. the rays had their tenth straight loss. eric: coming up, republicans have a plan b for obamacare and they are moving to try to do something about it. the panel is looking at the gop
6:42 am
push for the mid terms. >> a man survives a prefall from high up in the mountains. >> the goal is not to make to it summit, the goal is to make it back down to flat land. >> i hope he's okay. 1x,y-é%úw
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heather: a climber survives hunts of feet after he free-falls off mount hood in oregon. he tumbled head over heels. he hit a wall and eventually landed on a rock. nearby climbers said they saw the entire thing. >> he looks like a rag doll. he came tumbling head over heels into the hole. >> it was literally like a dream where he went in a circle and went in there.
6:46 am
it was pretty horrifying. >> adam was flown to a hospital. doctors say he will be there in hospital for a while. his family asks everyone to keep them in their prayers. some reports have them falling 15 feet up to that, stumbling and hitting things on the way. eric: he's lucky to be alive. there is a new push on capitol hill to find an alternative to the affordable care act and they want the legislation volt on before the august recess. we have the senior vice president of global strategy groups and brad brake plan, a former advisor to president george bush. steven and brad, great to see you.
6:47 am
let me start with you. what does this gop bill mean and what is it called for on how is it dprifnt what the president has. >> even if it passes it doesn't mean too much. the congress, the house and senate will go off this summer and campaign. the question is with repeal or relacement of obamacare, what is possible. it's more likely than that republicans will control the house after the november elections, the key is the senate. assuming the republicans take the majority of the senate, we still have a few jobs to go and the president of the united states has a veto-proof majority and more likely than not he will never concede obamacare is a failure. republican are some to deal with the world we have and not as they wish it to be. we have to make obamacare work the best we can until we get a republican president in 2017, and that's when things can change. but now it's more of a show as
6:48 am
we go into november. because we don't have the power to affect the kind of change we need. >> is it really a show or do republicans have specific proposal they can run on and give it to voters to contrast it with obamacare. >> this isn't a plan b. this is plan a for the 55th time to try to repeal obamacare unsuccessfully. i agree with brad, most of what he said in that this is essentially a show that's not going go anywhere. the problem that republicans have, if they were serious about makingifics to obamacare, even some of the thing they are talking about in this bill like an expansion of health saving accounts they could do that. but they have to start every time with this sop to their base. eric: you said the american
6:49 am
people don't want the repeal of obamacare, but the majority of people don't like it. >> but they don't want a repeal. >> the problem is can we get the alternative signed into law? as long as obama is president the answer is know. we don't have the votes if we control the senate and the house to overcome a presidential veto. systemic changes to obamacare will have to change in 2017 when we have a republican president where we control the house and the senate. we can do it incrementally. we can talk about healthcare sayings accounts. but the question is, how receptive will the president be when the american people tell him when reject obamacare as it is now. 2014 is going to be a wave elect. the republicans get the senate and maintain a higher majority in the house. >> i don't think it will be a
6:50 am
wave elect. i think it's clear you will have tight races in a lot of places around the country. i think you will and up exactly where we are today. brad talked about making some of these tweaks to healthcare. republicans won't do that because they have to start with a repeal for the 55th time. i had to check my calendar after i read this and check as memorial day instead of groundhog day. all they care about is getting rid of this law first. then they are talking about making tweaks to a status quo. >> we have divided government. we have to deal with what we have. the republican get the senate and the house we'll make changes to obamacare. we just won't have the kind of changes if we haded the priority. heather: a rough landing gets even worse.
6:51 am
we'll tell you how this plane was flipped upside down. as we remember our fallen service members the government is putting limit on ceremonies honoring our heroes. why some are getting treated differently from others. we'll explain when we come back. (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> nearly of single day lives are saved by the coast guard. leah is live at the sea and space museum in new york city on the hudson river. >> reporter: the coast guard is on high alert on long summer weekend like this one when there will be people on the water. you can see as the coast guard
6:55 am
helicopter lowered itself to 15 feet above the water, then a dramatic yum' to the river. he then swam toward the dummy simulating a victim. much course days like this are somewhat ideal conditions for the rescue. but the coast guard take on rescues day and night. >> it's carry when you have virtually no light. it can be very scary. however in conditions like that the training kicks in. >> i'm told search and rescue teams have to do a number of rescues like this each month to day proficient. >> you $served quite a few years as a pilot for an f-18 fighter jet.
6:56 am
i'm wondering what today means to you as a veteran? >> thanks forking. memorial day is about honors those who lost their lives in the service of our country. those of us who served in the last 10 years lost friend in training and combat and that's true for me. all the wonderful times we had together and knowing they served for something they believed was greater than themselves and lost their lives that way. and knowing they would want us to he joy days like today. >> we are lucky to have you here at fox ann but a real loss to the navy. >> we thank leah and all those who serve. coming up. why some democractually they say worried about hillary clinton being their presidential nominee in 2016. coming up, karl rove will join us to cuss those political rumblings about the democratic
6:57 am
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with the troops. president obama arriving back in the united states after a surprise visit to afghanistan over the weekend. i am heather noward in for martha maccallum. >> and i am eric sean in for bill hemmer. the president thanked to troops for their service and vowed to give them the support they fleed when they return. >> i am here to thank you for your service. i thank you as your commander and chief because you inspire me. your willingness to serve during a time of car is the reason the white house stays free.
7:01 am
>> senior correspondant is here with us live at the white house. we will hear from the president soon. what is he expected to say? >> he is going to place a wreath at the tomb of the unknown in an hour and will have remarks for the families after this. he got back to the white house an hour ago after his surprise visit in afghanistan. he joked he was in the area and thought he would stop by. in a meeting with u.s. commanders he said we will know soon if some of the 33,000 service men in afghanistan will stay behind to preserve the gains americans fought for. >> i will have to make decisions about transitioning this year and post-2014 and we will
7:02 am
announce the decisions shortly. but i wanted to check in directly face to face before the decisions were made. >> reporter: the front runner for june 14th's run off election is this man and he promised to sign the agreement that karzai backed out of to allow a limited number of troops to stay in the country past 2014. the president will talk at west point on wednesday and lay out his foreign policy agenda there. the end of the mission in afghanistan marks a major turning point in it. >> a lot of folks looking at the trip to afghanistan at the time when the va is a hot story is making people unsure. what are people saying? >> the white house says the va
7:03 am
factor was playing on this visit. but after a speech to a couple thousand service men and women, he shook every hand in the house and didn't mention the scandal. but on sunday, eric shen said they will send some patients to private doctors and it turns out they spend $4 billion a year on private doctors on already. >> and we are waiting for the president's arrival at the annual ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. the president will help lay the
7:04 am
wreath and remarks. we will bring you that sayre -- ceremony live as it gets underway. and there is still growing reaction about the cover-up going on with the va around the country. the secretary is responding saying he is going to allow them to get more private care and they are working to boost their system to handle the backlog. jennifer is live and tell us about the critics calling for the va to be dismantled. >> jeff miller is not calling for the organization to be mismantled. he wants to be clear he doesn't
7:05 am
want to dismantle the va but wants to reformed. >> we have a department of veterans affairs that when we send a susubpoena to them they don't answer it. we send thousands of questions to them and they don't respond to the questions. they decide to tell us what people they will send to testify at our hearing. >> the administration this weekend as mentioned announced it will allow some vets to get their medical needs met by the private sector. >> what kind of reaction are you getting from the veteran groups on the idea of going to a private hospital instead of a va facility in? >> it is raising eyebrows. they are wondering why they were not made aware of this years
7:06 am
ago. >> i think it will be helpful. but it could have been put in place years ago. the idea of providing anyone private health care when the capacity isn't the by the va is a no-brainer. >> 29 facilities are under investigation around the united states. if it is proven that deaths occurred because of the wait time even the chairman of the joint chief indicated heads should roll. >> they have to be held accountable and he made it clear they will be. >> general dempsey believes some of the mismanagement will be proven in the end given the end presented so far. >> thank you, jennifer griffin. a poplar memorial day
7:07 am
destination is off limits now arizona at the oak creak canyon because of fire that has been burning since last tuesday scorching more than 20 square miles. >> it feels like we are riding a winning horse here. not once have any of us put it into our heads in that scenario of zero structures lost and zero lives lost. it feels good to win one once in a while. >> they only had it 5% contained but it jumped to 25% contained yesterday. the evacuation advisory is expected to be lifted so appare apparently they are winning. let's talk about alaska here. crews right now are going door to door telling people in 1,000
7:08 am
homes they have to get out. there is a massive wild fire that is burning more than 200 square miles of a national wildlife refuge. hundreds of firefighters are helping them battle what is called the funny river fire that has been burning for a week now. it is 30% contained so far. we have a fox news alert. the ukrainian military is launching an effort to reclaim the airport from the seperitist. this comes a day after the election that happened there. bill is live from ukraine with the details. >> reporter: eric, it is being
7:09 am
called a significant escalating in the firing. ukraine told them to give up the airport, they didn't, it kicked off and we were there for it. this is what our fox news team saw and heard. >> helicopters are moving in here to the airport there seized by militants. we are hearing gunfire. anti air craft and heavy machine gun hitting the planes that are doing fly-bys over the airport. a message being sent from ukraine to the military. take a listen: [gun shots] >> gunfire near terminal. we will hunker down here. >> reporter: kiev is confirming
7:10 am
they are using fighter jets and we saw smoke from a bomb or missile. reinforcements have been brought in and more militants arriving by the bus load and we heard a lot of automatic gunfire that could be ground to air or on the ground. this is happening five miles from the center of the city and a day after the presidential elections in the country. the president elected says he will work with the russians and continue with the war on terror. >> thank you, greg. heather? the republican party possibly gaining an edge. we will tell you how the scandals plaguing the obama
7:11 am
administration could lead to a huge victory for the republicans this fall. >> and coming up, karl rove will talk about if the democrats are turning their back an hillary. >> and a look at the rolling thunder ride right here as the coverage of memorial day continues. >> memorial day is about their service and sacrifice. if you're putting off getting hearing aids until they become invisible, then our invisible hearing aids are for you. loaded with our most advanced hearing technologies, our invisible hearing aids are comfortable to wear and are specifically designed to improve hearing in noisy environments sound more natural eliminate whistling and let you talk
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7:14 am
a >> democrats are voicing their concern about a hilary clinton run calling it that leeryvoters
7:15 am
could turn out to be bad in this race for hilary clinton. we have karl rove here. in 2008, her campaign didn't work out well so how would it work now? >> it didn't work out too well last time around but a little bit has changed. in 2006, 39% of the people in the democratic primary process chose hilary clinton. today if you look at it when matched up against people thinking about running she takes 69%. so she is in a better position than she was in 2006. >> why do you think that is? we have had benghazi and other
7:16 am
things that would bother her field. >> i take it as the field is weak weaker. no body who was predicting obama would be a challenge to here. but that was the bigger field and better field and stronger c competit competit competitors. but the problem is she is seen as inevitable and people don't like people who have had made. they want to see a scrapper and a fighter. if that happens, people pick at your faults. being the front runner as
7:17 am
advantages but disadvantages when you are this far out in front. the second problem with inevitability is it is easy to fall into being nostalgic and she talks about how good things were when bill was in the office which helps her but hurts her because it makes her look like yesterday. we are 20 years past the point in which bill clinton was collected president. in american politics, there is a sense you want to be new, fresh and not something old and stale. i am not sure -- >> let's say you are advising the republicans for 2016, who do you worry the most about? you need a fresh candidate and hilary clinton isn't fresh. who are you most concerned
7:18 am
about? >> we have to be concerned about her because she is more poplar now but on the other hand she is more vulnerable. it is easy to make someone focused on tomorrow with a conservative agenda for the future. it is hard to win a third term and she is trying to win two third terms. the third terms of obama for who she served as second of state and also for bill clinton. and most of the time in the modern era it is tough to win the third presidency. george w. bush didn't have a third campaign with mccain
7:19 am
replacing him. >> and continuation of things. >> right. a third term for obama and bill clinton as well. >> interesting. a good fast forward glimpse at what could be 2016. thank you for joining us. >> happy memorial day day, heather. one state is getting much needed rain memorial day. but take a look at that. it is getting so much, so fast, it is causing holiday problems. we will fill you in. >> and a live look at the national ceremony. we are 40 minutes way from the ceremony and we will bring them to you live at the top of the hour. hour. you, my friend are a master of diversification.
7:20 am
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look at these pictures. that is the result of a lot of rain fall in western texas. it is leading to major flooding there. take a look at the roads completely washed out. that area has been so dry throughout the spring and winter and the ground is too dry to soak it up and then you have the floods. no reports of serious injuries or accidents but bow careful out there. an undate on a problem we told you about last year at arlington national cemetery
7:24 am
which is limiting air previews for the families. what is the problem here? >> the missing man planes frying over is a tribute and tradition but families are being denied it. each service has its own criteria based on the rank but also on the best use of taxpayer money. approved requests are being supported by the units that can fit the mission into the existing hours. some families who have been denied the service are finding
7:25 am
an alternative. a group that own their own planes have conducting them on their own. >> even though the cost to them was about $20,000 in fuel alone not counting the time and getting the planes there to virginia and getting all of the approvals necessary which are n incredible. >> the cost is prohibitive to do it for every family but it is without a doubt a great gesture. >> he was wearing his father's flight jacket from world war ii? >> yes, his father was involved in some of the key battles in the pacific.
7:26 am
franklin was one of the most loved ships of the world war ii. 900 men were killed on board when that was struck by bombs. the crew stayed on board and made the repairs to make it back to the united states in 1945. >> absolutely amazing. we thank him and all of the members of that generation. >> what a fantastic story of that. just like americans to get it done on their own. this to tell you about. a tribute to american men and women. this is a veteran and civilian coming together for the annual rolling thunder motorcycle ride in washington, d.c. >> and the obama administration announced they will allow
7:27 am
veterans to seek private care if the va hospitals are not available. is private care the answer to the problems and the va scandal? >> absolutely a good idea. what other solution is there? i agree with mr. bennet. it should have happened a long time ago.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
the administration approved
7:31 am
a plan that will allow more vets to seek private health care when the va facilities are not available. this is after the controversy over the allegations of the long wait time and the secret face list that they say held back logs that could have caused death to 40 veterans but is private care the way to go? dr. debby is here and she worked at the va for five years and serves on the board. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i think it is fair to say a lot of veterans are okay with the coverage but we see the scandals now. how bad is it? >> it is a mixed bag. there is red tape at the va and that is making it difficulty to get care and for the employees
7:32 am
to react to what is happening with the back logs. but there is no excuse. >> do you think the back logs would have happened? what was it like when you worked there? was it overwhelming? >> in terms of backlogs there were, yes. we tried to accommodate for the it, though. one of the backlogs, i do interventional procedures so spine procedures, and there was a place we didn't have or space. so it wasn't staffing or desire to treat them but without the space you cannot offer the treatment. so it would be helpful for the va to rent space or barrow staffing. >> there is such a demand you are saying but enough space or staff to take care of it?
7:33 am
>> exactly. i think they should and they try. veterans woo have private insurance can go to the va or their private health care system and should be treatedand the va should be making more advan advances to work with private health care systems. >> that seems like common sense. how come they haven't been doing that? >> i think it is the red tape. if those patients want to get medicine, it is cheaper to get it through the va because you have a large national hospital system that is contracting with the pharmaceutical companies, so if they can take a private prescription to the va that would help them but instead they have to go to a va physician. so they have to take twice the time off the work and may get
7:34 am
different recommendations. the va does have a lot of resources and talented people and a community for veterans. >> we hear about the wait times of six months, nine months, and even longer. and back in 2008, the transition team new about it and the president promised they would cut the wait times. why do you think that hasn't been done? >> i cannot see any excuse for that so i am not sure. some are coming back from iraq and afghanistan with treatments that need to be treated right away. they should get access to treatment right away even if they served in past wars. part of it might be the red tape and the part of farming it out. i don't know if they have the execution to do this
7:35 am
appropriately. >> you are right there in the trenches so to speak. a top official right in there. if you were put in charge, what would you do? >> i would make it more fluid to where something is wrong and you can respond immediately. if you don't have space, you can rent space. if you don't have equipment you can figure out how to rent equipment. but you cannot figure out the problems. you have to go to the top. >> did you have that? >> i did. >> what kind of frustration is that? >> if you have the patient in front of you you would like to to do the treatment immediately and not go through tons of paperwork. having a system where you can respond to problems quicker is the best thing. >> that is the prescription n d
7:36 am
needed for the va and hopefully you will get there. thank you for coming. rolling thunder -- seen -- and felt across the nation from the pentagon to the national mall in honor of the military service members. our affiliate has more from washington. >> renew cycle every time and makes you proud to be an american. >> reporter: civilians riding along side veterans. >> my kids fought for the country and my grandfather did as well. i am proud to be hear. >> reporter: the war of sounds is a sign of protest to bring attention to the prisoners of
7:37 am
war. among the crowd is a man who lost 17 service members gnat attack on the uss kohl. >> it is a way to recognize those who were left behind and knowing when they were killed by the people in yemen that he will we will not give up and remember them. >> reporter: and a sergeant taken prisoner in afghanistan who is still in captive. >> five years the white house is saying we will bring him home. when is that going to happen? >> we are standing there today because of people like him. they deserve to come home. >> reporter: it continues to grow each year showing as a way to show respect.
7:38 am
>> this is a day we can celebrate what we stand for and why we are an exceptional nation. >> heather, the obama administration has been hit with one scandal after another from benghazi to the veteran's affair situation. could this be the opening the republicans need to take the senate? we will look at the crucial november elections. and indy and nascar highlights coming up next. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. [ male announcer ] just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. [ corrine ] super poligrip is part of my life now.
7:39 am
rheyan hunter-reay happeunter-r helicopto castroneves cast cas s
7:40 am
7:41 am
here is a sports report. ryan hunter-reay passing helio castroneves on the final lap of the indy 500 becoming the first winner from the u.s. since 2006. and jimmie johnson winning the coca-cola 600 in north carolina.
7:42 am
he was under pressure going into the race as he had not reached victory lane all season. let's talk politics. the upcoming mid-term elections are taking on a new look as the investigations continue to rock the obama administration from the irs probe to the benghazi scandal. jehmu greene is here and mark mekler the founder of citizens for the self governing. let's start, though. what are your colleagues saying
7:43 am
about the concern of the scandals for the impact in the fall? >> good morning and thanks for having me. and let me start by saying happy memorial day and as we honor all of our veterans and the military families that have sacrificed the most i am happy to be here with you today and happy to be sharing that message with our troops. when i talk to democrats in washington, d.c. and around the country -- i am in austin, texas right now. the biggest concern democrats have is turnout in november. the fact young people don't turn out in high numbers and unmarried woman don't turn out affects the democrats. but the investigations make perfect sense for the
7:44 am
republicans because they have to distract from the fact they don't have solutions or policy on the payable for the issues that -- table -- americans are being challenged with. >> i do think that is irs intenti intentionally targeting the active groups and the loss of four lives in benghazi is relevant to all-americans. so i think you are flatout wrong there. i would think the scandals -- you talked turnout and i would think it would affect the democrats with malaise overall feeling. the economy isn't ticking along and then you have these things. how do you combat that? >> the reasons the republicans are focusing on benghazi is because the economy is doing
7:45 am
better than they thought and the health care program, which they thought was the one to usher in the base, isn't doing that. >> i wonder if the democrats are running the risk of trivalizing america's concern about issues. we had a poll talking about registered voters and how they feel about the irs scandal and the benghazi. 52% considered benghazi to be a serious issue and 44% considered the irs scandal to be very significant. you run the risk of offending those voters to consider those issues to be important. what do you say to that? >> what i say is what voters say to the politicians that elect, the issues that are top of mind are the economy. it is jobs.
7:46 am
they want immigration reform. it isn't benghazi at the top of the list. and heather, what it comes down to is for have been five investigations. there have been 50 briefings. there have been 25,000 pages of documents and no round doing has been found. there were recommendations from a bipartisan commission and each one of those recommendations was put into place before secretary clinton left the state department. and there is just no there there. but this is politics. so on election day in november, republicans need to turn out the base and need them to be energize. it is going to energize the conservatives. >> i think you are wrong saying only the republicans care about the deaths in benghazi and i
7:47 am
would argue that is an issue concerning all-americans. >> democrats understand and they understand it was a night of tragedy but not a night of conspiracy theories. >> and we have have the va issue and we will see if voters blame democrats or just blame washington. we will have to leave it there. we could not get mark on the line. our apologies for him and for not being able to bring you the other side. have a good day, jehmu greene. >> for a look at what is happening next on "america's newsroom" here is jon scott. >> president obama is set to speak about 20 minutes from now. he is going to be at the
7:48 am
arlington national ceremony and we will have the comments live. and news on obamacare. pope francis making big news and we will tell you about his trip. and new research suggesting crash diets might work and why it should be back to basics for your workout and everything old is new again. we will tell you about that in 12 minutes. >> some boy scouts are showing up the true meaning of the holiday and we will show you how they are honoring the heroes with this tradition. and this is arlington national cemetery as memorial day is about to get underway. the president is about to speak and we will take you live as it happens.
7:49 am
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see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. today is memorial day and we have a lovey story to tell you about. the members of the cub scouts and boy scouts look at what they are doing. they are placing american flags next to 3,000 graves at the national cemetery in madison, tennessee which is north of nashville. they are honoring the vets with a special ceremony. >> it is outstanding to see how many people have served and given their life to retain the freedom we have had since the
7:53 am
revolutionary war and i believe it is an amazing sight to see. >> that tradition started 40 years ago. what a great message to instill in young men. >> that is so inspiring that it continues. we are minutes away from the president's ceremony at arlington national ceremony. the president will help lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and deliver a few remarks. let's turn to captain steve nash for more on this special day. always good to see you especially on this day. >> it is a pleasure to be with you. >> people think about going out to the beach and bbq but this resinates with the deep meaning of the very meaning of being an
7:54 am
american. >> it does. 1.3 million have died for this count country. there have been over 42 million who have served. it goes back to the civil war, of course, which is which decoration day started and 25 cities claim ownership of memorial day. but the official memorial day was up in new york. the service was held in arlington here with then general grant who was the commander of the union forces in 1868. they held it at arlington and it has been held there and the president of the united states will speak today as you pointed out and give everybody a chance to reflect on the sacrifices that those 1.3 million people
7:55 am
made. and at 3:00, it rolls across the country, there is a moment of silence. i would like to point that out to your viewers. the protocol is you fly the american flag at half staff until noon and you lower it completely and raise it to its full glory and at 3 in your time zone you say a moment of silence. >> and wherever you live in this country that is a great tribute. and captain nash thank you for that and your service over the years. >> i didn't know that about the flag. thank you for bringing that to us. our memorial day coverage continues. we will take a live look at arlington national ceremony where the president is set to arrive any moment for the ceremonies about to take place.
7:56 am
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yay! >> thank you for joining us on this memorial day. and we thank all of those who serve. i'm eric shawn. >> bye-bye. >> with heavy hearts a nation remembers and pays its respects to the generations that fought and died for our freedom. this is "happening now." happy memorial day. i'm julie banderas in for jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. look live at arlington national cemetery, the final resting place for hundreds of thousands of our fighting men and women many who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. a few minutes from a memorial day tradition. the president obama will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he will speak to the crowd. you see eric shinseki the
8:00 am
veterans secretary and a wounded soldier and dedicated on the field of vietnam. has come under fire for some problems beset the administration, the agency he heads. general shinseki will take part in the ceremonies, observing them at arlington national cemetery. general jack keane proudly served for 37 years. he is a retired four-star general, a fox news military analyst. general keane, thank you for being with us on this day. and again, as you reflect on all of your years of service to this country, give us your thoughts about the ceremonies about to get underway at arlington. >> first of all, memorial day is the most sacred of all our who days. we set aside day for our armed forces and our veterans but this day has a singular focus, those killed in the line of duty serving their country and it is a day that we


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