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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 26, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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we want to thank everybody in our studio audience tonight. that is all the time we have left. this evening, before you go set your dvr and record "hannity" the series we hope you have a good night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> if i can can persuade o'reilly and sharpton to be in the same meeting, then it means there are people of good faith to get some stuff done even if we don't agree on everything. >> big at the white house and yours truly was in attendance. today annual valerie jarrett and ed henry. >> hillary clinton sound to you like the right person for this moment? >> some on the far left do not want hillary clinton to run for president: we will analyze that. ♪ put out stuff harmful to
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unsupervised kids ♪ ♪ >> tonight, we will continue the debate. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching tonight. as we present a very special talking points edition of the factor. we begin with the american left. and capitalism. >> with president obama's job approval numbers falling, and the democratic party having trouble in an election year, you would think that committed liberalns americans would low key it a bit, you would think. but, no, they are upping the rhetoric, especially the anti-capitalism stuff. hillary clinton is widely seen to be the democratic
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nominee in 2016 for president. she portrays herself as a moderate. that's not good enough for on the far left.llar >> does hillary clinton sound to you like the right person for this moment? in a time when corporations have hijacked our politics, enabling them to reap all the profit without any compunction to do right by their workers. as someonee who sat on the anti-rabid board of wal-mart for six years, the rightto person to restore workers rights in a time when we're still reeling from a global financial disaster brought on by full hearty bank deregulation is someone who who recently took $400,000 to give two speeches at goldmanhe sachs the person we need tost rest control of the asylum back from the banking inmates? now that anti-capitalistic commentary is the far left signature issue. talking points believes there must bemu oversight on banks andd big business to to do the right thing is foolish and naive.
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if you don't believe me read a little teddy roosevelt. many on the left want to t dismantle the entire corporate system. and we are seeing the se consequences of that in thences obama administration. now, entering his sixth yearar in office, the president hasent not been a friend tote corporate america. he advocates high taxes topa pay for an entitlement culture. business knows that and has not expanded, preferring to hoard profits or keep themse overseas where theyas cannot be taxed. that's why the job situation and income for working americans is stagnant.good for every good job available, there are plenty of applicants, therefore, salaries are suppressed. the government can provide well-paying jobs on a mass scale. it cannot. and every country that has tried that has failed. 90 miles off the coast of florida look what happen in cuba. that should be affluent country but communism has
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killed the country. hillary clinton must fight zealot tri on the left. she will defeat it she will get the nomination and mrs. clinton will run as a moderate democrat promising to reform some of president obama's ante business policies. that's what she will do. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington, ellen who worked for president obama's 2012 campaign. and with us in the studio dr. screeny. who teaches political science. where am i going wrong, doctor? >> i think you are on to something here. i think in my mind this speaks to enormous division and increasing division in the democratic party. so you look and you see the attacks this hillary is getting from the left and not a surprise but i think many people predict that wall street for 2016 will be her achilles hill heel in the same way the iraq war was in 2008. something she will have a fight. if she becomes nominee and elected many on this kind of new left progressive left fear that she is going to be
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too close it wall street and continue her husband's moderate policy. >> that's a given. i don't think hillary clinton although they made a big show of being with de blasio who is about as far as left as you get and they were all raw raw and the mayor of new york wants to confiscate everything, i'm not quite sure how much. but i have got my bike chained six times. so i bet you have a nice bike too. dr. there is a division in the democratic party like the republican party like the paper people and moderate republicans. growing division between the so-called progressive ring and moderate ring, do you see it that way? >> i don't see that division historically as you guys see it i see a rhetorical concern, i think about whether hillary clinton is talking to the right people, hearing the right ideas. >> what are the right ideas? tell me what's right and what's wrong? look, obviously the far left
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has articulated by ms. ball, the commentator that we use to set it up. believes that hillary clinton is a tool, a shrill, taking money from goldman sachs, 200,000 for two speeches. that's more than i get. that's outrageous. okay? and so they don't want her. they want elizabeth warren. they want this socialist up in massachusetts. that's who they want. >> maybe what they want is to have elizabeth warren's voice represented in hillary clinton's campaign. i think there is a great unanimity among democrats that hillary clinton would be a great candidate and we would love to have her. i think the concern about whether she is talking to bankers or not is not really real because i don't think that there is any ms. ball said we don't want her. i don't want her. flat out said it and you -- do you believe as ms. quawl does, is there a division? is it getting to be a brawl type thing or is it oh we just disagree?
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>> i think it's a division now. my feeling and my sense is it is going to grow because historically that's what happens with political parties in the united states. parties become begin and become divided. i think we are seeing that and i think bill de blasio's election here in new york city who is now the leading progressive in the country and somebody who we know has been close to the clintons but there is this kind of growing sense that. >> yeah, but she can't run on de blasio nationwide. and let me tell you this ms. qualls. hillary clinton has got to pull back from president obama. because he got a 19% decline in median income for working americans under obama administration. do you have a big burgeoning stock market that only gets fat cats like me. it doesn't benefit the worker people, union people. and you have this unbelievable unemployment problem because the private industry is saying you know, we are north going to expand. we don't like obama care. we don't like the high corporate tax. we are going it keep all our money in luxenburg, we are not going to bring it back. hillary clinton is going to have to walk back all of
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that stuff. you know that. >> well, bill, you, me, and hillary clinton probably all agree that the minimum wage should be increased. >> i do. but that's small ball. the big thing is jobs that pay well. >> but we all agree that wall street needed some reforms after the giant meltdown. i haven't geraldo hillary clinton say there is anything that shield roll back in wall street reform. i think it's rhetorical thing. it's a shot across the bough from the left. i don't think it's a real concern. i mean, it is an unsustainable argument that hillary clinton hasn't worked her entire public life to create more opportunity and access to opportunity. >> i appreciate you ladies coming on. it's a very interesting and important topic. here is what is sustainable. hillarycan't run on the obama economy unless there is a miracle in the last three years. >> she is not going to repudiate it because there are elements that she agrees with. we will see her walk a moderate line. positive signs from the
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obama economy you have got to commit. deficit is down, unemployment is down. there are positive signs. i agree with you not all is perfect. >> you have seen the polls, doctor, lately? have you seen the economic pulls? >> i have seen the pick polls. you and your little progressive friends may think there is positives but, don't have much time on but, don't have much time on obamacare: next on are can you start tomorrow? tomorrow we're booked solid.
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a crusade. >> there cosmtion -- comes a time when people with values simply have to stand up. think nazi, germany. most of those people did not believe in what hitler was doing. >> yep. >> exactly. >> but did they speak up? >> nope. >> did they stand up for what they believed? they did not. and you saw what happened. and if you believe that the same thing can't happen again, you are very wrong. >> and joining us now from virginia beach is dr. carson. if you mention nazis you know you are going to get hammered. what you said there at the end there intrigued me a bit. you said if you believe it can't happen again -- see i didn't believe that naziism could happen in the u.s.a. i don't think it could happen nor could communism happen here. do you disagree with me? >> well, i believe that what can happen is if people do not speak up for what they
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believe, they can be trampled. their rights can be trampled to various and sundry degrees. now, of course, the objective of many on the left is to take a single word that you are not supposed to say. you can't say nazis and slavery, that's political correctness as you well know. i do not believe in that. i think it's a bunch of crap and it doesn't really belong in the american system where we have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. you don't regret using the buzz word nazi. what you pointed to historically is correct. what you said is absolutely correct the germans were not members of the nazi party. they sat on their butts and they allowed the fanatics to take over that could not happen here because of our system in checks and balances. but, i think what you are worried about it -- is the obama administration's policies in general taking
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root. is that what you are worried about? >> there are a couple of things that i'm worried about. i'm worried about the fact that the pop police is being silent and is not expressing what they believe because they are afraid. they have been intimidated. >> by whom? >> by the government. >> how? >> by the government and by the media, by the p.c. police. you say something, all of a sudden like -- this is a perfect example. you know, you are using an example of how people would not speak up. they try to turn the argument away from that because they know it's true. they know what i'm saying is true. but, rather than talk about that, they want to divert the issue to something else. you couple that with the fact that our congress needs to be a little more courageous because the reason we have a divided government is if one branch of the government gets a little bit over exuberant they need to reign them. in we need courage there to do that. >> politicians encourage, we are not seeing -- you
8:16 pm
know -- but, look, the last time -- well, maybe not the last time in the fall you said, look, you you were bothered by the irs to an extent that you felt they were trying to intimidate you; is that correct? >> yeah. i don't think it is coincidental. >> that's the government agency that you can point to in your life, dr. carson's life that you believe was put upon you to shut you up. >> and it's not just me. we -- we now have a government that is trying to take over the healthcare of the pop pop pop pop pop why would you put the irs over something so massive. >> they are the enforcement agency of fines.
8:17 pm
they -- because it was ruled a tax by the supreme court foolishly, so somebody has to enforce the taxation element and that's the irs. so, on paper, it makes sense. but you heard the president of the united states tell me, your humble correspondent there is not a smidgen of corruption in the irs. you heard that. >> right. we heard that and that, to me, is -- it strains credulity that he actually believes that but that we let people get away with it this is what bothers me. the fact that the congress doesn't stand up and say no, you may not implement this program because the -- a major portion of it is still under investigation. and we are not done with that. we don't do that in regular life. we don't take somebody who is under suspicion and put them in charge of something major like that. we have to just start doing things that are logical and that make sense again. >> all right,
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helping young americans at risk is a powerful talking points you do not want to miss. later, the action from obama's senior advisor valerie jarrett. >> it requires accountability and people to step up to the plate and work hard and stay in school and excel and dream. but it also requires a community around them to provide a safety net. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or... a mouth breather? well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. who would have thought masterthree cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche?
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>> now, i was invited to the
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announcement and i was happy to attend. the initiative is very well intentioned. but some specific things must be done. first, you got to teach children at risk to read. if that takes one-on-one tutoring that's what has to happen. two, you have to provide mentors to individual children that the teachers pinpoint who lack guidance at home. there should be a volunteer program for mentors in every city and town in this country. three. high profile americans including the president and first lady must go on television and the net to warn, to warn young people having babies outside of marriage and bringing children into this world without resources is cruel. it's cruel has to be a campaign, a persuasion so young americans wise up. also, there has to be peer pressure not to get pregnant unless you are in a stable
8:23 pm
situation. are we all understanding that? right now there is no peer pressure. that has to change. fourth, the initiative has to get local business people to hire kids for summer jobs and internships. children must know about the work place and what is expected there. and, finally, the american law enforcement has to engage children at risk to convince them they are not the enemy. if those five things are part of the my brother's keeper initiative, i can guarantee you america will begin to turn the terrible situation around. but, if people continue not to make judgments about bad parents, disorderly children, chaos in the family unit, we continue to make excuses for all that, problem is only going to get worse. hopefully today the white house made the first step and i believe that american business, law enforcement and we, the people, will step up to help the kids at risk.ea i really believe that andth that's the memo. top story tonight. reaction.
8:24 pm
senior advisor valerie jarrett. i was pleased you invited me to this.s. people were fainting when i walked in. >> we were delighted to have you. >> look, the president mentioned in his remarks a culture of cynicism on the a streets. nicism on the streets. not just blacks but it's the poor and the hard core, what they call gangstas. you know what i'm talking about, right? there is a culture of cynicism like we can't make it. we're not going to be art pa of this. we're going to sell drugs and we are going to do what you we want. have you got to get in the afte. we all have a role we play here. this is not a big government program. the government's role is minor. >> it requires accountability. it requires people to step up to the plate. and work hard. and stay in school. and excel and dream. but it also requires a community around them to provide a safety net. the president talks about his own childhood he wasn't
8:25 pm
sitting in school. >> he was very some guidance. >> he had a lot of guidance. what he says he wants for all of our children is to have that safety net. but he also told them, look, boys, you aring if to have to work hard and you are going to have to act responsibly. >> have to attack the fundamental disease if you want to cure it now, i submit to you that you are going to have to get people like jay-z, all right, kanye west, all of these gangsta rappers to knock it off. that's number one. >> i think -- what these boys need is positive role models as you said. >> listen to me, listen to you c johnson there today he is a good guy. you have a bunch of these guys and a barrage, barrage, barrage and make it uncomfortable to have a baby out of wedlock. make it uncomfortable to sell drugs. you have got to reverse
8:26 pm
know whohere is a lot of collin powell is. >> no, hesea you had colin powell in there it's the gangster models, it's the athletes, it's the tattoo guys. have you got to get them in there to tell these kids that you have got to stop the destructive behavior. you are going to wind up in. a morgue or in a prison. >> don't underestimate those children. i think when the president of the united states looksks at you and he says i believe in you and i was just like you and you can be just like me, that's the perfect role model. that's the person they -- >> michelle obama.le >> outstanding role model for the young >> tell us something for me t tonight. >> okay. >> i like the nutrition thing. i like the garden. i think that's all good.
8:27 pm
>> healthy eating, let's i move, exercise. >> i want michelle obama to come on this program, right here and i want michelle obama look into the cam randstop say you teenage girls you stop having sex, you stop getting pregnant. this is wrong. i want her to do this right here. >> it's better iff she isassr actually sitting down in the classroom with the girls, inviting them to the white house. sharing her. >> that only reaches a few though. >> i believe that anything doe she does gets covered by the press. >> can i give you a compliment? you >> i believe that mymy brother's keeper program is going to work, okay.ok i think it's going to work. but it will work a lot faster and you will save a lot more lives if you incorporate what i'm telling you tonight. you >> do you know, bill, what i really like is the fact that you are passionate about. this i care. i'm a were fer teacher. i had them in my class 40 years ago. the situation has justhil gotten worse. >> it has. that's why we have to change the trajectory. >> wee appreciate you coming in tonight. >> it's a pleasure to beoni here. really? >> i'm having fun.
8:28 pm
>> there you go. >> i am. >> white house correspondent ed henry will weigh in on the scott: hello! nbr: scott, man - we're here 'cuz we love you. you fed your lawn earlier this spring and now you're at it again. we're concerned. scott: (chuckles) thanks neighbors, but summer's on its way. and while the grass may look bonnie green and lovely now, it still needs a late-spring feeding to keep it that way. another feeding now with scotts strengthens and helps defend your lawn from the brutal heat and heavy use to come. nbr: we knew that, right guys? oh yeah... let's go feed!
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live from america's news headquarters, rain is in the forecast for alaska's peninsula tomorrow, a big relief for firefighters battling this wind wind chilled wildfire north of anchorage the flames covering 250 square miles and only 30% contained
8:32 pm
so far no reports of injuries or structure damage. nearly a thousand homes have been evacuated since yesterday. the memorial day weekend now drawing to a close after coast to coast salutes to our nation's war heros. at arlington national cemetery the president placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns paying tribute to those lost in battle. the president also made a brief reference to widening va hospital scandal saying the country owes it to veterans to get them the care they need i'm kelly wright. now back to o'reilly factor big things. number one, did anything stand out for you? >> what stood out for me is that the seeds of today were started a year ago this month in chicago is at an
8:33 pm
event with the president where he was highlighting a program called becoming a man which is sort of an after school sports program in chicago. the president was visibly moved there after meeting with some of the young people who are part of that program. some of those folks were back here today from chicago at the white house. and what stuck out for me then and now was that the president wasn't just sitting there saying i'm going it help people and set an example by talking about how great i am. he talked about his failures and whether you are an anchorman or president talking to kids like this. the president opening up about how he basically didn't know his father. that he used drugs. saying things you don't hear a president say could be more effective with these kids by saying look that doesn't mean you are dead end. you could wind up becoming president and becoming anchormen. >> those messages are all
8:34 pm
positive. the i chided him in the super bowl sunday interview. >> i remember. >> i said come on, when are you going to get off it and start do something big. got into the door today. what i'm trying to get across to the nation to valerie jarrett has got to be more personal than that the president can visit kids did at the white house. you can't visit with all kids. you can go on the television and the net and look into the cameraened a say don't do. this it's going to hurt you. it's not fair to the baby. that's that's what has to be done. got to get pinhead rappers and get these people idolized to start to get that message out that was not included in the initiative broader economic issues not just about this issue inive. make sure the broader economic policies helping people not just of color but helping people all around the country if you look at
8:35 pm
it just african-american youth unemployment right now is something like 26% in this country. the president has been in office for five years. you can talk about these initiatives. they may make a difference. but the broader economic policies that the president is pushing, that he is fighting it out with the republicans on the hill, those have a huge impact as well. when you have got 26% african-american youth unemployment, i think it's about 15% for hispanic youth unemployment, obviously broader unemployment is bad for people, white, asian, black, you name it but when you look at those kind of numbers there are a lot of policies that need to be put in place. >> the reason the numbers are there a lot of these kids can't read and speak. that's why we have to get back down to hey, if by the 3rd grade you can't read, it's one-on-one. have you got to teach them to next up, is hip hop harmful to america's youth? ♪ girl you like girl you
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history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some could be life threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. thanks for watching us i'm boiferl, thank you for watching us tonight. harmful entertainment. that is the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. if you saw the factor last night you know that president obama has launched a huge initiative target rother'.
8:40 pm
it's a good initiative as we discussed with the president's senior advisor valerie jarrett. if you missed the interview ing the entertainment factor. these are effecting unsupervised children of all colors. makes billions putting out stuff like this. >> i fought so hard [bleep] now, if you can't see that unsupervised children might be harmed by that kind of stuff, then you are not responsible person. period. in order to help children at
8:41 pm
risk, the american society has got to convince them to stop destructive behavior. like using drugs. committing violence, getting enablers to showof apologists d themselves. >> the fact that this per pettation of young black men, whether you are famous or not famous whether you are a thug or a gangster because, what, because you listen to rap music, rap music is the reflection of our society. >> o'reilly is uncomfortable with this culture. that's understandable. he did not come from this culture. that culture has some validities, if you will. >> sure. validities. the overall effect of base entertainment is corruption of impressionable children but will never ever get the far left and many in the entertainment industry to admit that the uber left will not make judgments. the industry simply wants to
8:42 pm
make money. i enormous. the my brother's keeper initiative is a very positive thing for this country. but unless it is coupled with a change in the entertainment culture, it will not reach nearly as many children as it should. and that's the memo. now for the top story underminig black america and what we can do about it here in the studio kevin powell, president of the b.k. nation. b.s. nation standing for building knowledge. where have i gone wrong. >> i think the issue is not that -- i myself hip hop culture for 30 years has said some of the things that you are s what you just saw. for adults, as i say, i
8:43 pm
don't care. i mean, you are an adult, you want this, that's fine with me. i have no problem. but 12 and >> it's corrupt. i mean, this is a culture of failure. it is dogging black america. i think you are right to call it out. but you know what happens is the critics as you say come out and they say oh, if yo are g talking about black women as hos and bitches. horrible. bad schools, all the environmental barriers to their success and attitude. >> how do you respond to that? >> but nothing about building a family. >> you know, the problem with people like mr. williams is that not only does he not know anything about hip hop culture and its history. >> oh, stop. >> actually you don't. because i have never seen you involved with anything
8:44 pm
to do with hip hop. >> wait, let him talk. >> the same thing you are saying now in 2014 mr. williams was said about hip hop when it was balanced in culture in the 198 os and 90s. we saw a diversity of voices same people attacking hip hop. even if you took hip hop out of the equation, poor schools, lack of economic opportunities still be out there. this morning i started my day in brownsville brooklyn. i have a firm in look britain one of the poorest communities in america. these kids are dealing with systemic problem. >> this initiative is designed to at least bring yesterday said there was a culture of cynicism in these precincts that young men who get into trouble, generally speaking. i think this applies to girls too. they don't want>> that's not whm saying. what i'm saying. even if you listen to hip hop and its totality from the very beginning to the
8:45 pm
president. is actually as american as apple pie. they are talking about everything else we see in america. >> talking about it in a way that alienates the system. you can't get a job if you walk in to ibm and use that kind of a presentation. you can't. >> but what i'm say talking, sir, with all due respect first of all we who are having this hip hop culture and the industry that you referenced at the top of the show. we agree about the problems with the industry. it's the ceos who put out this. >> i'm putting the rap yawn is putting the rap on jay-z beyonce and so on. >> why are you accusing the rap people. basically they used to do ministerial shows with they have black people standing up and doing a minstrel show. the big market for this is white people. it's a white male teen fantasy, they get to use the "n" word and v. all the sexual references and nasty words. violence. and you asked me to let you finish. >> give the last words.
8:46 pm
>> let me tell you i grew up in brooklyn i come up from crown heights. i grew up in that situation. i have got to tell you when you are saying to young people you can't succeed in the system which is what the president and bill o'reilly just said, that is corrupt. just said, that is corrupt. that is corrosive to the way [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long.
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what happened while i was away? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. well the benghazi situation is fairly clear, it's now apparent the obama administration tried to mislead americans about what happened to ambassador christopher stephens and three other men killed by terrorists in libya. even though a congressional committee is being formed, we pretty much know what happened. what we don't know is if
8:50 pm
president obama was directly involved. and that will be tough to nail down. what we do know is ambassador stevens traveled to the backwater of benghazi despite the fact it was a dangerous place. organized terrorists knew the ambassador's location causing damage but no one would give the order for the u.s. military to move into libya. no one. thus four americans killed and subsequently, no terrorist have been held accountable. some say fault lies with hillary clinton, then secretary of state. she was running the world and didn't have her attention on libya, why should she? mrs. clinton had her hands full. to blame her for the attack in libya, not fair. yes, security was bad and the state department was warned. but those things are usually handled by others, not the secretary of state. however, after the attack, now hillary clinton should have
8:51 pm
stepped up and explained the situation. instead, she herself referred to an anti muslim video as insighting the violence. she went along with what the ocbama administration was puttig out there. that was wrong and that's on her. the key question right now is did president obama himself actually come up with the false narrative? no committee will get that defined unless a guy like john dean steps up. his testimony took the president down. so the congressional committee will uncover some facts but unless a white house insider comes forward, the president will not likely be effected. there is a second scandal surrounding benghazi, some in congress don't want to know the truth, just like vice president gerald ford during watergate. they are in denial. >> the president was in the process of negotiating with the soviet union. the president was trying to
8:52 pm
handle the war in vietnam. i'm sure he turned to those running the reelection campaign and said i have these major matters that involve the national security and well being of the american people and you run the campaign, and therefore i'm convinced he had nothing whatsoever to do with watergate. >> it is erie the same kind of stuff being said today about benghazi. >> diversion benghazi, benghazi, why aren't we talking about something else? >> we've already had thousands and thousands of pages of testimony, four committees in the house, two bipartisan committees in the senate. this is a waste of taxpayer money. >> again, supporters of the president simply do not want to know. now, as far as the irs scandal is concerned, the one woman who can break the case has been held in contempt of congress, as you know. if a federal grand jury is
8:53 pm
convened, ms. learner could be charged with a crime. that is the only way, the only way she might tell the world what happened, if she can make some kind of deal. just one man will make that decision, the u.s. attorney for the district of colombia. it's up to him alone to call for a grand jury. he works for eric holder and appointed by president obama. so talking points does not expect ms. learner to face a criminal proceeding. did the white house actually order the irs to target conservative groups? the president denied it to me on super bowl sunday. we're not likely to get to the bottom of this because the system is flawed. you cannot make learner talk for political reasons and it's the law. a muslim terrorist group kidnapped 300 girls 16 to 18 year ols old. the problem is not getting any better. there are scores of islamic
8:54 pm
groups terrorizing civilians all over the world, yet, what are the muslim nations doing? very little. there should be a summit organizing against them and if you speak out, you're a bigot, a terrible person. most muslims are good people but a substantial minority cause trouble, syria, iran, openly kill civilians with little repercussion and another problem that seems to have no solution. kidnapping little girls? i mean, that's enough. i mean, that's enough.
8:55 pm
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8:57 pm
all right. >> i don't disagree with you at all about the prospect she may have something to do with a coverup and i think you may well be right that she really can't be blamed except in the broadest sense for the incident itself, except there are things about that we don't know. we don't really know why chris stephens was there. we don't really know why the u.s. had that compound setup in benghazi. there are a number of things we don't know. i'm not saying that they implicated her in someway. >> you know mrs. clinton, correct? personally you know her? >> yes, i've known her for years. >> i didn't know her that well. i did one interview, spent a little bit of time. you correct me if i'm wrong because you've known her for years. she's not a micro manager kind of person. she's the front person. all right? that got sent all over the world, constantly on the go, doing, i don't know what she was doing half the time.
8:58 pm
couldn't really figure it out. i can't imagine hillary clinton sit there and saying gee, what is going on in benghazi today. >> bill, we do know what that mission was there and what the ambassador was doing. we'll have a better idea -- >> it seems almost impossible that hillary clinton would be paying attention to benghazi no matter how many warnings the state department got, they don't go to her, they go to other people. i just can't see it. is it wrong, remember watergate, the third rate burglary. that was the first. it was almost like the democrats today. it was almost like nancy pelosi, all most the same. third rate burglary. all right? doesn't matter, these guys, the plumbers broke into the watergate to try to find stuff about the democratic campaign. that's what we heard. we heard it and heard it and heard it.
8:59 pm
that's exactly what we're hearing. this isn't a big deal. isn't it erie? it's almost exactly the same. >> it's the same in both cases we had a coverup. bill, before we make watergate comparisons, it's woh remembering that nearly 70 people were accused in the end of crimes in watergate and i think 48 or so were convicted. so we're a long way from talking about that. >> we're not a long way from how the politicians are reacting. we're right there, and when you're talking about a watergate break in for political intelligence, which it was, as opposed to an american ambassador being murdered, which story is more important? >> there is so much we know and can't say. watergate turned out to be a crime wave and until we see something that indicates something on that scale, i just think that watergate comparisons are best left on the shelf. >> i disagree respectfully.
9:00 pm
there he is. and that is it for us tonight. we hope you've enjoyed the special edition of the factor. i am bill o'reilly and please, always remember the spin extent of how disturbed. it was the trial of the 20th century. the longest in the history of california. almost ten months. 150 witnesses called to the courthouse here in downtown los angeles when it ended in a shocking verdict, watched live by an incredible 91% of the american television audience. an almost certainly guilty man. simpson had been acquitted of killing his ex-wife nicole. hi, i'm geraldo rivera. thank you for being with us tonight. how did it happen? ho