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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 27, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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more with dr. doris day in the after the show show about how you can protect yourself regarding sunscreening. >> that's right. >> tomorrow lance armstrong's former teammate will be here, plus dr. keith ablow and we have our rocky package. we take a look at rocky like never before, a singing rocky. bill: the white house dealing with a major mistake that may put the life of the top spy in afghanistan at risk. the name mistakenly included in an email that went out to 6,000 reporters. the names of cia agents always kept secret for obvious reasons.
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officials say they located the 300 schoolgirls kidnapped by terrorists but we don't know of any effort to rescue them. martha: the pentagon is saying they cannot independently confirm the reports that the girls' location has been identified. it was about a month a go these girls ages 12-15 were taken from their beds by the terror group known as boko haram.s defense t. bill: if they know where the girls are, a military raid must be next, right?
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>> reporter: what we have been hearing from the international community working to free the girls is the nigerian government isn't serious about rescuing these girls nor is it capable of rescuing these girls. it's poorly trained, poorly equipped, poorly supplied. there are unconfirmed reports there is a deal to trade the girls in a swap. at first the government ruled out any negotiations with boko haram. but a prisoner swap right now seems what is most likely, not a raid. bill: conor powell is watching the developments. when there are headlines we'll bring them to you. martha: a day of nowrng southern california after a murderous ram claimed the lives of six young
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people. a vigil held at the campus at ucla with another at u.c. sab *. look at these heartbroken students and their friends. we are hearing how the killer's parents tried to stop him after they discovered his online post but they did not make it there in time. claudia cowan is there in isla vista. it's a somber day there. >> reporter: the chancellor says this should be a day of healing and reflection so no classes. hundreds are expected to come to grieve as a community. one that has seen its fair share of violence. just last month a riot broke out at the annual spring break party.
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revelers threw bottles and rocked at police. isla vista made headlines when the so-called angel of death david attias drove his car through a crowd killing four. david attias was the son of a hollywood director, they both suffered from mental illness and had trouble making friends. this latest attack targeting coeds in particular. one sorority is urging people to go out only in groups and avoid wearing quloaght greek letters. flags will be lowered to half staff to honor the victims' memory. martha: already new details about his last conversation with his father. >> reporter: fox news learned peter roger spoke with his on thursday to make plans to meet
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up for lunch saturday. he said his son sounded fine. but hours later he posted that video talking about his day of retribution plan. is parents will make a statement and personally expression their condolences to the families of those killed by their son. martha: what a horrible story and tragedy and pain all around. bill: the families of the victims dealing with heartache and loss and the parents are the first victims killed. george chen was his name. them were breaking down while they were honoring his young life. >> we would die 100 times, 1,000 times, but we don't want our kids to get hurt. it shouldn't happen to any
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family. bill: they say elliot rodger also stabbed to death another roommate and a third man before killing three more in driveby shootings in california. we'll wait for more reaction and blois more reactions from police. martha: talking about the mental health issues, we see this story time and time again. we'll take that up in a panel coming up. bill: there is a fight brewing between union workers and their emloirs, who is going to pay for the mandate. michael moore is with us. many unions were on board this law. did the unions see thed ad charges coming? >> if they didn't, they should have. there is the irony, the big unions were the first ones
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supporting obamacare before it was obamacare. when the insurance companies complained about the program not working and not getting the right information from the people paying or they have to raise understand premiums, the question is what did you expect. why did you sign on to this law. you should have known better. i think you are seeing the same things with the leaders of these big unions. bill: you will see millions of american workers renegotiating contracts now. >> if i were a union member i would be upset, too. the way the law was sold to them. people would be able to get insurance coverage they weren't able to afford or have available to them before and your insurance wasn't going go up. they are finding now there is a bill that has to be paid and who is going to pay it. right after the implementation
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of obama require in october the individual market folks were give' higher premiums and kicked off their plans. someone has to pay for the extra taxes and entitlements. bill: do you smell a waiver coming down the line? >> possibly. we have seen so many waivers it's likely the white house could do that. the reason is, this is a mitt cally potent issue. if you look at the polls, opposition is 60%. how many of those people who support this are union democrats and you could see those numbers change if this continues. bill: are you suggesting for november or beyond? >> certainly for november but it does require people running for
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office to make the case for it. you are starting to see democratic $support for this president begin to crumble as well. i think you will see some holes in that line of defense. so perhaps you will see democrats and republicans making the case this law need to be changed. bill: the headline unions and lawyers squaring off over obamacare costs. thank you, sir, michael warren in washington. martha: a fox news alert. a trove of new satellite data confirms the theory the jetliner crashed into the southern indian ocean after it ran out of gas. families have been demanding this data for weeks so experts can analyze it. bill: egyptians heading for the
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polls for the final day of their election for a new president. the country's former military chief expected to win by a landslide. he would replace mohammed morsi. the country declaring a public holiday so workers can cast their ballots. but divisions within that country remain apparent with fewer areas with muslim brotherhood supporters. martha: the white house making a big mistake that could have cost an american spy chief their life. john bolton on why this breach is such a very big deal. plus this ... >> we have nowhere to go. oh, jesus. bill: that's a twister tearing apart the central part of the country. you will see the path of destruction and what was left
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martha: crews are set to resume
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their search for three men who vanished after a massive mudslide in colorado. it happened sunday morning in mesa county. the men apparently checking an irrigation ditch after an earlier mudslide when the mountainside gave way again. the muck stretching for 3 miles. 200 feet deep in some spots is this mud. the family is holding out hope the three men somehow managed to stay alive. >> you get up there, it's just unbelievable. it's like a lava flow. i have never seen that much earth move in one place in my life like that. martha: rescue crews warning the ground is still unstable and that makes this search effort' very dangerous. bill: the president flew all the way to afghanistan over the weekend but most people are not talking about the trip, they are
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talking about the significant snafu when the white house released the name of the cia station chief to hundreds of reporters. they are asking the press not publish the name. we are not going to do that either. what do you think of this bonehead move. >> it's jaw dropping incompetence. when i first read this story i was speechless. in a white house that is filled with press flacks who undoubtly reviewed this material -- who undoubtedly reviewed what they put out. was there no one who understood what they were zmog. bill: or interpret the tight the of staying chief. you want the commander-in-chief to shine. you want him to be on the stage. the veterans issue has been out there for a month and it will go on and on and on.
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if you want the best pr picture, fly to afghanistan. that was brilliant but blown apart by this move. >> susan rice has a deputy security advisor for strategic communication. the infamous ben roads with the email about benghazi. has he been there at the nsc for five years and doesn't know what a chief of station is? somebody's head should roll for this. bill: is there a reassignment necessary now or do you have the protection of the bagram air base that will keep you insulated from harm? >> the risk for a chief of station. he's declared to the afghanistan government. but if terrorist groups or taliban are shadowing him or considering him as a target for
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assassination. if they have tracked his movements, if they look at who he talks to in the u.s. and nato communities and among afghans as well. all of that is called into jeopardy. it's the sort of blunder that could render a lot of intelligence operations ongoing in afghanistan absolutely moot. bill: others contend the valerie plame incident was similar. when she sent her husband to afghanistan. >> valerie plame's name was made public by colin powell's deputy. then resulted in unfair treatment of other people in the bush administration. but that was just malicious gossip.
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this is utter incompetence. it's like there is nobody in charge at the white house. who is in charge on these things? nobody seemingly. >> they seem to be a black eye. the president went to kabul and never met with karzai. what's up with that? >> i'm glad he went as commander-in-chief but it's obviously the curtain raiser on a week of foreign policy. this is all choreographed to lead up to his trip to europe and the 70th anniversary of normandy. a lot of it is the theater of politic as usual which is what the obama administration specializes in. bill: we'll see what happens on the cia story if we can get to the bottom of it. martha: police in florida are on a manhunt for a kille gunman suspected in a triple murder is on the loose. police say he's extremely
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dangerous and may be delusional. we'll bring you the details. bill: more severe weather could be on the way. we'll tell you where. in refining and perfecting the rich, never bitter taste of gevalia. and we do it all for this very experience. this very second. this exact moment. [woman] that's good. i know right? cheers to that. gevalia. 150 years of rich, never bitter coffee.
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bill: you may soon find out if the nsa spied on you. glenn greenwald said he will publish a list on his website of all the individuals in the united states the agency is targeting. he's still hiding not you russia to avoid charges here in the united states. martha: there is a manhunt for a
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suspected murderer underway right now in central florida. this manhunt is ongoing. they are searching for a man they believe killed three people in lakeland. a 14-year-old student found the bodies of her mom and two other people. they are warning this gunman is armed and dangerous and they don't know where he is. do they believe he's still in floor at this point, phil? >> reporter: the polk county sheriff is unclear. they suspect he may have traveled as far away as tennessee or texas. investigators learned he had some high school friend or former military colleagues who live in those states. there is a be on the lookout for this man who is described as delusional. paranoid. former military suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.
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he calls him zell prince david but his name is david smith. over the weekend three people were shot in that same house. one of the victims, a woman, had a 14-year-old daughter. she went away early saturday morning on an rotc weekland get away *. when she returned monday she found her mother dead. the sheriff's department believes sometime in that period between saturday morning and monday afternoon is when the gunman shot all three of these people. sheer is the sheriff a moment ago. >> a 14-year-old girl came home. she opened the door and found her mother dead. she immediately retreated from the house. she told her sergeant major, she was an rotc major. my mom is dead in the house. they immediately not notified te
6:26 am
sheriff's office. the deputies found two deceased women and one deceased man. >> reporter: david e. smith is driving, they believe a 2002 beige mercury sable with a florida license plate tag 708ndb. the sheriff is urging anyone who sees this suspect to consider him armed and dangerous and very mentally unstable. do not approach him but instead dial 911. >> they just believe he has really had a very rough period of years since his military service, and very unstable. he's delusional. he's paranoid. he refers to himself as prince david. they think he's armed. and because of his military experience they are considering him very, very dangerous.
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amid the growing fury over the treatment of our veterans president obama talking about the scandal rocking the va. but can are wondering why there is just talk and no action. martha: in san francisco cash being hidden in envelopes by a mystery millionaire. we'll tell you about this treasure shunt and whether there may be more out >> it doesn't matter that it had money in it to me. we followed the clues and went down here and had a freight -- had a great time. and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards even cash back. and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can. spending the day with my niece.
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bill: nature's fury on full display right here. >> my jesus, we have got nowhere to go. oh, jesus. bill: a lot of prayers coming from inside that home. that tornado so ominous on the horizon. that's out of north dakota hitting an oil worker's cam. 9 people injured. one said to be in critical condition. maria molina is in the weather center. >> reporter: that tornado in north dakota is a perfect example of one thunderstorm starting to rotate and producing a tornado. there was an isolated risk for severe weather but we saw a
6:32 am
tornado and unfortunately we saw reports of injuries and also severe damage across that area. there were also other tornado reported across parts of texas south of will you be book. d south of lubbock. earlier we had a tornado warning across southeastern texas so the storm system is going to be producing that risk for severe weather down into houston, san antonio, austin with tornado, strong winds and hail. the other issue is flash flooding. we have a flash flood in effect. we picked up 6 inches of rain in some areas. that maroon color is 8 inches of rain. 8 possible in eastern texas and
6:33 am
parts of louisiana. so keep an eye on that. bill: perfect for flash floating. maria molina in the weather center. martha: president obama addressing the growing va scandal on memorial day ceremony. >> we have been reminded in recent days we must do more to keep faith with our veterans and families to make sure they get the benefits they deserve and havered. these americans are have done their duty. they ask nothing more than our country does tours now and for decade to come. martha: week after the news first broke of the mistreatment of our vets. critics are questioning when someone will be held accountable. when you listen to the president, what your response in terms of how committed and
6:34 am
passionate he is on this issue? >> this is part of a long standing pattern. nothing about this deviates from the script we have watched the past six years. the scandal breaks. the president declares his deep concern, nobody gets fired, his surrogates come on television and explain the president is angry about this as if this anger is the equivalent of accountability. he's mad. then we move on to the next scandal. no one is ever fired. fire something one is an admission of culpability, of guilt. they are not about to go down that road. martha: it's so stunning to me. i'm not a psychologist. as far as i know neither are you. but you ask yourself why. all these things bubble up. we have a picture of four different individuals. large numbers' people called for their firing. and we have seen what happens in
6:35 am
some of these cases with kathleen sebelius. when the fury dies down, they sort of quietly slip away. but why is the president so reluctant to say i'm sorry, you may be a friend of mine but you failed in your job and you have to go. >> you have to see this through the lens of the obama administration. they are thinking of this in political terms. to bottom line it for you. anybody paying close attention to the details of these scandals is not voting for the democrats anyway. so he doesn't need to answer the charges. and his spokesmen don't answer the charges. the needs to convince the public he cares, he has to keep the money flowing because a little more than half the country selves more in goods and services than he pays in. so he has to keep that money going out to his voters, and he has too convince his voters that
6:36 am
republicans hate them. basically that's what he spend his time doing. martha: i don't know, when you look at some of these issues, there is a lot of crossover. you have got unions that are upset about this and you see no accountability. you talk about veterans. this is a bipartisan issue. that's why you have democrats who would like to see a little action in terms of accountability. >> there are democratic senators incumbents hanging fire. about 6 of them and they are very upset. but the white house, they are masters of demographics, and the demographic has changed. the industrial unions, the trade unions, those are not their voters, that's yesterday's democratic party. martha: the approval ratings are
6:37 am
under water. who is whispering legacy. >> they believe that look in 25 years your kids will be going barack obama elementary school because the country is changing see much that the president will be seen as a hero, a transformative figure no matter what he does. this is the way they look at the world. they are already winning because america is changing in their direction. i think they are going to get spanked in the mid-terms. but they are looking beyond that. i think it many creepy but that's how they see the world. martha: you may be right and we may see. but when you look@at all these issues, irs, healthcare, veterans. these are not things that don't touch people's lives. >> i think they are making an interesting and risky bet if
6:38 am
they think the legacy will hold firm in the face of these issues. they touch people's intensely. >> they see this as an outmoded linear view. the point is, he cares. martha: tucker, thank you very much. good to see you. bill: a high stake game of political chicken playing out in the state of mississippi. long are time senator had cochran facing off against chris mcdaniel in an ugly battle that became uglier in recent weeks. a photo scandal turned this race upside down. tell us more. >> reporter: this has become a bizarre senate race. an unknown blogger snuck into a nursing home and posted video of
6:39 am
her online. there is so far no evidence of a direct connection to chris mcdaniel's campaign. they charge that he did know about the video and did not alert authorities. where the cochran campaign did after they learned about it. >> reporter: neither senator cochran or senator mcdaniel would do an interview. the cochran campaign canceled an interview we had scheduled. mcdaniels denied any involvement in this. bill: how are the issues shaping
6:40 am
up? >> reporter: senator cochran represented the state of mississippi for sick terms in the senate now. during the days of earmarks he brought a lot back to the state and promised if republicans take control of the senate he will do right by mississippi. chris mcdaniel the tea party challenger that cochran who is 78 years old is out of touch and not conservative enough to represent mississippi. >> he voted to fund obamacare for the reason he voted for the bailouts and every other silly program he voted for the last 42 years. he did it because he doesn't have any fight left in him. reporter: mcdone a.m. has been gaining ground on cochran since this scandal broke. plenty of outside groups pouring hundreds of thousands into advertising, it will be a barn
6:41 am
burner slugfest. martha: let's take a look how things are going. up 50 points. 16,657 as everybody on wall street gets back to work. the dow closed at 16,606. we'll get an eye on the markets throughout the show. regardless of what happens they just keep buying them out there. we'll see. bill: how was your weekend? >> so free, digital free for the most part and i feel like i reconnected with myself and my family. i highly recommend the digital detox. who participated and who did not. bill: breaking news out of ukraine with fighting intensifying military giving russian forces a deadline, get out or else. that's the headline in the last hour. we are live with details.
6:42 am
martha: a car crash caused by superstition? we'll tell you how a man holding his breath ended up in a three-car collision. >> that's the craziest thing i have heard. it's a serious business driving and there is a lot that can happen. you need to pay attention. captain: this is a tip. bellman: thanks, captain obvious. captain: and here's a tip. when you save money on hotel rooms, it's just like saving money on anything else that costs money. like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins...
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martha: a car crash police say was really something. three cars collide in the tunnel
6:46 am
in northwest of portland, oregon. police say the driver that caused this whole thing fainted base was hold higgs breath. they are not saying why but some people apparently hold their breath in tunnels as part after grape or out of soup or station. look at the car, four people hurt, at least one of them seriously. the driver is facing charges including reckless driving. hold your breath while you go in a tunnel. bill: breaking news on the crisis in ukraine. we are hearing pro-russian militants have been given a deadline to get out of the building they occupy. that deadline was 45 minute ago. ukrainian forces try to take back control of the airport in one of the rebel-held cities. colonel raffle peters. this story is moving quickly. let's start with the news of the
6:47 am
hour. gregg palkot tells us the ukrainian government will go in and root out some of these separatists unless they 5 in now. is kiev stronger than anyoneshot thought? >> the former president. the pro-russian yanukovych weakened the ukrainian military. and he put pro-russians in key position. kiev has purged those pro-russian officers and now they are going in very strong. bill: we were told vladimir putin was going to fight for this place. it doesn't appear he has. is he calling off the dogs? >> he's swapping the dogs out. he got two surprises in ukraine. he was surprised there was so
6:48 am
little support for joining russia. once he opened pandora's box and released the lotion mely has, the thugs, he found he couldn't control them. i think what putin is doing now and he may use military force in good time. he many letting ukrainians take care of the ukrainian separatists who didn't do his bidding. some of the separatists proved to be uncontrollable. putin lost control of them. now he's cog what the soviets used to do. he's purging them. he will protect the ukrainian separatists who are loyal to moscow. he's playing a long game. he hasn't lost his desire for eastern ukraine, he's just changing his tactics. bill: you are saying those who are not proven to be loyalists to putin or to russia. he's allowing kiev to take them
6:49 am
out so he does haven't to later? >> have much so. and it's punishment. he demand 100 per loyalty. he thought with his agents on the ground he would be able to control the separatists. it turned out some of them went crazy. even sunday with the election the ukrainian separatists were smashing ballot boxes and kidnapping people, giving people bad video of the russian cause. it reminds me of historical incidents such as when the soviet red army allowed the nazis to crush the polish national resistance, then the russian army moved on after letting the nazis do their dirty work. putin is a student of history. putin is saying nice conciliatory things while his foreign minister sergei lavrov
6:50 am
continues to attack ukraine and accuse ukraine of corrupt elects. putin is able to shift tactic pretty adeptly, but he keeps this long-term strategic goals in mind and he wants the russian empire back. bill: we were told the russian troops that amassed on the eastern border of ukraine. why didn't putin invade? >> i think he was taken aback by how little support there was in ukraine. and he saw the world community lining up against him. and he's biding his time. he will still go in, he's just not ready to do it today. martha: there is a pressure hunt in a major u.s. city as a mystery donor is hiding cash in envelopes around town. bill: that would make a good weekend, wouldn't it?
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martha: a mystery millionaire wants to share his wealth. and he's dmoight a unique way. people are finding envelopes containing $100 in cash. he used twitter to post clues to find the money. he's now planning to take that door other cities. tweets growing fast. william lajeunesse joins us with his reporting on it. it's a heck of a way to get a
6:55 am
lot of twitter followers, that's for sure. >> you tend to be rather sceptical so you are probably wondering about motive. some think it's a publicity stunt like mr. hemmer might believe but he doesn't leave in santa either. about it appears to be what it claims. one fortunate person helping others. he leaves clues on his account that lead to envelopes filled with cash. matt burker found $100 after reading this clue. stand on top of the caterpillar that's close to the water and look down. >> people like to find something no one else has found yet. >> it doesn't matter that it had money in it. we followed the clues and went down here and had a great time.
6:56 am
>> reporter: he plans to pay it forward by treat higgs office mates to lunch this week. martha: any clues as to who this person is? >> he said he made his moneyouse money than he knows what to do with. because san francisco is so expensive he said this is a fun way of giving back. in this record show someone found $100 in the sleeve of the album "we are the world." withinp. still on a mission? know this building in let this meter feed you. need some fruits and veggies, check out the parkers market in the sun set. $4,000 so far and now he's coming to los angeles.
6:57 am
martha: william, thank you. bill: maybe he work for twitter. martha: i think he wants to be the next bachelor. bill: a surge in eligibility costing states a lot more because of obamacare. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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>> a triple homicide sparks a manhunt that is ongoing right now in central florida. 27-year-old smith who calls himself prince david is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. he has a history of mental illness. a 14-year-old girl return home last night to find her mother shot and killed in their home. deputies found to go additional victims, both male. it happened sometime after 7:00 a.m. saturday. we expect a news conference on this less than 60 minutes from now, 11:00 a.m. eastern. we will bring that to you live
7:01 am
as soon as we get it. the skyrocketing cost of obamacare leaving taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars more than expected leaving a lot of states behind the eight ball as we welcome you to a brand new hour of this tuesday. "america's newsroom." bill: thank you for watching. states are getting slammed by the rising cost of medicaid. hundreds of thousands of people, more than expected, signing up through obamacare. it left cash-strapped states or anotherpv massive federal mandate. martha: stuart varney joins us now. good morning to you. basically the rules of obamacare expanded who was eligible for obammedicaid, putting a lot more people on the bill. >> if you are eligible under the
7:02 am
old rules and you sign-up now, states are required to pay a big chunk of the cost of the new enrollees. states have to pay. it is an unforeseen consequence of obamacare. so, 400,000 people signed up fot medi-cal in california, they were pre-is the eligible before obamacare came along, therefore the state, california, has to pick up half the cost of the 300,000 newly enrolled medicaid people in that state. $1.2 billion it goes up from there. georgia, south carolina, montana, they are all affected because of these new people eligible under the old rules have come forward and signed up now. under the obamacare rules, the states have to pay a big chunk of it. the bottom line is states are
7:03 am
going to have to pay through the nose, they weren't expecting it, and now the bill is due. martha: is is coming from not knowing what was in the bill? >> they knew what was coming but the general public thought if you expand medicaid the fed is going to pay. a big chunk thereafter, but now we're talking about newly enrolled in medicaid people eligible under the old rules, a separate definable group. that is what they have to pay for, that is what was not expected. the new enrollees coming forward because of the publicity. sign-up for obamacare. the states have to pay. another unforeseen consequence. martha: they are in rough shape, much of them.
7:04 am
bill: a college student who came face-to-face with a gunman in california says it is a miracle she survived. 22-year-old sierra schwartz says she was walking to her boyfriend home when the gunman elliott roger saw her, pulled up alongside her in his vehicle, spoke to her for a short while and then opened fire. >> i feel like it is an absolute miracle she did not shoot me. there was no one else around, i was only person on the street, a friday night, nobody else around. somehow even though i had not read yet, he did not hit me. bill: she is now heading home to san diego to cope with everything that has happened. police are looking into the gunman's background and psychiatric history and leslie warning signs failed to spark an
7:05 am
investigation. martha: heavy rain in the houston area turning roads into rivers. a lot of cars under one woman said when they saw the water they made a run for it. >> it was shifting back and forth. lot ome and my husband said it s time to go. the kids were on their way home from school. martha: nobody was hurt, thankfully. minor property damage. bill: another fox news alert because new developments in the search for missing schoolgirls in nigeria. an official now telling fox news they cannot confirm reports of the girls location. after the chief announced they know where the girls are but cannot send security forces to get them because it is too dangerous.
7:06 am
they are tracking this today, good morning. how did we first of all learn the nigerians thought they had located the kidnap girls? >> the eye-catching announcement occurred during a demonstration in front of protesters in the nigerian capital yesterday. they were demanding the nigerian military do more. the chief of defense was addressing the protesters, that is where he announced they had located the girls. >> we want our girls back. but where they are held, can we go in with force? nobody should come and say the nigerian military does not know what it is doing. >> he was defending the actions of the nigerian military six weeks after the kidnapping.
7:07 am
the defense did not provide any evidence as to where the girls are, bill. bill: what is a military telling about what they are seeing and help in that area, is our help assisting them? >> unfortunately the pentagon cannot confirm what nigerian air defense chief told the demonstrators. they have a predator drone above northern nigeria and the continuous air surveillance where the girls were taken, but so far they have not seen the girls. it is a heavily forested area. they are now sharing intelligence, but the u.s. military tells us they do not know where the girls are at this moment. bill: from the pentagon. martha: a lot of big news from pope francis, he has announced he will meet with a group of abuse victims at the vatican. he will meet with half a dozen victims at the first meeting between these individuals and the pope saying there can be
7:08 am
zero tolerance for the abuse of children by clergy, also announcing an investigation into three bishops for abuse related issues. bill: fire crews trying to contain a monster fire called the funny river fire. force evacuation of 1000 homes. the red cross has set up shelter and hotel owners offering rooms to evacuees free of charge. >> the going gets tough, we all stick together and we are there for each other. that is what a small community is about. give us a call, i would comp them rooms as long as i could possibly do it. bill: only 30% contained but forecasters are hoping rain today and tomorrow might help slow the growth of the fire. martha: from the great north to the desert southwest and another
7:09 am
welfare raging through flagstaff. officials say this fire was man-made. they are not digging containment lines to keep it away from homes. bill: taking fire brought in here at home, through his questions being raised of president obama's leadership by our allies overseas and democrats back home. fair and balanced debate on both of those fronts coming up next. martha: and why va secretary eric shinseki is not a center of a heated dispute. between one u.s. senator and a top veterans group. bill: and one of the rarest sea creatures he will ever see and ever captured on camera. >> we saw the whole entire fish and realized this thing is huge and then it took off and fight
7:10 am
was on. good morning nelly! woah.
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bill: a huge natural gas explosion in north minnesota sparked a fire seen for miles. it happened in a remote field, homes within a 2-mile radius were evacuated as a precaution. the gas company shutting off service. no one was injured. martha: president obama's leadership as commander in chief coming under fire both abroad and here at home as he prepares for a commencement address.
7:14 am
people talk about his foreign-policy and how he sees the world when he speaks tomorrow at west point graduation and all eyes will be on what he has to say. the financial times writes this: "the critique of a risk-averse president has found strong echoes among some of america's most important allies. from saudi arabia to japan, officials have been wondering whether the u.s. would still come to their defense." th allies. cohost of "the five." very strong piece in the financial times that raises a lot of questions him some of our strongest allies. >> i think he is reflecting what the american people are. they are tired after two wars.
7:15 am
seeing a lot of blood spilled. the united states being the leader of the world is coming to a close and obama reflects that. people can be more interventionist. martha: it is interesting, add dlc talk differently of what we have heard from the president. what the allies fear is an absence of american power in the world, that is what would keep them awake at night. people feel the united states have lost their sway and influence. >> the hall redline incident in syria was much bigger than just the middle east. people are terrified about that in japan, taiwan, relying on our word and the word of the president of the united states means nothing.
7:16 am
vladimir putin is just running rings around the president and around the west and that is going to make all of our allies nervous. martha: let's play with the president said on syria. president obama: we have been very clear to the asad regime and also two other players on the ground that a redline for us, we start to see a whole bunch of chemical weapons move around or utilized, that would change it. martha: we hear nothing from syria. >> that one incident became symbolic for obama's foreign policy. as it turns out, you look at it the people against asad are necessarily our allies.
7:17 am
leaving that aside, it raises a point when you put a mark down, in ukraine the american people are with obama on this. i suppose you stand on the door and say get your troops out of here? martha: it goes the question of the china sea, how willing we are to be there for our allies in the long-term, and are you comfortable with the posture we have in the world right now, you feel safe and we're making our allies feel safe? >> some allies don't feel safe, we have the largest military in the world by far. at some point we need another aircraft carrier group? maybe. it costs a lot of money. republicans screaming about the deficit, the lack of leadership
7:18 am
overseas, it costs a lot of money to maintain that kind of power. martha: talks with how democrats feel, what more and more are saying privately, flat-footed and even incompetent. >> they are right about that. he doesn't have relationship to capitol hill and this attitude as if he is floating above the government and doesn't have very much to do with it except what he might see on cnn about the latest scandal, and what else is going on the biggest factor is they are facing a tough midterm, approval ratings underwater. every man or woman for his or herself. martha: when you look around the
7:19 am
world, president reagan, tony blair, george bush, where do we see them building strong alliances and deep friendships we will be reading books about in the future? >> can i go back to something about the democrats, in almost every case people in competitive races, go back to 2006 george bush was getting the same kind of feet as obamacare is now. bill clinton was getting the same kind of feet he is getting now. ronald reagan was getting this kind of feet, the economy was terrible. it is not unusual for the survival of politicians to do what is necessary for the
7:20 am
commander-in-chief. >> the most telling thing is a couple of democratic candidate the question if they will vote for obamacare or not. the message has been the debate is over, you have democrats potentially could be senators up in the air over the social legislation which shows to me this is very much alive. martha: thank you very much. bill: a bureaucratic nightmare. >> they are putting you into their gear and smashing you up. bill: will patients insured under obamacare have a deal with the same kind of delays? we have a report on that moments away. martha: how one man got himself
7:21 am
trapped in a chimney, and he isn't santa claus.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
martha: california man finding himself and quite a tight spot. they had to use a hook and ladder to free a guy that was stuck in his chimney. this time to get into the the ex-wife's home. get it up getting trapped nearly all the way down. no serious injuries to report and no word if police will file any charges. there has got to be a better way. bill: points for creativity at a minimum. can the scandal for medical treatment at the va be a sign of things to come under the obamacare? there are concerns patients
7:25 am
could face long wait times of their own. jim angle has the story from washington. y reporter: let's work our way through this bid consumers are working with one of the key aspects of obamacare. wanting to keep premiums low to boost enrollment by insurance companies have to limit doctors and hospitals to those that would accept lower reimbursement. >> they will find they can't see the doctor they want to see or the hospital because a lot of the best hospitals and doctors are not in their network. >>reporter: it'll be harder to t in and see a doctor. with more, lines are likely to grow which many argue consumers will face rationing just like the current mess at the administration. >> the things happening with the
7:26 am
incentives of a government run system. >> the transistor private companies, not the payroll as it is in the va, but a list of required and expensive benefits and acting 20,000 pages of regulations all while urging companies to eat th keep the cof premiums down. >> so you have rationing, not having the resources to address all the problems. reporter: it was the key to saving money and holding premiums down. bill: good luck with all of that, jim. counting on you.
7:27 am
martha: the va scandal a big headache, but now calling out the ranking republican republice senate committee. what he did that really ticked them off. bill: a portrait of manatee featuring portraits of you, me, and 6 billion of your closest friends. n you start tomorrow? yes sir. alrit. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves.
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bill: a lot of people considering a memorial weekend, the veteran scandal sparking a battle. taking aim at the veterans groups refusing to call for the resignation of eric shinseki writing they are "more interested in defending the status quo within the va protecting the relationships with the agency and securing access to the secretary and his inner circle." they are: the war a "cheap shot." one of the most vulnerable ask we have seen with the involvement of the veterans committee breaching the standards of in a state senate. thank you for coming back.
7:32 am
do you think he had a point? >> there are definitely some issues with the veterans community and access to the secretary, but in terms of painting the group with one broad stroke, the ranking member is way out of line. survey not the case with iraq and afghanistan of america. he was getting some bad advice from folks. he definitely owes the groups an apology. bill: are upset more about a letter i wrote in the treatment of veterans. >> he was trying to paint the groups with one broad stroke. it is not true with our organization or any organization.
7:33 am
everybody is trying to get to the bottom of this. we are not willing to wait until june or july when the report comes out for action to be taken. we have called for action from the beginning. we have been extremely critical of the administration over this and the backlog and many other issues. i think he jumped the gun a little bit. bill: suggesting that is simply not acceptable. >> if you look at the actual testimony of the veterans groups, especially hours, there is no way you can defend that statement. i don't know where he got that because that is simply not the case. it is simply not the case. bill: i was still kind of stuck? i comes to this issue? >> there has definitely been
7:34 am
some movement. we have heard city after city coming out with a new development. they will be more coming out, san antonio, fort collins, phoenix, austin, more and more problems surfacing. we partner to allow and enable whistleblowers to come forward and talk about the problems happening, i think there will be more developments over the next week.+a"ñ bill: how much worse will it get? >> we will see, but definitely more will come out. bill: do you think the new revelations will be worse than what we have heard already? >> continuing development of what we have already heard. we don't know how deep the scandal goes, we don't know how wide it is, we will find out in the next couple of weeks as more
7:35 am
people feel more comfortable now and empowered to talk about what they have been silent on. bill: we will stay in touch with you. thank you for your time. martha: in texas they are heading to the polls dealing with the controversial new voter id law with a woman struggling to reclaim her right to vote. live in dallas with that story. a woman was denied her right to vote? >> she was initially. 92-year-old, boy is she a pistol. she has been voting since she was 23 years old, something she takes very seriously, about 70 years and she tells us she has rarely missed an election. she ran into problems with the texas runoff because her drivers
7:36 am
license expired four years ago and the new voter id law enacted last june requires voters to show a current government issued picture id if they want to vote in person. when she went to renew it she did not have a birth certificate so they denied her. she was devastated with the notion she would not be able to carry out her civic duty. >> my daddy always preached to always vote, if you don't vote, don't complain about who got in there because it is your fault if you're not going to do anything about it, that is your fault. >> she was finally able to get the final id. the state had to go back to census rules for the 1940s to identify her. they will cast her ballot in person today. martha: supporters of the voter
7:37 am
id law still stand by it, right? >> absolutely. they say this is necessary to combat voter fraud. the attorney general of texas and current republican monitorial candidate has been a big advocate for the law despite a lawsuit against the lone star state. the statement reads in part voter id required of every texan regardless of race and offered free of charge for anybody who needs one and if you are over 65 or disabled, you can vote absentee and no id is required. she wanted to vote in person. not absentee.
7:38 am
bill: more and how it is spurring the debate of gun laws and mental illness. martha: and quite an unusual find. not the loch ness monster. >> we're going to remember this the rest of our lives. of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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7:42 am
bill: a group of fishermen in florida making a catch of a lifetime. 500-pound sawfish. she is a beauty and this thing was not easy to land. >> so powerful, so strong. swimming out. >> that was the first thing. the rarest species of all. bill: that is some funky stuff. they captured the video and then cut and released it back to the water. martha: to have a video to prove it. they did the right thing, catch and release back into the wild. back to this awful story that unfolded over the course of this long weekend. you're a california university campus reignited the debate over gun control and issues of mental
7:43 am
health. 22-year-old elliott rodger tape a chilling video following a day of retribution against the women who had shunned him before he killed six people and injured 13 others. three of them were found stabbed to death in his apartment, three others shot to death in the streets. now the father of one of those victim very emotional blaming the death on washington and the nra. >> why did chris die? he died because of irresponsible politicians and the nra. they talk about gun rights, what about his right to live? when will this insanity stop? >> what a terrible situation for all of the families. i'm joined now by david webb.
7:44 am
he is a fox's jupiter and richard fowler. gentlemen. every time this happens we look at these families and we hear their heartbreak, and you look for answers because something needs to be done to prevent this kind of things from happening but the big question is what. let me start with you. >> i think every time you see one of these tragedies we ask ourselves what can we do. the truth is the will hear in washington, not enough to pass sensible gun reform so the truth is look at what we can get done with this congress were democrats, republicans and everybody agrees, beefing up mental health care in this country. we are working ahead of the clock to make sure something like this doesn't happen. they are stopped before he can pull the trigger.
7:45 am
has to go beyond gun control, find a way to deal with until health care in this country. martha: deal if that ever seems to get any attention in this whole thing is the guns. it doesn't seem to be solving the problem. >> everybody can feel the pain or at least emphasize with the pain of his father. he lost a child in a tragedy that we don't imagine, we don't ever want to imagine. two things have to be separated. gun control and mental health issues. since the '60s has been a fight to addressing the mental health issues at the state and federal level. that has been ongoing. it is about the knife, it is a
7:46 am
weapon, a person. not the instrument used. in california and the need to look at what their states have done. it was tragic, but there was no system to help get him more help. he was not taking his medicine which means there is a problem here with the person, not the zero sum argument of gun control. martha: you are right. we don't have institutions people like this can be checked into. we have families. the other situations where people should have been in institutions. these are situations where in many cases therapist and family members said they were concerned. they have all had run-ins with police. this young man also had a meeting with police very
7:47 am
recently before he did this. maybe what we need is for mental health professional to be on the visit to knock on the door with police because the police in this case did nothing. >> i completely agree with you on this particular point. we cannot get it done in congress, that is the reality of it, so what can democrats and republicans and the president and the american people all agree upon? we can go on and on and on, mental illness is the problem here. let's invest in infrastructure to make sure that we are solving the problem before it happens, getting people the care they need so we can deal with gun control later. martha: i don't hear anybody in washington taking this issue seriously. everybody loves to talk about
7:48 am
guns because it is easy to talk about and fight about guns, it is that easy to fight mental health. they have nowhere to turn because their child has never committed a crime in the past. everybody knows these people are ticking time bombs and nobody has the wherewithal to do anything about it. >> richard defaults to gun control and we have never had a serious discussion. there is an issue of mental health here. he used a knife and a gun. so let's not inflate the two issues. difficult enough to figure out how to protect somebody's fourth amendment right and deal with somebody with serious mental issues with more than indications, reports by family members, police involved. how do you get to a point where maybe inclination, somebody who can diagnose is brought into the argument. many people around this country have had for some reason or
7:49 am
another don't have to be thrown into the mental illness plot and barred. during the bush administration, in that there were stronger reporting structures for states to work with each other so federal firearm sales people have the requirement to check. martha: thank you. i hear what you are both saying, we're out of time and we will continue this conversation. it is a mental health issue and one that has to be addressed. thank you, gentlemen. bill: a quick preview of "happening now." how are you doing it? >> good to see you as well. more on the breaking story outside of uc santa barbara. and a manhunt for a murder in florida. plus modest gains, concerns over the end of a very long market. does the rally still have room to run? what should you do with your money and contradicting much of
7:50 am
what you have heard, diet soda is not so bad and starvation diets work. how about that? we will get to the bottom of it. bill: thank you, welcome back. ied's causing dramatic wounds in the battlefield. a new invention can save lives by stopping the bleeding. >> it's just is fire and forget, move on. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. bill: mentioned this story throughout the morning. more intense fighting in ukraine this one.
7:54 am
militants were given a deadline to get out of the buildings have occupied for weeks and it was almost two hours ago. live in ukraine with more. >> we have been hearing sporadic gunfire from the airport. fighter jets overhead, but nothing like a full on war that we saw yesterday near the airport the rebels had ceased international airport. military said get out, they didn't and the military went back in. we spent some time today about 2 miles away from that airport. that is where the rebels are now set up. take a look at what we saw. >> 2 miles down that road, said to be held by ukrainian forces 3 miles in the other direction. in between, a lot of guns. >> the death toll around 100 rebels killed yesterday.
7:55 am
we saw one truck mangled, hit by ukrainian artillery or rpg fire. three dead there, 35 killed at another truck. ujutut)s&ing up with the bodies of rebel militants. as you noted, the spokesperson have told us ukrainian government has given the folks here a deadline which has passed to get out of the various buildings that they are occupying here or else. they gave a deadline to the militants at the air force yesterday and they acted on that deadline. right now again pretty calm in the center of the city, but after spending some time with those rebels at the frontline, the automatic weapons, the cocktails getting ready, getting ready for the barricade. there is a sense in the city we're looking at a last stand.
7:56 am
giving this message they have had enough with the militants, the hundreds of militants taking control of the various cities and they are coming down hard. as we say kind of an eerie quiet. we will be waiting, tracking and tell you all about it when it comes. bill: eastern ukraine, the latest there. martha: a massive manhunt underway this hour for an accused killer. warning this man is armed, mentally ill and he is very dangerous. a live report coming up next.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
bill: nasa taking the concept of the selfie to epic proportions. first of its kind. looks like a simple photo montage, but if you take a few steps back, 36,000 individual photos posted to social media to celebrate this year's earth day.
8:00 am
martha: looks like there are two everetts. i can see maccallum right there. martha: i think i see you too. i went digital-free, i highly recommend it. take a break, folks. i missed kim kardashian's entire wedding, chfs -- which was the best part of all. jenna: and we start out with a fox news alert. florida police launch an all-out manhunt for a suspect in a grisly triple homicide, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. police believe 27-year-old david smith shot ask killed three people last night in the town of lakeland near tampa. we are awaiting a news conference in lakeland. meantime, police are asking for the public's help in finding him. >> we don't know where he is. certainly, we are checking every avenue, because we've got to locate this guy. we certainly think between his paranoid episodes, the fact that


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