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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 29, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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evening. so i hope you stay tuned for that. i'm bill o'reilly and please remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly live in new york and tonight. >> new details where the benghazi investigation is going and the effort to protect hillary clinton. >> we had four dead americans because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night decided they would go kill americans? difference at this point does it make? >> see what congressional aids are telling us tonight. plus. tony perkins steps into a christian mother's fight to live after being sentenced to death in sudan. see how he hopes to force the white house to get involved and then. >> do you think pretty bad people are crossing over the rio into the u.s.? >> absolutely. >> how often? >> every day. >> dramatic new video back from
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the boarder where dennis michael lynch says some security teams are on the verge of collapse. we'll investigate on a big night on "the "kelly file"" right now. breaking tonight, the "kelly file" has now information about the direction for the new benghazi investigation, the effort to protect hillary clinton from the fallout and what was supposed to be a secret meeting between mrs. clinton and president obama at the white house hours ago. it is a secret no more. welcome to the "kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. at some point tomorrow morning we're told a coalition of hillary clinton supporters with an eye toward 2016 will meet in washington to plan a defense against any potentially damaging revelations from the new special select committee investigating the deadly benghazi terror attacks. we did digging and are learning new details tonight on what those revelations might be. capitol hill sources telling us the committee will dig deeper on
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security at the consulate in the first place, who was in on the call, not to send our military when the attack was underway and why none of the attackers have been arrested. then, just hours ago, people magazine sent a tweet and took it down. it said mrs. clinton was meeting with president obama today, something they had not disclosed on the president's schedule nor did the pool reporter who covers the white house know about and it already the white house press core complained about another violation of the promise to be the most chance pararant white house. what was happening there and why wasn't it on the schedule? chris, i'm sure it was a friendly chat and had nothing of interest to say to the public and that's why they didn't feel the need to reveal it. >> i like how it got blown by people saying it was just to
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hillary clinton heading over to the white house, sorry, did i mention that? and then they take it down and then they change it and come back and say, it wasn't a meeting, it was a lunch, as if they were just hanging out and eating and talking about their families. give me a break. >> this on the heels -- i mean, the meeting comes on the eve of this huge coalition, getting together to talk about how to fend off the damage to hilary as the select committee gets underway and to me that says she's officially running for president. >> well, let's just -- let's cut through it. hillary clinton is running for president. she may decide to stop running for president but let's just be clear. she's running for president. she may choose to abandon that later on but she has what essentially constitutes the death star of shadow campaigns working right now. she has a serous team of serious operators. remember, this will be an effort that will spend well over a billion dollars i'm sure and they are gearing up now. what is the clear, clearly identifiable problem for hillary
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clinton? it is the fact that we're watching in realtime the foreign policy that she helped to craft and sheppard for barack obama is falling to pieces, and he doesn't have defenders anymore. he has some apologists left but when the new york times and washington post and everybody else says wow, this foreign policy is a disaster, what was supposed to be hillary clinton's absolute star thing that was going to make her stand out and say she's ready to take on the world thanks looks terrible now. >> unrattling. >> they need a plan. >> looks like they are worried about benghazi. read the manpower they are going to put into this and sending out her top advisor to speak to the group specifically about benghazi and highlight why i assume hilary is not to blame for any of it. they are worried. >> well, they are worried, yes, but probably, if i had to guess, i would say their strategy is going to make sure that any time anybody says the word benghazi, it is identified as either being
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a coo coo republican attack or somehow sexist, that somehow it will be a sexist allegation to say that hillary clinton did this wrong or whatever. i'm sure that what they are trying to figure out is how best to brand the republicans. this is the clintons we're talking about. they know how to do this. they did it with the impeachment of her husband and know how to play the game and will make certain they make sure whatever happens out of this investigation in this special select committee and anything else is branded as unacceptable and make sure media outlets know they will not tolerate, they will not tolerate anything that makes her look bad. >> you know, it's funny because she's obviously worried about benghazi. one of the things we learned tonight about the select committee, they will zero in on why there is such focus on the video and we were told by the relatives of the dead that over those caskets at dover air force base, hillary clinton went to them, so did the president and said we'll get that guy who made that video while they knew that this wasn't about a video, that
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that was just a white house talking point. so that's one of the areas they may be discussing at team clinton tomorrow. chris, good to see you. >> you bet. >> well, speaking of the clintons and media, fox's own media critic taking heat after he weighed in on complaints about recent media coverage of mrs. clinton. he writes quote let's say hilary's people is right and the press is petty, sen sax lest and sometimes mean to women. deal with it he says, every candidate has to cope with the media. boy, did they unleash on host of the media buzz sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. howie, it's interesting because at this big meeting tomorrow and this group that will get together to protect hilary among the many players is this group who lives this hate fox news, but she loves them and helped establish them and boy, they are very shockingly unhappy with you for saying that. >> well, i took a really radical stance, megyn. i said all professional
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politician haves to deal with lousy coverage. it's like dealing the wealther and part of the test of running for president is to show u that you can hit big league pitching even if some people are throwing at your head. she had this problem in the 200 campaign that i covered. she was seen by the press core fairly as remote and over programmed. i'm saying she should be -- she is in fact a good enough politician to deal with the press, even if she thinks the press is beating up on her. >> but you said she should take the sexist attacks and that, of course, makes you a sexist pig. >> i'm not going to plead guilty to that -- >> but that's what they do. my point is it's already happening. what he said is going to happen is happening and you just experienced it. you said she's going to need to deal with it, put on the big girl pants and deal with the incoming just like any candidate and barack obama had to do when some people didn't like him because of his race and so on and forge forward and take it like a politician would and what
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happened? they took out both guns against you. >> i'm not condoning unfair journalism but i am saying that a candidate doesn't have to like journalists. we're kind of a snarky and knit picking punch -- some of us. you can't just release book excerpts and videos and run for president that way you have to engage. now a hopeful sign was announced today that when she kicks off her book tour which is the first leg of the possible likely probable presidential campaign that hillary clinton is going to talk to greta acigarettgreta, t sign. suggesting that if you stiff the press and if you don't grant interviews and if you are remote, then your coverage suffers. hilary had a legitimate beef in 2008. the press was proobama in the primaries, 2016 i think will be a different story. >> they didn't want her at all and she did not get the brass ring without that media.
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howie, good to see you. >> same here, megyn. >> also developing tonight, a challenge to the national rifle association and it's fight to defend the second amend mtd since the shooting that killed six in california, several media outlets like the new york daily news have launched a new anti gun push. keep in mind three of the six were killed with a knife. they were stabbed to death. the news going as far today to suggest that the nra is somehow responsible for the loss of thousands of lives to object to funding for federal gun studies. we asked trace gallagher to do digging on this, trace? >> megyn, in the budget for next year, president obama included funding to research gun violence and needs congress to approve the budget but some lawmakers introduced legislation that will give the cdc $10 million a year. one of the bills sponsors caroline says quoting in america gun violence kills twice as many children as cancer and yet, political grand standing has
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halted funding for public health research to understand the crisis. most republicans disagree saying the money wouldn't go for legitimate research but for anti gun research. the national rifle association adds, quoting, the abuse of taxpayer funds for anti gun political propaganda under the guides of research is unethical. it was the nra that lobbied to have gun research money taken away from the cdc in the mid '90s and in 1996 republican congressman jay dickie sponsored the dickie amendment that resulted in cdc funding being slashed but after the theater shoot income aurora, colorado, dickie changed his stance and pushed to have funding reinst e reinstated writing in the washington post quote we don't know whether having more citizens carry guns would decrease or increase firearm death or whether firearm registration and licensing would make inner city residents safer or expose them to greater harm. we don't know whether a ban on assault weapons or large
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capacity magazines would have saved lives in aurora or would make it riskier for people to go to a movie. dickie's change of heart has done very little to rally support among progun groups who say the cdc has a history of producing skewed results. megyn? >> trace, thanks. for the first time in weeks, some big news, breaking in the search for that missing malaysia airlines plane and wait until you hear what happened now, plus president obama is now being urged to help a christian woman sentenced to death over her fate. she is in jail now. the mother of two american babies, we're told. tony perkins is next on how he is getting involved and what he expects our president to do. plus, the "kelly file" exclusive, dennis michael lynch is here with reports of what he is calling the border on the brink of collapse. >> there is no doubt if the terrorists wanted to come to the u.s., to come
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ink from chase. so you can. there is a new effort to pressure the white house to help a woman sentenced to death for her christian faith. she was jailed after marrying a christian man, which is forbidden for muslim women under laws in sudan. just this week, she had to give
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birth in the prison where she now resides with her newborn and a 20 month old and while her husband is reportedly a u.s. citizen, the state department today still would not confirm how if at all they are trying to help. president of the family research counsel, trying to change that. the husband is reportedly an american, which would make the two children american and so what exactly is the american government doing to help this family? >> megyn, so far nothing that we can tell. they are refusing to answer any questions other than to condemn this but right now words are not enough. for four months, she has been shackled to the floor, apparently reports say that she remains shackled while she was giving birth earlier this week. she's in there with a 20 month old and as you mentioned, now, about a three or four-day-old little girl, maya. this is a prison that was built to contain about 100 people and
9:16 pm
according to the un, houses up to about 1200 now, disease infested, mosquitos, and according to a un report again, one child a day, one infant a day dies in this prison during the summer months, which we're entering. >> all right. so something needs to be done. her crime is her christian faith. and this is somebody who is married to a u.s. citizen, we believe the mother of two. if those children are american citizens, as well, in there, what should we be doing that we're not? today the state department refused to say anything about what we are doing to help them. >> megyn, these are two children that would be american citizens. that requires verification. the father went to the embassy and told him they didn't have time. these are reports based on what we heard but we've been working with members of congress, what could happen is the secretary of homeland security could immediately grant refugee status to the three of them regardless
9:17 pm
of their citizen ship or not and that could give them an exit to this country because if they are released in this muslim country, onto the streets, most likely they will be killed. p but today -- >> because of the their christian faith? >> because of their christian faith. she's been charged with adult tribecause she married a non-muslim. the marriage is not recognized. not only is she supposed to be hanged but receive 100 lashes. now the sharia law judge said we'll let her ween -- the baby will be weaned before we execute her. we do not know when she will receive the 100 lashes. the secretary of homeland security was asked if he was aware of this case. explained to it him and said i think i've heard about it. that was the response from the man who could grant on his own without any act of congress, he could grant them refugee status and give them safe exit to this
9:18 pm
country. >> we need to get aware and quickly given the infant mortality rates and the situation she's facing. these are two innocent children who are suffering, not to mention their mother and what if at all we're going to do. the state department says they are discussing it. >> we need to put this on the steps of the white house. that's why we're using the government's petition and we have a petition, people can go to fr and they ask the president to do everything he can to allow this woman freedom. at one point in time it meant something to be a citizen, no matter what you faced, you were not alone. that's not true. the pastor in iran has been in jail for two years. we have a mother with two little children in sudan and of course left americans behind in benghazi, libya. this is a tragedy. and we're seeing -- i think a
9:19 pm
direct correlation between this increasing religious hostility here at home by the hands of our own government and this rising persecution of christians. >> we've given them more than ten -- hundreds of millions of dollars and we should have some bargaining power. tony, good to see you. >> thank you, megyn. >> tell us what happens. days before a critical primary, an openingly gay republican running for a house seat, this race is being watched across the country finds himself the victim of a vicious crime. he's here for an interview who may be behind this and the attacks he suffered from left-wing groups so far and a bombshell. new account on what some are calling a crisis on the boarder tonight. dennis michael lynch is next with the exclusive details. >> these guys in the cars, are they scouts for the cartels? >> yes. they are scouts.
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you want to get across the river into the u.s., i mean, you got a 99% chance of getting across the river and making it. it bothers me the lack of enforcement, but, you know, you want to get elected, you leave it alone. >> that is just one of several eye-opening interviews from a documentary by film maker dennis michael lynch called "they come to america, too" and he's here with dramatic new accounts. the number of illegal immigrants entering the u.s. now is increasing to the point where the boarder patrol in texas is about a month away from being totally overwhelmed.
9:24 pm
dennis michael lynch is that documentary film maker and producer of they come to america and part two, as well. good to see you. this is reporting you're receiving from a boarder patrol source or whom? can you tell us? >> i can't tell you exactly whom my sources are. i can tell you these are the guys who are down there, and i get -- >> in texas saying they are overwhelmed because the number of illegal immigrants coming through the boarder -- >> actually what they told me is worse than i've been told before. they said they think boarder patrol is going to be at the point of collapse. tonight, i'm telling you and america for the first time the ap just reported that the number of arrests at the rio grand valley has been 1100 a day. that number is now 2,000. >> why? >> because the influx from central america is just coming in. the otms now, other than mexicans. >> we talked about that. >> yes, we talked about that many a times. that's now at 75%.
9:25 pm
it's a 30 to 45 day travel from there through mexico and intelligence is saying, that the amount that's coming in is just going to -- the boarder patrol can't process it. >> is that because, i mean, we typically seen spikes because of weather when the weather gets warmer -- >> it's easier to travel at night. that's a given. the big driver of it all is the promise of amnesty. that's what they are all being told. we're at the point right now where people are coming across and just handing themselves in because they know they won't be sent back. it is -- megyn, you always have me on and i thank you for that. i'm at a point i don't know what to say anymore. it is so bad. i don't know what to say anymore. i say every time i come on that the fundamental change that this president is trying to make is through this immigration. we're never going to be able to change things back. i mean, people come over the boarder patrol, it's out there in the press right now. they are not checking these people for diseases.
9:26 pm
they are just coming in and at this point now, they don't know what to do with them. they are dropping them off at bus depots and taking buses -- >> we did a report on how children are now, they had to set up emergency shelters for children crossing the boarder without supervision, which is another problem. keep us up to date. >> absolutely, thanks. >> months after it vanished. a big development tonight in the search for the missing malaysia airlines plane. see what the authorities are saying about the locator pings and the plane's location. you will not believe. plus growing outrage over new video posted online and what one father was encouraging his son to do. and speaking of video, up next, what the cameras caught when the commander in chief took a trip to west point. i ys say be thman with the plan but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent
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you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close. introducing at&t mobile share value plans... ...with our best-ever pricing for business. from the world headquarters of fox news, it's the "kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> the search for the malaysia jet, they picked up locator pings combing the southern indian ocean they chris crossed hoping they were getting closer every day and after the effort a dramatic announcement.
9:31 pm
trace gallagher has been tracking it. >> the announcement is the pings were false so i would like to say it's back to the drawing board but there is not one and here is why. they have satellite handshakes that show the plane was still in contact with satellite for more than six hours after it disappeared. the company that owned the satellite took the data after flight 370 crashed into the southern indian ocean, even pinpointing the crash location to within 25 miles but the blue fin 21 searched 850 square miles and authorities ruled that area out. next they plan to search 50,000 square miles along the plane's final ark they they don't have a single clue where to begin. what is more frustrating is experts said for weeks and weeks the under water pings were from flight 370. listen. >> these four detections, what do they represent? to me and i have absolutely no
9:32 pm
doubt and this is an opinion shared by the people on the vessel, it means they have locate where had this plane is crashing. >> except they haven't located them and the families of the passengers have nothing. listen. >> i know they are disappointed they didn't find anything but look, it just is another slap in the face, another long road for us and look, i'm just shattered by the news. i'm absolutely shattered. >> almost three months, megyn, not a single piece of evidence. megyn? >> incredible. trace, thank you. >> i believe in american exceptionalism with every fiber of my being. it's not our ability to flout international norms. >> do you hear that? that is pathetic.
9:33 pm
that was -- folks, that is embarrassing. so we suck again. there is nothing special about us. we don't obey the law. we don't abide by the law. we float international norms and the rule of law. >> that was rush limbaugh with a harsh critique of president obama's speech at west point yesterday and he's not alone. folks on both the left and the right have largely panned the president's appearance and his remarks calling it uninspiring, odd, unimpressive. "the washington post" editorial board writing president obama binds america's hands on foreign affairs. >> the 44th president of the united states, president barack obama. [ applause ] >> no standing, just some polite
9:34 pm
applause. compare that to the president wes point gave president bush. not the highlight of his presiden presidency. [ cheers ] [ applause ] [ cheers ] >> what does that tell us? pete is an iraq and afghanistan war veteran and ceo of concerned veterans of america and worked with the clintons and co-foun r er of zimmerman relations. pete, what does it tell us? >> everything we need to know. soft clapping the way they did, i'm sitting here, i feel like i can get in the heads of then. they are sitting there thinking i don't want to end wars, win wars. i don't want to lead from we hind, i want to lead from the
9:35 pm
front. i don't think we should apologize for being america. we should stand boldly and shouldn't ask for international consensus. he effectively looked them in the eye and said you're about to go flout international law and that's what i'm here to tell you. it was a rel ridiculous speech the west point cadets gave it what it deserved, a golf clap. >> a golf clap. when you hear the panning interviews, talking about his contradictory foreign policy and washington post just all he did was deliver a big speech that fell flat and so on, what do you think? >> look, anyone who thinks this is shocking like pete for example is just basing gets news from rush limbaugh and the new york times is critical of the administration with drones and surveillance. "the washington post" was opposed because they are for
9:36 pm
that. so those are -- >> no, they are not just for keeping troops in afghanistan longer. >> -- of course. >> go ahead -- >> i did. [ overlapping speakers ] >> troops committed there. >> robert, go ahead. >> you know what they don't want? they don't want to surge the troops and tell the enemy what we'll leave at the same time. they want a foreign policy that makes sense. he doubled down -- >> we tried it your way -- >> wait, don't talk over him. hold on. that's what the washington post said -- we tried it pete's way for eight years during administration and we saw america knot just held international sustain but the policies of the bush white house led to the spread of al qaeda. when it listen to pete's rhetoric against the obama administration, it's very typical -- >> hold on. >> to put democrs. >> hold on one second. pete is entitled to his opinion. he served his country in iraq
9:37 pm
and afghanistan. we don't take this away. >> i don't respect his partisan rhetoric. >> go ahead, pete. >> this is a very legitimate critique of foreign policy across the spectrum that people recognized is a failure where our enemies don't respect us the way they did -- >> hold on, let him finish. >> trust us -- >> can we get facts and skip the rush bill law rhetoric. >> i'll give you the floor. >> if they trust us the way they did before. ask -- >> our enemies -- >> hey! this is like dealing with my three-year-old. robert, let pete finish and i'll go back to you. >> are you going to say that with a straight face -- >> absolutely. we spend more military than the top eight nations combined. we have the highest gdp in the world. we stand with more international treaties. >> let me dial back and ask you, what did you make of the applause, bob beckel tonight was talking about they had gloves on so it would have been more
9:38 pm
robust if they didn't have the gloves on. love bob. that seems like a stretch. >> that's a stretch. >> they didn't seem that inspired, did they. >> that is for you. >> okay. fine, i'll be glad to. this was a foreign policy speech, not the typical sound byte commencement address. they treated him respectfully and i admire him but the president outlined a vision for the world and country that demonstrates why we leave the world and why we have the vision for how to combat terrorism in the future. >> okay. got to leave it at that. >> anyone that has to emphasize they believe in american exceptionalism has doubts about whether they do. >> good to see you both. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. coming up, a terrifying twist on the family photo shoot after a glass floor starts to give way more than 100 stories up. plus, after months of attacks from left wing groups, an openly gay republican congressional candidate is the target of an attempt to cripple his campaign days before the
9:39 pm
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now to a kelly file exclusive. an openly gay candidate is the victim of a vicious attack just six days before the primaries he is considered to be a front runner for the 52 district, including san diego. staff found his headquarters had been vandalized computer screens shattered and lap tops flooded with water and every cord in the office was cut, shutting down communications. police say that kind of damage suggests this is no random act of violence. this is not the first time he has been targeted. carl dimaio is here. good of you to be here tonight. you have been targeted. by the left and that has been well documented do you believe those targeting you in past are capable of this? >> well, i don't want to
9:45 pm
speculate on who is responsible for this, my hope is that the san diego police department will pursue every lead and whoever did this will be brought to justice. at a time when people are out of work, when veterans aren't getting benefits, this should not be the focus of our national dialogue on what they need to do in this country. it ought to be on ideas, not vandalism in the night from a coward. >> etc. creepy this happened and damage was bad police said look. this is not a random act. i want to ask you why you're such a target seems the left perceives you as a threat. and an openly gay republican do you believe this is because you potentially undermine their accusations the g.o.p. is a party that is exclusionary and bigoted? . >> i do believe there are some on the far left that don't want to see these issues resolved.
9:46 pm
they'd have the republican party remain a boogie man, opposed to issues like marriage equality so they have a fund raising tool to raise money off of, or to drive out democrat voters. >> how can you be a gay republican? the in the race game? >> my hope is that my candidacy is a precursor of what is still to come. where the republican party allows individuals to decide these issues. and instead, focus our attention on fixing the financial crisis in this country, getting people back to work. >> the targeting of you didn't just come from the left but in part from the right. traditional marriage crowd in particular. you're a man this, is part of your platform. you want to review regulations on private sector businesses and annual evaluations for public
9:47 pm
teachers and expand school choice you would think the right would be rallying behind you. you have social conservatives targeting you. is there room for someone like you who is clearly conservative, in terms of limited government policies but seems more progressive on social issues. is there room for someone like you in the u.s. congress? in the grand old party? >> i think so. on tuesday's election, our primary is tuesday, just days away. i believe that san diegoins will agree there is room and it will send a national message. i face two other republicans that are backed by far right groups that helped contribute up to $750,000 to oppose my candidacy in the republican primary. i'm hoping on election night, tuesday night, if there will be a national message that even republican voters, primary voters are the most engaged they want to see the party modernized
9:48 pm
and see a solutions-oriented party focused on issues that matter most to the person people, not these side shows that should be left up to individuals to decide in the context of personal freedom. >> we've mentioned things done do you but despite the fact you have a 100% voting record, using your in one campaign ad, when is unusual for an openly gay candidate to do. >> but it's not unusual for straight candidates. >> right. >> you do this, at risk of alienating folks on the far right. nonetheless, you got booed during a gay pride parade out there then, they failed to defend you the left failed to defend you when this fake group put up a drag queen parody, a photo shopped picture of you. this is all a bs campaign trying
9:49 pm
to make you look like something you're not. these people were sanctioned in a court, yet, the left did not come out and denounce this. when you hear someone on the left claiming moral high ground on issue of being inclusive, is it hard for you to stomach? >> at the end of the day i'm not going to get angry bit but focus on moving issues forward i want issues to be settled and we should be standing up for personal freedom and moving on. and people should be treated with equal protection under the law. once achieving we should focus on fixing the economy, caring for veterans, balancing the budget. these are the issues american people care about. both political parties seem to be distracted by political side shows i think i speak for millions of americans fed up, frustrate asked they just want to see things get done. >> in defense of the more center and regular left and right, as
9:50 pm
opposed to the hard, you're doing well and some of the main stream folks out there seem to have no problem with you, nor do they condone these bad tactics. carl, good of you to be here. >> thanks so much, megyn. >> he raised interesting points. let us know what you think. follow me at twitter. and up next, growing outrage over video posted online, going viral. what one father encouraged his son to do. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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growing outrage growing outrage from parents after video is posted online and goes viral showing a father pushing his son to fight another boy, even after that son tried to get away. we have the latest in new york. >> right now, punch him in his face. there you go. do it again. no, no. turn around. do it again. >> reporter: the video of a father encouraging his 11-year-old son to punch another kid in the face has shocked parents. >> it's horrifying. >> it's disgusting. >> reporter: it took place in the bulls head section of staten island two weeks ago. >> i know those two kids and they would have had an argument. they would have been not friends
9:55 pm
for maybe two days and then they would have been friends again. with the father egging him on, it just got worse. >> reporter: the school's principal met with the student who threw punches and his father yesterday. that student is now facing disciplinary action, but as the video continues to spread, parents tell us they're worried kids will get the wrong idea. >> we try to talk to the kids about not bullying and here goes a dad doing this in front of the school. up next, chances are you ate it or fed it to your kids. ever wonder who the gerber baby was and who she is now at 87? the ultimate where they are now next. coming up tonight on "hannity."
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picture in history. she is now 87 years young. meet turner cooke. her identity was kept a secret until the 70s. i can see it. can you see it sty? let me know what you think. and welcome to "hannity." tonight we are broadcasting from new orleans, louisiana. this city is broadcasting the republican leadership conference. hello, everybody. the patriarch of the "duck dynasty" family, he's going to join me for an exclusive interview. can't miss that one-on-one coming up in just a few minutes. kicking off things for


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