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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 30, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the economy has extra cash to spend on the kids? >> and a lot of times, moms are doing them for themselves and it makes them feel preponderate. >> moms love them there or stay with them? >> kirsten has the last word. thank you very much, tucker. three developing stories. shinseki is out. the president accepted the va's president resignation. more on the new head of the troubled va. and a now arrest in the boston marathon investigation. the suspect due to appear in court. his connection to the brothers. and wife of casy kassem
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appearing in court. we begin where we left off. secretary shinseki is out. and i am jennalee. >> and facing growing bipartisan calls to step down secretary shinseki offered his resignation to the president in the white house. the president accepted it. slo an gibeson is stepping n. former ceo of the uso and will be acting secretary until a permanent secretary is found. >> general shinseki has dedicated his life to the country and we thank him for the service. his resignation does not absolve the president of his responsibility to step in and make things right for our
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veterans. business as usual cannot continue. >> we are not even noon and it is a beg news day. ed henry joins us with more on the developing story, ed. >> it is not surprising that secretary shinseki would go. because of the growing calls among the democrats and not just republicans saying he is g. that should ramp up the pressure on him. with secretary sebelius, the president stuck with her and let her fix the website. this may be a much bigger problem to deal with because of the failure to deal with the health care to veterans. and he met with the president in the oval office and sounded like someone fighting for his job and said he had a plan to fix this
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and folks were pushed out. and something changed on the way to the oval office or in the oval office. and the president said he accepted it and the president went on to say that secretary shinseki was surprised and anchorange angerred that he was kept out of the loop. >> i think he was deeply disappointed that bad news didn't get to him. structure was not in place to fix the problem. his priority now is to make that happen. and felt like new leadership would serve our veterans best and i agree with him. >> reporter: republicans noting that the president has leadership issues of his own and there is a series of stories and irs and health
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the president himself has been out of the lop. and rudy guiliani suggested the president has problems of his own. >> he doesn't have it. he's not decisive and doesn't make decisions quickly. he doesn't surround himself with good people. >> slo an gibeson will take this on as acting secretary. this is a monumental task ahead and that's why the american ledgion says the resignation is the beginning. this is one step to fix the monumental problem. >> we'll watch as it develops. thank you very much forric kicking it off today. former secretary of state hillary clinton defending her actions before and after the benghazi attack. those excerpts are published on
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politicalo. and he accuses the republicans of using the deaths of four americans for it political gain. will it raise more questions about her actions? joining us is jonah goldberg. and what is mrs. clinton trying to do? >> she's trying to get her hands around this political challenge more than anything else. and we don't know if it is going to work in terms of putting it behind her, but we can see, anybody who krietizes her or are questions her behavior on this is trying to politicalize the deaths of four americans and she will not engage in the stuff but she doesn't want to lend credibility to the freak show. and she will try to take the
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highway road and make people who question her seem as they are partisan hacks and a comfortable role for hillary clinton and that's the way she dealt with. >> clinton so- called machine and they have pushed back strongly. you think it will work? >> i think benghazi will stay in the news with the new house probe and republicans have to be careful not to be too partisan. and no doubt about it benghazi is a political liability for hillary clinton. and it happen on her watch. trey gowdy who heads the new investigation hinted strongly that hillary clinton will come to capitol hill and testify and asking for her. there will be a lot of theater here and there is a message machine going on. hillary clinton will run for president and republicans are talking about benghazi. >> in her book she said there is
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a lot of misinformation and flat out deceit. and they minimize the sacrifice of those who serve our country. i will not be part of a political slugfest saying they are politicicizing. >> and obviously, i think we all can agree two things can overlap. some will politicize this as she revs up the process of running for president. and others want to get to the truth of what happened and don't believe she was straightforward. >> why would politicize it negate the truth of what happened? >> they are not mutually exclusive.
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they can overlap in people's hearts and a political phenom nan and my goal is that any inconvenience or questions or line was argument are part of an excuse to ignore them. she suggest importance of accountability review. and it decided that it was not going to interview hillary clinton. >> they didn't talk to her. how about the potential hearings. my guess she will be reluctant to go to it. and she will try to decide if she has to do it. >> and bob, your perspective of what she will get out of this. and what will happen. >> in 2016, there will be a movie and republicans are putting together opsugz research
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on this. and one of the things she has to do better, what at this point has to make a difference. that doesn't come across well in retrospect and she has to watch it for getting to heated on capitol hill. >> she explains that in the book. bob and jona h thank you so much for joining us. >> wife of casey ka sem is in court. she was accused of not providing care for their ailing faufrmth he was reported missing before he was found in washington state, dan? >> yes, jenna, a sad case of family feud is airing itself in the courtroom. casy is not here but his wife and daughter are and they are in
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the courtroom right now. jean arrived 9 o'clock and ordered to do so or 73s the possibility of being arrested. carry kassem from a previous marriage fought to be the legal guardian and now it is a battle to just see him. the judge ordered jean be allowed to see her father every day for one hour. he is suffering from advanced parkinson disease. and barely unable to speak and unable to make decisions about the health care. jean has kept him away from the kids. she removed from an la hospital and disa pored. she accused her stepmother of elder abuse. he was checked out in seattle and alert and not in danger. but this is over the refusal of gene's refusal to let kerry see
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her dad. this is not a battle of money. the net worth of casey kasem is 80 million reportedly. >> it is a new chapter in the saga, thank you. >> new reaction from potting sides of the aisle and some say surprise of the resignation of eric shinseki. the four star general stepping down after a report found problems with the aemgs and health care system. and federal officials, get. this arrested undocumented immigrants in one state and what? dropping them off in another. you will not believe the reason why. could you go without bathing for a month? that's right, i said. not a week or two weeks. go to fox now and america's asking, could you
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what changed your opinion of eric shinseki you had confidence and what made the difference in your mind? >> that was our next guest who got the first question in an unscheduled new's conference where the president announced
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the resignation of eric shinseki. joining me is leo. a big news day and big question for you for the president off of the bat. his answer was what changed his mind is eric shinseki himself. what did you make of the president's answer. >> reporter: i thought that was interesting. the president said a week ago said he had confident in the secretary in the last few days and eric shinseki said he could not manage the department and it was a distraction and swayed the president's opinion. >> in the improvementu new's conference you don't get too much of a follow-up. what questions would you ask him? what should we all be asking? >> reporter: i think my colleagues did a good job. what happens next for the
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department. you have an acting secretary with twloe months experience and has a good resume but not familiar with the bureaucracy of the va has secretary shinseki was. veterans are saying it is a good first step and a positive moment. but they are concerned about what this means and whether or not the inherent problems will be fecesed. >> do you think they would be? as you reported. veteran affairs issues came up a bit. >> it was talking about the issues he was aware of. >> all with a simple mission to cut the back logand deliver your benefits sooner. the leadership and resources we are providing this time means that we are going to do it. that is our mission and we'll make it happen.
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(applause) so that was august 2009. and it has been several years still and do you think that there is something different about this time or a same old, same old and people are talking about fixing the issues and in the end of the day they continue? >> it is not something that reaches public intchlt they don't usually follow the issues and suddenly focused on the va and what the failings have been. we'll so if that translates you in to more results. it is reducing the number of homeless veterans and this care issue is not a issue for the va and something that his administration hasn't been able to tackle so far. it is difficult to challenge
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and why can't we fix this? we mentioned that the va has more than 300,000 employees. and there is a lot of big businesses that have to get fixed and how would you explain why it is insurmountable. and why they look at it with the big guys and we are not sure how. >> there is a lot of issues and i am not sure it is easily fixed. if i could we would have done. that and as you said, it is it a gigantic bureaucracy. i don't think americans realize how big it is. and the va said last year, and this is not the matter of fixing 1 or 2 hospitals. but thousands of medical faces and a lot of them operate
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independently. there are institutional barriers to fixing it from dc when you are talking about problems in phoenix and houston and minnesota. >> we are looking forward to finding out what is next in fixing it. >> we appreciate it and thank you for joining us. we look forward to having you back. >> any time. >> undocumented immigrants are crowding in a station in arizona. they are men and women and children in texas. authorities do not have the resources to deal with that. will clark picks up the story from los angeles. it is unbelievable. that's right, eric. they are spreading out all over the counsel row and some tell the local affiliate they are going to texas and maryland. and this week federal
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authorities detained the illegal immigrants in south texas. border officials say that can't handle the surge. and so ice flew them to el paso and tusson and that is simply dropped off with the bus station. >> it is going to another country. it is it another country, not arizona. and they picked the wrong country. if they are here illegally why are they coming to arizona? >> federal authorities said they are not putting them in detension center. they are not criminals. and so mexico will not take them and that takes the deportation process lengthy and eric, they are supposed to report to local ice offices and where ever they end up. and how many will do that is
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anybody's guess? sounds astounding. thank you so much. >> a new arrest in the boston marathon bombing probe. and your mother told you to wash your hands with soap to stay healthy. we have that next. what if a photo were more than a memory? what if it were more than something to share? what if a photo could build that shelf you've always wanted? or fix a leaky faucet? or even give you your saturday back? the new snapfix app revolutionizes local service.
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not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. there is a new arrest tied to the boston marathon bombing and the suspects knew they were trying to track him down. >> a cab driver is the latest person a cowed of hindering the investigation of the boston bombing. khairullozhon mar nov, he had
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dinner with the brothers and instead of contacting police he tried to call joe who was on the run. he tried to hide his relationship with the brothers and deleted information and lied to investigators and charged with falsifying and destroying roars and three counts of making a false statement. prosecutors said a matanov a citizen of kiris stan was particularly close to tammarlin. and they trained like and praise the mujah-hah dean. he was not ahead of time and faces 40 years in prison and
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some say he is have called. >> and can you imagine going without shampoo and soap and conditioner for one month. our next guest did that voluntarily a new companiouses bacteria to improve your skin. it is a lot of stories we have seen questioning the antibakt back soap and the chemicalses. the fda is giving companies until december of this year to prove they are affective as advertised. and the governor was so concerned about a chemical, just days ago, he banned them outright in the state of minnesota. and as of january 2017, antibacteria soaps will not be
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sold in minnesota. that being said, could you go soap free for a month and what are the alternatives. we'll talk to julia scott who detailed her experience. and i want to get your experience in the trial and it was your attention to go soap free for a month, why? >> soap free and sham pee and teed onnerant free. i think it got crazy. because i believe in immersive journalism. i came across the company in cam bridge, massachusetts that is now selling a pro biotic body spray for your skin makes your skin feel healthier and hydrated by using live bacteria and i thought i could either report on this like i normally do or try it out. >> so what happened? >> well, what happened was my
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hair got greasy because i was not using shampoo and three month water rinse showered and followed by spraying myself with the bacteria and my skin did grow hydrated and my, hormonally brake outs cleared up. i can't attribute that to the product, first it is it a fact that didn't use soap on my face for the first time in my life, but it did give me pause. >> julia, i have to confess. i am one of those girls whose medicine cabinets are full of products and i am doing research on the different products. how did it affect the way you live now. going through that experience, this is a personal question. did you smell? were people like oh, she is not showering and using a bacteria
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spray. did they not want to hang out with you. >> i will say jenna, if you want to know who your real friends are, ask them to smell you after 28 days of going without a shower and be honest. >> what did they say. >> they said i smelled. some people were on the other side of the rom when they said i didn't. some people said i did smell like onions and other times pungent marijuana. and i have gone 33 years without wanting to know what i smell like and now i am using a fragrance free deoder apt. and no soap except under my arms and not using the products anymore. >> that got my attention. there is a lot of controversy.
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and that has going on for four years now. and if we don't use them, what is out there. is this trend this bacteria spray. that is a trend that is growing and could reach mass market? >> something that is interesting is that we might be looking at a day, not too far in the future, where we could be replacing our antibiotic skin treatments with probiotic. there are cosmetics and surely more to come. and the ambition of the company and others like it, develop drugs that termatologist can prescribe for our skin. they will be more effective because they will have more access to our sophisticated skin microbial science and tailor
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them to the to the pribt in the way one size fits all treatments haven't been able to do. >> a lot of credit and look forward to what you do next. and you are welcome in new york city shower or not. whatever. >> thank you. and great to see you. we'll be right back with more happening now. ñ
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>> fox news alert. new reaction coming from capitol hill on the resignation of
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secretary eric shinseki. mike? >> reporter: the reaction to the resignation is a necessary first step and it is more than just one man. >> a good man was taken out by a bureaucratic agency of folks that would not tell him the true. i am sad for secretary shinseki. because his honorable service to the country should be saluted. jeeshgs chairman miller grilled three va officials wednesday. both democrats and republicans seem to be frustrated by a lack of urgency and clear answers from the va. the panel's top democrat said there is plenty of work ahead. >> just by the secretary resigning doesn't mean the issue went away. there is accountability issues and we'll move forward to hold
10:37 am
those other responsible. >> reporter: they talked about the final straw. >> for me reading the inspector general's report saying that not only is there ares of phoenix but 40 other facilities and it is widespread and the discussion was about the secretary and not about the vets. >> i have respect for general shinseki and his service. and i am a captain and a major. and i have tremendous respect for four stars temperature was not a resource. it was a leadership problem and the he made the right decision. >> there was great respect for shinseki's years serving the country. >> our vets deserve better. >> the media storm continues to boil over for the va scandal and some are asking how long?
10:38 am
especially sips shinseki reseens. much of the media attention will go with him and vets will have lousy care. and another tweet, media, shinseki's resignation is not your cue to assume the problems in the va are fixed and you can lose intchlt joining us is a fox immediatia. >> we were on the air when the president made his statement and so what do you make of the comments and you think it is it a risk now that shinseki it will not get the same attention. >> reporter: they took a nerve. i have been embarrassed as the story unfolded and discovered by the arizona republic and lying and cover up and secret weighting list and that the
10:39 am
beltway press turned it when is shinseki going and why doesn't obama fire him? and that is a political game and president has to be appearing to do something about the scandal but it doesn't solve the problems. >> what dow think that the risk that the media moves on too quickly? >> i think it is a real risk. the new york times has a good piece of reporting and a shortage of doctors. and these investigating what is going on in each state and face 73s takes journalistic manpower. it is easy tore talk about the politics and now with our short attention spans, we'll talk about donald sterling. that would be a disgrace. the media have a responsibility
10:40 am
to stay on the story. it is it a life-and-death story for the people serving this country. >> what else do you have. >> this on media buzz and hillary clinton leaking that benghazi chapter. and the review of brian williams and hour long sit down with eric now den. >> it is a very interesting observation, howard. thank you so much. >> have a good weekend. >> turning to obama care 150 million or so get insurance from our employers. >> reporter: across the political spectrum, analyst say 80 or 90 percent of the employer- provided insurance, main stay of american health care're coverage will disappear
10:41 am
as obama care takes hold. less than ten percent will still have employer provided insurance ten years from now. les list. >> the companies will really be hard pressed to justify why and they spend the money by offering insurance through corporate plans when there is an alternative subsidized by the government. >> even it is 20 percent and getting employer provided insurance and get it ten years from now. and writing, that by 20, 25, few employers will provide health insurance. listen. >> it is going to be better for people. and they will have more choice and most people who get coverage through an employer, do not have choice. >> it is because the penamenty
10:42 am
for not offering insurance. $2,000 per worker is so much less than those poifding. >> typical coverage is $15,000. >> and to make it more attractive to workers. they can bump up their bay to get obama wear. >> the now, only the deficit. go ask your boss for a raise for obama care, they go yeah, right. >> and finding yourself getting cranky. >> me? sometimes. >> and if anyone of us are being
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>> so dow have a tough time trusting people are you skeptical about things? cynicism is leading to increased risk of dementia. 1400 people
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took part and evaluated them to so how cynical they are and eight years later seeing if they did have dementia, there was a high degree of cynicism. the doctor is from the university of the pittsburg and author of bock up. and positive outlook transform aging. and along with the sleep medicine doctor and neurologist. >> what does the study show? >> what you said. thinnish older dults around the age of 70 if they have cynical distrust or mistrust of other people had a three years risk more of dementia. >> dr. winter, how do you change
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this. first of all, i don't any of. it i am kidding, that was my attempt at cynicism. >> i believe it whole heartedly. >> they are completely voluntary and looking at it and distress our lives and positive outlooks have positive health benefits. >> does it always doctor, it may not always work but you are positive when you deal with life? >> and i get asked the question all of the time in my practice and i think about it because of the research i do. there is no 12 step program or therapy to bring down high levels of distrust. but intuitively, we all know that simple steps to take for healthier behaviors and making a decision to live more positively makes sense and
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getting good exercise and getting enough sleep. that may help in our thinking of others. >> dr. normal vincent peel wrote. >> it is important to keep a positive outlook. and doit and exercise, all of those things, they have shown time and time again, when we reduce stress in our lives. we get rid of the things we are talking about and the negative health consequences. and negative people make positive people sick. if you see a negative person, run like hell. so said our boss. that is true. thank you. >> and could this fish and others like it takedown an american industry? >> the race against time to stop
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an invasive species. we have this next. dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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hi, everyone. our man panel is going to debate former mayor mike bloomberg's commencement comments at harvard, did you see him? he was speaking up for conservative opinions. a military mom survives a vicious bear attack. and meet a military pup. when we go out on the plaza for the very first time on "the real story" at the top of the hour. a last ditch effort to stop an invasion of our great lakes. garrett penny is live on the shores of lake michigan to tell us what's going on. >> reporter: we are just north of the battlefield along the illinois river where the fight continues to keep the asian
10:54 am
fish, the asian carp fish from reaching here at the great lakes. so far officials have tried water canons, chemical toxins and now electric fishing to catch, kill and scare off this invasive fish, that can grow as long as five feet and weighs as much as 100 pounds. the underwater electric barriers just outside the city have worked fairly well at keeping the fish at bay, but even those have allowed a few of the carp north of that border. now a group of mayors, along with others, they are pushing for an $18 billion plan to cut off lake michigan from chicago's water ways, with permanent barriers. they say it's their best shot at protecting the great lakes. >> it's not in expensive, but it's a solution. the risk, of course, of not doing it is that we have a multibillion dollar sports fishing and tourism industry that would be devastated here in the great lakes.
10:55 am
>> reporter: critics of that 25-year plan say it's too expensive, too slow and it isn't guaranteed to keep the asian carp from reaching the great lakes. there's no plan for congress to tai take action and any decision is said to be years away. >> it's like they're zapping them. >> yeah, wow. the first defined cause to step down. the job of fixing the broken va system now is just beginning. coming up, we'll have new reaction from washington -- alen plus -- ue pat i'm good.chlps pr ent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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visit truecar.comoney,com,t and never overpay.yer's remorse. a good deal or not. "okay, this is the price,"sman comes and you're like.ells you, our cheese is going thin in a big way. with our ultra thin slices, you can now enjoy the same natural sargento cheese you love, at just 45 calories a slice. the same cheddar, swiss and provolone. just thinner and just 45 calories a slice. it's safe to say, thin has never been more in. sargent ultra thin slices. now available in baby swiss, chedder-jack and longhorn colby. . what a day in the press briefing room. the president just announcing that jay carney is # moving on from press secretary. let's take a listen. >> that's why believe it or not,
10:57 am
i think he will miss hanging out with all of you, including the gooirs in the front row. but, jay has become one of my closest friends and is a great press secretary and a great advisor, he's got good judgment, he has a good temperament and he's got a good heart. and i'm going to miss him a lot. i will continue to rely on him as a friend and advisor, after he leaveses to spend as mitch of the summer as he can with his kids before he decides what's next for him, whatever it is, i know he's going to be outstanding at it. of course that meant i had to make a decision, which is who succeeds jay and we have got enormous talent around here. but i have decided that we're going to put in this slot
10:58 am
somebody who is also a friend and advisor. so today, the flack jacket is officially passed to a new generation, mr. josh hurst. josh is the coach's son from kansas city, he still roots for the royals, i guess. as you know, his name describes his demeanor. josh is an ernest guy, and you can't find just a nicer individual, even outside of washington. the country of course knows him for his golden voice and tones on west wing week and the biggest viral internet hit since between two ferns. but josh and i have and
10:59 am
incredible history going all the way back to the iowa caucuses. josh was my iowa communications director. and even when he was in that role, you would find him spending an extra hour or two helping young staffers make phone calls or knock on doors, there was no task that was too small, no detail too unimportant for josh to attend to. at the white house, he's been a mentor to many of the young people here, who i know are thrilled for him today. he is of sound judgment and great temperament, he is honest and full of integrity, i'm sure you will at some point get frustrated with him as well. but it's going to be hard because he's a straight shooter and a great guy. so my request is that be nice to jay on his farewell tour, and be nice to josh during his
11:00 am
initiation with i'm sure will last maybe two days. or perhaps two questions. we're going to let him hang around a little bit to milk it for all it's worth. all right? thank you, guys. >> well this is a fox news alert, big day going on at the white house today t president now back in the briefing room, saying that jay carney who's been his spokesperson for the last 3 1/2 years is effectively resigning, you could say jay carney has had a really -- peppered with questions, reporters hammering him yet before shinseki ended up resigning earlier today. the president back in the briefing room announcing that jay carney is going to be leaving his post. he said that he was great because he had a reporter's perspectiv h


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