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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  May 31, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> most people will be impacted by even the higher prices at mcdonald's and will start cooking at home. >> even mcdonalds is too expensive. that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend. the number one business block continues with eric bolling and cashin in. >> criminal investigation into this matter. there is a commitment here to get to the bottom of what happened. we have made a very substantial progress in that investigation. he wants it investigated. >> investigation after investigation, the white house keeps looking into things. the va disaster, the irs scandal, benghazi and now leaking the name of a cia spy. instead of probing, should the president start leading and finally making some stuff decisions? plus. ♪ >> it's a new segment bound to make you happy. we go rapid fire.
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and then -- >> it's our second amendment rights. >> well, their gun rights ain't all right in certain places. restaurant owners showed gun owners the door. are businesses shooting themselves in the foot by taking sides in controversial issues? firing up your weekend starts right now. >> hi, everyone. welcome to cashin in. wayne rogers, jonathan, michelle fields and juan williams. welcome everybody. another week. another investigation. the white house now launching a probe into leaking the name of a top cia spy. add that to investigations of the va scandal, benghazi, the nsa, the irs, jonathan, i'm running out of letters. is it time to stop probing and start making some decisions? >> well, it's pro-american decisions here. that's the thing here. what is this? almost two years after benghazi. no one has been captured. no one has been killed. the irs scandal, i believe one person was fired. there's been no systemic change
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to our terrible system. obama has been spying on american reporters like the ap and fox's james rosen. meanwhile, as you said, leaking the names of an american spy. lots of speeches from obama. they say he's a great orator and i'm starting to think that's all he is. it's more antiamerican rather than actually putting american first and leading this great country. >> sure, wayne, jonathan pointing out a few but we didn't talk about fast and furious. we didn't talk about the secret service partying scandal. we didn't even talk about the guy drinking the glass of wine with the gsa on the tax dollars. scandal after scandal and no heads seem to roll. >> i think it's out of control. the federal government is so large now, nobody knows what any one branch of the government is doing at any one time. this whole thing about the va that's been going on for a long time. obama even talked about it in his -- when he was running. so, you know, all of this, it tells us that the whole thing is
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out of control. they don't know what they're doing. they have no responsibility for it and when they investigate, as you rightfully point out, an investigation is what? that's just a cover up, again. this man is, i'm talking about the president now, of the united states is untrustworthy. he has no confidence of the people. >> so, juan, here's what seems to happen. these scandals bubble up because president obama hears about it in the news. he hears about it in the news and then they do this thing, they send jay carney out there to say don't worry we're going to investigate and then we're not supposed to ask questions because they'll come back and say it's under investigation. this is ridiculous. >> what is ridiculous is the lynch mob mentally on this show. why are you having a 14th investigation of benghazi. oh, too many investigations. republicans are up to 14. >> because no one is held responsible, juan. >> the people are thinking, hold on, hold on. people have a right in terms of
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good government, to have an understanding of what the problem is and try to fix the problem. >> but these investigations are bogus, juan. they're bogus. he doesn't want to get to the bottom of it. if you look at the irs scandal, if you look at the irs scandal, the person in charge of the internal investigation at the irs was an obama donor. a person who donates a lot of money also to the democratic party. if you look at fast and furious, who was responsible for investigating eric holder? eric holder. they made eric holder responsible for investigating himself. what kind of investigations are these? they're bogus. >> go ahead, juan. >> yeah, yeah. i think you guys need some tinfoil hats. you guys are into some deep. >> oh my gosh. you're not even responding. you're attacking instead of responding. >> into irs. >> juan. >> now say let's have an investigation. >> your arguments have no substance. you're just attack us. >> guys, one at a tiechlt jonathan, let me ask you something. any of these investigations, do we know anyone who has actually
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been held accountable? they let kathleen sebelius walk on her own. lois lerner gets to take the fifth time and time again. where's the accountability? >> there's a difference in saying you have an investigation and being held accountable. in the case of the irs, one or maybe two people were fired and nothing actually changed and juan you keep saying we had all of these investigations in benghazi, who has been held responsible? what islamist has been killed or has been captured? that's called being in the american chief. the president is completely awol. forget the scandal. the scandal is we haven't found the perpetrators of this terrible crime against america. >> hang, on, juan. i want wayne to weigh in on something. this week on thursday, i believe it was, the president decided amid all the investigations and all the scandals going on whether it's the cia leak he decided it was very important to sit down with leaders and talk about concussions.
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>> well, eric, once again this is dodging the bullet, where ever it may land. i don't understand why juan can say that. we don't even know. you know, you said you had all of these investigations about benghazi, we don't know yet what the ambassador was doing there. we have no answer to that. the state department doesn't even know or if they know they're lying and covering up. the public doesn't know. so naturally we have to keep digging into this stuff because we get lied to all the time. >> and remember, this is the administration that promised to usher in a new era of transparency. there's no transparency. >> a quick thought michelle and juan you can bring it to a close. >> there's no transparency in this administration. that's what they promised. yet if you look they go after whistleblowers. they deny more requests than they approve. we are 46th in the world. we are behind el salvador yet this is supposed to be a transimportant government. no one is even held accountable,
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ever. >> quick thought. >> well, that's the whole point. >> i'm paying for the ticket but i got to tell you, what we've got here is an america where people actually have investigations. the fbi looked intensively into the irs scandal. >> yeah. >> republicans notice house. >> we need to go. >> they can continue to investigate. the american people i think would like to see accountability. we'll have to leave it right there but you can continue the conversation right now on twitter. #cashinin. trending on twitter 18 weeks in a row. thousands upon thousands of comments. it's awesome folks. keep it up. make your voice heard. get ready for the newest and fastest segment. everything from duck dynasty's phil robinson to bill mauer and the iranian government not happy
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just a few more ways allstate is changing car iurance for good. [ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. ♪ welcome back. we have a new segment for you this morning. three fascinating stories, seven fast minutes. first up, remember this video of iranian students dancing to the song "happy"? well, michelle, the iranian government called mark zuckerberg in and wanted him to talk. but let's talk about internet freedom of speech and the iranians. go ahead, michelle. >> if you consider the fact that they just sentenced 8 people to 123 years in prison for comments they made on facebook that are critical to the government. in mark zuckerberg were to go to iran which he probably won't he would probably have a game of
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thrones style punishment so it's not looking good. >> iran is savage. it's totally backward and tribal. this company funds and shouts death to america. they hate western america. specifically western success of which mark zuckerberg is. mark zuckerberg built facebook before he was 30. what was iran doing during that time? funding suicide bombs. they should be not just ignored but forcefully dealt with militarily by our own country. >> we decided to ease off on their sanctions. maybe we should step them up after this. >> after this, i think we got bigger business about nuclear weapons and that looks to be going pretty good but we have trouble with all of these countries that want to control the internet. look at what's going on in china. look at russia. all of these countries, antidemocratic because they saw what happened with arab spring and that's more of a tribute to the united states and our
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openness. >> is there a happy ending to this story? >> no, juan is exactly right. it's the fact that we have an open country and we respect that. they don't. it's simple as that. >> we have to move on to the next one. fill robinson in the news again. speaking at a gop event r. the duck guys back in business again? and weren't they always big business? >> well, they were and they still are. the duck guys are always -- and they have been. they're very popular and all of that. why, in the world, though he is speaking at a republican convention is beyond me. i don't get that. i mean, why not get anybody? why not get all of us to speak there? it doesn't mean anything. he's not going to get a lot of votes. >> what about it? i think he's big business and probably good for the gop, no? >> no. are you kidding me? what does it say, eric, that the gop makes a hero out of a guy that says blacks were happy with slavery and segregation and gays
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are to be is he the chief of outreach for the gop or self-satisfaction. >> he has a very popular tv show and he prays at the end of every show. are you all right with that? >> i think the republicans are making a bad move here. the political debate right now is between faith which phil exemplifies and reason which is more by the libertarian part of the party. >> what about the duck guys michelle? >> well, midterm elections is all about rallying the base and getting them out there to vote in november. and love phil robinson, hate him, he rallies the conservative base and i think it actually would be a good thing for november. >> finally, a good friend of this show took heat for telling a joke about global warmers and true to form, lead by four star
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general of the liberal loan brigade bill mauer. >> it's a puzzle when all the pieces point to only one answer and yet when that happens with scientific consensus he wants to take another spin. >> so jonathan, more proof, no sense of humor. >> he is not a fan or advocate of american conceptionalism. a lot he does just for shock value. he wants attention. i think he is better left ignored on political issues and science as well. >> these guy versus no sense of humor. pat is a great guy. he was making a joke. >> yes. he is my dad's former boss, actually. but bill maher, he has no sense of humor whatsoever and i think what this tells us is that he has, he's not a good comedian. he doesn't even understand that pat sajak was joking and bill
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maher should just be on the payroll of the democratic party because he's a mouth piece for them. >> how about you, juan? are you going to defend bill maher? >> isn't bill maher a comedian? >> yeah. >> and we should understand that pat sajak was trying to be a comedian. >> if you question climate yourself okay but if you don't you're a racist? was that a funny line. >>? juan he was having a little bit of fun. >> oh, okay. >> we're big fans of sajak. >> the tea parties are terrorists. >> wayne, close out this block and close out this segment? >> yeah, it's very simple. i don't care. i'd rather watch grass grow. both of them are wrong. >> i knew he would come through. i love this segment. coming up, locked and loaded with controversy. fast food franchises taking aim at gun owners exercising their
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second amendment rights. did they mess with the wrong customers? the fire debate coming up. hey, all of you out there that have satellite radios in your cars that aren't active, i'm about to turn all of your radios on.
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coming up, leave your weapon outside or get out. some restaurants and gun owners squaring off over the second amendment. do customer versus the right to do customer versus the right to
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true business-grade internet comes do customer versus the right to with secure wifi for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. hello, everybody. the head of the da is now out and the new guy is yet to be in, but that doesn't mean the problems with going away. after pressure from both sides, eric shinseki handing in a resume, congressman and u.s. air
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force veteran will be joining us with his take. we now know the identity of the american born man who -- he grew up and went to school in florida. officials are interviewing family members here in the u.s. israeli defense minister joining us to discuss u.s. foreign policy and the state of the israeli peace deal. also, phil mickelson being investigated by the feds, reportedly looking into possible insider trading. we'll bring you the latest. stay with us. >> look at the baby. that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. >> representing our second amendment rights. >> gun activists getting the boot from some restaurants in the lone star state. they were trying to prove a point about their second
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amendment rights, but some franchises weren't having it and some came out with corporate policies asking gun owners to leave their side arms back at the ranch. jonath jonathan, is it smart business to become activists and take stands on issues like these? >> the activists, they're actually protesters, walking into private establishments brandishing their firearms. this is a property rights issue and the right to bare arms doesn't exist on someone else's property, so yes, when the manager of the chiles comes i in -- as the unions that we say show up at people's houses and camp on the lawn. idiots and they're hurting the case. >> it's really not the same thing. these are establishments and these people have rights to have open carry, in other words, allowed to show --
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>> not in someone else's establishment, eric. because it serves the public doesn't mean it's owned by the public. >> you're 100% right. so, the question was to you, if it's smart to do this, if it's smart to ban people from carrying a gun in your establishment, when they have a fully american constitutional and state right, what are you thoughts on this. >> i think it's a stupid decision. they should stick to making mediocre food and quit getting involved in politics. however, if they don't want people on their property, it's fine. they can just kick them off, be u i think it's bad for business. >> i would agree. go ahead. >> boy, i feel like something's happened here because i agree with michelle, with jonathan. they have the right as a business to set the terms for their people on their property, protect their clients. you know, people who come into that business want to feel safe.
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>> but is it smart? is it smart to prohibit people -- is it smart to prohibit people from exercising their constitutional and state right to do so? >> it's not banning anybody's constitutional right. they're saying this is the terms of their business and guess what? i wouldn't be in there -- in the next cycle, a mass shooting, after which has happened in california. no thank you. i'm going somewhere else to buy my goods. >> where do you stand on this one, wayne? >> i think it's stupid. i don't understand why anybody wants to walk into a fast food joint with a gun in their hands unless they're holding up the place or i don't like the way you cook ed my hamburger, bang, bang, bang. this is idiotic. >> it's insanity. >> there is no reason for anybody to be carrying, you got to remember something. a gun has one purpose. to kill. so, why is somebody walking in
8:55 am
anywhere -- >> hold on, guys. >> not just murder. >> very quick thought now, don't forget, we're talking about retail establishments. you still have a right to hold a gun in an open carry way, almost every single state. john, quick thought. >> but these people, these protester, activists, are asking for their rights to be respected, but at the same time, they're violatinging other people's rights. so, the chili's, mcdonald's and starbucks, people should leave the guns at home. >> it's a silly mistake, a silly decision because in texas, they're going to lose a lot of business, but it is their property. they can decide what they want, but at the end of the day, it's bad for business. >> thank you very much for joining us this week. coming up, how some folks are cashing in on what caused the financial collapse a few years ago. i ys say be thman with the plan
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going to have to leave it there. thanks for another great week. thank you for joining us. you can keep the debate going about today's topics on twitter. sound off and let your voice be heard. have a great weekend, everybody. >> two high profile resignations for president obama on the same day. now what? after weeks of being bombarded, eric shinseki steps down amid the widespread va scandal that continues to hurt our vet. also calling it quits, jay carney. leaving his post at the president's spokesman. we'll check in with jeff dunnham. phil mickelson making headlines. not about what's happening on the links, but on the traying floor. the feds are eyeing him as part of an insider trading deal at a high profile las vegas sports scandal. and what's the obama w


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