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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 9, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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deci heidi girls. police had a date with the madame to the stars 21 years ago today. in respect. when news breaks out, we'll break in. the dow is on a tear approaching now 17,000. here we go again. in about an hour, house members will be meeting behind you guessed it closed godoor, getti a classified briefing on the prisoner swap that is raising more questions than answers. this amid reports that more gitmo detainees could be transferred and soon. i'm kneel ca neal came bhutto. soo so we can we expect? >> we'll have a lot of members of the house who you have to remember, they have not been briefed 00 thon this. the house was not in, the senate
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was, akd tnd the senate got a classified briefing. in the word of some senators, tlp more questions than answers. they want to know why are we transferring prisoners with nonstate actors, was the health of sergeant bergdahl so serious that we had to make this transfer. you know, is this a back doorway to try to close down guantanamo bay. the state department spokeswoman says this afternoon that they don't want to hold prisoners any longer than they have to, there is only about 149 prisoners still down there. 78 have been cleared for release. she says this is a propaganda tool. so members of the house will get into this. there will be another classified briefing for members of the senate armed services committee tomorrow morning and then the marquee event of the week will be before the house armed services committee, the first public discussion of this, we will have defense secretary chuck hagel answering lawmakers'
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questions. we expect that to be very contentious because again rarely have you seen such a big policy issue. what are we doing in afghanistan, what are we doing about releasing prisoners. congressman sam seven years as p.o.w., and he believes the president has put a price on the head of every soldier. >> and we still don't know about bowe bergdahl, we do know he won't get a paid raid whrade wh back. some say none of this is adding up. i would imagine more gitmo detainees might be set for release.
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>> i think this is going to open the flood gates and i think at the end of the day, the obama administration, they want to close gitmo. and they sougaw the bergdahl sw as as least we're getting something, but the problem is that one out of every three terrorists released from guantanamo bay returns to the battlefield, returns to jihad. so there is much more to come here. the other shoe will drop eventually. in qatar where these five taliban commanders will be for the next year, who knows how fre freely they will be moving around. can they communicate with their fell low terrorists. and if we suddenly think the taliban is ready for peace, just this past weekend, the taliban attacked pakistan's busiest airporti airport killing 27. >> how was this release different than releases that president bush had or is there a
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grade level we sign various threats? some say these were not the most dangerous guys. others say they were. where do these guys stack up. >> i think these guys are the cream of the crop in the taliban's eyes. this is the equivalent of in the us, we have the secretary of state, the secretary of defense. we have the president's cabinet. well, this is the taliban's leader. this is his inner sanctum. is this t this is the intel chief, against minister. at least one was directly linked to osama bin laden. so these are her have i havy hi. and the tell ban is considering this a huge vak tore and they will say we will fcontinue doin this. >> we're expecting another closed door meeting. a week ago we had something very similar going on in the senate.
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most on the democratic and republican side claimed shock that this transpired. administration has argued many were given a heads up about this. do you know what the skinny really is? because when dianne feinstein says she wasn't given a heads up, those friendly to the president say they were not given a heads up, were they not? >> it appears that way. if dianne feinstein, a high ranking democrat, is complaining, we have a serious problem. again, this administration knows it's a bad deal and you would think they know about all of the suspicions surrounding bowe bergdahl. at the end of the day, they knew the deal stunk releasing killers who will target americans again and they wanted to push it through because president obama does not want it leave office with guantanamo bay still open. this is just the beginning. trickle, trek he wiickle, trick terrorists will be released.
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>> eric, thank you very much. now to the v.a.. word is today that nearly 60,000 vets still can't get an appointment. and it gets worse. (vo) watching. waiting. for that moment, where right place meets right time. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading.
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on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. we don't need no stinking audit. we already know the agency is awful at keeping timely appointments, but 57,000 vets still waiting for an appointment? we're trying to fix the v.a.. how about maybe just shutting down the v.a. hospitals? james, good to have you. that is one measure. but what do you do to replace them. >> you let the customer decide how to replace them. that's what has been wrong with the system for years. as we've learned watching the scandal, it's way beyond phoenix and also way beyond this time and place. you had commissions in the 2000s
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and eighth sayi'90s saying the t work. >> if you're waiting for care, just hop across the street to an available private hospital or civilian hospital and be done with it. >> you see in some of the recent congressional debate, there are proposals to expand the tup opportunity. but why wait for that to happen. why force them to suffer through the wait time and then get an escape out. but i think the better reform is to say lots of doctors, hospitals, surgeons out there let the patient, the customer, control which ones they want to take care of them and you don't have these kind of horrible mistreatments of customers in a market economy wherever the customers want to leave and seek a better option.
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>> is it too unwielding in its setup to change? >> that's a big part of it. you have a lot of centers and it is very erratic. some would say at the highest level where they were given four or five stars internally, internal ratings are never shared with the public, that's on the problem. >> and those internal ratings were based on what? customer responsiveness? >> different measurements including for example one thing we're learning is how bad the level of infections were at some of these hospitals, including at phoenix. but again, this only came out kind of after the scandal. you'd like a more transparent system. and of course the best way to do that is to put the customer in charge, not to have it dictated from a large bureaucracy. >> how bad is this going to get? >> it's bad, but i think it will be forgotten by washington as quickly as it can. in some ways that's why the
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firing of shinseki was a setback. >> they can't find anyone to replace the guy. >> whoever they find, the system largely remains. >> can't fire people, complaian discipline. >> they're debating getting rid of some people in the top layer. but you want to run more like a patient centered organization. and i don't see the bureaucracy in washington allowing that. we'll see what happens. >> james, thank you very much. good reporting. the v.a. scandal extends pretty much coast to coast. but when brian williams sat down with president obama for an interview the other day, it never warranted so much as a single question. and you're not surprised, why not, brent? >> not only did he sit down with him, but he sat down with him on the anniversary of d-day when the conversation deals with the u.s. military and he still couldn't ask about the v.a. controversy. your last guest hit the nail on
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the head. with the resignation of shinseki, so, too, did the media story die. even though there are more and more developments coming through. you've had one -- you've had a total of two minutes and 16 seconds devoted to this scandal in the past seven days. think about this. 43 seconds by nbc. 21 seconds by abc. 72 seconds by cbs. that is it. the story is dead. >> but you know, we in the media always got on to stories that had a common theme. and this one would have been a lay skr-up for nbc to see the cn theme, normandy invasion, the mistreatment, the veterans
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administration subpoe administrati administration. so it was a glaring omission. >> it's more than an omission. this was deliberate. there is no way on god's good earth that nbc didn't feel obligatesed to bring it up but chose not to bring it up. there is no way that this thing was just an omission. this was a deliberate decision made. but look, it is no different than the coverage ofburg dom oig. benghazi disappears. the ir is the disappears. fast and furious disappears. stimulus abuses disappears. all these scandals are disappearing on purpose. do you know, i don't think that you folks at fox realize this. you're the only ones talking about this right now. the big networks have all decided they're not going to cover this. the "washington post" broke the story about the 47,000 veterans. these are our best people in the world who are waiting to get treated. i guarantee you that won't be covered tonight. >> well, what intrigues me is
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the pattern of behavior to look at this. because at least if you want to say, well, maybe this was going on in president bush, which it was, there a lot of concern about the administrative indifference is that would at least go to your bias. but not even to try. pretty glaring. >> three minutes on the singing no nun, five minutes on how to get six back abs. >> i misssed that. just as well. wouldn't work. where does this go? they're having a closed door meeting now. but even when prominent democrats like dianne feinstein says i had no heads up, you would think the severity of the problems at the veterans administration to say nothing of the u.s. marine situation would add up to there is a collective indifference to these issues.
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even democrats are raising concerns. >> it's true, but when you have this development like last thursday where we learned that 18 american veterans have died in the phoenix facility and that is not news? >> that's one facility. brent, good stuff. someone is keep track of this. good seeing you again. do you have a lot of college debt? there is a rescue. and guess who pays? after this. aseball fans cheerin] [milk pouring] great things go together. and new sargento tastings are perfectly paired with every day. exceptional cheeses in smaller, snackable sizes that make it easy to explore new flavors and savor every moment. new sargento tastings. one of a kind flavors found right in your dairy section. find your favorite and make your own perfect pairing. new sargento tastings. perfectly paired with every day.
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student loan fix or one that is worse than the problem itself? the president just signing an executive order capping student loan payments for millions, but former reagan money man art
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laffer says this won't solve anything. why not? >> well, this is typical of president obama. but it's a subsidy, a transfer payment, a raises taxes and will slow economic growth. what you really want to do is not lower the numerator, ie the amount of debt. what you want to raise is the amount of income. to reduce the debt burden by creating jobs and higher wages, that is what we all want. and that's what obama is not willing to do. this problem has gotten so huge because the drop in employment is so large and a lot of these people don't have job, a lot of the people don't expect to work. they got it for an education, but it's terrible. they have lower incomes, don't have jobs and so you have a real serious debt purdue problem that should be solved by economic growth, not by the silly things that obama is doing.
1:21 pm
>> wonder, too i wowonder, too, being born by those with higher income. and they are the ones that would hire these kids. >> jack kemp has a great phrase, i don't remember it, but you can't love jobs and hate job creators. but that is exactly what seems to be going on here. >> what is the administration's view on this? i was talking today and they said what is wrong with letting college kids or recent graduates renegotiate into lower rate loans. so that they are not at risk of bailing out on those loans. you say what? >> i would say that you shouldn't do the renegotiation of the loans. that's what they signed up to when they got the money. those are the terms and they should do it that way. i mean, i really wouldn't object to the renegotiation all that much if it they would create the
1:22 pm
jobs and income they need to really -- >> in other words, they're only doing one part of it. and this is akin to a lot of the houses fixes. we've only drawn out the agony. >> one problem with the loan when you allow it to be renegotiated but didn't start that way, with hopemes, if you have a mortgage, every homeowner has a right to renegotiate that loan. but that was the terms you go into the mortgage with and it's priced correctly for those terms. these loans were not priced correctly for those terms, these terms were done by government. and by the way on his executive order, i don't think that it even goes in to effect until december 2015. and -- >> and also further pushes the notion that these students, recent graduates, are victims just like those who took on more
1:23 pm
mortgages, not that were those who might have been duped, but the vast majority did sign on the dotted line. so the victimtality is alive and well. >> and most of these are government loans. so who victimized them? >> you're itright about that. so this is a fix more than a year off to implement. so to what end? these type of issues poll well when they do these focus groups. does it resonate that democrats are the ones who care about students and republicans do not? what do you think? >> i don't think so. when you look at what is going on now politically, i think if anything, it's meant to detract attention from the v.a. from that section you had before which is really excellent on the veterans administration. i mean, trying to get anyone to
1:24 pm
no longer look at the real problems. and these real problems at the v.a. are huge. the v.a. literally is obamacare. whenever you give away valuable resources, you'll go bankrupt unless you figure out a way of rationing the gift. the v.a. has never given them appointments. i remember the gas lines when they had long lines to get ten gallons of gas. it's ridiculous. it's government out of control. >> i don't remember those gas lines. you're so much older than i am. >> i am. wiser and more mature, as well. >> indeed you are. art laffer, thank you very much. always good seeing you. well, do any of you remember the real estate meltdown? what if i told you there could be another one coming? and guess what city could be the new ground zero. and there is another we're reporting from. starts working to eliminate
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when you can look forward? a new airline is taking off under a familiar name. the company ceo is here. and do you remember about the kid who got sunburned? the mom seeing red, the school 1230rk forking over a lot of green. jirs joo
1:28 pm
. still good now a record today. harry, you argue that it's a matter of i guess everything
1:29 pm
goes cablooey. >> i've been saying the dow will peak somewhere near 17,000 and then it will crash like everyone before to lower lows because this is an artificial recovery. and i have chart that shows the dow peaking at higher highs and lower lows. it's an ominous pattern. no one is paying taken. i say this is the riskiest period in your lifetime to be buying stock. we are near a top between now and maybe august at the latest. >> jonathan, that seems to indicate we have a summer swoon later on. what do you think? >> harry says it's the riskiest time. it kind of depends on how old the investors are. yes, i agree. this market has traded to all-time highs. up 30% last year. s&p up 5%. we are going to get a pull back. are we going to get a crash? i don't think so. we will get a natural
1:30 pm
progression when the market pulls back, we might get two to five percentage points on a pull back. but from there, this market will continue to move higher. economic day that hta has ended fundamentals are helped. >> are you worried that we have gone without a correction since 2011? that's a long run without even a pause here. we've had almost 6% sort of give backs, but nothing that would be sort of a healthy cleaning out. >> his tore he cically speakinge due for a correction. but like i said, the market up 30%. if someone said we'll guarantee 8%, you would have signed the paper. s so you will get fresh
1:31 pm
investors and the market are move back higher. >> the argument against the market chancing is that so many are out of the market.higher. >> the argument against the market chancing is that so many are out of the market. young people don't trust it, older americans remember the health dunn aon healthdown memtdown and don't want a part of it. >> retail investors have not as invested after they have seen two major crashes in the last 15 years. so is that is not the thing. this looks like a bubble, quacks like a bubble, walks like a bubble, it's a bubble. >> you ccan argue it's been a bubble for a long time. >> but that's what they always say. bubbles do not correct. a 20% correction would be expected. not 10% after this move recently. bubbles don't correct. >> where do you see the dow going? >> i'm seeing the dow going down
1:32 pm
to near 6,000 by late 2016, high are highs. >> 6,000? >> lower lows. anybody that ignores the pattern is ignoring the risk. >> 6,000 is a big drop from where we are now. >> a lot of people will be jumping off buildings if that comes true. like i said before, healthy movements we will see a pull back being but for younger investors who are waiting to get back in will be putting money back in here. economic data -- >> jonathan, younger investors don't invest. old people invest. investment is 46 to 64, not 20s to 30s. younger investors will not drive up the market. >> younger investors have seen over time what long term investments have been able to do and they are waiting to get in. >> we this sshall see. >> they're scared to death. >> gentlemen, thank you both. meanwhile, did you hear the one
1:33 pm
about the $100 million penthouse in manhattan? you didn't? probably because there are several. and lots more in the tens of millions of dollars range. now home to a record number of brand new skyscrapers featuring some of the priciest condos and apartments. a realtor knows and sees lots of these buyers. and they are still showing interest. >> they have still showing interest. it's a different asset class, a different type of use. it's a different type of dna. the stock market -- >> aliens? >> no, intelligent people that have amassed a lot of wealth. >> so they pay with cash? >> contrary to the stock market, it gives me tremendous calm
1:34 pm
because the leverage in the real estate market is the lowest i've ever seen it and prices are at historic highs. >> they're not financed? >> they're paying in cash. and these are people that recognize the value of inexpensive money, but at the same type, the time, there is m they're sitting on and instead of putting it in the stock market, they look at it as a secure asset class. they can use it, rent it, own it. >> but who are these buyers? i know during the break you were telling me they're very different. $180 million penthouse are foreign buyers. who are the big believer in real estate? >> new york he ers and american. outside of midtown, in places like greenwich village and
1:35 pm
chelsea and tribeca, which are the fabric of new york, different kind of dna, owners, users, that want to feel the feel of neighborhoods surrounded by other new yorkers, it's really -- >> i understand that. as someone who has been around the city for a while, do you ever worry that it is getting frothy, these bidding wars back and forth, sight unseen on some buildings that haven't even been erected yet? >> it can cause one to chill a bit. but at the same time, i think there has been a little calming of that. prices have been appreciating at immedia meetoric rate. that being said, supply-demand
1:36 pm
is pretty balanced. even though new supply sk created, it's at a healthy clip and it's -- >> you can't build to the sky forever. these skyscrapers feature all residential units. they're going up like nobody's business. >> they are. and that is a unique type of living experience that is extra ordinary. some midtown towers are more investor oriented, more foreign oriented. not as many new yorkers are full-time residents. that being said, they're have a ordinary assets. >> so you get clients that are bidding on properties that you think if you're going to pay that, fine, but -- >> sometimes it gets silly, but the point i think that is very relevant is price has hit sort of a new normal. >> the new normal here is like no normal anywhere else.
1:37 pm
that's why i worry. i'm wondering new york could be the new vegas. >> well, new york is expensive, but it's not as expensive as some of our brother and sister economies like london. but that being said, i think the market pace, growth and price take skr trajectory is slowing down, it has to. i think we will start to see a little bit of a plateau because even the most sophisticated and educated buyers, they won't let the market get too far in front of them. >> they can't ignore what the stock market is doing. >> it's a different investor. >> but if new york were to go cablooey, would you worry? >> yes, it is a leader in many respects, but new york has a different set of rules in that unlike some of places where
1:38 pm
people buy second homes near beaches and where there is vast open spaces to build, new york is a vertical city and people have to be here, they have to work here. it is an island. so a different type of dynamic that i think creates a strength. >> and they're all near starbucks. thank you very much. when we come back, do any of you you remember people express? well, it's back. this time with lots of cheap fares, but just in case, some fees. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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a brand we have not seen in decade, ceo of people express ring a bell? jeff erickson joining us. did it cost a lot to get that name? >> actually, no. it was kind of a surprise. some of the former employees of people express always thought about starting it up again. and checked and fond thund that name was available, so we checked on to it. >> it does have a good image. folks like me remember the cheap fares. but the point was and is, it was a great concept.
1:43 pm
i frankly think people express tried to do too much to fast. how are you going to avoid the pitfalls that haunted the name? >> we'll at that titake the goo and go forward. it was known as a low fare provider, but in addition, it had an outstanding culture for customer service, for respect and listening to customers. we're trying to recreate that whole culture now 25 years removed. >> and you're doing so by not making your base the price. why? >> the key have any new business as you know he is to fill a need, to have a reason for existing. newport news in particular had 15 years of traffic generated by a number of carriers, most
1:44 pm
notably air tran. air tran left after its merger with southwest leaving a huge void. so our plan is to fill that niche. >> and stick within that niche? what is your growth strategy from there? >> the growth strategy from there is to move to other cities that have a similar circumstance. one example that i'll give to is you pittsburgh. pittsburgh traffic now is 25% of what it was a few years ago in its heyday. u.s. eai air moved almost all flights out to the hub in philadelphia. >> you can take advantage of major markets and not so major markets left high and dry by the others. but i'm looking at some of your airfares. they are ridiculously low, but
1:45 pm
fees are not so low. spirit airlines has done well with that strategy. that what you're trying to mimic? >> we're trying to -- yes, we're trying to go forward with the menu strategy. we think that's what people want. we're trying to do it with good customer service that others don't necessarily have. but you're right, the fares are low. if i was to come visit you in your studio, it would cost me over $1100 right now including paying for bags and whatever else. if i was to fly people express up there, it would be a quarter of that. >> but if you're taking a bag or you're bringing any type of carry-on, do you also have fees for where you sit? it could add up. how will people be aware ahead of time not to get -- >> the trick is in identifying -- >> the trick is to fly commando.
1:46 pm
>> well, the trick is even with those fees added in, we are still a quarter of what the legacy carriers charge. >> even if you were it pay all of it, still substantially less. is it fair to say every flyer it would be almost to avoid a fee of some sort? >> no, i think that a business traveler simply with a briefcase or a college student with a nap sack that fits under the seat will fly for that $76 all-in one way fare. >> we'll watch closely. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. > tell us about the amazing mortgage process here at quicken loans. we care about your loan as much as you do. we're not just number crunchers.
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test test. you see this texas girl. she went on a field trip with sunscreen but still came back pretty badly sunburned and now it's her mom who is red in the face. she's upset because the school bans sunscreen is putting her kids in danger. the school says it's trying to protect itself. really, michelle? >> yes. >> how is it protecting itself, seeing a girl like -- >> first of all, the policy is you are not allowed to put on sunscreen, you need a note from your doctor. >> really, i need a note? >> do what the school wants,
1:51 pm
idiots. who knows that's a policy. >> these are not the kind of kids that we grew up -- we were strong, tough kids. these kids are organic, they are allergic to anything. >> you don't know in this case who this girl is. she has sunscreen. her mother put it on before she left. she insinner rates. >> i'm not going to put this on anybody else's kids unless i have a note from the doctor. you have all this organic stuff coming in the school. >> you have an evil lawyer. >> you can spread it on a kid. >> and you are a mom. >> and they can end up with anaphylaxis. >> sneak it in. >> kids are segregated at lunch because lunch is dangerous too. >> we asked them what was going
1:52 pm
on. they said typically sunscreen is a toxic substance and we can't allow toxic things to be in our schools. they can possibly have an allergic reaction or they could ingest it. it's really a dangerous situation? >> seriously. if the kids are eating sunscreen at school, they are having bigger problems. this kid involved in this particular case, it's not like she was two years old. this was not like a daycare nursery situation. this is like an elementary situation. >> they wouldn't let her. your kid is out frying away. you brought sunscreen. you can't use it. you are going to be furious. >> no. >> what are they doing? >> we love our children. >> i put bug spray on my sun, and he went into a full blown anaphylaxis because it had some ridiculous natural oils in it.
1:53 pm
so i don't want -- [ multiple people speaking ] >> i don't want another kid oh, i have sunscreen, you can borrow it. my kid can go into anaphylaxis. the teacher says please don't share the sunscreen, just like they say don't share the snacks. this is common sense and the school should be able to manage it. >> we're not talking about anaphylaxis. in this case, the mother could have avoided by getting a doctors note. do most moms or dads know that? >> probably not. they probably would have known it after they sent it in and it was refused. >> why can't the chaperones put it on? >> i don't know what you are putting on my child. >> you are on the surface of mercury on like the bad western
1:54 pm
you can think of and the kid is insinner rating, and -- [ multiple speakers ] >> i'm worried for your children. i'm done with you. we'll have more after this. yikes. for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. you've reached the age where you know how things work. this is the age of knowing what needs to be done.
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>> has this ever happened to
1:58 pm
you, just avoiding a bad car accident, then you say afterwards, you say wow that was close. it happens all the time for our earth. it's true. we have a lot of near accidents. a lot of wow, that was close! just this past weekend in fact, in the wee hours of sunday morning, an asteroid came pretty close. you probably didn't even know it, but this sort of thing happens a lot. astron 0 mers say we're pretty lucky. here's the thing about this beast though. we only recently discovered it. nasa's wide field infrared survey explorer is acting like a sky mapping microscope and it only detected this asteroid on
1:59 pm
april 23rd. this one was pretty big, about the size of a football field. traveling at 31,000 mile an hour. it could do a lot of damage if it actually hit us. it was at least ten times bigger than the asteroid that shook buildings and injured a thousand people last year in siberia. some suspect that a series of s asteroids wiped out the dinosaurs. we were lucky with this stuff. i suspect we won't always be lucky with this stuff. it's because there's lots of stuff out there and only one of us. since this is where we live, we don't think about much else, so we argue and debate over issues in the great scheme of things that matter little. especially if he bump into some other matter, that matters a
2:00 pm
lot. maybe it's too busy a thing to look up. or looking at some closed doors in congress about another meeting that won't prove anything, incredible. hello, everyone, i'm greg gutfeld, kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckle, jesse waters and dana perino. "the five." so according to the new york post, one gitmo detainee may be released because he took up yoga and read about the dali lama. another may get sprung due to his positive attitude. here's a man who treats foreign policy like it's open mike night at the funny bone and a mad dash to evacuate a prison to appease their left win


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