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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 5, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> the dating app trying to make the perfect match between abandon ted dogs and potential owners. a new york organization that saves dogs from kill shelters. and since the launch, ten pups have gotten more than 5,000 likes. that's it. thank you for being part of "the real story." "shepard smith reporting" now live. >> a very busy news hour starts now. in the middle east, truce holds at least for the moment. diplomats trying to work out a plan for peace. we'll take you live to east gaza. >> a convicted killer named jodi arias gets the go-ahead to represent herself as she tries to dodge the death penalty. a little girl disappeared from her family home, so why did investigators just give lie detector tests to her parents? let's get to it.
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first from the fox news deck. the pentagon now reports an afghan soldier killed a united states army general officer. the highest ranking american to die in action since vietnam. the shooter also wounded as man sass other soldiers, have of them american. the military reports happen at a training bass, camp qargha. this is kabul. a sprawling city with one major east-west highway, and that is where this base is. you can see it here right at this intersection, and the base is right here. very secure, they tell us. pentagon officials say the gunman ambushed the soldiers as they made a routine base visit. the white house says the military briefed president obama and offered condolences to the victims. and sacrifice our men and women in uniform make every day for this country.
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the thoughts and prayers of those of us here at the white house are with the family of the general, are with the soldiers and the family of those who were injured. >> defense officials say it looks like an insider attack. in other words, an afghan soldier turned his gun on his american international partners. u.s. troops have been working side-by-side with the afghan forces, training enemy order so they can take over security with most american soldiers set to pull out at the end of this year. now a violent reminder of afghanistan's instability. evens a america's longest war winds down. lea gabrielle is live. what more have we learned about this attack? >> at this point the pentagon isn't releasing the names of any of the victims, including the general, because they're working on the next of kin notification. they're also not saying much else about the attack, sent the attacker was killed and there will be a joint offing and coalition investigation. you can see from the chart that
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the number of insider attacks has gone down since i spiked at 44 a couple years ago. this year there have been three, including today. the pentagon says they are an inherent risk. >> a pernicious threat and it's difficult to always ascertain. to come to grips with the scope of it, anywhere you are, particularly in a place like afghanistan. so, afghanistan is still a war zone.xl' so, it's impossible to eliminate completely eliminate that threat. >> well to give some perspective, i was serving in afghanistan six years ago on a base that is just east of kabul, and we shared it with afghan national army soldiers there was actually a friendly relation ship. i sometimes found myselfs alone running in a pack of their soldiers so there is a level of trust that has to be there, especially in the current advise role our military is playing. >> tell us about the base where this happened. >> the main base for training
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afghanistan's military leadership. the afghan national defense university at camp qargha is still being built and clues the national military academy that is mottled off our west point. another army officer academy, and also an institution that is there to train enlisted leaders, and as for today's attack, mentioned not all the victims are american. the german military confirmed one of it brigadier generals was wounded but his injuries are nonlife-threatening. >> lea gabrielle. let's go to washington and the north lawn of the white house where ed henry is standing by these insider attacks were awful in 2012 and 2013, and i the put in new proceed ears and protocols and we hat not seen this and now all of a sudden. what kind of reaction there? >> you heard josh saying that this is a painful reminder of the sacrifice still going on in afghanistan. a lot of people may have moved
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on but these-é
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jack keene says he is frustrate that the attacks continue to happen. listen. >> the best thing to do has to do with screening. so that you don't get these taliban inside your rank or if there's a taliban sympathizer you're watching the afghans and monitoring and this take this afghan chain of command to do this effectively. >> of course, that last point is hard to depend on the afghan chain of command as the government is still being formed. there's also pressure on the president because he has said he's only leaving behind 9800 u.s. troops by the end of this
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year, but the white house when pressed suggesting they're not going to be any change of this plan because they want to wind this war down. >> ed henry at the houston, thank you. let's brim in ambassador dennis ross, served as special assistance to president obama and was senior director of the national security council for the central region. knew fox news contributor, mr. ambassador, thank you. >> nice to be with you. >> i mentioned to it ed but i did a lot of reading on all the new protocols that went into place in 2012, 2013, and how they thought they had a handle on this. i guess there's no way to stop it completely. bus, man, just tears your heart out. >> it does, and it's shocking when it takes place in a facility that is seen as being as secure as this one was. and the protocols have been successful when you look at the decline in the insider attacks. as you noted in the report earlier, the numbers were dramatically higher in 2012. they dropped significantly in 2013. and they have dropped again in 2014.
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so, those protocols in many respects have been working. the problem is in a place like afghanistan, it's hard to make them perfect. and we're seeing the results of that. as i said, from my standpoint, to see it take place where it did, to see the kind of attack we have not in the context of unit training but in terms of having this kind of a high-level visitation and having this set of targets, we lose a general officer, the germans have ó]hñ brigadier general who is wounded, 15 are wounded as well, and this is a shocking attack and it's a reminder that this is a very difficult place to operate, but i don't think that we should lose perspective on the kind of protocols that have been put in place, because if you look at the trends over the last couple of years, they do seem to be working. >> to those americans -- i know you have heard from them the same we way have -- say, what the hell are we doing? nothing seems to be working there. our only mission now seems to be training them -- well, we see
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what training presents. to those americans who can't understood why we just don't get our people home, what do you say? >> if say we know what happened in 2001. we know that if the taliban comes back' into power inoff they will bring al qaeda back. we don't want to face that again. one of the consequences of having to deal in the kind of world that we are, and facing the kinds of terror threats we're facing, if you do nothing, sooner or later you create a vacuum, and you know who fills the vacuum, the worths possible forces. so you make what amounts to an investment, not only in terms of our presence but also in terms of training those on the scene who for their own reasons have an interest in nothing about ruled by the taliban. we know what they taliban mean. what it means in terms of schooling and women and in a sense the most extremist kinds of forces coming back into
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power. so, this is, i think, something that we have to do, even though it's painful and even though from time to time we pay this kind of a terrible price. >> the taliban and others who would do us harm have found other vacuums to fill. what there is about what we're doing now in afghanistan to suggest to you the moment we're gone they won't be back no matter what we have done? >> well, i do worry about them becoming more active we're see it in certain places in afghanistan. obviously the lesson here is in the end, ifafghan anies are prepared, they should be able to deal with the taliban and our training should but them in a better position and our arming and equipment put them in a better position. we see signs the afghan military are becoming more and mere effective. we see less signs the afghan police are as effective so the
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challenge is, what can be done to bring the overall security presence in afghanistan run by afghanys up to a standard that allows them to fight on their own. it is their country and they should be able no not only defend it bit shape heir own future, and we have given them a chance to do that at a very high price to the united states. >> like we need iraq. when they stand up, we'll stand down. and we see what that has gotten us. >> that's the theory. >> what we see what that has gotten news blood and treasure. are trained who melted away like butter and now those who we did not want to have any place there isis has taken over and made things worse than they've ever been in that country, and americans fear that will happen afghanistan, count me among you. i don't see these ions dish don't talk to the people who say, what we're doing now is good, certainly, and hopefully this will work. but hospital isn't a strategy
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and seems -- hope isn't a strategy and seems to be all we have left. >> i agree with you, hoch is not a strategy, and in iraq you have to understand the people we trained might well have fought. the problem was that al-maliki get rid of all the officers we helped to put in plasms all those who were creating an iraqi military that in fact could have been self-sufficient. he removed them because he preferred loyalty to competence, and we're paying the price for that and also paying the price for the fact we have not done in syria as much as we might have the combination produces what we have seen. it isn't the people we trained couldn't perform. it's that in the end they lost any faith in the government that was supposed to be representing them and therefore they didn't fight. >> ambassador, it's nice to talk to you. it's tough reporting these things every day because you think back on the people who thought nouri al-maliki might be a partner in peace andow see all the sign were there and wonder, how could we have been such
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fools, wasted young men and women's lives, waste evidence trims of dollars with that -- trillions of daryls with that man at a partner. it is repulsive. so we're waiting for the president. we'll go live to gaza as a temporary truce is holding there for a moment. the diplomats struggle to find a way to keep the peace oar wait until the next round comes around, because history tells us that is what happened. plus, fighter jets scramble to intercept a passenger jet after the threat of a bomb onboard, all of that as we wait to hear from the president. he was to speak at 2:45 eastern daylight time. it's now, well, 3:13 eastern daylight time, and i suppose we're on obama white house daylight time at the moment. i see charlie rose is up there. so in a minute i'm sure about whatbama will speak and happened. to our general today. ♪
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talk to your doctor and visit i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. >> 16 past the hour. israel reports it has pulled the last of its ground troops out of the gaza as both side begin a 72-hour cease fire. if this one holds -- a big if -- the longest pause in nearly a month of fighting. in the coming days egyptian officials are set to mediate talks between israel and hamas. 1900 palestinians have dawn, as have more than 60 israelis, rick leventhal is live for us. the fighting has taken a big
12:17 pm
toll on people living in gaza. >> shepard, words and pictures can barely capture the staggering scope of the destruction. most of gaza is still standing but many towns closest to the border where hamal militants dug in have been flattened. today cease fire was an opportunity for people who fled those hardest hit areas to try to salvage what wasn't shattered. >> residents of the neighborhood in east gaza are returning home for the first time since the early days of the conflict. this area is right on the border with israel and was the scene of some of the heaviest fighting between hamas militants and the israeli defense forces. and you can see the result. buildings heavily damaged. or completely destroyed. vehicles burnedqze(c9ñ businesses blasted. the folks who lived here got out because of all the fighting, and stayed out, because there were still troops on the ground, and still heavy clashness the area. but now with the cease fire in effect, and the soldiers back in
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israel, some of these residents have come home to salvage what they can. >> there are many more neighborhoods busted and broken like this. and i asked one man about rebuilding, and he laughed. he said there's no cement because hamas used it all to build its tunnels. >> what about basic services like water and electricity? is anyone even guessing when they might have that? >> it could be months. there's virtually no electricity, no running water, and no sewage treatment for most of gas a's 1.8 million residents. the one power plant in gaza was a casualty of the war, so if you don't have a generator, like this hotel does, then you're basically in the dark and there are some 225,000 residents who have been displaced, can't go home because their home is basically rubble. many of them are now living in schools which have been set up ass refugee shelters, but water even there is in short supply and being trucked in. so, things could quickly go from very bad to much worse. but hamas is not backing down.
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it says its fighters are or standby and ready to do battle if demands are not met at the peace negotiations in could i row. it wants the israeli blockade lifted and wants open borders, but israel says you can't have that. we need control because otherwise hamas will just resupply all of its weapons. >> rick live lan val, thank you very much. >> officials in britain sayfighter jets escorted a passenger plane to an airport after somebody made a fake bomb threat while on the flight. a passenger says he shot this video of the fighter jet from inside the plane. see there? nearly 300 people on board at the time. airline officials say the plane was heading to man chester in england. cops arrested a man shortly after the plane landed safely at manchester airport. the second american aid worker infected with ebola is now back here in the ute and doctors in atlanta are treating her.
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we're live the hospital with updates coming up. plus, the president is in africa and -- i should say the bloomberg philanthropies are hosting the thing. former mayor of new york city introducing the president now. we're lead to believe he will begin to speak shortly. we expect to hear two fronts: ebola and the american general killed in afghan. all ahead on the fox news deck.;
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a fox urgent now. the president is now speaking. this is at a hotel in washington. bloomberg properties, philanthropies hosting this. they're talking about events in africa and how the world can come together to help africa, and we expect to hear more about the ebola situation and the general who died in afghanistan. so let's listen. >> as africa continues to face enormous challenges, even as too
12:24 pm
many africans still endure poverty and conflict, hunger and disease, even as we work together to meet those challenges, we cannot lose sight of the new africa emerging. we all know what makes africa such an extraordinary opportunity. some of the fastest growing economies in the world. a growing middle class. expanding sectors like manufacturing and retail. one of the fastest growings telecommunications markets in the world. more governments are reforming. attracting a record level of foreign investment. it is the youngest and fastest growing continent with young people full of dreams and amibition. last year in south africa, in soweto, i held a town hall with young men and women from across the continent, including some who join us by video from
12:25 pm
uganda. one ongoing ubegan daan woman said, we're looking to the world for equal business partners and commitments, and not necessarily aid. we want to do business at home and be the ones to own our own market. that's a sentiment we here over and over again. when i was traveling throughout africa what i heard was the desire of africans north just for bid fountain for trade and development, that actually helps nations grow, and empowers africans for the long term. as president i made it clear that the united states is determined to be a partner in africa's success, a good partner on owe an equal partner and a partner for the long term. we don't look to africa simply -- [applause] we don't look to africa simply for its natural resources.
12:26 pm
we recognize africa for its greatest resource, which is its people and its talents, and their potential. [applause] we don't simply want to distract minerals from the ground for our growth. we want to build genuine partnerships that create jobs and opportunities for all our peoples, and6bess that unleash e next era of african growth. that the kind of partnership america offers. since i took office, we have stepped up our efforts across the board. more investments in africa. more trade missions like the one this year. and more support for u.s. exports, and i'm proud, i'm proud that american experts to africa have grown to record levels. supporting jobs in africa and the united states, including a quarter of a million good american jobs. but here's the thing. our entire trade with all of
12:27 pm
africa is still only about equal to our trade with brazil. one country. of all the goods we expert to the world, only about one percent goes tor4áóç subsaharan africa. so we have a lot of work to do. we have to do better. much better. i want africans buying more american product. i want americans buying more african products. i know you do, too, and that what you're doing here today. [applause] so i'm pleased that in conjunction with this forum, american companies are announcing major new deals in africa. blackstone will invest in african energy projects. coca-cola will partner with africa to bring clean water to its communities. ge will help build african infrastructure. mariott bill build more hotels. all told, american companies,
12:28 pm
many with our trade assistance, are announcing new deals in clean energy, aviation, banking, and construction, worth more than $14 billion, spurring development across africa and selling more goods, stamps, with that proud label, "made in america." and i don't want to just sustain this momentum. i want to up it. i want to up our game. so today i'm announcing a series of steps to take our trade with africa to the next level. first, we're going to keep working to renew the african growth and opportunity act and enhance it. [applause] >> we still do the vast majority of our trade with the countries, south africa, nigeria, and angola. still heavily weighted toward the energy sector. we need more africans, club women and small and medium sized businesses, getting their goods to market. and leaders in congress,
12:29 pm
democrats and republicans, have said they want to move forward. so i'm optimistic we can work with congress to renew and modernize africa before it expires, renew for thojpt term. we need to get that done. [applause] >> second, as part of our doing business in africa campaign, we're going to do even more to help american companies compete. we'll put even more of our teams on the ground, advocating on behalf of your companies. we're going to send even more trade missions. today we're announcing $7 billion in new financing to promote american exports to africa. earlier today i signed an executive order to create a new president advisory council of business leaders to help make sure we're doing every single thing we can to help you do business in africa. [applause] and i would be remiss if i did not add that house republicans
12:30 pm
can help by reauthorizing the export-import bank. that is the right thing to do. [applause] i was trying to explain to somebody that if i've got a ford dealership and the toyota dealership is providing financing, to anybody who walks in the dealership and i'm not, i'm going to lose business. pretty straightforward. we need to get that re-authorized. [applause] and you business leaders can help make clear that it is critical to u.s. business. number three. we want to partner with africa to build the truck that economies need to flourish. and that starts with electricity. which most africans still lack. that's why last year, while traveling throughout the continent, i announced a bold issue in, power africa, to double access to electricity and
12:31 pm
sub-saharan africa and bring electricity to more than 20 million african homes and businesses. we have joined with african governments, the african development bank and the private sector, and the response has exceeded our projections. it's been overwhelming. already projects and negotiations are underway that, when complete, will put us nearly 80% of the way towards our goal. on top of the significant resources we have already committed i'm announcing the united states will increase our pledge to $300 million a year for this effort, and as of today, including an additional 12 billions in new commitments being announced this week by our private sector partners and the world bank and the government of sweden, we have now mobilized a total of more than $26 billion to power africa, just since we announced it. $26 billion. so, today we're raising the bar. we decided we're meeting our
12:32 pm
goal too easily so we have to go up. so we're tripling our goal. aiming to bring electricity to more than 60 million african homes and businesses, that can spark growth for decades to come. [applause] fourth. we'll do more to help africans trade with each other, because the markets with the greatest potential are often the countries right next door and it should not be harder to export your goods to your neighbor than to expert those goods to los angeles or amsterdam. so -- [applause] so through our trade africa initiative. well increase investment to help our african partners to strengthen -- >> the president speaking in washington on assistance for africa and lots of applause. this is the president's first live event of the day and as an american genoas killed in afghanistan today, the highest ranking american military
12:33 pm
personnel killed since the vietnam war, we thought he might talk about that right off the bat but he didn't. and because he is talking about africa and we have two people back from africa with ebola and a big scare that is spreading around the world, we kind of but didn't do that, either. so if the eh decides to do that, we're rolling on it and we'll let you know what he says. a second american infected with the potentially deadly ebola virus is now at emory hospital in atlanta. aid worker nancy writebol arrived two hours ago and see is serious. the other person who was taken out walked. nancy cannot walk, apparently. she is on a stretcher and taken in, in the space-suit looking thing. said to be in serious but stable conditions, which is a vast improvement. she joins dr. kent brantly in a specialize layings unit in the hospital. dr. brantly arrived on saturday. fox news confirmed both patients received an experimental serum
12:34 pm
that nobody has ever tested on humans. scientist inject lab animals with the ebola virus. the animals then develop antibodies in theory, to help them fight off the ebola. and scientist turn then antibodies into a serum and that's that serum which this doctor and kent got, and doctors say for now there's no cure or veep for ebola but something has made both of these americans better. the world health organization records the deadliest ebola outbreak ever -- that's what we're in -- has killed nearly 900 people. john roberts is based in atlanta, home to the centers for disease control and prevention and the emory university hospital, john, what more are you learning there? >> reporter: we know the smam may be the reason dr. kept brantly survived long enough to get here. on thursday he told his colleague he thought he was dying and had almost a miraculous turn-around after getting the first dose of the
12:35 pm
serum but when nancy writebol, the nurse from the religious mission that hopes the hospital in liberia, arrived today. a bit of a surprise to see her being brought in a stretcher, contrast to when dr. brantly walked into the hospital. we understood her condition generally was better than his. she was even getting her appetite back, according to her husband. the director of the medical mission she worked for said there's a significant age difference between dr. brantly and nurse writebol. >> nancy is still very week, she shows signs of continued improvement. she is showing signs of progress and is moving in the right direction./ñ$ >> johnson said that initially there had not been given any thought to met eracking the two health care work -- met evacancying the two works but when the opportunity presented itself, it's something they couldn't resist. they have a long way to go here at emory hospital, according to
12:36 pm
officials, but-coursely optimistic that things may go in that direction. >> we're getting a lot of ebola scares. another one today in ohio, john. >> and that one turn out to be nothing, and this has happened many, many times. somebody comes in presenting with fever, maybe gastrointestinal illness. this to person did not have blow. mount sinai hospital in new york city awaiting results of testing on a man 0 who traveled to west africa who is in isolation. in west africa, things are in liberia, people are ignoring government orders to properly bury the dead and instead are dragging them out into the streets and leaving them there to rot. that is how this epidemic really is spread. we just talked to a doctor of the national institutes of allergy and infectious diseases and he said this situation in africa is, quote, out of control and in many ways catastrophic. >> john roberts, live with news
12:37 pm
atlanta, thank you. a fox urgent now. "the wall street journal" is recording that recent u.s. surveillance flights over nigeria show what teen be large groups of girls held together in remote locations. now, listen here. this where is boca haram kidnapped hundreds of girls and threatened to sell them into sex slavery. this surveillance suggests at least some of the school girls are being used as bargaining chips for the release of prisoners. the u.s. surveillance matches what nigerian officials say they hear from northern nigerians who have enter acted with the islamist insurgency. defense officials told "the wall street journal" that surveillance flights for the last month over northeastern nigeria spotted a group of about 60 to 70 girls held right out in an open field. u.s. and nigerian officials say they believe they are indeed the kidnapped school girls -- at least some of them -- there's no word on what nigeria or u.s. forces might be able to do to
12:38 pm
rescue them again. this reporting from our partners at the "wall street journal." when we get more we'll bring it to you right away. first, though, jodi arias. a judge has agreed to allow her to represent herself when jurors again weigh whether to give her the death penalty. last year a jury in phoenix found her guilty of murder in the first degree because she stabbed her ex-boyfriend nearly 30 times, slit his throat and shot him in the head. she claimed it was self-defense. the jury said, no way. jurors could not agree on a sentence, though forks jodi arias so in four weeks she is set to face a second penalty phase of her murder trial why a brand new jury. she admits she has no legal experience no college degree north even a high school diploma. she got her ged in jail. but analysts say she may be better off defending herself because jurors may find her, and i quote, pathetic.
12:39 pm
reports indicate jodi arias' lawyers will offer her guidance. during the first penalty phase of her trial, she tried to fire her lead attorney but the judge wouldn't let her do it. jodi arias says the attorney had little to no tolerance for her, quote, psychological shortcomings. joe spoke to her and you're covering this. the judge tried to talk her out of doing this. only a few represents himself, the only sagos. >> it's a good saying and may hold true here. a strange scene yesterday. jody in already black and white stripes, long pony tail, speaking in a quiet voice, and the judge did everything she could to talk her out of it. asking her a series of questions do you understand you have no legal training job jody says yes. >> you understand there will be no delays or do-overs, jody said, yes, and finally do you understand that you can face the death penalty?
12:40 pm
she said, yes, she said you still want to go understand? jody said yes again a final team. so here we negotiating setting up what could be a very odd sentencing retrial in phoenix. >> really tough prosecutor there, i understand, too. >> he is a pill bull. named juan martinez. kind of experiencedment he goes after witnesses, he goes after fellow attorneys. he is superexperienced. in the middle of another death penalty trial go at first degree murder conviction and is trying to get the death penalty for this one guy. so this guy knows what he is doing. jodi arias, zero legal experience. nothing. so, i kind of liken it to if you think you can box and you put on boxing gloves and spar for half a round and then take on a heavyweight champion. she is totally overmammed legally. what does juan martinez think? he wouldn't say anything but he had a smile on his face and i think he is licking his chops over this. >> i bet he is. you interviewed her over and over again. why might she be doing this?
12:41 pm
>> this is totally my thought. i don't think it's going to shock you. jodi arias is a narcissist, always thinks she is the smartest person in the room and thinks she can charm anybody. so my thoughts are she's going to try to charm some of these jurors. not to the point where they want to be best friends or pen pals in prison, but justifies u just enough to where they file they know her and don't want to put her to death. the second reason is what's going on right now. we're talk about jodi arias on national tv. she loved the publicity and this is the woman who agreed to talk to me 20 minutes after she was found guilty of first degree murder. love this publicity. so those are two reasons we're looking at here. >> troy headen -- troy hayden from fox 10 in phoenix.
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12:45 pm
up there is central park. so we're right here at 47th 47th street and seventh avenue. we're working now in this building a block away two tour buses crashed into each other, and we hope nobody is hurt but we can see a lot of new york's bravest out. the fire department is out in large numbers, as is always the case whenever anything nose -- this says 46th street but it's this whole area, just blocked off now. these tour buses -- with these tour buses. these tour buses are a disaster and should be remove from the face of the planet and never be allowed in new york. they are horrible. they're destroying our city. i hate you! but that is just me. the bigger issue -- they not just me. that's everybody i've ever met in this city. they're horrible. but these two have crashed into each other and the hope is that nobody is hurt. but it looks like people may be hurt. we have a couple pictures our
12:46 pm
producer walked around the block and took some picture for us, which was nice of him. can we put those on the screen? get them out of the control room, place. and here's a picture from martin. this is one of the blue ones, hop on hop off bus. see the city sites in new york. and then the red one, big apple, about i'm not sure. trait, it's caused unmitigated disaster, an average of 312,000 pedestrians enter the heart of times square each day and there are injured people because i can see the fire depth working on them. to he left of this bus. here's a spot. they have people working on them here. and to clear oust times square would be an enormous undertaking. you can see these characters are still out there and everybody wandering around. you can spot the tourists bass they wear colors. local people don't wear colors. the tourists wear colors and shorts and stuff, and they have
12:47 pm
fanny packs. so you know those are tourists because they're wearing colors. it's a proven fact. but we really -- the early indication is that nobody is severely hurt, which is great news. on the busiest day, the times square ped yap count is 460,000 people. it stays busy late, too more than 66,000 pedestrians entering the bow tie between 7:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. so i just explained to you times square is' and these buses are terrible. these are two things the whole world knows. this is a new photo from our producer who walked around the corner. there are people injured. but the early word i'm getting is, nobody is horribly injured. the early word is hopefully no life-threatening injuries but john walsh, look as this, this is a mess on the front. usually when you see these things the tops -- the top up there is wide open, so they can gawk at you while you're trying to cross the street or drive
12:48 pm
your convertible or whatever, and then down in here, nobody sits in this front area. and usually there's somebody on a microphone up here. so hopefully everybody was back behind the line. they usually have a little yellow line you stand behind. these go up and down the avenues all over the city. you can take a tour specifically of mid-town and the theater district or you can take an uptown tour or downtown tour, and a lot of them come pick up and drop off in times square. you can see there's another one back there. mainly what they do is enclosing the streets and make new york undriveable and unwalkable and just anxeññ absolutely much-didy more miserable place than it would be in the ansons of these horrors. another "from our producer. the street light is on the ground there because these two buses -- you know what will happen. nothing. whoever drove one of these -- if somebody caused this -- who knows. some tourist could have jumped in front of them and wasn't even
12:49 pm
their fault. doesn't matter. they must pay a lot of money to enclosing our streets and make everyone miserable because they're ubiquitous. you cannot get rid of them. used to be one, now they have 50 of them and they -- i think my apartment complex is on the tour. everything is on the tour. and they're everywhere, and today they have had a wreck. in times square. again, there's the picture of the -- from martin finn, the busiest produce anywhere new york city. these are live pictures and here's another thing. we're fast approaching 4:00 now. and don't drive in the center of manhattan because you can't. sixth avenue up, seventh down, eighth up, and it is sort of messed up in times square thanks to the bloomberg experiment with all the places to sit in the middle of the busy highway.
12:50 pm
so you can't really traverse seventh avenue anymore anyway and sow certainly can't take a left or right because you don't -- i've already gone too far. it's a disaster and everybody's fault mine. so they had this wreck. we don't know the -- all the news media are right around here, nbc is couple blocks away, abc is a few blocks to the north. cnn dish don't know where they are. looking for a plane or something. but right now, traffic is a little screwy. and looked to me like they had dozens of new york city firefighters. see the stretcher here. this person does not appear to be too badly injured. the person seems to be up and talking, but strapped down to the stretcher there, some fire department personnel trying to get them away. getting from this area to the hospital is going to prove to be a difficult task. they're really not far away but just getting there will be very difficult because they're so many of these buss in the way. you can't even move around the
12:51 pm
city anymore. if the president ever says anything about ebola or the general who got killed in afghanistan at his live event, we'll fill you in on that. and we'll get to the rest of the day's news right after this. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects
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the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. continuing coverage of the horrible mess in times square in new york city. these are live pictures. the tkcs booth. two of these big tour buses have run into each other. a number of people injured and taken to hospitals. we don't know the severity of the injuries but the early information we got here was nothing life-threatening. i've been searching through the crowd and was age to find, right here, from the high camera, our producer, martin finn in front of the blue bus, what is happening down there any. >> you see behind the blue bus, there's a red bus. the entire front of that red bus, the windshield, all blown
12:55 pm
out. no one here is saying exactly what happened. i haven't been able to find any witnesses yet. but it's pretty obvious that the red bus took down a street light camera, a traffic light, unclear if that traffic light came down on anyone, but i have -- i can see seven, eight, nine people who are receiving medical care right now. i've seep -- seen two on stretchers -- make that three. it's a bit of a messes at the moment, shep. >> martin, i was starting to count them misdemeanor. i wondered about traffic, if they could get perhapses out of times square. >> you normally hear honking this time of day anyway in new york. there's been a lot of it. there's no traffic getting through time square right now. there's two roads that go through times square. they blocked off one street years ago
12:56 pm
to make it a pedestrian walkway. there's now only one way for cars to get through times square, and right now that way is blocked. >> the early word with got was no life-threatening injuries, but i'm not sure if anybody could really have handle on he big picture in this early7nc6ltj >> no, i've asked multiple emergency responders here, how many people are involved? how many injuries? no one could -- it's not that they don't want to tell me. they don't seem to know, shepard. >> martin finn, our producer for the news deck and field producer. this is going on for a while, no doubt. i've been able to count at least 40 fire department personnel out there, and you can see as the other cameras have moved in and out you can see people all over the place. see in of the bus supervisors up here, too. working to probably move some of their people in and out. so times square a mess this afternoon. your heard martin describe what
12:57 pm
we think happened and that is this red bus just took out a streetlight there, crashed into this one in one way or another, and martin counted at least nine people on the ground. the news continues afterñ5&u th. like new crab lover's trio! or try new jumbo lump crab over wood-grilled salmon. crabfest is now. but only for a limited time. so hurry in, and sea food differently! this is bill. his doubleheader day at the park starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. peanuts! peanuts! crowd cheers!
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...oh no. get the good more with verizon smart rewards and rack up points to use towards the things you really want. get the lg g3 for $199.99. >> out of control. >> doctors in hospitals on high alert. >> it is a disease proving difficult for healthcare workers and governments to happen. >> you get the feeling that now it is anything and everything people are talking about. welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. it is getting a little scarier by the moment as the number of health scares from ebola continue to rise far from africa. while in atlanta, another american infected with the ebola virus arrives on u.s. soil, and now growing concerns this killer disease could -- i stress could -- be mutating. something that our doctor says is a real threat.